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Nthando Dhaza in her tenure as the co-presenter of 326 GP drive show.


ince she made her debut as the copresenter of the 326 GP afternoon drive show on Alex Fm, Thando Dhaza has secured a special place in the hearts of many people. This Soweto born radio DJ epitomizes all the intensity and charisma required for radio. Last month she celebrated her birthday and Pioneer Mirror met up with her at Caffe Della Salute in Sandton, Mandela Square. Even though the celebration was scheduled to start at 14h00, Thando was nonetheless late by at least an hour. “Hi, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting,” she said showing signs of remorse. Alongside her, was her soft spoken and reserved friend, Lerato, Whilst waiting for other friends of hers to pitch up, the newspaper got up-close and personal with this bubbly presenter. “I'm the only child to a single mother, Nombulelo Dhaza, who is an educator in the Free State province. “Currently I'm doing my 2nd year at Boston Media house, in journalism, public relations and radio,” she explained whilst sipping a vanilla milkshake. S h o c k i n g l y, T h a n d o revealed that she was leaving Alex Fm. However, she was quick to add that her

departure from the station was not as a consequence of management-employee squabble, as it has been a trend in the media industry, b u t t h i s e v e r- s m i l i n g presenter decided to quit so that she could focus more on her school work. In fact, she told the newspaper that she had a great time working alongside seasoned DJ Nathi, and would, in the future, like to work with DJ Mreiks of Siyabavusa breakfast show. Even though Alex FM listeners won't have the pleasure of hearing Thando's mesmerizing voice anymore, she is not leaving the media industry at all. “I recently joined UJ FM as a news reader and it feels good to be doing something outside my comfort zone,” she said. Soon, most of her friends arrived and the celebration commenced. It was good seeing that Thando is calm to earth and treats all her friends equally. Although there was no cake, a tiny muffin was used instead. The spirit of amusement took charge as they posed for pictures. After a very long day fraught with hilariousness and mingling with each other, it was time to hit the road, and the birth day girl expressed her gratitude to everyone who showed.

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After many years of speculations, Generations ' most devastating secret is out in the open, Mpilo might after all not be the son to madala Khaphela. Poor Khethiwe! All her impious ambitious to use Mpilo to pocket Khaphela's riches are n o w g o n e . A n y w a y, Khaphela-Khethiwe 'relationship' was doomed from the start with their marriage built on lie and manipulation and is probably for the best that all is coming to an end. It is devastating to see how Jo'burg changes people's meek characters over night. From a sweet innocent rural girl to a lustdriven girl who is willing to sleep her way up, Zodwa is nothing but a distraction to Nicolas-Akhona relationship. Isidingo's bosso ke mang game might not have a happy ending. Lincoln and Jefferson are forever trying to prove a point as to who has an upper hand and in the process neglect the day to day running of the company. If the two continue at this pace, they might not have a company to run at the end. In fact, the two don't realise that their squabbles destroy whilst Barker and Benjamin are building a strong, consolidated relationship to bring down Sibeko Gold. Let's hope S'khumbuzo learnt a lesson about gambling while self proclaimed president of the Deep, papa G, finds a way to cure his lump on the bum. Rhythm City's Irvin should be taught a lesson of a life time that under no circumstance rape is justified. The man proved that he has no place in our democratic society. Firstly, he rapes Shado and then shows no sign of remorse but keeps on bragging about having 'sex' with her, sies! Miles has a lot on his plate to deal with. If it’s not the illness of his son, it is Shado's saga on the side. And it is good how Lucilla proved to be his pillar in all this mess. Muvhango's bubbly Pearl should not be used as a pawn through which her mom uses to score points with her stokvel ladies. If Pearl's mother's friend, Josephine is well off, that should not put Pearl under pressure to buy things she can't afford because of futile competition. Arggh, basadi le go kgantsha (women and their show offs). Nonetheless, S'pha is good to be worried about RendaniSizwe growing relationship. Rendani should be ashamed of herself. Two days after knowing Sizwe, she considering jumping into his bed, ijo!

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