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and Use Management is the system of legal requirements and regulations that apply to land in order to achieve desirable and harmonious development of the built environment. Every property in the city has a set of regulations to control development. These regulations are determined by the zoning of the property. Property zoning is set out in t h e a p p l i c a b l e To w n Planning Scheme, which determines such aspects as possible land use, floor area, coverage, building lines, parking provisions etc. There are presently different Town Planning Schemes for different areas of the city. It is important to establish which scheme applies to which area, as the specific requirements of the schemes differ.In addition to the zoning regulations, development is also controlled by conditions of title. These conditions are set out in the Title Deed of each property, and can restrict the way in which a property may be developed.Other pieces of legislation that regulate development include the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977), the Public Health Bylaws and various other Municipal Bylaws. Any development of land that does not abide by this legislation and its various sets of regulations can result

in prosecution in terms of the applicable legislation (refer to Planning Control and Enforcement). How do I establish what development is permitted on my p r o p e r t y ? The zoning regulations as well as the correct property description, and details of the size, orientation etc can be obtained from the GIS information counter on the 8th floor of the "A" block of the Metro Centre, 158 Loveday Street, Braamfontein. Details of restrictions set out in the Title Deed can be established by obtaining a copy of the Title Deed from the Deeds Office, or from the Bank or Financial Institution that holds the mortgage bond.Building Control can provide information regarding the National Building Regulations and the Regional People's Centres any information on municipal Bylaws. Can I change the zoning regulations and/or remove restrictive conditions of title? If a proposed property development requires a change of the zoning regulations or amendment of the title conditions, this is possible; but requires an application and a formal procedure. There are numerous different kinds of applications, many of which are technically and legally complex. It is therefore advisable to consult a professional town planning

consultant or other profes- are known as Consent sional such as a land Applications and are usually surveyor or a lawyer. less complex, but need to be legally and technically Some development proposcorrect.Proposals to develop als may not require a rezoning or removal of agricultural land portions or restrictive conditions but small holdings require more n e v e r t h e l e s s n e e d t h e than changes in zoning and Council's permission. These removal of restrictive

conditions. These are, effectively, proposals to establish townships, which require professional expertise.

Management, situated on the 8th floor of the "A" block of the Metro Centre, 158 Loveday Street, Braamfontein.

Forms for the various types of applications are available from the Registration Section of Land Use


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Our malls are filled with Christmas decorations, lavishly draped on the entrances and ceilings. This sends most of us into the festive mood. Though it is exciting, we have to be extremely careful when it comes to how we spend.

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You must be thinking that this is a typical topic to be written about at this time of the year but looking at how society still manages to rake up huge amounts of debt in the New Year, we have to look into it. Spend your money wisely this December. I do not think it is very hard. All that is needed is for us to say no to spending large amounts are money on big and flashy festive activities while we cannot afford to pay for school fees in the following year. That “great party” will not look so “great” when your car is being taken away or your son has no text book or school uniform.

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Dear Reader,

Look for affordable but quality ways of enjoying yourself. If you have money saved away for the festive, use it! But do not be greedy: avoid borrowing money or hacking into your other savings. The four athletes just before the start of the run from left Retha Schutte, Lena Faber, Machelle Bremer and Lindsay van Aswegen


hevrolet Ute Force, a varied team of skilled experts, is supporting Lighthouse Run which includes a group of four women athletes running 1 200km along South Africa's coast, the equivalent of a marathon a day for six weeks, to raise awareness about abuse against women and c h i l d r e n . Lighthouse Run seeks to raise R1 million to help victims in immediate danger through funding and participation in existing non-governmental organisation (NGO) initiatives, and in a second phase to provide rehabilitation for abusers and communities through e m p o w e r m e n t p r o g r a m m e s . “Women and children are

central to South Africa's communities and in many rural areas are at the greatest risk of a spectrum of abuse,” says Tim Hendon, Chevrolet brand manager at General Motors South Africa. “Although many organisations in South Africa bring attention and aid to this cause it continues to escalate and be an issue. By helping Lighthouse Run we are working together to establish a lasting and meaningful impact across a swathe of South Africa's neediest communities.” The run began on November 17, 2012 at Umhlanga Rocks in KwaZulu-Natal and aims to finish on December 29, 2012 at Paternoster in the Western Cape, visiting every lighthouse en-route.A community service support

team will accompany the runners to provide logistical support and deliver support to communities en-route. They will include a team of subject matter experts working under the guidance of Dr Eugene Viljoen, a 22year clinical psychologist veteran who specialises in psychiatric illnesses, trauma and relationship counselling. The team's interactions will include one-on-one counselling, workshops, group sessions and public appearances. Chevrolet Ute Force will provide sponsorship to be used for various fuel, accommodation, and other logistical requirements while two Chevrolet Utility bakkies will carry various essentials such as food, water and equipment, and marketing support services.

Enjoy yourself, spend your money, you have worked hard, but let us be responsible. N'wa Hlungwani Patricia

Marketing support will consist of a video crew from Bolton Inc who will produce documentaries which will be hosted at A blog will be hosted at, updates will be made to the Facebook page at LighthouseRunand a Twitter channel will be a v a i l a b l e a t @LighthouseRun. Chevrolet Ute Force updates can be followed by g o i n g t o oletsa, and on Twitter at sa by searching #uteforce.

Bridgette Bolton, creative producer for Chevrolet Ute Force, says: “Lighthouse Run hopes to touch the communities it visits. We have professionals with us who can cover a range of topics about abuse. We will be extremely sensitive to the uniqueness and nuances of each area we visit. We don't have a one-Band-Aidfits-all approach because each community has different needs. We'll focus on ensuring good is done immediately and in the long term, so this is another clear case of Chevrolet Ute Force helping South Africans who are helping themselves.”

What is land use management? Pioneer Express has committed itself to The Press Code of Professional Practice, which prescribes that news must be reported truthfully, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don't live up to the Code please contact the Press Ombudsman at 011 484 3612/8, fax: 011 4843619 Website:


What is the development policy for a specific l o c a l i t y ? All proposals to change the permitted use and development of land will be evaluated by the Council on the basis of a number of considerations.The most important of these is the Council's development policy, which is known as the Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF). This document provides a guideline as to what land use and development change will be acceptable. The document

has been drawn up with the involvement of the various communities. Generally, if a proposal is in accordance with the RSDF it is likely to be supported. If it is not in line with the RSDF the Land Use Management Department is unlikely to recommend the proposal for approval.The city is divided into 11 regions and each region has a RSDF document. Information regarding these policies can be obtained from the Land Use Management Department as well as from the Development Planning

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and Facilitation Directorate. How much does it cost to make an application? Not only is there the cost of preparing the application (advertising, plans documents, professional fees etc) but there is also an application fee payable to the Council. The following are the application fees payable to the Council for the various forms of landuse application: Relaxation of Building Line: R323-00, Consent: R567-00, Second Dwelling: R567-00,

Subdivision: R425-00 plus, R17-00 per portion over 5, Division of Land: R3 21700, Consolidation: R27400, Rezoning: R3 757-00, Site Development Plan: R567-00, Removal of Restrictions: R600-00, Simultaneous Rezoning a n d Removal of Restrictive Conditions: R2 000-00 In addition, if a development application is approved, it may involve the payment of monetary contributions to the Council for additional services such as sewers, electricity and water

supply; road improvements etc. Contact Information f o r L a n d U s e Management's Planners on Duty Area B (Sandton Area), (011) 407-6244, 7th floor Metro Centre Area D (Johannesburg Area), (011) 407-6140, 7th floor Metro Centre The planner on duty can give you further informat i o n re g a r d i n g y o u r specific land use query and is available on weekdays from 8h00 to 13h00.

WORDS OF INSPIRATION “Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's a result of something, hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.” –Roger Staubach

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llergies, including those that first appear in adulthood, are on the rise according to one of SA's leading allergy medicine providers, Pharma Dynamics. Dr Mike Levin, Allergy Advisor to Pharma Dynamics, says the sudden appearance of an allergy despite decades of symptomfree health is not as uncommon as before. “Even if you didn't grow up with allergies, it is entirely possible to start suffering from them as an adult. You can enjoy a peanut butter sandwich for 20 years only to one day discover, out of the blue, that you are allergic to nuts. “Although we do not have substantial data on allergy rates in this country, it is clear that allergies, especially those that appear in adulthood, are climbing dramatically and are likely to continue to rise in the near future,” says Dr Levin. Dr Levin says allergies may develop later in life, because one had allergic potential to begin with, which was later triggered by respiratory infections over time; the higher concentrations of airborne pollutants; rising dust mite populations; less ventilation in homes and offices; dietary factors or an inactive lifestyle. “Another theory, called the

hygiene hypothesis, suggests that our sanitary surroundings could be to blame. A cleaner environment increases our susceptibility to allergic disease by suppressing the development of the immune system. In effect, our immune system is not as active as it could be, so our systems overreact to allergens instead. “To add to this, new forms of adult-onset allergy are surfacing. Among them is oral-allergy syndrome - a condition that has arisen over the last 20 years - in which a person who has suffered in their younger years from hayfever suddenly finds, in their 30s, 40s, or even 50s, that they have allergic reactions to fresh fruits or vegetables. This is when the body mistakes proteins in these foods for similar proteins in tree and grass pollen. They then react with symptoms, such as an itchy or tingling mouth and tongue. The reaction is usually mild and confined to the mouth, but occasionally may be severe and spread to other body systems. “Fruits which trigger oralallergy syndrome (in susceptible people) include apples, nectarines and plums. Nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts, as well as certain vegetables like carrots and

celery could also elicit an allergic response,” says Dr Levin. He points out that as we age, our immune system weakens, and so does the hyperallergic reaction. “Any type of allergy can occur in adulthood and reactions can vary from mild to severe, and in some cases, cause anaphylaxis, a lifethreatening condition.” Dr Levin says allergies in adults are generally treated by avoiding potential allergens and where necessary use over-thecounter medications like antihistamines that do not bring on drowsiness. “If this doesn't help, consult your doctor to rule out other conditions and get a referral to an allergist who can help determine specific triggers, ways to avoid them and possibly even give you a series of allergy injections,” he says.

Severe reactions to foods need to be treated by an allergist who will make a proper diagnosis and provide a personalised action plan including a medic alert bracelet and injectable adrenaline. For more information about allergies, visit, where you can post your queries to Dr Levin.

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EMAIL: TEL: (011) 444 7730/1/2 FAX: (011) 444 8056 9th Street Marlboro Gardens, Next door to the Sandton Drivers Testing Station

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How to get ready for your exams Matric exams are on! Here are some tips, with the help of Professor Jonathan Jansen (Free State University chancellor) Get organized and believe in yourself: If you have a positive attitude, you will remember better the information you need to study. “Expect to win. Be positive. Hold your head high. And remember the words of the fish in Finding Nemo: "We did not come this far to be breakfast." (Prof Jansen) Do not cram! “Many of you will stay up all night and try to push the last bits of information into your head. Bad idea. You need a good sleep, first of all, and cramming leads to forgetting. You should be planning which sections of work to study in advance, and go through each section carefully and calmly. Do not leave everything to the last minute (Prof Jansen) Set 4 weeks aside for studying and 2 weeks for revision. Don't make your least favourite subjects your last priority! Study with someone who is smarter than you. “There is nothing more motivating than to study alongside a friend who is hardworking and smart. You can confer with each other and boost one another when you get tired. (Prof J. Jansen) Make a study timetable, be organized! Tick off what you have done every day. -Study for 45 min and take a 10 minute break followed by a 10 min revision: breaks are important as the brain tires after one hour and concentration can become difficult spread you subjects : draw up a timetable and study one subject for an hour and then, another one… -Switch off your cell phone, TV and other sources of distraction

The National Credit Act (Part 1)

Zunaid Hassem, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Inc.


he National Credit Act (the "Act") came into operation in various phases ranging from 1 June 2006 to 1 June 2007. The Act is now fully operational and has repealed (replaced) various other Acts. Purpose of theAct The Act has various

purposes set out at section 3 of the Act, amongst others; the Act seeks to regulate the credit industry and to make credit and banking services more accessible. Furthermore, amongst the primary purposes of the Act is to provide protection to consumers of credit. The Act seeks to address the often inequitable position that vulnerable consumers are involved in when

dealing with skilled and experienced credit providers. For purposes of this article, I will focus on the rights and other privileges which the Act provides to consumers of credit in order to address and lessen this imbalanced relationship between the consumer and the credit provider. Part 2 will be in the next edition of Pioneer Express

“In the week before an exam, plan how you will spend each hour. Sketch on your bedroom wall when you will sleep, when you will study what subject or topic, and when you will relax with music or whatever works for you. It is not a bad idea to include in your plan a visit to a place of worship; prayer and contemplation can calm the spirit for many young people. A regular morning jog around the block could also form part of your routine and relax the body” (Prof J. Jansen) underline headings, highlight keywords and important information ; - Review what you have read by doing a summary, or drawing a map, diagram, etc …you will memorize better facts and terminology if you make connections and learn information associatively - Practice past exam papers and revision questions

Banks warn of a 'Business to Business Identity Theft Scam'

FASHION RETAIL OPPORTUNITIES: BUSBY Location: Johannesburg North Category: Retail and Wholesale Job Type: Permanent JOB DETAILS The candidate needs to be fashionable, vibrant, willing to work retail hours, bubbly and willing to grow within the company. We have great retail opportunities within various International FASHION brands such as GUESS, NINE WEST, FOREVER NEW, ALDO etc. These include positions for Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Stockroom Controllers and Sales Assistants throughout Gauteng. Applicants must have: - Retail/sales/fashion experience, - Loads of Energy, - A FLAIR FOR FASHION - Must be FLUENT in English. -Own transport is preferable. -Must be willing to work retail hours. Only CV's with covering letters and valid South African ID numbers will be accepted. Please note: that criminal record checks and reference checks are done. Minimum Education: Senior Certificate - Grade 12 (NQF 4) Expiry Date: 2012-11-30 CV's and covering letters to be e-mailed or faxed E-mail: tamlyn [at] Fax: 011 555 2478 Source:

Businesses should once again be on the lookout for a business-to-business Identity Theft scam involving the deceitful diverting of payments currently doing the rounds, the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) says. Perpetrators of this scam usually assume the identity of a supplier and communicate, via email or a letter with fraudulent letterheads, changes in banking details to the business that is being targeted. Meanwhile, the new account details that they provide are of another banking account that they have control over. SABRIC CEO, Kalyani Pillay, explains: “This is an old scam that is resurfacing, but what is of concern is that the perpetrators make these communications seem so authentic that some businesses are still falling victim. Perpetrators go to the extent of ensuring that

correspondence from the targeted business to verify the notification is diverted to a member of their group who will confirm the instruction to be legitimate. Businesses are urged not to act in haste when receiving notifications for change in banking details from their suppliers unless they are certain of the legitimacy of the notice, even when pressurised to do so. Always ensure that you satisfy yourself that it is indeed your supplier that you are liaising with.” SABRIC says, where feasible, businesses should train staff members dealing with suppliers to establish rapports with individuals in the supplier's office in order to easily confirm these types of requests telephonically via such trusted sources. Staff alertness and attention to detail, such as noticing slight tweaks in e-mails addresses or other contact details is another preventative measure of these

business scams. For tips on how to protect your business from the scam, please pick up the next edition of Pioneer Express. SABRIC is a NPF company formed by South African banks to support the banking industry in the combating of crime. SABRIC's clients are South African banks and major CIT companies. Its principle business is to detect, prevent and reduce organised crime in the banking industry through effective public private partnerships. SABRIC coordinates inter-bank activities aimed at addressing organised bank related commercial and violent crime and acts as a nodal point between the banking industry and others, in respect of issues relating to crime. For more on SABRIC visit

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Leading South African Contemporary Dance Company under the Directorship of award-winning artist PJ Sabbagha will be auditioning for 1 FEMALE full-time professional contemporary dancer for the 2013 year. The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative is looking to employ ONE talented, skilled and committed female contemporary dance professional, with at least 5 years professional work experience in the dance industry or equivalent tertiary level training in contemporary dance. Where & When Date: 1st December 2012 from 10.00 to 17.00 Venue: Rehearsal room B Con Cowan building, University of Johannesburg Bunting road campus. Please note you must be available for the full audition period. Booking Essential Book your place by emailing your CV to and confirming with Keith Markland on 082 823 7249 Prepare You will be expected to complete a full technique class, learn repertoire to participate in an improvisation workshop to perform a 3 minute solo you have pre-prepared. complete an interview Please bring a full CV to the audition.






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occer-filled days are almost upon diski-loving Gautengers with 100 days to go before the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2013 kicks off.With both the opening and closing matches billed to take place at FNB Stadium, Gauteng Provincial Government is pulling all stops to ensure it becomes a success.The provincial government joined millions of South Africans in celebrating the 100 days countdown to the tournament. Gauteng MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Lebogang Maile, said they were very proud to once again host the opening and closing of a major sporting event following the successful 2010 FIFA World Cup. “As we join millions of South Africans in celebrating this milestone, I would like urge all Gauteng citizens to get ready for the tournament, buy tickets and rally behind the tournament to ensure that it becomes a success. “From now on we would like to see everyone wearing their green and gold and flying the South African flag high,” said Maile. Leading up to the tournament, the department has planned a number of activation campaigns aimed at encouraging Gauteng communities to rally behind the tournament. The campaigns will include Magnificent Fridays, public viewing of the screening of the Afcon draw, the Mandela Challenge as well as Bafana Bafana matches including build-up matches. Source:

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