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June, 2007

Rob goes the distance!

North-East District Manager Rob Ouimet meets unique challenges in big territory.


fter eight years as Retailer at Site 230 in Lively, Rob Ouimet was ready to move on to bigger challenges. Last year he got his wish – in a big way!

In May of 2006 Rob became District Manager of Pioneer’s sprawling North-East Esso RBD District, geographically the most extensive in Pioneer’s network. Rob’s territory includes 24 total sites including two Pioneer-owned sites in Timmins, two Esso-owned sites and 20 Esso dealer sites.

“This mix means a wide variety in our operations,” adds Rob. “We’re busy, and getting even busier. Right now we’re converting an Esso-branded dealer site in Hearst to a Pioneerowned Esso site. A Pizza Pizza and Mr. Sub location are part of that purchase, so it’s a major transition.

“In Lively, I used to live only 15 minutes from my site.” says Rob. “Covering these distances is a totally different experience, but I enjoy the challenges of what I’m doing now.” “I’m on the road much of the time visiting my Retailers,” he says. “This is a unique territory, because I’m dealing with both dealers and company-owned sites. Its sheer size is also challenging, so time management is critical. It’s a 4.5 hour drive to Site 251 in Kapuskasing from my home office, and to Hearst it’ll be 5.5 hours.”

Rob helps to bridge those distances by encouraging good communication among his team of Retailers and by stressing success, he says. “I encourage Retailers to make their sites as good as they can be. I want to make sure my team stays successful, and that issues are addressed openly. A key area I focus on is ensuring my people are reaching their targets. If they’re happy they’ll stay and work hard – and we all prosper. It all depends on solid communication,” Rob notes.

North-East DM Rob Ouimet keeps his huge District running smoothly by focusing on time management and Retailer self-sufficiency. We caught Rob (centre) with Timmins Retailers Brigitte St-Aubin (l) of Pioneer Snack Express Site 197 and Tome Rowe (r) of Pioneer Site 227 and Esso-branded Site 248.

Rob recently implemented a unique initiative to help his far-flung sites operate more self-sufficiently. “I’ve set up training called a ‘Site Operator’s Course’,” he notes. “It gives Retailers the tools to be more independent with maintenance such as nozzle and filter replacement for pumps and inventory management for these replacement parts. The time it takes for simple repairs is long and costly. Having to wait days or sometimes up to a week to replace a nozzle/filter at the busiest pumps is an inconvenience to everyone. This should be a major savings for my sites and the company because of the distances involved up here for service.”

Cold drinks everywhere ... and not a drop to spare! Beverages, Beverages, Beverages!!! That’s the hot category that’ll let your customers keep cool this summer, says Senior Category Manager Adeline Finlay. Exterior displays should include 12-pack Montclair bottled water and both Coke and Pepsi products to ensure these key items can’t be missed, says Adeline. Full, clean displays and proper price points will entice summer sales. Keeping ice merchandisers full is also critical in these warm months. “Ice is the cornerstone of convenience,” she adds. “Demand will be high, so let’s all be ready to meet it.”

Also on the outside, summer travelers will be looking for windshield washer fluid and barbeque enthusiasts will be headed to your site for propane refills, so extra attention should go to those areas. Inside, ice cream products are a guaranteed summer hit. “Make sure both top and bottom baskets are filled to capacity to keep this high-demand product front and centre,” Adeline stresses.

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June, 2007

The energy-efficient site New system offers precise control and smart options for cutting energy consumption.


s a gasoline retailer, Pioneer Petroleums is in the energy business. We know that energy conservation is top-of-mind with many of our customers, but did you know that it’s also becoming a strong area of focus in site operations?

“Conserving energy where we can at our sites is becoming ever-more important,” says Bob Reid, Pioneer’s Manager of Development and Construction. “The more precise control we have over our own energy consumption, the more we can control costs. Even with current industry-standard systems, there’s still a lot of room for improvement, and that’s what we’re focused on. Smart energy management means we can reduce costs and cut waste. A ‘greener’ site is better for the customer, our Retailers and the company,” Bob adds. At the forefront of Pioneer’s energy conservation strategy is a new control system being installed at all new site builds, Bob says. The heart of this system is a state-of-the-art energy demand management panel offering control of all exterior lights and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) services at a site. The system is controlled at the site, with the capability of being monitored remotely via the Internet.

Left: the electronic heart of Pioneer’s new energy management control panel. Better control will mean an end to canopy lights on during a bright day, as shown above.

lights can be set up and turned on/off in zones to match conditions in short periods.

HVAC controls can also be pre-set with this new system, replacing thermostats with temperature probes in the store area to allow more effective flow of air. “We can’t control the price of the energy we use,” says Bob “… but we now have much better control over how much we consume.”

Canopy lighting is a key area managed by the system. Outside photocell sensors are linked to automatic controls that allow lighting to adjust to outside conditions. Bob says that canopy lighting can be adjusted manually during times such as very grey days, but after a short time the system reverts to its pre-programmed status. This means an end to the situation we’ve all seen where canopy lights are on during the middle of a bright and sunny day! The system also allows intelligent ‘staging’ of canopy lighting – where

“Because of the complexity of some of our sites, we’ve chosen ten sites to install a smaller lighting-only version of this system to evaluate savings,” says Bob. “We’ve just started the first system, and we’re seeing significant initial energy savings already. Down the road, all new sites will be built with this system.” Bob adds that as these new energy management systems are more fully tested, control will also be added to car wash heating and lighting. “We’re going to take our car wash conservation strategy even further,” notes Bob. “All newer washes being built to offer the option of using reclaimed water in the future. If utility rates dictate the need for this down the road, we’ll be fully prepared.”

EBB contests encourage repeat visits! There’s never been a better time for your customers to register their Bonus Bucks Card and use it with every purchase!

Registered EBB customers get to participate in exciting contests like the past ‘Italo’s Ultimate Fishing Adventure’ contest or the current ‘Dream BBQ Giveaway’ contest. In the Dream BBQ Giveaway contest, every time they use their registered Card (with eligible purchase) they are entered to win one of seven incredible prize packages with the Grand Prize being a chance to view the live taping of QScene BBQ TV and have lunch with host Murray Lloyd, plus they win a 30” stainless steel BBQ from Crown Verity. Contest runs until August 23, 2007.

Remember to encourage your customers to register their Bonus Bucks Card and use it every time they visit to increase their odds of winning in this hot summer contest!

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June, 2007

2007 another record-setting fundraising year for Pioneer


ioneer’s annual Give What You Can Campaign – part of our ongoing Ontario Children’s Hospitals Initiative – raised an incredible $90,000 this year for the five Ontario Children’s Hospitals, paid through the Pioneer Petroleums Children’s Foundation. Seven sites raised over $3,000 each! In early May, District Managers presented

event included a sidewalk sale. WOW! An absolutely outstanding second year thanks to you and your crew of volunteers, Nemi!

At the 15th annual McMaster Children’s Hospital Celebration, broadcast live by CH Television on May 5 and 6, 2007, Pioneer Petroleums was recognized for a total contribution of $50,815.25 to

Pioneer’s Cheryl Martini (centre) and Standard Radio personalities Mike Nabuurs (l) and John Biggs (r) applaud Pioneer’s record contribution at this year’s McMaster Children’s Hospital Celebration.

congratulatory plaques to all who participated in the March 21 to April 8, 2007 campaign. Thank you for your efforts! Minden Site 242 Snack Express Retailer Niyamet “Nemi” Gowani and her dedicated team deserve a special congratulation again this year, raising nearly $4,100 with Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital as beneficiary during her site’s second annual Customer Appreciation Days. The April 28 and 29, 2007 Minden Site 242 Retailer Nemi Gowani (far left), her team of volunteers and DM Ray Angrove (centre rear) take a well-deserved break during their site’s second annual Customer Appreciation Days, held this April to raise funds as part of Pioneer’s Give What You Can Campaign. This year Nemi and crew raised nearly $4,100.00!

McMaster Children’s Hospital – another record effort from our company! Many thanks go to Kristine Beaupré, VP Administration for The Pioneer Group Inc. and Cheryl Martini, Pioneer Head Office Price Book Coordinator, for volunteering their time to represent Pioneer at the Celebration. Pioneer has proudly contributed over $750,000 to Ontario Children’s Hospitals since 1985.

Hockey Night in



helma Moore, eighteen-year veteran Pioneer Head Office Accounts Receivable Department, recently sent us this unforgettable photo! Thelma’s son, Corporal Andy Moore (far right in Senators jersey) is shown with his Canadian Forces compatriots in Kandahar this spring when the Stanley Cup made a very special appearance in Afghanistan.

The event was a special edition of CBC’s Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry and Ron MacLean between the first and second periods of game 5 between the Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils. General Rick Hillier, Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff, was interviewed live from Kandahar for the show. Andy and other soldiers were treated to the show and to a floor hockey game in 45° C temperatures! Andy has been serving in Afghanistan since February of this year, coming home for a brief leave before returning to Afghanistan until mid-August.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme Kenyan expedition


n July 1, 2007 a group of Southwestern Ontario high school students, recent grads and Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme leaders will depart for Kenya, East Africa on a month-long expedition to include an ascent of Mount Kenya. Pioneer is proud to support the group financially through our Bonus Bucks program, the contribution of Pioneer lunch packs for Kenyan children and a Pioneer flag for the group to carry to the top of Mount Kenya. Watch the ExPress for updates!

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June, 2007

Post this page for your team!

Nadine commended for her actions! Site 107 Retailer takes control in serious situation at the pumps


er official commendation from Police Constable Doug Hall of Hamilton Police Service says it all. Nadine acted without hesitation when a serious accident occurred at her site On the afternoon of April 3, things were running smoothly for Ancaster Retailer Nadine House at Pioneer-owned Sunoco Site 107 … but everything changed in the blink of an eye. An elderly man – who was also a regular customer at Nadine’s site – got into his pick up truck parked at an adjacent business and reversed out of his parking spot. The police commendation notes that:

“… without warning (he) suffered a serious medical emergency causing him to loose control of his vehicle. The vehicle continued in reverse and collided with a parked horse trailer being drawn by another pick up truck which had stopped and was refueling at the gas pumps on the Sunoco lot. Without hesitation, Miss House responded to the situation. As you can imagine it was a rather traumatic scene with ambulance and fire personnel working to save this gentleman’s life on the Sunoco parking lot. Miss House

remained calm and took control of the gentleman’s pick up truck which was still in reverse and lodged against the horse trailer. She then drove the pick up a short distance and parked it in a safe spot in order to prevent any further problems with the vehicle. If that wasn’t enough, Miss House on her own initiative, checked her security system and was able to provide the investigators with a digital recording depicting the entire incident. It was obvious to me that Miss House was very familiar and competent with the intricate workings of the security system. Through different cameras and views, she actually pieced the entire event together. She was also able to provide information on others who may have witnessed the event. To say the least, I was very impressed with all that Miss House did, how she handled herself and what an excellent witness she was. You should be very proud of this Retailer.” We certainly are, Nadine! Your quick, confident efforts and control of the situation are something we can all learn from. Well done!

Ancaster Pioneer-owned Sunoco Site 107 Retailer Nadine House took control of a sudden emergency situation at this pump on April 3, 2007. This ten-year Retailer earned a written commendation from Hamilton Police Service. “Both drivers involved were regular customers,” Nadine says. “We look out for our customers every day because safety is important. When the accident happened, I just tried to do everything I could to help make a difficult situation better. It’s just part of what we do.”

Yvon Mayrand honoured at “semi-retirement” luncheon


n his forty-second year with Pioneer Petroleums, Yvon Mayrand has finally decided to retire ... sort of! Pioneer’s long-serving Director, Risk and Facilities Management was honoured with a special luncheon at Burlington’s Tucker’s Marketplace Restaurant on Tuesday, June 12, 2007. Nearly 50 of Yvon’s friends and co-workers from Pioneer’s extended family were on-hand to reminisce, share a lot of laughs and to wish Yvon well, including Founder and Chairman Murray Hogarth and President/CEO Tim Hogarth. Yvon is not fully retired yet! He will remain with Pioneer in a somewhat less-formal capacity.

June 12 was an unforgettable day for Yvon Mayrand and his wife Betty.

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Cold drinks everywhere ... and not a drop to spare! June, 2007 North-East District Manager Rob Ouimet meets unique challenges in big territo...