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L to R :Mr Buthelezi, Mr Bapela, Mr Martin and Mr Khumalo Pictures: Kgadi Johanna Lamola



ith the matric final exams to start soon, the Department of Education’s Johannesburg East District took an initiative to conduct a prayer session for the Grade 12 Learners from the five high schools in Alexandra. The learners gathered at the AlexSanKopano main hall on 15 October 2013 for a mass prayer session that was aimed to instill confidence and spiritually motivate them before sitting for their exams. The session was coordinated and hosted by the Johannesburg East District under the leadership of the District Director Raymond Martin in the company of Pastors Bafana Khumalo and Charles Mokoena, Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC) Chairperson Milton Buthelezi and the Deputy Minister in the Presidency Obed Bapela.

The session was fully packaged with a series of prayers that were held at short intervals with gospel music playing in the background while various bible scriptures were read. The motivational speaker, Pastor Khumalo took to the stage, empowering and encouraging the learners to focus and to be self contained and to overcome the fear in their exam rooms, adding: “Prayer is the power that pulls everything together, while Pastor Mokoena said: “It’s never too late to ask God to instill the wisdom and strength within you.” “Don’t forget the power of prayer. Without God in our lives we cannot achieve,” said Martin. He called on the learners not to panic, but to keep their faith and show dedication and fight for their pride. In the same breath, he stressed that: “The time for talking and begging is over. I have confidence in you that we

will achieve the targeted 100% matric pass rate this year. He said Alexandra was not performing well with their matric results, further citing; “Ivory Park is doing well. The lowest percentage in Ivory Park is the highest percentage in Alexandra.” Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Obed Bapela, encouraged the learners to work hard in the last few days left. “I hope the 2013 Class will score higher and make the nation proud.” He encouraged the learners to go for artisan skills of which the country is experiencing a huge shortage of. QLTC’s Buthelezi said: “There were more plans for next year. Nyaope is ruling the lives of our kids, and parents are devastated with this awful situation.” Buthelezi said last year’s matric final exams in Alexandra, 712 wrote the exams, 245 failed and 467 passed.

Grade 12 learners enjoying the prayer session. Pictures: Kgadi Johanna Lamola

St Mary’s School, Waverley, Alexandra High Schools’ Programme OUTREACH Calling all past learners who attended classes at St Mary’s, we would like to hear from you as we are collecting a database of all our past learners. Please contact us: 

Facebook page: or

Telephone number: 11 531 1800 or


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1st Floor, Sanpark Building. No 24 Fredman Drive SANDTON. Tel: 011582 1400/1600


1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Helen Joseph hostel was built during 1972 to house female migrant workers. The hostel consist of 727 units or rooms with accommodation for four persons per room. The capacity of the hostel is therefore 2908 persons. The hostel was provided with 2 825 beds to ensure that occupation remained at optimum levels. The hostel contains 20 communal facilities such as kitchens, dining halls and ablution facilities. The cooking facilities in the hostel are provided with gas and gas burners for cooking purposes. The electricity provided to the living units has been limited to lighting and lower voltage items. The general services rendered at the hostel include, amongst others, the following: •Security and protection services •Cleaning and waste removal •Basic plumbing repairs such as repairing burst pipes and unblocking blocked waste pipes. •Grass cutting Environmental Health assists with vector control measures from time to time. An informal settlement, known as Vukani, has developed over time around the hostel. This settlement currently comprises 850 shacks. 2. CHALLENGES RELATED TO THE HELEN JOSEPH WOMEN’S HOSTEL Several challenges of varying complexity are being experienced at the hostel. These include, amongst others, the following: •Illegal dumping •Littering •Aged infrastructure •Illegal electrical connections •Overcrowding and lack of privacy •Presence of families including young children •Shacks constructed over sewer lines •Political divisions, tensions and in-fighting •Severe vandalism and theft of equipment is being experienced The illegal connections are problematic in a number of ways. The available power outlets are overloaded with appliances such as stoves and microwave ovens, which overload the system and causes power outages. This situation is exacerbated as additional appliances are also connected to light sockets. The residents have on a number of occasions prevented both City Power and private contractors to access the electrical installations for repairs and upgrades. The residents also strongly resisted all attempts to regularise the power supply and installing of pre-paid meters. 3.PROGRESS TO DATE The substation providing power to the hostel has been upgraded successfully and a number of improvements have been effected to the electricity supply infrastructure. An engineer has also been appointed to investigate possible solutions to solve the sewer problems being experienced on site. A portion of land has been identified in Alexandra Extension 52. The planning process for this land is near to completion (90% finalised) and currently approval is being awaited for the SDP. A total of 400 residential units will be erected on this site to accommodate beneficiaries from the hostel. 4.EXPENDITURE ON THE HOSTEL The expenditure on this property for the last quarter is as follows: July to September 2013 Plumbing Details of the expenditure of R6.4 million is as follows: Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: The Great Rocks Refurbishment and upgrading – repairs: ted Vest developments Rabana-LBM Joint Venture Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: Moreteng Investments Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: Geontsi consulting Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: Dzumba Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: Daiken Refurbishment and upgrading – electrical: Grassroots Electrical

R187 394.56 R569 268.85 R376 072.05 072.05 R376 R2 634 230.68 R735 568.44 R36 281.22 R1 276 057.32 R319 331.12 R519 203.99

Feature/ News

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Deputy Principal Dingaan Kubheka in the newly renovated staff room. Picture: Kgadi Johanna Lamola

We are going to fight tooth and nail to maintain our top position again in this year’s matric results,” said the Realogile Secondary School Deputy Principal, Dingaan Kubheka. The school performed tremendously last year with 73.6% matric pass rate, leading all four high schools in the area. This has afforded the school a golden opportunity of having its dilapidated staff room splendidly renovated through the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust. “We want to surpass the 80% the education department is looking for from us, and we are gunning for 90% matric pass rate this year, to ensure

that we acquire help from the Trust. We cannot let such an opportunity slip out of our hands. We are also aware that our defeated counterparts are sharpening themselves to do better. With our massive experienced Grade 12 establishment team of teachers and the much committed students, we have no doubt of retaining our top position this year. This time around, we want to see our classes, floors, chalkboards and paving being refurbished due to our matric remarkable performance,” said Kubheka. He said their confidence in this regard was cemented by the introduction of the School Support Improvement Programmes by the department, providing extra classes for all the Grade

12 learners. “Apart from this program, we are applying the morning and afternoon classes which the learners have shown a huge interest in their attendance. He further said most of their teachers are taken by the department to part their expertise with other schools on the subjects they specialize on,” said the Kubheka. Technology HOD Ephenia Mashike said: “We are taking care of our state of the art staff room. We are expecting better results this year. Our students are on their toes and are ready to break the record, while a Grade 12 English teacher Willie Mogale said the place was topsyturvy before, and was affecting their professionalism. “We don’t have the specific number

of students we cover; it will be determined by the amount of money we manage to raise as the Trust. We only award bursaries for those best performing students every year and mobilize resources to address the needs of the school to enable teaching and learning environment,” said the Trustee, Dipuo Mvelase. The Trust under the slogan, Each One Teach One, was created in recognition of the role that Vincent, a student leader, a young and courageous soldier of Umkhonto we Sizwe played in the struggle for equal and better education which was initiated by those who were close friends and comrades of Vincent who was a student at the school before its name was changed to Realogile


Women of the world sharing their experiences with young leaders. KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA


ore than a thousand young delegates from around the world converged on one of the world’s most extraordinary cities, The City of Johannesburg, for the One Young World Summit aimed to share wisdom and insights on common global challenges. The five day summit which was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre and FNB from 2-5 October 2013, gave the platform to exceptional young people to find solutions to local, regional and global challenges with a special focus on education, business, youth unemployment, healthcare, sustainable development, Human

Rights and the challenges faced by women in the business sphere. Young delegates presented their experiences and solutions to their challenges. One of the delegates Adelaod from Burundi said: “Solutions to youth unemployment is available, and these only need young people to share ideas and put them into action.” On the other hand, James Eder from England encouraged young people to take action and adhere to their future dreams, adding: “I started the Website business named in 2010 together with my brother to help students, and so far we’ve employed forty young males and created twenty new job opportunities for other youths.

Everyday brings new challenges, but we managed to overcome them.” Eder further said that their ambition was to touch the lives of millions of people globally. However, prominent speakers from other countries including the South Africans, Maria Ramos, Agang SA President Mamphela Ramphele and Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins respectively motivated the young leaders to stand firm and face the future with courage. Also at the Conference was the ex Secretary General of the United Nations Koffi Annan along with Bob Gedolf, Muhammed Yunus and Richard Branson, and they shared their experiences with the young Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins world leaders.

Picture: Emmanuel Dube

Picture: Emmanuel Dube


MATRIC TIPS How to do a good matric ?

Good work isn’t about working long hours..... It’s about being smart! -Believe in yourself: If you have a positive attitude, you will remember better the information you need to study. -Plan ahead your work: do a timetable. Tick off what you have done every day. Give priorities to the most important subjects/lessons you need to study. Start studying at least 2 weeks before your exam. -Study with friends. You will get more committed to preparing for your exams and you can help each other. If you explain an exercise or a subject to a friend, it will also help you to remember it ; -Study for 45 mins and take a 10 minute break followed by a 10 min revision: breaks are important as the brain tires after one hour and concentration can become difficult. -Switch off your cell phone, TV and other sources of distraction You need to take care of yourself If you study long hours at night, your brain does not have time to rest and you will not concentrate well at school. Scientific studies have proven that you need to sleep well to remember what you have learnt. Eat well and exercise. If you play soccer or run, it promotes blood circulation, which means more oxygen to your brain and better concentration Reward yourself when you have finished studying by taking some time out with friends or going for a walk. Avoid watching TV as it does not relax your brain! If you feel depressed or suffer from stress, call the SA depression and anxiety group – 0800 567 567 – 011 262 63 96 – sms 31393 –

ALEXANDRA WARD COUNCILLORS’ DATABASE For any queries in your ward, check the Councillors’ database below for their contacts. Ward


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Chris Mabunda

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Julia Moloi

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Mokgadi Radebe

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Joyce Ngwenya

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Ambi Maseko

072 831 3808


Debora Fransisco

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Lillian Kekana

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Monde Mbingeleli

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Darren Bergman

082 456 8636

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HIV and ARVs Dr. N Odell


indi Vilkazi is 28 years old and she lives in Alexandra Township. Lindi is pregnant with her first child. Unfortunately, over the last few years, Lindi has lost a few friends and family members to HIV. Lindi decides that it would be a good idea to be tested for HIV so that she can protect both herself and her baby. Lindi goes to the Alexandra clinic for an HIV test where she is surprised to find out that she is tested twice with two different types of fingerprick tests by the sisters in the clinic. She is not sure why the sisters needed to perform a similar test twice. The test results show that Lindi is in fact HIV positive. She now wants to know whether she will qualify to be put on an antiretroviral programme. Testing for HIV in South Africa must, by law, be accompanied by appropriate counselling both before and after testing. The HIV test is only a finger-prick test so it is relatively quick and painless. Testing facilities should do two different tests in order to prove that the tests are accurate and provide the correct results. It was therefore right for the sisters in the clinic to have tested Lindi twice. It is important to note that one must be tested at a clinic that is in your district, so, in Lindi’s circumstances, the Alexandra clinic was the correct place to go for HIV testing. If one requires more

specialised treatment then you will be referred to the appropriate hospital. As part of the post-test counselling, if a person tests positive for HIV, all clinics should offer CD4 count testing in order to determine if that person would qualify to be put onto antiretroviral treatment. CD4 cells are the cells in your body that can be thought of as “soldier” cells. These cells fight against infections in your body. If you are HIV positive, the risk of becoming infected with another illness is higher because your immune system is low. The lower your CD4 count is, the more likely you are to become infected with another illness. A normal CD4 count is at least 500. According to the South African Antiretroviral Treatment Guidelines issued by the Department of Health during March 2013, there are four circumstances in which an HIV positive adult to be put onto lifelong antiretroviral treatment. These are as follows: 1. the patient has a CD4 count of less than 350; or 2. the patient suffers from TB regardless of his/her CD4 count; or 3. the patient suffers from certain illnesses which are more likely to occur in a person with a low immune system; and 4.

the patient has re-

ceived at least 3 sessions of post-test counselling. One does not qualify to be put onto a lifelong antiretroviral treatment programme where the CD4 count is higher than 350. Such a person would however qualify to be put onto a wellness programme for regular follow-up and repeat CD4 testing every 6 months. From 1 April 2013, all pregnant women with an HIV positive status qualify for ARVs in order to prevent mother to child transmission regardless of their CD4 count. Pregnant women who were tested prior to 1 April 2013 and have been provided with treatment will need to continue with that treatment. As Lindi is pregnant, she will automatically qualify for ARVs under the new guidelines, however the length of time that she is on the programme for will depend on her CD4 count, as a patient with a CD4 count of more than 350 will stop ARVs 6 weeks after delivery of their baby. It is very important for Lindi to remember that HIV is a lifelong illness that requires constant observation and regular check-ups. It is however possible for her to live a long and healthy life as an HIV positive individual, but it is vital, that she sticks to the programmes that she has been put onto and she does as her counsellor/ healthcare professional advises her.

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Entertainment and Lifestyle

Out and proud on Jozi streets…

Friends at the Johannesburg People’s Pride 2013.

Sami Shabangu


n Saturday 5th October, the LGBTIAQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Asexual and Queer) community took to the streets to embark on a historical march ‘Peoples pride’ aimed at returning the city’s pride season back to its more socialist and activist roots. At 10 am at Constitutional Hill the community congregated in numbers to march

for their human rights. This was much to the generosity of the City of Johannesburg that assisted in organizing transportation for those living in surrounding areas. Many marchers were wearing t-shirts with the slogan ‘I march because...’ printed on them. Although a solidarity march, it was one where individuals within the community got to publicize, protest and raise awareness of their personal grievances within the community and general society.

Picture: Emmanuel Dube

Issues such as HIV/AIDS, discrimination, acceptance and other more controversial ones such as same-sex parenting and the escalating scourge of corrective rapes were raised. The march started off at Constitutional Hill through Hillbrow and Braamfontien, stopping at key points along the route like the Hillbrow Police Station and Cosatu House and then back to Constitutional Hill were the post-march celebrations were held.

Entertainment was from the likes of poet and social activist Lebo Mashile who after the march said: “This event to me is a true representation of the democratic society we live in. People from all walks of life are here.”The celebrations were colourful, loud and proud and attendees danced to music, listened to poetry and even watched a play or two. When asked why she was here, Gugu a Soweto resident said: “I am here to celebrate with people who

are just like me.. not to feel like an outcast and to celebrate my individuality.” As the event wrapped up, the organizing committee’s Carrie Shelver commented: “It was a success, better than we expected.” Earlier on when we had asked her whether this event would become an annual one she mentioned that they hadn’t even thought that far but after the day’s success it was clear that this would most likely become an annual event.

the needs within their clusters, adding: “We are trying to make ends meet within our clusters, but we appeal

to our councillors and the government to also assist in meeting us halfway to better our situation.”

BASOTHO GROUP ROCKS The 1st prizewinners, the Basotho’s Be Aware All the Time traditional group in action. Picture: KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA

We are over the moon to scoop the R2000 first prize after a highly competitive traditional dance event with five of our clusters participating, and mercilessly leveled them,” said Lilly Sekgapane of the Beware All the Time of the Basotho traditional group. The event took place at AlexSanKopano Community Center where six clusters of the Alexandra Combined Early Childhood Centres’ Forum came together to compete in their traditional dance after their fundraising for this competition. Sekga-

phane said they practiced hard in the last two weeks before the actual event to ensure that they get something from the competition. “We are going to use the money to buy uniforms for our twenty members including our teachers and some learning aid for our 5 centres that we have within our Lumka cluster.” The second prize of R1000 was won by the Narturing One Another. “The prize will be used to buy additional learning materials for our kids,” said Mary Rameetsi of the Nhluvuko Cluster, while Hlanganani Ama-Afrika walked away with the R500 for its

third position. “All clusters started their fundraising process in February, targeting the Heritage Month for their event. We managed to raise about R3 500 for the best three performing groups. The competition was two folded, to celebrate our heritage and to afford care centres an opportunity to win prizes for the alleviation of the challenges they are faced with,” said the Forum’s Chairperson Connie Mahlangu. She said they are hoping to host the event every year. Mahlangu said before the competition, they encouraged the center’s principals to identify

The 2nd Prize winners, Narturing One Another, proving their point on stage.

Gossip insider! A few weeks ago she dominated media headlines for assaulting Mandisa Meyiwa, the wife of Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goal keeper, Senzo Meyiwa and later handed herself over to the police with her sister, Zandi. But today, Kelly Khumalo is back in the spotlight again- this time for allegedly having a bun in the oven. A rumour has it that Kelly is pregnant with the child of Senzo and that Senzo’s family wants nothing to do with the troublesome and recovered drug addict, Kelly.

You don’t need to be a prophet to see that Generations’ Dineo is gambling with her already shaky marriage. I was taught from primary school that negative plus negative equal to positive but unfortunately the same mathematical methodology cannot apply to Dineo’s situation. I have no time to be playing Dr love, reconciling lovers but the only thing I’m prepared to say to Dineo is that Zimbini will snatch Phenyo away from her while Dineo gets to retain the artificial empathy belly as memory of her quest to distract Phenyo from divorcing her. I’m not in any way fooled by Zodwa’s holly-holly stunt. She’s just paving her way back into Nicola’s bed. They say a leopard never changes its spot, so what makes you think Zodwa will divorce her bokwanti tendencies? Finally, someone has heard my cry and decided to get rid of the red dye on Isidingo’s Lerato’s head. Ijo! That was long over due. But anyway my sister, you still remain in my prayers and I believe you will beat this cancer. Whoever proclaimed himself or herself a marriage counsellor would have to deal with this on-pause-off marriage, and not me. Katlego and Jefferson are behaving like toddlers in need of Nan no 1 feeding milk, something that I can’t offer! Only for now, I will overlook her bokwanti and jezebel tendencies because she has a very good record in that field, and sympathize with her. I wish God can help Rhythm City’s Tshidi with her pregnancy and save her baby. Just like Tshidi, I understand Gail has a good reputation in endless scandals but to have her dirty laundry exposed in public is a big no no. As for Suffocate and his drama, I’m not interested bhuti! Sorry! Call it snobbish but I have no time to be entertaining Muvhango’s gullible divorced sister who’ve been suffering from a syndrome called desperation to rub bellies with a man to agree to date any Tom and Dick who comes her way. Tshianeo deserves everything that is coming her way. She should have listened to Pfulwani, or should I say “mrs Zwane” and danced far away from Mongezi. Boys who grow up eating cheese and yogurt don’t interest me. Can someone please give Vusi a varamklap, maybe he’ll start behaving. No question and doubt about her beauty, ao shame uyababazela mtwana, but can someone please Chichirize Chichi and give a vava-voom?

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ANLFA Chairperson Maisha Molepo KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA

Zingawe Phakathi (in Green) and Asa Rabalao (in Red). KGADI JOHANNA LAMOLA


he U20 player Zingawe Phakathe of The United Ladies F.C. has been selected to play for Banyana Banyana. She is currently at a camp in South Gate, Naturena where the squad is preparing for their match against Botswana on Saturday, 27 October 2013. “I was overwhelmed to be selected for the squad. I feel great to be part of the national team,” said Phakathi. The Ladies Club Coach, Malvin Trynos Khumalo said the Banyana squad will leave for Botswana during the week, and that Zingawe will still play for Ladies

Club. Phakathi was selected during the U20 Sasol SAFA Joburg Region Tournament that was held recently in Mayfair after defeating the Soweto Ladies F.C. 2-0. During the tournament, Zingawe Phakathi, Thandeka Zulu and Asa Rabalao were earmarked for Banyana Banyana, and only Phakathe was confirmed to join the squad. Also playing in this tournament on that day, was the eleven teams of the Alexandra Northrand Local Football Association (ANLFA) U19 boys and girls. Khumalo said: “It was a mission for them to

be where they are today. We trained hard and never took advantage of any of our opposition. I think our advantage in winning the tournament is that we used to challenge boys in most of our friendly games, and this has given our players confidence and strength to face difficult situations without fear.” He said the finals were a difficult game because both teams were aiming for the championship position. “It was disheartening after the game as the Soweto Ladies were shedding tears of disappointment of being mercilessly beaten while my team was crying tears of joys over their victory. We have walked away

with a big floating trophy and the small one for our keep. Thanks to Sasol the prime sponsor that also gave us a platform to expose our talents nationally.” However, ANLFA Technical Director Mxolisi Mngomezulu said: “The U19 boys have lost in the semifinals against Eldos 2-0, but with our technical year plan, we are to strengthen our training to be crowned the champions in next year’s tournament.” The U10 & 12 Boys & Girls will play for The Inter LFA Tournament on 26 October 2013 in Eldorado.

The South African Football Association (SAFA) has taken a resolution to join together the Alexandra Football Association and the Northrand Local Football Association to form the new Association to be named Alexandra and Northrand Local Football Association (ANLFA), which comprises of 12 Local Football Associations, affiliated to the SAFA Johannesburg Region. “Northrand and Alexandra were merged in 2006 and the new executive was elected. As such, all the ANLFA affiliated teams had to play together, but since 2007, we never played a single game, but we only have meetings,” said the ANLFA Chairperson Maisha Molepo. Molepo said that in their meetings held jointly with SAFA Johannesburg Region officials, they discussed that Northrand should stop its cross border league, using players that are playing in both Alexandra and Northrand games. “We are calling upon parents to know where their children belong in terms of playing soccer, and the whole process of registration. We at Alexandra, have eleven affiliated soccer clubs, and an affiliation fees of R250 for each junior soccer team and R2000 for individual

soccer teams to be paid every year while R20 for the identity card is paid by each player and will lapse after three years for junior soccer players while junior players are renewing theirs every year,” said Molepo. Molepo said the juniors’ affiliation fee is higher due to the prestigious prize categories they are given out every year end for the regional promotional league competitions while the rest of the money goes to the administration. “We have transport problems because we don’t have money to ferry our players for the away games nor food to cater for them,” said Molepo. However, Northrand Chairperson Jorge Patricio agreed to Alex Pioneer that they do have meetings but never played together, adding: “The matter is still under discussion as to how everybody can be incorporated to be in the Region and our challenge of not playing together to date it’s transport problems.” Patricio said he is not at liberty to disclose the process of administration including the affiliation fees. “The matter can only be responded to by the board.”

Alex pioneer 22 10 2013  
Alex pioneer 22 10 2013  

Alex pioneer 22 10 2013