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Acção de Formação: As TIC no ensino do Inglês Escola Básica dos Louros 5 a 10 de Junho Formadora: Alexandra Francisco Formando: Filipe Pinto

Lesson Plan (Select appropriate tools) Describing your house/ flat Aim: get students speaking and to practice “home” related vocabulary and prepositions of place. Warm up: quizzing students about prepositions. Teacher brings a ball and shows it to pupils: he/she places it around a cube/ box. Asks “Where is the ball?” 1. In pairs, in front of a computer, pupils practice the flashcards. Web 2.0 tool: proprofs/ 2. Voice Thread: Pupils already know the rooms. Teacher shows them a typical living room. Teacher asks them to go to the following link and write sentences/ comments about the place where the objects are in the living room) 3. Goanimate. Teacher shows a new tool called goanimate. He/ she shows how to work with it. The teacher creates the first two scenes and asks them to create more scenes in groups. Then they show the final work to all class. 4. Classroom Game To check if pupils understood the grammar item, the teacher asks them to answer a classroom game, where students answer questions to win billions. Review prepositions of place(in, on, behind, under, next to) in this billionaire game 5. Homework (Wall wisher): Pupils go to Wallwisher and they describe where things are in their flat/ house.

lesson plan  

Lesson plan

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