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Volume 15 Issue 12

Rev. Philip Konz Pastor Jim Jordan Music Director Bernadette Wallace Office Manager

December 2015

Advents of Christ Advent is the time of the church year when we talk about preparing for the coming of the Christ. We are not just celebrating the birth of Jesus long ago, but also the hope that he will come again at the end of this age. Preparations for Christmas have been up for a while, at least in businesses. Some homes simply never take down the lights from one Christmas to the next. There always is a frenzy of shopping, baking, sending cards and partying as we celebrate Christmas. Then the bills come in January. For so many of us, the spending of energy and money leaves a price to pay that makes January a difficult month to endure. As world leaders meet in Paris to discuss issues with global warming and other climate problems, I can’t help but think that we have some re-thinking to do about Advent. Does our understanding of a triumphant return of Christ to this planet contribute to our abuse of the planet? Do we act as if the January bills for our joyful consumption of earth’s treasures will never come due? Credit cards are not handled well by so many people. The lure of enjoy now, pay later is too tempting. But long before credit cards there was the temptation to enjoy and use up the resources of this earth now because Jesus will come again soon and create a new heaven and earth anyway. This thinking allowed many people to disregard warnings about pollution, over-hunting, abusive consumption and other environmental problems that we have seen coming for a long time. After all, the reasoning goes, why get too concerned about something that will be destroyed anyway. We can just let God restore it all. I hope that our faith does not buy into this vision of the future. This is the planet we have now. We can celebrate its goodness, just as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but we do so with the understanding that we destroy our own future if we abuse what we have now. So celebrate this Christmas joyfully and wisely. Then we can still celebrate in the coming years.

Pastor Phil

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December newsletter 2015  

December newsletter 2015