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Lai, Pin -Yi I hope I am the brightest comet in the galaxy. When I clash into the planet of industry, I can light it up with my inspiration, passion and dreams no matter how weary and lonely the long journey is.





- National Cheng Kung University Departmet of Industrial Design - Taichung Second Senior High School



- 2011NCKU Industrial Design Exhibition Best Awards - 2012NCKU Industrial Design Exhibition Best Awards

- Activities Director, Cross College Elite Program Department Student Assoication - Director of Public Relations,Industrial Design Department Student Assoication

- Computer Software / Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffect, Indesign - 3D Modeling / Solidworks, Keyshot - Modeling capability / PU, ABS, Acrylic, Wood, Spray painting



- Chinese, English, Taiwanese



Industrial Design - Handy Cooking - Medcine Box - Perfumed Cement

Project/Handy Cooking

Handy Cooking - A system to simplfycooking process. - Two sliding cutting boards. - A side door of the sinkcan be opened - A track on the countertop extends to the sink


2013 Industrial Design 7

Project/Handy Cooking


Whenever you cook, what' s annoying you the most? Trashcan far away, water flowing everywhere, lots of plates occupying the working place? Handy Cooking may help you out! With elegant wooden cutting boards sliding on countertop, you can make dishes on the enlarged working place; a hidden trashcan standing by just under the right side of the sink makes disposing of garbage no longer a thing that bothers; it even drains your leftover! Handy Cooking really makes cooking handy!


Throw out garbage without leaking. The side door of the sink is the most important part of HandyCooking because we often make a lot of kitchen waste while cooking. In addition, kitchen waste often contains water. It is annoying to clean the wet trash. This door solves the problem by a declined plane and long drainage holes To clean the garbage on

Open the side door of the sink. Push kitchen waste through the inclined plane of the cutting board onto the door. 

the countertop, we just move the cutting board to the place above the side door and then open the side door and put it down. When the waste falls to the plane, water around it will slide down the plane. Finally, you can dump the waste into the trash can by closing the side door.

Water around vegetables will flow down through the slope to the long drainage holes.

Kitchen waste will fall into the trash can beside the door when we close the side door.


Project/Handy Cooking

These are dual-use cutting boards. Both sides have their own function. These are dual-use cutting boards! You can use the back of it to wash vegetables or fruit above the sink. M oreover, the flowing down of water along the groove protects the countertop from getting wet. If you pull both cutting boards


above the sink, you will find that they can cover it. Handy Cooking is not only e  legant but also useful for people who are scared of cockroaches!

Easily to clean up

and drain. It is essential to keep the wooden cutting board dry. So I design a concave plane to reduce the weight of it, making it easy to lift the board up. In addition, the cutting board can stand by the track on the countertop when you want to dry it.


Project/Handy Cooking

Slide to stovestop. Generally, there is a long distance between a sink and a stovestop. W h i l e w e a re t r y i n g to move the food from the sink to the s t o v e s t o p, w e o ft e n get the countertop wet. It is a big trouble to clean it all the time.


Therefore, I take use of the cutting boards. Let it slide between the sink and the stovestop. By slinding the boards, moving ingredients is no loger a trouble. And the sliding boards even enlarge the workplace!


I make the cutting boards and the sink all by myself. Every part of it has its own function. Here are the notch, the arc slope, the drainage holes, and the handle.


Project/Handy Cooking


I interviewed some young housewife and obsevated them while they are cooking.Then, I made the conclusin below : 1. Countertop is far away from trashcan. 2. Workplace on the countertop is not enough. 3. Washing vegetables makes the countertop wet easily. 4. Cutting boards have to wash over and over again. 5. Incovenient to move the food between the sink and countertop.


Persona & Design goals Age / 30 Personality / prefer healthy food and cooking Hight / 162 cm Cooking Experience / more than 15years Cooking Frequence / twicw a day Family Member / husband and a child House / A small apartment at downtown Work / Administrative Assistant Working hours / 9:00am - 5:00PM


1. Simplfy the process of cooking. 2. Take use of the place above the sink. 3. Solve the problem of throwing the wet waste. 4. Enlarge the workplace of countertop. 5. Move the food easily.

Project/Handy Cooking


The idea originates from the problems of cooking I encountered. Improving the system of countertop is the first step. I think if the cutting board is movable upon the sink and there is a trash can below the countertop, it will simplify the process of cooking!



I simulate the size of the countertop and make full - scale model by cardboard. And then choose the material for the countertop which is called Melamine Plywood.


Project/Handy Cooking


I made the sink by ABS a n d u s e d P VC p i p e s to create round angle. Then, used PU to fill the gap. Finally, assemble the side door and the sink together.


Making the back of the cutting boards. Cutting board is the key part of Handy Cooking. If the size goes wrong, the system will be unable to run. Besides, when processing this wooden board, we must be really careful. I think this step is the most difficult part. To reduce the weight of it, we had to cut of half of


it. Afterwards, I made round angles to prevent f o o d f ro m g o i n g t o the corner and I also used sandpaper to grind it. At last, I coated the cutting board with boiling oilto make it waterproof. These steps took one week. It is a real cutting board rather than a model.

Medicine Box With a transparent lid and a spout, the portable medicine box makes taking medicine more convenient and easy. And one will never forget whether he has taken medicine or not. 2013 Product Design


Research & Interview Medicine boxes nowadays sometimes are not convenient for some patients. Therefore, I consulted the doctors and nurses from the hospital of NCKU about how patients use medicine boxes and what the inconvience is. After I collected and analysed

the datas, I classified the incovenience into three aspects: 1.The medicine boxes are diffcult to open for some people. 2.It's not easy to take the medicine out of the boxes. 3.The medicine boxes are incovenient to carry.


Project/Medicine Box


Portable medicine box makes taking medicine more convenient and easier with the transparent lid and the spout. It helps you to remember whether you have taken the medicines or not! And with a set of seven boxes, you can take your medicine orderly for a week!


New idea for a medicine box. The medicine box is diffirerent form those in the pharmacy. The only one lid, instead of four we often see on market, is bigger and easier to open. And it also simplfies the process of putting the medicine

Open the transparent box lid to the left and put the medicine for a day into it, in the order of left to right.

Push the button to the right compartment to get the right medicine.

in the box. The spout on the left side makes the pills drop out easily. As for the blue button, it controls which compartment of medicine you are going to get.

Tilt the box and the pills will drop out frrom the spout. We don't have to take them one by one.


Project/Medicine Box

A set of a week.


Enlarge four compartments & make it easier to take.

Long compartments provides larger place to put medicine in. And it is also ergonomic! It is easy to take the appropriate size of square.


Project/Medicine Box


I started my idea form changing the way we take medicine and put the pills in.I expexct the patient could use the Medicine Box without others help. And it is clear for patient knowing the right medicine to take.



I used ABS and Acrylic to created this model. First, I cut several pieces of ABS and build them up.


Project/Perfumed Cement

2013 Marketing and Management of Art


Perfumed Cement

Using water-absorbing feature of cement, we drop some perfume into cement and make it into personal fragrant accessories. We name it "perfumed cement." Chaging the huge a n d ro u g h i m a g e o f cement, we make it light and delicate.

Perfumed cement is not only fragrant but also extremely firm! There is no need to worry it may be fragile because it becomes harder with time.


Project/Perfumed Cement

ProductsNecklace, bracelet, earrings Our products include necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The accessories we made are worn at the position like the neck, earback or wrists, the same position we put on perfume. The body heat there helps the fragrance spread in the


air. In order to combine the cement with the frangance completely , we make the product smaller and in the floral or geometrical shapes. And most important of all, each product is infused with natural and unique scent.

Accessories with fragance.

-Camellia -Round Mirror -Profound -Triangle Mirror


Project/Perfumed Cement

Marketing at website.

We put our products o n Fa c e b o o k . S o more people will know our concept through the Internet. This poster is one of our Ads for necklace.


Sells our products at creative market. In the winter of 2013, the department of industrial design held a creative market at National Cheng Kung University. We sold our products to tourists or students from other departments. It is a wonderful chance to

market students' innovative works! Throgh the creative market, we know our products did have market potential! The turnove is more than ten thousand a day!

2013.12.22 2013.12.28 2014.01.22 2014.03.24 33

-Tainan Patriotic Women Hall Creative Market -NCKU Grassland Music Festival -Anping creative market -NCKU Urban Planning Marketplace

Project/Perfumed Cement

Experiment on delicacy, hardness, tone. In the beginning, we made a series of experiments on cement to understand its characteristics. The first experiment was about the delicacy. It was the key step of our project. Only when we know the delicacy of cement,


will we make it into accessories successfully. In second test,we blended water and c e m e n t i n d i ff i r e n t proportion to find the hardest one. In the final test, we added different kind of pigment to see the the color change.

Delicacy experiment

Hardness test We mix water, cement and pigment together in plastic box, and o bserve t h e c h a g e i n d i ff i re n t proportions.

Tone experiment 35

Project/Perfumed Cement

Style design

After a series of experiments, we started to design the accessories. In fact, it was difficult to design ornaments because we had many technical difficulties with making molds. In the end, we selected some ideas which were more likely to achieve.



To create a new shape of cement, we needed to have molds. So we drew drafts on the computers at first. Then we used acrylic laser cutting to make a scale model. After making a successful model, we took it to a silicone mold factory to fill the mold. Next , we infused cement and water into the mold. After waiting for a day, we took it out of the mold and put perfume on it. Finally, we completed "perfumed cement! "


Lai, Pin - Yi Industrial Design Portfolio