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10th Edition

27 January 2013



In the first edition of 2013, we look at Pioneer Mirror’s best stories of 2012. We thank you for your support and we hope you continue to support us in the New Year.



he dumping site in Klipfontein View, (behind Extension 3) is one of the biggest issues the community faces. It is situated along the Fascine Road that is filled with potholes and a concrete heap. “In summer, the dumping site makes it unbearable to live here,” said Geron Mei, one of the residents. According to the councillor, Darren Bergman, the controversial dumping site could be the possible reason why most kids incur certain health risks here. The Steering Committee, a group of community leaders chaired by Sannyboy Moseri, stipulated that the dumping site was initiated long before the current councillor took his seat, the Steering Committee tried to push the previous councillors to remove the dumping site and they never reached an agreement, hence the site still exists. “The former councillor made sure that there was a dumping site over there,” said Moseri. Ekurhuleni and the City of Johannesburg are now looking into the issue of the dumping site; the councillor said he has informed them. This dumping site exists in a community where there is no immediate access to the clinic. The closest clinic for residents is in Mayibuye. However, they have to wake up at Four O'clock in the morning, get into a taxi and rush to the excessively crowded and poorly administrated Mayibuye clinic. To deprive them further of the healthcare facilities that were promised to them, Klipfontein

residents are denied access to the clinic around the Midrand CBD simply because they do not live in there. Bergman said the Health department states that “as long as there is a clinic with in a 5 kilometre radius, then there is no problem.” A statement the councillor is against, because Klipfontein deserves to h a v e i t s o w n clinic.According to concerned residents of Klipfontein these are issues the councillor should have on the top his priority list, there is no progress in Klipfontein, and they feel ignored by their municipality. “We do not know the councillor, we only saw him on the newspaper Klipfontein Pioneer.” A point raised fervently by one of the residents, “He has never initiated a meeting with the residents, he is not accessible.” The councillor and the Steering Committee said that there were two general meetings initiated by the councillor, one was an introduction meeting, and the other was an IDP meeting where residents were called in to give points or “wish lists”. According to the committee the issue here is not that the councillor has not called a meeting, “a few people show up for these meetings and hundreds show for employment initiatives, I avail myself to the people of Klipfontein, I have responded to everyone who has contacted me,” said Bergman. Locals pay their services to the City of Johannesburg, however when they have queries and concerns they are referred to Ekurhuleni.

The residents also contest against the electricity cuts and water shortages that last a week and the lack of a police station and post office is an inconvenience to the residents.For services such as water and electricity, the councillor said he informed

City Power and the City of Johannesburg about the issues, as they are responsible for informing the residents in terms of power and water cuts. The councillor wants to introduce sector policing for the area.They will be able to

receive the services of the police department conveniently within the community because getting a police station is going to be a bit harder .Also, there used to be a post office in Klipfontein, it was positioned where the taxi rank is

now and for reasons unknown to the councillor it was removed. However, the steering committee states it is in the process of making recommendations to get it back.Send your comments to

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