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Web design trends to follow in 2013

By Troy Wilson

Introduction The Internet, the most widely used and important part of emerging technologies continues adapting and advancing, depending on the direction the audience is pursuing. Here on this post we are going to discuss some latest trends to follow related to web designs and development.

Page Load Time Some web designing trends have great significance in providing better user experience such as reducing page load time and presenting quality content to the audience. Load time plays great role in increasing traffic to the website. You might have seen on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Image Search that additional content is loaded by detecting the scroll position of the user. This ia a technique by which we add large amount of content on a single page without increasing the load time of a page. This is known as infinite scrolling and initial time is decreased instead of loading all the content at once.

Parallax Design Parallax Design enhances user experience by presenting the content in a interested and professional way. When we scroll the pages up and down the background images moves and the content look as if we are viewing slides like a power-point presentations. This helps the designers to use multiple images on a single page without the need of making different pages.

Simplicity of Design and Content Content is the most important part of designing. Presenting content in a unique way is the most discussed term in the web world. Designers need to create most unique, efficient, targeted, platform independent content to provide users the best interaction experience. Simplicity of the content makes it readable and provide the desired knowledge to the users.

Single Desktop and Mobile version


is the term that demands great attention nowadays. This is because of the smart phones that have gained great popularity. Globally 85% of the people use phones and tablets to access internet. The website must be mobile optimized to get quality local traffic. CSS3 technology allows the developers to customize layouts based on limited screen size.

Landing pages Creating a landing page is all about generating leads for your products and services. Selling the products on the internet makes an access to consumers from anywhere around the globe. Keep everything simple and focus on the core product of your company,

Fixed Headers Having a fixed headers gives easier access to the viewers to move to other pages of website without scrolling up repeatedly. We have provided some of the important trends that need to be focused for better results and user interaction. For Further information contact us at 1300972054 or visit us at

Latest web designs  
Latest web designs  

The Internet, the most widely used and important part of emerging technologies continues adapting and advancing, depending on the direction...