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Women Warned Against Hips Resurfacing Surgery

The alternative to hip replacement, which most men and women think is safer, may had been the root of failed hip affliction, recent medical reports say. Hip resurfacing remains the more conservative procedure aiming for preservation of the bone structure while preventing pain and stiffness. The surgeon only replaces the head of the femur only while in hip replacement surgeries the head and the neck of the femur are replaced with prostheses. This was thought to be a new alternative for those who are not too sure that getting a total hip arthroplasty is the best option. Because of the problems experienced by patients who receive hip implants, there has been several DePuy Pinnacle hip device litigation.

Since 2006, when hip resurfacing was introduced as a safer option, many middleaged men and women have gone to different orthopedists to put a new coating on their painful and stiff hips. However, after the recent researches about hip

resurfacing started to come to light, most surgeons stand uneasy with performing this type of operation. The use of this procedure may put women at risk of repeat surgeries because of pain in the operated area. This may not be the relief or comfort that patients have in mind after signing up for the procedure.

Middle-aged men and women, who are more active when it comes to activities of daily living, may need a sturdier hip device. Some medical experts believe that the procedure might last for a period or 10 to 15 years. However, this was not the case for most women because they might start to feel discomfort. There is an 11 percent chance for women to have a second surgery compared to the two percent risk faced by women who have had a total hip replacement. This may make total hip replacement surgery more appealing for women.

As hip surgeries are quite common, the United States will now have its own National Joint Registry that would help in giving out information about issues on joints. For now, the Britain’s National Joint Registry is one of the main sources of information with regards to data of hip devices. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence in United Kingdom has set some guidelines to follow when performing hip resurfacing surgery to ensure the safety of patients. The most important thing that patients need to do is to have a regular follow-up after having any of the two operations, experts say.

Women Warned Against Hips Resurfacing Surgery