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The Magazine of the Masonic Province of West Kent

March 2013

W Bro Johnny’s ‘Masterchef’ Girl Keri Finds The Recipe For Fame


ODAY, attractive Keri Moss has soared to becoming one of Britain’s best-known chefs. And she thanks her parents – father W Bro “Johnny” Moss, and mother, Jenny – for inspiring her to achieve a dazzling joint win recently in TV’s “MasterChef: The Professionals”.

part in a gruelling four-week competition. Her last task was to prepare a three-course meal for judges Gregg Wallace and Michel Roux Jr. The judges declared the contest a tie between Keri and 21-year-old Anton Piotrowski. Roux declared: “It was just impossible to split them. Their talents have matched, plate for plate, for the past several challenges. It was truly impossible to award one the title over the other.” Wallace added: “I don’t know what magic is running through Keri’s fingertips, I don’t know who poured the passion into her soul, but you can feel it and you can taste it on dish after dish.” But Keri easily explained the magic: “My journey into food started with my parents. It was about getting quality time with them, as there are five of us. So, to spend time with Dad, we would go on the allotment with him. “As for Mum, she is a wonderful cook. So we’d all try to do some baking with her. Our reward was to lick the mixing bowl or wooden spoon. My love of cooking desserts comes from Mum. She blew me away. “I still, even now, go to the allotment with my dad when I can. As for Mum’s baking, there is always a cake or something that she’s made, ready to eat when anyone visits.” Keri went on: “From the age of 13 or 14, I knew what I wanted to do. There isn’t anything I don’t like about my job. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. My dream is to have a cookery school. “I would also love to have a few restaurants, with a really relaxed theme and great food in a modern British style. We have some fantastic produce out there, which I’ve grown up with. I think this should be used more. “Who knows what the future has in store. Now is the time to start working on achieving some of my ambitions. It’s very exciting.”

Keri with proud Mum & Dad Johnny and Jenny Moss

Even today, 41-year-old Keri goes with her father to help on his allotment where, as a little girl, she first fell in love with his crisp, fresh produce. And she looks back fondly on the days when the whole Moss family – Keri and her two brothers and two sisters - gathered round Jenny in the kitchen at their home in Erith while their mother was baking – competing to lick the spoon or mixing bowl. “I did the same,” chuckled Johnny. “Since then, Keri has worked so hard. She has cooked for some of the most famous people in the world. But she no longer does it for Jenny and me. I don’t think we can pay her enough money!” Johnny is Worshipful Master of North Kent Lodge 2499 and a Past Master of St. Paulinus Lodge 7992. He and Jenny told me from their home in Erith: “Yes, we’re very proud of Keri. Being the joint winner of MasterChef: The Professionals is a great honour.” On the BBC 2 TV programme Keri, a freelance event caterer from Nunhead, took

Frank Durham Success breeds Success! See Page 2 for details of Keri’s new job Contents List - Page 2

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Masonic Miscellany More Success for Keri Moss

Provincial Quiz

UST as the finishing touches were being put to the article about her on Page 1, Keri Moss was making the news again, with the announcement that she had been appointed Head Chef at Selfridges restaurant! Keri is to take charge of the new Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar on the second floor of the London department store. Given that one of Keri’s ambitions is to have several restaurants, this is a major step towards that, and comes only three months after he success in “MasterChef: The Professionals”. Keri’s menu plans for the Corner Restaurant include monthly changes to adapt to the seasonal produce available and to include some of the signature dishes which brought her success, including mackerel tartare with crisp poached quails eggs, apple and pancetta wafers, as well as goats’ cheese parfait served with blackberry purée, pear salad and candied quinoa*. Mum and Dad Johnny & Jenny have even more cause to be proud of their very talented daughter.

UIZMASTER Stephen Hall and his hardworking team of volunteers put 33 teams through their paces at the Annual Provincial Quiz at Oakley House. Ten rounds, each of ten questions, were received with varying degrees of delight: team scores on individual rounds ranging from ‘nul points’ to a scholarly 10 points. As ever, the ‘topics’ for the rounds proved a little tricky to decipher, and choosing the correct round to play the ‘Joker’ (for double points) was a significant factor in the final results. The Olympic Legacy seems to be fading, with ‘2012 Olympics’ being the most difficult round apart from ‘The Military’. In contrast, the easiest rounds were ‘Pictures’ and ‘The Body’. Everyone went home happy, many discussing how many more points they would have scored if only they hadn’t “changed their mind”, or had “listened to so-and-so”! Happiest of all must have been the top three teams, who were:



* To save all the non-foodies an Internet search, quinoa is a species of goosefoot (Chenopodium), and is a grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds.


John Roan School 5085


Justin Lodge 5338 “C”


The Cross in Hand Bickley 7060

Congratulations to all three! In this issue: Masterchef Success .....................................1 Provincial Quiz ............................................2 2015 Festival Update ...................................3 Association of Friends, Chislehurst .................4 Royal Arch News .........................................5 Thanksgiving Service ...............................5 Companions Moving On ............................6 Royal Arch Bicentenary ............................7 Sevenoaks Centre CoI..............................7 Masonic Miscellany ......................................8 The Way Forward ....................................8 What is that Red Apron?............................. 10 Freemasonry in the Community .................. 11 10 Years of TLC ..................................... 11 Congratulations!........................................ 13 Freemasons’ Grand Charity Reports ............. 14 Centre News ............................................. 15 In Memoriam - Simon Waley....................... 16 Passed to Higher Service ............................ 16 Masonic Sports Association ......................... 17 More Masonic Miscellany ............................ 18 Privacy Policy ............................................ 18

Perhaps the best news of the night was that a further £1,350 was raised towards the 2015 Festival. The Quiz was ‘historic’ in that the main result was announced via the Provincial Twitter feed, the first ‘tweet’ since the account was set up. Whilst it is not expected to be used with great frequency, and only for Provincial messages, the Province of West Kent feed, should you wish to ’follow’ it, is: @PGLWestKent

The establishment of a Twitter feed will no doubt generate one or two questions about Facebook. The answer to the likely first if those questions is that it is being considered and that any progress will be reported through the usual channels!

The deadline for Issue 5 of West Kent News On-Line is Friday 31st May 2013.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


2015 Festival At 22nd March 2013, which was the qualifying date for the Craft ‘Roll of Honour’ 2013, the total for the 2015 Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund stood at £1,708,681 of which £178,295 had been donated by Chapters and £130,774 had been donated by other Masonic Orders. Included in the above amount is £194,979 in reclaimed tax on ‘Gift Aided’ donations and £66,572 in notional interest. Donations continue at a steady rate and the PGM’s message to increase effort now to ensure we remain ahead of target in 2013/14 with a comfortable run to the finish line in 2015 has been acknowledged and understood.

A message from the Chairman, Provincial Charity Committee I am hoping that this year will see a major move towards fulfilling our obligation to the 2015 Festival, so that we may enjoy the remaining time consolidating and working towards the climax and celebration of our efforts. Following the PGM’s/MEGS’ article in the last WK News On-Line I felt that some of the main points do warrant repeating here:

• Many Lodges and Chapters have not made a

Thank you for your continuing support.

Philip May Provincial Grand Charity Steward

The following graphic analyses of the figures were produced by George Buckberry, based on the figures at the end of February.

Donations History:

• •

Monthly Increase:

reasonable start towards their contributions to the Festival yet! Time is passing with not a lot more than two years to go. Monies in the FGC Relief Chests, if designated for the MSF, should be transferred to the MSF with out due delay. [This provides a better rate of interest and allows the MSF to distribute it now for all our benefit.] The use of MSF Gift Aid envelopes allows rapid transfer straight to the fund, as well as uplifting the contribution with tax relief through gift aid. [For the few who do not pay income tax then they don’t have to use it, but if it is not put out then no one can use it!] All centres have a supply. It is not too late to take out a bankers order to pay monthly into the Festival; you hardly notice it and it all adds up. Giving to other Charities, both Masonic and non-Masonic, is admirable and is not discouraged. But our obligation to the MSF must be fulfilled first. The Provincial Charity Committee supports many local Charities both with minor and major grants from the Provincial Benevolent fund. Do consider making an application to support your favourite charities. We sometimes feel we don’t get enough applications! For details, contact: It only takes a contribution of around £1.00 per week per member of the Province over the six years to reach our goal. If every Lodge and Chapter reached an Emerald Award (£400.00 per member for a Lodge and £100.00 a member for a Chapter) then we would have covered our target of £2.25M. If you need help or guidance there is a Charity Liaison Officer that each Lodge and continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


2015 Festival 7 p.m. on 10th April 2013 at Dartford Masonic Centre and hear the Chief Executive of the MSF, Richard Douglas and other speakers, talk about the work of the Masonic Charities. Many of you have given an amazing amount; indeed some of the smallest Lodges and Chapters in numbers of members have won awards, and the Provincial Executive is so very grateful. Since this initiative, to make us all aware of the present level of giving to the Festival, many have made some major contributions. This has been warmly received by the executive and the MSF. Let us all try to achieve that same level and hold our heads up and say we have given freely in the name of Masonic Charity.

A message from the Chairman, Provincial Charity Committee continued from previous page Chapter can call on. Indeed he may be contacting your Lodge or Chapter in the near future. Details can be obtained from the Provincial website: Charity Liaison Officers

• I would request in the strongest possible terms that all Charity Steward’s reports, at their meetings, include an update of the giving of their Lodge or Chapter towards the Festival, as well as how much is in your FGC relief chest. He should also talk about the plans to gain an award and any functions by the Lodge/Chapter, or the Province, to support the MSF. This is far more important that a report on the total in the Festival to date!

Other events to support: • Golden Mile, 21st April 2013




• Charity Lunch, Friends of Kent Lodge 9485, May 2013 • Go Kart Grand Prix – Buckmore Park, cost £220 per team - 5th June 2013

The MSF has awarded more than £500,000.00 to our Province over the last five years. Let’s make sure that we raise the funds so that they may continue with this giving. Even when we reach our target of £2.25M this will not be enough to cover the past and future giving by the MSF to our Province! The MSF is supporting our Brethren, their dependants and Widows. Come along to the ‘Way Forward’ meeting at

• Raft Race – Greenhithe - 7th September 2013 • A Cheese and Wine Tasting – October 2013 [tbc] Douglas Hughes APGM, P2ndPrGPrin Provincial Charity Committee

Association of Friends, Chislehurst AS you might expect, Father Christmas called at the Prince George, Duke of Kent Court, our Masonic home at Chislehurst, with Christmas presents for all the residents. This annual event is just one of many which

are arranged by the hard working committee members of the "Association of Friends".

Committee Members Barrie and Jean Evans welcome a special visitor ...

… who went on to distribute Christmas presents to all the happy residents!

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


the Executive put in to try and get this right. Companions, I am keeping this message short because I do not want to dilute the amazing news that this article brings. Thank you all, and best wishes for 2013; if it ends the way it has started it will certainly be a good one. Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

Provincial Service of Thanksgiving Rochester Cathedral, 12th May Once again this year the Freemasons of West Kent, together with their families and friends, have been invited to attend the Evensong Service in Rochester Cathedral on Sunday 12th May 2013 at 3:15 p.m. This is a wonderful Choral Evensong with the Cathedral choir and organist and this year we are delighted that the new Dean of the Cathedral, The Rt. Reverend Dr Mark Beach, has agreed to present the talk. The RW Provincial Grand Master has always received excellent support for this occasion with the Province attending in ever increasing numbers and he looks forward to welcoming as many of you as possible this year. The RW Provincial Grand Master will be hosting a drinks reception and luncheon at the Corn Exchange, Rochester before the service for members of the Province and their partners/ guests. This will start at 12.00pm for 12.45pm and all attending will have reserved seating in the cathedral. The cost will be £37.50 per head and numbers will be limited so please book as early as possible. Booking forms, which give the full menu, can be obtained from your Secretary/Scribe E or from the Provincial website:

Companions, I have just one word to express my feelings at your response to my article in the December edition of WK News: WOW! I asked for a positive response to our 2015 Festival and the latest figures I have show that since December the Chapters have added £21,000.00 to the fund. Congratulations and thanks to you all. Of course there are still some Chapters that have not yet met this year and I hope that following their meetings they too will add to this momentum. In the middle of this appeal we were asked to support the Royal College of Surgeons; we asked each RA Mason in the Province to contribute a minimum of £10.00. We have in the region of 1,900 Companions and the appeal has now closed in the Province, but our total donation is in the region of £30,000 - incredible. Companions, a massive thank you, but the job is not finished yet, so keep up the good work. At our October Meeting I want to see the Grand Superintendent’s wrist muscles start to twitch when he has to shake the hand of 75 Charity Stewards each receiving their Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond Awards. I must now turn my attention to this year’s Provincial RA Honours and I trust that, following the excellent seminar in February you are all better acquainted with the amount of work that

Service of Thanksgiving This is an excellent opportunity to show the public face of Freemasonry as well as the chance to attend a truly excellent Cathedral service.

Brian Saunders 3rd Provincial Grand Principal

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Now is the time to think about joining a Past First Principals' Chapter, where all of the members are, like yourself, Past First Principals' of their various Chapters. Most meet three times in a year just like your own Chapter. Their only real ceremony is the yearly Installation and of course this will consist of three inductions. As for the other two meetings these will generally consist of listening to an interesting speaker, talking on various subjects. The format is the same in each of the three Past Principals' Chapters in the Province which are:

Companions Moving On

The West Kent First Principals' Chapter which meets at Bromley. The North Kent First Principals' Chapter which meets at Dartford. The Anderida First Principals' Chapter which meets at Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Wrotham in turn. The Companionship experienced in a Past First Principals' Chapter is unique. All Companions here are equal in ability with nothing to prove. All attend for the pleasure each Companion gains from the company of their peers, and few would be willing to part with their membership, having experienced the pleasure of belonging to such a Chapter. Why would you not want to be a part of that?

Companions, When we become Freemasons a neverending world of expectations stretches out before us, and for many this is a lifelong and never-ending journey.

Doug Rainbird 2nd Provincial Grand Principal

The excitement of being appointed a Steward in our Mother Lodge, and the marking of our progression on the path to the chair of Worshipful Master, is our first expectation achieved. Sometime in the future now we will consider becoming a member of the Holy Royal Arch Chapter, more expectation, more satisfaction and much more knowledge to gain. Another procession now to join, and this time ending in the exalted position of First Principal of a Chapter. Is this the end? Of course not. Now in a position to help your Lodge because of the knowledge you have gained, you have become an important member. So will it be with your Chapter because your masonic education is complete, and although you might be in demand on the odd occasion, if your Chapter is reasonably successful that might not be often, so now you might look for something more in which to be involved.

Should you wish to contact any of the three Chapters, the Scribes E are as follows: West Kent First Principals’ 5778 Fred Halligan North Kent First Principals’ 9062 Alan Wondzinski Anderida First Principals’ 8593 Mike Wheal Details of the meeting dates of these three Chapters can be found via the Provincial Website: List of Chapters

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


am sure will be a memorable occasion with the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral speaking. More details will be advised in due course.

The Royal Arch Masonry 2013 Bicentenary

Brian Saunders 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Further dates for your dairy can always be found on the Provincial Website: Provincial Diary To ensure you are kept up to date with events, make sure your are registered to receive eFlashes and eBulletins.

Lodge Royal Arch Representatives Brethren, it is now six years since the role of Lodge Royal Arch Representative was established and we have not really had sufficient “feedback“ to be able to assess the success of this initiative. The PGM has therefore asked the RA Support Team to form a working party to carry out a survey. Each Lodge will be contacted at first via its Secretary, and then the RA Representative himself, by a member of the working party. He will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire. I therefore request your full support in this objective.

The Province of East Kent has arranged a Service of Celebration for the Royal Arch Masonry 2013 Bicentenary at Canterbury Cathedral on Saturday 21st September 2013. Freemasons from adjoining Provinces are invited to attend and it is hoped that The Province of West Kent is well represented.

Many thanks Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

This early notice is being given so that the date can be put in your diary to attend what I

one meeting this season:

Sevenoaks Centre Chapter of Improvement

Wed 24th April at 8:00 p.m.

The Sevenoaks Centre ‘Chapter of Improvement’ is going from strength and proving popular with Companions from a number of Chapters. Started in October 2012 at the instigation of E Comp Brian Saunders, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, attendances have been so encouraging that dates have now been set for the 2013 - 14 ‘season’. Full details of the meeting will be published in good time for you to attend, but there is still

The meeting is open to all Companions, regardless of which ‘workings’ they are used to. To book a place, contact Brian by email: Brian Saunders If any other Centre is interested in setting up something similar, Brian will be pleased to offer advice on how best to go about it; it’s ideal for those Chapters who don’t have their own Chapter of Improvement.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Masonic Miscellany approach to Honours in the Royal Arch. Bob explained that, in the past, there had been some anomalies with appointments and promotions but, after extensive checks, these had all now been sorted out and the Royal Arch was fully up to date and improved systems would prevent similar omissions in the future. He also issued a request for information on anybody who might feel they had been overlooked. After these three talks, the floor was opened up for questions and a lively debate ensued with nobody appearing keen to leave. APGM Ian Walker finally drew proceedings to an end at 9:30 p.m., thanking the staff at Wrotham for their help, and the attendees for making the evening such an interesting and successful event. Although the night was drawing in, many of the audience lingered on to talk to the Executive; one of the very last to leave being the Provincial Grand Master. The next Way Forward event will be about Charity at Dartford on April 10th where family and friends will be welcomed. Detailed information will be provided through the usual channels. Extracts from the talks will soon be available on the Provincial website under the Way Forward link.

The Way Forward Provincial Office & Promotions


HE Masonic Hall, Wrotham was the venue for the Way Forward event entitled “The Provincial Office and the Honours System” on February 12th. The attendance on this chilly February evening exceeded expectations with the hall being filled to capacity. Among those taking the time to come along were many first-time visitors to both Wrotham and to a Way Forward presentation with the Executive turning out in force to chat to the audience and answer their questions. After the very welcome tea, coffee and biscuits provided by Brian and Barbara Cuthbertson, the evening commenced with a talk from our Provincial Grand Secretary, Ted Smith. Among the subjects covered by Ted were: the move to an almost paperless office; a more business-like approach in the office; cutting costs (the on-line production of the West Kent News being an excellent example) and the support provided to private Lodges and also to the Executive. The rapt attention to his talk exemplified the interest from the assembled throng. Ted also stressed his gratitude to the volunteers who help out in the office and he issued an invitation to anybody interested in volunteering to contact him or his assistant, Tony Whiting. This was followed by a presentation from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Chris Roberts, on the Honours System. As might be expected, this provoked many questions, all of which were answered to the satisfaction of the question setters. Everybody seemed impressed with the depth of research undertaken by the Executive and their assistants into the background of those being considered for preferment. Following Chris, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Bob King, explained the similarities, and differences, between the

PIO’s Postbag Tracing Relatives


DON’T know if it is because I am the Provincial Information Officer, and thus might be the logical person to start with, or if it is simply that my email address is at the top of the list of Contacts on our Provincial website: Whatever the reason, I do get contacted by a lot of people, including non-Masons trying to trace the ‘Masonic connections’ of a relative. I can sometimes trace the person in question and will then pass on a request for further information to the current Secretary or Scribe E of the appropriate Lodge or Chapter. However, it is often the case that current records don’t go back far enough for us to be able to help. In such cases, it is time to ‘call in the cavalry’ in the shape of the Library and Museum at Freemasons Hall, where a ‘Family History’ service is available, often free of charge. The Library and Museum website can be continued on next page (column 2)

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Masonic Miscellany A Family Affair At Welling AT the November meeting of our Lodge, East Wickham 7308, we had the pleasure of having W Bro Ian Walker, APGM and W Bro Peter Rubie -Todd as our guests. I had the great joy of Passing my grandson Gavin Cutler to the rank of a Fellowcraft. My son, WM Paul Cutler, stepped down to allow me to do this; he himself presenting the working tools, and Gavin’s brother Joseph, being the Senior Deacon, also took part in the ceremony. Photo (l - r) - W Bros Alan Cutler & Ian Walker APGM, Bro Pictured are (l - r) E Comps Michael Page, James Marsh, John Rothery (2nd Principal), James Ashmore (MEZ), Martyn Dawson (3rd Principal) and Lawrence Hawney (IPZ).

On 5th June 2013 the Chapter celebrates its 225th Anniversary and a special programme is planned for that meeting. It is sure to be a bumper occasion for the oldest Chapter in the Province and will attract many visiting Companions, so book early to avoid disappointment. E Comp James Marsh has already signalled his intention to be there, diary permitting, so the Chapter must be doing something right. The new MEZ is also in the Chair of Union Waterloo Lodge this year, which keeps him off the streets and out of mischief!

Gavin Cutler, W Bros Paul Cutler, Joe Cutler and Peter Rubie -Todd.

As someone remarked, this truly was a “family affair”. Having three generations of the same family involved in a ceremony, and four members in the same Lodge, must be unusual, if not unique.

Michael Warner 1st Assistant Sojourner

PIO’s Postbag Tracing Relatives

Alan Cutler Assistant Director of Ceremonies

continued from previous page

A Happy Waterloo at Dartford

found at: Library & Museum


T was a very happy occasion at Union Waterloo Chapter 13 (founded 1788) on 27th February 2013 at Dartford when the Principals were installed. E Comp James John Marsh, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, represented the Province, accompanied by E Comp Michael Page, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Their congenial and relaxed presence was the icing on the cake in a wellattended meeting, with 38 Companions sitting down to dine.

The site contains a downloadable information sheet about ‘Freemasonry, Family and Local History’. Requests for a search can be completed online. If only the name of the person being sought is known, there is a charge of £30 for the search (£15 for members of UGLE). There is no charge if the Number and/or Name of the Lodge to which the person belonged is known. Mike Wheal, Provincial Information Officer

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


What is that Red Apron? What is that Red Apron? No doubt many of you have asked that question to yourself at one time or another. They are worn by the Provincial Grand Stewards of this and many other Provinces. The rank of Provincial Steward has been around for many years as the most junior active rank. In the late 1930s the then Provincial Grand Master of Kent, Lord Cornwallis, reappraised the rank and recommended that the Provincial Stewards of Kent should form themselves into a Lodge. He envisaged a band of enthusiastic and dedicated young Freemasons who would, by reason of their ability and Masonic track record, prove to be active servants of their Province. They would be Brethren likely to progress further within our organisation and, in all probability, be those suited to active rank when the time came to consider them for higher Provincial rank. The Lodge was eventually consecrated in 1943; delayed due to it being wartime. Then in 1974, when the Province of Kent was split in two, the current West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 8565 was formed in 1974.

So you ask how can I get a Red Apron? Well, Lord Cornwallis’s original statement still stands, i.e. you need to be seen to be an enthusiastic and dedicated Freemason. How will anyone outside my Lodge see these attributes? The Provincial Representative when he visits your Lodge once a year will ask your Secretary to suggest to him anyone worthy of consideration for the future. The Provincial Grand Master, his Deputy, and Assistants, will also have an eye out for potential Stewards of the future whilst they are making their many official visits to Lodges in the Province. What do Stewards actually do? Once appointed, the new Steward is invited to join the Lodge which meets at Oakley House, Bromley, three times a year on a Saturday morning. The Lodge carries out many functions, the main one being to assist the Provincial Secretary and Director of Ceremonies at the Provincial Grand Lodge Annual Festival at Great Queen Street, London. The duties carried out by the Stewards at this meeting are varied: from looking after the cloakroom, making sure all attending Brethren have signed the attendance register, ushering them to a seat or just helping with general enquiries or directions. The Provincial Steward will also be called on to assist when necessary at other events such as the Provincial Officers Mess, Annual Church Service, etc., as well as events co-ordinated by the Special Events Team. What happens at a Stewards Lodge Meeting? Our Installation meeting is in June and at the February and October meetings we normally have a speaker, giving a talk on a Masonic or non-Masonic topic. The Stewards Lodge is also able to confer degrees on candidates if required. This would normally be on behalf of another lodge or as a demonstration. I am not a Provincial Steward - can I still visit the Lodge? Yes, you would be made most welcome and sending a simple email to the Secretary at: is all you need to do. A lodge member will be happy to look after you at the meeting and answer any questions you may have to make your visit more enjoyable. Further information can be obtained from our website: Perri Ahmet Lodge Mentor

W Bro David Ferdinando, current WM

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Freemasonry in the Community along with Ellenor Lions “CHYPS” Hospice at Dartford. We have a representative in every masonic centre within our province and regularly attend the Kent Show, Duke of Kent Court and other Masonic functions as part of ”Freemasonry in the Community”. The TLC Appeal West Kent can only continue to supply bears to distressed children when they need it most by donations from local Freemasons, Lodges and Chapters. In the first 10 years we have delivered 30,000 TLC bears. Thank you for the continued support for this little bear that is loved by the children that receive it. Our aim is the same today as the day it was started: “To supply TLC bears to distressed children attending A & E, MIU and UCC departments in West Kent”.

Little Buds Darent Valley Hospital


S a result of significant donations made to the "Little Buds Fund" during the year of office of Cllr Pat Coleman during his year as the Mayor of Dartford, the Masons of West Kent are to be remembered on the "Wall of Thanks" at the hospital. The "Wall of Thanks" will be erected just outside the Walnut Ward (special care baby unit) and will bear the inscription "Masonic Province of West Kent". This gesture from the hospital is as a result of the close alliance which has now been built up with the Mayor's office following the instigation of the Craft Fairs held twice a year at the Dartford Masonic Centre, which have now become regular events in the Centre's calendar. Thanks go out to all those who made the donations possible in the first place.

For further information please contact: Charles Marchant (Chairman) David May (Secretary) 0208 850 0263

Ten Years of the TLC West Kent Appeal


HE “Teddys for Loving Care” (TLC) Appeal began in the Province of Essex in 2001 and after a visit to that Province in 2003, W Bro David Butcher immediately got the OK from our own Provincial Grand Master to introduce the scheme in our Province.

Robert Order (Treasurer) 01689 824 782

Oakwood Lodge spreads Christmas Cheer


HE Oakwood Lodge 8299 are aiming to improve recruitment and retention by holding more family events, and trying to make every meeting a unique celebration. They made their Christmas meeting a special white table event, with partners, friends, and lodge widows all invited. Transport was arranged for those who needed it and the nonMasonic guests were entertained whilst the lodge met. The newly installed Master, W Bro Alan Ward, then invited them all for a tour of the lodge room, before adjourning to a beautifully-decorated dining room for a Christmas dinner, followed by carol singing. All of which would not have been possible without the enthusiastic and capable assistance of the Oakley House function team. Amongst the guests were representatives of the Freddie Farmer Foundation, who are appealing for funds to open a physiotherapy

The TLC Appeal in West Kent began with a donation of £200.00 which purchased the first 200 TLC bears. Distressed children received the bears at Queen Mary’s Hospital A & E department soon after, bringing comfort and reassurance just when it was needed the most. As a direct result of donations from Lodges and Chapters, the first year ended with nearly 1,300 West Kent Bears purchased and Brethren representing the Appeal at not only Sidcup Masonic Centre but also Dartford and Welling, supplying more hospitals within our Province. Since that first year the Appeal has grown and grown. During 2012 we delivered nearly 4,300 TLC Bears to eight West Kent hospitals

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West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Freemasonry in the Community memory of Dyane. George was not, however, content just to make reference to the Hospice and hope that some donations might be made. He channelled the fundraising efforts through the established Lodge processes and drew on existing experience. Donations came in from Rivermead Lodge 8278, Erdemont Chapter 5865, and St Ithamar Rose Croix Chapter 1032, together with many donations from individual members and non-Masonic family and friends. Some Lodges, Chapters and organisations don't use Gift Aid. George is well aware of the benefits and so he and W Bro Ian Gallehawk ensured that gift aid forms were available to all donors. This saved the hospice a further £30 to £50 in sending out the forms as well as many hours of work. There was a significant outpouring of emotion at Dyane's passing and the donations in her memory reflected this. The gift aid came to an amazing £469, bringing the total value of the tributes to a staggering £2,500! On 4th March, W Bros George and Ian met with the hospice Chief Executive, Martyn Reeves, to hand over the collection.

Oakwood Lodge spreads Christmas Cheer continued from previous page centre for children with serious mobility difficulties. During the festivities the Master was able to present to Bro Danny Catchesides, Freddie’s grandfather, cheques bringing the amount raised by the lodge for that appeal up to £2,550.

Photograph courtesy of Brian Craggs W Bro Alan Ward (l) presents cheques to Bro Danny Catchesides.

At the time of writing, everyone was looking forward to the next new Oakwood event, a Burns Night Festive Board in support of the West Kent 2015 Festival. It will be a particularly special meeting as three generations of the Read family will help to Initiate the latest family member to join the Oakwood Lodge. Clive Moore Charity Steward W Bro George Delves (r) hands the many tributes and gift aid forms to Chief Executive Martyn Reeves.

Wisdom Hospice Tribute to a Brother’s Wife


Martyn was grateful for the generous donations, as well as the effort made to ensure that gift aid had been used to maximise the value of the contributions and thus save the hospice much time and money. George would like to thank every individual and Lodge/Chapter for the many kind words and cards, as well as for the tremendous sum of money given in memory of Dyane. There could have been no more fitting a tribute for her and it is magnificent that the hospice should have benefited so well. From the sadness have come a lot of good and much love.


N 16 January 2013, after a long, brave and dignified battle against cancer, Mrs Dyane Delves, wife of W Bro George Delves, passed away. Dyane had always been a great supporter of Rivermead Lodge and of George's Masonic activities and nearly all of us had come to know her as she was a regular feature at Lodge functions. Dyane spent her last days in the Wisdom Hospice, where she and the family received care and compassion second to none. It was, therefore, an easy choice for W Bro George when he decided to nominate the hospice as being the beneficiary of any tributes given in

Ian Gallehawk Director of Ceremonies

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Congratulations! during which time he was also Preceptor for the Lodge of Instruction. Cyril also served as First Principal in Amherst Chapter.

Bro Gordon Vinell Medway Lodge 1678 ON 20th February 2013 Bro Gordon Douglas Vinell celebrated 70 years in Freemasonry at a ceremony held in The Masonic Hall, Uckfield. Bro Gordon’s certificate was presented to him by RW Bro Jonathan S Winpenny, PGM who was accompanied by RW Bro Kenneth E Thomas PGM, (Sussex). The ceremony was also attended by a number of the Medway 1678 brethren and W Bro John Lindley (Loxfield Lodge).

The photo shows (l - r) W Bros: Danny Madley, Douglas Hughes, APGM, Tony Lambeth (WM), Cyril Heath, Peter Townsend and Len Lock.

One of the highlights of Cyril’s personal life was 34 years of service as a retained fireman, where he was the Sub-Officer in charge of the Westerham fire station. Tony Lambeth Worshipful Master

E Comp Ivor Fairall Universal Chapter 8219

Bro Gordon was initiated into Medway Lodge 1678 on 27th January 1943 with special dispensation as he was only 19 years old, but going off to war. He followed both his Father and Grandfather into Medway Lodge 1678 and has remained a fully paid up member for over 70 years. The brethren attending all agreed this was an unprecedented, special occasion and look forward to seeing Bro Gordon get his 75 year badge and certificate in 2018

THE Companions who attended the January meeting of Universal Chapter 8219 were privileged to be part of a convocation which celebrated a very special moment in the history of the Chapter, as one of its Founder Members, E Comp Ivor Fairall, was the recipient of a 50Year Citation.

Paul Warley Assistant Director of Ceremonies

W Bro Cyril Heath Amherst Lodge 1223 W BRO Douglas Hughes, APGM attended the February meeting of Amherst Lodge 1223 in the Sevenoaks Masonic Centre, where he presented W Bro Cyril Heath with his 50-Year certificate and congratulated Cyril for his extensive and loyal masonic career. Cyril was initiated into the Amherst Lodge in 1960. During his long masonic career he was twice the Master of the Amherst Lodge. He also served as Director of Ceremonies for 10 years,

Photograph courtesy of Frank Fronda The photo shows (l - r) E Comps: Wayne McGill, Bob King, Ivor Fairall, Mark Eyles-Thomas and Florio Occhini.

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West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Congratulations! E Comp Ivor Fairall Universal Chapter 8219 continued from previous page Details of Ivor’s long and distinguished Masonic career since his Initiation into Mount Kenya Lodge 5638 (District of East Africa), were given by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Bob King, and the Citation was read by the Provincial Grand Registrar, . Needless to say Ivor was overwhelmed by the whole occasion, and all the Companions present warmly agreed with the Deputy Grand Superintendent that the honour was well deserved. In appreciation for the dedication Ivor has given to the Chapter, a proposition was unanimously passed to make Ivor an Honorary member of the Chapter. Congratulations go out again to Ivor for this great achievement.

The photo shows (l - r) Front - W Bros: Ian Walker (APGM), Bill Peter, Bill Kane; Rear - W Bros: Gary Rolfe, Stuart Roberts, Douglas Hughes (APGM), John Holder and Duncan Annells.

in turn proposed his son Stephen into the Lodge and in 2007 he installed Stephen as Master of the Lodge. Courtesy of his ‘spy’ (Bill’s son), W Bro Ian Walker gave a very interesting and informative history of Bill’s life, his Masonic career and his involvement in his local parish of Lenham. Among the many highlights were Bill’s joining the Royal Fusiliers at the tender age of 17, later becoming a Sergeant in the ’Red Caps’ (Royal Corps of Military Police) and eventually landing in the centre of his community as Post Master of Lenham village. After the reading and presentation of the Citation, Bill’s son was invited to present his father with a 50-year lapel badge.

John Perkins Director of Ceremonies

W Bro Bill Peter Men of Kent & Kentish Men 4273 ON Saturday, 23rd February 2013, W Bro Ian Walker, APGM attended the Lodge of the Men of Kent & Kentish Men 4273, to present a 50-year Citation to W Bro William Henry Peter (“Bill”). Bill was initiated into Men of Kent Lodge on 16th February 1963, having been proposed by his father, who was a founder of the Lodge. Bill

Brian Jeffery Charity Steward

Freemasons’ Grand Charity


HE Freemasons Grand Charity has recently published its traditional Annual Review and Charitable giving reports, which are available to download from their website:

Introducing The Freemasons’ Grand Charity An introduction to all areas of the Charity's grant-making. Supporting Freemasons & their families - A useful guide to the help the Charity provides to Freemasons and their families in financial need.

Annual Review - An overview of The Freemasons' Grand Charity's activities during 2012.

Supporting the Community - An informative leaflet detailing the many different charitable causes the Charity supports in the wider community.

Charitable Giving 2012 - A smaller leaflet, including case studies about FGC’s charitable giving.

Why support The Freemasons’ Grand Charity - A leaflet with a fundraising focus: this leaflet outlines what the Charity achieves through its grant-making and the benefits in supporting the Charity.

There are a number of further reports also available to download:

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Centre News as part of that work a close look at the fabric of the building has been undertaken and of course you would expect that to happen as we keep the building fit for purpose. A little while ago I did some research about the building and that article appeared in the December issue of West Kent News On-Line. As part of the building survey we found that a number of foundation stones had been laid by the Rev W Luke (Pastor), Mr F W Bayes, Mr J W Delahaye, Mr P Wells, Mr J Dolley and Mrs M L Boa? As the front porch was clearly built on after the main Chapel was constructed, it has obscured the last letter of Mrs M L Boa? name.



T the Westwood Centre, Welling in 2012 we faced a challenge: how to encourage our members and local businesses to visit and make more use of the Centre. We introduced a new Mission statement “Providing the opportunity to meet and grow in the Community” and welcomed a new Business Over Breakfast Group; they are local businesses who meet every other Friday for a Networking Breakfast. Members and guests enjoyed a ‘Curry Night’, a ‘60s/70s Night’ and ‘Tea at Three’. The generosity of our members and their guests helped us raise funds for the Centre and more importantly for several charities: The Princes Trust, Kent Air Ambulance, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, Demelza, and our own local Marlborough School. We introduced The Christmas Hamper Draw which was a great success and raised over £1,000 for the Centre Improvement Fund. We are raising funds to enable us to widen our entrance, which will mean we can invite more people to events in the future. 2013 will be even better! We have successfully held a Valentine’s supper with over 90 people wining and dining while they were entertained by Adam Barnard as “Buddy Holly”. A variety of further events are already planned for the rest of 2013 and details of these will be announced via the Provincial eBulletin and website.

Internet searches have drawn a blank on all the names but it would be interesting to know were these people local dignitaries or were they part of the Bible Christian organisation that purchased the land and built the Chapel and School. If any reader of West Kent News On-Line can shed any light on these individuals would they please get in touch through the Provincial Information Officer.

Sevenoaks Doug Horsman Centre Information Officer

Subject to available copy, future issues of West Kent News On-Line will have also a ’Centre News’ section. If you have a ‘snippet’ which might not warrant a story in itself, submit it to your Centre Information Officer, whose contact details can be found on the Provincial website.

Sevenoaks Masonic Hall is going through some significant repair and refurbishment work and

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


In Memoriam - Simon Waley extended a warm welcome to the assembly, and then Mrs Ann Waley read a poignant piece written by the late Joyce Grenfell, including the lines, “We can never lose anything that is good, never lose love or the memories of great happiness”. RW Bro Jim Daniels, former Grand Secretary of the UGLE and family friend, paid a moving tribute to the life and work of Bro Simon, in a comprehensive review which spanned his early school days where he excelled at sport, especially cricket, and in later years, golf. He then spoke of his working and family life with his children and eight grandchildren, his travels and later life in Yorkshire. He also spoke of Bro Simon’s Masonic career as Provincial Grand Master of West Kent and District Grand Master of Cyprus. Our knowledge of people is all too often confined to that strictly in accord with our particular association with the person. It often becomes a revelation when more of the person is revealed during the course of an affectionate tribute to their overall life and work. So it was in this instance, when the breadth of RW Bro Simon’s interests was made known. James, Simon’s son, read a passage from the Bible and his other son Philip read a moving piece from an unknown writer, expressing the way in which we can deal with the loss of a loved one. “One can shed tears that he has gone. Or you can smile because he has lived”. The service ended with the Walford Davies’ setting of “God, Be in My Head” beautifully sung by Matthew Sprange, a talented singer and friend of the family. It was time to disperse, re-join the busy world and traffic on Tower Hill and reflect on the life and work of RW Bro Simon Francis Norman Waley, Past Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent in and over the Masonic Province of West Kent.

It was in the oldest church within the City of London, from whose tower the diarist Samuel Pepys watched the Great Fire destroy the old City in 1666 that, on the 14th February, the High Rulers of Freemasonry, led by MW Bro Peter Lowndes, the Pro Grand Master, together with our Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny accompanied by his wife Gillian, all the members of the Executive and many Brethren of our Province, attended a Memorial Service to celebrate the life and work of our Past Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Simon Francis Norman Waley, OSM. The beautiful church of All Hallows by the Tower was almost full to capacity with friends, former colleagues from the City, the world of Art and Music and Freemasons from neighbouring and surrounding Provinces, all came together to pay their own respect to RW Bro Simon. W Bro Eric Hampson, E Comp Kevin Taylor, and their Deputy DCs acted as Ushers to guide and direct everyone to their seats. W Bro Derek Link, the Crucifer of All Hallows, led the Clergy into the church to begin the service. As could be expected from his long association with the Worshipful Company of Musicians, and as an Organist himself, music and hymns featured large throughout the service. After the singing of the first hymn, The Vicar of All Hallows, The Rev’d Bertrand Olivier,

Ken Lorberg

Passed to Higher Service Sadly, we now report the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of the following senior members of the Province, who are sorely missed in our Lodges and Chapters. They have all departed since our last issue of WK News On-Line. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to their families and the Brethren of their Lodges and Chapters.

Bro John Wakefield, PPSGW Eltham Lodge No 8866 Bro William Handley, PPJGW Lowy of Tonbridge Lodge No 4834 Bro Alan Young, PPGReg Crays Valley Lodge No 2147

Bro John Cliff, PGStB Mottingham Lodge No 6753

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Passed to Higher Service continued from previous page

Bro Terence Scanlan, PPGSuptWks Lodge of Emulation No 299

Bro Derrick Webster, PPGReg Wheatsheaf Lodge No 9445

Bro Robert Harvie, PPSGD Paddlesworth Lodge 6162

Bro Kenneth Harland, PPGSwdB Southwood Lodge No 9293

Bro Dennis Knight, PPSGD Kentish Round Table Lodge No 8685

Bro Gerald Knowles, PPGSwdB Wells Lodge No 5263

Bro Ifor Williams, PPSGD Chislehurst Lodge No 1531

Bro Derrick Picton, PPGSwdB Universal Lodge No 8219

Bro John Bird, PPJGD Richard of Bordeaux Lodge No 8333

Bro Brian Beazleigh, PPGSuptWks Kentish Round Table Lodge No 8685

Bro Donald Greef, PPJGD Godyngton Lodge No 7049

Bro Albert Edwards, PPGSuptWks East Wickham Lodge No 7308

Comp Stuart Jenson, PPGSoj Ancient of Days Chapter No 9230

Bro Alfred Hooper, PPGSuptWks Ealdham Lodge No 6045

Editor’s Note: I am very grateful to W Bro Ken Lorberg for doing the research and collating the information about our departed Brethren.

Bro Doug Parkes, PPGSuptWks Chelsfiedl Lodge 6405

Masonic Sports Association Cricket

your availability:


ESPITE the current cold weather, the Cricket season will soon be upon us. Apart from the West Kent vs East Kent match on Sunday 23rd June, no other fixture information is presently available. (The Provincial website will be updated as soon as details are available.) However, nets will be starting soon at Meopham Cricket Club, taking place every Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. once they start. For your satnav systems, Meopham Cricket Club is at DA13 0PY, or can be seen here:

Richard Amess All games will be ‘5 triples’ and are to be played in ‘greys’. Subscriptions are now due (£10 for Playing Members, £1 for Associate Members). These should be sent to the Treasurer: Mr A Penny 44 Tradescant Drive Meopham DA13 0EF



E don’t currently have a Rugby section, but what we do have is an enthusiastic young Mason (Sammy Harman) who is interested in setting one up. Sammy will be discussing his ideas with Bob King, Chairman of the Sports Association and developments will be reported in WK News OnLine or one of the monthly eBulletins.



HE Bowls Association have a full list of fixtures, which can be seen on the Provincial website: Bowls Fixtures In addition to the fixtures shown, a provisional date of 9th January 2014 has been set for an indoor game at Prince Arthur. Please notify the Captain, Richard Amess, of

If you have a sport you’d like to see included in the Sports Association, and are willing to work on it, why not contact Bob to discuss it?

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


Masonic Miscellany For these and all Thy mercies given, We bless and praise Thy name O Lord. May we receive them, with thanksgiving, Ever trusting in Thy word. To Thee alone be honour, glory, Now and henceforth, for evermore.



UITE a few people have mentioned I passing that they intended to write to me (as Editor of West Kent News OnLine), but very few have actually followed up! I am always happy to receive ‘letters’ (by email) on any relevant topic, although of course the usual ‘editorial rights’ apply. I had thought that the letter in the last issue about cheese being ‘nosed’ might have generated a few more ‘pet peeves’, but so far none have arrived in my Inbox. You can contact me on:

Amen The key point to note is that, in the penultimate line, there is no “and” between “honour” and “glory”, just a simple comma. I’m not an expert vocalist, but if I can manage to sing it correctly, I’m sure others can too. With a short pause, or a quick breath, try it for yourself next time. It would be marvellous if we could not only sing it in harmony, but correctly!

There is no ‘and’!


HAD always thought I was pretty much alone in one of my ‘pet peeves’, but having recently discovered that others feel the same way … You will all be familiar with the Grace that we sing at the Festive Board. You may not know it’s origins. In case you were wondering, it is from the ‘Laudi Spirituali’ A.D. 1545, or ‘Laude Spirituali’ circa A.D. 1336, depending on which source you believe. The source may be debateable, but the words are not; there seems to be unanimous agreement that they are (or should be) as follows:

Space for Notes


HEN I produced printed newsletters for various organisations, if I ever found that I had a little space left and no ‘news’ to put in it, I would leave it blank, with a heading indicating that it was intended for readers to make notes. Unfortunately, with an on-line, electronic publication, this isn’t really a practical proposition, because unless you have the correct (and not inexpensive) software, you cannot edit the document. This means that I have to fill up every space, otherwise it looks strange! The same assumption applies to the publication of contact details. Normal policy for WK News On-Line (and for the Province of West Kent website) is that only a mobile telephone number and/or email address will be published. Unless specifically asked to do so, residential addresses and telephone numbers will not be included. Anyone submitting a contribution should bear in mind that the information may be included in WK News On-Line, on the website or in an eFlash, eBulletin or other electronic communication sent to members of the Province, and that the magazine and website are in the ’public domain’. Our overall Privacy Policy is under review and it will be published in a future WK News On-Line and on the website once the review is complete.

Privacy Policy


S you will realise from the various ‘credits’ accompanying the articles in WK News On-Line, the large majority of the content is contributed by individuals. I do not have the resources to check every contribution to ensure that anyone mentioned in an article or featured in a photograph has given their consent to its publication. It is therefore assumed that the person submitting an article and/or photograph has obtained the necessary agreement from each individual mentioned or featured. Particular care should be taken if children are mentioned in articles or included in photographs. The nature of the possible publication channels and the proposed article and/or photograph should specifically be agreed with the parent(s) of the child.

Mike Wheal Provincial Information Officer

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 4 ~ March 2013


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