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The Magazine of the Masonic Province of West Kent

Thirty-nine Chapters received certificates in the ‘Roll of Honour’ at Provincial Grand Chapter on 25th October, bringing the total number of Lodges and Chapters having qualified to ninetyone.

December 2013

£150 per member. Diamond Award - for an average contribution of £200 per member. Lodges and Chapters are able to progress from Sapphire through Emerald to Diamond on reaching the necessary qualifying figure between now and the end of the Festival in May 2015. There is still time to ensure your Lodge and/ or Chapter receives recognition for contributions made to the 2015 Festival, but time is getting short with just fifteen months to go. Check with your Charity Steward to see if your Lodge or Chapter will qualify.

The qualifying figures for inclusion in the ‘Roll of Honour’ are: Craft Lodges: Sapphire Award - for an average contribution of £400 per member. Emerald Award - for an average contribution of £550 per member. Diamond Award - for an average contribution of £750 per member.

With thanks for your continuing support and best wishes for a peaceful new year.

Chapters: Sapphire Award – for an average contribution of £100 per member. Emerald Award - for an average contribution of

Philip May Provincial Grand Charity Steward

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


2014 Fundraising Events

Provincial Grand Stewards Christmas Lunch

THROUGHOUT 2014, the West Kent Lodge of Charity 9610 will be organising a number of events on behalf of the Province. Full details of the individual events will be published via the ‘usual channels’ well in advance, but to enable you to plan your attendance, the events and dates are given here:

ON Sunday 8th December, the West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge 8565 held its annual Christmas Lunch at Oakley House. There was a tremendous turnout, with some 196 members and guests attending the event. The staff at Oakley House had been working until 2 a.m. to get the tables set up and make sure that all plans were in place. Thanks to the staff, the event ran smoothly with everybody thoroughly enjoying the afternoon. The event was made all the more enjoyable by the presence of the Provincial Choir, the Indigo Singers, who delighted everyone with a rendition of traditional carols and songs as well as an enjoyable, interactive version of ‘The twelve days of Christmas’.

Friday 14th February ‘Romance at Oakley House’ - Valentine’s Dance Todd Miller & the Joe Loss Orchestra 6:30 for 7:30 p.m. Monday 31st March Provincial Quiz - Oakley House 7:00 p.m. for 7:30 p.m. Sunday 27th April ‘Golden Mile Walk’ - Oakley House Registration 10:00 a.m. Sunday 1st June A ‘Day at the Races’ Lunch - Great Danes Hotel 12:00 noon for 1:00 p.m. Wednesday 4th June ‘Kart Wars’ - East Kent vs West Buckmore Park Registration 5:15 p.m. Race 7:15 p.m.

Kent -

Sunday 29th June ‘Cannonball Run’ - Car Rally - Oakley House Registration 10:00 a.m. Saturday 30th August Raft Race - Pier Hotel, Greenhithe From 2:00 p.m. Sunday 14th September ‘Provincial Produce Show’ - Dartford From 12:00 noon Further details available from Roland Stokes Charity Steward West Kent Lodge of Charity 9610 on 01622 763390 or email

The President, W Bro Keith Collcutt (photo above), thanked the choir and everybody for attending and making the event so enjoyable. The raffle raised a staggering £1,030, from which a donation will be made to the choir with the rest supporting the 2015 Festival.

Details of the first of the above events, the ‘Romance at Oakley House’ event on Friday 14th February are already on the Provincial website and can be found here:

Ian Gallehawk

Romance at Oakley House

The deadline for Issue 8 of West Kent News OnLine is Friday 28th February 2014. Editor’s Note: I apologise for the lack of a All contributions should be sent to: ‘Contents Index’ this month; I simply couldn’t find room to squeeze it in. However, I hope this Provincial Information Officer will encourage you to read more of the magazine! West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Masonic Samaritan Fund

DURING any Masonic Festival for one of our Central Masonic Charities, there is usually a great deal made of how we need to support the charities in this way. However, we should always remember that our relationship with those charities is very much a “two-way” one.

 Medical surgery and treatment - 10 grants

All four of the charities continually support us and our families and provide genuine “cradle to grave” assistance.

 Respite breaks for carers - 1 grant

 Functional dental treatment - 6 grants  Mobility aids and home adaptations - 11 grants

 MSF Counselling Careline - 7 grants  Consultation and assessment - 3 grants

Our attention is currently concentrated on the Masonic Samaritan Fund, the beneficiary of our 2015 Festival.

Click on any of the above grant types to find out more about the support we can provide in this area.

You will have read on the front page of those Lodges and Chapters who have achieved one of the three levels in the Roll of Honour. To those who have not [yet] achieved one of the levels, there is still time, so do keep your contributions flowing in!

Anyone can receive this message straight to their inbox by subscribing to our e-newsletter. They will join hundreds of subscribers in being the first to hear updates from the Fund and news from the people and medical research charities we support. Lodge Officers will find it very useful to keep up to date and answer their members questions as we build towards the finale of the 2015 Festival, but anyone can subscribe by clicking here.

To illustrate the help we have already received from the MSF, this is what has happened during 2013 to support West Kent Freemasons, their wives, widows, partners and children in fulltime education throughout 2013.

If you wish to see the latest newsletter before deciding whether or not to subscribe, you can do so by clicking here:

38 grants have been provided to fund the associated costs of a diagnosed health and care need. This amounted to a total cost of £124,237.

MSF Newsletter

Understanding what types of grants have been given in support of West Kent's Freemasons and their dependants indicates where there is a clear need for MSF support and where grants may not be widely known about in West Kent.

The newsletter includes a brief report (on page 9) of our Provincial Raft Race, which took place back in September and raised over £3,000. I am grateful to Heather Atkin, MSF’s Marketing and Communication Manager for providing the grants data on which this report is based.

In West Kent the number of grants required in each area of support was –

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Freemasonry in the Community - Playing Our Part It all started with a couple of pork chops!

Some of the orphan children being helped by SEEDS4Tanzania

MY butcher Peter Townsend had been supporting my charity ‘SEEDS4Tanzania’ by displaying one of our collection bottles on his shop counter. I was delighted with the amount that customers had donated but Peter had grander ideas. “So how would you like to speak about your charity at my Masonic Lodge?” Without giving too much thought and knowing little about a Masonic Lodge, I answered “yes”. Firstly allow me to give you a very brief background on ‘SEEDS4Tanzania’. Five years ago I visited Tanzania, East Africa, for the first time. It was to be a one-off visit in connection with the work I was doing at the time. I travelled around a vast area and during that visit, two villages Chitemo and Nyhinila, had a profound effect on me because together they had 300 orphaned children under the age of seven. The villagers were extremely poor and the maintenance of these children was an enormous challenge. On my return to England I decided to help these children have a brighter future. Through further trips back to Tanzania and many discussions I felt that the best way

forward was education to give the children the opportunity to develop skills that would hopefully take them out of poverty and live more productive lives. Although at seven years of age there are government schools, the classrooms can be overcrowded, with little or no facilities. Children may leave little more informed than when they started. ‘SEEDS4Tanzania’ was registered in September 2011 and our first project was underway, the building of a pre-school in each village for children 3-7 years of age, the training of pre-school teachers and the supplying of various appropriate animals to both villages to generate funds to pay the teachers a salary. The villagers have taken ownership of the project doing all the hard work and ‘SEEDS’ supplies necessary funds. The children who attend the pre-schools will be taught the basics in reading, writing, sums and have activities. Hopefully this experience will give them more chance to develop when they attend their next school. continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Freemasonry in the Community - Playing Our Part It all started with a couple of pork chops! most enjoyable evening made even more pleasurable by the presentation of a generous cheque in support of ‘SEEDS’ which will be used for the purchase of mosquito nets for the most vulnerable of these children. The death rate for children under five is extremely high. We delivered 300 during my last visit in June 2013.

continued from previous page

Which brings me back to the invitation to speak at the Masonic Lodge (Anderida Lodge 8593). I was given plenty of notice enabling me to do a bit of research into the Masonic background which I found quite fascinating. However, nothing quite prepared me for the sight that greeted my husband and I on our arrival into the Masonic meeting room. It was an impressive layout with the seating designed around the perimeter. The Master was sitting on a raised platform at one end. We were struck by the very smart but uniform appearance of the members – black jackets and striped trousers over which was worn Aprons. This uniform apparently dates back to the origins of Freemasonry when their guiding metaphor was the trade of Stonemasonry including the Apron. Our request for a certain amount of room to accommodate the screen and projector had been prepared and the presentation on ‘SEEDS’ went without a hitch. It ended with a very full and generous vote of thanks after which we retired for pre-dinner drinks. This gave us a chance to meet many of the members and ask questions about their roles, of which they were very open, and also to enable many of them to seek more information about ‘SEEDS’. The proceedings were completed with a most enjoyable dinner. A quite informal affair interspersed with some customs managed by the Director of Ceremonies; the overall mood being one of genuine warmth and fellowship. A

Yolande and the 300 mosquito nets

The evening was a brief insight into Freemasonry but it dispensed any preconceived ideas of a ‘secret society’ as it was very transparent allowing us to be part of a very old and traditional society whose aims are mainly fellowship and coming to the aid of the needy. Rev Canon Yolande Marcussen

Prince George Duke of Kent Court - Christmas Fair AS our picture (left) shows, Santa (aka W Bro Dick Peryer) made his annual visit to our local RMBI home for the Christmas Fair, which was opened by our DPGM, VW Bro Chris Roberts. As ever, W Bro Ray Stiles was there to greet them both. Thanks to staff and lots of volunteers, there was the usual wide variety of stalls, as well as refreshments, to persuade attendees to part with their money (I can personally vouch for the Cornish Pasties, which were delicious!). The Fair raised £2,800 which will all go towards the ‘quality of life’ of the residents. Apart from attending the Christmas and Spring Fairs, you can support the Association of Friends by making donations at any time, or by becoming a member. Full details of how to do this can be found on the Provincial website: Association of Friends West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Freemasonry in the Community - Playing Our Part Cystic Fibrosis

Ifield School

THIS year the Vale of Beck Lodge 6283 held their Ladies Festival at Broke Hill Golf Club, Halstead. The Festival President, W Bro Tim Allitt and his wife Clare welcomed fifty guests including family and friends, many of whom were nonMasons. An excellent three-course meal was enjoyed by all, followed by the customary toasts which were well thought out and entertaining. The MC was Ian Low and Tiger Entertainments provided a magician and the disco. The DJ Tony Durant was a double for TV personality Keith Lemon and not only provided a good range of music that kept the dance floor full but afforded a photo opportunity for many of those attending. Thanks to local businesses who contributed to raffle prizes, favourable rates offered by the venue and entertainment management, together with the generosity of all the Brethren and guests, the evening made a healthy return. Therefore, it was with much pleasure that Tim and Clare were able to present a cheque for £700 on behalf of the Lodge to Vicky Bratherton, Regional Fundraising Manager for Greater London and Bromley Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Vicky was delighted with the cheque and said that she would ensure it would be put to good use.

Young Dominic Bishop presenting the cheque to teacher Miss M Jones and Sports Coach Mr Gardner, flanked by W Bros Bob Bishop and Simon Bishop

Ifield School, which is a Special Needs School, aims to provide an outstanding and supportive learning environment: one which allows everyone to realize their full potential, with a high self-esteem and respect for others in the community, so that they are able to take their place in society with confidence and pride. Their aim is to value, support and challenge the pupils to achieve success. One of the members of Sydney Lodge 829, whose son is a pupil at Ifield School, Gravesend, asked the Lodge for their support in raising funds which would go towards the construction of a specialized sports centre at the school to enable pupils with various disabilities to participate in sports activities. A quiz night organised by W Bro Trevor Hennessey, raised the sum of £700 which the Lodge made up to £1,000 as a donation towards this enterprise.

John Callaghan Secretary

Bob Bishop

Help for Heroes On Friday 8th November, the Westwood Centre, Welling held a ‘Directors Gala Night’ which saw some 60 people dining. Everyone agreed it was a great evening and the proceeds of £450 will be going to the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity.

Where’s our story? I’m vaguely aware of a number of other recent FITC events, but unless someone sends me the information, I can’t publish it. Make sure you get your story in next time; I’m always happy to get them, large or small!

Vicky Bratherton of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust with Clare and Tim Allitt

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


East meets West at the Scriveners’ Conference - in the presence of the Deputy Grand Secretary

FORTY years ago, on the 31st May 1973, the new Masonic Provinces of East and West Kent came into being. To celebrate this auspicious anniversary the Scriveners’ Lodges of East and West Kent organised a joint conference which was held on the 9th November. The idea for a conference came from West Kent Scriveners’ but was readily agreed to by their East Kent counterparts. Given the importance of the anniversary, one of the key tasks was to secure the services of a first class headline speaker. The organisers were delighted when VW Bro Graham F Redman, the Deputy Grand Secretary, agreed to give up a Saturday to attend. The Masonic Hall at Tovil, Maidstone was the chosen venue, being more or less central to Kent, which was just as well, as over 100 Masons from both Provinces attended. This included our own PGM who led the West Kent vanguard over the River Medway, and many members of the Executive. Senior members from East Kent were also present. Altogether there was a good mix of Brethren from both East and West. The morning started at 9:30 a.m. with the Masters of both Lodges (Mike Wheal for West Kent and Peter Martin for East Kent) welcoming the assembled throng. The conference got under way with a keynote talk from the chairman for the day, Roger Odd (Deputy PGM for East Kent) and also a member of both lodges. He challenged the conference as to the role of the Secretary of a Lodge/Chapter. Roger’s light-hearted but informative approach met with approval from his audience and he concluded by assuring all concerned that a Secretary held “the best office in the Lodge”. This was followed by an address from Roger Waltham (APGM East Kent) on the changing face of communications, particularly focussing

on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Roger has produced a guide on this subject, “Website and Social Media Guidelines”, which is available on the East Kent website. The conference was then delighted to welcome Deputy Grand Secretary, Graham Redman (all the way from Great Queen Street via Bedford). He spoke on matters appertaining to the constitution and Masonic etiquette. Given his vast knowledge of the ‘blue book’, which was illuminated with many examples, he brought the subject to life. He then threw the floor open to questions, which came in thick and fast. All were fielded with excellence by this

Three of the principal speakers (l - r): VW Bro Roger Odd, VW Bro Graham Redman, W Bro Gordon Davie

master of his art. It was a great honour for the host Lodges to have Graham as a speaker and he more than did justice to his subject. The image of him “listing” under the weight of his jewels (a response to a query about the wearing of past festival jewels) will remain with all continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Scriveners’ Conference (continued) division of the old Province of Kent into East and West was not the start of a brave new world but an experiment that has never since been repeated. Gordon’s paper was not only interesting but is of historic importance and steps are, naturally, being taken to have this retained for posterity so that the Masonic historians of tomorrow may have an inkling as to what actually happened. The conference was closed by a question and answer session led by Bob King (Deputy Grand Superintendent West Kent and a PM of WK Scriveners) which brought forth many interesting questions (and answers from the speakers). These questions continued at the buffet provided after the conference and it was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces heading homewards shortly after 1:00 p.m. The organisers are exceedingly grateful to Sharon Kember and her team at Tovil for looking after everybody so well and we are all grateful to Alan Short for being the driving force behind such a successful conference.

continued from previous page

The senior delegates from the two Provinces: VW Bro Roger Odd & RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny

present for some time. After a quick break for tea and coffee (any self-respecting conference will look after the needs of the inner man) the second half commenced with Mark Estaugh (APGM West Kent and also a Scrivener) expounding on the changing face of communications over the years. Mark’s presentation was enlivened with images from the past which served to make the point, not only about the rate of change, but how far technology has progressed in such a short time. The image of the early mobile phone, about as portable as a brick, spoke volumes as did the information that a modern mobile phone has more processing power than the NASA moon probe. How should Masonry keep pace and take advantage? Mark’s captivating delivery kept all enthralled to the end. The Masonic future is ours for the taking provided we sensibly blend old and new together. Finally, it was the turn of Gordon Davie (Past APGM West Kent) to talk about how it really was and what actually happened at the time. Gordon is well known in both Provinces and it was a delight to listen to him recount his experiences. As only he can, Gordon took the conference back to 1973 (and earlier) with his “man on the spot” review of events as they unfolded. The conference was in a state of disbelief at Gordon’s solemn revelation that, as a Deputy GDC in the late sixties, he was present at meetings with the then PGM Lord Cornwallis, where he was not allowed to say a word. Go on! Gordon’s illuminating insight into the events of the time was of great interest to all. As he stated, Gordon is one of the remaining few who have received a Kent Provincial apron. Suffice it to say that the

Harry Maton West Kent Scriveners 9799 As if taking note of what Roger Waltham and Mark Estaugh had said about Social Media, the following comments were posted on Facebook shortly after the Conference: “The joint Scriveners' Conference held at Tovil today was extremely well received by the capacity audience. Talks from Graham Redman and Gordon Davie were both enlightening and interesting and we also had presentations on communications from APGMs from East and West Kent, Roger Waltham and Mark Estaugh. Chaired by the ever entertaining Roger Odd with a final Q&A session hosted by Bob King, the morning was a resounding success. Thanks go to all the speakers and also to everybody who gave up their Saturday morning shopping sessions to come along.” “Excellent and successful events like this don't just happen and we are indebted to Alan Short and Harry for the tremendous amount of hard work they put in behind the scenes. Well done and thanks to you both.” “Maybe we can hold more joint seminars!” Editor’s note: as stated in the report, the ‘I was there’ paper about the formation of the two Provinces, presented by W Bro Gordon Davie, will be of interest to many people. It is therefore included elsewhere in this issue.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


we can store the information contained on the summons; for instance so far we have had:     

17 Exaltations 27 Installations 11 Talks 8 Rehearsals 8 No work whatsoever

It is the last entry that I would like to comment on; we have some excellent speakers in our Province plus a marvellous oration team led by Graham Higgs; there is absolutely no reason to do no business, please think about it. To all those companions that contributed to the 2013 appeal for the Royal College of Surgeons, my sincere thanks. We exceeded our target and can hold our heads high when the Royal Arch in general presents a cheque for £2,000,000 to their President; this is double the target we set ourselves. I have just heard that the Grand Charity has sent £50,000 to the Philippines disaster fund. What a magnificent organisation we belong to!

Companions, My first very pleasant duty is to thank all those companions that attended the annual convocation at Freemasons Hall last month, it was a fantastic day. We had five different types of presentation to the MEGS and each gave our DC and his team a different challenge but Kevin in his usual unflappable way coped with everything and in my opinion the ceremonial on the day was as good as it gets. The meal at the Connaught Rooms was superb and at £25 probably the best value in town on the day. My congratulations to all concerned especially those behind the scenes without them the event would not function. But of course my heartiest congratulations to those that received honours, especially Doug Rainbird, whose has only just got over the surprise of being awarded the Invicta Award. I look forward to working with the new Executive Team and wish them well when they visit our Chapters.

Bob King Deputy Grand Superintendent

Chapter ‘Repping’ - A personal view by a Non-Exec Freelance Rep FOR the last three years I have been fortunate to be asked by our Deputy, Bob King, to assist the Royal Arch Executive by representing our ME Grand Superintendent, in visiting some of our seventy or so Chapters. In the Royal Arch in West Kent it is usually on the occasion of their Installation meeting. Who chooses who goes where, you may well ask? The first I know about it is in July each year, when I receive a list of all the dates of Chapter Installation meetings. The 2nd and 3rd Principals and their two Assistants have already earmarked their preferences, usually determined by endeavouring to visit different Chapters throughout their three or five year term of office. The remaining dates are shared between the three other Grand Officers in a similar position to me. This is more or less on a ‘first come, first served’ basis but never visiting the same Chapter two years running.

As we all know we are now well into the electronic communication era and I have to say my filing cabinets are getting emptier by the day; already this Masonic year I have received 71 chapter summonses and not a piece of paper in sight. A hidden advantage is the speed with which

continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Royal Arch News continued from previous page

overall. The Chapter were very hospitable to me but what have I contributed to them and has my visit been helpful? Much pondering on the A21! The next morning I will try to interpret my notes and send my report on the Chapter and its members to the relevant members of the Executive. Its contents are partly confidential but there is, in my opinion, no reason why it cannot be more transparent and especially in the areas of appointments and promotions where there has always been an element of rumour and controversy! Perhaps that’s an opportunity for another article on this subject alone at a later date? One down and another six or seven to look forward to!

The logistics of all this are quite considerable, bearing in mind that we all have other commitments to our own Lodges, Chapters and other degrees and hopefully not forgetting family and non-Masonic activities as well. After two or three drafts the list is finalised, usually in September. The next contact I have is from the Provincial Office, with a copy of the Chapter Summons. Sometimes I receive additional information from the Scribe E such as previous Minutes and any Chapter highlights, which are always welcome. I will then contact the Scribe E around a week or so before the meeting to get a feel of what is going on, ask a few questions and also if they would like me to present a Chapter Certificate. In the meantime I will have received from our Deputy a summary of the previous ‘Reps’ visit as well as the Chapter’s 2015 Festival contributions to date. By the morning of the actual meeting I will have built up a ‘picture’ of the Chapter and have some idea of any helpful suggestions that I may have to make, as well as reflecting the views and wishes of our Grand Superintendent. On arrival at the meeting I find I am always greeted very warmly which I would like to think is not because I am the ‘Rep’ but because Chapter Companions as a group are always so friendly and welcoming. Immediately prior to the meeting I try to avoid disturbing the Scribe E too much; he has enough to do but I take the opportunity of chatting to the Principals, DC, Almoner and Charity Steward and anybody else who will talk to me! The actual ceremony, assuming it’s been rehearsed, generally takes care of itself and I usually keep quiet, observe and enjoy it. Only if asked or if there is a major breach of Masonic protocol will I say anything. Over the years I have witnessed many amusing faux-pas and human errors in the Temple but so what? Ours is a lovely hobby which we all enjoy and hopefully we are all doing our best? After the closing, it’s off to the Bar for some pleasant conversations and I particularly try to speak to the newest Exaltees and find out what they think of the Royal Arch so far. My speech at the Festive Board will obviously reflect the views of the Executive, in particular the progress of the Chapter towards the 2015 Festival as well as the role of the Almoner. I will again mention the Exaltees, this time by name and wish them and the Chapter all the best for the future. On the way home I reflect on the meeting

E Comp Roger Mallett November 2013

A Word from the Provincial DC Companions, THE main event for me since the last WK News was of course Provincial Grand Chapter held on the 25th October and I would like go on record by saying: These events take an awful lot of organisation and I’m heavily reliant on all those that offered their assistance to be there on the day. I would like to offer each and every one of them my sincere gratitude for a job well done: E Comp Roger Mallett and his team of Stewards, E Comp Perri Ahmet and his team of Ushers, and the Active and Past Assistant DCs who had to deal with three carousels coming from different parts of the Temple. Secondly, my grateful thanks to every one of my Deputies and Past Deputies, who performed their tasks in a very professional manner. I would like to give special thanks to E Comps Chris Ashby and Tony Burd who, although not Deputies, came up early on the day and gave invaluable assistance throughout. Last, and by no means least, I would like to thank our Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp Bob King who, although not actively involved with the convocation itself, was there in the background before and during, giving invaluable help and guidance to me. I think we can safely say that the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting was a success thanks to all those mentioned above. Kevin Taylor Provincial GDC

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Royal Arch News A Parting Shot ...

practices we have witnessed elsewhere, which we have adapted for our own use, and which have proved most successful. I was extremely pleased with our production of the “Passing of the Veils” ceremony which we staged at Bromley. This was a task given to me by our Grand Superintendent, and I was quick to enlist the help of the GDC Keith Collcutt, without whose enormous contribution we would not have achieved the success that we did. We were the first Province to stage this demonstration after sanction was granted from Supreme Grand Chapter, and several other Provinces requested our assistance in staging their own demonstration. Both our narration and our equipment were used by others, which was very flattering indeed. At the Provincial Grand Chapter Meeting in October 2013 it was my turn to stand down from office, and there was certainly none present who were more surprised than myself when the Grand Superintendent invested me with his Invicta Award, for services to the Holy Royal Arch. Once again a wonderful surprise, just as every office, rank and honour which have come my way in the past have been. I shall of course continue to observe the expected gathering interest, and success of the Holy Royal Arch in our Province and it may be that I shall be invited to contribute in some small way perhaps to its success in the future. Finally, I would like to record my grateful thanks once again to all of the Companions of the many, many Chapters with whom I have been associated, and to wish them all a long and happy relationship with the Royal Arch.

IN 1994 at the Supreme Grand Chapter Meeting held at Great Queen Street, I had the honour of receiving Grand Rank in the Holy Royal Arch. From that time until October 2013 I have been visiting Chapters in an official capacity on a regular basis, usually at Installation Convocations. It has been a huge privilege, one which has allowed me to meet and enjoy the company of so many Companions throughout those past twenty years. I have always been delighted with the reception I have received, wherever I have been, and the genuine warmth of all those Companions with whom I have had the pleasure to associate. I have consistently throughout the years felt a pang of sympathy for those Brethren who for one reason or another have not become members of the Royal Arch, have not completed their Masonic education, and therefore not enjoyed the special Companionship to which I have referred. To serve my Province, The Province of West Kent, and to be allowed to contribute to its wellbeing and success has been a huge privilege, and one for which I shall always be grateful. Whilst visiting the Provincial Grand Chapter Meetings of the many other Provinces, with whom our Province associates on a regular basis, I have developed lasting friendships with certain Companions of those Provinces, whose company I have been privileged to enjoy over the years. There is no doubt that I will miss this special privilege which I have enjoyed, but I count myself most fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience all that I have. In all fairness it would be true to say that we have benefited on occasion from experiencing

Douglas Richard Rainbird Past 2nd Prov Grand Principal You may be aware that she was a long-time supporter of Demelza House and we thought it only right that instead of floral tributes at her funeral, we asked for donations to that charity. I am very proud to tell you that as of the beginning of November, Demelza House had received over £2,300 in donations in Sonia’s name. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the great support you have given me, my family and Demelza House at this most difficult time.

Brotherly Love AS some of you are aware, I lost my wife Sonia in September after she had a devastating stroke. Many of you would have known her; she was my constant companion at many Masonic functions and she was a member of our Masonic choir. Since her death, my family and I have been overwhelmed with the support given to us by members of this Province – whether it was an email, letter, phone call or visit. We were also staggered with the support you gave us at her funeral.

God Bless You. James Marsh 3rd Provincial Grand Principal

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Royal Arch News Erdemont Chapter ON Saturday 9th November 2013, Erdemont Chapter 5865 held its annual Installation Meeting. The event was made all the more special as the Chapter received a visit from the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp James Marsh. E Comp James was warmly greeted and, in return, greeted the Chapter and brought the congratulations of the Grand Superintendent to the newly-installed Principals. The theme of the evening was very much the charitable efforts of the Chapter. Having already attained a Sapphire Award for the 2015 Festival, the Charity Steward laid out the Chapter's plan to attain Diamond status. The first leg of the plan was to donate £1,400 to mark the Installation. The MSF envelope collection also realised a total of £200 after gift aid reclaim. E Comp James warmly thanked the Chapter for its efforts and the picture below shows him receiving the cheque for £1,400 from the newly -installed First Principal E Comp Paul Wheeler. E Comp James and his team joined the

Chapter members and visitors for a group photograph after the meeting. The smiles on the faces of all present indicate what a happy meeting was enjoyed by all. Ian Gallehawk Charity Steward

Sevenoaks Centre CoI

on Wednesdays through to April - 19th February, 19th March, and 9th April.

Having proved a success, and enjoyed by all attendees, Sevenoaks Centre’s Chapter of Improvement meetings will start up again on Wednesday 15th January, and will continue

All meetings will start at 8:00 p.m. and all Companions (whether from a Sevenoaks-based Chapter or not) are welcome to come along.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


West Kent Mason appointed PGM for Kent Mark ON Saturday 28th September 2013 at the Winter Gardens, Margate, W Bro Archibald I Torrance ProvSGW, LGR, a Founder Member and Past Master of Ash-cum-Ridley Craft Lodge 9700, was installed and invested as the 13th Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of Kent. This role also includes responsibility for the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in Kent. Archie succeeds RW Bro Roger H H Croucher who has led the Province with distinction over the last six years. The ceremony of installation was conducted by the Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Benjamin Addy, assisted by a team from Grand Lodge which included VW Bro Kessick J Jones, the Grand Director of Ceremonies. MW Bro Addy conducted a wonderful ceremony in the presence of around 450 Mark Master Masons, all of who enjoyed the spectacle. After lunch, it was back to work for RW Bro Torrance as he presided over his very first Provincial Grand Lodge meeting. Archie has a long and distinguished career in the Mark Degree. He was advanced into The Lord Harris Lodge of Mark Master Masons 1494 on 11th April 1990 at the Shirley Woolmer Masonic Hall (Sidcup). He became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1998 and again occupied the top Chair in 2007. He was promoted to Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2000 and further promoted to Past Provincial Grand Registrar in 2006. In 2008, Archie was invited to be the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies for the Mark Province of Kent, supporting W Bro Greg Dunham (another well-known West Kent Mason), the Provincial GDC. It was whilst working in this capacity in 2010 that Archie was recommended by the then Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Roger Croucher, for promotion to ‘active’ Grand Steward and then appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master just three months later. In November 2012, Archie was installed as the Worshipful Master of the Kent Installed Mark Masters’ Lodge 999. Archie received further promotion to Past Grand Junior Deacon in June 2013, prior to receiving the invitation of the MW Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England & Wales, MW Bro HRH Prince Michael of Kent, to be the Provincial Grand Master for Kent. Archie is assisted in running the Province by VW Bro David Green as Deputy PGM and two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W Bro Ralph Apperley and W Bro Fred Brown.

Archie said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been invested as the 13th Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of Kent and to follow in the footsteps of so many distinguished Brethren, including The Rt Hon The Lord Harris CBE MC DL who was our 6th PGM and after whom my own Mark Lodge is named. The Mark Degree is a friendly and most enjoyable Masonic Order, with its headquarters at Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St James’s Street, London. When a Brother is ‘advanced’ into the Order that represents his 4th regular step in Masonry. Many members of the Order cite the Mark as one of their favourite Masonic Orders. We have Mark Lodges meeting at Masonic Centres all over West Kent and they are always on the lookout for new members. If you think you might like to find out more about the Mark Degree, information can be found on the Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge websites at or Alternatively, please speak to a friend who is already a Mark Master Mason and he will be delighted to tell you more. I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received from Freemasons from all over Kent and I am looking forward to the years ahead, particularly our next Annual Meeting and Investiture in Mark Provincial Grand Lodge, which will be held at Oakley House (Bromley) on Saturday 27th September 2014.”

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


East & West - How they were formed AS mentioned in the report on the East and West Kent Scriveners’ Conference (see page 7), the fascinating paper presented by W Bro Gordon Davie is considered worthy of wider circulation, and is therefore presented here in its entirity:

promoted by the Rulers in Grand Lodge including the Pro Grand Master, Lord Cadogan, who felt that there were advantages in the split. The members of the Province were unaware of these proceedings but rumours began to circulate. New Lodges, which had been discouraged previously, were notified that their application would be favourably looked at, guidelines were changed. Lowood, Temple Manor, Rookesley, Plantagenets, Three Columns, Harmony & Unity, Eglantine and Kentish Companions were all formed and consecrated, as well as two London Lodges, Hereditary and Oakwood, being encouraged to enter the Province. In East Kent the same was occurring and Manor of Faversham, Portcullis, Old Ruymian, Spinnaker, Trinity Mariners, Gillingham Lodge of Friendship, Minnis Bay and Richard Watts Lodges were consecrated. So in all there was an increase of 17 Lodges over that three-year period and at the division there were 133 Lodges in West Kent and 157 in East Kent. It was also decided to increase the number of Chapters to achieve parity in the two halves of the Province in Lodge and Chapter Founders; the story of County Gate Chapter 7849 was an example. I was approached by E Comp F W Friday, Third Provincial Grand Principal and “asked” if I would like to volunteer to become a Founder of the Chapter as it needed “beefing up”. In the end I agreed and the Chapter was duly consecrated with me as Founding Third Principal. The division of the Province was very complex and by the time the final plans had been made the Province of Kent had 286 Lodges with almost 24,000 Masons. The first official intimation that something was happening was at the March 1973 Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge, when the Grand Master issued the following statement:

TO understand the History of the division of the Province of Kent one has to go back to 1970 when the Province of Kent celebrated the Bicentenary of its formation in 1770. The Provincial Grand Master at that time was Stanley Cornwallis who was a great public figure, a director of many public companies, the Lord Lieutenant of Kent, a past Kent County Cricket Club captain and was universally admired. He inspired all those around him and, whilst I only saw him in his later years, was person of great kindness. He believed in the universality of masonry, and many who didn’t know him didn’t realise his depth of knowledge and feel for the Craft who, in his 35 years as PGM, had made a number of innovations and had instituted a number of reforms including the attendance at Installations of a Representative of the PGM (1935). He had also promoted the formation of a Past Masters Lodge in West Kent, West Kent Masters No 5778 in 1939, and the Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 5866 in 1943. He was a great consecrator of Lodges, averaging four Lodges a year prior to the Province splitting and in 1944 consecrated two Lodges in one day. As the Province grew in the number of Lodges and membership, he was very aware of the need to keep the Provincial spirit of Kent alive, and was very careful to visit Lodges in East, Mid and West Kent, and to apportion officers in his Executive to those areas. He was a great PGM who inspired all who met him and I am certain his example caused many men to join the Craft. 1970 was a very important year in the Province as the Provincial Lodge celebrated its Bicentenary. A history of the Province was written and an assessment of the future was made. By 1970, 35 years after his Installation, the Province had doubled in size and there were 272 Lodges with a total membership of 23,000 Masons; a vast province which, following the Beeching cuts in the railway services and diminishing bus services, was dogged by communications difficulties. At that time it was suggested to Lord Cornwallis that perhaps it might be a good idea to divide Kent into two Provinces, East and West Kent, along the lines of the River Medway, rather like the Men of Kent and Kentish Men. This idea was actively

I have decided after full consultation with the Provincial Grand Master to divide the Province of Kent into two: the original Province, east of a line from the Thames Estuary between Gravesend and the Medway to the Sussex border east of Tunbridge Wells will be renamed East Kent: the remainder of the Province as it now exists will be named West Kent. RW Bro Lord Cornwallis has acceded to my request to be for the time being Provincial Grand Master of both Provinces and will by gradual stages complete the division. His installation as Provincial Grand Master of the new Province will take place on 31st May, 1973. I am convinced that this subdivision alone of our largest continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


East & West - How they were formed (continued) assets fairly; the Provincial Office at Maidstone was a case in point. It had been donated by a West Kent Mason and it was felt that perhaps all assets should be apportioned to the area that the donor came from. Luckily there were two sets of consecration vessels so that didn’t prove a problem. The two main protagonists were the Deputy PGM of East Kent, Lt Col Sir Douglas Igguldon CBE, DSO, TD, who had been chief Valuer at the Board of Inland Revenue and had served with distinction in the Second World War from East Kent and T D Jenkins, Second Provincial Grand Principal of West Kent who, in the First World War, had been in the Royal Flying Corps and was a senior partner in a large accountancy firm. Both were used to being in charge, so inevitably there were differences. Lord Cornwallis, when he learnt of this, adopted a simple principle; he was the PGM, all the decisions that had to be made were his alone and, whilst he would listen to all the arguments, he alone would make all the decisions. This he did and the result was what you see today, and an amicable solution was arrived at even though there was residual ill feeling. Before the actual day for the consecration there was a period when the Provincial Officers designate were shadowing their counterparts in the Province of Kent. Because of apportionment of Officers, all the Directors of Ceremonies were from the Eastern half of the Province and there was no one in West Kent with any experience of the ceremonial aspect. Lord Cornwallis had appointed W Bro Sholto Douglas Barnes as his DC, and W Bro Peter Collins APGM, neither of whom were members of West Kent Lodges, so both joined the DepPGM’s, Jack Twallin’s Lodge, Camden Place 3042. I must make the point that when the Province was divided in 1973 there was only one new Province; Lord Cornwallis was installed in London as PGM of West Kent, but he remained the PGM of East Kent so that he was, on that day, both the longest serving PGM in the United Grand lodge of England as PGM of Kent now called East Kent (he had some 38 years) and also the most junior PGM as PGM of West Kent. So the Province of East Kent continued in the old ways that Kent had been run, it was West Kent that had to start as a new Province without any real traditions apart from those it had inherited from the Province of Kent. The two Provinces were run in tandem for some two years, when we shared the same Provincial Secretary, W Bro Bill Craig, and the same Provincial Treasurer, W Bro Guy Rudgard,

continued from previous page

Provinces both in area, total of Lodges, and particularly total of subscribing membership will be to the advantage of all concerned, and may well lead to other Provinces also following this example. The idea of splitting the Province along the Medway had run into difficulties because, if it was split along the Medway, West Kent would have more Lodges than East Kent, 152 to 134. At that time there was one APGM for 50 Lodges and four of the five APGMs were members of Lodges on the East side of the Medway apart from W Bro Frank Lovell who belonged to a Bromley Lodge. At that time there was no limit on the length of time that Assistant Provincial Grand Masters served. One of the APGMs, Dudley Grasby, served for 25 years from 1957 to 1982 when he was appointed Grand Superintendent. Provincial Grand Masters were appointed for life. It was finally decided to divide the Province so that Gravesend was in East Kent and, to even the balance a little, Tunbridge Wells was placed in West Kent thus making West Kent a Province of 135 Lodges with a total membership of 10,300 members and East Kent with 151 Lodges and 13,500 members, the feeling being that West Kent was bound to grow faster than East Kent because of the influx of London Lodges into the Welling and Bromley areas and the formation of new Lodges, and this proved to be the case until the late 1980s. Also one of the most influential advisers to Lord Cornwallis was W Bro F W Friday who was the head of all the orders in the Province - Mark, Ark, Rose Croix, KT, etc., etc., and he urged that Gravesend, which was very strong in the other degrees, remain in East Kent and Tunbridge Wells, which in his view was less progressive, in West Kent. I think it true to say that, prior to the split, because of the way the various jobs were apportioned, West Kent Masons felt they were less favourably treated than the main part of the County, and brethren in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks felt even more alienated and felt they were almost forgotten. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master Jack Twallin was aware of this feeling and when the new Province of West Kent was formed in 1973 pursued an active policy to overcome this feeling, and to this end attended every function he could and was very enthusiastic about the formation of a Past Masters Lodge in the Tunbridge Wells area. During the negotiations there were of course many problems because of the need to split the

continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


East & West - How they were formed (continued) facts? In my experience, for a Lodge to survive and produce a regular stream of candidates who progress to the Chair 50 to 60 members is ideal with 50 the absolute minimum. With West Kent hived off, East Kent had over 13,500 and West Kent had over 10,000; today they are both much reduced and have 6,500 and 5,000 respectively, the decrease having taken place over the past 25 years. In the run up to the split, nine new Lodges were consecrated, three have since failed Temple Manor, Kentish Companions and Spinnaker, a telling statistic 30% failure rate. The current thinking is we need fewer Lodges with more members in each, back indeed to the pre-split days. I think it is telling that the idea of dividing large Provinces into smaller units was not taken up by any of the other large Provinces such as Surrey and Essex; in other words it was an interesting idea but not a real success. I believe that Freemasonry depends for its survival on Lodges, and provided they keep within the parameters set down by the Book of Constitutions, they should be left alone and allowed to develop without superimposing ideas as to what should be the size of a Lodge. I will close with the words of Stanley Lord Cornwallis PGM of Kent for almost 50 years:

continued from previous page

and indeed the first Consecration I attended as Deputy PGDC to learn the ropes was the Richard Watts Lodge which was consecrated at Chatham, in another Province, and it wasn’t until the Past Deputy PGM of Kent, Jack Twallin, was installed in 1975 as Provincial Grand Master that the split was finally accomplished. However, it was only after the resignation of Lord Cornwallis as PGM of West Kent that the character of the two Provinces began to alter and they each began to have a different character. Looking back over the past forty years since that experiment, can we decide whether it was a success or failure, or was it based on the false premise that Freemasonry would continue to expand, rather like a Ponzi scheme and doomed to failure because there is a finite number of men who would want to join the Craft? Another idea was that Master Masons would benefit from a shorter journey time to the Chair, and that it would also be beneficial if brethren past the Chair became Provincial Officers quicker. At the time of the split it took 10-12 years to attain Provincial Rank, so with it taking 10-20 years to reach the Chair, a brother normally took any time between 20-30 years to become a Provincial Officer. The split reduced the waiting time for Provincial Rank to 7 years. Another thought was that Lodges were too large; indeed Lord Swansea decreed in South Wales that once a Lodge reached 50 members it should form a daughter Lodge, but was this borne out by the

“In spite of the ... age in which we live ... Freemasonry is a torch to be handed on. There is no end of time to masonry.” Gordon Davie even that document doesn’t tell us where the name came from! The only suggestion I have received to date is that the name may have arisen from the times when Masons would dine on wooden tables or boards [hence “Festive Board”?]. When they occasionally invited their wives to dine with them, they covered the tables/boards with a white cloth, presumably to improve the appearance for their special guests.

Why ‘White Table’? I’m sure most if not all of us have heard of or attended a “White Table Meeting” at some time in our Masonic life. Some of us are aware that there are quite comprehensive guidelines and rules about what should and should not, can and cannot, be included in the proceedings. However, is anyone aware of the origins of the phrase? This is not just idle speculation on my part; the question was put to me by Ian Benfield of Ravensmead Lodge 6404. Having done a few unsuccessful Google searches, I even consulted the UKMasonList* but have yet to find an authoritative answer. Thanks to W Bro Ray Hollins, a Worcester Freemason who has published a series of “short talks” entitled “A Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge”, you can discover (from Talk No 76) a great deal about how White Table Meetings came into being, their aims & objects and the necessary planning arrangements. However,

If anyone has any better information, please send it to me and I will publish it in the next issue. * UKMasonList is an email-based forum which, despite its name, has members from all over the globe. The forum discusses all matters Masonic as well as a wide variety of other topics. If anyone is interested in joining, please contact me for the details. Mike Wheal

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Masonic Miscellany breakfast then when the children arrive we take each one fishing, give them a substantial lunch, more fishing when possible and then the awards are given; usually one per child. A very enjoyable day is had by all and we are planning to run four events next year. The last event was held in Sussex, at Duncton Mill Trout Fishery, and was a "fish-off" for teams of four branch members from each of the Provinces in the Southern Region Group. West Kent's team comprised Events Organiser John Berry, Treasurer Ken Parry Husbands and regular caster Frank Weaver. The competition took place over four lakes, with competitors having to move from lake to lake every hour with the aim of catching up to four trout. It was no surprise that the home team from Sussex took first prize in the team event but our undermanned West Kent team were gallant runnersup, beating all the other southern Province branches, some of which had put forward both A and B teams. West Kent, however, was not finished and John Berry took the top individual prize for Biggest Fish of the day with a splendid 5lb Rainbow Trout (see picture left). All in all a very successful year!

MTSFC Catching the Smile!

Ken Parry Husbands Treasurer

PGM’s ‘Golden Mile’ Lakes Walk AS you will doubtless recall, our PGM spent several days in the Lake District, during which he undertook a walk for the Golden Mile, inviting sponsorship from those who wished to guess at the total distance covered. At the Provincial Officers’ Mess meeting, the PGM announced the result. The guidance he had issued to assist in making realistic guesses had been somewhat undermined by a member of his party who proved less than expert in reading maps! The weather had been variable, ranging from blue skies allowing views of the Isle of Man and Northern Island at 2,000ft down to 40 yards visibility, demanding the use of a compass. Fortunately, the ‘spirits’ of the walkers could be raised each evening at a local hostelry which boasted some 175 whiskies, including some “great rarities”! Because of the ‘diversion’, the distance walked over the four days was 33.1 miles. The lucky winner was Darren Friel of Oakwood Lodge 8958, who was presented with a copy of “Winter in the Lake District” by Val Corbett and a bottle of Single-Malt Whisky. The walk raised over £700 towards the 2015 Festival.

“The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with Special Needs”. WE have had a very successful year, arranging three events and attending a fish-off, but there was one sad event: we lost our Chairman, Alan Game. Alan had been instrumental in setting up the branch in 2009. Since then he was our guide and mentor and will be sadly missed. His replacement is Keith Fairweather who has been working hard to raise funds and give us the high profile necessary in the Province to ensure that we continue into the future and expand. At our three events, 24 disadvantaged children were given a days’ fishing. It should have been more but some drop out at the last moment. The objective is to enable mentally and physically challenged children to gain in confidence, meet new challenges and achieve tangible results. We rely on our casters who travel considerable distances to assist us and we thank them sincerely. We start with a

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


Masonic Miscellany Mountsfield Lodge 6548

Congratulations! W Bro Denis Moy Mottingham Lodge 6753 Members of Mottingham Lodge 6753 might be in danger of becoming a bit blasé about longservice citations (but I very much doubt that they will!). The latest member to reach the 50-year milestone is W Bro Denis Moy who achieved this in November. This follows W Bro Doug Knights, who achieved it in April, and will be followed by W Bro Sid Baber next April. Three 50-year citations in a 12-month period speak highly of the Lodge and the loyalty of its members, all three of whom are Mottingham Lodge initiates. As Lodges normally only get one visit a year now from an APGM the trio posed a few problems i.e. can we have three visits for each of these 50-year presentations within a 12month period. VW Bro Chris Roberts, our Deputy PGM, kindly solved this by volunteering to come and present W Bro Denis with his citation. W Bro Denis went through the chair in 197576 and served as Director of Ceremonies for several years in the 90s. The presence of the DPGM was much appreciated by all and contributed to what was a most pleasant occasion.

ON Saturday 14th September at Oakley House, Bromley, the members of Mountsfield Lodge 6548 installed W Bro Les Hutchinson, Chief Executive of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, into the Chair. They were honoured by the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro. Christopher Roberts, who attended officially, the Metropolitan Grand Master, RW Bro. Russell Race, who came as a guest and W Bro Mark Estaugh, Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Group 4. To make the evening complete, members of the other Masonic charities also attended, much to the surprise of the Master Elect! After an excellent installation ceremony carried out by the Worshipful Master, W Bro Peter Frost, 45 Brethren dined harmoniously together. Many visiting Brethren paid tribute to W Bro Les, wishing him all the very best for the year. The photograph above shows the Worshipful Master, flanked by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Metropolitan Grand Master, surrounded by 12 fellow Grand Officers.

Terry Suttle Secretary

Paul Flowerday Secretary Editor’s Note: I’m sorry the two photos on this page are not of a particularly high quality. I tried to ‘adjust’ them, but can only work with what is sent to me.

VW Bro Chris Roberts presents W Bro Denis Moy with his 50year citation

If your Lodge or Chapter has a special event coming up, please give some thought to photographs in advance (you may have a good photographer amongst your members). This will not only make WK News images better, it will provide a better memento for those for whom the event is ’special’.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


West Kent Masonic Sports Association Brethren, As 2013 draws to a close and since the majority of our sports are summer activities I thought this was an excellent opportunity to thank the organising committees for their magnificent support in keeping up this most important part of our Provincial life. Not surprisingly, the Golf Section takes centre stage, and for this I would like in particular to thank Archie Torrance. 2013 has been a great year for him: in May he was appointed Provincial Senior Warden for West Kent and in September he was promoted to PGM of Kent Mark Masons, but I am certain the highlight was when at the beginning of the Summer he took over as Secretary of the Golf Section. If he does the other two jobs half as well as he has done that one they will both benefit. Despite his ill health Brian Butler has kept the Bowls Section going and I am certain that next year will see it return to its former glories

along with Brian’s health. Stuart Darby has achieved great results in starting the Clay Pigeon Shooting Section and I am sure that any keen marksman will be welcome at their monthly meetings. Unfortunately the Cricket Section has not been so successful and we could only muster five West Kent Freemasons to participate. Andrew Hummersone has taken over as Secretary and next spring he will be canvassing for players and I sincerely hope that he gets the support he deserves. Brethren I see sport as a very important part of our social life and an excellent way to encourage non-Masons to come and join us, so I implore you to give us your support in 2014, when we hope to add a Rugby Section (watching not playing) to our portfolio. Bob King Chairman, Provincial Sports Association Sadly, since this article was written, Brian Butler passed to the GLA on 1st January. RIP. help us promote Freemasonry in the wider community. Along with regular social events at both Domestic and International fixtures we would hope one day to recruit some players and coaches to be involved with a Provincial team; we already have local teams that would be happy to play against the proposed team and there are also other Provinces who have established teams already, East Kent being one of them. If you would like to know more about being involved with the Provincial Rugby Section please do not hesitate to contact myself or any other member of The Province of West Kent Sports Association Committee.

Rugby Brethren, I am a younger Freemason whose sporting prowess is not on the golf course, cricket field or bowling green, but the rugby field. I would like to develop an interest within the Province for my sport; I realise that a Provincial Rugby Team may be out of reach but that would not stop us coaching or watching. The purpose of the section would be to give people with a passion for our game an opportunity to meet with other like-minded people, many of whom may also have a Masonic interest or link in common also. With recruitment being a hot topic within Freemasonry of late I believe that inviting possible candidates to meet Brethren at social events away from meetings and formalities will show them that we are more than “The Men in Black” with the funny handshakes, and that we are first and foremost average men. Ultimately I feel that meeting in such an informal manner would make possible candidates feel more at ease and break down the stigma that we often carry as members of The Craft. As we all know, Charity and giving is a big part of what we do. Something that is very close to my heart is Coaching and Youth Work, so each year I would like to consider holding fundraising events for a local club with a good Youth Policy within the Province of West Kent, and see if we can arrange for one or two events with our chosen Club for that year. This will also

Sammy Harman Peace and Concord 3947 Editor’s Note: Although Sammy doesn’t specifically say so, I assume he is talking about Rugby Union, since, despite several attempts by the professional game to introduce the 13-aside game in the south of England, it is very much a minority sport. Sammy has tremendous enthusiasm for the game and the energy to get a Rugby Section off the ground (lifting is allowed these days!), so please give him your support if you have an interest in the game, or even if you just want to find out more about the game, whose ethos is not dissimilar to that of Freemasonry. I for one will give him all the support I can.

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


West Kent Masonic Sports Association It was now on to the major international events of the year….

A Wonderful Year for West Kent Golfer

On 5th – 7th June, Ian took part in the English Seniors’ Open Amateur Championship at Long Ashton Golf Club and Bristol & Clifton Golf Club in Bristol. This was a three-day event for the top 60 golfers making the cut. Ian scored rounds of 77, 76 and 80 on the three days, which placed him Joint 29th out of a field of 240 golfers; another marvelous performance. On 19th/20th June, Ian headed north of the border to take part in the Scottish Seniors’ Open Amateur Championship at The Golf House in Elie in the Kingdom of Fife. Ian remained for the whole event by making the cut with 49 other golfers and was placed 28th out of 144 participants. Finally, on 12th – 14th July, Ian crossed the English Channel to play in the French International Seniors’ Amateur Strokeplay Championship at Wimereux Golf Club near Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. Over the course of the three-day event he scored 77, 76 and 78, which led to him being placed Joint 8th out of 111 golfers. All in all this has been a quite wonderful season for Ian. The West Kent Masonic Sports Association is extremely proud of Ian’s achievements. We extend our sincere congratulations to Ian and wish him well for an even more successful 2014 season! Archie Torrance Hon Secretary

THIS has been a fine year for one of the members of the West Kent Golf Section. Bro Ian Brooker, a member of Welling Lodge 5976 and Vice-Captain of Littlestone Golf Club, has been participating in the Amateur Seniors’ Golf Championships this summer, both at home and abroad. And what a summer it has been! In March 2013, playing off of a handicap of 2, Ian entered the Kent Amateur Seniors’ Trial for The Robin Young Trophy at Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich. He shot an excellent round of 71 which gave him 2nd place; a quite wonderful start to the season. On 10th/11th April, Ian took part in the North Foreland Seniors’ Masters Championship at North Foreland Golf Club in Broadstairs. Over the course of the two days he shot rounds of 74 and 73, which was good enough for him to win the championship outright and to lift the coveted trophy. This brilliant result gave him a great deal of confidence for the competitions ahead.

Inter-Provincial Golf 2013 Results


HIS was another good season for our Golf Section. Thanks are due to our Captain, Phil Doyle, to our Committee Members and to all our regular players for giving their time and energy to support the Province in this way; it really is very much appreciated. Archibald I. Torrance Honorary Secretary WKMSA Golf Section The results are shown in full on the following page. continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


West Kent Masonic Sports Association WKMSA Golf - Inter-Provincial Results - 2013 Date



18 April

West Kent v Sussex

WON 6-4

29 April

West Kent v Surrey

LOST 3-4

13 May

SE England Championship

21 June

Grand Stewards’ Golf Day

Team: Runners-up [Phil Doyle/Dave Higgins/Tony Latham/Keith Reynolds] Team: 3rd Place [Mick Lane/Ian Betts/Jeff Wybourn/Vik Rampersad] Champion: Mick Lane WON The Micky Cash Memorial Trophy Team: WON The Shakespeare Cup [Jonathan Winpenny/Graham Higgs/Alan Ward/John Maxfield] WON 5-1

2 July 19 August

West Kent v Middlesex East Kent v West Kent

LOST 6-3

West Kent Open Golf Championship & Ladies’ Rose Bowl OUR Open Golf Championship was held at West Malling Golf Club (Spitfire Course) on Monday 23rd September. A total of 64 golfers took part including many who were not yet Freemasons. We also again held the Ladies’ Rose Bowl competition alongside the men’s Championship. The weather was warm and sunny, which made a very pleasant change from the weather we endured at Westerham last year. The results were as follows…..

Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous three-course meal after the exertions of the day. The raffle conducted at the prize-giving dinner raised over £455 for charity and our Golf Section continues to support the West Kent 2015 Festival for the Masonic Samaritan Fund. We were joined at dinner by Mrs Patricia Cash, whose late husband Micky did so much for the West Kent Golf Section. We are always delighted when Patricia can join us and as a little thank you she was presented with a beautiful orchid by our 2013 Captain, W Bro Phillip Doyle. By way of a special treat our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny, made an official visit to the meeting of the Kentish Round Table Lodge 8685 at Sevenoaks Masonic Centre on Thursday 21st November. He was pleased to see Bro Gary MacDonald take his 3rd Degree and later presented Gary and his partner Ian Betts with The West Kent Pot in open Lodge.

West Kent Open Championship 1st Kentish Round Table Lodge 8685 [Ian Betts and Gary MacDonald] with 76 pts., winning The West Kent Pot 2nd Sevenoaks Weald Lodge 8882 [Keith Reynolds and David Higgins] with 72 pts., lifting The Peter J.J. Smith Shield Best Pairs Combined Score Julian Gower and Marc Titler, both guests, with 80 pts., winning The Paddlesworth Pairs Cup

If anyone would like to get involved in the West Kent Golf Section you need only email Archie at and he will be pleased to add your name to the membership list. Please note that there is no membership fee!

Individual Competition 1st Marc Titler with 43 pts., winning The West Kent Open Individual Stableford Trophy 2nd Gary MacDonald of Kentish Round Table Lodge 8685 Nearest the Pin – Mark Eyles-Thomas of Universal Lodge 8219 Longest Drive – David Higgins of Sevenoaks Weald Lodge 8882

Pictures of the WK Open and individual winners are shown on the next page; further pictures will be published on the website in the near future.

Ladies Rose Bowl competition 1st Mrs Viv Stoner winning The Ladies Rose Bowl 2nd Mrs Beth Osborne

continued on next page

West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


West Kent Masonic Sports Association West Kent Open Golf Championship & Ladies’ Rose Bowl

The PGM presents the ‘West Kent Pot’ to winners Bros Ian Betts and Gary McDonald, supported by W Bro Peter Smith (Vice President, Golf) and W Bro Archie Torrance (Hon Secretary, Golf)

Mr Marc Titler receives the Individual Stableford Trophy from Mrs Patricia Cash

Mrs Viv Stoner receives the Ladies Rose Bowl from the PGM and Mrs Patricia Cash

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West Kent News On-Line ~ Issue 7 ~ December 2013


WK News On-Line – Issue 7  

The On-Line Magazine of the Masonic Province of West Kent

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