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The January Series Weekdays, January 4 - 24 | 10:30 am | Chapel | Free For 30 years the January Series of Calvin College has been one of the leading lecture/cultural arts series in the country. Pinnacle Presbyterian Church is one of 50 remote webcast sites across the continent, joining a daily audience of about 3,000 people a day. You are invited to this “live feed” lecture series, with topics ranging from re-imagining healthcare, closing the gender gap in technology, global poverty and violence, vocation and calling, race and reconciliation and so much more by top experts in their fields. Visit for information about the speakers and topics. INSIDE... COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS second Sundays SEE PAGE 4 PIANO MAN and 3 INTERNATIONAL TENORS in concert SEE PAGE 7 A BRAND NEW VISTAS coming soon SEE PAGE 8

Tracings A Letter from Dr. Wes Avram

Dear friends, The street I grew up on held a secret. No, it wasn't the kinds of secrets that movies are made about. It was just something you wouldn't know if you couldn't see it. From the pavement, you saw small houses one after another separated by driveways. Garages were in the back (not in the front, like on my Scottsdale street). That whole part of town was full of streets just like this. Each house had its own backyard, with each of those separated by Dr. Wes Avram, chain link fences. If you threw a ball and it went into a Senior Pastor neighbor's yard, you had to climb the fence to get it. Pretty normal for Midwestern suburbs built up in the early 1950s. But here's the secret. Unlike most of streets around, the half of our winding block that had the deepest back yards had no fences. Yup, not a one. A fence in the far back separated our street from the one behind, but laterally, house to house, it was wide open. Couldn't see that from the street, but there it was. And it was a kids' heaven. A little, protected, park. We moved from yard to yard without fear. We knew whose yard was whose, and we respected the space if there was a family activity going on, or if the dogs were let out. It was a great place for hide and seek, to kick a ball, and more. When I got an old set of too-big drivers at our church rummage sale one year, the yards became a long green as I whacked at my whiffle golf balls not fearing whose yard they went into. We knew the nooks and crannies of our friends' yards as well as we knew them of houses with no children at all. The dog two doors down was trained to know her own yard line and never cross it, and we gave her the space she needed. We also knew the one yard we weren't allowed in down at the end! This little park was surrounded by houses that held protective eyes while the children played. This happened because at some point, for reasons I don't know and at Please see TRACINGS on next page 2

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017

TRACINGS from previous page whose behest I don't know, there was an agreement struck by the owners of the houses on that half of the block--surely not just to not build fences, but also about what the tacit rules would be by which the kids would be allowed to play and space would be respected. It's been said (by Robert Frost) that good fences make good neighbors. Maybe. There are surely times when that's true, literally. But it's not always true, literally. Generosity of spirit, willingness to share, concern for safety, and rules of tact and courtesy can be better fences than walls or chained links. Breathing in to create community and protect what's true and valuable about an idea or a culture is good. But we can't breathe in without breathing out: back into an open world, where we move across spaces to share what we know, to grow up safely, to play without fear, and to catch a taste of God's heaven--where the only fence is the gate of love. The ideal is both, I think— neither anarchic and confusing, nor closed in and walled off. I imagine the church like those yards on the end of that block—an open space ruled not by purity and perfection or even agreement, but ruled by the habits of mutual regard, respect, and, yes, love, under the watchful eyes of the Spirit. We can grow up without fear, play with abandon, respect boundaries, and explore all the things that are different about us without needing to parcel the place up. That's true of the whole church, just as it's true of Pinnacle Presbyterian. That's the kind of space we want to create with our "Courageous Conversations" series beginning this month at Pinnacle. About once each month, under the leadership of our Theologian in Residence Allen Hilton and myself, we'll open our imaginations to topics that might divide us--from politics to theology, from lifestyle choices to economics. We'll do this not to answer all questions, but to learn how to learn from each other. And we'll do it in a protected park of respect, courtesy, and care--under the Spirit's watchful eyes. Our first is January 8 following our 10:00 service. Stay tuned for more details. And join us, whenever you feel moved. Blessed New Year to you all,

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



OUR CHURCH FAMILY SYMPATHY OF THE CONGREGATION IS EXTENDED TO: Susan Storch and family on the loss of Susan's father, Italo Bragalone. To the family of Lynne Palmer. To the family of Royal Treadway. To the family of Bob Lavidge. 4

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Interface: Faith and Science at Pinnacle Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity Wednesday, January 4 | 7:00 pm | Chapel Library When we think of autism, do we picture a person who is unable to connect to the world and interact, or do we think of people with astonishing memories for facts, high intelligence and the capacity to focus for long periods on tasks? Is autism a disability, a difference in perception and cognition, or something more? Join us as David Schaller reviews NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, by Steve Silberman, and speaks about his own journey through life as an autistic human being. NeuroTribes talks about the much-ignored pioneering work of World War II era physician, Hans Asperger, and the benefits our culture can gain by learning to embrace the complete range of human neurodiversity. All who are interested in the conversation, including youth, are welcome to attend. For more information contact

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



Women's Bible Study Mondays, Beginning January 16 | 6:30 pm | Marty King's Home Tuesdays, Beginning January 17 | 10:00 am | Chapel Library The word love occurs about 62 times in John's three letters. John gives us reasons why he wrote these epistles: "that our joy may be made complete", “…that we may not sin", and “…that we may know that we have eternal life.” Like the Gospel of John, these letters were written to supply evidence essential for the building of credible faith. Please join us for this 12-week study. Study booklets, John's Letters: Discovering Genuine Christianity, will be available on the patio following 8:00 and 10:00 am worship services on January 8 and 15. Contact Marti King at for more information.


About the Organ: The Pipes By Brandon Burns Most organs have multiple keyboards. The RichardsFowkes organ has four: three manuals and one pedal keyboard. Each of these controls a different division. On this organ, the bottom manual is the main one, containing the foundations of the instrument. The middle manual has sounds that can be used to solo out melody lines or provide an echo to the bottom manual. The top manual controls a division called the “swell,” which is contained in a box with wooden shutters on the front that control the volume. These shutters are controlled by the expression shoe, a lever near the middle of the pedalboard. The pedal division of the organ can provide the bass tones that support the rest of the divisions, or can be used to solo out a melody. The keyboards can be coupled together in different combinations, allowing them to play at the same time. 6

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017

Pinnacle Concert Series

Piano Man

Friday, January 20 | 7:30 pm Premium Seating: $45 | General Admission: $30 | Student: Free (Specific seating is available for this concert.) The music of Billy Joel and Elton John comes to life in this multimedia tribute starring the voice and piano of British entertainer Terry Davies, backed by an extraordinary nine-piece band. Their incredible catalogue of classic hits includes Piano Man, New York State of Mind, Rocket Man and Candle in the Wind as well as many more. This promises to be an evening to remember!

The 3 International Tenors Friday, January 27 | 7:30 pm Premium Seating: $45 | General Admission: $30 | Student: Free (Specific seating is available for this concert.) The 3 International Tenors is a tribute to some of the finest music in the world and features show-stopping performances that pay homage to the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Enrico Caruso and others. Included in the concert are stirring renditions of some of the most memorable songs ever written such as Time to Say Goodbye, Ave Maria, and Nessun Dorma.

PInnacle Concert Tickets are available at or 480-303-2474 Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



Coming Soon…. A Brand New Vistas In response to a communications survey that was conducted in mid-2016, we have completely reconceptualized our Vistas publication. Look forward to our new face and new purpose beginning in March! There will be no February publication as we prepare for the March/April magazine.

We've Simplified Requests for Communications! Introducing - the only email address needed to publish your event information everywhere it needs to be. Your single message will go to: • Lea Reinke for the church and bulletin calendar • Carol Skewes for This Week at Pinnacle e-news • Shirley Norris for the website, app and ads • Lisa Boswell for the worship bulletin and Our Common Life Start using today! Questions or comments? Please contact any of us at the church office.


Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Pinnacle Hikers This month there will be three hikes available for our Pinnacle Hikers. Save the dates and check out the important information on our website at For more information contact Christine Schild at Brown's Mountain

Tuesday, January 10 | 8:30 am Fraesfield Trailhead | 13400 E. Rio Verde Drive, Scottsdale Easy loop; 4.8 miles; minimal elevation gain. There is no water at this trailhead.

Saturday, January 21 | 8:45 am | Spur Cross Ranch Conservation 44000 N. Spur Cross Road, Cave Creek Please note there is a $6 vehicle entry and $3 per person hiking fee payable in cash at the trailhead. 6.5-mile loop, a section of which is rated extremely difficult with an 1154-ft. elevation gain. Other sections are rated moderate.

Tuesday, January 24 | 8:30 am Brown’s Ranch Trailhead | 30301 N. Alma School Road, Scottsdale Moderately difficult loop; 4.5 miles; 528 ft. elevation gain.

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



Mission Team Goes to Haiti Through regime changes and natural disasters, Pastor Luc Deratus has lovingly built churches and schools for the poorest of the poor, developing strong faith communities and providing food, education, services and hope. With generous donations from Pinnacle members and friends, along with support from the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville (NJ), he addressed immediate needs following the destruction of Hurricane Matthew. Media coverage has faded but food insecurity, damaged homes and crops, and medical needs continue. In January, a ten-person mission team from Pinnacle will travel to Haiti and be joined by Pastor Luc, two Haitian doctors and translators to provide limited medical services to rural communities, health and hygiene education, and music and games for the children of Harmony Ministries schools. With the donations we have received at Pinnacle we will be able to take almost 1,000 pounds of critically needed medicines and supplies, such as: • Thousands of children’s vitamins • Thousands of adult vitamins – critical for malnourished people • Thousands of pain relievers, both adult and children’s • Hydration salts and cholera-related drugs • Various antibiotics, antacids, anti-fungals, eye drops, skin creams, etc. • Hundreds of toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss • Simple children’s musical instruments; games; school supplies • Hundreds of Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits • And candy for the kids! Our donations also enable local purchase of soap, cough medicine and rice for distribution while we are there. We also hope to learn about how we might best support repairing the modest homes and re-establishing crops that were washed away. Pastor Luc will join the mission team here in February to tell you more. 10

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers. Come and join other Pinnacle Presbyterian members build a dream house for a deserving family. There are plenty of different opportunities to suit all skill levels. The following is a list of dates and activities. All work dates are on Saturdays: January 21 February 4 March 4 March 25 April 1

Framing Framing Drywall Doors and Trim Paint

If you are interested in joining this mission, please contact Mike Noel at

Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday, February 5 | 8:00 am & 10:00 am Services While the rest of the nation is preparing for a football game, the youth of Pinnacle will join local schools, businesses, as well as community organizations to tackle hunger. Following both the 8:00 am and 10:00 am services the youth of Pinnacle will be collecting money for the Souper Bowl of Caring. All money collected will go to benefit Andre House, one of our ministry partners that helps feed the poor. Join us in our fight to end hunger.

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



Finance Report 11/30/2016 YTD Budget

11/30/2016 YTD Actual

Actual VS. Budget

11/30/2015 YTD Actual

YTD 2016 vs YTD 2015


Total Income







Total Expenditures










Cash Balance




Cash BalanceRestricted




Mortgage Debt




Short Term Debt




We are truly blessed and fortunate that we have received in November, pledge income of $16,500 over budget, $104,000 of non-pledged giving income and a $96,000 gift from the Dr. Harriet Clarke Estate. With our cash balance in good shape we will be able to substantially reduce our short-term debt. November expenses are well within our budgeted numbers.


Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


The Pinnacle Stewardship Ministry team is grateful to our wonderful congregation for your thoughtful and generous pledge support of the 2017 campaign. Without your pledged commitment, we are constrained as to what we can accomplish. We truly see God working through those who have pledged, and we thank you! Below you will see where we are in terms of our 2017 campaign. We are off to a good start, but there is still ground to cover. The word “give” is listed over 800 times in the Bible, so God’s direction is clear. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of pledging if you have not done so already. Thank you again and God bless you in this New Year!

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



Jr. High Winter Retreat January 27-29 | Leinweber’s Cabin (Cornville, AZ) | Cost $125 Our 6th-8th graders will be heading back up to Cornville in January for our annual Jr. High Winter Retreat. This is a time for students to unplug and have fun as they grow closer to God and each other. Our theme this year is Follow, as we look at what it means to 2016 Jr. High Winter Retreat follow Jesus. Registration forms and $50 deposit are due Sunday, January 1. Go to for the registration form. All students will also need a Pinnacle medical form on file, which can be found at Final payment is due by Sunday, January 22.

Youth Rummage Sale Friday and Saturday, March 17-18 Do you think that investing in youth is important but don’t know how to do it? Do you have items lying around the house or in the garage that you don’t use anymore that you want to get rid of? We have the solution to both of your problems. The Youth Rummage Sale!!! The proceeds of our Rummage Sale allow Sr. High students to experience God’s love and embrace through missions. We raise this money to make youth mission trips more affordable for the students. This year we will be heading to the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona with YouthWorks to work with Native Americans. We are asking the congregation to start saving up used goods now. Collection of items will begin the weekend before the sale. We will take your old furniture, baby gear, electronics, and more. Please start saving your resellable items so you can invest in the life of a youth. 14

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Sr. High Winter Camp is Coming! February 10-12 | Forest Home | Forest Falls, CA | Cost $250 If your student has never had a camp experience, this is it! Besides great worship music, fun games and loads of activities, the speakers convey great messages that resonate with students. Forest Home gives students a mountaintop experience that will challenge them in their faith even after they come down from the mountain. A deposit of $100 is due by January 1. Final Payment is due January 22. Spots are limited to eight students, so sign up early. Register online at tinyurl.comSrHi-Camp. We also need a Pinnacle medical form on file, which can be found at Visit for more information.

Sr. High Mission Trip July 9-14 | Navajo Nation, AZ | Cost Starts at $350 Mark your calendars, as you don’t want to miss what everyone will be talking about all summer! This July our Sr. High students (those currently in 8th-12th grade) will head up to Northern Arizona with YouthWorks to serve God and the Navajo people. The cost for this trip starts at $350 2016 Mission Trip and requires students to work at our annual rummage sale. Interested students should fill out a registration form and pay the $100 deposit before Sunday, January 29, to guarantee your spot. Forms can be found at We hope that you will join us in this life-changing experience. Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



January Church School Discovers the Key to Knowledge Knowledge can be described as discovering something new so we can be better at whatever we do. We want our kids to know that God is real, God made us and all things, and by digging into God’s word we can start to know how He wants us to live our lives. Our memory verse, from Psalm 119:105 (NIrV), reminds us Your word is like a lamp to my feet that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me. God’s word points the way towards a growing relationship with Jesus.

25 Days and 25 Ways of Celebrating Children. Last October, in honor of the annual Children’s Sabbath, we joined as a church community for 25 days of celebrating children. From specific days of prayer for children, to projects benefiting the local and international communities, the effects we all learned and grew in tandem with the seeds we sowed for God’s children. Rough estimates suggest that we sent well over 1,500 prayers across the world, delivered 50 bedside busy bags to the Children’s Hospital and 200 welcome packs to Ronald McDonald House. We also sent 150 packages to children in need with Operation Christmas Child and completed a cumulative of 150 hours of mission work in the community.

Club 45 “Strikes” Again Sunday, January 8 | 3:00 to 5:00 pm AMF Desert Hills Lanes 2959 E Bell Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032 Set ‘em up and knock ‘em down again. Club 45 will enjoy a casual afternoon at the bowling alley to enjoy some crazy bowling fun and fellowship. RSVP to Kelly Horn at by January 6 to save a spot for your 4th/5th grade student. 16

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Fun and Games at Vi Sunday, January 22 | 1:00 to 3:00 pm Vi at Grayhawk | 7501 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale Join us for Fellowship with the residents of Vi at Grayhawk. This month we will help the residents get ready for some football with a Super Bowl type of party. This is simply a low-key way to get our children involved in the lives of another generation and to provide an avenue for the kids to become a blessing in our community. RSVP to Kelly Horn for your children and family


2017-2018 Preschool Registration Registration for the 2017-2018 school year of Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool begins this month. Parents new to the preschool are strongly encouraged to attend a tour prior to registering for the 2017-2018 school year to learn more about our dynamic preschool community. Tours are offered regularly and scheduled in advance to limit the number of interruptions in the classrooms. These informational tours are intended for parents only. Later, if the decision has been made to enroll your child in the preschool, you can call to schedule a time to bring your child by to see the school. Please visit for tour dates and contact the preschool office at 480-585-9448 x2 to RSVP. Priority registration begins January 10, 2017 and is reserved for families who currently have children enrolled at Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool, siblings of former students and those members within the church of six months or more. Open registration for those families in our community that are new to our preschool begins January 20. The deadline for registration forms and fees of both priority and community applicant’s is February 1. Notification of placement will be February 21. Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


HAPPY JANUARY BIRTHDAYS Jan 1 Bashir Ararso Bethany Conger Susan Evans Jan 2 Bryan Babits Mary Brockman Mitch Christensen Janis Fitch Beth Heisler Lamar Kelsey Dania Kinney Jan 3 Oscar McNally Becky Niven Jan 4 Sally Ann Allison Tina Hirsch Jan 5 Lila Kleinkopf Jan 6 Sharon Miller Jan 7 Grant Bryce Ashley Lonergan Sean Lonergan Zachary Rash Lynn Veale Nancy Way Jan 8 Phyllis James Gabrielle Morris Wave Simpson Jerre Stead Paulette White Jan 9 Michael Bankoff Kirsten Bigler Doris Bowers Marilyn Braun Jim Callison Joan Fudala Charlotte Murray 18

Claire Pickett Jan 10 Wilson Coulter Brent Diedrich David Patton Jana Skarnulis Jan 11 Holly Fechtmeyer Shawn Howard Charles Lucky Rebecca Slegers Jim Stull Jan 12 Ed Eberle Jan 13 Merry Cole Bender Joan Dopp Christine Schild Larry Willson Cameron Wood Jan 14 Sofia Mancini Mary Miller Terry Swicegood Jan 15 Steven Hill June Keegan Penny Kollmeyer Jan 16 Phillip Ball Lois Benson Audrey Bush Randy De Fusco Lou Ehrhardt Laura Stone Jan 17 A.J. Dahlby Glenda Earle Jan 18 Timothy Matura Pattie Whittington Jan 19 Kendall Fender

Bonnie Marshall Molly McDonald Chuck Smilgys Cody Thorstenson Jan 21 Elizabeth Baker Arleen Hazen Cheryl Jung John Kilbridge Wyatt Richards Jan 22 Graham Armknecht Caroline Armknecht Susan Baer Jennifer Kaul Hayden Lewis Tristan O'Connor Jan 23 Kim Baerveldt Chelsea Ball Susan Brousseau Katherine Rosenfeld Morgan Sheaffer Rick Sherrin Jan 24 Sean Doche Molly Lampkin Lisa Patel Melisa Rose Kathryn Topping Jan 25 John King Tyler Phillips Jan Premo Emma Wilson Jan 26 Viviana Biggs Elaine Coulter Margaret Ebert Lexi Holgate Emily Joachim Mary Helen Lynn Ruth O'Brien

Candy Richards Carol Stull Gary Zimmerman Jan 27 Logan Leonesio Sake Reindersma Kallie Schmidt Jan 28 Evan Armstrong Lesley Bush Isabelle Emig Gordon Fiala Mike Foley Cal Michael Teahen Jan 29 Sue Borman Elsa Davis Jordyn Doche Jewel Hunt Hoffmann Suzanne White Jan 30 Jack Fantetti Ginny Lonn Isabel Matheson Janet McKay Collin Thorstenson Jan 31 Jacob Copple Kallianne Downing Dan Fowlkes Kathi Thomas

DO WE HAVE YOUR BIRTHDAY ON FILE? If not, please call the church office.

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017


Bill & Susan Brown

Clint & Jessica Everton with Morgan & Reagan

Carla Gonzalez & Chris West

Elizabeth Kloos

Jane Martin

Janet McKay

Alex & Erin Moorhead

Lisa Ann Ranson

Kim VanPelt

Pinnacle Vistas • January 2017



25150 N. PIMA RD. | SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85255 480.585.9448 | PINNACLEPRES.ORG

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