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The Road to Broadway runs through the San Fernando Valley

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Controversy follows Dolphy to his final resting place ► By David Casuco PWD Contributing Writer


ODOLFO Vera Quizon a.k.a. Dolphy was brought to his final resting place last week, leaving a pall of gloom to millions of Filipinos whom he endeared himself so much through his memorable comic acts. With his passing, the concern was not why he passed away; but why he was not accorded the National Artist honor before he passed away. And as the public clamor


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By Joel


O O D old family fun and entertainment. Music for all generations. A Saturday night dance party. The open-air residential streets of CBS Studios Soundstage Backlot in Studio City. The color yellow. What do they all have in common? On August 25-26, 2012, Gandi Skin Mutya ng Southern California Care and Maxx Promos are rightfully proudly presenting ‘Pistahan sa CBS Stu-



• SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2012

Bander Senior Columnist and the Investigative Team


OS ANGELES –’s web page story of a few days ago ran with the opening paragraph of “[s]everal members of the Fil-Am community have come forward and supplied documents and information to showing that Darna Umayam, the project director of the scandal-ridden “100 Outstanding Fil- Ams in the

US,” appears to have absconded with $25,000 to $40,000 during her Grand Chairmanship of the 111th Philippine Independence Day Committee in 2009.” Before that story came out Umayam had refused to respond to numerous questions posed to her by However, once the story was released on the PinoyWatchDog. com web page she then provided

some details, and threatened this publication with a defamation lawsuit. Among the PWD sources in this week’s web story were the U.S. Federal tax returns of Philippine Children’s Charities (which Darna Umayam and her husband Eligio Umayam control) for the years 2009 - 2011, as well as the Profit & Loss Statement signed Turn to Page 3

“Distinguished Honorees” presented to the public during a Press Conference & Acquaintance Party of the Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA 2012 at the Mandarin Room of the Universal Hilton Hotel on a Sunday, March 25, 2012. Four months later organizers have yet to make public their names as requested.

OS ANGELES – has learned that Darna Umayam’s Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. (PCCI) was created and paid for by the 2009 Kalayaan organizing committee of which she was the Grand Chairman.

Bander Senior Columnist and the Investigative Team

Joel Bander Senior Columnist

Federal tax returns of Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. headed by Darna Umayam shows disparity of $25,000 to $40,000 from the earnings of the 2009 Independence Day organizing committee and the tax return

► By Joel



Tales of Two Dinners: Umayam’s Handling of Funds from 2009 Independence Day earnings and 2012 “100 Outstanding” Dinner

Umayam hijacked PCCI non-profit from Independence Day Committee L ‘Pistahan sa CBS Studio Center’ set on August 25-26, 2012


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Filipino music, culture blossom in historic show at Hollywood Bowl

dio Center’ -- a celebration of a Philippine Fiesta having all the elements of fun for all Filipinos. Mutch Carino, the primary producer of this event, is always looking for an interesting way to present a Filipino Festival for all generations of Filipinos. Carino has been at this for a long time. He started with events at Knotts

OS ANGELES -- It was easily the biggest gathering of Filipinos this side of the Diaspora. The nearly filled Hollywood Bowl on Highland Ave. was a sea of bobbing heads and a babel of regional dialects going into a crescendo when the appointed time drew near. It was our turn in the 14th season of Radio Station KCRW’s World Festival of Music in partnership with the LA Phil.

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Words and photos by Dionesio

C. Grava


From Our Pen OPINION


China’s ‘gunboat diplomacy’ ► By Perry


ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS p8 Films & Outfest; Hollyshorts 8th Annual Film Festival ► By Oliver Carnay




Darna Umayam, if your cause is so noble donate 50 % of the gross of “100 OFAUS’ dinner to charity

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tales of Two Dinners: Umayam’s Handling of Funds from 2009 Independence Day earnings and 2012 “100 Outstanding” Dinner Federal tax returns of Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. headed by Darna Umayam shows disparity of $25,000 to $40,000 from the earnings of the 2009 Independence Day organizing committee and the tax return

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by Darna Umayam as the ‘Grand Chairman’ of the 2009 Independence Day organizing committee. This print edition story will contain a fair amount of Umayam’s belated responses (as she complains we do not carry her side, we complain she does not answer our questions), along with many of the still under answered questions in this tale of two dinners --- the 2009 Independence Day dinner, and the 2012 “100 Outstanding Fil-Ams in the U.S.” dinner scheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2012, in Universal City. has written extensively about Umayam’s ‘pay to play’ awards dinner “100 OFAUS.” When ABS-CBN Foundation International President Mr. Robbie Fabian revealed to this newspaper that Umayam was only required to pay $7500 to the charity, despite gross earnings expected to exceed $100,000, and his questioning Umayam’s use of a pass through charity --- Philippines Children’s Charities, the PWD investigative team started going beyond faulty selection criteria and

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paying $1000 to obtain an award. We understand that these reports have caused some awardees believing they are ‘Outstanding’ to withdraw. The 2009 U.S. tax returns of Umayam’s nonprofit organization, Philippine Children’s Charities, used for the 111th Philippine Independence Day celebration committee, show approximately the same 7.5% ratio of gross funds to net after costs, as the tax return states $127,073.00 in contributions, but only $9683.00 left after taxes. Accepted ratios for fundraising are between 50 - 70 % of funds raised going to the beneficiaries. However, the 111th Philippine Independence Day Profit and Loss Statement from July 2009 had a grand total of $149,827.00, $22,754 less than reported to the federal government in the tax return. Umayam explained to me that difference was because it was raised in 2008. However, if this were true, it would mean that less than a 5% excess was left over for charity.

In the mid week internet report I reported that Gil Mislang, the 112th Independence Day Celebration Chairman who also was active on the 111th Committee, advised that Umayam fired the initial treasurer and took that function over for herself. He remembers that there were disagreements, but does not at this date recall the substance. Umayam denied that any treasurer was fired, and that the treasurer stayed on the whole way. In response Mislang referred me to the signed Profit and Loss Statement, that did not have the treasurer’s signature, and that he is most certain Umayam stated the treasurer ‘was not needed.’ The 2009 Profit and Loss Statement shows $8260 for ‘honorarium.’ Umayam has previously told me that she pays Fil-Am community journalists to write positive stories about her events, calling them ‘honorarium.’ However, this amount is exorbitant for this or any event in the Fil-Am community. The 2009 tax return states there are $8225 in ‘profes-

Umayam hijacked PCCI non-profit from Independence Day Committee

Umayam is the organizer and project director of the scandalridden ‘100 Outstanding Fil-AMs in the U.S.’ (100 OFAUS) scheduled for July 28, 2012, in Universal City Hilton Hotel. has learned that Umayam took over that non-profit corporation as her own and uses it now as a ‘pass through’ nonprofit for the ‘100 OFAUS’ award dinner, although she has never reimbursed the Kalayaan organizing committee or the Philippine Consulate General for the more than $1000 that it cost to incorporate. Umayam’s non-profit charitable entity came to the attention of when ABSCBN Foundation’s President Robbie Fabian told this writer that he found it ‘a little strange’ that a ‘pass through’ charity was being used, as he had not seen that before for any event regarding Bantay Bata 163. Mr. Fabian informed PWD that Ms. Umayam is required only to donate $7500 to Bantay Bata 163 out of an estimated gross income of over $100,000, going by the $1000 in advertising and ticket sales that each awardee is asked to raise in order to receive an award. The PWD investigative team



obtained the 2009 Profit and Loss statement of the 111th Philippine Independence Day gala, held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in mid-June 2009. That statement indicated that $1,045 was spent for creation of a non-profit corporation. PCCI’s 2010 and 2011 tax returns also showed that the corporation is still doing business as 111th Philippine Independence organizing committee. Since its creation, Umayam has continued to use PCCI for other fundraising activities, including ‘100 OFAUS.’ The $500 was paid for incorporation books, $300 for the filing with the U.S. government, $200 for attorney fees and $50 to the State of California. While this entity could be used by the Consulate or subsequent Independence Day committees, it appears from an email that Umayam sent that she had planned to take over this committee for herself. Additionally, from my own experience, the ‘incorporation books’ can be obtained as forms for free online. Umayam has charged that has not provided her side of the story, despite the fact that we have printed different parts of her emails in her

stories in the last issue of PWD, when she was willing to respond. Umayam wrote two emails I received in response to a prior story posted online at , one a personal email, and another to the Fil-Am community media. The latter one addressed to the media, stated: “We paid Westin Bonaventure Hotel $ 116,000.00 ++for the entire event. We only sold $ 59.00/ticket so we can pull many people. Who are you to question why the left over money is only $9,000 ++ do you realize Philippine Independence is not a charity event. Whatever is left we gave to charity.” The second email, to me only, stated: “The Philippine Children’s Charities was created for Independence Day and other charitable projects so they have to pay all fees, and I think it’s fair I paid for the lawyer and accountant who did the documents. Since I want all checks to be paid to Philippine Independence we had a DBA. The Independence Day only paid for the IRS and Secretary of state legal fees that’s it. For (3) years. I never used this 501 C3 . And I diligently filed all reports. I am

sional fees’ from the tax return. However, since Umayam is now refusing to answer any questions these inquiries may be left to federal or consular authorities. The 2009 Profit and Loss Statement shows $5759.68 for food for pre-event meetings. However, Gil Mislang, an active participant in the 2009 planning, advises that Umayam would always boast that the food she was obtaining for these meetings was almost always donated by Filipino restaurants, as is usual for these events. Umayam told me she had receipts for all of these costs, but has yet to produce them to Also, the 2009 federal tax return has $4706 for occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance. However, no such items appear close to those items on the 2009 Profit and Loss Statement signed by Umayam. She has not addressed that issue in any email response. Umayam: “ We paid Westin Bonaventure Hotel $ 116,000.00 ++for the entire event. We only sold $ 59.00/ticket so we can pull many people. Who are you to question why the left over money is only $ 9,000 ++ do you realize Philippine Independencce is not a charity event. Whatever is left we gave to charity.” PWD: The Profit and Loss Statement shows $97,010.00 for the Hotel, which includes $1439.00 for room rentals. We do not know who used those rooms. Umayam: “The 2010 report

was income generated $ 127,000 only from Fiscal year from january 1- December 31, 2009. For your information: The 2009 Independence Day started as early as July 2008. people have paid tickets and sponsorships in 2008. That is for fiscal year January 1-December 31,2008. I have all the proofs, bank statements to show. Do you realize I am so transparent when I reported the Financial statement at the Philippine Consulate with 146 people in attendance . generating $ 148 ,000.00 Everything was in that report, including paperclips, etc. We have all receipts of expenses to prove it. The financial statement was presented, approved and seconded by the body and is on file at the Philippine Consulate.” PWD: Now that Umayam has spoken PWD investigators will contact the Philippine Consulate, and await Umayam’s promised documentation. Umayam: “I am going to file a complaint with the consumers department for this allegations to put a closure on your newspaper. We will dig dip into this. You should put more attention to your problems, rather than accusing people wrongfully. Or maybe people who are envy and jealous of my success and can’t be at par with me use you to attack me. You don’t even know me.” PWD: We intend to be open for a long time. Let freedom and truth ring.

very careful to use it, not even for UST, who gave me written certificate authorizing me to fundraise for all their projects. I told them they have no 501 C 3 and it is so expensive to put one, so I will just make them a beneficiary in all my future projects. I did not use this. I was even planning to close and terminate it in 2012. However, the accountant advised me not to do so., because it’s hard nowadays to get approved. When this project came 100 Outstanding, I asked a 501 C3 accountant if we can use it since PPP-USA has not received their 501 C 3 approval. It might take long. The accountant said yes. so now here we are. I was advised not to answer any of your emails, most of the times what I say is always twisted, however I have to, especially when it is already defamation. PCCI Inc., was for charity because the lawyer and accountant said it’s better in case in the future I changed my mind and do another project for charity. It’s good because PPP-USA is using it now in their project. I am helping the community. I don’t care if the community use this as long as the reports are filed. It is my passion to help since I am already retired I don’t want to put my talent and time to waste.” In response I wrote Umayam: You stated that the 2009 Independence Day was not for charity. But you set up a charitable organization. How do you reconcile

these two facts? You acknowledge that the charity was created with funds from the 2009 Independence Day. Once you were done as chairperson how come you did not provide the charity back to the committee? They paid for it. You did not. Now you are using that charity that was funded by a different organization as your own. Was this authorized in any way by the 2009 Independence Day Committee? As of this writing, Umayam has not responded to these inquiries. I have found the pattern to be that she usually, but not always, will not respond directly to my written inquiries, which frankly only makes any inquirer more suspicious. The Profit and Loss Statement that was prepared shows the lawyer fees were paid for by the Independence Day Committee (and certainly a lawyer would have volunteered for such a noble cause). It appears clear to this writer from Umayam’s own emails that she planned to walk off with this charity for future use, and once it was too expensive, or time consuming, to apply for one that was genuinely her own she decided to use the one funded by and created for the 2009 Independence Day Celebration. However, the reader can take these facts, including the direct text of Umayam’s emails, and make their own conclusions.



Editorial Darna Umayam, if your cause is so noble donate 50 % of the gross of “100 OFAUS’ dinner to charity


INOYWATCHDOG.COM is happy to announce that Ms. Darna Umayam, the embattled project director of the improbably named ‘100 Outstanding Fil-Ams in the United States’ (100 OFAUS), has stopped invoking God’s name in her latest e-mail communications with this newspaper. Although that is quite admirable, it is not enough to calm the feelings of the Fil-Am community regarding PWD’s revelations she misappropriated earnings of the 2009 Independence Day Celebration organizing committee. PWD is hereby enumerating evidence of Ms. Umayam’s less than transparent handling of the funds of the 2009 Independence Day organizing committee, metaphorically, and literally, hijacking the non-profit corporation Philippine Children’s Charities, Inc. from right under the nose of the other officers of that organizing body. It is particularly unethical on Ms. Umayam’s part that the incorporation of the nonprofit corporation was paid for by that organizing committee. Then she took it for herself and turned it into her own family-controlled fundraising fiefdom, the very charity that is now the ‘pass through’ charity sponsoring the ‘100 OFAUS.’ The International President of the ABS-CBN Foundation, Mr. Robbie Fabian, has called this channeling of funds ‘a little strange.’ considers it down right alarming, particularly in light of the pattern of conduct found between these two grand dinners three (3) years apart, interlocked by a misappropriated charity. For the record, has not been remiss in asking Ms. Umayam for documents and replies to dispute this paper’s allegations. But, as in past communication exchanges with PWD, her responses are either very selective or downright non-existent. Ms. Umayam chooses to skirt the valid issues that PWD have raised, either by continually promising to show proof, by simply ignoring PWD’s inquiries, and making accusations against various editors unrelated to her actions. At least she has stopped talking of her ‘noble cause.’ And now we have learned that part of this ‘noble cause’ is money for the Press Photographers of the Philippines (PPP) and University Santo Tomas, Umayam’s alma matter, from which she claimed she graduated cum laude, but apparently she did not. We have also learned from Gil Mislang, the distinguished chair of the 112th Independence Day Celebration in 2010, an active participant in the 2009 organizing committee chaired by Ms. Umayam, that she had fired the initial treasurer and took that function for herself. Ms. Umayam boasts that he pays Fil-Am community journalists to write positive stories about the event, calling them “honorariums.” In addition, she claims in the PCCI tax returns the amount of $8225 in professional fees, but they were unspecified; and listed $5759.68 for food for pre-event meetings. $8,260 appear as ‘honorariums’ on the 2009 Independence Day profit and loss statement, and Mislang has advised that Ms. Umayam always boasted about her influence and contacts with Filipino restaurants as being the source of food at the events. Ms. Umayam tells PWD that she has receipts for the food expenses, and promised to produce them. But as of press time, PWD has not received even a single receipt to dispute this newspaper’s claims. The charity’s tax return has $4706 occupancy rents, utilities and maintenance expenses, yet they do not appear on the profit and loss statement. Umayam has yet to address and validate these expenses with receipts either. We could go on and on, ad infinitum, and this controversy gets juicier with each passing day. We are happy to report, however, that PWD is obtaining wide community support and recognition from the segment that VALUES HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY, although we admit that we are also getting some flak from others who mistakenly assume that PWD has an ax to grind with Ms. Umayam. However, a simple look at our web page or digital print copies on line would reveal that before these revelations she was treated quite well in these pages. So with all of these issues calls on Darna Umayam to make this forthcoming awards dinner a ‘noble cause.’ Do not limit the contribution to Bantay Bata to a measly $7500 as you agreed in writing, but up the ante to two million pesos ( approx. $50,000) that you have bandied about as being your goal, which quite oddly meets the 50% minimal standard for charitable functions. Indeed, from all of these revelations, the community is most disturbed that so little is actually going to Bantay Bata, and that you secretly were intending to take money from this ‘noble cause’ to give to your alma mater, your photographer friends at PPP, and apparently your own pocket. We will reserve these pages of our next edition to praise your redemption, that through it all you did what you said you would do, “help raise funds and ask help from the comunity, [sic] their friends and relatives, for abused sick, underprivileged Filipino Children of Bantay Bata.” The children, the community, and you will feel much better for it.

is published fortnightly by Tanod Bayan, Inc., mailing address at 1247 Arapahoe Street, # 7, Los Angeles, CA 90006, Telephone Number (213) 261-7467 and e-mail address at

Alfonso Gaerlan Aquino Executive Editor

Rene Villaroman Managing Editor

Joel Bander Dionesio C. Grava Francis Johann Verdote Senior Columnist Chief of Reporters Correspondent Lotis Kai Rosario , David Casuco Arturo Cariaga, Winston A. Marbella Contributing Writers Manila Correspondents Larry Pelayo Editorial Ombudsman Lay-out and Graphics by

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Intentions Are Made In Heaven I can’t remember now who coined the statement “Good intentions are made in heaven”, but it comes to me as timely and very useful, considering that good intentions are being so lightly bandied around these days as proper justification for cutting corners in the pursuit of a noble cause. If, indeed, good intentions are made in heaven, then it stands to reason that these are nowhere on earth, the planet we live in. Probably, we have been missing these good traits for our desire to do the right thing, and doing the right thing is a good trait, but the path toward this is replete with obstacles like bad intentions, fraud and deceit. In short, you can’t have good intentions to cover your misdeeds, but what you could do is just go ahead and do the right thing to correct everything. However, I believe that bad intentions are earthly and abound, and are designed to thwart any attempt to do the right thing in accomplishing a noble cause. Bad intentions advance and promote the success of a self interest, and fortifies the foundation of greed. And selfinterest and greed spawn fraud and deceit. What is deplorable here, and to the point of being scary, is when the unscrupulous scour the planet for the other end of the act- the vain, the gullible, and those sick of delusion of grandeur- as partners in crime. Well, it takes two to tango. And these are the suckers of P.T. Barnum of the famed Ringling Bros., Barnum and Bailey Circus, who are born every second of the day. They are not those innocent sheeps, the victims of schemes, but those willing enablers who welcome to be bunched together with people of questionable stripes, as long as their longing for recognition is satisfied. These weaklings are the natural allies of spurious fundraisers. How shameless can you get! I may have been too steep in my portrayal of these unsavory characters that i could have inadvertently included in one fell swoop certain individuals who rightfully deserve the accolade of being “outstanding” in their chosen fields of endeavor, people like my brotherin-Rizal, Sir Lito M. Santarina, my night owl buddy Dr. Caloy P. Man-

lapaz, and a lawyer I respect and admire, Atty. Roman P. Mosqueda, and others, who I will keep anonymous in the meantime, who called in to inform me that they are not accepting the award for reason that it is too good to be true. To them, I say I’m sorry and thanks for seeing the light. These days, awards are being handed out here and there that you can hardly see the sheen in them anymore. More often than not, in the name of a charitable cause, these scams are perpetrated by delusional scalawags. It is really scary to witness that their kind are in full blast proliferation. Well, good intentions are only made in heaven and suckers are born every second of the day, anyway. Maybe, just maybe,buyers beware! By the way..... Just as when those dark clouds are ready to burst, we got a ray of sunshine. Mr. Joel Jacinto, the indefatigable Executive Director of SIPA, bared to me these financial facts regarding the recently concluded DinnerDance Gala and Fundraising held on June 30, 2012, in celebration with the 40th Anniversary of the non-profit organization. The total gross revenue was $152,098.00; the total expenses was $43,054.00; and the total net was a staggering $109,044.00. These figures represent a more or less 70-30 percentage point in productivity, a very sound and desirable result in a fundraising activity. Joel Jacinto, over the years, has displayed and performed a kind of leadership that is based on transparency, honesty, dedication and an unwavering determination to do the right thing. He has led SIPA to the forefront of Filipino non-profit organizations. We are sorry, but we cannot say the same of the Kalayaan committee that undertook the celebration of Independence Day 2009, led by Darna B. Umayam, as far as handling of financial proceeds generated by the event is concerned. Here’s the figures: Total revenue---$127,073.00; total expenses---an unbelievable $117,340.00; net income is a mere $9,733.00, which is about 7.8%. Now, if you feel curious, you may question her through her email, which you have to find out because I’m not authorized to divulge.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


China’s ‘gunboat diplomacy’


HINA frigate leaves shoal: Palace happy,” said a huge electronic billboard, which I saw on the way to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to catch a plane home last July 16, 2012. The news of a grounded guided missile Chinese frigate near Half Moon Shoal (Hasa-Hasa Shoal) in the Spratly archipelago, 69 miles west of Palawan, raised the tension level between the Philippines and China ever since the latter declared the entire West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) an extension of her territorial continental shelf in 2010. And China made it crystal clear that this vast body of water -- rich in oil and natural gas deposits -- is a “core national interest,” which in diplomatic parlance means “nonnegotiable.” China’s military buildup And to make sure that everybody -- including the United States -- knows that she is serious about her stand on the issue, China is building a naval force that would make her the dominant sea power in Asia-Pacific by 2020. And to let everybody know that she means business, she acquired an old aircraft carrier from Russia and retrofitted it with state-of-the-art technology and is now undergoing sea trials. China is also building two humongous aircraft carriers, which would give her the ability to “defend” her territorial waters from anyone including the United States who recently announced that she would shift 60% of her naval forces to Asia-Pacific by 2020. With 11 existing aircraft carriers and a new one -- the super aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford -- projected to be completed within a few years and operational by 2020, that means that the U.S. could deploy seven carrier battle groups to cover the entire Asia-Pacific region including the geostrategic Indian Ocean. “String of Pearls” In theory, if armed hostility broke out between the United States and China, the former

could block all the choke points along the “String of Pearls” sea lines of communication that extends from Hong Kong by way of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea), through the strategic Strait of Malacca across the Indian Ocean, and through the Strait of Hormuz to Iran in the Persian Gulf; and to the Red Sea to Port Sudan where China imports 15% of her oil from West Africa. And with long-term contracts to develop Iran’s oil fields, China’s dependence on oil from that region makes it imperative that she defends the “String of Pearls” at all costs. To do so, China needs to develop economic-military relationships with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Maldives, and Kenya. It is not then surprising that U.S. has been trying to partner with India – Pakistan’s nemesis -- to counter China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean. “Gunboat diplomacy” Cognizant of her weak position vis-à-vis the United States’ superior military power, China has to take full control of the West Philippine Sea and jumpstart a pre-emptive military initiative through the use of “gunboat diplomacy” to force the South East Asian nations into

submission. The recent failure of the 45th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting to issue a joint communiqué is the result of China’s influence over some of the 10 member-nations. As Mao Zedong was fond of saying, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun,” the current imbroglio in the West Philippine Sea is a testament to Mao’s strong influence on China’s new generation of leaders who embraced the capitalist-socialist economic system of the visionary Deng Xiaoping. However, with all the economic progress China made during the postMao era, China’s new generation of leaders remain steadfast in employing Mao’s “barrel of a gun” strategy. And make no mistake; they are dedicated communist in every meaning of the word. So, don’t expect them to deal with “democratic” countries within the framework of the norms and conventions established by the United Nations, which, ironically, China belongs to as one of only five member-countries who have veto power in the world organization’s powerful Security Council. “Creeping invasion” China’s intrusive and aggressive behavior during the past two decades attests to her

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Umayam lawyer says controversy will blow off if critics like PWD are also given awards. By Dionesio C. Grava, Chief of Reporters




HE performance that my wife and I were attending one evening was about to start when the phone alerted me of an incoming call. It was from a lawyer friend who Darna Umayam also claimed as her legal counsel in a court case in the past. He was also one of those presented during the Press Conference & Acquaintance Party of the OUTSTANDING FILIPINO AMERI-

CANS IN THE USA 2012 held at the Mandarin Room of the Universal Hilton Hotel on a Sunday, March 25, 2012. The all-capital words are from a letterinvitation emailed to me by Ms. Umayam dated Feb. 20, 2012, which in unambiguous terms identified those who were to be presented during the event as “Distinguished Honorees.” In the same breath the letter instructed recipients: “Please submit your resume the soonest possible time for

determination to annex the entire West Philippine Sea and exercise total military and economic control over this mineral-rich region. It is interesting to note that in 1994, two years after the Philippine Senate evicted American military bases from the country; China started her “creeping invasion” of Philippine territory in the disputed Spratly archipelago. While the Philippine Navy was not patrolling the area around the Panganiban (Mischief) Reef, 130 miles away from Palawan, due to the monsoon season, Chinese troops occupied the reef and initially built structures on stilt. But other than lodging diplomatic protests against the incursion, the Philippine government couldn’t do much. Today, the Panganiban Reef is fortified with permanent buildings and naval guns. China also delineated a prohibited area within 60 miles of the reef. Last June, after more than two months of standoff, Chinese gunboats effectively took de facto possession of the Panatag Shoal when they prevented a Philippine Coast Guard vessel and fishing boats from entering the lagoon inside the shoal. Several weeks ago, China demanded that the Philippine government dismantle an elementary school on Pagasa Island in the Kalayaan group of islands in the Spratly archipelago. Last July 4, the Philippines protested China’s move that virtually placed the entire West Philippine Sea including the Macclesfield Bank under the jurisdiction of a newly created city, Sansha. Macclesfield Bank is strategically located east of the Paracel Islands. It is also claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Evidently, China’s action seems to signal that she is increasingly solidifying her position on all the disputed islands in the West

use at the Press Conference... If you wish, on March 25, 2012, photographers will be ready to take your photos to be use (sic) for the Commemorative Memorabilia Book.” It boggles the mind trying to comprehend how these declared ‘honorees’ were yet to submit their respective resumes? And yet in one email dated June 26, 2012, Ms. Umayam wrote: “Pinoy watchdog accused us that neither of the honorees was required to submit resumes or write ups. THAT’S A LIE. We can show proof that we have their resumes/writeup (sic), and all completed signed documents.” The fact is that this is only one instance of the many contradictions about the socalled 100 Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA 2012 (OFAUSA) cited in the previous and current issues of PinoyWatchdog. She would not even answer categorically questions of whether or not there is a committee vetting prospective nominees and how she/they were able to personally interview, as she insists they did, said nominees considering that they are supposed to be in different parts of the USA and that the organization undertaking the project had zero budget from the start.

Philippine Sea. Appeasement But what is strange with the latest incident in Hasa-Hasa Shoal is that the Philippine government through Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario has decided not to file a diplomatic protest over the incursion, saying that the incident was probably the result of an accident. But the question is: What is a Chinese warship -the missile-firing frigate Dongguan -- doing in Philippine waters? Isn’t that a sovereignty issue that should be addressed before China becomes more aggressive? Or, did the Philippine government – knowing that it doesn’t have the capability to defend the country – decide that appeasing the Chinese “bully” is the country’s antidote against further incursion or – Heaven forbid! – invasion? Indeed, just the mere display of warships and gunboats inside Philippine territorial waters would be enough to coerce the Philippine government to acquiesce to China’s territorial claims. And the ultimate question is: Isn’t it time for the Philippines to arm herself in anticipation of a potential armed conflict with China? We have become too reliant and dependent on the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty, which in my opinion is good only on paper. Since the eviction of U.S. military bases from our sacred soil, do we expect Uncle Sam to come to our aid at our beck and call? Unless, of course, we’d open our doors and welcome the U.S. military forces back. But at the end of the day, if there is someone to defend our country, nobody could defend us better than ourselves. If we can’t, history tells us that we would soon cease to exist as a nation. (PerryDiaz@gmail. com)

But back on that call from the lawyerfriend, he was direct to the point. How is it that the OFAUSA controversy has turned out to be this big? If he were to advise Ms. Umayam, he continued, he would recommend that the critics involved in the expose’ be given a OFAUSA award each and the problem would be resolved. He was that certain. I could only manage a snicker mindful of the other people in close proximity watching the ongoing performance in the stage. I say it is not about us. I’m sure all those involved in what the above lawyer may have imputed as making a mountain out of a molehill are not into this out of spite or ill motive. Of course we could have just aped many of the competitions by copy-pasting stories from online publications but that is not what PinoyWatchdog is about. This is all about transparency and the role of the newspaper to delve into matters that concern the community most. It is also about enlightening the public in the hope that they be made aware of what’s goTurn to Page 6


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Unwanted, threatened and cursed


character actor once said, “If I see people mocking me or I hear them badmouthing me that means I am already a successful actor because I can portray the role of a villain or a bad guy realistically in the movie I am making.” The guy further stated, “When I could not find friends easily, nor have a lasting relationship, that means the bad guy image in my role is imbedded already in the minds of my acquaintance.” The same thing was experienced by the late Dolphy, who upon death became ‘The King of Comedy.’ When he was living, people can’t stop laughing, when he died, he left the nation crying During a wedding ceremony then covered by the original members of PPP, while we were waiting for the ceremony to be finished, he said “Alam mo pare, isa sa iniiwasan ko ay ang makipaglibing. Kasi kahit na nag-iiiyakan ang pamilya ng namatay, pag nakita ako ay tawanan na ang pumapalit. Ayaw kong mapaniginipan ang namatay at piliting buksan ang mga mata ko habang natutulog.” We felt the same; first generations Filipinos have concerns about advertising with us; professionals want to trust their ads to us but are concerned about these evil doers pushback. One time while talking to a lady doctor, she said “I wanted reading but I don’t want to be seen on your pages.” I told her “You have no

balls;” only for me to realize later on that I was talking to a female. A later survey revealed the big increase of our readership from a miniscule crowd to a size like a big balloon about to explode. Truly, our readership becomes so huge that our newspapers over the last two successive issues were stolen and hauled by people who must be robots of some selfish interest groups not wanting the exposes about them or their friends. To these descendants of Cain, you can do better for yourself if you don’t sell your souls to people paying you or manipulating you for a few dollars or promises of something in return…or awards.. In two weeks time, we lost about ten thousand copies, more or less, which could have been read by people following our exposes about questionable individuals and activities which give thousands of dollars in returns. Those doing the thefts or hauling off our copies must have missed

the various published reminders and warnings on different newspapers saying “Hauling or picking bundles of newspapers is now a crime.” Those behind these thefts and hauling, beware. No matter what you do, no matter how tight is the seal of the Pandora’s box, the stink and odor of your crimes will soon break and explode with maggots exposing your guilt. Or paint in black your white mantel cover-up. To you guys, or ladies, you can never stop PWD. As I wrote before, journalists buy ink by the barrel. We have enough materials to continue our exposes about your illicit activities. People not used to our kind of reporting hate us. If you dont allow newspapers exposing criminals or scam artists, and selfmade artificial community leaders, you become an accomplice of the criminals and their trade. A word of advice though. Please report to us individuals

pretending to be our staff and harassing people to come up with their demands and terms. Ngayon pa lamang ginagamit na ang PWD upang ipanakot sa mga tao. Kung tama ang inyong mga ginagawa, kasama ninyo kami. Surely they are bogus. PWD never harassed nor forced anybody to believe us. A sequel to my crab mentality column . After our first article, I received calls to continue discussing or expounding on the “crab mentality” topic. Also, I was receiving a lot of e-mails about individuals advocating membership or support to the movement against crab mentality. Once I noticed these are akin to the same individuals who did not or never knew the story behind the “crab mental-

ity” phrase, I always deleted the e-mails no matter who sent them to me. Tatagalugin ko na kabayan para magkaintindihan tayo.. “Ang tunay na kahulugan ayon sa isang pagsusuri o pagaaral tungkol sa mga crabs (kung sosyal ka) o talangka (kung Promdi ka) ay ang diwa ng pagkakaisa ng mga crabs o talangka. Naghihilahan sila upang masukat ang may pinakamalakas na katawan at kamay at gumagawa ng pyramid na kung saan ang pinakamalakas ay iniaakyat sa itaas at siyang tagahila ng kanyang mga kasama upang makaalis sa isang lungga o kaya ay makaakyat sa isang mataas na lugar. Tunay na mahirap magpaliwanang sa isang nagbibingibingihan o magpakita ng larawan sa isang nagbubulag-bulagan.“ Sabi nga sa English, “either way your out.” Sa tutoo lang, ang “Crab mentality ay ginagawang panangga o kanlungan ng mga kriminal kapag sila ay bistado na. Pilit binubulag ang paniniwala ng madla sa pagsasabing biktima sila ng mga naiinggit, paninira o hindi makaabot sa kanilang payak at artipisyal na pedestal. Pilit pinapuputi ang kanilang maitim na budhi o pinagaganda ang ano mang balakyot na hangarin sa pagtatago sa likod ng pananggol na “crab mentality.” Sa ating mga mambabasa, kayo ang humusga. Hanggang sa muli.

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Umayam Lawyer... From Page 5

ing on around them. In the words of Austin Baul, president of the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA), “there is nothing wrong with asking questions. It would have been simple to provide straightforward answers especially if it involves a public benefit non-profit organization like Ms. Umayam’s, I might add.” Admittedly the Filipino American community has in its midst a fair share of devious schemes preying on the unwary. Ms. Umayam herself mentioned about this in another email. She said then: “In the interest of justice for our project we suggest you investigate further on similar projects such as ours, if you are claiming that your newspaper is for the interest of truth that will benefit the Filipino American community. These includes those individuals with records, who are still continuously lurking in the community posting as community leaders victimizing people of their hard earned money, like what Tito Al Aquino had said people with libel, criminal cases. These are the kinds of people you have to put a stop on whatt they are doing and put them on top of your list. This people have a great impact on many especially the victims. Their wrongdoings (sic) greatly affects (sic) the Filipino American community as well. If Pinoywatchdog is for truth, investigate then expose the truth.” This writer also mentioned in a previous article reader Don Azarias who commented in the PWD online edition: “It’s the same old story involving those pseudo-Fil-Am organizations that raise funds under false pretenses. We have them all

over the United States and even north of the border.” In another controversy in the past about fraudulent fund-raising schemes Ernie Delfin, a local community leader and businessman, wrote: “Personally I have been approached many times that I be ‘awarded’ an award by this ‘timbuktu’ organization or whatever, but then I will purchase one table of dinner tickets or fly to this city at my own expense to receive it! ... Unfortunately, in this free enterprise society there is no law against “stupidity” (for lack of a better word and to drive a point) or against making your own livelihood using this modus operandi (I know a few people who made good living doing that m.o. who was ‘influential’ enough to even use the Consulate Office to hand those ‘purchased plaques’.” The fact is that there are laws regulating the conduct of charitable organizations as provided by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally there are governance and management policies that require transparency and accountability. Under this provision, it says that important reports and financial statements should be “complete and accurate, are posted on its public website, and are made available to the public upon request.” Solicitation materials for fundraising purposes should be accurate, truthful, and candid and that fundraising costs should be reasonable. They should provide information about fundraising costs and practices to donors and the public. Readers are respectfully urged to determine for themselves from various articles in previous and current issues of PinoyWatchdog if the so-called 100 Outstanding Filipinos in the USA undertaken under Ms. Umayam’s non-profit organization has complied with these requirements. In this connection it may be relevant to inform that the IRS provides rewards under the Whistleblower Rules (Internal Revenue Code IRC Section 7623(b). One may also report irregularities anonymously.

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life Style

L.A.’s First Taste of Sandwich Francis Johann F. Verdote Photos By Oliver Agamao

Words By


RAB mentality,” as a topic, recently crawled its way back to our consciousness. Thanks to some power hungry people in the Filipino-American community. However, “crab mentality” has been clinging on to the Filipino consciousness probably since time immemorial.

Crab mentality is a metaphor used to describe instances in the Filipino culture when someone tries to bring someone down. That is, at least, how I remember crab mentality when it was taught in class. Whether or not hermit crabs, or other types of crabs, crawl against crustacean norms defined by human consciousness is beside the point. Crab mentality simply describes a part of our culture’s ugly reality. Remember, Achilles’ death was not mentioned in Homer’sThe Iliad. However, it has been known that Paris’ supposedly poisoned arrow is what killed Achilles when it pierced his heel, thus the term “Achilles’ Heel.” Achilles’ heel is merely a metaphor for man’s fatal weakness as crab mentality is an infamous characteristic of our culture. All the gibberish about crab mentality in the Filipino or Filipino-American community mostly corre-




lates to brewing tensions between two opposing parties. Essentially, it is politically driven and power based; there is fear of being deposed from political position on one side and the visceral desire of toppling an incumbent on the other. Outside the local FilAm political sphere, and perhaps in our motherland, our culture thrives on unity, especially when it comes to arts and music. Last July 12, 2012, Sandwich’s gig at Hiwa Fusion Restaurant and Bar was welcomed with vigor by a diverse crowd. The people in attendance were so diverse that the night felt asif it was the actual depiction of the band’s song, “Fluxxe.”Juveniles in “Skinny jeans” and “Hip hop heads”danced to Sandwich’s infectious music;“Indie kids,” “Punk rock girls,” “New wave guys,” “wannabe’s,” “Fashionistas and fashion victims” and everyone in between sang along with

D CHARISMA is a 17 years old charismatic, electrifying entertainer, a multi-talented actor, recording artist, & songwriter. He’s one of the most accomplished young FilipinoAmerican entertainers in America. He has utilizes his talents in films, movies, commercials, live concerts, & TV shows. JDC started writing songs since the age of 10. He released his first original album by age 14, making him one of the youngest gifted music artists that recorded his own original and complete full-length album. Writing positive & inspirational music that empowers the youth, schools, community & the rest of the world, JDC is a role model to our young people today. The messages of his music help bring great impact to their lives to make a positive change. He wrote songs about bullying, racism, equality & love that lead him to perform for many events throughout the Bay Area, Hollywood, Beverly Hills such as Nokia, Celebrity Center, Green Grammys Music Saves Lives 2011 & 83rd Annual Academy Awards Pre-party Red Carpet event raising funds for cancer patients. He also performed in front of 30,000+ people at Asian TET Festival, Great America Kababayan Fest Tour 2011 & before 60,000+ attendees of Pistahan Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. He was also one of the special guest performers for the Pinoy Homecoming for the Philippine Department of Tourism held at Saint Francis Westin Hotel at Union Square in San Francisco that was attended by high officials including the Secretary of Tourism

Glenn Jacinto Band with special guests: from L-R Perf de Castro, Vinci, Glenn Jacinto, Mike Dizon, and Don Morales.

Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo of Sandwich

the band’s frontman, Raimund Marasigan (formerly of the Eraserheads).Even though different people were present, there was no tension of any sort, only youthful excitement of seeing their favorite band on stage. Several groups opened for Sandwich: the singing acrobatic duo of Cecile and Mighty, Emma’s Arch, Gabriella’s Kiss, and 1521. But the night’s best appetizer was Glenn Jacinto Band, composed of Teeth’s

ex-singer Glenn Jacinto, Tim De Ramos on drums, and Don Morales on bass. They performed some of Teeth’s songs: “Darating,” “Shooting Star,” “Tampo,” and “Prinsesa.” The band also sang “Habangbuhay” and “Wala” (I think that’s the title), which I’m assuming are band originals. In the latter part of the band’s set, Glenn Jacinto Band were joined on stage by ex-Rivermaya guitarist Perf de Castro, Parokya ni Edgar’s Vinci, and Mike

Dizon (ex-Teeth, Sandwich, and Pedicab) and performed Rivermaya’s “Ulan” and “Awit ng Kabataan” and Teeth’s “Me” and “Laklak.” Standing in front of the stage, I had not written anything on my notepad except for “mind eraser,” which I jotted down when I ordered a drink at the bar. Without creamer for my white Russian, the bartender or mixologist (whichever you prefer) offered me a mind eraser instead. Back to our topic: Sandwich. When Raimund, Mike, Diego Castillo, Mong Alcaraz, and Myrene Academia went up on stage and performed their opening song, “Butter Carnival,” the crowd went wild. The band’s music and the anxious crowd that sang along to every Sandwich song drowned my out-ofsynch voice. As one of the audience who stood up for Sandwich’s entire set, it felt like it was 1999 again, the year I first saw Sandwich perform live at the Mapua Institute of Technology in Intramuros with Teeth and Parokya ni Edgar and at Tower Records in Makati with Greyhoundz. In short, I was reporting from the inside, rather as an outsider peering in from a tinted window. With some slight pushing, dancing, and singing, I experienced the intensity and passion of Sandwich’s performance and their impact on the crowd. Sandwich delivered. The night seemed like a peaceful, yet chaotic fan-


from the Philippines. As a headlining performer, JD performed his original song “I have a Dream” for the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration that was attended by many high-ranking officials including Representative from the White House. He inspires the community by performing before hundreds & thousands of students in his school tours in the Bay Area. He performed to many charity events, raising funds for cancer patients, victims of disasters, & also joined the U.S. Concert Tour for RaiseUp4 to help fund the education for the children in extreme poverty in the Philippines. He personally composed a song entitled, “Solution” which he dedicated to all nations that undergone devastations. JD is one of the most hardworking young entertainer that’s constantly doing positive inspiration to the youth as well as people of all ages. He’s not only multi-talented but also has a big heart to give back to the community by giving proceeds from his own headlining concerts that he produced to help schools to promote education, peace and love to the needy & unfortunate children of the world. He’s the 1st Young Artist that com-

posed & recorded a song for Manny Pacquiao, the 8 times World Boxing Champion & personally performed in front of Manny. JD has been in acting since he was 8 yrs. old and starred in many lead roles in various professional theatrical productions, films, & TV shows such as Veronica’s Blog, which was aired on CBS CW44 Cable 12 and on TFC (an International TV Network). He’s the Field TV Host for the new TV Show “MAD Science San Jose” sponsored by Microsoft that will air on different TV networks in the Bay Area. He was a host of a TV Show “JDC’s Variety Show” & will be launching his own new TV Series, “JD Charisma Show”, that will air on several TV networks. JD did numerous TV appearances and was featured as guest on various channels such as Comcast Channel 15, 30, 29, 27, ABC7, Adobo Nation, & Balitang America on TFC. JD has starred in several films & recently co-starred in Nico’s Sampaguita movie directed by award-winning Hollywood director that was currently premiered at the Director’s Guild of America for the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Hollywood and at the Clay Theater of San Francisco. JD received many awards in entertainment, music, & acting and was also been

Mong Alcaraz and Diego of Sandwich

tasy. Mong and Diego’s guitar playing was mesmerizing. Myrene’s bass lines and Mike’s beats kept our heads bobbing from start to end. And Raimund convinced us that we were all singers, at least for a night. Even though it looked and felt spontaneous and wild, everything was insanely orchestrated. The crowd chanting back to Raimund was out of this world. It shook Hiwa’s foundation. The power of a unified voice was as strong as a Mayday march and rally. We responded in unison whenever Raimund turned his microphone towards us; I would not be surprised if Hiwa had a few broken glasses or beer bottles. At the end of the L.A. gig, there was no crab mentality. There was only love and appreciation for the music and the people, periodicyosi breaks, conversations about records and cameras, and a lot of drinking. If Sandwich were not your favorite band after the show, I do not know what else to say to convince you.

featured as one of the award-winning Bay Area’s finest young artists that got commendation and recognition by many dignitaries, Mayors of different cities, and prominent people. He recently received an award as The Best Actor at a film festival held at Ohlone College. JD is not only gifted in composing music but also talented in creating Commercials for TV & for the Big Cinema screens. He composed a commercial for Blue Light Cinemas & it’s been running on the Big Screens of 5 Cinemas before people watch their favorite movies. As a commercial print model, JD has been in a cover page for several educational & medical textbooks such as Pasco K-12 Science Magazine 2012, The Headland Science Institute, Menactra, & many more to name a few. He’s frequently featured on Asian Journal, Manila Mail, Philippines Today, Phil Star, FilAm Star, & Philippine News. JD plays musical instrument such as piano, saxophone, and keyboard. JD is truly a charismatic person and can easily make friends with people of all ages. He is energetic, lively, cool, down to earth, & very accommodating. When he is not acting & performing, he loves to play basketball, video games, watch movies, & hang out with friends. His desire is to entertain & inspire people through his talent that God has given him in acting, entertainment, & music. He also desires to help the unfortunate & needy children of the world that are going through hardship, bullied, abused, abandoned & cancer afflicted patience by establishing the JD Charisma Foundation to accomplish his mission to spread peace & love to the children of the world.





ntert inment & rts

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Films at Outfest;


HE ongoing Outfest (now almost done this weekend) saw an exciting and exhilarating week for its historic 30th anniversary festival. I missed the Opening Night but sources fed that actress Ricki Lake took the stage at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre downtown to present the 16th annual Outfest Achievement Award to the legendary director John Waters before screening ‘Vito,’ which celebrates the life of legendary gay rights activist Vito Russo, co-founder of both ACT UP and GLAAD and the author of the vital exploration of queer images in cinema, ‘The Celluloid Closet.

I started my exploration the following day, Friday (July 13) with two great films -- “Looking For?” (five amazing short films about true love and other reasons how to connect with another person) and “I Want Your Love” (a funny, explicit drama with lots of real sex, about a gay artist trying to reconnect with his ex-lover on the eve of his departure from San Francisco). The weekend is pretty much a marathon of films. It got rolling in full effect with some notables I will remember for a while: “Boy Shorts” has been one of my favorites for a long time and it didn’t disappoint me (all shorts were great!). The DGA was abuzz with excitement as cast of ‘Petunia” (Thora Birch, Brittany Snow, Christine Lahti, Michael Urie, together with writer/director Ash Christian took the red carpet. I bumped into Haley Joel Osment (remember him

from “The Sixth Sense”?) and chat a bit while waiting for the screening of his movie “Sassy Pants” (I told him I’ve already watch it because the Publicist sent me a screener). He returns to the big screen with an off-beat role playing a gay boyfriend to a much older guy. The movie also stars Ashley Rickards. With screenings unspooling at the Directors Guild of America and the Harmony Gold in Hollywood and REDCAT downtown, I pretty much stayed at the DGA 1 where I feel so comfy and satisfied. “Beauty” is one remarkable and one of the most unforgettable films I’ve seen. A controversial, shocking and powerful film, which won the Queer Palme D’Or at the Cannes Filmfest and was the South African submission for the Oscars Foreign Film category -- a story about a successful businessman who becomes fixated with his best friend’s gor-

of ‘Wild Reeds,’ original stars of this classic film --- French actors Stephane Rideau and (actor turned director) Gael Morel teamed up again with the latter directing Rideau in the new film “Notre Paradis” (subtitled “Our Paradise”), a disturbing erotic thriller about an aging hustler (Rideau) who meets a young kid. One of the best French gay-themed love story in years I’ve seen. This year’s U.S. Dramatic Centerpiece movie “Keep The Lights On” chronicles one couple’s emotionally and sexually charged journey through love and ►By Oliver Carnay addiction. A semi-autobiographical fantastic geous grown son, which adaptation from Direcled to an unsettling act of tor Ira Sach’s personal violence. Yes, I missed the Filipino horror-com- screenplay, with great edy “Remington and the performances from DanCurse of the Zombad- ish actor Thure Lindings” but someone prom- hardt, the movie is harised me a dvd so hope- rowing and romantic, fully I’d be able to watch visceral and intellectual, taking its dark depths it soon! On Sunday, hot steam and bringing it back to a where rising inside the place of grace. The film DGA 1 with the screen- received Best Feature ing of “Perfect Ending,” Film - Teddy Awards at (‘proud of my client the Berlin International Bryan M. Jackson to be Film Festival. “Joshua Tree: 1951, A in this film but he was Portrait of James Dean” shooting another film is creative, visually stunso he couldn’t make it). ning black & white movBarbara Niven, Morgan Fairchild, and this very ie, imagining the life of beautiful actress named legendary actor James Jessica Clark sparks in Dean before he became each scenes, directed by a movie star. Many have Nicole Conn (“Elena Un- speculated about the acAs done”). “Elliot Loves” is tor’s bisexuality. Dean carries on affairs a funny, charming, and hilarious debut film from with his male roommate, Terracino where a nine- his female classmates year old loyal son to his and older benefactors, his at-loose-ends mother, lovers grapple with their tirelessly looking for inability to hold on to a love.The movie was de- shooting star. A bold new veloped under Outfest’s vision from writer/direcScreenwriting Lab. In the tor Matthew Mishory. Outfest will end this French film “Le Reflet,” Sunday, July 22. Log on a studious boy named Louis was left by his par- to and ents in a sleepy French check out schedule. *************** country village where he befriends Alexis, Hollyshorts Film a studly straight farmer whose Festival (August 9-16) girlfriend was Zachary Quinto and threatened by his his Before the Door Picsimmering friendship with Louis. tures banner (Margin First-time director Call) will be opening the Morgane Rous- 8th annual HollyShorts seau delivers a Film Festival with the sumptuous and premiere of the PERIsexy movie in the ODS. Also announced, tradition of ‘Wild Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team, Smoking Reeds.’ And speaking Aces) will be the recipi-

At Outfest this past week: with Haley Joel Osment ("Sixth Sense," "A.I.") during the screening of his film "Sassy Pants;" Jason Ritter during the Outfest Screenwriting Lab Alumni Party held at the DGA Atrium; and James Preston at the reception party for his film "Joshua Tree: 1951, A Portrait of James Dean."

Oliver with Jason Ritter

Oliver with James Preston

Elena Goode, star of the film “Elliot Loves.”

(L-R) Outfest Festival Director Kirsten Schaffer with “Petunia” cast L-R Christine Lahti, Thora Birch, Brittany Snow, writer/director Ash Christian, and Michael Urie.

ent of the 2012 HollyShorts Visionary Award Presented by Deluxe during the HollyShorts opening night celebration taking place on Thursday August 9 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Along with accepting the award, Carnahan will introduce the world premiere of Zachary Guerra’s new short film The Devil’s Dosh, which he executive produced. Past HollyShorts Visionary award recipients have included Paul Haggis, Eli Roth and Neil LaBute. Advance tickets for the entire festival can be purchased by visiting Over 300 short films have been accepted to screen at this year’s festival and compete. Holly-

Shorts Film Festival will feature a slew of home grown content shot and produced in Los Angeles as well as a number of short films produced and shot internationally with projects representing different countries from all parts of the world. Filmmakers from these regions will be making the trip to Hollywood to meet with agents, managers, studios, networks and other fellow content creators to advance their careers. The Festival presents over $100,000 USD in prizes to winners, with Company 3 sponsoring awards of $10,000 in post-production and finishing services to both Turn to Page 10

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Saturday, July 21, 2012 PinoyWatchDog.Com

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Entertainment & Arts

ABS-CBN Foundation Int’l launches Pinoy Singing Idol Search 2012 in Cerritos ► By David

Casuco, Contributing Writer


ID-AFTERNOONS, usually, are much-needed breathers for the crew at the Jeepney Asian Grill (JAG) in Cerritos, but on this particular Sunday afternoon, July 15, the popular Filipino restaurant was teeming with unusual activity. The Pinoy Singing Idol Search was to be launched and a big star was coming, that is why. The crowd came early, most of them big fans of Kapamilya star Ai-Ai delas Alas, who was supposed to show up for a meetand-greet gig, and probably sit as one of the judges of the initial group of singers seeking qualifying slots for the grand finals. At 4 p.m. Robbie Fabian, president of ABS-CBN Foundation Int’l, was introduced. He formally launched the Pinoy Singing Idol Search, a project that seeks spokespersons for Bantay Bata in the United States and all over the world. He said that last year’s winner (the same contest under a different name) sang the national anthem at the Democratic Convention. They were proud of it, he said; it was something. Rene Ramos, who is Jeepney Asian Grill director of marketing and promotions, said that the

Jeepney Asian Grill is proud to be a partner to the Pinoy Singing Idol Search. The deal is that every Sunday, from 3-5 p.m., while the idol search is going on, a percentage of the restaurant’s income will be donated to Bantay Bata, a choice charity by generous FilAmericans in Los Angeles. Ted Benito, ABS-CBN liaison officer, anchored the event and surprised everybody with a remarkable song number of his own; Lydia Soriano, another ABS-CBN liaison officer also took the stage to announce another forthcoming project for Bantay Bata, which is the First ABS-CBN Kapamilya Bowling Tournament. Details of the tournament are available by calling (562) 881-4538. Midway through the singing auditions, Ai-ai was introduced. She came in totally clueless what

was going on. So, she asked the audience, “What do you want me to do?” The crowd wanted her to do her thing, the thing that she does best – be funny, and sing. To which the Pinoy Got Talent judge gladly obliged. She sang a Christmas song and asked the audience to sing along. Her reason: Christmas in July, she said. The inevitable photo ops followed afterwards. “I am sorry. I really don’t know kung ano meron; I was caught unaware,” she explained. And when she finally understood everything, she told the crowd that as a Kapamilya talent, she supports the projects of the network, and with a ready engaging smile, the Philippine movie boxoffice queen made the crowd very happy by just being there. Meanwhile, the first batch of ‘Pinoy Idol’ qualifiers was up: Shay Louise, 17, from Eagle Rock. She sang “Orange Colored Sky” by Natalie Cole. Then, it was Jessica Bautista, 19, of Buena Park, who sang “Put Your Record On” by Corine Bailey Rey. Two more singers came in unlisted – Christine Panasigue, 12, and Michelle delos Reyes of Pasadena. As of this writing, it was not yet determined as to who advanced into the grand finals in August 5, Sunday. On August 19 and 26, the auditions will be for children 10-and-under group. Ted Benito said this is the more interesting group. For particulars on the Pinoy Idol auditions, please visit Jeepney Asian Grill, 11900 South Street, Cerritos, CA 90703. Call (562) 207-0070 or text Rene Ramos (310) 259-6418.

Films at Outfest; From Page 8

the Best Overall Short Film and Best Director award-winners, and $5,000 in post-production services to the Best Commercial and Best Music Video winners. Other top prizes include a $5,000 camera rental package courtesy of Martini Crew Booking for the Best Student award-winner, and $12,000 in services from Greenhouse Studios. Other HSFF sponsors include Deluxe, Method Studios, Showbiz Software, Festival Genius, IndiePix, Final Draft, Adobe, Film LA, Shorts HD, Film Courage, Film Festivals APP, SLS Hotel, Constellation, WebTV Workshop, Eurochannel, Yelp, Fun Little Movies, FEARnet, StarNow, Fango-

ria, Script Pipeline, PopChips, LightSpeed EPS, Moviola, Law Offices of Paul Battista, and Noci Cortinfestival.

Zachary Quinto to open and host the Opening Night of Hollyshorts filmfest.

Joe Carnahan will receive the 2012 Hollyshorts Visionary Award on August 9.

About HollyShorts HollyShorts Film Festival is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films from aroundthe globe. HollyShorts is devoted to the advancement filmmakers through screenings, Q&A sessions and networking events. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 30- minutes or less. For more information please visit Email this writer at oliver@

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Entertainment & Arts

The Road to Broadway runs through the San Fernando Valley

15 year old Fil-Am Josephine Arciaga plays Anne Oakley as American as it gets. By

Joel Bander Senior Columnist

Josephine Arciaga as Annie Oakley, ready for audiences throughout the globe, with Jason Muljadi playing Pawnee Bill.


had been thinking about wanting to see a classic Broadway musical when community activist and columnist Joe Arciaga sent out a Facebook posting that his church was presenting the 1946 classic musical “Annie Got Your Gun” with children and college students comprising the company. Joe described it as “very off off Broadway.” Truth be told, he offered me a ‘media ticket’ but since there was a Sunday afternoon performance I enticed my wife, after some initial hesitancy (because I usually make snide comments into her ear at these events), to go as well. The original “Annie Get Your Gun” opened on Broadway in 1946 staring Ethel Merman, whose voice was full enough that it could have been heard through the Staples Center without amplification. The music and lyrics are by Irving Berlin, whose songs include ‘God Bless America’ and ‘White Christmas.’ If you do not know, Irving Berlin is in the AllStar team of all time popular song composers. The most famous song from Annie Get Your Gun is ‘There is No Business Like Show Business.’ There’s no business like show business If you tell me it’s so Traveling through the country is so thrilling Standing out in front on opening nights

Smiling as you watch the benches filling And see your billing up there in lights The story is based on the real life Annie Oakley, a country girl making it big in rodeo shows because she was a top sharpshooter. A woman shooting a gun so well in that era was considered a show attraction, with people coming far and wide to witness such a spectacle. Arriving at St. Bridget of Sweden church in Van Nuys the setting was beyond simple, some tables and chairs in an antiquated meeting room with a stage. Hamburgers were being grilled out back and included in the price of admission. But once I saw that the orchestra had nine players I was thinking, ‘this is serious.’ I was expecting a single piano player.

However, the purity and setting of the event was indeed part of its strength. Everyone was focused on the show. The star was Joe’s daughter, 15 year old Josephine Arciaga, totally capturing the country bumpkin essence and accent of the Annie Oakley character. Josephine was totally at ease in her role. Josephine punctuated her singing and dancing as if she had been in travelling shows since she could walk. At times you see an actor and think they are playing the role well. Here, you felt that Josephine was Annie Oakley, that her presence was consumed in the role. But it cannot be said that Josephine carried the entire company of 35 or so players, as almost all of these kids provided fine, and quite cute, execution

of their mostly adult roles. This could not have been done without the obvious fine stewardship of Musical Director Marcos Mendoza, whose obvious passion for this project could not be questioned. The timing on dancing and singing was all way above expectations, and beyond a few off pitch high notes in one song (not Josephine’s) there really was no subpar portion of the performance. The delivery of the lines, including some of the tawdry references to sexuality were particularly funny, as the kids like saying them, and since this was a 1940’s musical they were not so far out of the box even for a Catholic school in 2012. This direction was well demonstrated in a scene when Annie is first learning how to dance with the road show, her initial missteps, gradually getting better and then her quick learning curve, dancing in time, all within the frame work of the song. Somehow, I feel that Irving Berlin was smiling at that moment. During this performance I felt I was seeing the beginnings of a possible true future Broadway

star, not because Joe is my friend, but because the petite 15-year-old Josephine Arciaga has not only talent in singing, dancing and acting, but absolute poise on the stage. No airs of conceit that she was somehow better than the other kids. She was all for the show. I was told that last year she played Maria in Sound of Music, with the children she was caring for generally larger than she was. But Mr. Mendoza knows that a star is a star, and the Annie Oakley role seemed to almost be designed for young Josephine. So if the only legacy of is that we were the first to write about Josephine Arciaga’s rise to stardom, that recognition would be enough. So cue the music … There’s no people like show people They smile when they are low Even with a turkey that you know will fold You may be stranded out in the cold Still you wouldn’t trade it for a sack o’ gold Let’s go on with the show

Saturday, July 21, 2012




‘Pistahan sa CBS Studio Center’ set on August 25-26, 2012 From Page 1

Berry Farm and Universal Studios in 1994 that are in the record books for being among the best attended Filipino events in America. He has also held events over the years at Magic Mountain and Cal State Northridge. His goal -that Filipinos have a place to take the whole family for the day for a good time. So Pistahan’s goal starts by renting out the open-air residential streets of the CBS Studios Soundstage Backlot, where such television classics as Gunsmoke, Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, My Three Sons, Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, as well as Roseanne, Different World, Thirtysomething, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, Falcon Crest, Seinfeld, Grace Under Fire, 3rd Rock from the Sun, CSI:NY, Will & Grace, Big Brother and That 70’s Show, were produced. Then there is entertainment. Hosted by the ever endearing Bernardo Bernardo, among others, there will be non-stop entertainment from the time the gate opens at 11 a.m. till closing with Jazz Original Pilipino Music, Rock and Roll and traditional kundi-

man ballads. In short, music for everyone of all ages and interests. (Hey, you want to perform?, see if Mutch can fit you in.) There will also be a showcase of modern and cultural dance and a Kiddie Karnival. Promotional materials inform us that the best BBQ, burgers and more from leading food vendors will be on hand for everyone’s enjoyment. And there is more. ‘Pistahan sa CBS Studio Center’ will also have a Tiangge, which literally means a Pinoy Flea Market -- (I am getting to learn Tagalog in this job) a shopping haven for the bargain hunters. It’s a “tiangge” in the traditional sense – where everyone will have the chance to negotiate for deals on used and new goods. Just watching Filipinos negotiate is entertainment! And then not to be outdone, there will be a Saturday night ‘Yellow Party’ that Carino describes off handedly as ‘it’s just a party with bikini dancers in the middle.’ Indeed, the beauty of the event is that it does not try to be something it is not, and is seeking

Kelly Calaguas

to have the entire community be involved. And speaking of beauties, Kaylee Calaguas, Southern California’s own Mutya Ng Philipinas 2012 will be in attendance and available to have

Author Lourdes Duque Baron, MHA, MSG, to host Official“Scripted In Heaven” book signing at Trinitarians of Mary on July 29, 2012 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm


OLLYWOOD, CA --- Friday, July 20, 2012 Book Author Lourdes Duque Baron, MHA, MSG, to host Official “Scripted In Heaven” book signing at Convent of the Trinitarians of Mary located at 3009 East Cameron Ave., West Covina, California 91791 on July 29, 2012 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Prior to the official book launch and “Somewhere in the process of putting this book together, I had a self-realization: signing she will be also pre signing and the lost soul that I desired to save belonged selling her book Scripted In Heaven Hardto me. And so, while I penned the simple cover Special Limited Edition! Which will truth of our great trials and tribulations, I be signed and available for $50.00 plus tax found God speaking to me. I found myself at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE in the middle of a transformation.” said au- (Next to Staples Center) located at 900 West thor Lourdes Duque Baron, MHA, MSG. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CaliforJoining Lourdes nia 90015 on (July 26th Duque Baron will be to 28th) Thursday, Friday Mother Lillie and the Sisand Saturday from 8:00 ters of the Trinitarians of am to 3:00 pm. Mary at their newest conThe July 29th event vent in West Covina, Caliwill feature a red carpet fornia. arrival, book signing, Rev. Fr. Ermelindo di coffee, cookies and light Capua from San Giovanni refreshments will be Rotondo is schedule to available for guests. For attend a dedication event those people who canfor St. Pio of Pietrelcina not make it to the official (Padre Pio) on August Scripted in Heaven book 25, 2012. Fr. Ermelindo launching event with has been Padre Pio’s ItalMother Lillie and the ian liaison to the EnglishSisters of the Trinitarians speaking world. of Mary in West Covina, She concluded “It was California, can purchase March 16, 2011. I had just online Special Hardfinished reading The 33 Lourdes D. Baron cover Limited Edition Doctors of the Church for $50.00 + Tax and by the Capuchin author Fr. Christopher Rengers, O.F.M. Cap. It was an account of Shipping at the lives of saints who shaped the hearts and The Digital/E-Book also will be available minds of the Catholic Church. In my study, soon. I had a new revelation every time I came to a new page in the book, prompting me WHAT: Scripted In Heaven by Lourdes to develop this incessant need to turn to the Duque Baron, MHA, MSG book signnext, to seek out the next revelation. I came ing to realize how little I knew of my faith and WHERE: Convent of the Trinitarians of it became clear to me that I have not only Mary 3009 East Cameron Ave., West Covibeen keeping Jesus at a distance, but that I na, California 91791 have been offending my Lord for the past WHEN: Sunday, July 29, 2012 from 2:00 64 years of my life.” pm to 8:00 pm.

your picture taken with her! With all this fun, Gandi Skin Care and Maxx Promos, are aware of their responsibility to the community, and are providing the Filipinos Against Crab Mentality Movement (FACMM) by helping it create mass awareness and exposure about the importance of having a mindset of unity – “Tulong-tulong sa Pagsulong! Sama-sama at Magkaisa!” (I trust the editor to make sure this means what I think it means) FACMM is being provided a free booth at the event so attendees can be reminded that they should help one another succeed instead of pulling each other down.—Joel Bander Additionally, the ‘Yellow’ theme is mindful of the event’s close anniversary of the August 21, 1983, anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. When questioned about that, Carino became more somber, and said he wanted to have a bigger event next year to honor the slain hero. The organizers also want to

provide awards to accomplished members of the community. But being mindful of the stain of ‘false’ awards, they are devising a plan whereby there are 7-10 judges who will independently evaluate the nominees, and the judges will not even know each other. Seems like the right way to determine ‘winners’, not by a single person who is being paid to give out the awards. And because this is such a wholesome, non-phony community event, has agreed to be one of its primary sponsors! Heck, ticket prices are just $10 and just $10 more for the Yellow Party. We will have a booth there, so you can come and give us information, complain about our articles, compliment us, or just say hello. So mark your calendar for August 25 and 25, 2012. And if you do not have a yellow outfit, start looking around. In our next editions we will write about some of the major bands and events. If you want to be a vendor, sponsor, or just get your tickets early, call (818) 4553633 for more information.


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Filipino music, culture blossom in historic show at Hollywood Bowl From Page 1

Joel Jacinto’s Kayamanan ng Lahi cultural dance ensemble and the Rondalla Club of Los Angeles did the warm up with a Hispanic-influenced dance number. The Harana Kings and the Philippine Chamber Singers of LA brought back homeland memories with their kundiman. Singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid and Philippine “Concert King” Martin Nievera dished out their shares of Pinoy originals. Then the subdued light of the setting sun played magic on the vegetation all around and on nearby hills. Moments later only the illuminated 33-foot tall cross on a hilltop above Ford Ampitheatre was visible in the gathering dusk, an amazing bonus to a night of star-studded entertainment in the open-air amphitheater. Notwithstanding the huge iconic band shell of concentric arches that serve as the stage backdrop of the world-famous venue, the nature ambience and the folkloric presentations that evening of June 8 were reminiscent of rural Philippines. The show title was apt: ‎” takes you to the Philippines: A

celebration of global Filipino music.” It was a night to be long remembered. Ted Benito, who collaborated in producing the music and cultural feast with Apl. de.ap and Arvind Manocha, chief operating officer of the venue, placed the total attendance at 12,825. Average cost for tickets was $45.00 each, he said in a Facebook posting. The entire time for planning the event was seven months and the actual production involved a cast/crew of 200-plus. The value of presenting Filipino artists and culture on stage of the Hollywood Bowl for the first time in history: Priceless! Apl. de. ap, formerly of the break-dance crew Tribal Nation and currently with the multiGrammy award winning Black Eyed Peas, is our very own Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr. He was curator and a star performer of the show. In the latter role, he was joined by fellow Peas & Taboo. Apl’s mom, Cristina Pineda, was in the audience and duly acknowledged. and Taboo (the latter said his wife is a Filipi-

na) were a hit and obviously embraced by the crowd. The former, the Peas frontman and producer, praised buddy Apl. de.ap grandly for his generosity in giving back to the community through a charitable foundation for kids. Philanthropy is the right thing following success, he said. Eight days later on July 16 was reported announcing at the Oprah Winfrey Show his own scholarship initiative funding seven students $10,000 per year for the duration of their undergraduate education. The BEP dedicated a song to SIPA (Search to Involve Pilipino Americans), the organization they credited with helping them in the early years, and to Apl. de. ap’s adoptive parent. In place of Fergie -- the fourth member of the group who was not around -- pop singer and dancer Nicole Elikolani Prescovia Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls provided a delightfully sexy alternative. She is of Hawaiian, Russian and Filipino descent. The group entertained with “Bebot,” “Take me to the Philippines,” “We can be anything,” “Right there” and “Where is the love.”

Letters to the Editor Responses to “UST cannot certify Darna Umayam graduated Cum Laude”


Submitted on 2012/07/11 at 6:50 pm It just goes to show how gullible we, Filipinos are. Immediately believing the printed resumes of Kababayans or non-Kababayans. This is how Filipinos are bilked from their hard-earned money by whites or non whites(e.g. kababayans) who advertise on their expertise without doing due diligence as to the truthfulness of the printed word. Thanks to Pinoy Watchdog. You should do more of this investigative reporting on all areas of business especially those that are being used mostly by our Kababayans

Jerry Ruedas

Submitted on 2012/07/11 at 6:06 pm What is the whole point of this investigation. This was an email forwarded to myself, but do not understand what is there to gain from this. Thanks

Janie Heckert

Luke 14:11 For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, And he who humbles himself will be exalted. James 4:6 “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Don Azarias

Submitted on 2012/07/11 at 4:12 am Later, this lady will claim that she is the heroine in the classic Filipino film “Darna At Ang Babaeng Lawin.” Instead of a “Cum Laude” maybe she is a “Cum Lawlaw.” (LOL) BTW, I would like to commend you guys for your investigative zeal in exposing pseudo-community leaders, like her, who bilk the unsuspecting Fil-Am public in order to enrich themselves. What a shame!

The world famous Hollywood Bowl seats nearly 13,000 Filipinos for “ takes you to the Philippines” concert.

Martin Nievera’s profile fills one of the Bowl’s giant monitors while a nearby hilltop and its 33-foot tall cross serve as backdrop.

Some theater patrons continue to drink and loud in conversation oblivious of the performance in the stage.

A pleasant surprise was the appearance of newly-crowned WBP-IBF super bantamweight king Nonito Donaire, Jr. The Filipino Flash did the “Mga kaibigan Apl song” with while clutching the championship belt he wrested from South African boxer Jeffrey “Mongoose” Mathebula the day before at the Home Depot Center boxing ring in nearby city of Carson. Also in the stellar cast was the fivemember Sandwich, said to be among the most prominent rock bands back home. Singer-songwriter Becca rendered Freddie Aguilar’s famous “Anak.” Also contributing numbers were the Legaci, Jeremy Passion, Culture Shock, Bucky Jonson, DJ E-Man and Tateng Katindig and friends. Jo Koy got the crowd in high spirits with sidesplitters. The comedian was a co-host along with KCRW’s Anthony Valadez and filmdom’s Lou Diamond Philips and Vanessa Hudgens. Other songs heard that evening included “Kahit isang saglit,” “Ikaw,” “Don’t throw my love away,” “Be my lady,” “Kailangan kita,” “Dahil sa iyo,” and “Basta tayo’y magkasama laging meron umagang kay ganda.” It was an

evening of pop and traditional Pinoy artists, song and dance numbers, of the old and the contemporary, a tinikling that became hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, OPM (Original Pilipino Music), traditional Filipino love songs and break dancing. The three-hour extravaganza ended with “I gotta feelin,” which brought everyone to his/her feet. It was a wholesome and splendid way of spotlighting Pinoy talents, Pinoy music and heritage and Pinoy togetherness. Mr. Benito said that he doesn’t know if there will be another event like that at the Bowl in the future. Proceeds from the concert went directly to the LA Philharmonic’s ongoing music education program that benefits children in Los Angeles schools who have no access to music education, he added. The Bowl is owned by the Los Angeles County and the LAPhil calls it home.

The song “I gotta feelin” brings everyone to his/her feet.

Singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid entertains.

Saturday, July 21, 2012 Saturday, May 26, 2012




Mixer starts countdown to trade expo, independence fete

Words and photos by Dionesio


C. Grava

RESH from spearheading the 4th Annual Event Honoring Men and Women in Uniform held at the LA Convention Center, the ever busy buddies consisting of Maria Amor Torres, Kevin Kaul and Edvard Akopyan have plunged neck-deep once again into another of their mega yearly projects.

The 7th Annual Global Trade Investment Seminar and Venture Funding Expo will fall on September 6-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim. The following day the 2nd Annual Global Independence Day (GID) will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Ms. Torres and Messrs. Kaul and Akopyan are pillars of the non-profit We Care for the World (WCW). During the kickoff program and honorary dinner on Friday evening, July 13, held at the Florentine Gardens in Hollywood for the twin September events, Ms. Torres, president of WCW, touched on the mission of the Artesia-based organization. It is based on the Sanskrit preaching about the world being a single family and of the Dalai Lama’s “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.” Accordingly, WCW intends to bring smile on everyone’s face by empowering people with food, education, technology and abode to live in, she said. Ms. Torres, a featured celebrity in a past issue of, also indicated that the Global Independence Day observance is timely because just two days later on September 11 the world will mark the 11th anniversary of the horrendous acts of terrorism that toppled the Twin Towers and damaged the Pentagon. The GID theme is “Celebrating Victory of Democracy Against Terrorism.” In his remarks Kevin Kaul, WCW chairman, outlined the intent of the investment seminar: To let everyone know that there’s a platform of free trade to make the U.S. the guiding factor in the business world. The September 6-8

project will also feature the swimsuit, talent and interview phases of the search for Miss Globe Ambassador 2012. Meanwhile, the September 9 event will be highlighted by a Global Achievement Awards, a Tatyana Peter Fashion Show and a performance by Angelo Borer & the Crazy Feet Company, Switzerland’s finest tap dance ensemble. There will also be an all day mardi gras and exhibits, a red carpet, dinner banquet and the coronation of Miss Globe Ambassador. Nominations for the Global Achievement Awards may be directed to Ms. Torres at The July 13 event also featured the presentation of the different GID ambassadors representing the countries of China, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Morocco, Mexico, Vietnam, Liberia and India. The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, was the chief guest in the previous GID celebration. Organizers said that in this year’s event he and US President Obama, Governor Jerry Brown and other dignitaries, celebrities, professionals and community, business and global leaders are invited to attend.

Beauty and the Beast

Maria Amor Torres and Kevin Kaul, president and chairman, respectively, of the non-profit We Care for the World.

Funny guy Jay Kaufman, a co-emcee of the event, and Ms. California World Jeanna Fa.

Tram Ho, a former Mrs. Asia USA and anchor-host, VBS TV.

Singers all, from left: Rizzy Lo, Heart Hays and Ram Tasildar.

Jesse Jam Miranda, co-emcee and WCW admin.

Emily Manansala Roberts, overall coordinator and GID ambassador representing Philippines

Jennifer, left, and Regina, Filipina talents in Ms. Asia-USA 2012

Some attendees break into impromptu dancing.

Maria Amor Torres (middle in gold-colored gown) and Kevin Kaul (at Ms. Amor’s left) presenting the GID ambassadors.


Controversy follows Dolphy to his final resting place From Page 1

for a posthumous National Artist Award for Dolphy grows, with Filipino netizens creating furor in the Internet social sites, a controversy took form with former NCAA executive director Cecille Guidote-Alvarez doing a Pilate when she said in a radio interview that were it not for Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, who was then CCP president, the Philippine King of Comedy should have gotten the National Artist Award. Tiongson, she said, “opposed violently, doing a passionate speech on his disapproval” during the second phase of the selection process. Tiongson, a noted author and academician, defended himself saying the accusations made by Guidote-Alvarez are “selective and misleading.” In a letter to a Manila publication, Tiongson said, “she (Guidote-Alvarez) made it appear that one person (in this case, myself) can actually engineer the outcome of the second stage of the National Artist selection process, when in reality it is a council of about 20 experts representing various disciplines that chooses, through a secret vote, the candidates to be shortlisted for final deliberations.” Dr. Tiongson reportedly protested Dolphy’s inclusion to the

Saturday, July 21, 2012


list because the actor’s craft generally smacks of “mindless frivolity” and “deodorized poverty.” He explained in his letter, thus: “I believed that the two icons he created for film and TV – the screaming gay and the happy-go-lucky poor man – have, in majority of his movies equated gayness with abnormality and mindless frivolity on the one hand, and romanticized or deodorized poverty on the other.” Understandably, not many Filipinos agree with Dr. Tiongson’s point of view. To the man in the street of Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines, Dolphy is the one entertainer who makes them laugh amidst life’s troubles. They think Dolphy deserves all the glory and honor there are for a dead man. Sure, Dolphy romanticized their poverty, and the Filipinos do not have problem with that. The last thing they need is the opinion of culturati who can afford to fly to New York and watch a Broadway show. Even former president Erap Estrada, widely known as a pro-poor public official, thinks that the National Artist Award is long overdue. “Overdue na ‘yan sa tagal na ni pareng Dol-

phy at milyong-milyong Pilipino ang kanyang napasaya,” he said. “Talagang deserving naman siya.” Estrada said that Dolphy is an entertainer who is a cut above the rest, and is almost incomparable. “In another 100 years baka nga hindi pa magkaroon ng kapalit; ibang klase si Dolphy, he is one of a kind,” he said. Dolphy’s son Epy Quizon, who won acting honors in Dolphy’s last film “Markova Comfort Gay,” said that the National Artist Award is not in their mind right now. What matters is that his dad made people happy. “He is who he is because he is true to his craft… His mission was to make people happy,” he said. The issue that Dolphy must be elevated as national artist started in 2009 when the veteran actor, was nominated by Sen. Manuel “Manny” Villar to the elite list of Filipinos that were being considered for the National Artist Award. On May 6, 2009, the two agencies CCP and NCCA submitted to then President Gloria Arroyo four (4) names for the Award. Dolphy’s name was not among them. The Comedy King passed the first stage, but was dropped from the shortlist in the second stage. He was allegedly voted out because of the way he delineated gay roles. Dolphy made a total of 12 gay themed movies during his entertainment career that spanned for 65 years. He began making gay movies as far back as 1954 with “Jack en Jill.” Then he followed

it up with “Susanang Daldal” in 1961; “Pepe en Pilar” (1966); “Facifica Falayfay” (1969); “Kangkarot” (1969); “Karioka Etchos de America” (1971); “Fifita “Fofongga vda. de Falayfay” (1973); “Sarhento Fofongay” (1974); “Jack en Jill” of the Third Kind” (1978); “Ang Tatay Kong Nanay”(1978); “Darna Kuno?” (1979); and most recently “Markova Comfort Gay (2000). It is a little ironic that “Ang Nanay Kong Tatay,” a movie where Dolphy delineated a role of an over-the-hill gay cross dresser taking care of a precocious kid (Nino Mullach), was directed by Lino Brocka, a National Artist Awardee. Aside from Brocka, only 12 individuals had been accorded the prestigious National Artist honor from the cinema and theatre disciplines. They are: Ishmael Bernal, Gerry de Leon, Ronnie Poe, Eddie Romero, Daisy Avellana, Honorata “Atang” dela Rama, Rolando S. Tinio, Salvador Bernal, Lamberto Avellana, Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero, and Severino Montano. A total of 57 Filipinos had been accorded the National Artist Award. Just what is the NCCA or the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and how do they go about the selection process of the National Artist Award? What are the guidelines and the criteria involved? According to the NCCA

website, the NCCA is “the highest national recognition given to Filipino individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Philippine Arts; namely, music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literature, film and broadcast arts, architecture and allied arts. The Order is jointly administered by the NCCA and the Cultural Center of the Philippines and conferred by the President of the Philippines upon recommendation by both institutions. The criteria, aside from citizenship, is that for Filipinos to be considered for the National Artist Award, they must be: *artists who, through the content and form of their works have contributed in building a Filipino sense of nationhood; *who have pioneered in a mode of creative expression or style, thus, earning distinction and making an impact on succeeding generations or artists; *who have created a substantial and significant body of works and/or consistently displayed excellence in the practice of their art form, thus enriching artistic expression or style; and *who enjoy broad acceptance through prestigious national and/ or international recognition, such as Gawad CCP Para sa Sining, CCP Thirteen Artists Award, and the NCCA Alab ng Haraya/ Critical Acclaim and/or reviews of their works; respect and esteem from peers.


16 20th Issue 21 July 2012  

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