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Does REAL Estate really requires expertise or is it a matter of speculation only? It has of ten been a matter of concern whether real estate is a pure game of speculation while you try to land up on a great property or does it require special knowledge and expertise when you want to invest in the same? Is it always necessary to have a middleman while f ixing a deal? If yes, does he need to be a certif ied agent with CEA? Can we go f or a non-certif ied broker as well? Will it make any dif f erence? All these questions def initely occupy your mind as they do to me while you are considering investment plans in real estate. T here are 2 aspects to this; one is your purpose of buying the property


RECENT POSTS Do es REAL Estate really requires expertise o r is it a matter o f speculatio n o nly? RES – Is this yet ano ther co urse o r there is mo re to it? Ho w to Decide Abo ut a Realty Agent fo r Yo ur Pro perty Deal? Inco me Sto ry o f Real Estate Agents

and the second is the mode of buying the same. If your purpose is f or only reselling the same and book prof its generated through speculation,

The Mo st Po pular Pro perty Selling Tricks Used By Realty Agents

then you need to ensure that the market is liquid enough to accommodate your plans. T he pref erred mode of buying in this case (and otherwise as well) is through a proper RES. So, whether your agent is


certif ied or not, pref er to go f or such a salesperson who has undertaken the RES course. T his course gives an insight in the real estate market and such agents can help you make wiser investment decisions.

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Whether you buy f or re-sale or f or renting or f or dwelling or f or commercial purpose, it is very important to understand the scope of the subjected real estate

January 20 13

property. No matter your network can pour in enough details and conf use you, it is recommended to go f or a genuine expert advice which can be

No vember 20 12

sought f rom an RES. So, I think, investing in Real Estate is a mix of both – speculation and acumen; they go hand in hand if your sole purpose is to book prof its. However, if you want f or residential purpose, then it is

September 20 12

better to know the views of f amilies and people already residing in that area. T hey can be the best ones to give apt details as compared to an agent!

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Does REAL Estate really requires expertise or is it a matter of speculation only?