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Targeted house for business interest

Elizabeth Mokoena of Victim Support Unit who intervened in the illegal signing of the contract. KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA

It is so disappointing to realize that our defenseless elders and disabled persons in our community are vulnerable to foreign traders who target their properties to pursue their business interests and beyond,” said CPF’s Karel Monyepao. This after Maria Kgobe, who is dumb and deaf, signed a Lease Agreement for Residential Accommodation with Gadisaa Mekael Abdalla, allowing him to

build a shop in her yard. The agreement was to start on 15 September 2013 and to be terminated on 15 September 2018, the date on which the tenant undertakes to vacate the property. In hearing this, Monyepao together with one of the residents Eric Tshisikhawe took the matter further to the Victim Support Unit at the Alexandra Police Station for the proper procedures to be followed. “We don’t want her to find herself homeless when the contract lapses after six years.” Lizzy Mo-

koena of Victim Support Unit said: “The lease agreement was cancelled and both papers were retrieved from the two parties because no one is allowed to enter into any legal agreement with disabled persons without following legal procedures. We told Abdalla not to continue with the contract to avoid finding himself behind bars for violating the law.” Mokoena said the agreement was also signed in the absence of Kgobe’s grandson who stays with her, full time.

“The community reported me to the police because they don’t want me to open a shop at the place and reportedly don’t trust me, too. But I’m not complaining, and I’ll do as instructed by the Victim Support Unit,” said Abdalla. He said the conversation between them was made possible by Kgobe’s neighbour, using the sign language. Nomusa Phakathi who was the facilitator in the whole process responded: “I took the issue easy not knowing that the police, social work-


Pictures: By Kgadi Johanna Lamola

ers and the court have to be consulted. I’m now relieved that the contract has since been cancelled.”

tween Kgobe and Abdalla, using the sign language for both of them to understand each other.”

In a nutshell, Tshisikhawe explained: “In most of the contracts signed with foreign traders are the fixed period of three years, and the same thing now applies to Kgobe. Our concern is that Kgobe can’t read and she couldn’t even hear or speak. We only discovered that her neighbour, Nomusa Phakathi was the one facilitating the conversation be-

He said they found out about the issue while on their patrol duty that an elderly woman had signed a contract with a foreign national for business purposes, adding: “The community is not happy about the whole issue because most of them around Third Avenue in Tsutsumani know her status.


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Editor’s Note Dear reader, While celebrating heritage month as a united rainbow nation, others spend their nights with one eye opened because of crime that is ripping the communities apart. The Department of Community Safety has encouraged communities to form patrolling groups, street committees and work closely with the law enforcement agencies, as some of the strategies to be applied in fighting criminal elements within our society. Series of community crime meetings are held, street committees and patrolling groups are formed and many reportedly admitted of knowing the perpetrators that are causing miseries to other people’s lives, but the situation seems to get worse.

PUBLISHER /FOUNDING EDITOR N’wa Hlungwani Patricia 083 665 5141 JOURNALISTS Kgadi Johanna Lamola 079 533 3061

Of late, the spate of crime activities including housebreakings, rapes and attempted murders that are rocking the community at 22nd Avenue and its surrounding avenues in Alexandra, has forced the residents to strategize against the situation. “One of the robbers who was caught stealing in broad daylight was caught and badly beaten by the community before he was handed over to the police. We know these criminals but we fail to disclose them to the police,” said community Leader Bongi Mmako.

INTERNS Siyasanga Joyi Phaphamani Mathews Sokhupha DESIGN & LAYOUT Tshepiso Mogale Emannuel Dube SALES & ADVERTISING Anna, Bernie and Patty 011 485 2018/4461 076 204 1718 074 142 3824 DISTRIBUTION Pioneer Eterprise Derick Mohan 011 485 2018/4461 079 377 3393

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Alex Health Clinic City Power City Power(Cable theft) Water Fire Brigade Metro Police Alex Police Station Alex charge office CPF Childline SA Lifeline Johannesburg Women Abuse

The once operational six toilets now reduced to ashes. Picture: KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA


he metal hunters have recently robbed the community at 6th Avenue between Ruth and London Road, of its six chemical supreme toilets. This after the culprits burnt down a mattress that was dumped next to the toilets with the purpose of getting the mattress wires for recycling.

011 440 1231 011 490 7911 011 602 2000 10 177 or 112 10 177 011 321 7621 011 321 7622 011 321 7624 0800 055 555 011 728 1347 0800 150 150

“The culprits disappeared

into thin air after their evil deeds, leaving the toilets on fire. We could have tried our best to fight the fire before the arrival of the firefighters, but we watched in vain because we don’t have water at our place.

with over fifty families using the remaining eight toilets, it’s going to be tough, while Paul Sithole who is also a resident commented: “The truck has to be here every time to empty the toilet buckets because now the number has increased as We fetch the water across more people will be using the London Road,” said few toilets.” one of the residents, Patrick Saohatse. Saohatse said the Ward 75 Councilor Chris emergency team arrived at Mabunda said: the scene, and distinguished the fire though the toilets “I’m so disappointed bewere burnt to ashes, and cause the residents just left

The Community Police Forum that is working closely with the Department of Community Safety has advised the community to report to the police before patrolling the streets. It is good to fight crime but I dispute the acts of taking the law into your own hands. Let’s abide by the constitution that governs our country. N’wa Hlungwani (Patricia)

someone destroying their property day light, and they probably know the person.” Mabunda said the toilets will be replaced, but in the

Alex Pioneer has committed itself to The Press Code of Professional Practice, which prescribes that news must be reported truthfully, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code please contact the Press Ombudsman at 011 484 3612/8, fax: 011 4843619 Website: www.presscouncil. Copyright: The reproduction or use without permission of articles published in this newspaper for any purpose is forbidden and reserved to Alex Pioneer (cc) under Section 12(7) of copy Act 1978

WORDS OF INSPIRATION “We seek to create a united Democratic and non-racial society.” Oliver Tambo

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same breath, he called upon the entire community to take ownership of the resources provided to them by the government.

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1st Floor, Sanpark Building. No 24 Fredman Drive SANDTON. Tel: 011582 1400/1600

ARP ANSWERS QUESTIONS POSED BY LUCAS LEDWABA(FEATURES AND INVESTIGATIONS- SOWETAN) Q1: An initial budget of R1, 3 billion was allocated to the ARP in 2001. Can you kindly provide a detailed breakdown of how much has been spent on various projects including Housing, Roads, Water Supply, Sanitation, Schools, Clinics, Magistrate Offices and Police Stations. A1: The ARP was not allocated R1,3billion in 2001. The cost of the implementation of the 2000 Business Plan was estimated at R1,3billion. Every year the project team has to motivate for the funding of each project. Q2: Housing remains a serious challenge across the country and in Alexandra in particular. How many housing units have been completed since the project’s inception? A2: To date a total of 14 000 housing opportunities have been created through the various housing projects implemented by the ARP. Q3: What are some of the pressing challenges faced during the roll out of the ARP? A3: Funding remains a challenge as the ARP has to compete with many other worthwhile programmes throughout the country for resources which are not unlimited. Another challenge is the development of housing which remains affordable to the majority of Alexandra residents against the backdrop of ever increasing building costs. Q4: The Nelson Mandela Yard Interpretation Centre remains non operational despite the building having been completed more than five years ago. Why is it not in operation? A4: The Alexandra Interpretation Centre is a project implemented by the National Department of Tourism. It is not an ARP project. Q5. Does the Helen Joseph Women’s hospital form part of the projects under the Alexandra Renewal Project? If so, how much has been budgeted for the upliftment of this facility? A5: C.O.J Housing took over the responsibility for the redevelopment of Helen Joseph Women Hostel into family units from Alexandra Renewal Projects (ARP). Housing immediately embarked on planning for the redevelopment programme, which among others includes approval of the site development plan, approval of traffic impact study, approval of services plan and rezoning and consolidation of the site that was acquired for de-densification and transfer of access people. These programmes are all at finalization stages and will be completed within this financial year. Arrangements for the following stages of this redevelopment programme are being pursued. Q6: SOWETAN has seen proof of the conditions at the above mentioned hostel which include blocked sewerage pipes, no electricity in some parts of the facility, dysfunctional ablution facilities, overcrowding and generally dilapidated infrastructure. Has the Department of Human Settlements been made aware of these conditions and can you kindly explain what steps have been taken to address the situation? A6: There is always an appointed plumbing contractor on site to deal with the blockages as and when they happen. These blockages happen regularly due to overload to the infrastructure caused by overpopulation which is brought about by the residents inviting relatives, children and friends to stay with them. The City has appointed a cleaning contractor for a period of three years. This contractor employs twenty five people who live in the hostel. Their duty is to clean the hostel structure and surroundings on a daily basis during the week. A contractor to normalize electricity function in all of the hostel was denied access by some of the hostel residents and this project could not take off the ground as a result of that. A political intervention by the MMC Housing is on course. The project will resume once the situation has been normalized. Q7: Residents of the hostel are calling for it to be converted into family units in the same way that it has happened at other facilities in the Joburg Metro. Can you please explain why this particular hostel has not been transformed into family units to date? Are there plans to convert the hostel into family units? A7: The plan is on course as explained in point 6. Q8: Please confirm if it is correct that residents of the hostel are charged a monthly rental of between R53 and R72. Some of the residents have confessed they have not paid monthly rental in a long time. How much either in rand or percentage terms is collected from residents on a monthly basis? A8: The rental for the hostel bed is R53.00 per month. The payment levels are low standing at an average of 19% per month. Q9. What measures are being put in place to ensure that residents pay for services at this and other hostels in the metro, seeing that there have been resistance from residents at hostels such as Dube? A9: Hostel managers deliver statements to the residents monthly. Defaulters are handed over to finance for credit control policy application


Celebrated every year on 24 September after it was officially declared one of our national days, Heritage Day is now celebrated by

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Feature/ News

College celebrated the day with Crown Mines College at CJC with the students proudly dressed in their traditional attire and showcasing their traditional dances.

all South Africans irrespective of their cultural beliefs, proudly showcasing their cultural and traditional backgrounds. The Central Johannesburg Umoja cultural group on the dance floor.

Picture: Kgadi Johanna Lamola

HERITAGE MONTH Coloured School - No.25-2nd Avenue

Heritage Site - Richard Baloyi and 7th sAvenue

Alex Health Committee - No. 93-2nd Avenue

The Beer Hall -No.97-2nd Avenue

Nhlanhla House -No.34-12th Avenue

Kings Cinema -No.48-2nd Avenue

Holy Cross School -No.69-2nd Avenue

The organizer who is also the educator at the CJC, Nikeziwe Bonga said: “After realizing that most o our kids dwell much on cellphones, I then decided to interact with them for the day and organized activities that they could participate on and also visited the Crown Mines College and started our rehearsals.” She said many students participated and only few of them could not take to the stage because they did not have traditional attire. Bonga said that she loves her culture and wanted to encourage others to have confidence and be proud of their roots. “I then targeted the youth for this part. We have to preserve our culture for Heritage Day and for our future generations to know their originality.” “To know where we going, we have to know where we come from as the youth, and we are mostly swallowed by the modern life style and careless about our origins. We have to live our culture everyday,” said Thabo Simelane while Thandeka Mtshikewana said: “We should be proud of our culture and to stay true to ourselves.” Umoja, the cultural dance group that specializes in Music, Arts and Culture took the audience by the storm on the day, and students in their different traditional attires also shared the stage.

Methodist Church -No.46-10th Avenue

Anglican Mission School -No.44-8th Avenue

September marks national Heritage Month in South Africa “Reclaiming, Restoring and Celebrating Our Living Heritage”. The celebration of heritage is about preserving that which we value and hold in high esteem as a nation for the future generation!

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Kirsty Van Den Bergh was advised that he needs (ENS) to complete two forms before he can claim from ongani was employed UIF. In this regard, the UIF as a cashier at a gro- officers provided him with cery store in Alexandra. He a registration form (which was dismissed last week he needs to complete) and and is concerned that he an employer form (which will not have enough mon- his previous employer ey to provide for his family needs to complete). now that he is unemployed. Bongani returned to the Bongani remembers that Labour Centre a few days his previous employer later in order to complete registered him with the his UIF application proUnemployment Insurance cess. First, he was required Fund (“UIF”) and that both to sign the unemployment of them contributed to the register. He has to return UIF on a monthly basis on every four weeks to sign his behalf. the register and show that Bongani remembers that he still needs to claim the the UIF provides benefits UIF benefits. to unemployed persons Secondly, Bongani was rewho have been contribut- quired to bring (i) a copy ing to the UIF while they of his identity document worked. However, Bon- (ii) copies of his last six gani is not sure how to payslips, (iii) the completclaim his contributions ed form from his previous from UIF and approached employer, (iv) a service his friend Giles for advice. certificate from his previGiles advised Bongani that ous employer, and (v) his all contributing workers completed registration are eligible to receive mon- form. ey from UIF except for (i) Thirdly, Bongani needs workers who work for less to provide proof that he is than 24 hours a month; (ii) looking for employment. learners, (iii) public ser- In this regard, Bongani will vants, (iv) foreign contract be required to register as a workers, (v) workers who “work-seeker” at the Lareceive a monthly pension bour Centre. Bongani will from the Government, and then be placed on a list of (vi) workers who only earn unemployed persons and, a commission (i.e. not a if an employer is looking fixed salary). As Bongani for new employees, Bondoes not fit into any of the gani may be selected from foregoing categories, he is the list for a new job. Boneligible to claim from the gani will be required to acUIF. cept the new employment Giles advised Bongani that position or else his UIF he needs to claim his UIF payments will cease. benefits within six months Once Bongani has submitof being retrenched or dis- ted all of these forms to missed. If Bongani waits the Labour Centre, he will any longer than this, he begin receiving money will not be able to claim. from the UIF within eight In addition, a person can- weeks. He can collect his not claim UIF benefits if money from the Labour they have resigned, been Centre. If Bongani does suspended or just stopped not receive any money going to work. within eight weeks of regGiles escorted Bongani to istering, he must return to his nearest Labour Centre, the Labour Centre to find situated at 424 9th Street out if there is a problem. in Marlboro Sandton, to He must make sure to have claim his UIF. The offices his identity book ready. are open from 07h30 to Bongani will continue to 16h00 on weekdays. At the receive money from the Labour Centre, Bongani UIF until his funds run out



Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

bring proof to the Labour Centre that he has been trying to find a new job. Importantly, UIF benefits do not only accrue to employees who have been retrenched or dismissed. If a contributing employee dies, their husband / wife or minor child (younger than 18 years old) can He will be required to claim their deceased rela-

or he becomes ineligible. In order to receive UIF benefits, Bongani must be prepared to go for career counselling if the UIF officer asks him to, be available for work if a job becomes available and he must actively go out and look for new jobs.

25 September 2013 Alex Pioneer PAGE 5

tives’ UIF contributions until they run out. Furthermore, if a contributing employee becomes ill for a lengthy period of time and cannot work until they get better, they will be able to claim UIF benefits until they are fit to return to work. In addition, maternity benefits can be claimed on behalf of a contributing

female employee if they take maternity leave. A woman can claim benefits any time from four weeks before her due date until six weeks after she gives birth. If you fit into any of the foregoing categories, it is best to approach your nearest Labour Centre for more information on how to claim.

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My ghetto has turned into a slaughter house I walk on the streets with fear creeping up my spine I drive with my eyes around the whole surrounding I sleep with one eye opened

DJ AKA Skhumba doing what he’s good at. KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA to do so after I secured a job as a clerk. During the week orn in Soweto 33 years I’m doing my clerical work ago, Kgopotso “A.K.A and play the music over the Skhumba” Phetla started his weekend, and only at WilDJ career in 2000 due to the ly’s place. I started playing love he has for music from there in 2010 to date, just his childhood stage. at the Jukskei Park every weekend, entertaining peo“Although my father was a ple with House, Deep and jazz lover and tried to intro- Soul music respectively.” duce me to his part of music genre, it didn’t jell well with He said he plays deep music me to follow his path. I grew on Fridays and Saturdays up loving disco which is while soul music comes now House music. I thought only on Sundays. “I’m jazz belongs to older peo- working hard to ensure that ple,” said Skhumba. I’m up to date with the latest music to grab the people’s He said he was powered attention to my work, which to action his DJ work for- is one of my challenges I’m ward by his colleague, and faced with before taking to he moved to Alexandra at the stage.” Eastbank. “I struggled to have my own equipment as Skhumba said apart from I was not working by then, the computer that was stoand fortunately I managed len recently, he soldiered


Picture: Kgadi Johanna Lamola

on with the support of his colleagues and Willy Ngobeni, the tavern owner. “I take good care of those doing their ‘chesa nyama’ and having their refreshments at the park, chasing their blues away with the kind of music I play for them.” “I am playing for free at Willy’s place, but he only ensures that my equipment is always in good condition. I am currently training few children in what I’m doing as part of my social responsibility.” Skhumba said he wants to be study Human Resource, but above all his dreams he said: “I strive to have my own production studio.”

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You strike Kelly Khumalo, you get a klap, pha-pha! even Khanyi Mbau can back me up. It seems afro-pop song bird, Kelly, is up to her old karate kid tricks again and the latest victim of her kung-fun moves is Mandisa Meyiwe, a wife to Orlando Pirates’ Senzo Meyiwa. Kelly is alleged to be romantically involved with married Senzo and has apparently warned Mandisa to “stay away from my man.” King Mswati is poised to marry again- the fifteenth wife. According to a Sunday tabloid, his soon to be a wife has, in the past, rubbed bellies with his sons and the girl has now set high her eyes for the big fish. Let’s hope when his vault runs dry he won’t come knocking on our door for a loan.

I see blood going through drainage systems going flowing into Jukskei river I see bodies lying on all corners le ko dijari of our kasis I hear a cry of a mother who just lost a son so loud piercing through the walls tsa diflete I see a black cloud hanging and spreading over kasi yaka The little girl next door cries for help The monster on top of her shuts her up with painful penetration Where is abomakhelwane? Where did the spirit of fighting for your neighbor go? Since when do we hate our neighbors ‘cos they buy from woolies Come on darki Are we turning a blind eye to what is happening around us? Ukusula izinyembezi of the victim with our coward hands wont change anything It pains me to see this change as I was born in this kasi Mama told me how they used to fight Mama told me how useless today’s youth is Embarrassment took over the look on my face As I realized how true her words are I miss sitting by Jukskei river in the evening seeing the reflection of the moon dancing in the water I miss hearing kids running around the park ba tshwara le di babor fish I miss hearing kids playing mokoko after supper time I miss standing on the corner with my friend till late talking rubbish I miss my kasi I miss Ghomorra I miss my home

Notwithstanding the fact that there may be chemistry between Generations’ Phenyo and Noluntu, but I’m not fooled by this fraisha-dichips business. Noluntu is not a fool, she’s only sleeping her way back to Yona Yethu. Hai! I bet the gogo who bewitched the Memela grandchildren died centuries ago. Akhona, MJ and veteran Noluntu all they think of is sex all the time, hayibo madoda sizani! I know sometimes I get carried away and phaphariza too much but can someone please help me understand what Dineo’s plan is? Okay, she has found a baby machinery, sorted, but what will she do in the next coming 9 months to prove her pregnancy? Will she stuff in 1 pillow after 3 months, then two pillows for 4 months and so on and disguise it as a growing tummy? Can someone please give Isidingo’s Nikiwe a varam klap. She may be an elite but what kind of a daughter is she that claims ancestors do not exist? Forgive my sarcasm, I can’t say Lerato has arrived. She’s way too far from achieving women empowerment she preaches about. Is a matter of before her business with Sechaba take a knock down. Siestog, I nearly collapsed of heart attack when Benjamin announced the owner of ONTV. Batho wee, is only today that Rhythm City’s puntsupuntsu, Mampho, starts to develop fears of being HIV positive? That’s something she should have thought about before jumping into bed le di khehla. If Gail thinks that moving into David’s house will give her the comfort she needs, then she better think twice. Let Bash play far away from Reneilwe. She’s not his type. Will Muvhango’s Hangwani ever know peace in her life? Just when her heart starts to settle at ease that there’s no Albert and Thuli, Khomotjo emerges in the picture. With Khomotjo alway wanting people to feel her presence, she will do everything to turn Hangwani’s life sour. Maybe I’ve never been in love, I only stop at the surface, but what Mongezi has for Pfulwani is obsession and lust. Clearly he doesn’t know Azwindini. I bet if he knew the chief can chance to a lion, he would back off from stalking Pfulu. Speaking of obsession, Sizwe is just a kid in the block. Nonny will suck every single cent he owns. They say love is blind but Sizwe is stupid, simple. Everyone can see Nonny does not love him.

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PARAPLEGIC MAN NEGLECTED Avenue and lost my rental place because I could not afford to pay the rent as I’m now unemployed. I was working for Coin Security Group for two years, and was given a package that was not enough.” He said he has broken bones in the body and suffers severe pains daily, and only survives with tablets he receives from the Masakhane Health Clinic to ease the pains. Dube ex-



“I am confined to a wheelchair for five years now after I was involved in a car accident on 25 August 2008. I was hit from behind on my motorbike and admitted to Tembisa Hospital with serious injuries, and I was later transferred to Kalafong Hospital for a major spinal cord operation,” said a 38 year old Lawrence

Dube together with his 8 year old son live in a caravan that is parked on the pavement at 18th Avenue between Selbourne and Rooseveldt Road. He said the accident has drastically changed his life and he now feels as if he is also neglected by the government, further commenting: “I was living at 17th


Lekgotla toropo la Johannebsurg, Region E, le ile la tšwa lesolo la go etela makhanselara kgwedi ya go feta ka nepo ya go ba neela monyetla wa go tsebagatša dihlotlo tšeo ba kopanago le tšona gotee le di projeke tšeo e lekgotla toropo le ka di fago šedi ya pele. Go latela lesolo la Community Based Planning Feedback Sessions, Makhanselara a ile a hlaola ditirelo tšeo e lego hloba-boroko go baagi ka mafelong a bona. Mokhanselara wa Ward 108 Qhashile Fransisco o re ke nako e telele go se na diphetogo tša kgatelopele ka lifelong la gawe, gomme ba rolela kefa kgato ya lekgotla toropo go tla ka tekanyetšo ya di ‘Ward’, e lego seo se tlo ba imollago meoyeng gotee le setšhaba ka kakaretšo. “Go di projeke tšeo di ka fiwago šedi ya kapejana, magareng ga tšona ke hlaotše go tsentšhwa ga mohlakase, go tlo agiwa ga dintlo tše masome-seswaihlano ka Old Ikage Precinct gotee le dišawara tše

masomehlano tšeo ga bjale di šomišwago bošaedi go fetolelwa go dintlwana tša boithomelo, mola diprojeke tše dingwe di tlo latela ka moragonyana.” Mokhanselara wa Ward 75 Chris Mabunda o boditše Alex Pioneer gore o hlaotše go tlo rulelwa leswa ga Madala Hostel, go hlokomedišwa ga bokgobapuku le go tlo mpshafatšwa ga di ‘flat’ ka lefelong la gagwe. Regional Director Liziwe Ntshinga-Makoro o swaetše ka gore: “Diprojeke tšeo di hlaotšwego di tlo seka-sekwa ke lekgotla toropo.” Lesolo la kopano ya Community Based Planning Feedback Sessions tšeo di bego di dikgatlampana magareng ga di 12 le 15 kgweding ya Agostose mono ngwaga, le be le latela dipoledišano go lesolo la Ward Community Based Planning Process, leo le bego le tshwerwe ka kgwedi ya November 2012 go dipeakanyetšo tša 2013/14 Integrated Development Budget Process Plan.

plained: “I have developed bed sores on my buttocks and my feet are swollen. I’m a neglected paraplegic I don’t have electricity in my caravan, and my neighbours help in providing me with water as I can hardly walk.”

He said he has to undergo a special operation at a private medical institution, and the doctors estimated that an amount of R300 000 will be needed, adding; “I

appeal to the public to help with donations or funds that will rescue my situation. I am getting the grant that is not sufficient for me and my son, and I cannot manage to settle the medical expenses.” He said the Ward Councillor visited him a long time ago and promised to come back, but up to date nothing has happened. However, Ward 105 Councillor Joyce Ngwenya confirmed her

visit to Dube and pointed out that it is bad for a person of his condition not to have a proper place to stay. Ngwenya said Dube moved from Ekurhuleni to Alexandra and secured a place at Ward 116 and ended up living in a caravan in her Ward. “I heard that he lives next to his parents’ place, and don’t understand why he was neglected like that, but I’m still trying to find ways to ensure that he receives proper assistance.”

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Established in 1987, Mitzvah School, housed on the property of Bet David, a synagogue in Morningside, has in its early years opened its doors to 24 learners from Alexandra who were desperate to write their matric exams. The school has now between 40 and 45 matric students annually. The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and follows the Department’s curriculum, adding: “We offer three languages

(SeTswana, Sepedi and IsiZulu), Maths, Science, Biology, Geography, Accounting, Business Economics and Economics, and all the students take six subjects.” “We started the school at Bet David as a class for one year and had 25 students, who were registered at Alexandra High School, and with dedicated teachers and wonderful surroundings and gardens at Bet David, the students were able to study and most of them did extremely well,” said the school principal Lesley Rosenberg. “Learners come to Mitzvah School from schools in Al-

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exandra and attend for their matric year only. Most of the learners heard of the school by word of mouth. For one to be admitted to the school they have to write an aptitude test,” she said. Rosenberg said they don’t receive any subsidy from the government, further commenting: “Although the students pay a small monthly fee, most of our funding comes from companies who believe in this project as well as generous donations from the private sector.” For the past nine years they have

MATRIC TIPS Private Colleges


ou can study degrees, diplomas and certificates (including a higher certificate, which allows you to further your studies at University) at private colleges. The quality and cost of the studies vary from one institution to another. Some of them offer bursaries. You often get more individual attention than at university or FET College.

Some colleges offer a wide range of studies like Damelin (, College Campus ( -bursaries and free career advise) or the Birnam business college ( Others are specialised in one field of studies and offer some bursaries, like the excellent Cida City campus (Lyndhurst) -bachelor in business administration - or the Boston media house (Sandton) Our advice: - check for the open day of each college and visit them with a friend or family member. Ask to see where you will study, what academic and social facilities are on offer; what is the pass rate and if the latest technology is used (for IT or any technical training) - check the academic/social facilities/career advise services/bursaries/student loan/ admission criteria/ fees and cancellation rules, the pass rate of the college ; - choose a college close to your home to minimise transport cost and time; - Check if the college is registered and if the qualification is registered! Call 0800 87 22 22 or 012 312 5320 go on Saqa website ( - check the level of education (NQF) - higher the level is, better it is! - contact former students to get their opinion (ask references from the college and student testimonials) ; - check the requirements relating to admissions, exams and academic progress, study fees and cancellation rules; - check if the college uses the latest technology, has back-up of online learning, if the diploma involved also practical training and work-readiness skills - check the record of placement of students in employment and links with relevant companies in the private sector – blog:

Mitzvah School Students together with their Principal Lesley Rosenberg. Picture: Emmanuel Dube

achieved a 100% pass rate, which is an enormous achievement when considering their poor educational background and the poor pass rate in the townships. When the Alex Pioneer news team visited the school, they spoke to some of the students who commented; “Most of the township schools are overcrowded and it is difficult for the learners to concentrate,”

said Anna Chauke while Kagiso Thutlwa said Mitzvah is providing more than enough for them, including a lesser monthly transport fare from Alexandra to Morningside.” However the school is also involved in feeding schemes in Alexandra Township to assist those less fortunate. “We support two crèches in Alexandra as well as running a daily feeding scheme at Leamogetswe at 8th Ave-

nue and at Zenzeleni Lower Primary School,” concluded Rosenberg. Mitzvah School will be running entrance tests on Saturday 26 October - prospective learners for Matric 2014 should call the school at 011 883 7177 to put their names on the list for writing the tests and to see whether they are eligible to attend the school.

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ALEXANDRA WARD COUNCILLORS’ DATABASE For any queries in your ward, check the Councillors’ database below for their contacts. Ward


Name & Surname

Mobile Contacts

Chris Mabunda

072 316 5415


Julia Moloi

072 907 4155


Mokgadi Radebe

083 478 7686

Joyce Ngwenya

073 565 8594


Ambi Maseko

072 831 3808


Debora Fransisco

083 953 5714


Lillian Kekana

082 484 6762


Monde Mbingeleli

082 464 2946


Darren Bergman

082 456 8636


Feature/ News

25 September 2013 Alex Pioneer PAGE 9


Block A fully completed and approved by the JPC. Block A front view above and its side view on the right. Picture: KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA

are now doing the touch “We found the place not ups on tiling and the ceil- well maintained with he Block A of the ing on the ground floor. most of the taps and toiThusong Service lets not functioning, and Centre at 8th Avenue has Ward 75 Councillor Chris a company will be apbeen officially handed Mabunda said that Block pointed to maintain the over to the Johannesburg A was handed over to the place on a daily basis,” Property Company last JPC on 17 September said the Bakhele Consultweek after it was com- 2013, after it was inspect- ing Sub Manager Moses pleted. ed and later approved. Medupe. KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA


The Community Liaison Officer Arshwald Siphika told Alex Pioneer that the centre has Block A and B, and in their plan of action, they’ve prioritized to complete Block A, adding:

“We are not sure of the official opening of the centre due to challenges that the contractors encounter daily”

Mabunda said after everything is done, the JPC will have a meeting with “The process has worked the tenants to discuss the according to plan. The terms of occupying the JPC officials paid a site building. visit and checked the whole Block for the fi- He said the engineers are nal inspection, and later still checking the waterexpressed their satisfac- logged system on Block tion.” B after the whole block was reduced to a permaHe said they are done nent lake. with Block B offices and

Bahkele Consulting was appointed by JPC to take charge of renovating the whole Centre. The renovations started in April 2013 after it was delayed last year due to the signing of a Service Level Agreement between the JPC and the Economic Development. The renovations were made possible by the Expanded Public Works Programme that injected R10 million into the project.

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ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT ADVERT The Council monitors the actions of debt collectors ensuring that their actions comply with the code of conduct for debt collectors and further ensuring that they charge only those fees allowed by the Act.


What fees may debt collectors charge? The fees are prescribed by law, which include a fee for letters, telephone calls It is a reality in the times we live in that and a collection commission. Fees genmost South Africans will probably at erally not recoverable are bank charges, some stage be contacted by a debt col- and travelling expenses. lector for the payment of an outstanding amount. Whether the demand is for Typical fees at date of print and conoutstanding School fees, Rent and lev- tained in Schedule B of the Regulaies, unpaid accounts, TV licenses, med- tions are for example: ical bills or any other amount, the col- Necessary Letter lection of these amounts if done by any R15-00 other person than the person to whom Necessary Phone call R15-00 the amount is owed in all likelihood Consultation with debtor falls under the auspices of the Council R37-00 for Debt Collectors The principles ap- Other necessary expenses R15-00 plicable as well as the exceptions to this A debt collector is not entitled to claim general rule is set out below. more than R736-00 in fees or the capital amount due whichever amount is the Who is a debt collector? lesser. A debt collector is any person or com- It then follows that on a debt of R100 pany other than an attorney or his em- the fees charged may never exceed ployee who for reward collects debts R100. owed to another on the latter’s behalf. A debt collector is also allowed 10% Property Managers who collect arrear fee per instalment received in payrent or levies are also debt collectors. ment of a debt subject to a maximum of R368-00. Note: Collection commission Must a debt collector be registered? agreed upon between the debt collector All debt collectors must register with and the client cannot be recovered from the Council for Debt Collectors in or- a debtor. der to operate. Failure to register before collecting a debt is a criminal offence. What should I do if a debt collector contacts me? How do I know if the person contact- -Make sure he or she is registered. ing me is a debt collector? Contact the Council for clarification if All debt collectors must produce proof necessary. of registration, on request. -Listen carefully to what he or she says. What do debt collectors do? -When in doubt obtain legal advice or They collect debts owed to another, by approach the Council. mail, phone or in person. They may deliver documents and may even have an What rights do debt collectors have? acknowledgement of debt signed. -They have the right to contact you for the payment of a debt What is an acknowledgement of -They have the right to charge the predebt? scribed fees for the work done in colA legal document in terms whereof lecting a debt. a party admits his liability to another, often coupled with an offer to pay off What rights do I have? the debt in monthly installments, and -The right to obtain legal advice before consent to judgment. Once signed such signing anything. In the legal world a document may lead to a court order your signature on a document like for being obtained without further notice instance a acknowledgement of debt to the debtor. can have serious financial consequencWho regulates the debt collector’s es. actions? -To be treated with dignity at all times.

-The right to confidentiality. -The right not to be contacted before 6 in the morning or after 9 in the evening, or on a Sunday. -The right not to be harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or threatened. -To receive a statement should you request one free of charge once every six months. -To have the account of a debt collector taxed by the clerk of the magistrate court should I dispute the amount for fees charged by the debt collector. - If unhappy with the conduct of a debt collector to report him to the Council for investigation and possible disciplinary steps. Important points to remember -Attorneys and their employees do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Council for Debt Collectors and are therefore answerable only to the relevant law societies. -Micro lenders and others like furniture stores who collect their own debts need not register with the Council and therefore also fall outside the jurisdiction of the Council. -Although you are entitled to collect your own debts without being registered as a debt collector, you are not entitled to demand any fees while doing so. What to do if you have a complaint against a debt collector? -Debt collectors are regulated by the Council for Debt Collectors and must comply with various laws, regulations and the code of conduct while performing their duties. -If you have a complaint with regards to the fees you are being charged, have the account taxed by the clerk of the magistrate court. - All complaints must be in writing and under oath. -If you have a complaint against the actions or conduct of a debt collector or are unsure of your rights, contact: The Council for Debt Collectors PO BOX 836 Silverton Pretoria 0127 Tel: 012-8049808 Fax: 012-8040744 P O Box 836, Silverton, 0127 Website:

For more information, please tune into Mix FM on the 26th September 2013 from 10:10am till10:40am Council for Debt Collector “Ensuring fair recovery of debt”

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TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE 1.Classified adverts done telephonically, by fax or e-mail will be accepted as confirmation for adverts to be placed. 2.Errors and omissions must be reported within the first week of insertion. 3.Credits will not be given for typographical errors that do not lessen the effective of the advertisement. 4.Only written cancellation/ alterations will be accepted one day before dateline 5.The publisher is entitled to withhold any advertisement from publication and to cancel any advertisement order that has been accepted. •1 Pioneer Enterprise is a medium offering clients the opportunity to advertise their services to the community. •2 Pioneer Enterprise does not take any responsibility for a misleading claims and damage incurred whatsoever. •Be advised that should an advertiser be chosen for a service; it is recommended that the advertiser


Struggling to meet your monthly Debt Commitments? Contact: Pule Songo Debt CounsellorNCRDC2013 Debt Cushion Tel:011 264 2633 Cell:082 817 7294 Fax:086 561 5636

Bank Details:

Alex Pioneer Name of the bank FNB, Norwood branch Branch code: 258624 Ac no: 62199802375 NOTE: To Qualify Advert Proof of Payment is to be faxed To: 0866581415/ 14days Before Print

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The heat was on between MC Weiler and Linfield


Linfield team with their coach, Lembethe clad in blue and red striped top. Pictures: KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA



C Weiler Primary School soccer team were beaten 2-0 by the Linfield Primary School soccer team from Durban at New Germany during their friendly game played at Atrek Sports’ Grounds. “Linfield took their chances to good

advantage and left us wounded with the two goals before half time. We had an incomplete squad but created good opportunities that were not utilized profitably, instead our strikers were panicking and wasted most of the balls,” said MC Weiler coach and also an educator, Mabandla Sibeko.

MC Weiler team with their coach, Sibeko with a big smile. Pictures: KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA

Sibeko said that most of es to the left and right the attempted goals from and played our carpet Linfield were rescued football. The game by their goalkeeper was good, but we “If it was who was always were not exnot for him, on the alert. “If it pecting a win. we could have was not for him, It came as been beaten we could have a surprise drastically.” been beaten drasbecause we tically.” thought they were “We stuck to what we better players than us. know best, the wide pass- We did not give them

space to showcase their skills against us, and sent them home reeling with pain,” said the Linfield coach who is also a teacher, Dumisani Lembethe. Lembethe said the 2-0 score was a very big victory for them and will ensure that they strengthen their situation for the return match with MC Wei-

ler in the near future. Both coaches agreed on looking forward for the return game, and MC Weiler coach, Sibeko added: “Our friendly games will be held continuously, and hoped that these will encourage a good relationship and interaction with schools in other provinces.”

Alex pioneer 25 09 2013  
Alex pioneer 25 09 2013  

Alex pioneer 25 09 2013