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the newsletter for pinnacle presbyterian church, scottsdale, az | NOVEMBER 2016

Theological Center Renamed

At its September meeting, the session voted unanimously to rename the Pinnacle Theological Center to honor the pastor whose vision of high quality adult education for church and community gave birth to the Center, Rev. Fran Park. Many of our members remember Fran, who served for several years as our Rev. Fran Park (1932-2011) sometimes part-time and for a while full-time Pastoral Associate for Senior Adults. Fran passed to the church triumphant at the end of 2011. Through the programs of the Theological Center, Fran encouraged us to imagine Pinnacle as a place of reflection and conversation on important concerns of the day. His vision bore fruit with lecture series, and workshops on education, immigration, social witness, faith and work, community concerns, faith and science, and more. The work will continue and expand, now under the umbrella of the Fran Park Center for Faith and Life (a program of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church). We can call it the Park Center, for short! We thought you might want to know. Development of the Center will be directed by our pastor, Wes Avram, with the support of our part-time Theologian in Residence, Allen Hilton, and our part-time Center Administrator, Crystal Anderson. Our thanks to Fran and to his wife, Sue, for their faithfulness to Pinnacle and to this great vision. INSIDE... THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE at Pinnacle SEE PAGE 3 RECOGNIZING OUR VETERANS on November 6 SEE PAGE 4 ARE HUMANS FUNDAMENTALLY GENEROUS? Let's find out! SEE PAGE 7 MUSINGS ON APPLAUSE as part of the worship experience SEE PAGE 13

Tracings A Letter from Dr. Wes Avram

Dear friends, You're getting this Vistas right before the election. Oh, my! Shall I write something about this? Or shall I remain silent? Hmm. What a year. Will we make it through? Will we still be talking to each other when it's over? What have we learned about ourselves, or about the church, or about our society through all of this? And who is the "we" we're talking about, anyway? I'm a citizen of the nation, as are most of you. And as a citizen of the nation I do have political opinions and I will vote. I'm also baptized, and as a baptized believer who has affirmed his belief in confirmation and adult commitment, I know that I'm also a citizen of a higher, older, and longer realm–what we call the Kingdom of God. I'm also a pastor–your pastor, in fact. And as a pastor I also know that I represent God's Kingdom (as best I can) Dr. Wes Avram, Senior Pastor to you in the midst of all the different views we have about the nation. I would never say that one opinion or another about the nation is required of you as a believer. We can have good faith differences among us about how best to shape the nation, and how best to participate in it. But I do know that we can agree on a few things; things that are pretty much nonnegotiable for us citizens of two realms: We are not in this just for ourselves or our own interests. We have an obligation to others, including to the poor and vulnerable, including to strangers as well as friends, including to folks who disagree. We are called to reason together about what this means. We have the privilege of modeling for the world, as imperfect as we are, a way of being that sees more than immediate need or passion to justify our choices. We can look beyond the moment to a future that God holds and makes for us. We can remind the nation that it is not eternal, and it is not the Kingdom of God. It is a gift to us to steward well, for the sake of the values we learn from the Realm that is eternal, and is holy, and shows itself wherever mercy reigns, Please see TRACINGS on next page 2

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016

TRACINGS from previous page and wherever hope comes, and wherever justice can be spied, and wherever reason rules anger, fear, and despair. We can be civil to each other, and even to strangers, without giving up the freedom to be passionate and involved. We can be humble enough to not be so sure we're always right, without giving up on the idea that we can still make decisions and move forward. We can be citizens of two realms, letting our citizenship in God's realm come first. It's not always easy. But what a great privilege, and what a great call! We will survive. God is still God. And we're still open on Sundays! Blessings,

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



IF YOU ARE A WINTER RESIDENT, please notify the church office to give us your updated address. You can also change your contact information in MyPPC by updating your profile. Make sure your mailing address is your current address. Put your secondary address in the “other address” block.


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Pinnacle Hikers November 8 | 8:30 am Sunrise Trailhead | 12101 N. 145th Street, Scottsdale Join us as we climb to the summit of Sunrise Peak and enjoy 270-degree views of the Valley. A short spur offers views of Four Peaks and Fountain Hills. The Sunrise Trail features a moderate up and down, although the scramble to the top (.2 miles) is difficult; 4.0 miles; 1218-ft. elevation gain. Water is available at the trailhead. Please remember to wear appropriate shoes and bring plenty of water. For more information, email Christine Schild at Please note that this is our only hike this month due to Thanksgiving.

Let's Dance! Saturdays, November 5, 12, 19, 26 | 4:00 pm | Fellowship Hall Let's Dance is a class for beginners to learn ballroom dancing from professional dance teachers, Nikolay Kralev and his partner, Gergana SlavovaDaniels, who won multiple championships in Bulgaria. Cost is $80 ($20 per lesson, paid in advance), or $25/class for drop-ins. All age groups are welcome. CONTACT:

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



Faith Art Wednesdays, November 2, 9 and 16 | 6:00 pm Fellowship Hall, Rm. 2 Bring your faith and creative juices together for this workshop in Bible Journaling in the Gospel of John. Come to one or all, no artistic skills are necessary. We will use paint, stamps, colored pencils, stickers and your creativity to describe how the text inspires your faith. Throughout the week you can read through the Gospel of John from our Daily Readings on the Pinnacle App. Please bring a Bible journal or sketchbook with you; other supplies will be provided. If you are looking for a Bible Journal, one option is NIV, Holy Bible, Journal Edition, Hardcover found on Amazon for $26.47 at CONTACT:


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Faith & Science Roundtable Wednesday, November 2 | 7:00 pm | Chapel Library Are humans fundamentally generous? Drawing from work as part of The Human Generosity Project, Dr. Athena Aktipis, Assistant Professor of Psychology at ASU and Co-director of The Human Generosity Project, addresses the questions of whether we help one another out of the goodness of our hearts or because we expect to get something back in return. Dr. Aktipis describes new insights from The Human Generosity Project and places human sharing behavior in the broader context of the evolution of cooperation across the tree of life. The Faith and Science Roundtable meets monthly to discuss issues at the interface between faith and science in a respectful environment where it is ok to be a novice, an expert or somewhere in between. All who are interested in the conversation, including youth, are welcome to attend. CONTACT:

Wrestling with Angels: Conversations about Jesus Today Thursdays | 7:00 pm | Office Conference Rm. In our Living the Questions sessions in November, we will explore Compassion — the heart of Jesus Ministry; Creative Transformation; and Embracing Mystery. There will be a short video presentation along with discussion questions that give us an opportunity to network and have open discourse about our questions of faith and life. All are welcome! CONTACT: Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



VISTAS, YOUR WAY Pinnacle Vistas is available in both printed and digital flipbook format. If you would like to change the way you receive your copy, please contact us at Printed copies are available in the church office and in brochure kiosks in Chapel and Sanctuary narthexes.


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



This month’s Read to Me is November 22. This is a wonderful way for your family to fellowship with some amazing kids. Contact Diana Englund at for details or to sign up.

Give a Gift of Service at Andre House Andre House is a ministry to the homeless and poor populations of the Phoenix area. Pinnacle has been involved in this ministry for over 20 years. We commit to 24 volunteers each month for eight months of the year, and 18 volunteers monthly for the other four months. Our work days are always the second Tuesday, second Thursday and fourth Sunday of each month. There has been a core of volunteers from Pinnacle that continue to serve, but we always need more volunteers! This is a great way to meet other people from Pinnacle. We arrive at Andre House at 3:00 pm at 213 S. 11th Ave. in downtown Phoenix. We sign in and start slicing, dicing or cutting fruit and vegetables. The meal is served from 5:30-6:30 pm. Then we clean up and are out by 7:00 pm. We encourage you to come and bring your neighbors, friends and/or family. Children must be 14 or older. You can sign up via MyPPC or on the sign-up board after the 10:00 am service on various Sundays. Questions may be directed to Stephanie Webster at Many thanks to all Andre House volunteers for the service you continue to provide. 10

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Haiti Update In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti is again trying to recover from the damage caused by high winds, torrential rains, and flooding, and is faced with fears of new cholera outbreaks and disease. Pinnacle has a longstanding relationship with Harmony Ministries in Haiti, led by our mission partner, Pastor Luc Deratus. We have led medical and hygiene-oriented trips there since before the earthquake of 2010, and a team will again be going in January 2017. This trip, already scheduled prior to the hurricane, will be focused on providing mobile clinics, providing health and hygiene education programs and feminine hygiene kits for girls in association with Days for Girls International, and assisting with rebuilding projects or other activities as determined by need at the time of the trip. We collect donations of supplies and over-the-counter medicines, and coordinate with Blessings International which provides discounted countryspecific medicines based on current conditions and needs. The team will purchase and transport those medicines and donated items to be used at the mobile clinics, with any remaining supplies left to stock Harmony Ministries’ pharmacy and clinic in Port-au-Prince. The Mission team and Pastor Luc thank you for your prayers and support as they build back structures and lives. To learn more about Pinnacle's Haiti Initiative, please see our website at

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



Pinnacle’s 22nd Annual Adopt-A-Family for


It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Look for the Christmas trees and Angels in the Chapel and Sanctuary beginning November 20. 1. Choose an Angel and bring to a committee member to record your name and the Angel information. 2. Purchase the gift. Attach the Angel to the unwrapped item purchased. 3. Bring the gift to the church by December 4. Tables will be set up on the Sanctuary Patio (at the 10:00 am service) and outside the Chapel (at the 8:00 am service) to accept these gifts. If you would rather make a financial contribution, please make your check out to Pinnacle Presbyterian Church and designate it “Adopt-A-Family.” Thank you on behalf of all the families who will feel the spirit of Christmas through your joyful and generous giving. 12

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Provide Food and Serve Thanksgiving Breakfast November 24 | 7:00 am | Watkins Homeless Shelter Help provide a breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, muffins or help serve breakfast on a day of gratitude. Families are invited to help serve (3rd grade and up). Contact Pastor Kelsy at to volunteer.


Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord! Come into His presence with . . . Applause??? Musings on Applause as Part of the Worship Experience By Dr. Sharon A. Hansen It is without controversy to state that the arts in a worship context are meant to glorify God. That said, congregants are also human beings with deeply-felt responses. Have you not found yourself overcome with emotion at a song, a poem, the ballet, an opera, the symphony, a theatrical performance or a fine work of art? In the “concert” world, applause is our culture’s very real and acceptable vehicle for showing appreciation. But in the context of a worship service, what are we to do if we are moved by a sermon, song or anthem in such a way that we simply must express thanks for the Spirit that has moved us? What, then, is the appropriate, twenty-first century cultural response in a worship setting? In my blog on our website, I first discuss why most Protestants have shied away from applause in worship, then address why some churches are accepting it. A number of resources have been consulted, and are mentioned both in the blog and in the footnotes at the end of the article. You can find this article at A continuation of this important discussion is offered by Dr. Wes Avram at Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



About the Organ: The Pipes By Brandon Burns Organ pipes come in many different shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique sound. Most pipes are made of combinations of tin and lead, though some are made of wood or sometimes even copper. The pipes on the front of the organ make up the facade; they are only a small fraction of the several thousand pipes that make up the organ. There are two different types of pipes: flue pipes that make sound like a whistle (like the ones in the facade) and reed pipes, which work more like an oboe or clarinet. Wide flue pipes make flute-like sounds, and narrow flue pipes imitate strings in an orchestra. The ones in the middle are called principals, and they create the “organ” sound. Reed pipes come in two varieties, those that provide power, like a trumpet, and those that provide color. Most of the reeds in the Richards-Fowkes organ are color reeds, such as the vox humana, krumhorn or oboe. The pipes range from 32 feet long to smaller than a drinking straw. The larger the pipe, the lower the pitch it produces.

Pinnacle Concert Series

Mill Avenue Chamber Players

Friday, November 18 | 7:30 pm | Chapel General Admission $20; Student: Free With a woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon), this chamber music ensemble based in Phoenix often collaborates with other musicians to offer a wide range of programming. Embarking on its ninth season, the Mill Ave Chamber Players seek to strengthen communities by presenting quality chamber music performances across the Valley. TICKETS: 14

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



Finance Report 9/30/16 YTD Budget

9/30/16 YTD Actual

Actual VS. Budget

9/30/15 YTD Actual

Total Income







Total Expenditures


$484,264 ($15,645)







Cash Balance



Cash BalanceRestricted



Mortgage Debt



Short Term Debt



YTD 2016 vs YTD 2015


Our pledge income was down $8,800, however, our new member giving was up over $42,000 from budget. Other income factors include not receiving some expected invoices (which will come later). On the expenses, we saved $18,000 from budget only due to not receiving the invoice from Board of Pensions for personnel benefits. We'll probably receive that in the next month’s accounting. Additionally, expenses were up due to water damage from our summer storms.


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Stewardship Update The Pledging Paradox As Christians, we believe in God’s unending mercy. We believe in miracles. Is the church, therefore, demonstrating a lack of trust in God by asking you to pledge your financial support? As members of your Stewardship Committee, we think not. “I know what plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for evil – to give you a future and a hope.” We trust that God has a plan for us. And we here at Pinnacle have great confidence that the plans we’ve made honor the Lord and further the work of His kingdom. At the same time, we know that the only thing we know for sure about the future is its ability to surprise us. There are many forces – social, political, natural and economic, to name a few – that are completely out of our control. Amidst that chaos, some degree of predictability is welcome. It allows us to pursue God’s agenda with a degree of certainty, despite turbulent times. Predictability means we can keep our eyes on the end goal without worrying too much about money. We can pray for inspiration, patience, people and perseverance, while thankfully taking for granted the financial resources required. By now you should have received in the mail your 2017 Stewardship packet. We ask you to prayerfully consider a pledge and bring it with you on Commitment Sunday, November 13. We can’t speak for God, but we can say that we strongly suspect He will bless you for your generosity. AN UPDATE ON OUR 2016 PLEDGE DRIVE: We have currently received 330 pledge commitments for $1,299,734. To reach our 2016 goal of $1,400,000, we are in need of $100,266 in additional commitments. To match our 2015 pledge commitment total of $1,351,863, we will need an additional $52,129 in pledge commitments. Note: Data is from the end of September. Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



Confirmation Mentor Ceremony Sunday, November 20 | 11:20 am | Sanctuary Confirmation is an important moment in one’s faith journey. It is the time to examine one’s faith, and for many, affirm the commitment that was made for them when they were baptized. Confirmation students will spend six months learning about their faith in class and by spending time with mentors and taking part in mission work. We'll get to know each other as we learn about God. The entire congregation is invited to join this year’s confirmation students, families and mentors as we begin this journey together. We hope that you will join us for this joyous occasion as we recommit to help support our youth in their faith journeys.


November Church School Seeks Honor This month in Church School we will discover more about honor. We hope to impart to the kids that one of the best ways we can HONOR God is by honoring those who reflect the image of God. Throughout Scripture we see how much God loves us, and when we let someone know that we see how valuable they really are, we demonstrate God’s love. Our memory verse for November comes from Romans 12:10, “Love one another deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.” (NIrV) As kids study this verse, we hope they understand that honor includes seeing others how God sees them. When kids start doing that, they will be more willing to show God’s love to others and put their needs ahead of their own. 18

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Parents’ Night Out Friday, November 11 | 5:30 - 9:00 pm | Fellowship Hall Looking for a night out with your significant other? Bring the children (potty trained through 5th Grade) to Pinnacle where our team of adult and youth leaders provides an evening of games, Bible activities, crafts and a movie—best of all, dinner is included! A modest donation of $5 per child is suggested to help us defray the cost of dinner and supplies. RSVP to Kelly Horn at in order to reserve your space.

Club 45 Thanksgiving Project Sunday, November 13 | 3:00 - 5:00 pm | Fellowship Hall 4th and 5th grade students will celebrate Thanksgiving with a special service project. RSVP to Kelly Horn at

Fun and Games at Vi Sunday, November 27 | 1:00 - 3:00 pm | Vi at Grayhawk 7501 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Scottsdale Join us for fellowship with residents of Vi at Grayhawk. Working with their weekend activity coordinator, we will play games, sing songs, do crafts and more. This is a low-key way to involve our children in the lives of another generation and to provide an avenue to be a blessing to those in our community. RSVP to Kelly Horn at

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016



Empty Bowls PreK Project Wednesday, November 16 | 11:30 am | Preschool Each of the PreK four and five-year-old classes have worked hard to make individual clay bowls by hand and will be using them as they share a simple 500-calorie meal. Families are encouraged to make a small donation of $15 per bowl, and all money raised is donated to UMOM New Day Center of Phoenix. UMOM is the largest homeless shelter for families in Arizona and their mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual. Last year, through the incredible community support we received from Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool families and Marjon Ceramics, we were able to donate over $1,500 to UMOM New Day Centers. This annual project for our preschoolers is a beautiful lesson of how little hearts can make a huge difference in our community.


Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


Jeff & Polly Chapman

Eileen Hackenyos

Ann & Rex Letner

Martha & Donald Mulholland

Byron Webb

Catherine Weekley

Not Pictured: Tom and Elizabeth Baker

OUR CHURCH FAMILY THE CONGREGATION CONGRATULATES: Kasey & Stephen Horrell on birth of their son, Ryker. Erin & Alex Moorhead on the birth of their son, Jordan.

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


HAPPY NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS Nov 1 Caroline Jones Dawn Sheaffer Nov 2 Barbara Clark Dennis Niven Jacqueline Olmert Nov 3 John Boyd Christopher Esser Julia LeClaire Mel Steele Nov 4 Dabney Buckley Lindy Murillo Giavanna Smith Alexander Stein Nov 5 Joel Ball Anita Bryce Betty Cope John Mattox, MD Nov 6 Addie Bush Lily Kilbridge Steven Swanson Nov 7 Crissie Blomquist Cindy Burger Elaine Paul Nov 8 Barbara Buzzelli Nov 9 Lillian Bliss Jack Hart Kacie Keller Kennedy Keller Pat MacAllen Connor Upchurch Nov 10 Tyler Gress Lauren Leinweber Wynn Simpson Michael Vedder Nov 11 Glenda Corrigan Serena Fechtmeyer 22

Nathan Jones Jordan Rodriguez David Schaller Thomas White Nov 12 Steve Horrell Alexis Mann Richard Rogowski Nov 13 Jodi Christensen Katherine Uelner Savannah Watson Nov 14 Troy Ball Margaret Kurtz Nov 15 Philip Hotchkiss Jessie Lampkin David McIntyre Nov 16 Alex Feldman Tommie Highwart Chuck Leonard Nov 17 Shanna Altermann Benjamin Bankoff Jake Bigler Kaelyn Gress Lisa Lucky Gail Lucky Nov 18 Cathy Coker Nov 19 Susan Beasley Betty Durham Robin Esposito Nov 20 Julie Fiala Jane Heidel Henry Olson Nov 21 Drew Keegan Nov 22 Charles Belluomini Diana Englund Heather Lewis Ellie Simpson

Ray Williams Nov 23 Suzanne Becker Rhegan Blankenship Ken Kollmeyer Nov 24 Jim Hogshire Ken Moffitt Judy Welu Nov 25 Brad Beasley Meredith Downing Greg Moorhead Nancy Schamadan Curt Stewart Vicki Watts Nov 26 Connor Bright Joyce Kasmar Stephanie Mason Sue Park Christian Reiss Nov 27 Wendy Neideck Jamey Pugh Jack Wilson Nov 28 Devin Southworth Nov 29 William Holloway Sandi Innes Ian Lisk Dave Mathews Kathie Matney Ted Weis Nov 30 David Conner Homer Holland Alexandra Loken Carol Skiff

DO WE HAVE YOUR BIRTHDAY ON FILE? If not, please call the church office.

Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016


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Pinnacle Vistas • November 2016

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Pinnacle Vistas | November 2016  
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