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The Gaslight Anthem Our gig poster for the Gaslight Anthem features connectthe-dots, leaving the title typography up to the viewer. A bit of controlled graffiti, a dash of interactivity and, depending on your drawing skills, the potential for vandalism.

calvino’s visibility This formal investigation is inspired by the chapter “Visibility” from Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium. This project reinterprets the meaning of visibility and how it works based on Calvino’s writing.

coca-cola cinema poster This poster was part of an assignment for Coca-Cola North America to create point-of-sale pieces for cinema usage. The client challenged us to express the unique connection between Coca-Cola and the movie-going experience.

seeds of the cities This is the visual identity system for Huasen Architecture Company’s touring exhibitions. Perforated characters are composed of and shown by dots. Every exhibition area employs dynamic LED to show its indicating system.

St. Vincent/tortoise concert posters Concert posters are a captivating intersection of art, music, pop culture and personal taste. They can be appreciated by a surprisingly diverse and disparate range of people

Museum of modern art identity The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) possesses one of the most recognizable logotypes of any cultural institution in the world. While the logo is iconic in itself, the museum needed a comprehensive institutional identity that would carry the spirit of MoMA across multiple platforms.

espace go branding ESPACE GO is a feminist avant-garde theater, the only one in Montréal with a variable geometry room. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, the management wanted to rejuvenate its image. Colors give a third dimension to the work. Quiksilver Pro Puerto Escondido 2009 An art package was created to convey the heaviness and history of Puerto Escondido in Mexican surfing, while still being relevant for Quiksilver in 2009. The resulting poster was silkscreened in a traditional two-color gradient and wheat-pasted around the city.

Denver Center Theatre Company 2009-10 Season Poster Series The Denver Center Theatre Company is a top-tier, Tony Award– winning theater company, known for their thought-provoking and compelling plays. To promote its 2009–2010 season, we created a series of posters as bold and energetic as the plays themselves. We had the challenge of presenting each play individually while also branding the entire season as a collection of curated shows.

AIGA365 poster design

Kitchen Dog Season Collateral Kitchen Dog Theater (KDT), an avant-garde Dallas theater company, needed to promote its 2009–2010 season and establish an identity separating it from other, more staid local theater venues.

FA171.2 - AIGA Catalog  
FA171.2 - AIGA Catalog  

FA171.2 - AIGA Catalog