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December 2, 2013

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Pierce celebrates Transgender Day of Remembrance

Students and faculty came together to particpate in a “Candlelight” ceremony

Holiday in the Halls Fireside Lounge 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

• December 2:

Registration Begins. Winter Quarter registration begins for former students.

• December 3:

Registration Begins. Winter Quarter registration begins for new students.

• December 3:

ASCO Meeting Fireside Lounge - 1 p.m.

• December 5:

Student Government Meeting Student Life Lobby - 2 p.m.

• December 5:

Raider Review Fireside Lounge - 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

• December 9:

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During the ceremony, students and faculty in attendance read names of over 70 people that were murdered in the past year for being transgender. Balch said, “a lot of these people probably felt like their life meant nothing by that point.” Although the victims may now be gone, they are not forgotten. “These people who stood up… their lives were meaningful” said Balch. Although the leaders of Pierce’s Transgender Day of Remembrance had their own ties to the event, not everybody in attendance did. Of the approximately 12 students and faculty in attendance, some had an emotional connection to the event, but that wasn’t needed to be able to appreciate the tragedy of people losing their lives for being transgender. Mikayla Botsford said “I don’t have ties to the

transgender community at all.” Botsford originally came to the TDOR ceremony for extra credit in her psychology class, but at the end of the memorial, felt that it would be wrong of her to take the extra points. “I don’t know how I can accept that… these people’s deaths boosting my grade” said Botsford. Although Transgender Day of Remembrance is only once a year, there is always support and education available for the transgender community. For more information on the Gender Alliance of the South Sound, go to www. or call GASS at (253)583-2318.

Student volunteers needed for committees Joining a committee on campus can help the college and benefit you as well Daniel Stentz Contributing Writer Pierce College needs student volunteers to fill a number of openings in committees. These committees have a diverse range of topics, from the Parking Appeals Committee, which reviews parking ticket appeals and decides whether or not to waive or reduce fines, to that familiar Fresh Air Challenge Committee, mentioned before as for looking into what a smoke or tobacco free campus might look like, but making no final decision. Christopher Johnston, who has taken up the recently vacated position of Committee Senator, was able to speak to The Pioneer on the matter. “I believe there are about 70 different committees between the Puyallup Campus and Fort Steilacoom,” said Johnston. “There’s Food Service Committees, Cam-

Campus Calendar • December 2:

Kaitlyn Turner Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 20, Pierce students and faculty celebrated the 15th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Since 1988, when there were 13 known transgender murders, Transgender Day of Remembrance, or TDOR, has been celebrated in nearly every country, as well as almost every city in the U.S. Misha Balch, Founder of the Gender Alliance of the South Sound and a Pierce College Fort Steilacoom student, said that TDOR celebrated people who died “for honoring the gift that nature endowed them with.” Misha, as well as Jo Anne Geron, a psychology professor at Fort Steilacoom Pierce, helped to organize a candle light memorial “to commemorate people who were murdered for being transgender,” said Geron. “This memorial is an attempt to make the death of these people worth something… to turn their sacrifice into awareness,” said Balch. During the ceremony, students and faculty in attendance read names of over 70 people that were murdered in the past year for being transgender. After reading a list of names, Mikayla Botsford, another Fort Steilacoom Student, said “These people were killed for nothing other than being who they were, and that alone just breaks my heart.” Botsford wasn’t the only person in attendance that was affected by hearing of the transgender murders in the past year. Another student said, “listening to the ways these people were killed gives me the shivers.” Among the victims on the list were people that were stabbed, stoned, shot, burned, beaten, and dismembered. The tragic murders spanned from Brazil to Turkey, and the U.S. to Columbia, as well as many other countries. When speaking of the victims, Misha


pus Safety committees, Class committee, which is the committee for learning and student success. Calendar committee oversees the school calendar of events. There’s Tenure committee, which may be one of the most important. Each of those committees needs student involvement, or students to be on the committees to have a voice on matters.” Student Life President Robert Lasker echoed the need for volunteers in a recent interview, underlining the importance of synergy with the student community on a wide variety of issues, “A lot of people don’t think they can do anything about stuff,” said Lasker. “They don’t even know, and a lot of the committees that make decisions about what goes on with the students have to have a certain number of students on the committee so that their voice is heard. If anybody wants to get involved in any aspect of what’s going on in the college, come down and talk to one of us.”

Joining a committee also has its other perks; it’s a great way to improve the community by influencing decisions around campus. It is also a great way to meet new people and enhance networking and communication skills. Community service does wonders on a resume, and those who join a committee at Pierce College may even be able to receive outstanding letters of recommendation, and accrue solid references. The expected time commitments of most volunteers are about an hour or two a month depending on when they get together, as some committees scheduled dates and times are at this point to be determined. For more information on committee requests for student volunteers visit the Student Life office across from the Cafeteria, or contact Committee Senator Christopher Johnston at

Tuition Due Be sure to pay for your winter quarter classes. Failure to pay may result in being dropped from the class.

• December 9 - 11: Finals Fall quarter finals.

• December 11:

Last Day Last day to apply for June graduation.

• December 12:

Winter Break Begins Break!

• December 14:

Scrooge Scrooge the Musical at 7:30 p.m. $5 per ticket for students only .

• December 17:

Grades Posted Grades posted to student transcripts.

• December 23 - January 1: College Closed

• January 6:

Winter Quarter First day of instruction.

Correction “The Pioneer stated in Issue 5 that the Cafe Rewards cards work as a “…declining debit card.” Since that has been published the cards now work as a reward card. Students and Staff no longer have to put money on the card they can get points anytime they purchase an item with cash or their own credit/debit card by swiping the Cafe Rewards and redeeming the points.”


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