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Question 1 About 80 percent of federal receipts are accounted for by: Answer · Question 2 Transfer payments by the federal government in the United States account for about: Answer · Question 3 Following the circular flow of a mixed economy, firms receive a flow of dollars from and send goods and services to: Answer · Question 4 In 2008, which country listed below has the highest percentage of government spending relative to GDP? Answer · Question 5 Government purchases for consumption and investment: Answer · Question 6 Government goods and services are usually: Answer

· Question 7 Following the circular flow of a mixed economy, which entity or entities distribute resources? Answer · Question 8 State and local government expenditure in the United States accounts for about: Answer · Question 9 A mixed economy is one in which: Answer · Question 10 Total annual expenditures by federal, state, and local governments in the United States in the 1990s accounted for roughly: Answer · Question 11 The real cost of government goods and services is: Answer · Question 12 If the economy is currently operating on a point on the production possibility curve for government goods and services versus private goods and services, Answer · Question 13 Taxes: Answer · Question 14

The old-age dependency ratio is: Answer 路 Question 15 Federal government expenditures in the United States account for about: Answer

Eco 450 week 2 quiz (devry)  

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