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Is RES course important for you? To set a career is important f or every individual. Some choose their career as their own choice and some get into a particular f ield coincidently. T hose who have their career in real estate (willingly or coincidently) must have heard about the course in real estate to learn the better tricks & tips f or becoming a successf ul prof essional. But, how important is this course to become a thorough real estate salesperson? Let’s glance over certain aspects of the RES course and see whether it is important f or you or not: At f irst, whether you f eel its importance or not, Council f or Estate Agencies (CEA) has made it mandatory to give the RES (Real Estate Salesperson) examination f or every candidate who aspires to become a


RECENT POSTS Is RES co urse impo rtant fo r yo u? Take yo ur co nfidence to ano ther level thro ugh the co urse in real estate Appro ved centers with license fo r real estate co urse Access the Easy Metho ds to Be an Ideal Real Estate Agent

real estate agent. So, now there is no question of whether it is important or not. To clear the RES exam in a single go with good percentage, doing the course is important. You can even go f or online course if you have

Do es REAL Estate really requires expertise o r is it a matter o f speculatio n o nly?

short time. Af ter passing the CEA’s Real Estate Salesperson (RES) examination or equivalent qualif ication, the candidate can register f or the salesperson prof ile.


T he syllabus you’ll need to study:

March 20 13 February 20 13

To clear the exam and set a successf ul career in real estate, start with the RES course syllabus. You’ll be required to prepare f or two examinations, i.e. ‘Basic real estate concept & law’ and ‘Real estate salespersons practice and regulations’. T he course will f ocus upon

January 20 13 December 20 12

learning about sale and lease transactions involving residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore. T he special guidelines f or the laws while consulting clients in f oreign properties transactions are

No vember 20 12

also taught.

September 20 12

Octo ber 20 12

August 20 12

Well, we started our discussion with ‘Is RES course important f or you’ or not. T he answer to it is ‘Yes.’ Yes, it is important f or you, as to become a real estate agent, you are required to meet certain expectations, which are:

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Having thorough knowledge about the concepts of real estate and agency practice A deep insight over legal requirements and laws governing property transactions and real estate agency work A good understanding about al estate sale & leasing terms and concepts.

META Register Lo g in

Understanding the necessities of the Estate Agents Act 2010 and subsidiary legislation including Code of Ethics and Prof essional

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Conduct, and of the Council f or Estate Agencies (CEA)

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To have such qualities in you, the law of the nation expects you to clear

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the RES exam and then serve the f avors to the industry & lead a successf ul career.

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Is RES course important for you?  

To set a career is important for every individual. Some choose their career as their own choice and some get into a particular field coincid...

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