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The Magazine of the Masonic Province of West Kent

Is your own contribution to the Festival appropriate? Can you give a bit more? Are you using Gift Aid and the MSF envelopes? At present the members of 57 Lodges have given less than £100 each! What is going on?

2015 Festival - a message from the Provincial Grand Master We are now approaching the last two years of our Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund and at the Provincial Officers Mess in November I explained my thinking for the coming year. I want to make sure that you all understand my view.

Lastly, and for many the most difficult, is the issue of non-masonic giving during the Festival. I am aware that many are continuing to do this and it appears, as a consequence, are not properly supporting the Festival. I remind you of what I said when we launched the Festival. I know it is hard, and some will dislike it, but for 2013 non-masonic giving can really only be justified by those units who have already contributed so much. Lodges which have given less than £400 per member - the average we need to reach our target - should focus entirely on the 2015 Festival.

The Festival will close at Provincial Grand Lodge in May 2015. We now have just over two years to raise the £750,000 needed to reach our target of £2,250,000. I very much hope that we will go beyond that figure. When the Festival was launched I said this: “I want this Festival not to become allconsuming and a subject of constant pressure. Once you are satisfied that you are on track to meet your obligation to the Festival you may well wish to support other Charities and I encourage you to do that.” A review of the effort so far shows that many Lodges and Chapters have done very well and are ensuring that, thus far, we are on track to reach the target. I am very grateful to them. However, too many have done very little, indeed 5 Lodges and 5 Chapters have given nothing at all. Throughout all the Lodges and Chapters more than half seem to be expecting others to do the work. We must refocus our effort. In the New Year all Charity Stewards of “units” which have under -performed so far will be contacted and will be expected to ensure that their responsibilities are properly discharged. The Relief Chest scheme run by the Grand Charity is not a bank. Money held there should be moved on to the Masonic Samaritan Fund. It should not be allowed to accumulate. More interest is credited by the Fund than the Relief Chest. Charity Stewards are urged to check that the money is moved regularly and members please check with your Charity Steward that he is doing that.

December 2012

The MSF helped 32 members of our Province last year at a cost of £150,000. We are ALL obligated to ensure the success of the Festival and that means we must ALL do what we can to help. Jonathan Winpenny Provincial Grand Master In this issue: Masonic Fellowship............................................. 2 2015 Festival Update.......................................... 3 Christmas is Coming! ......................................... 4 Passed to Higher Service: Simon Waley ................................................ 5 John Blew..................................................... 6 Grand Charity Hospice Support ............................ 7 Royal Arch News ................................................ 8 The Way Forward............................................. 12 Masonic Miscellany: Sevenoaks Masonic Centre............................ 14 Ash-Cum-Ridley Lodge ................................. 14 Scriveners Conference.................................. 15 Kentmere Lodge .......................................... 16 Congratulations ........................................... 16 Freemasonry in the Community ......................... 18 More Masonic Miscellany: Nose out of joint? ........................................ 20 A Wonderful Experience says our PGM ............ 20 Many Happy Returns .................................... 21 A Holiday in Weymouth ................................ 21 Brother Brother ........................................... 22 Masonic Sports Association................................ 23

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Fellowship events, please contact the Secretary:

Dartford Masonic Fellowship


N Tuesday 6 t h November the Fellowship celebrated its 25 t h Anniversary, when the AGM took place. An appropriate “birthday” cake was produced for the occasion:

Mrs Jean Washer 01474 708 033

Chislehurst Masonic Fellowship


INCE the beginning of the year our Fellowship has held monthly meetings at Prince George Duke of Kent Court, each includes coffee, a chat and a talk. Some of the talks have been amusing such as the one given by the author, Mel Rees when he described the trials and tribulations of family life, and some have been informative such as the talk by Alan Stockwell in which described to us the life and times of that star of the Edwardian stage, Ellen Terry; but all have been very enjoyable. But our activities are not limited to talks alone; on Sunday 10th June, the Fellowship held its Spring Lunch, a carvery at Oakley House. A well-attended and well enjoyed event! On 20th December we shall be holding our Christmas lunch. On 5th July, a visit was made to Lullingstone Castle. A coach took us there from Chislehurst and we lunched in the restaurant. Then followed a most interesting guided tour of the house, chapel and gardens. The house, much older than many of us had imagined has been in the possession of the Hart-Dykes for centuries and during that time they have collected many treasures including a state bed for Queen Anne. The garden, designed by Tom Hart-Dyke is a very imaginative display of flora from every part of the world. We left laden with pots! On 11th August, the Fellowship sponsored a Punch and Judy show on the lawns of the Court. It was very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the residents as well as by the grandchildren of our members. So you see, all in all, it has been both a busy and a very enjoyable year, Have you thought of joining us? Masons and their wives/partners are all most welcome; you need not be a pensioner to join the Fellowship but you do need to enjoy a monthly get-together, a chat and an interesting talk. Subscriptions are very modest indeed. For further details, contact the Secretary, W Bro Cadwaladr Roberts at:

W Bro Keith Chappel took over as Chairman from Mrs Eileen Jones and it appears that his first task was to cut the cake, although his choice of cutting implement was perhaps a little over the top:

Fortunately for those present, Keith was quickly disarmed by Secretary Mrs Jean Washer and Treasurer Mrs June Game, allowing proceedings to continue in safety: Apart from the cake, the occasion was celebrated with snacks and a glass of sherry. The Fellowship looks forward to an equally successful and enjoyable year in 2013. For information about membership and

We shall be very pleased to hear from you. Charles Marchant

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


2015 Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund As at 21st December 2012 the total for the 2015 Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund stood at £1,541,884 of which £155,741 had been donated by Chapters and £114,875 had been donated by other Masonic Orders. Included in the above amount is £171,303 in reclaimed tax on ‘Gift Aided’ donations and £57,560 in notional interest. To pass the £1.5m mark is an outstanding achievement; to those who are working so hard to ensure the success of the Festival, please accept my sincere thanks. 2012 saw the introduction of the ‘Roll of Honour’ and 25 Lodges and 21 Chapters qualified to receive certificates in the first year. The scheme will be progressive until the end of the Festival and I look forward to seeing many more Lodges and Chapters joining the scheme whilst eagerly watching the progress of those already enrolled. As well as the Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond certificates presented at each stage, there will be three special awards in both Craft and Chapter to recognize special effort in raising funds for the Festival. The graphics* accompanying this article, produced by George Buckberry from reports from the MSF, show our progress towards the target of £2.25m and includes the names of the Lodges and Chapters having already received certificates in the ‘Roll of Honour’. Funds held in a Relief Chest with the Grand Charity are not connected to the Festival and should be transferred regularly using the blue form with box 9 ticked for the MSF. Blue forms and/or cheques (made payable to MSF) should be sent direct the MSF at Great Queen Street stating that they are for the West Kent 2015 Festival. Is your Lodge or Chapter meeting its obligation to the Festival? If in doubt ask your Charity Steward to explain what contributions have been made so far.

* The graphics were produced at the end of November, to allow for inclusion in West Kent News On-Line, and reflect the situation then, rather than the very latest position given at the start of this report. Donations History:

Monthly Increase Donations History:

Roll of Honour 2012 - Craft Diamond Award Mountsfield 6548 Sidcup 6552 Crays Valley 2147

Philip May Provincial Grand Charity Steward Roll of Honour Qualification Criteria

Emerald Award Edenbridge 7462 St Paulinus 7992 North Kent 2499 Town of Bridges 9563 Jubilee Lodge of North Kent 6936 Hundred of Wilmington 9164

Craft Diamond Award - £750 per member Emerald Award - £550 per member Sapphire Award - £400 per member Royal Arch Diamond Award - £200 per member Emerald Award - £150 per member Sapphire Award - £100 per member

Sapphire Award Ravensmead 6404 continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


2015 Festival

Christmas is Coming!

continued from previous page Sapphire (continued) Medway 1678 Pantiles 2200 Ordnance 2399 Woolwich Polytechnic 3578 Manor of Bromley 4810 Bexley Heath 4918 John Roan School 5085 Orpington 5136 Justin 5338 Erdemont 5865 St John Lodge of Fidelity 5963 Elizabethan 7238 Oakley 8958 Cassii 9088 Universal 8219

It’s not Christmas Cards going on sale in August; it’s not the announcement that Brussels sprouts will be in short supply, and thus more expensive at Christmas, because (fill in the latest ) … no, what makes me realise that Christmas is nearing is being sent tickets for the Annual Carol Concert at Sevenoaks! Regulars always look forward to it with keen anticipation, and it never disappoints. On the usual third Monday in December, William Sennocke Lodge 6932 staged their 45th Annual Carol Concert at Sevenoaks Masonic Centre with the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny and Mrs Gillian Winpenny as their principal guests. The concerts were started in 1967 by Bob Lawrence and his wife Mary and the success of the first one guaranteed that it would become a ‘fixture’ in the calendar of not just William Sennocke Lodge but also the other Lodges meeting in Sevenoaks, and others from further afield. The concert follows a well-established and well-loved pattern, with the current WM presiding over proceedings, including both spiritual and temporal readings and lots of our favourite Christmas Carols. John Sylvester, former Provincial Grand Chaplain, handled the spiritual side of things, as he has for the last 11 years, with members of the Lodge and their families contributing to both aspects. With the temple enhanced by floral arrangements provided by Glenn Burgess, and the musical accompaniment provided the Salvation Army band, the concert was a joyous occasion. Following the concert was a plentiful buffet provided by Neil and Linda Slade and during this part of the evening, the WM Richard Cook and the Concert Organiser Bob Baldwin announced the following donations from a variety of events staged during the year:

Roll of Honour 2012 - Royal Arch Diamond Lesney Park Chapter of Erith 3965 Widmore 3947 Oakwood 8299 Universal 8219 Emerald Men of Kent and Kentish Men 4273 Sapphire Ancient of Days 9230 Biggin Hill 8659 Crays Valley 2147 Equity 6834 Erdemont 5865 Hundred of Axstane 7722 Knole 1414 Manor Way 6161 Pattison 913 Petts Wood 5435 Regent’s Park Meridian 9202 Reliance 7476 St Giles and St Luke 6668 Three Columns 6882 Westwood 8046 William Russell 1314

Salvation Army Little Buds Paula Carr Trust Kent Air Ambulance Hospice in the Weald Help for Heroes

A full explanation of the Awards and the exact details of the qualifying criteria can be found on the Festival Pages of the Provincial website:

£500 £250 £250 £300 £300 £300

Last but certainly not least, a cheque for £4,030 was presented to the PGM to go to the 2015 Festival, which the mathematically astute amongst you will realise, is 2 x 2015! The evening was rounded off in a truly festive manner, by the Salvation Army band singing for their supper with a very melodious acapella rendition of “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. I can’t wait for next year! An update on our progress towards our Festival target is given at the beginning of each month in the eBulletin. If you have an email address but are not registered for the eBulletin and eFlashes, send an email to:

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


RW Bro Simon Norman Francis Waley the Craft and the Royal Arch. Following the important “Bagnall Report” in the early 1970s which reviewed the complex structure of Masonic Charities then in existence and recommended changes to rationalize the structure, the Foundation for the Aged and Sick was formed in 1979. As part of that reorganisation Bro Simon played an important role as President of that Institution and, in 1993, did much to ensure its smooth transfer into what we now know as the RMBI. RW Bro Simon was appointed as our Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent in 1987 and remained in Office until 1996. He then became the District Grand Master and Superintendent of Cyprus. Several lasting innovations were introduced into West Kent Freemasonry during RW Bro Simon’s term of office. These included the system of allocating the Lodges into four groups under the leadership of an APGM and a team of Grand Officers to assist in representational duties. He also established the West Kent Masonic Charities Association which did much for the Lodges and individuals to maximise their donations and funds for the 2003 Festival on behalf of the RMBI. Those were the days of heady interest rates. The system served the Province well until interest rates fell to their present nadir and could no longer sustain the cost of the Association’s administration or give a satisfactory return on savings. It was during his term of office that Grand Lodge sought to promote the idea of “Freemasonry in the Community” throughout the Provinces. West Kent supported a wide variety of projects to promote the concept that we are, indeed, part of the communities in which we live and work. RW Bro Simon Waley achieved his final and well deserved Masonic Accolade by being awarded the Order of Service to Masonry (OSM) in 2010. For those of us who recall the eighties in West Kent Freemasonry, RW Bro Simon’s passing to the Grand Lodge Above marks the end of an era. We extend our most sincere condolences to his wife Anne, and her family.

Many older members in the Province were saddened to learn of the death of RW Bro Simon Waley, who died on the 18th November. Twenty five years have passed by since RW Bro Simon was Installed as our Provincial Grand Master in 1987 and much has happened in the world and our Province since that time. RW Bro Simon was born in 1934. He was educated at Stowe and Cambridge University where he read Classics at Peterhouse. He was, in 1957, Initiated in into Surrey Lodge No 416 and Exalted into the Castle Chapter of Harmony No 26 in 1975. Eventually he became a member of eleven Lodges and five Chapters. Of these, he was a Founder of The Fiennes Cornwallis Lodge No 9279 here in West Kent, the Stowe Lodge No 9002 and the Cyprus Masters Lodge No 9655. He was also a Founder member of West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter No 8565 and the Cyprus Principals Chapter No 9655. He was also a member of the Grand Stewards, Royal Alpha, Guildhall, and Bard of Avon Lodges among others. He was a fine musician and remained Organist of his Mother Lodge for many years. Without doubt, he was a fully committed Freemason. His first senior provincial appointment was to the office of Senior Warden in the Province of Surrey in 1977. Active Grand Rank was awarded to him a year later when he became a Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in both

Ken Lorberg A memorial service has been arranged by Simon’s wife Ann to be held at All Hallows by the Tower in the City of London. It will take place on Thursday 14th February 2013 at 2:30pm. Ann Waley invites the Brethren and Companions of the West Kent Province to share in this celebration of Simon’s life.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


W Bro John Louis Blew, PSGD, PAPGM and he continued with them until his retirement. Above all things, John was a family man. With three sons and a daughter, he and Maureen had their hands full. Together they formed a tightknit and happy team. His eldest son David warmly spoke of this happiness, during the moving eulogy to his father on 19th October, before a great number of family, friends and freemasons packed tightly into the tiny, beautiful, and ancient parish church of St Margaret of Antioch in Darenth. After the service, even more Brethren attended the Eltham Crematorium for the Committal. John Blew became an Initiate of County Gate Lodge in 1963 and became Worshipful Master in 1972 and again in 1995. He was also a member of seven other Lodges including the Provincial Grand Stewards, West Kent Masters and the Fiennes Cornwallis Lodges. His first Provincial Rank came in 1979 and Grand Rank in 1988, eventually becoming an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 1999. John was exalted into Sydney Chapter in 1968 and was their MEZ eight years later. Also, he was a Founder and MEZ of County Gate Chapter. He became the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (RA) in 1992. Grand Rank was deservedly awarded to him in 1988. Our Province has lost one of its most charismatic leaders, a kind man and a good friend. He will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences are extended to Maureen and the family.

There was and still is, widespread dismay in our Province following the unexpected and astonishing demise of W Bro John Louis Blew on 2nd October. For those attending the Dartford Fellowship that morning, he was, as always, the epitome of bonhomie and good cheer with no sign or indication of the aneurism that would end his life so abruptly a few hours later. In a masonic career of almost fifty years, John became a towering presence in West Kent Freemasonry. He will always be associated with masonic charity for which he had special responsibility whilst an APGM. After retirement from Office, he became Chairman of the TLC teddy bears initiative for children taken into hospital within our Province, a cause for which he worked tirelessly. John was born in 1940 in the village of Darenth, where he continued to live all his life. It was at Sunday school, that he met Maureen, who was to become his wife and lifelong companion. His working life began with the Government Ordnance Survey. After a few years, he joined what was to become the Greater London Council, as a Chartered Surveyor, and it was with the GLC that he became expert in the Fire Protection and Buildings Regulations business. With the breakup of the GLC in the 1980s, John joined a firm of Consultants in the same field of activity,

Ken Lorberg

Teddies for Loving Care The Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Appeal with which John Blew was so closely associated in recent years has so far donated over 22,500 teddy bears to all of the Accident & Emergency Departments, Minor Injuries Units and Urgent Care Clinics at the nine hospitals in the Province of West Kent. Nationally, the TLC Appeal, which started in the Province of Essex, has given away well over 1,000,000 teddy bears. Medical staff can, at their discretion, give a teddy bear to children who may be in severe distress, thus helping to calm them down and help doctors and nurses to provide medical treatment efficiently. It is a scheme of which all Freemasons can be proud and continually receives the highest praise from all the medical staff who have been involved with it.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Passed to Higher Service

Freemasons Grand Charity

It is with much sadness that we report the passing of the following senior members of our Province to the Grand Lodge Above, during the period June to October of this year. We mourn their passing and extend our sympathy towards their families and to their Lodges and Chapters.

West Kent proud to present Hospice Cheques Members of the Provincial Charity Committee were once again honoured to present cheques totalling £12,141.00, plus a further £250.00 from the Westwood Masonic Centre at Welling, to Hospices within the Province.

Bro Ronald Kingsmill, PPJGW Southborough Lodge No 7203 Bro Peter Barnes, PPGReg Eadgar Lodge No 7492 Bro Roy Lepper, PPGReg Lullingstone Lodge No 1837 Bro David Taylor, PPGReg Wells Lodge No 5263 Bro Thomas Winup, PPGSwdB Cornwallis Lodge No 1107 Bro Ian Trenowden, PPGSwdB Fearn Berga Lodge No 7048 Bro Edward Brown, PPGSuptWks Petts Wood Lodge No 5435

W Bro Kelvin Gane (l) and W Bro Ken Richardson (r) presenting cheques to Stacey Lewis, Head of Fundraising at Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.

Bro Brian Robinson-Jones, PPGSuptWks Helios Lodge No 8311

This once again shows how the central Masonic Charities are supporting the Provinces, including the local Charities, which are so important to all of us Freemasons, and this in turn enables all the Lodges and Chapters to support the Masonic Samaritan Fund while we are in Festival.

Bro David Brooker, PPDGReg Universal Lodge No 8219 Bro Alan Townsend, PPSGD Fearn Berga Lodge No 7048 Bro Frank Warmsley, PPSGD WK Wheel of Friendship Lodge No 9411

Douglas B Hughes Chairman, Provincial Charity Committee

Bro Alfred Penn, PPJGD Oakfield Park Lodge No 8671

The Freemasons Grand Charity has been supporting Hospices throughout England and Wales since 1984 and has thus far donated £9.9 million on behalf of Freemasons. In 2012 alone, some £600,000 has been donated to 239 adult and children’s hospices, including the following hospices in West Kent:

Bro Kenneth Payne, PPJGD Borough of Woolwich Lodge No 6610 Bro Charles Hart, PPJGD Amherst Lodge No 1223 Bro Alan Butler, PPSGD Kentish Round Table Lodge No 8685

Demelza South East London Hospice EllenorLions chYps Hospice

Editor’s Note: I am very grateful to W Bro Ken Lorberg for doing the research and collating the information about our departed Brethren.

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice Harris HospisCare with St Christopher’s Hospice in the Weald

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


years we would raise another £57,000.00 and smash the £200,000.00 barrier. Put another way we have 76 Chapters and if every Chapter were to receive the Sapphire Award we would raise £190,700.00. These two simple mathematical statistics prove that we are almost there and I know that with a concerted effort we will actually be very close to every Chapter qualifying for the Emerald Award. I don’t think the Diamond Award is out of reach for a lot of Chapters. This requires each member donating just £200. These are not targets but merely examples of what we can achieve if we each donate the equivalent of less than half a pint of lager per week. The next two years are going to be challenging but I know I know that we will respond and prove what a great Province we are. We will enjoy our 40th birthday in style. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Companions, Traditionally this is a favourite time of my Masonic year; we have enjoyed the October convocation of the Provincial Chapter and the November Provincial Officer’s Mess. My diary through to next July is complete and we have all meetings where a member of the Executive needs to be present covered. I am particularly heartened this year by the response to the 2013 Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons. We have more than achieved our target, which is marvellous and I thank you all. We must now turn our charitable inclinations back to the 2015 Festival. I know that in the Royal Arch we have second call and that your main thrust is through your Lodges. I also know that most of our Lodges donate to non-Masonic charities. I would therefore like to suggest that in the Royal Arch for the next two years we divert all charity money to the 2015 Festival. After 2015 we can catch up on the non-Masonic causes. To date in the Royal Arch we have raised £145,392.00 and this is an amazing contribution and it proves to me how generous you all are. May I offer a simple challenge: most Chapters meet three times a year and most have a raffle. At the time of writing we have 1,907 members; if each one were to donate a minimum of £5 per meeting over the next two

Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

Royal Arch Appeal 2013 Royal College of Surgeons When this appeal was launched just over one year ago, the Provincial Executive was concerned that it would distract members from our main aim which is of course the 2015 Festival in favour of the MSF. Supreme Grand Chapter estimated that if the 100,000 Royal Arch Companions were to donate just £10 each then we would raise £1,000,000.00 and if Gift Aid were to be added then this amount could be increased by as much as 25%. With just under 2,000 members we hoped that we could raise around £20,000 over two years, to which Gift Aid could be added. The GSupt asked me to head up a small group from the Royal Arch Support Team to manage this appeal. At the October Provincial Meeting the GSupt announced that our contribution so far had exceeded £27,000.00 and he considered that we had discharged our duty and that we could now return to our main objective which is the 2015 Festival. continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


continued from previous page On behalf of the members of the Royal Arch Support Team I would like to thank all the Companions and Chapters for their individual and joint support and for their generosity in assisting us to achieve this magnificent target in just one year. Your contributions will be well applied by the Royal College of Surgeons in the funding of future medical research to the benefit of all.

Provincial Officers Mess November 2012 Companions, I would first of all like to clear up the reason for the change of date and time for the meeting. We considered that having moved the RA Provincial Meeting to the last week in October it would be totally impracticable to hold the Officer’s Mess in the same week. With regard to the time Oakley House could not guarantee their impeccable service for lunch as their own waiting staff would not be available and they would have to depend on temps. I am sure that the 220 who attended would agree that the quality of the meal and service were absolutely fantastic and Heather and her staff are to be congratulated and indeed thanked for helping to make it such an enjoyable meeting. To explain the Executive arrangements, now that we have separate Deputies for the Craft and RA, we technically have two Vice-Presidents so we now have the March Meeting presided over by the PGM and Craft Executive and the November one by the GSupt and Royal Arch Executive. The format of the meeting is the same for both and the President always brings the attendees up to date with the affairs of the Province. It also provides a forum for a Q&A session. We would of course prefer questions to be posted prior to the meeting to ensure a full and proper response but I know that the President is more than capable of fielding questions on the day. This year I was delighted that the RA gave the newly formed Provincial Choir its second public opportunity following its debut at the Provincial Chapter Meeting in October. They were again brilliant and indeed raised the bar at both meetings. I know that they are always looking for new members, male or female, Mason or non-Mason: now is your chance to join.

Alan Cope Chairman, RA2013 Appeal

Multi-Faith Gathering We are a fraternity that is proud of its multiple faith foundation and intend to celebrate this, later next year, by arranging a gathering to include the various faiths represented among West Kent Freemasons. The event will be held in a neutral venue and it is intended that all relevant faiths will be invited to participate equally. The celebration will have catering to meet special dietary requirements and we will invite the various faith groups to contribute to make this a true celebration. This could be a short information talk, music, prayer, dance, readings, etc. The Annual Church Service in Rochester Cathedral is a popular event in our calendar and it is intended that this new initiative will be equally successful. If this is to happen we need to know what faiths you practice so that we can make sure it is fully inclusive. I therefore invite Brethren/Companions to contact me with details of their faith and particularly if they can provide assistance with the participation aspect. My contact details are given below and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Brian Saunders 3rd Provincial Grand Principal Further details of this important event will be published as they are agreed, either via WK News On-Line or on the Provincial Website:

Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


This year we also invited a representation of new Exaltees and had the MEZ procession. We consider that the meeting was a success and happily the good comments far outweighed the odd bad one. If next year we have say 75 First Appointments, 75 Promotions and each one of those attended we would have 150; if each one were to bring just one member each from their Chapter we would have 300. If every MEZ were to attend as well we would get to 450 and if the we had 20 new Exaltees, we would reach 470. Add 30 Honoured Guests and Past Executives and 500 is a realistic target. Companions there is the challenge for 2013: we will be celebrating so many things not least the 40th Anniversary of our Province; let’s have a big RA Party next October.

Provincial Chapter Meeting Friday 26th October 2012 Companions, We have received many comments about this meeting and I would like to thank you all for making them. Those that attended the Officer’s Mess in November would have heard the GSupt’s views on the decision to continue to hold this meeting at Freemasons’ Hall but for the benefit of you all I am happy to repeat the salient points. First and foremost, the decision has nothing to do with the excellent quality and service of the management and staff at Oakley House, and you can read about this elsewhere. Personally, irrespective of any of the logistical problems, I think that Royal Arch Companions who have earned Provincial Honours deserve to receive them in the magnificence of the Grand Temple. What logistical problems? Well: To set up the large Hall at Bromley the maximum seating for the Temple would be circa 400 and 320 for Dining. If 400 did attend in 400 cars there would be a parking nightmare, to say nothing of the dismantling and bar arrangements. Of course with 400 at Oakley the ambience is wonderful and the attendance “looks” great. This year at Freemasons’ Hall we had 378 Companions in the Temple and 280 Dined. I agree the Temple was more than half empty but we were only 22 short of the maximum that we could have accommodated at Bromley. The major problem for the Office is that we never know how many will attend the Meeting as we only receive booking forms for those companions intending to dine. If therefore we were to add those companions who said that they would have attended had the meeting been at Bromley some people would have either been turned away or, as is more probable, been required to stand for two hours and of course add to the logistical nightmare. Turning now to the meeting, we had a larger than usual number of appointments and promotions as we took the opportunity to do some catching up and I am now happy to confirm that honours will be reviewed every five years.

Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

Sevenoaks Centre Chapter of Improvement As was reported in the first issue of WK News On-Line, E Comp Brian Saunders, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, has set up a ‘Centre Chapter of Improvement’ at Sevenoaks Masonic Centre. The objective is to improve interest and retention by ensuring that every Companion has an opportunity to attend a Chapter of Improvement, to learn about and practice the ritual, whether or not their own Chapter(s) runs a CoI. Thus far, there have been three meetings and Brian is very pleased with the reaction and those who have attended wonder why it wasn’t done before, so it is safe to say that the initiative is a success, and looks to have a long future. There are a further four meetings planned for the remainder of this Masonic year: Wed Wed Wed Wed

16th 20th 20th 24th

January 2013 February 2013 March 2013 April 2013

All meetings will start at 8:00 p.m.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


You will have read elsewhere about the marvellous job they did in working with you all to raise money for the 2013 Appeal, and I would publicly like to thank Alan Cope and his team for their magnificent effort. The team have now, at the request of the GSupt, set up a structure to help Lodge RA Representatives with their very important role in the growth of the Royal Arch. Their next project is to set up a similar structure to assist Chapter Almoners to understand the new objectives of this office. Of course we will still assist individual Chapters where necessary. As you all know Tony Forwell has now retired as APGP but I have asked him to remain as Chairman of the RA Support Team. His assistance and input over the last four years have been invaluable, and there was no way that I was going to let him put his feet up.

Royal Arch Support Team

If anyone needs assistance with any RA matters please contact Tony: E Comp Tony Forwell Home: Mobile:

Companions, You will notice a subtle change in the name of the support team, which is quite simply because the Team is now involved in much more than just helping Chapters in need of support.

01322 668 232 07711 657 366

Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

Electronic Communications Most of today’s communications in Freemasonry now come in electronic form, West Kent News On-Line being a prime example of that. Within the Province, in addition to emails to types of Officers, e.g. all Almoners, all Scribes E, etc. there are three further examples: eFlashes, eBulletins and the website. eFlashes are issued as and when needed. Initially, they were a ‘free-for-all’, resulting in a high number being issued, and to be frank, this got on some people’s nerves! It certainly reduced the effectiveness of eFlashes. From the start of this year, eFlashes have been reserved for Provincial Events or events with a provincial significance; eFlashes for individual Lodge or Chapter events are a thing of the past. This has reduced the number and hopefully made them

more effective. All eFlashes are also posted on the Provincial website. eBulletins are issued at the beginning of every month. They contain a mixture of Provincial and individual Lodge or Chapter items, often with links for further information on the Provincial website. eBulletins can be used to advertise upcoming Lodge or Chapter events. All eBulletins are also posted on the Provincial website. It does takes time to prepare the eBulletin, so please don’t leave your submissions to the last minute; get them in early! All submissions for eFlash or eBulletin consideration should be sent in the first instance to the Provincial Information Officer:

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


The Way Forward suffers. With the Province’s commitment to the 2015 Festival, most are aware of the Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF) and the good works it performs by offering assistance on health issues. The MSF assists eligible petitioners with medical, surgical and dental issues, as well as a range of mobility aids and devices. In the last reported 12 months grants totalling £146,571 have been granted to 32 people in the Province. The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) has helped 19 children or young people in the Province. The RMTGB provides relief of poverty, and is dedicated to the advancement in education of children dependant on Freemasons. In addition grants are available for extracurricular activities and for developing specific talents in gifted children. Grants totalling £67,668 have been given to the 19 dependent children in the Province. Les Hutchinson, CEO of the RMTGB, then talked about the introduction of Freemasonry Cares, which was launched earlier this year in the Province.

Almoners Seminar Thursday 15th November Around 90 delegates, comprising Brethren, their partners and even a nonMason, attended the first presentation in the Way Forward programme. The event gave them an insight into the work of the Provincial Almoner. After an introduction by Ian Walker, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Roger Friend kicked off the session by talking about the support offered, how he saw the role and how he expected the service to be provided to the Brethren of the Province and their dependents.

He reminded the delegates that he had produced a Mission Statement and scoped out the Vision, the Values and the Role, stating that he had written them when he was originally appointed, with the expectation that he would update them as he grew into the role and as he understood the implications of it. However they remain unchanged and he invited any suggestions that would bring them up to date. Nick Murphy, a member of the Almoner’s team with responsibility for welfare issues in Group 1 Lodges, then talked about the four central Masonic charities. The Freemasons Grand Charity, which gives grants for those eligible that are experiencing financial hardship, has provided £63,830 in grants in this Province during the 12 months to 30 September. He went on to talk about the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) and how it operates 17 care homes across the country and how it provides residential or nursing care for 37 West Kent Masons or their dependents. The charitable element of their care was £105,613. Research shows that two in every three people over 90 will suffer from some form of dementia and, to reflect this, the RMBI is investing £20 million to provide facilities for 600 dementia

Freemasonry Cares is an initiative developed and introduced as a joint project of all the central Charities, which is dedicated to reaching members, their wives, partners and families, widows and inactive or resigned members. It has a dedicated Freephone number, 0800 035 60 90, where staff can initially assess the needs of the caller and if they are eligible for assistance, whether it is for financial, healthcare or family reasons. It supports Lodge Almoners who will be expected to help complete the necessary form. continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


The Way Forward continued from previous page During the pilot phase and the national roll out to all provinces, there has been a 36% increase in grants awarded. More than 5,000 enquiries have been received, of which 75% are positively progressed. All West Kent Masons have been informed about Freemasonry Cares and displays are placed at all Masonic Centres, but if you would like more information, contact the Provincial Almoner. Roger closed the session with some case histories, showing how the people involved benefitted from the Charities and a look at the future and some of the issues that might affect everyone in the Province. The topics covered were lasting power of attorney, the reform of the benefits system and the economic forecast. If you would like more information on the seminar or would like a talk in your Lodge about the role of the Almoner, please contact the Provincial Almoner. Roger Friend Provincial Grand Almoner The current programme for The Way Forward is given in the column opposite. Reminders will be issued nearer the time of each event, but bookings can be made now to ensure a place!

Freemasonry in the Community 2012. His chosen Charities for 2013 are the EKP 2014 Festival, the Holy Royal Arch Bi-Centenary Appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons and Foxwood Special School, Hythe. For a full list of lectures and booking enquiries please email:

Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir When the wife of Folkestone Freemason Mike Lawrence joined the Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir, in April 2012, he felt he wanted to assist them in any way he could. Noticing that they were struggling for funds he set out to raise £1,250 for a PA system to help enhance their performances. Mike arranged fourteen lectures over an eight week period in both the East and West Kent Provinces to achieve the target. “It was a bit of a challenge” said Mike “but the way I was received across the County was heart-warming, reassuring and confirmation of the generosity for which Freemasons are renowned.” Mike, whose credits include: 2009 Cornwallis Lecturer; 2010 Colin Dyer Memorial Lecturer and 2011 member of the EK Debating Team, has also lectured to Freemasons in Sussex, Surrey and London. He has a unique and entertaining lecturing style, which often includes music and has been on the lecture circuit since 2001. He has thus far raised over £8,500 for various charities including £1,750 in

W Bro Mike Lawrence (centre) with Roger West (Shepway Deputy Mayor) and Dyane McGarry (Chairman, Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir)

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany On 30th November 1978, Amherst and Knole Lodges sold their respective interests in the building to Sevenoaks Masonic Hall Limited for £12,000. Sevenoaks Masonic Hall Limited is managed by a Board of Directors made up of nominated members of the shareholding Lodges who use the Centre.

A Brief History of Sevenoaks Masonic Hall NOT MANY Freemasons look at the outside of Sevenoaks Masonic Hall from the frontage in St. John’s Hill. Those that do realise what a lovely old building it is, and may have had a passing thought as to its history; you don’t need to be an Einstein to see that it was a church in its past life, but how old is it, and how come we are now using it for Masonic meetings? A little research produced some interesting facts … In June 1882, a couple of local builders sold the land on which the Hall now stands to a Frederick William Bourne, who was a Bible Christian Minister.

Doug Horsman Board Secretary, SMH Limited

A Family Affair at Ash-Cum-Ridley Lodge At its meeting in October, Ash-cum-Ridley Lodge 9700 was delighted to welcome the third generation of the Barrett family into the fold. Richard Barrett, the son of W Bro Graham Barrett, and nephew of W Bro Neil Barrett (both founders of the Lodge), and grandson of Bro John Barrett, joined the ranks of other family members in a delightful ceremony which was much enjoyed by the members and visitors present. In accordance with Lodge custom, W Bro Mark Estaugh, WM, invited family members to undertake the ceremonial and Bro Richard was initiated in a most impressive way by “Uncle Neil”, with “Dad” undertaking the Charge after Initiation thereafter; a fitting climax to a wonderful afternoon’s proceedings. Another highlight of the day was that a visiting member, suitably impressed with the afternoon’s proceedings and the welcome he received, requested to be considered as a joining member, and the Lodge looks forward his membership in due course.

Bible Christians were a Methodist denomination founded in 1815 in North Cornwall. Bourne paid £300 for the parcel of land with strict caveats that he was not to carry on any trade from the land, but it was agreed that it would be used as a Chapel and School room. In 1929, the Methodist Church Union Act received Royal Assent and the property then became known as the Methodist Church. In February 1962, the Trustees of the Methodist Church sold the building for £10,000. The deed of sale recorded that the purchasers were holding the property in trust for the Amherst Lodge No 1223 and the Knole Lodge No 1414, each Lodge owning an equal one-half share.

New Freemason Richard with (l to r), W Bro “Uncle” Neil Barrett, W Bro Mark Estaugh (WM) and W Bro “Dad” Graham Barrett.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany Scriveners Conference II On the morning of Saturday October 13th, the West Kent Scriveners’ Lodge 9799 held their second annual conference at Dartford Masonic Hall. There was a good turnout of Brethren attending this conference where they were treated to a keynote speech from Chris Roberts, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, who aired his plans for the future.

Finishing off the triumvirate of guest speakers was Roger Friend, Provincial Grand Almoner, who outlined the ways in which his team can help Brethren and their dependents with particular reference to the involvement of Secretaries and Treasurers.

Chris then handed over to Bob King, Deputy Grand Superintendent, who spoke at length about the value of the duties of Secretaries/ Scribes. He also gave the gathered throng details of the new Secretarial Support Team that has been set up to help beleaguered Secretaries. The team is being co-ordinated by John Hills through the Province so if any assistance is needed a quick call to the Provincial Office will start the ball rolling. Bob also asked for any “best practices”, with particular reference to forms and templates, to be passed on so that any good ideas could be shared amongst Lodges and Chapters. “No point re-inventing the wheel” was his take on this subject and a system that works well for one Lodge may well work just as well for others.

After a break for tea and coffee, the conference progressed to explanations of Microsoft Word and Excel and tips and tricks to make using these packages easier. These sessions produced lively debate, with many useful tips coming from the floor. After this came the final question and answer session that produced some very interesting questions and some even more interesting answers. The assembled group then feasted on snacks and sandwiches provided by the ever helpful staff at Dartford before heading off to enjoy their afternoon. continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany being held in the photo by one of the Lodge’s “old salts”, Almoner W Bro Bill Sanders. The full line-up (left to right) is: W Bros Terry Kyle (Treasurer), David Flegg, John Murphy, Bill Sanders, Barry Bruce, Robert Varns, and Bros David Edwards (who was Raised at the meeting), Donato Latronico, Yannis Patarias, Kevin Fearn and Mike Perryman.

Scriveners Conference II continued from previous page This second conference is another feather in the cap for the Secretary of Scriveners’ Lodge, Alan Short, and his team of Lodge Members, who put an enormous amount of effort into staging another excellent event.

Harry England Secretary, Kentmere Lodge 7480

Congratulations! W Bro Bob Leck Heritage Lodge 5572 enjoyed an actionpacked meeting on Saturday 24th November 2012. Members were buoyed by the attendance of their honorary member, the PGM, accompanied by W Bro Eric Hampson the Provincial DC, and a star-studded retinue from the Province. Bro Murat Turan was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in an exemplary fashion by veteran Albert O’Shea; proving that London’s loss is most certainly West Kent’s gain. Bro Turan’s father made a special visit from Turkey to see his son raised and was warmly greeted by the Brethren. At the festive board, Bro Turan Snr presented the Lodge with some engraved gold coins from the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Turkey to mark his visit. This kind gift was received with alacrity by the WM.

Our thanks also go to the team at Dartford for their assistance in hosting this conference and for the provision of food and drink. Plans for a 2013 Conference are already in preparation, with consideration being given to a joint conference with East Kent to mark the 40th anniversary of the division of the former Province of Kent. Harry Maton West Kent Scriveners Lodge 9799

A New Cushion for Kentmere

W Bro Kelvin Jacobs, a joining member, was admitted, and the PGM presented Bro Paul Holmes with his Grand Lodge certificate. continued on next page

Editor’s Note: Whilst I have done what I can to improve them, the original quality of the photograph above, and the one on the next page, was such that I cannot create a good quality image. However, I decided to include them so as not to disappoint the participants.

The presentation of a new cushion to Kentmere Lodge 7480 presented an ideal opportunity to introduce new members who had recently become Freemasons. The cushion, with superb gold embroidery, was donated by the Lodge of Instruction, and is

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany The meeting was attended by 28 members and 35 visitors, including one from Strathaven, Lodge St Andrews 215 under the Scottish Constitution, a Lodge with which we have a long -standing relationship. The Province of West Kent was represented by W Bro Chris Roberts, DPGM. His predecessor, VW Bro Derek Bearman PDPGM was also present, being the sole surviving Founder Member of the Lodge. Apart from being a special occasion for the Lodge as a whole, it was also special for two individuals. W Bro Bill Gunn, Charity Steward, celebrated 30 years in the Craft, in this his Mother Lodge, and Initiate Bro A Austen became a Freemason on this landmark evening in the history of the Lodge.

Congratulations! W Bro Bob Leck continued from previous page The main event of the evening was for the PGM to present W Bro Bob Leck with his 50year Citation. W Bro Bob was initiated in Scotland in 1958. After moving south he subsequently became master of the Elfrida Lodge 4497, meeting at Great Queen Street under the English jurisdiction. He joined Heritage Lodge when Elfrida folded in 2010. The PGM wished him many more happy years of masonic enjoyment.

The picture shows (l to r) W Bro Kelvin Jacobs (Joining Member), W Bro Eric Hampson (Provincial DC), Bro Paul Holmes, W Bro Bob Leck, PGM, W Bro Jason Pearson (WM), W Bro Albert O’Shea, Bro Murat Turan, Bro Sakir Turan.

Back row : WM Steve Foster with his Officers; Front row (l to r): W Bro B Milne PGStB, W Bro A Brown PGStB, W Bro C Roberts PDGM, Bro A Austen, VW Bro D Bearman PDPGM, W Bro R Friend PGStB, W Bro P Patel PAGChap

Andrew Hummersone Heritage Lodge 5572

Mike Armagon Secretary, Harmony & Unity Lodge 8451

Congratulations! Harmony & Unity Lodge 8451 The Lodge held its 40th Anniversary meeting on 17th Nov 2012 at Wilmington Masonic Hall.

Charity Stewards Handbook Philip May, Provincial Grand Charity Steward and his team have been beavering away producing a new handbook for Charity Stewards and it will be available very shortly. The handbook is comprehensive and contains guidance on everything a Charity Steward needs to know and do. It has been produced in loose-leaf format, so that future changes can be included with minimum fuss, so it can easily be kept up to date. The handbooks will be distributed via Centre Information Officers, and Charity Stewards will be advised when they are available at their Centre.

VW Bro Derek Bearman and W Bro Steve Foster (WM) with the ’birthday’ cake.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Freemasonry in the Community


Eastbourne, and has recently started secondary school. Throughout his long illness, Harry spent many a happy day at the Thomley Activity Centre, a recreational and informal education facility for disabled children, their siblings and friends. The Centre gives the kids a chance to mix and play in a safe environment and helps build their self-esteem, whilst offering parents and carers a chance to compare notes, or just relax with a coffee. Thomley has helped Harry immensely, so it was a natural choice for W Bro Bill as one of the charities the Lodge supported during his Mastership and he was pleased to have Harry present a cheque for £1,700 to the centre on behalf of the Lodge.

Shenstone School

N THURSDAY the 19th July 2012 the Bellegrove Lodge 7293 hosted a “Cheese and Wine” evening at the Westwood Masonic Centre, Welling. The event was held in order to present a cheque to help enhance the lives of children attending the Shenstone School in Crayford Kent. Shenstone is a Special Needs Community School for mixed-gender children between the ages of 2 – 11 years. Ms Linda Aldcroft, the Head Teacher, accepted the £500.00 cheque on behalf of the children and stated that the money would be gratefully accepted and would play a major part in refurbishing the children’s IT unit. The event was well supported and a good time was had by all the attendees.

The picture above shows (l to r) Mrs Marion Flint, Hayley Pratley-McGill (Centre Manager), Claire Acwith (Director) Harry, and W Bro Bill Flint.

Peter Checksfield Secretary, Danson Park Lodge 5700

The picture above, courtesy of Jeremy Dean, shows (l to r) W Bros Eric Gore and Cliff Lee, Ms Linda Aldcroft, and W Bro Ian Rankin (WM), Bro Tim Lindfield and W Bros Dick Plummer, Nigel Pitt and Keith Reed.


Eric Gore Secretary, Bellegrove Lodge 7293

Help for Heroes

OLLOWING on from the successful Dinner/Dance held to raise funds for “Help for Heroes” in November 2011, the Brethren of North Kent Lodge 2499 and their guests celebrated their annual Ladies Night, and raised the sum of £750, which was agreed should be donated to the “Help for Heroes” charity. The Lodge members had been keen to support a charity which does so much for our brave service personnel who have suffered due to their hazardous occupation. At the October 2012 Regular Meeting of the Lodge, the Worshipful Master, W Bro John Moss invited the Charity Steward, W Bro Alan Hobden to present a cheque for £750 on behalf of the lodge to Mr Edward Prentice the area representative for the charity. continued on next page

Thomley Activity Centre


BRO Bill Flint had a very busy year as Master of Danson Park Lodge 5700. Half way through his year, his grandson Harry, who has cyanotic heart disease developed complications. Harry was taken into hospital, where he spent ten days in an induced coma. Whilst his parents stayed at his bedside in hospital in Southampton, Bill and his wife Marion looked after Harry’s brother Tom at his home in Bicester. For a while it was touch and go, but Harry slowly pulled through and recovered sufficiently to enable him to help sell raffle tickets at Bill’s Ladies’ Night in

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Freemasonry in the Community undertaken by one PPSGD, two PMs, one MM and one Fellowcraft. They were assisted by their Candidate who will be joining the lodge in March 2013. More importantly, the exercise has saved the group just over £2,000 by using the team’s ability to negotiate further discounts on the materials, and for installing the same free of charge. The Scout Group have expressed their thanks privately to the North Kent Lodge and to W Bro Philip Gould, W Bro Peter Young, W Bro Mike Kearsey, Bro Simon Gould, Bro Mark Waters and Mr Barry Burton, for all their hard work. Their thanks will also be on display publicly for all to see, with a plaque commemorating the deed.

Help for Heroes continued from previous page Mr Prentice thanked the Brethren for their generous donation and outlined the amount of money which passes through the charity for the injured service men and women and spoke about the aid which was available to them.

Charity Steward W Bro Alan Hobden presents the cheque to Mr Prentice, with IPM W Bro Peter Young (l) and WM W Bro John Moss (r) in support.

The Brethren were taken back by the sums involved and expressed their grateful thanks to Mr Prentice and the charity for their professionalism with a rousing round of applause.

The kitchen is ready for the Air Scout Group to move back in.

It was a great project to get involved in and gave all an immense feeling of pride as well as helping such a good cause. I would like to add my personal thanks to the team for all their hard work. “Oh Wonderful Masons!”

Peter Smith North Kent Lodge 2499

An Immense Number of Masons were employed!

Philip Gould North Kent Lodge 2499

The 9th Erith Air Scout Group based in Erith have been trying to raise funds to improve their headquarters building with a new kitchen and appliances that would add to the range of activities and events that could be provided by the group and for the Pre-School that uses their building during the day. Hearing that the fundraising was not going as well as expected five members of North Kent Lodge 2499 took on the challenge of sourcing brand new kitchen units and kitchen appliances, as well as using their skills to install and commission the kitchen over the half-term break in October. The project was completed on time and was

2015 Festival VW Bro Graham Higgs has been appointed Ambassador to the 2015 Festival. He is available to give help and advice on matters relating to the Masonic Samaritan Fund and the 2015 Festival. Graham has had a long association with the MSF and is keen to visit Lodges and Chapters to help explain the work of the fund. For further information: It is hoped to include an explanation of his role for the next issue of West Kent News OnLine, due to be published in March 2013.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany What puts your nose out of joint?


“One of the most wonderful experiences of my Masonic life”

GOOGLE SEARCH resulted in the phrase “Put your nose out of joint” being attributed to a 1591 publication:

… so said the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny at the festive board following a meeting of Loyalty and Remembrance Lodge 5842. The purpose of the PGM’s visit was to present a 50-year Citation to Bro Tudor Lewis. 91-year-old Tudor lives in the West Midlands these days, and he had planned to make the long trip to Welling to receive his citation. Sadly, he was unable to do so, staying at home to look after a friend who was unwell. The citation was therefore handed to Lodge Secretary W Bro Nick Murphy and the Lodge is now making plans to visit Bro Tudor at home to present it. With the ‘main course’ off the menu, what was left? It was the Passing of Bro Gareth Reed, who had been initiated a year previously. The ceremony went well, with everyone ‘performing’ to a good standard, but then came the Tracing Board. This was delivered by W Bro Mick Barry (IPM and Charity Steward, as well as stand-in ADC on the night). Mick explained the board with great passion and sensitivity, putting over the story in a way which had everyone present, including the PGM, purring with delight. It was a joy to hear and made the evening truly memorable, especially for the candidate Bro Gareth, who happens to be Mick’s son-in-law. W Bro Mick ‘has form’ when it comes to ritual, as those of us who were present when he was WM, and Initiated Bro Gareth, well recall. Mick does occasionally struggle with the pronunciation of some the more arcane words and ancient Names, but no -one can doubt the hard work that he puts into the preparation. He gave his son-in-law the ‘Full Monty’, delivering the Initiation, the Charge after Initiation and the First Degree Tracing Board with the same feeling and spirit that the PGM saw with the Second Degree Tracing Board. I’m sure I join Bro Gareth in hoping that W Bro Mick will have a part to play when he is Raised, and I for one hope that I get an invitation to be there!

It was used by Barnaby Rich in ‘His Farewell to Militarie Profession’ - “It could bee no other then his owne manne, that has thrust his nose so farre out of ioynte”. In more modern times, W Bro Jim Franklin of Woolwich Polytechnic Lodge 3578 has had his nose put out of joint by … well, let him tell you in his own words: “In Masonry, there are very few things that can cause the brow to crease or a sharp intake of breath. We all have views on the way things should be done in the Temple, however there is one thing that occurs at the Festive Board that can create a bit of nausea and it is not too much wine. I am referring to the habit of ‘Nosing the Stilton’! Along comes the cheese board and it usually has a nice piece of Stilton in the form of a wedge. How many times have we seen a Brother take his knife and neatly slice off the end part of the slice or ‘the nose’? This leaves the less appealing, outer part of the cheese for others. This is done not through any malicious intent, but from lack of appreciation of the fact the quality and taste of the cheese can vary from the middle to the outer layers. Etiquette suggests the correct method of addressing Stilton is to cut a slice from the side of the wedge, thus keeping the shape of the portion the same. In this way everyone has an equal slice in terms of quality and hopefully, quantity. It will also prevent the cry of, ‘I say, some bounder’s nosed the Stilton’, a bit like passing the Port to the right, it’s just not done.” Jim went on to say that he had even seen a chap thrown out of an (Army) Officers Mess for committing this heinous act! Editor’s Note: I wonder whether this is a peculiarly British ’crime’; I have noted when visiting Bonneval, Westerham’s twin town in France, that our Gallic friends cut the cheese exactly as Jim suggests it should be done. Perhaps on this occasion we do have something to learn from across La Manche! If there is something that “puts your nose out of joint”, “gets your goat”, or troubles you in any way, why not send it for publication to:

Mike Wheal West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany Many Happy Returns!

Plumstead Lodge 7589 On Saturday 15th December 2012 W Bro Ian Walker, Assistant Provincial Grand Master received a total of £4,000 from Plumstead Lodge 7589, presented by Charity Steward W Bro Stephen Littler, and bringing total Lodge donations to the 2015 Festival to £15,000.

Back in April of this year W Bro Bill Roberts of Thamesmead Lodge 8269 received a telephone call from the Secretary of Peace & Unity Lodge 4101 (East Kent) alerting him that a Thamesmead Past Master’s regalia was being sold on eBay. On investigating it transpired that not only was this the case BUT the regalia was that of a deceased Founder who was the first Worshipful Master, post consecration, of the Lodge. Further enquiry identified that it was being sold by the deceased Brother’s niece “who didn’t know what else to do with it”! Because bids had already been made she felt unable to withdraw the regalia from the website so W Bro Bill set up a process that ensured that he would successfully acquire the items, as indeed he did at the close of bidding. At the Installation meeting of the Lodge on Tuesday 20th November W Bro Bill, as IPM, was formally presented with the Past Master’s Collar Jewel and Breast Jewel that he had recovered. It is intended that this piece of Lodge history will be perpetuated, the regalia being passed to each successive IPM in all future years. There is a salutary lesson here. We need to ensure that we let our families know what we want done with our Masonic regalia – whilst we are still able to do so. Not all surviving relatives have a Masonic connection that they can seek advice from after their loved one has gone.

A Holiday in Weymouth Bright and early on the morning of Monday 7th May, forty-eight members of the Dartford Fellowship packed into a coach at the Masonic Centre and off we went, stopping for a bite – and a glass - and arriving at Weymouth in the early afternoon. For those who have never visited this charming little port on the South Coast, it was a favourite holiday resort of King George III. Ferries used to go from Weymouth to the Channel Islands, and in more recent times, nearby Portland Harbour was a Fleet Anchorage accommodating battleships and carriers, but now Weymouth hosts a fleet of small boats and its many pubs are full of yachtsmen and yachtswomen as well as holiday-makers. We stayed in the Crown Hotel, right by the harbour, and very comfortable we were too. The weather was not too kind; on Tuesday, the one day when it didn’t rain, we were treated to a guided tour of the local Masonic Temple. The local Lodge meets there fourteen times a year (!); the temple, beautifully furnished, was really outstanding! Wednesday saw us in the rain at Dorchester and Bridport; Thursday to Portland Bill where the weather really closed in and visibility was down to some two hundred yards, and then on to Poole and Swanage. Friday saw us back home but in spite of the weather, it really was great fun and we all enjoyed the break. Many, many thanks to our organisers, W Bros Bob Bishop and Alan Beadle.

Bill Roberts Thamesmead Lodge 8269 Note: As you may have read in the previous issue of West Kent News On-Line, we now have our very own ‘Regalia Hunter’ - W Bro Ian Gallehawke of Rivermead Lodge 8278 - who keeps an eye on eBay for West Kent Lodge/ Chapter regalia. The problem is also discussed in the current issue of Freemasonry Today, which contains an article by John Hamill, UGLE’s Director of Special Projects.

Charles Marchant If you have something newsworthy, please email it to:

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Miscellany The closing dates for submissions are the end of the month preceding publication, i.e. February, May, August and November. Whilst there will continue to be contributions from the various Provincial “sections”, there is always room for information about individual Lodge and Chapter activities. However, as I do not have a static, never mind roving, reporter, I am dependent on you to provide input for this. Whether it is a project your Lodge/Chapter has undertaken in the community, a special event in your Lodge or Chapter history, or a successful social event, I am interested in hearing about it and seeing photographs of the event. Please note however, that WKNO-L is not intended for advertising coming events; there are other communication channels available for those. Whilst any form of text is acceptable, there are occasionally problems with the quality of some of photographs sent to me. Whilst I can manipulate image files to a degree, the end result is always dependent on the quality of the original. Without producing a multi-page guide on the topic, it is difficult to offer much guidance on what is the best way to ensure a good quality image. For example, despite their high megapixel ratings, it is still quite easy to produce poor quality images with smartphones! As a simple rule of thumb, the bigger the file, the better the quality of the picture, BUT the key factor is the resolution. Anything less than 180 pixels/inch (a lot of images sent to me are just 72 pixels/inch) will be unlikely to result in a good quality final image. I would advise always taking at least a couple of shots for each image to try to ensure you get a decent one; consider how many shots professional photographers take. Unless it is a general shot, e.g. of all Lodge or Chapter members, please include a list of who is in the photo; I know a lot of people, but not everyone! Cheque presentation photographs are common-place and can therefore be boring for the reader. Try to find something more interesting, e.g. when one Lodge sponsored a horse, they sent a photo of the horse. However, if a cheque presentation is the only possible photo, it can be made more interesting by including in the text something about what the money will be used for, or a quote from the recipient organisation about the significance of the money, or even what they think about Freemasons!

Brother Brother at Vale of Beck Lodge 6283 The Vale of Beck Lodge 6283 celebrated a first for the Lodge with a ‘double’ first degree ceremony for two brothers. Douglas and Edward Thwaites were initiated in a joint ceremony at Oakley House in March. Both in their twenties, Douglas is a Fire Fighter and Edward is a Dental Technician. Their father Paul Thwaites is also a member of the Vale of Beck and was their proposer, and presented the Entered Apprentices with their white gloves. The ceremony was shared between two Past Masters, W Bro Jack Fletcher and W Bro John Callagan. Acting WM W Bro Malcolm Taylor presented the Working Tools to both brothers. The Vale of Beck is fortunate to have four Entered Apprentices currently and is anticipating a busy year as they progress through the degrees.

Proud father Bro Paul Thwaites (standing) with the four EAs (l to r) Bro Jason Morris, Bro Edward Thwaites, Bro Douglas Thwaites and Bro Martin Maguire.

At the same meeting, Charity Steward W Bro Colin Smith presented a Lodge cheque for £2,015 to Provincial Grand Secretary W Bro Ted Smith (no relation!) for the 2015 Festival. W Bro Ted was present as the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master and thanked the Brethren on his behalf. Malcolm Taylor LOI Secretary, Vale of Beck 6283

West Kent News On-Line It was, and still is, the intention to publish WKNO-L at the end of every quarter, i.e. March, June, September and December.

Mike Wheal Provincial Information Officer

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Sports Association Heritage Competition Winners (Saye & Sele Lodge Shield): WK Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 8565 (Paul Christopher, Chris Oinn, Malcolm Thompson) 70 points Runners Up (Plumstead Lodge Shield): Paddlesworth Lodge 6162 ‘A’ (Roy Croucher, Barry Daniels, Dave Wood) - 67 points

Cricket - End of Season Report Due to the rain, all Inter-Provincial matches were eventually postponed and cancelled. However an invitation from Horton Kirby Cricket Club was accepted and a match took place on Tuesday 12th August 2012. The weather was fine and the ground firm, which for this season, was a first. Lunch was provided in the Horton Kirby Club House and West Kent were afterwards invited to take bat. The bowlers were fast and knowing the ground, soon had West Kent guarding the wicket, ending with a respectable 167. Horton Kirby's sent out two of their season's well-established players, providing quite a challenge. However, the match proved wellbalanced, but was eventually won by Horton Kirby. Afternoon tea followed and Peter Smith gave thanks on behalf of the Province to the hosts for inviting West Kent during their Cricket week, and complimented the caterers for the excellent spread. As a memento of the occasion, West Kent will be presenting a Shield to Horton Kirby for the Best Young Player of The Year.

The successful WK PGS Team and presentation party (l to r): Chris Oinn, Mrs Pat Cash, Paul Christopher, Bob King, Malcolm Thompson, Peter Smith.

Heritage Trophy – Best Overall Individual Winner: Malcolm Thompson, WKPGS Lodge 8565 - 40 points Runner-Up: Keith Reynolds, Sevenoaks Weald Lodge 8882 - 38 points

Peter Smith

Golf Heritage/Mickey Cash Memorial Chislehurst GC, 21/06/12 THE weather forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms, so the members came to Chislehurst GC, former home of the Napoleon Family, fully prepared. Following registration, both tees were used and although a few showers came and went, the weather never dampened the high spirits of the players and the day turned out fine. Following a most enjoyable meal, W Bro Peter Smith formally welcomed everyone, in particular W Bro Bob King, Chairman of the West Kent Provincial Sports Association, and Mrs Pat Cash, who went on to present the golf prizes and assist with the drawing of the raffle prizes. Peter concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for attending, the staff at Chislehurst GC, and the hard-working committee.

Doubly-successful Malcolm Thompson receives his individual trophy.

Micky Cash Memorial Trophy - Best Front Nine Jeff Taylor, Paddlesworth Lodge 6162 ‘B’ - 21 points Secretary’s Silver Salver - Best Back Nine Robert Gailer, Manor Way Lodge 6161 - 21 points Nearest the Pin: Malcolm Thompson, WKPGS Lodge 8565 Longest Drive: Paul Christopher, WKPGS Lodge 8565 Best to Improve: Bob Ward, Hereditary Lodge 5731

The successful teams and individuals were as follows:

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Sports Association Golf Executive v Province West Malling GC, 05/09/12

Golf WK Open/Ladies Rose Bowl Westerham GC, 12/11/12

The day’s weather in contrast to all the earlier events was one of sunshine and warmth, which was “greeted well” by the members of the Province. The PGM, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny was invited to pick the names from the hat where members of the Executive matched the players from the Province.

The re-run of the West Kent Open, which was deferred, from Monday 24th September 2012 was well received, with 102 players booked, which included 38 non-Mason guests and two ladies who were taking part in the Ladies Rose Bowl competition. Reception desk opened at 8am with a lively arrival of players, who were also requested by our Raffle Expert, Ray Leplar for their contribution. After bacon roll and coffee, both tees had been made available from 10 a.m. Sadly, as the day went on, the showers came in slowing the game resulting in the last couple of groups almost using torches to find their way back to the club house. Following a refreshing ham, egg and chips, W Bro Peter Smith welcomed everyone, in particular our PGM RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny, who had come along to represent his Lodge team. Peter went on to thank them for their support, especially as this was the last event he would be hosting on behalf of the Province after 10 years as its organiser. He also welcomed Mrs Pat Cash and thanked her for her support over many, many years. The PGM presented the Open prizes and Mrs Cash the Ladies Rose Bowl. The PGM went on to thank the whole committee for their continued support, and Peter for his devotion to the Province. Peter concluded the day by thanking everyone for all their support over the years, including the committee, and wished Archie Torrance every success in taking over this role. In appreciation of the support and enjoyment, Peter had presented a shield for the Open Runners-Up, to be called the Peter JJ Smith Shield. Paddlesworth Lodge also presented a trophy for the Best Combined Score. Peter, on behalf of the Golf Section, went on to present the PGM with a cheque for £1,000 towards the 2015 Festival, this in addition to the £4,500 already given and the PGM was pleasantly surprised by and grateful for this contribution.

In view of the Province having won this competition since its inception in 2008, the ‘needle’ between the players was apparent, even before they were ready to tee off using the Spitfire Course, and which continued through to the meal. The final outcome was a very decisive victory for the Executive with a 5 to 1 win.

Both Captains thanked their players and indeed the company for a most enjoyable day.

Results: Open Championship Pairs Winners (West Kent Pot Trophy): Mark Eyles-Thomas and Paul Love, Universal Lodge 8219 - 43 points continued on next page

Peter Smith Editor’s Note: If my maths is correct, I make it that the Province team is now 4 - 1 ahead in the series!

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


Masonic Sports Association Individual Winner (West Kent Individual Trophy): Peter Self, Paddlesworth Lodge 6162 - 40 points

Golf WK Open/Ladies Rose Bowl Westerham GC, 12/11/12 continued from previous page

West Kent Pot winners Paul Love and Mark Eyles-Thomas, Universal Lodge 8219

2nd Place: Jeff Taylor, Paddlesworth Lodge 6162 – 39 points 3rd Place: Paul Love, Universal Lodge 8219 - 38 points

Runners-Up (Peter JJ Smith Shield): Keith Stoner and Gerry Miller, Ash-cum-Ridley Lodge 9700 - 42 points

Nearest the Pin: Graham Higgs, Sevenoaks Weald Lodge 8882 Longest Drive: Jeff Turner, Hereditary Lodge 5731 Best to Improve: Doug Gray, Hereditary Lodge 5731

Best Combined Score (Paddlesworth Trophy): Roy Croucher and Peter Self, Paddlesworth Lodge 6162 - 74 points

Ladies Rose Bowl Winner: Shirley Miller 2nd Place: Viv Stoner

continued in next column Editor’s Note: From this and the preceding two pages, you might be forgiven for thinking that the West Kent Masonic Sports Association is all about golf, with an occasional cricket match thrown in. This is far from the truth; the Association covers Bowls, Clay Shooting, Croquet, Darts and Polo. However, if there is no activity reported to me, I can’t print it! Contact details for all the sports sections can be found on the Provincial website:

Shirley Miller receives her Rose Bowl Trophy from Mrs Pat Cash.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 3 ~ December 2012


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