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DENIKE AND WOO CENSURED Students demand resignations ›7

PRIDE SOCIETY IN CRISIS? Sparse board elected at AGM ›7


GAY COUNTRY SINGER Patrick Masse at WinterPride ›11 #481 JAN 26, 2012



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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012

Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news

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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012

Making a difference in the lives of the LGBT community

Roundup #481


JAN 26, 2012


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The Vancouver School Board voted to denounce trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo and reaffirm its commitment to its anti-homophobia policy.



Ex-gay leader admits changing sexuality is unlikely

The president of Exodus International now says 99.9 percent of people do not experience a change in their sexual orientation, despite his organization’s insistence for decades that change is possible. ›8


Attraction? It’s biological, baby

More and more research shows who and what we find hot is immutably hardwired in our brains. What we do with those attractions is limited only by our imaginations, says Ask the Expert’s Pega Ren. ›10


Seeking weed for shared chili

Gay CBC radio host, author and now playwright Bill Richardson’s musical Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata is playing at the PuSh Festival. ›11

RuPaul returns

The drag world’s biggest name speaks with Xtra about being a survivor in a tough business ahead of the debut of the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. ›15


Students call for Denike and Woo’s resignations

Dozens of students say the Vancouver School Board’s decision to censure trustees Sophia Woo and Ken Denike isn’t enough. They want the two trustees to resign immediately for opposing and misrepresenting district anti-homophobia policy and programming in two videos. ›

Teachers call for Denike’s removal

Langley and Vancouver teacher groups have added their voices to the calls for Vancouver School Board trustee Ken Denike’s resignation. They want him removed from the BC school trustees’ provincial bargaining team. ›

Can BC sex workers trial proceed?

The Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments Jan 19 on whether sex worker advocates should be able to challenge Canada’s criminal laws on adult prostitution in BC Supreme Court. ›


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Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news

XTRA! JAN 26, 2012

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Outrage works Naked Eye Marcus Mccann


ERS MAY NOT BE A HOUSEhold name, but I want to take a moment to point out the genius of Martha McCarthy. McCarthy is the lawyer for an international lesbian couple married in Toronto in 2005 now trying to get divorced here. She is also one of the few people to strike fear into the heart of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. McCarthy sparked a gay marriage firestorm on Jan 12 when she publicly challenged the arguments federal government lawyers filed against her clients. The filing is, admittedly, infuriating. In it, the feds argue that the lesbian couple need not seek a divorce because they were not, in fact, ever married. Their Canadian marriage licence is valid only if their home jurisdiction (the UK and Florida, respectively) recognizes their marriage, and their divorce application is valid only if they live in Canada for 12 months. But it’s no problem, the feds argue, because if they’re not married, they don’t need to get divorced. The live-in-Canada requirement is actually an old international private law doctrine. It’s not novel. It wasn’t invented by Stephen Harper or any of his cronies. And for most marriages most of the time, it works. It’s not a barrier to, for example, Peter McKay and Nazanin AfshinJam getting married in Mexico,

because a straight couple can get married in Mexico and their straight marriage is recognized in Canada and in the eyes of Canada’s divorce courts, should they eventually need access to them. The problem for McCarthy’s clients arises not because of a deep failure of Canadian law, but because most of the planet isn’t hip to gay marriages. That, and because we have this old international law that was dreamed up long before the political landscape of gay marriage was ever forged. So, what’s a devilishly clever lawyer to do? Typically, lawyers are reluctant to speak with the press until a verdict is rendered. In this case, the court might have ruled in McCarthy’s favour. But it’s just as likely — probably more likely — that the court would have held that the law of domicile is a longstanding part of Canadian law, and the couple’s marriage was never valid. And then, when McCarthy complained publicly, Harper and the feds could have blamed the judge and wiped their hands clean of the issue. Their filings would have been buried, and probably no journalist would have gone any further. Instead, McCarthy took a strong and public position early on, calling the feds’ filing ridiculous. She picked a fight when the opposition was the federal government, not the courts. The benefit of that choice is that politicians are swayed by public opinion, whereas courts are not supposed to be. She found exactly the right moment in the proceedings to go public. The feds look like Neanderthals. And, you know, there’s nothing like gay marriage to whip otherwise





Marcus McCann is a law student at the University of Toronto and a former Xtra managing editor.

IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS, things have been changing around here — people are starting to mention the idea of policies and what that could mean here (“The Shock of Moving to Rural BC,”, Dec 23). Almost a week ago, two things happened: the first was when the editor of the local paper, Interior News, called and asked about the article Xtra wrote. He wanted to write his own closer to home and to cover the rest of the GSA members. Now I’m pooling student contacts from those who want something to change before they graduate. The second thing is I got the support of two teachers in the school, Perry Rath and Anna Findlay, to seek a policy now! I’m writing all this to thank you personally for the impact Xtra’s article has made already among people here. The media coverage and support we’re suddenly receiving will put huge pressure on our district’s school board to accept and adopt a policy that’ll finally remove the mirage of solitude and minority over LGBTQ students waiting for their chance to be who they’ve been hiding. This article’s the first push to getting this done. Shauna M Hunter Mclean Telkwa/Smithers, BC

Using ‘they’ THIS IS A GREAT PIECE [“‘They’ Is Me,” Xtra #480, Jan 12]. Sorry to hear about that creepy assignment. If referring to a person as “they” would have caused any confusion, it likely wouldn’t have compared to the shitstorm that came out of Xtra’s refusal to respect people’s preferences. I have not always been aware that some people use gender-neutral pronouns. When I found out they did, I didn’t stand there slack-jawed, scratching my head. I called people by the pronouns they preferred. People are capable of absorbing new information. Since it is still something that some people don’t get, maybe include

a link to writing by people who go by “they” that explains their preference. If people want to know, they’ll read it. Don’t cater to the people who refuse to learn new things. Lisa Osler Montreal, QC AS ALWAYS, I READ THE JAN 12 issue’s Loose End column with great interest. Ivan Coyote has been an amazing personal inspiration to me for over a decade — many thanks! Like Ivan, I am puzzled about Xtra’s policy of changing the pronoun choice of trans contributors. While I have edited a newspaper (People’s Voice) for 19 years, I do not actually have professional journalism training. My skills were picked up on university papers and as an avid volunteer for various publications. But one of the lessons I received very early was the importance of inclusiveness in writing style. This includes never using pronouns in a way that (for example) indicates that the male gender is the norm. From time to time, I have accepted submissions, or even edited them, to use “they” as a singular pronoun, just as Ivan relates in this column. To some, this may read a bit awkwardly. Too bad, but in my opinion, such objections are easily trumped by the more important criteria of inclusive meaning. Xtra publishes wonderful newspapers; I hope you will change this policy to become even better. Kimball Cariou Vancouver, BC I’M PERSONALLY TOO HUNG up on professional grammar to misuse “they” in this fashion. I’m freelance and believe that we need to accommodate correct English in order to be taken seriously. But it’s awfully easy to avoid “he” or “she”: if using the person’s name becomes repetitive, simply substitute “said the artist or musician or writer or toenail clipper” instead. Serafin LaRiviere Toronto, ON



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politically uninformed people into a froth. Many of the mainstream media outlets and virtually everything I saw on social media couldn’t help but put the narrative together in a certain way: Harper and his socially conservative cronies are launching a collateral attack on gay marriage, a kind of “first they came for our international gay divorces” argument. This doesn’t have to be strictly speaking true for it to hold enormous emotional sway for many people. Naturally, the thing went viral. The Conservatives, immediately aware that they were in landmine territory, carefully walked the story back over the course of the day. By mid-afternoon, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was saying that the feds were “looking at options to clarify the law so that marriages performed in Canada can be undone in Canada.” That’s what McCarthy wants. That’s what she thought she had to go through the courts to get, at tremendous personal and emotional cost to the divorcees. Now, we’ll have to be careful to see how this unfolds with the feds supposedly revising policy. But the real lesson here is that public outrage works. Anxieties about Harper and social conservatives may have been dormant, but it was lurking in many people’s minds just below the surface. McCarthy found exactly the right moment — and the right issue — to tap into that anger, and, as we saw, outrage is a powerful thing.

“The outcome that we seek is this — gay and lesbian people daring together to set love free.” Xtra is published by Pink Triangle Press, at 1033 Davie St, Ste 501, Vancouver V6E 1M7.



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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012


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Xcetera 24/7

Vancouver stories on from Jan 1–18

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‘They’ is me Ivan Coyote

Vancouver School Board censures Denike and Woo Jeremy Hainsworth Opposition swells Robin Perelle

The shock of moving to rural BC Matthew DiMera Left behind Robin Perelle


Meet the parents According to the Twin Cities Daily Planet, a group of conservative Christian parents in Minnesota would like schools to teach gay kids that they can be cured. The Parents Action League presented its demands after six students sued their school district for prohibiting discussion of all things gay in the classroom. The district is now considering scrapping that policy. But the parents want it maintained and even enhanced to include ex-gay resources and to teach kids about “the history of gay-related immune deficiencies ... and the medical consequences of homosexual acts.” Part of the parents’ rationale: without this additional information, “school officials would be liable for violating parental rights by subjecting a child to homosexual and related conduct indoctrination.” There’s that term again: parents’ rights. I wonder if they’ve spoken to anyone in the Lower Mainland recently? —Robin Perelle



A 21-year-old Iranian man is now walking around with a permanent semistiffy after having the words borow be salaamat (good luck with your journeys) inked on his manhood along with his girlfriend’s initial. Within two weeks the man was diagnosed with “nonischemic priapism,” which is a fancy schmancy way of saying he has an erection day and night because the blood can’t drain out of his dick. Corrective surgery has proved unsuccessful, but the man says he does not regret a thing. Doctors at Iran’s Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences are less enthusiastic. —Helen Whitehead





A study commissioned by Central YMCA, the Succeed Foundation and the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE Bristol surveyed 394 men about body image. The results, released Jan 6, revealed that nearly half the gay men surveyed would sacrifice a year of their lives to obtain an ideal body image. Ten percent of those men said they would shed 11 years of their lives to obtain perfection instantaneously. Only a third of the straight men participating in the study said they’d give up a year for perfection. Almost twice as many gay men (59 percent) as straight men (32 percent) admitted to comparing themselves to



other guys, and 35 percent of gay men think their friends’ opinions of their bodies are important, compared to 20 percent of straight men. Rosi Prescott, CEO of Central YMCA, told Pink News, “This research shows that body image anxiety is, sadly, much more of an issue for gay men. Today gay men are under enormous pressure about their bodies, and we believe that a lack of body diversity in the media, including the gay press, and a relentless focus which values people based on appearance, may in part explain why gay men are particularly susceptible to this issue.” —Raziel

We live in a culture where everyone is offended by everything . . . [I]f you’re offended by a name that somebody calls you, or something, whatever, you gotta take that up with your therapist. —RuPaul challenges critics of ABC’s short-lived sitcom Work It (about two straight guys who dress in drag to find jobs) in the Huffington Post on Jan 14.




Hosted by Elvira Kurt


Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news

XTRA! JAN 26, 2012


Out in Schools wants to hear from youth!

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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012


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Ex-gay leader admits changing sexuality is unlikely › 8


VPS ‘in crisis’: former director A sparse board remains after AGM Shauna Lewis THE VANCOUVER PRIDE SOCIETY (VPS) now has a sparse board of directors after a slim majority reelected Ken Coolen to serve a second term as president, prompting several directors to step away from the board at the VPS’s annual general meeting on Jan 21. “A number of people have been questioning the leadership,” says outgoing treasurer Bernard LeClair. “I have been questioning the leadership.” “If it wasn’t for Ken [Coolen] there would be a full executive and full board, but no one wants to run because no one wants to sit under him,” says former sponsorship coordinator Caryl Dolinko, whose contract the VPS prematurely terminated last July. “There was a mass withdrawal of directors from the board due to Ken Coolen’s leadership and behaviour,” says VPS member and former director Chris Ellis, who could not attend the meeting. “The VPS is in crisis — needlessly so.” Ellis says he urged Coolen not to run again. Coolen narrowly beat VPS member Chrissy Taylor by just two votes, generating a recount. Some members questioned the recount’s accuracy, but VPS general manager Scott Blythe assured them it was legitimate.

nization I care very deeply about. He is not the right person to lead.” Ewing says the meeting’s outcome is “a clear message from the people Ken has worked with for the past three years that they will not work with him as president for a multitude of reasons, but mostly he is not a leader and does not have their respect.” “ He k n e w b e f o r e h a n d i f he stood again, that those people would not run or participate, and the board would be crippled,” Ewing alleges. “I’m the first to admit that I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve always been open to the feedback of the community,” Coolen says. “I think I am a good leader, and obviously the community thinks I am a good leader or else I wouldn’t have been elected.” “The reason why I ran,” he says, “is because I love what Pride stands for.” A proposed bylaw amendment to prevent presidents serving two consecutive terms failed, as did a proposal to allow only individual VPS members — as opposed to member organizations like Qmunity — to nominate directors. Qmunity’s executive director, Jennifer Breakspear, who nominated Coolen, opposed the latter amendment, concerned it would create “a two-tiered system of membership of the VPS.”

Ken Coolen (left) narrowly won a second term as Vancouver Pride Society president on Jan 21, beating Chrissy Taylor (centre) by two votes, after Ray Lam (right) lost in the first round. SHAUNA LEWIS

Of the four directors remaining with Coolen on a possible 12-person board, former vicepresident Shawn Ewing says she is planning to resign at the next meeting, as Xtra goes to press. If no new director is appointed to fill her seat, the board won’t be able to function since the bylaws require a minimum of five directors. “This isn’t a personal thing. I love Ken, the person, dearly. He has done some wonderful things for the organization and the community,” Ewing says. “This is about the leadership of an orga-

Some members suggested that Dean Nelson, who holds two organizational votes, including one for WinterPride, which Coolen coowns, should have excused himself from the vote due to conflict of interest. But Coolen said Nelson’s votes are legitimate according to VPS bylaws, and there was no conflict of interest. While some members challenged Coolen’s leadership, others backed it. “I’m very happy to be on the board,” says Raigen D’Angelo, who was reelected.

The Vancouver School Board voted to censure trustees Sophia Woo (left) and Ken Denike on Jan 16 and to reaffirm its commitment to its anti-homophobia policy. JANET RERECICH

School board censures Denike and Woo Students call for their resignations Jeremy Hainsworth THE VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD (VSB) voted Jan 16 to censure two trustees for comments they made “publicly misrepresenting the board’s antihomophobia policy.” Board chair Patti Bacchus told Xtra the censure is a symbolic condemnation of the actions of Non-Partisan Association trustees Sophia Woo and Ken Denike. One Grade 10 student took the condemnation a step further and asked for Denike and Woo’s resignations. “I don’t want a trustee on my school board who is unwilling to protect every student,” Sarah Bercic, 15, told the board. “In fact, I don’t want someone on my school board that behaves like a bully themselves. ” The censure motion came from COPE trustee Allan Wong, who also asked the board to reaffirm its support for its anti-homophobia policy. The VSB takes the policy seriously and is committed to keeping students safe, he said. The board must act immediately to address Denike and Woo’s actions to ensure they don’t undermine the public’s belief in the policy, Wong added. Denike and Woo made headlines in December when they appeared in a fundraising video for an American anti-gay-marriage group to discuss their concerns about Out in Schools, a local anti-homophobia program. A second video then surfaced on YouTube showing Denike and Woo urging members of the Christian Social Concern Fellowship (CSCF) to vote for them if they want to block the passage of anti-homophobia policy in Vancouver. Burnaby, which passed such a policy

last year, is “a lot worse” than Vancouver, Woo told the gathering three months before the municipal elections. Asked if Vancouver had passed its own anti-homophobia policy, Woo replied on camera, “Not yet.” Denike told the CSCF that Vancouver has only a general anti-discrimination policy — “not specifically protecting one group.”  The VSB passed its anti-homophobia policy in 2004. Denike and Woo were guilty of fearmongering, Bacchus said. “Trustee Ken Denike knows that policy has been in place for seven years.” Denike said the motion to censure him and Woo was “completely out of line. You pop it onto us,” he said, claiming the motion was outside the board’s bylaws. Bacchus said the chair can allow motions on emerging issues. She described Wong ’s motion as important, given the “unrest and concern” the videos have caused.   Vision Vancouver trustee Cherie Payne accused Denike and Woo of “stoking fear and promoting hate.” She wondered if they were trying to leverage votes out of the CSCF. “Promoting hate is the opposite of Christianity,” she said. Denike denied the allegations. “I have never been accused of racism, sexism and homophobia,” he said. “These are political slurs, plain and simple.” Denike said his intention was to ensure that parents get a choice in what their children are exposed to in schools. NPA trustee Fraser Ballantyne backed Denike. There “may have been some misrepresentation, but to take it to censure is above and beyond,” he said. Vision Vancouver trustee Mike Lom-

bardi disagreed. He described Denike and Woo’s actions as “unbecoming a school trustee.” “The VSB stands squarely behind this important public policy,” Lombardi said. Woo said little throughout the debate and question period but eventually said she supports anti-bullying and antihomophobia policies as long as there is oversight for age-appropriate materials and parents are kept informed. Gay education activist Ryan Clayton requested several apologies from Denike and Woo, including one for the CSCF. “I believe that group was misinformed,” he said. The meeting was heated, with lots of yelling, heckling, boos and cheers from the packed room of about 100 people. Members of Parents’ Voice, which opposed the passage of Burnaby’s anti-homophobia policy, attended the Vancouver meeting, as did Langleybased conservative activist Kari Simpson, who loudly booed calls to censure Denike and Woo and called Lombardi “fascist” when he described the trustees’ behaviour as “unbecoming.” In a news release issued prior to the meeting, Simpson’s Culture Guard group said that if the board didn’t immediately prohibit the Out in Schools program, she would “file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal because the program incites hatred and contempt for anyone who doesn’t parrot homosexist propaganda.” After the meeting, Bercic and Grade 12 student Eli Benjamin created a Facebook page calling for Denike and Woo’s resignations. As of Jan 23, almost 500 people liked the page and 204 had signed the petition. Teachers groups in Vancouver and Langley also sought Denike’s removal from the BC school trustees’ bargaining team, but he was reelected on Jan 21. For more on this story, go to


Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news

XTRA! JAN 26, 2012


Ex-gay leader says changing sexuality unlikely Natasha Barsotti

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THE HEAD OF A LARGE EX-GAY organization, which for decades has promoted a message of “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ,” now says the majority of people he has met are still gay. “I would say the majority, meaning 99.9 percent of them, have not experienced a change in their orientation,” Exodus International president Alan Chambers told a Gay Christian Network conference in Orlando, Florida, on Jan 6. It’s a marked departure from his April 2004 statement in which he claimed he was “one of tens of thousands of people whom have successfully changed their sexual orientation.” “Change is possible and I am living proof. I used to be homosexual and today I am not,” Chambers said then. “We’re not using change as a slogan anymore,” he told the Orlando conference. “I’m very, very clear to say, we used ‘Change is possible’ for so many years, and it was used on me, and we used it, and the people who used it wanted it to mean something more than it did . . . but we don’t use that phrase anymore.” “I am sorry that that is something we used,” he said when asked if Exodus had apologized for using the

“We used ‘Change is possible’ for so many years, and it was used on me . . . but we don’t use that phrase anymore,” Exodus International president Alan Chambers told a gay Christian conference. ALANCHAMBERS.ORG

phrase over a 30-year period. “This is something we regret very much being ambiguous about.” Ex-gay challenger Wayne Besen says he’s “gratified” by the confirmation that “efforts to change are ineffective” but skeptical that it heralds a change in Exodus policy. For more, go to

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Regular condoms cramp your style? Xtra experiments with the female condom Joseph Couture


T H O U G H T I ’ D ST U M B L E D upon the solution for condomhating gay men who nonetheless prefer protected sex, when a barebacking  friend of mine mentioned the female condom. I was ecstatic — until I saw a female condom. It looks a bit like a mini tube-shaped Glad bag with a rubberish ring at the end. I suddenly had second thoughts. The female condom is designed to be inserted into a woman’s vagina with the ring covering her cervix so she can have intercourse with a man who is not himself wearing a condom. Quite wide in diameter and relatively shallow in depth, its manufacturers seem to have the notion that all men have short, fat dicks. This is problematic if you have a penis of above-average length because you could push the condom up inside the person during sex, leaving you both exposed. Still, I thought some experimentation might be in order. All in the name of valuable safer sex research, of course.

The application for gay men is that you insert a female condom into the bottom’s anus to provide a protective barrier. With normal condoms, a man feels sensation through the condom while wearing it on his penis. Using a female condom, a man experiences pleasure while thrusting against the condom with his penis uncovered. Theoretically, I thought this might simulate the bareback experience of the insertive partner not wearing a condom at all, while still being safe. But the reality is I couldn’t just ask some random dude in the dark room (I mean the book club) to shove this strange device no one has ever heard of up his ass and let me screw him raw. Eventually I stumbled on a willing research participant, but he would agree to the experiment only on the condition that I swore I would absolutely never disclose any personal information that could lead anyone on the planet to identify him. People often deny knowing me, so I accepted his terms and will refer to this volunteer stunt bottom only by the discreet moniker of My Bitch, or MB for short.

To further protect the guilty, I should clarify for any nosy neighbours that MB is not the strikingly handsome, six-foot-two muscled man you have seen leaving my apartment numerous times. When me and My Bitch finally got down to business, we opened the female condom package and had no clue what to do with it. We could have read the instructions, but since no one ever has sex with me with the lights on, I thought a real-world experiment would be better. First MB tried to bundle it up and force it in. No luck. We soon realized that the male anus is tighter than most vaginas, making its insertion a challenge. We tried using a dildo to push the female condom up MB’s ass, but it came back out when we withdrew the dildo. I put it over my penis and tried to insert it. Failure. Finally, MB just bunched it up and shoved with his fingers. Success. The rest of the encounter was rather ordinary until the point of ejaculation. Nothing particularly remarkable about how it felt on my end. But after I came and withdrew, the condom remained inside MB and the ejaculate immediately squeezed out, contacting exposed skin. Next time, we again had difficulty, but MB had become more adept and managed to push it up after only a bit of awkwardness. The problem was that it did not unroll smoothly inside him, creating a fold that my penis rubbed against. This hurt, and redness and chafing were later apparent. My dick was sore for a day after. By our third attempt, MB was a pro at putting it in. But after only a minute, the thing came out during intercourse. It would have been difficult and unhygienic to reinsert it after it had been inside him, so I just gave up and threw it on the floor. I grabbed some traditional giftwrap and carried on. Our last try was worrisome. Things were fine until I began feeling some dry friction. After I lubed up and went to put my penis back in, it kept slipping off the exposed portion of the female condom that hangs outside the body. MB held the condom open and guided me back in. After a quick burst of hard and fast thrusting, things didn’t feel right. I no longer felt the sensation of rubbing up against the condom. We stopped to check on things. My movements had caused the condom to somehow be pushed deep inside him. This had left us both exposed.

BY OUR THIRD ATTEMPT, MB WAS A PRO AT PUTTING IT IN. BUT AFTER ONLY A MINUTE, THE THING CAME OUT DURING INTERCOURSE. No one wants this, particularly if it had gone unnoticed and things had continued for any length of time, or worse, to the point of ejaculation. It seems our experiences were not unusual.   Jody Jollimore is the program director with the Health Initiative for Men in Vancouver. He says a little bit of knowledge and experience can help reduce problems. But he acknowledges that the traditional instructions provided with the female condom are not much use to gay guys. “The package gives instructions for how to use them on a female; use for anal sex with men is not included,” he says. Still, he has some suggestions. The ring inside the condom designed to sit on the cervix could be removed for anal sex, he says.

“It is just in the way and can cause all sorts of problems, from difficulty inserting it, to wrinkles that cause friction, and even the likelihood the condom will end up deep inside you,” he explains. “With the ring removed, it is a lot easier to insert by putting it on the erect penis and placing it inside the receptive partner.” Insertion can take place ahead of time, he notes, whether you prefer to use your fingers or a sex toy in the privacy of your own space. You can even do it well in advance of sex and just leave it there . . . like while you are at the opera with your date. So what about that leakage problem? Elmer Bagares, of the Hassle Free Clinic in Toronto, says this issue can be a real concern. “Female condoms can safely prevent the spread of many sexually transmitted infections,” he tells me. “But they are only effective when there is a barrier blocking skin-to-skin contact or exposure to bodily fluids.” Which means any time you’re exposed to such fluid, or have direct contact with the genitals, you face the potential risk of HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and warts. He says the best way to deal with this is to grab the condom and pull it out at the same time as you withdraw your penis, immediately after ejaculation, and to be quick and careful about it. MB and I decided one more try would be appropriate — crazy as it sounds, maybe following the instructions might improve things. We removed the ring, and (after MB stopped playing with it) I easily inserted the condom with my erect penis. But it didn’t stay in. It moved in and out with me. It behaved like nothing more than a giant, loose and baggy ordinary condom that hung off me like the skin from my weight loss. I have enough issues; I didn’t need this making me feel small. Soon it wrinkled up and hurt. Then it just came out altogether. The experiment was over. Me and My Bitch discussed our findings. From the perspective of both the top and the bottom, the female condom was essentially a failure. Even when it worked it didn’t feel any better to me and often felt worse. It was difficult and awkward to use and sometimes left us unprotected, even when we had experience with it. Both the experts I consulted clearly acknowledge this reality but feel that for some people it remains an option. My product review offers zero stars for the female condom for use in anal sex with men. But MB gets five stars for his outstanding contribution to scientific research.


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Too weird for Wally Still QQ Kevin Dale McKeown


OMETHING VERY STRANGE was going down late one night at the Granville St White Lunch. Blessed if I can remember what it was, but it was deeply weird, and Alan Judge, the dean of our little nightly gathering, shook his head and muttered, “Too weird for Wally.” I’d never heard that phrase before, but it was a White Lunch buzz phrase, used to pigeonhole anything that was, well, pretty darn weird! Walter George “Riga the Clown” Price prided himself on maintaining a level of weirdness that humbled even the most eccentric White Lunch habitué. And that’s saying something. When I finally met Wally a few weeks later, he turned out to be a hyper little guy who prattled on incessantly about his life as a circus clown, his earlier career as a major drag entertainer, and his run as a budding Hollywood child star. Most of his stories were so farfetched that one could only gape and listen. His time as Mae West’s secretary, his frequent letters from his “Uncle Vincent” Price, and his work with the famed circus clown Lou Jacobs, were woven together in an outrageous and

obviously (we thought) imaginary personal history. According to Wally, a cameo as a newsboy in a late-’30s movie had catapulted him to the MGM lot, where he took a feature role in several Little Rascals episodes. By his late teens he was touring with the Jewel Box Revue under the drag name D’Arcy Nelson, hitting such hotspots as Club My-My in New Orleans and Finocchio’s in San Francisco. Then Wally literally ran off to join the circus, taking, he claimed, some sessions at the Ringling Brothers Clown College before hitting the circuit with his fellow stars of clown-face. This is where the penny dropped for someone one night at the White Lunch, who pointed out that the Clown College had been founded in 1968, which made it a good decade too late to have figured in any plausible timeline for Wally’s anecdotes. So the entire tale began to unravel at the edges if details were examined too closely. And given that in the early ’70s Wally’s idea of fun was to chase two hits of LSD with a quart of vodka, you’ll start to understand the origins of “too weird for Wally.” That and the fact that Wally lived in Burnaby, sleeping on the hide-a-bed in his elderly parents’ one-bedroom apartment, and that he had no photos or other memorabilia to back up his storytelling. Another of Wally’s many claims to

Wally “Riga the Clown” Price preps for a PNE Parade appearance, circa 1976.COURTESY OF KEVIN DALE MCKEOWN

fame was his involvement in the LSD experiments at New Westminster’s notorious Hollywood Hospital, where a brief stint to dry out turned his world inside out and probably explains much about his essential weirdness.

As the years went by I learned to ignore the many blatantly untrue facets of Wally’s life story, clinging to the belief that there might be just a kernel of truth to some of the legend. Besides, he was the sweetest of guys, my mother

liked him, and how could you not love someone who marked every year’s end by sending you a card saying, “My gift to you — the promise of my continued love and friendship for another year.” Then sometime in the ’80s, the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to Vancouver, and Wally insisted I come with him to see the show and meet his “old pals” from back in the day. Sure Wally, whatever you say. Following the show, Wally dodged security and whisked me backstage, where I found myself face to face with the greatest circus star of our time, Lou Jacobs, who looked up as we rounded the corner, broke into a bright smile, and shouted “Riga, here you are! We thought you were dead!” Riga, of course, was the White Lunch’s own Wally. So that part of the history must have been true. Or partly true. If that was so, maybe . . . well, we’ll never know! I was a friend of Wally’s, usually at a fair distance, through to his death in a seniors’ home in Saskatchewan four or five years ago. A home where I’m sure they would relate to the phrase “too weird for Wally!” Kevin Dale McKeown’s column runs monthly in Xtra. For more memories of Wally “Riga the Clown,” and to contribute your own, visit or write to


Attraction? It’s biological, baby Ask the Expert Dr Pega Ren

Dear Dr Ren,

I just read your “Year in Review” column and am wondering what new knowledge about “just how fixed and biologically based male sexuality is, including orientation and turn-ons” has recently come to light. I was under the impression that, if anything, young people in Western societies seem to be finding that sexual attractions are rather more fluid than we all believed, males included. Thanks, More Please


By Nina Arsenault; Buddies in Bad Times Theatre WHEN:

On February 15th WHERE:

Historic Theatre at the Cultch Email your full name & phone number to closes February 10th

Dear More Please, Our parents taught us the social code of refusing to air one’s dirty linen publicly. We were not to speak of anything impolite or messy, and “what is said at the hearth does not cross the threshold.” This discretion is no longer either possible or expected. We now live in an atmosphere of hedonistic exhibitionism, showcased by “reality” TV and talk shows. Audiences squeal with titillation and self-righteous judgment as hapless confessors expose every detail of decadence or victimization. Sexual content amps the ratings. Internet anonymity fosters this tell-all attitude. Add social media, and bravado balloons while account-

ability plummets. It’s easy to lie — and to judge — when we feel anonymous, or when we are bolstered by real or imagined choirs of supporters. So talk, and watch, we do! The result of this explosion of previously withheld information is the impression that more people are engaging in more (and more bizarre) sexual behaviours than ever before. What’s true is that we just know about them now. We are accustomed to witnessing sexual expressions as never before. Many are growing ever more comfortable with sexuality in many forms. But that’s attitudes and behaviours we’re talking about here. Which leads me to your impression that “young people in Western societies seem to be finding that sexual attractions are rather more fluid” than supposed. Well, no. Especially in the case of males, attractions (orientations, who we want sexually) are pretty fixed. New research solidifies a biological basis for this. That said, this is not a restricting situation. It means that who you want to be sexual with will remain the same (regardless of how you feel about that orientation), but what you do with your partners is limited only by your imagination. As you become exposed to novel sexual behaviours, you may find they appeal to you. You are always free to explore that potential, provided you can locate enthusiastic partners. Furthermore, as you become exposed to more sexuality, your attitudes will probably become more liberal. That’s the way of social change.

New research offers us some concrete answers about the biological underpinnings of sex. Brain scans (fMRIs) are unlocking puzzles about the brain. We are still learning about the role of genetics, but those hurdles are falling fast. What about womb life and the potent androgens that bathe male fetuses? What can we learn from brain chemistry, with and without pharmaceuticals? Who would ever have thought we’d know to ask these questions, yet alone know how to find the answers? Dr Simon LeVay, as to the cause of orientation, says in his latest book, “scientific evidence . . . points to one conclusion: Sexual orientation results primarily from an interaction between genes, sex hormones, and the cells of the developing body and brain.” Definitively biological, yes, but aren’t these very broad strokes? Canadians Ray Blanchard, and later Tony Bogaert, vote for the womb environment theory. Their research supports their claim that it matters who was in that womb before you were. Every male fetus subsequent to the first has a three to five percent greater likelihood of being gay. I am so hoping that somebody is doing longitudinal studies on those Duggars boys (10 of ’em so far)! Blanchard and Bogaert teamed with Breedlove and Bailey to document another finding only academic sexologists would notice: the length ratio of the second and fourth fingers (2D:4D) in gay men are statistically different from that in straight men. They did hair whorl directions, too. Honest.

On a more serious — and equally rigorously academic — note, Dr James Cantor has just released his research on pedophilia. Given the hot-button topic this is, you can imagine how scrupulous the research he does must be. He does fMRIs to document the site of arousability in the brain. As with other brain scan researchers’ findings (Whipple and Komisaruk, Fisher), his data proves the intractability of target location (who you’re hot for). His research findings also herald excellent predictions for behaviour management if appropriate therapy and release mechanisms are available. Whether the “cause” of our orientation is genetic, hormonal or a function of brain chemistry, it is neither a choice nor a failure of prayer. In a moment of grace, the president of the reparative therapy movement’s Exodus International, Alan Chambers, admitted just this month that “99.9 percent of [people who try] have not experienced a change in their orientation.” Expect backlash, but this is acquiescence to science and sanity. It’s difficult to comprehend that anything as hot as fantasy, or as sweet as post-sexual bliss, could originate in brain chemicals and firing synapses. But given that’s the case, let’s investigate further! I suspect the answers are going to be as exciting as the questions. Stay tuned. We’ve only just begun. Got a question for Dr Ren?

more at

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Out City IN THE

listings › COMMUNITY Find Your Valentine! Speed-dating fundraiser for the Vancouver Dyke March. Event for self-identified women who love women. Social to follow. Sun, Jan 29, 5–7pm. Rhizome Café, 317 E Broadway. $10.

Lez Hookup: GirlGirl Speed Dating Sat, Feb 11, 5:30–8:30pm. Oasis, 1240 Thurlow St. Advanced registration required. Visit

ART, PERFORMANCE & FESTIVALS Last Dance Coquitlam author David Russell launches his second novel, about a student who wants to take his same-sex partner to the prom. Tues, Jan 31, 7pm. Burnaby North Secondary School library, 751 Hammarskjold Dr, Burnaby.

Julius Caesar A gender-bending spin on the Shakespeare masterpiece in which Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Octavius are played by women. Previews Feb 2 and 3. Opens Sat, Feb 4; runs until Sun, Feb 26. Tues–Sat, 8pm; Sat and Sun, 3pm, except Feb 4. Studio 58, Langara College, 100 W 49th Ave. $22/$18/$17. $12 reviews and matinees. Tickets available at

Chor Leoni Requiem conducted by Kevin Zakresky. Sat, Feb 4, 7:30pm. St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson St at Burrard. $30 adults, $25 seniors, $15 students with ID. Tickets at or call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800838-3006.

You Are Here: Ivan Coyote, with Rae Spoon A conversation between a storyteller and a musician about one family’s history against a backdrop of images of life in the north. Fri, Feb 10, 8pm. Surrey Arts Centre, 13750–88 Ave, one block east of King George Blvd. $30, $27 seniors and students. Tickets available at 604-501-5566, or in person.

The Silicone Diaries Former fab columnist Nina Arsenault’s frank and fierce exploration of the contradictions inherent in the quest for beauty, and an in-depth account of her adventures in plastic surgery. Feb 14–19 and Feb 21–25, 8pm. Postshow talkbacks: Feb 15, 16, 21 and 22. The Cultch, 1895 Venables St. $21. Tickets available at 604-2511363 or › continued on page 12


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COWBOY  ‘I’m a fish out of water,’ gay country singer says


Sean Horlor

T’S A KNOWN FACT THAT THE LORD Jesus lives on a ranch in the Midwest. This is why the most popular accessory for a plaid shirt is still a Bible, not a rainbow flag. Canadian country recording artist Patrick Masse is hell-bent on changing this. “Everyone knows there are no gay men in professional sports or country music,” Masse jokes over coffee. Nashville is one of the last places you’d expect to find an out gay or lesbian artist. Though by the same token, a Vancouver coffee shop is the last place you’d expect to find a country artist — which is what makes Masse so interesting. “I’m a fish out of water,” he admits. “From what I know, I’m the only openly gay male commercial country artist. I know a lot of country artists in Nashville that are quite successful, but they are in the closet.” Traditional family values dominate the country music industry — demon-

strated by the massive commercial success of artists like Faith Hill or Tim McGraw. Still, there’s room for some diversity, as Chely Wright’s wellpublicized coming out proved in 2010. “I knew for many years that Chely was a lesbian; it just wasn’t made public knowledge,” Masse explains. “It’s not an industry where people are outed, either. Even if they suspect something, most of the public prefers to keep pretending otherwise.” Although we’ve met to discuss his upcoming performance at WinterPride, it’s Masse’s novelty factor that originally compelled me to contact him. He’s branded himself as “a traditional, yet refreshing brand of country,” which in my mind translates to the Pimm’s Cup of country music: manly, cool and not too fruity. Like Masse, I grew up listening to artists like Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. Unlike Masse, my musical daydreams involved boy bands, not the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. That he was born and raised in

“Everyone knows there are no gay men in professional sports or country music,” jokes Patrick Masse. KAILA MOORE

Vancouver, better known for acts like Bryan Adams and Nickelback than for its country music scene, adds another puzzling contradiction to his resumé. Masse came out to friends and family at 19, four years before his first album, Get There from Here, was released in 1998. His experiences living and recording in Nashville have given him a window into a world where religion and song frequently collide. “Christian music is bigger in Nashville than country music, but they aren’t the same thing,” he says. “I am a country artist.” A song like “Everybody Likes To Be Loved” from his latest album, Mend the Man, could easily appear on an album by Alan Jackson or Randy Travis. Masse confesses that “kd lang has had a huge influence on my career. She’s navigated her career on her

terms, which is something I think I’ve done as well.” Masse is a vocal advocate for the transformative power of social media and believes it has helped artists who “wouldn’t have had a chance with the old music-industry model.” “It’s a really exciting time to be an artist,” he says, “because you can have total control over your music.” He’s working on a new album but has also spent several years developing a reality television concept based on his experiences as a gay country artist. Although he hasn’t sold the concept yet, he says, “it would show a different side to the industry, a side people have never seen before.” Patrick Masse will perform Feb 7 at WinterPride’s Cowboy & Cowgirl Party. More info at


Seeking weed for shared chili A Craigslist Cantata pokes fun at personal ads


Mark Robins

NYONE WHO HAS TROLLED the unregulated territory of the largest collection of online ads has seen the warnings. And while many of us might laugh at the idea of getting caught in a scam ourselves, for CBC radio host, author and now playwright Bill Richardson, it became all too real as he found himself falling for one of the oldest. Still, the experience seeded a fascination with Craigslist that now forms the basis of Richardson’s musical Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata, now playing at the PuSh Festival. Finding himself between assignments one day, Richardson took to Craigslist to see what it might offer. An ad about making money by typing at home convinced him to sign up for a PayPal account, from which he sent the $11 demanded to find out more. It didn’t take long for the response

to come back in the form of an email explaining how to post similar Craigslist ads to dupe others. “This shows you the depths [to which] I had sunk,” Richardson laughs. From that rather inauspicious introduction, Richardson began to see the strange world of autographed copies of the Bible, and the guy willing to look after pets left behind at the Rapture, as a goldmine of material. “I became fascinated by it,” says Richardson, who soon found himself searching for the most peculiar and outlandish ads. “Every posting, no matter how pedestrian, had the possibility of a story.” Creating that story from seemingly random ads plucked from the internet sounds like an impossible task, but there is an odd cohesiveness to the often laugh-out-loud 90-minute show that Richardson eventually co-wrote with Vancouver composer Veda Hille. While some of the ads are obviously chosen for their relationship to others,

Richardson says it was never their goal to present them as a traditional story. “The ads all have a quality of longing and humour — there is a sense of people who are looking for something — wanting to put themselves on the map.” As a gay man, Richardson says there was never any question that the show would include some gay content. He and Hille wanted to capture the entire spectrum of life on Craigslist, he says. “One of my favourites is ‘Chili Eating Buddy,’ which is a fantastic ad from a guy who wanted to trade some of his chili for weed and sit around with another guy drinking coffee in their underwear,” Richardson says. Singing “Chili Eating Buddy” is New York transplant J Cameron Barnett, who moved to Vancouver a year ago with his husband, Dan. “It is kind of typical of what you can find on Craigslist,” he says, “these supposedly straight guys looking to hang out and maybe have a little sex on the side, all the while professing they are not gay.”

An avid Craigslist user himself, Barnett says that unlike Richardson he has never been scammed, despite having gone so far as to arrange a house swap with a woman in Los Angeles. “I’m a big fan of Craigslist. I’ve sold stuff, searched for jobs and at one time even sought out legal advice. And of course, I’ve also used it for dating — before I was married,” he adds quickly. But don’t expect a serious examination of such things as murderous luring plots by alleged Craigslist predators between ads for a Sarah Palin lookalike to perform in an adult film (no anal, the ad reads) and light-hearted songs about missed connections. “It’s not about Craigslist,” Richardson says. “It is about human longing.”


Runs till Sat, Feb 11 Arts Club Revue Stage, Granville Island $25/$35


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PARTIES Roboteria: Official Launch DJs Manos and Taffi Louis spin retrofuturistic delights. Fri, Jan 27, 9pm–2am. The Den at the Barclay, 1348 Robson St. $5 before 11pm, $10 after.

Studio 54: Relive the Legend DJ Chiclet and MC Velvet K, plus DJ Javier Rossell and much more. Fri, Jan 27, 10pm–3am. Five Sixty, 560 Seymour St. $20 advance, $30 VIP room and booths. More info at

For more listings, go to

Bearracuda DJ Paul Goodyear spins. Sat, Feb 4, 9pm. Five Sixty, 560 Seymour St. $10 advance. Tickets at Priape or

WinterPride 2012 Prime those skis and snowboards for the 20th anniversary of bringing intense queer spirit to Whistler’s slopes. Sun, Feb 5–Sun, Feb 12. Highlights include the Comedy Show and the Pool Party, hosted by Symone; the Furrocious Bear Leather Denim Party; Flygirls’ closing party, Shredding Betties Bash; and Snowball Dance ’Til Dawn (Feb 11). Full schedule of on-thesnow/off-the-snow events on JUSTIN LANGILLE

Toolbox Saturday Vancouver Men in Leather host another sexy night out. Sat, Jan 28, 9pm. The PumpJack, 1167 Davie St.

Vancouver Men in Leather Brunch Chow and chat time again. Sun, Jan 29, 11am–1pm. The Junction Pub, 1138 Davie St.

Spit: Leather & Lace + afterSpit East Van’s nightlife staple launches its third season. DJs Jay Douglas and Lisa DeLux are on the tune deck, with Madame Mae I and Mouse Von Trapp on stage. Fri, Feb 3; 10 pm doors, 12:30am performances, then afterSpit runs until 4am. W2 Media Café, 111 W Hastings St. $12 (2 for 1 before 10:30pm).


BC Government tore up contract A fair contract

700 fewer special needs teachers 12,000 overcrowded classes

Teachers’ pay fallen to 9th in Canada

Invest in schools, teachers and kids

It’s time for government to invest in schools, teachers and kids again.

more at

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The incomparable

Taylor Mac

On being compared to Bowie and Tiny Tim ���WHILE PRAISING TAYLOR MAC FOR his ukulele-playing and gender-bending performances, over 20 publications have, of their own volition, described Mac as Ziggy Stardust meets Tiny Tim.” Within seconds of Googling Taylor Mac’s name, I found that passage on four separate festival websites. The articles seemed to be in a giddy battle to outdo each other in their hyperbolic praise of Mac’s work. Seemed like a fitting introduction to his new show. Except that Comparison Is Violence, or the Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim Songbook is actually a drag-rock, sequinfuelled examination of the reductive properties of comparison and its ability to grind us all down to a mushy, indistin-


The Ziggy Stardust meets Tiny Tim songbook Fri, Feb 3 & Sat, Feb 4, 8pm Club PuSh at Performance Works 1218 Cartwright St, Granville Island

Get the inside scoop! Visit and check out our daily blog entries

guishable pulp of mediocrity. “It started with one review — in the UK, I think,” Mac recalls when I ask him about the gushing passage. “Then I realized that journalists cut and paste, and it ended up everywhere.” Damn. Now how do I open my article? It’s 8am here, and 11am in New York. Last night, Mac presented an excerpt from his 24-hour history of popular music at the legendary Joe’s Pub. This morning you can still hear the excitement in his tired and gravelly voice. He sounds like the love child of Julie Andrews and Tom Waits. Damn. I did it again. But how does the caramel-voiced Mac, with his infectious chuckle, expect me to avoid the journalistic shorthand of cultural comparison? It’s not intended to do harm. It’s intended to create an egalitarian point of entry for a potential audience. And the cleverest comparisons will spread across the internet faster than a kitten-falling-asleep video — even as they oversimplify not only the work in question, but the legacy of the work being referenced. After all, what do I really know about

Ziggy Stardust apart from being able to slaughter the lyrics of “Suffragette City”? And Tiny Tim comes off as nothing more than a comical pop-culture footnote. Regardless of how we might remember him, does anyone deserve that fate? And how does any of that serve Mac and the queer-as-fuck art he’s making now? Mac’s response to the internet-fuelled suggestion that his last show was a pastiche of performers he knew little about, nor had any intention of referencing, was to throw himself wholeheartedly into the creation of a new show using only the music of those two performers. “Either I’ll kill the comparison or I’ll emerge as a Ziggy Stardust-meets-Tiny Tim butterfly,” he says. And while he asserts that there is something belittling about the implied resemblances (“When people are comparing you, they’re passive-aggressively saying, ‘You’re not as special as you think you are’”), he also recognizes the excitement of having your work compared to the likes of David Bowie. “I started doing the research, and I fell in love with both of them,” he says. “When you sing your own songs,

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Comparison Is Violence is a sequin-fuelled examination of the reductive properties of comparison and its ability to grind us all down to a mushy, indistinguishable pulp of mediocrity. JACK ATLEY

there’s a vulnerability. But when you sing someone else’s material, they’re holding part of the burden.” Sharing that vulnerability with his audience is Mac’s goal. “My job . . . is to remind my audience of the range of their humanity.” One way he accomplishes this, he suggests, is by willfully presenting himself as the oddest person in the room. “I believe the more personal risk I take

in the work, the more the audience will relate and see the whole of their humanity reflected back at them. So through art I try to be as masculine, feminine, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, base, chaotic, graceful, joyful, sorrowful, perfect and flawed as I am in real life.” Which means Mac’s success is due, at least in part, to his relative status as Oddest Person in the Room. Comparatively speaking. from $129 / night /couple. 2nd Night $99. 2nd Couple + $ 40/night 1 877 894 5929 20 min. North of Whistler"

Book Now for n i W terPride!

Science Friction

Something(s) Relative “Once a day allow yourself the freedom to dream.” – Albert Einstein

• Add serious definition to your chest and core • Build strong legs and or a Sweet Bubble Butt!

Vancouver Muscle Toning Clinic

3345 West 4th Ave., in Kits | Tel. 604 904 0888 check out

Thursday–Saturday February 16–18, 2012 8pm Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie Street (at Granville), Vancouver

Tickets 604.684.2787 Info 604.606.6400 | Presented through the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award, with the support of the Artist-in-Residence programs of The Dance Centre and Dance Victoria.

Photo: Chris Randle. Dancers: Alison Denham, Farley Johansson

Greg Armstrong-Morris


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560 SEYMOUR ST, VANCOUVER 604-678-6322 THURS, JAN 26 Vertality 2: Board of Change. 5–11pm. FRI, JAN 27 Studio 54: Relive the Legend. Doors open at 10pm. SAT, JAN 28 CD release party: A Fish Called Piranha (7:30–10pm) and Good As You Saturdays. THURS, FEB 2 Winter Bike Social. SAT, FEB 4 Bearracuda. FRI, FEB 10 Enterprize Networking Event. 7–11pm. SAT, FEB 11 Enterprize Afterparty and Good As You Saturdays. FRI, FEB 17 Carl Craig by Intimate.


DJ Del, 11–2am. No cover. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs.

WEDNESDAYS Red Truck pints; Beefeater gin highballs.

MONDAYS Trivia Night, hosted by Shari and Richard. Doors open at 8. No cover. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs.

1011 DAVIE ST, VANCOUVER 604-687-2222

THURSDAYS Grower’s Cider; Alexander Keith’s pints. FRIDAYS Polar Ice vodka highballs; Kokanee pints; Naughty Shots. SATURDAYS Smirnoff Ice coolers; Granville Island pints; Naughty Shots. SUNDAYS Caesars; OK Spring pints.


MONDAYS Labatt’s Blue pints; Jackson Triggs wines.


TUESDAYS Smirnoff Twisted coolers; Russell pints.

THURSDAYS Lights-out party. 4pm–4am. Find out who goes hump in the dark.


SUNDAYS Sticky buns Sundays. 4am– 8am. Sunday mornings, starting at 4am, complimentary baked treats and freshly brewed coffee.

WEDNESDAYS Karaoke Night, 8–11pm; DJ Dom, 11–2am. No cover. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs.

MON-TUES Cram-session student night: discount with student ID. Bring in your valid student ID and receive a free 90-day student membership and $5 off your rental, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm–midnight.

1042 DAVIE ST, VANCOUVER 604-685-4077

THURSDAYS ’90s Night, with DJ Del. Doors open at 8. No cover. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs. FRIDAYS Dance Party, with DJs Drew and Del. All your favourite tunes and the best sound. Doors open at 8. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs.

FRI, FEB 24 Fake Film Festival Virgin Radio. Doors open at 6pm.

SATURDAYS Dance Party, with DJ Shelly. Best light show in the city. Doors open at 8pm. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs.

SAT, FEB 25 Poni Saturdays Launch.

SUNDAYS Karaoke Night, 8–11pm, and

SAT, FEB 18 Good As You Saturdays.

TUESDAYS DJ Del spins a fusion of music. Make a request. Doors open at 8pm. No cover. Pool, darts and Karaoke Funbox all night upstairs. Ask us about fundraising.

WEDNESDAYS Lights-out party. 4pm4am. Find out who goes hump in the dark.







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Something(s) Relative World Premiere Presented through the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award WHEN:

On February 16th – 18th WHERE:

Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St, Vancouver Email your full name & phone number to Contest closes February 15th

Mr. Mz.


RuPaul’s Drag Race returns



Italian Jeans $6 5.00 Casual Pants $49.00 Italian Shirts $3 9.00 Sweaters & Ve sts $45.00 & up Men’s Winter Jackets $125.0 0 Sports Jacket s $125.00 Sportswear $2 9.00 & up Ladies Sweate r Dresses & S carves $45.00 Ladies Leathe & up r Jackets $249 .00

Fun jewelry for

Serafin LaRiviere IT’S BITCHY, BOLD AND BRASH, AND it’s coming to a gay network near you. Yes, RuPaul’s Drag Race has landed at OUTtv, and the fierce supermodel is set to conquer Canada all over again as she shepherds in a whole new generation of drag queens. If you haven’t seen it yet, Drag Race is kind of like Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model on crack. Whether in or out of drag, RuPaul’s contestants make Tyra’s gals look like finishing-school girls; no eyes are left unscratched as they strut, pout and rip each other to shreds vying for big money and a shot at a modelling career. “That bitchy element is there because it’s so competitive,” says RuPaul. “I mean, they’re going for $100,000 here. So they need to really work it.” The series has been a steady ratings winner for the MTV and MuchMore networks and is now making the jump to OUTtv for its third season. Like Banks’ show, Drag Race highlights both the professional journeys of its contestants and the personal backstage drama that makes it such a guilty pleasure. But RuPaul adds an extra twist to the proceedings, requiring her girls to design and construct outfits, compete in Survivor-style challenges and talk about their own personal journeys as gay men who perform in drag. The host also appears regularly out of drag, offering the advice and coaching he never received when first starting out 30-plus years ago. “The biggest story here for me is

really legacy,” says RuPaul. “It’s me sharing my own legacy about how I’ve been able to unleash the fierceness unto the world. We’ve now had 50 kids who have come through our show and basically taken over the drag game. “They’re working all around the world and making money. That’s the thing I’m most proud of, creating a portal for these kids to create their own stories.” RuPaul offers tips on everything from makeup to personality representation but is careful to allow her protégés the room to build their own personas, rather than just copy their mentor’s. “In terms of art, you need to have a template,” she says. “When I started out, I based mine on stars like David Bowie, Cher and Diana Ross. As you move forward on this path, you collect parts of your personality that become more revealed. When you reach your destination, you reach something real.” Finding the real you by slapping on some makeup and learning to walk in heels might not be the journey for everyone, but it’s certainly worked for our favourite glamazon. With six albums, a few films and countless TV appearances under her belt, RuPaul is clearly a survivor in the ruthless game of celebrity. Sure there have been hard times: 2004’s criminally under-appreciated album Red Hot featured some of the singer’s best vocal performances but was hampered by an eight-year dearth of queer media coverage during the Bush administration. RuPaul persevered in the dance club scene, produc-

ing another album and biding her time until friendly climes returned. “They are always little windows of openness,” she says. “We experienced that in the ’70s with free love, then in the Clinton time, which is when I got famous, and then again in 2008 just before Obama got into office. “But it’s the same old dance, really. The human ego is so at home with fear and turmoil. Sometimes I think we really don’t want to be happy, actually.” Facing up to feelings of unworthiness and fear has remained at the forefront of RuPaul’s work, not only with herself but with the young queens she mentors on her show. Sometimes it’s an uphill battle. “I know I tripped early on over certain ideas about myself,” she says. “I needed to please other people, and I didn’t like the pain of being ostracized. But if I’m holding on to an old useless idea, then I’m not able to make space for something new. So I gave up believing that I’m a victim of this world and so different from everybody else. “It’s so embarrassing to admit, but I would create situations that would support the feeling that I was less than everyone else. The challenge is, are you willing to let go of that story? If you do, when you do, something new and amazing will open up.”


Premieres Mon, Jan 30 9pm ET/PT OUTtv

ladies and men


ALL GOODS IMPORTED DIRECTLY from Naples, Italy, Kompressor, Berkeley & Italian Nazionale.

3341 W Broadway, V6R 2B3




Vancouver’s gay & lesbian news

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Tickets at or call 1.855.985.ARTS SE ASON SP ONSORS

DanceHouse ad / XtraWest 7.97 x 6.75” / CMYK / for submission 18 January 2012 Keith > rare design inc: tel 604 505 4100

dr. langston

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lcome davie street available



Suicide, parties and theatre . . . oh my!


dr. san

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Blitz & Shitz Raziel


HEN I WAS 15 YEARS old I tried to kill myself. I’ve always been a drama queen. It was so cliché. My girlfriend had just dumped me. My mother was a wino. My father was MIA. I couldn’t walk down the hallway at school without being called a faggot (I grew up in small-town Manitoba — it’s a wonder I didn’t try to kill myself a lot sooner). It was a lonely time; Madonna interviews made me feel I had a friend. I swallowed a couple bottles of dolls like one of those bitches in the Valley, and according to the doctor, I should’ve been dead, or in a vegetative state. (When people ask me what kind of vegetable I’d be, I still cringe. But an asparagus, if you’re dying to know.) I don’t think at 15 you can truly grasp death. Teenagers are blessed and cursed with living shamelessly in the moment. I didn’t understand what it would mean if I wasn’t here anymore, until I almost wasn’t. I got a second chance, and although yes, I’ve spent much of it wasted, not a single moment has been wasted. When Eric James killed himself on Jan 11, I couldn’t pick myself up off the floor. I cried like he was my friend. My brother. Myself. Because he was. I know

that pain. It’s familiar and terrifying. But there is something beautiful in the darkness. To see so many people in our community come together and mourn the loss of a perfect stranger gives some kind of hope. Our tragedies connect us. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that. From slit wrists to big dicks. And really, who wouldn’t want to live to tell of so much glamour? RIP, Eric James. Sorry you’re missing out!

The To-Do List

Friday-night faves

Show some birthday love and come celebrate the one-year anniversary of Man Up at The Cobalt on Sat, Jan 28. There are six performers, including Crystal Precious and Bloody Betty. $10 after 10.

MOVIE NIGHT The last Wednesday of every month you can support the Vancouver Pride Society by going to the Denman Cinemas. Tickets are $10, with half the proceeds going to funding. Were the World Mine, a story about a gay privateschool boy, is playing Wed, Jan 25.



If you’re searching for a new Friday nightspot, the Barclay is presenting Roboteria biweekly. The venue is an intimate lounge with tables, a dancefloor and a mix of newfangled and retro beats spun by DJs Taffi Louis and Manos. Perfect for pre- or post-club if you’re near Robson and want to get your drink and dance on.


Ginger62 is right off the Davie Village on Granville. It’s a two-bar club, there’s a lush atmosphere, Trevor Risk plays beats you want to repeat, there’s a photo booth for the camera whores, pretty girls who want to dance with gay boys, costumed club kids and sixpack queers who try to grope you in the bathroom. Score!

dr. langston raymond inc. dr. san bhatha

Raziel shows Roboteria DJ Taffi Louis (right) some appreciation at The Den. Gotta love the one who puts the groove in your hips, right? ALVIN GRADO

Red Mark Rothko defied definition. His work is classified as abstract expressionism, a title he resisted throughout his career. John Logan’s play Red is a philosophical depiction of an artist at a crossroads. There’s no intermission, so it feels almost like an art installation. I’m usually twitching in my seat, but despite being in the uncomfortably cramped Vancouver Playhouse (damn these long, luscious supermodel legs), the 100 minutes pass effortlessly. The dialogue is inspirational and entertaining.


general dentistry

evening and saturday appointments cosmetic dentistry dental implants general anesthetic teeth whitening cosmetic veneers flexible payment options

dr. langston


Offering cosmetic restorative dentistry in a comfortable environment


Serving the Community since 2000 new patient appointments available Mon & Fri

suite 512-1033 davie street on-site parking available

LEATHER AND LACE Spit is temporarily relocating to W2 Media Café in Gastown on Fri, Feb 3. Also launching is afterSpit — party till 4am.

it. Then, once it’s alive, trading it for a paycheque can become a kind of death. Red runs at Vancouver Playhouse until Saturday, Feb 4.

PS Single again. All eligible (as in rich) applicants apply within (my butthole). Thank you for your interest! is the definitive news source for gay and lesbian Canadians

dr. firoozeh




CasitasLaquita 760-416-9999


Jim Mezon is complete in his portrayal of Rothko. He and David Coomber, who plays a painting assistant helping Rothko create murals for a restaurant at the Four Seasons in New York City, are humorous and heartbreaking. I recommend Red for artists. There are some poignant moments and lessons the audience experiences with the characters. Logan fleshes out true intimacy in his writing, making it feel personal. Essentially, what Rothko discovered is that love is energy. Energy is alive. So when you put love into something like a painting, you put energy and life into

Toll Free 877-203-3410 A Special Resort in Palm Springs California

For more information about our special resort, please visit us online at:

“Hey Guys, are you taking care of your Health?” WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO INTRODUCE OUR INTEGRATIVE MEN’S HEALTH PROGRAM • Preventative Medicine for all Men’s Health Issues with Promotion of Optimal Health and Well-being • Unique blend of Allopathic(Western) and Naturopathic Medicine • Extensive Medical Screening, Patient Education and Prevention Treatment

Vancouver’s Premier Naturopathic Clinic serving the community since 1984 • 5 Naturopathic Doctors • Weight Management & Healthy Aging Programs • Chiropractic, Acupuncture & TCM • Rolfing/RMT • IV & Injection Therapy including Prolo and PRP • Naturopathic Spa – Fillers & Cosmetic PRP, Full Laser Services, Facials

604-738-1012 Suite 730 -1285 West Broadway |


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Photos by Alvin Grado

Dirty Thursdays @ Junction If you’ve been paying attention, Junction Pub has decided to make the second Thursday of every month just a little dirty. And assisting in that venture, DJ-wise, is Kasey Riot and her crew whose blend of electro, house and tech tunes hit the crowd’s rhythm bones just right.




1) Leo Coelho and Jamie Mungall enjoying some libations. 2) Sue Shoe and Moe Shoe gettin’ cozy. 3) Andrew Giordano and Pierson Hayes. 4) Philip Mata and Glen Tig sport the cool look. 5) Kayla Willier, Gracie Perkins and Morgan Guilmin hamming it up. 6) Buds-in-arms Marcio Mundim, Marcos Luppi and Eder Santana. 7) Daniel Kingshott and David Baynham.




ASK A REALTOR West Coast Realty

Q: I’ve found a home I want to make an offer on. How close should my offer be to the listed price? A: There is no simple answer to that question because there are many variables that must be taken into account:

Timothy James Moreau


property and current trends in this area to ascertain the market price and future potential losses or gains.

Then the comparable prices for homes sold in the area and also in specific sales and listings, taking 2. Where is it located? Desirable into account renovations and area? Close to transportation? maintenance of heating, plumbing, roof and exterior. Schools? 1. Is the home well maintained? Renovations? Recent updates?

3. What price is it listed at?Above The last factor which can market? Correctly? Below market? significantly affect the price is how many interested buyers are 4. What are the comparable prices there for this specific property of homes on the market or sold in as demand will intimately affect the area? the price. 5. Are there multiple offers for the Once all these factors are known same home? a price range for the offer can be 6. Has it been on the market for ascertained. long? Why? Like a lawyer, dentist or mechanic hiring a professional is in your Therefore you need to know: best interest as they can provide The housing market history and you with advice, information and current conditions to have an experience to make the process accurate starting point for an offer. of buying your home easier, less Add to this the location of the stressful and can save you money.

Annette Thomas 604.805.5572 RE/MAX




There are many ways to research the real estate market you are looking to buy in. Pick up your local newspapers for the latest listings, search the web and Multiple Listing Service websites or plan an afternoon drive to preview desirable neighbourhoods. You never know where you’ll find that dream listing!

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Downtown. Around Town. - - Home in on it!

Ken Chalmers M ASTERS R EALTY Each office independently owned & operated



P rofessional

Xtra! Reader’s Poll

R esponsive

Top 10% of all Lower Mainland Realtors - 16 years

I n Touch


Former Gay & Lesbian Business Association Board Director

D ependable

youryour neighbourhood realtor neighbourhood realtor

Donates 5% of commissions to your favourite charity upon purchase of a new home

E thical Direct: 604.818.8265 Direct: 604.818.8265 email: email:

Award-winning service to the Gay and Lesbian Community for over 19 years

RE/MAX CREST REALTY (westside) RE/MAX CREST REALTY (westside) Independently Owned Operated Independently Owned andand Operated MacDonald 32153215 MacDonald St. St. Vancouver BC V6L Vancouver BC V6L 2N22N2 Office: 604.732.1336 Office: 604.732.1336

Re/Max Real Estate Services

Phone: 604.506.4264 • Fax: 604.669.7233 Toll Free: 1.888.507.3226 •

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Selling Homes In Our Community for Over 19 Years

604.266.1364 | WWW.DAVIDTUNG.COM Knowledge, experience and advice for all your real estate needs

REAL ESTATE GLOSSARY Depreciation: AMORTIZATION The decrease in value in a home from when the home was first purchased

Mike Wilcox 604 782 3545 Will Pratt 778 772 4252 #1 Agent Royal LePage City Centre

West Side Real

Denise Brook


Expect the Best

Real Estate Sales and Marketing

In today's market, you need an experienced Real Estate Agent and marketing specialist to assist you along the way. Thinking of Buying or Selling? For personal, professional service call Denise. PREMIER REALTY

Independently Owned and Operated

6272 East Boulevard, Vancouver BC





Helping you home in!

V6M 3V7 604.266.1364

RECENTLY SOLD #1201 1723 ALBERNI ST LIST: $374,800

SELL: $373,200

Location, Location, Location! Highly sought after ”The Park” at Stanley Park! One block from Coal Harbour Seawall, Stanley Park, Robson Street, Capers, Safeway and Urban Fair, all just steps away. The building has just been re-piped and the townhouses have just been rainscreened and re-painted. The current owner paid approximately $20,000.00 special levy and all the above work has been completed! Excellent time to purchase here! This 1 bedroom has an open floor plan with city south east views . Insuite storage can be used as a computer area or den. Pets and rentals are ok. Great for first time buyers or investors. Secure PRIVATE underground parking and storage locker.

Ian Holt

604.506.4264 1.888.507.3226 RE/MAX Real Estate Services


CALL 604-684-9696


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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012 Vancouver’s online directory of gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses ACCOMMODATIONS - BRITISH COLUMBIA Bluff View Cottage 250-539-3475 The Eagle’s Nest B&B 1-866-766-9350

ACCOUNTANTS Accounting+ Best Books Inc Felicity Webb

604-374-1424 604-215-8872 604-721-7537





Vancouver Gas Fireplaces

Hot Stone Massage Therapy 604-366-4386 Relaxation Massage Vancouver 604-789-0857

Dragonstone Counselling 604-738-7557

Denman Place Mall


ADULT 1-800-361-9929


Davie St: 604-609-CAYA Gastown: 604-648-CAYA Denman St: 604-647-CAYA


A Loving Spoonful 604-682-6325 AIDS Vancouver 604-893-2201 AIDS Vancouver Island 250-384-2366 ANKORS, Kootenay/Boundary HIV/ AIDS Network, Outreach & Support 1-800-421-2437 Dr Peter AIDS Foundation 604-331-5086 HIM - Health Initiative for Men 604-488-1001 Positive Living Society of BC 604-893-2200 Youth Community Outreach (YouthCo) AIDS Society 604-688-1441

AIRLINES Harbour Air Seaplanes 604-274-1277

ALTERATIONS Simdy’s Fashion Alterations


ALTERNATIVE HEALTH Access Healing Centre 604-568-4663 BC Compassion Club Society 604-875-0448 Dr Anita Komonski 604-568-7655 Inhale Smoke Shop 778-786-0977 Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary 604-255-1844 MyCannaMeds

APPLIANCES Coast Wholesale Appliances Red Door Discount Warehouse 604-569-3232

ARTISTS Emily Carr


CLOTHING - DESIGNER 604-558-2005



COMMUNITY GROUPS & SERVICES Community Based Research Centre QMUNITY West End Seniors’ Network Society

CONSTRUCTION Aaron Construction 604-318-4390 maison d’etre design-build inc 604-484-4030

COSMETIC SERVICES Carruthers Dermatology Centre Inc 604-714-0222

COUNSELLING ah-ha! Counselling & Consulting 604-537-0130 Alex Sangha 604-842-7340 Bekar Counselling 778-990-1825 Dragonstone Counselling 604-738-7557 Lehmann Counselling Service 604-614-8121 Preece & Associates Psychological Consulting 604-685-5968 Tricia Antoniuk 778-378-2633 Willow Tree Counselling 604-521-3404



Mail Box Plus


604-731-8644 604-985-0055 604-682-8881

AUTOMOTIVE SALES & LEASING Dueck Downtown 604-675-7900 Jim Pattison Hyundai Northshore 604-985-0055 Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown 604-682-8881


BATHHOUSES Steamworks Vancouver 604-974-0602

BATHROOM Ripples Kitchen & Bath


BEAUTY CARE David Blue Hair Design


BEDDING Bernstein & Gold Interiors Simmons Mattress Gallery


Aarm Dental Group 604-647-0006 Dr Dean Wershler Inc 604-688-4080 Dr Langston Raymond 604-687-1008 Dr Sam Daher 604-662-3290 Redtree Dental 604-873-3337 Yaletown Laser 604-70-SMILE

EDUCATION & INSTRUCTION Emily Carr 604-844-3810 Vancouver Elementary School Teachers’ Association 604-873-8378 Vancouver Photo Walks 604-318-1277

ENTERTAINMENT ActorWorks Vancouver 604-723-1776 Ballet British Columbia 604-732-5003 DanceHouse 604-801-6225 Playland 604-253-2311 604-688-5000/1-800-480-7469 Sounds & Furies Productions 604-253-7189 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 604-876-3434




Flygirl Productions








Bernstein & Gold Interiors Bravura Interiors Jordans Interiors Liberty Yaletown Interiors

604-687-1535 604-872-4880 604-733-1174 604-682-7499 604-669-7544



Axle Alley Dueck Downtown George & Berny’s Repairs Ltd Jim Pattison Hyundai Northshore Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown

604-875-9988 604-675-7900

Walkey & Company Funeral Directors 24hrs: 604-738-0006




GROCERY Davie St: 604-669-8313 Robson St: 604-683-6155

HEALTH & PERSONAL CARE Carruthers Dermatology Centre Inc 604-714-0222 Vancouver Lipo Laser 604-904-0888 Yaletown Laser 778-323-7866

HEALTHCARE SERVICES Hot Stone Massage Therapy Orchard Recovery

604-366-4386 604-947-0420

HEALTH Hospital Employees’ Union The Vancouver Health Show 1-888-999-1761

HOLISTIC HEALTH Integrative Healing Arts Sequoia Thom

604-738-1012 778-786-3677



HOME IMPROVEMENT & REPAIRS Crown Roofing & Drainage 1-877-628-5010 Klondike Contracting Corporation 604-708-3337 maison d’etre design-build inc 604-484-4030

JEWELLERY Benée Rubin Jewellery Design Saatchi & Saatchi Fine Jewellery

604-278-8456 604-685-5625

KITCHENS Coast Wholesale Appliances Klondike Contracting Corporation 604-708-3337 Red Door Discount Warehouse 604-569-3232 Ripples Kitchen & Bath 604-879-6999

LEATHER LIFE East Side Re-Rides


LEGAL SERVICES Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public 604-873-8723



Nextstep Communication

Jennifer Maier


MEN’S HEALTH Community Based Research Centre 604-568-7478 HIM - Health Initiative for Men 604-488-1001

MEN’S SERVICES BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA) 604-682-6482 Men’s Bereavement & Support Group 604-684-5307 xt 112

MORTGAGE Chris Cornborough



NATUROPATHY Dr Anita Komonski


OPTICAL SERVICES English Bay Eyeworx 604-685-7001

PAINTING Pro Works Painting


PET CARE Pet Services Kitty Kare Latisha’s Pet Care

604-608-6959 604-813-4239 778-385-7313

PET STORES Pet Habitat


PETS The Vancouver Pet Expo


PHOTOGRAPHERS Feeling Photography 604-318-1277 The Shooting Gallery 604-254-5869 Vancouver Photo Walks 604-318-1277

PUBLICATIONS Pink Triangle Press Xtra Ottawa Xtra Toronto Xtra Vancouver

416-925-6665 416-925-6665 416-925-6665 604-684-9696

REAL ESTATE AGENTS Adriaan Schipper 604-818-8265 Amalia Liapis 604-618-7000 Annette Thomas 604-805-5572 Becci Dewinetz 604-230-1044 David Gering 778-822-0775 Fuller Service Realty 604-724-7964 Ian Eggleton 604-773-1443 Ian Holt 604-506-4264 Ken Chalmers 604-803-4966 Kim Monk 604-740-6615 Klaus Rode 604-760-5856 Lyn Hart 604-724-4278 Mark Hammer, Kathy Watkinson, Philip Watkinson 604-732-1336 Phil Warren 604-684-6155 Steve Jamieson 604-307-9167 Susan Cameron 604-720-1214 Trevor Ashcroft 604-602-1111 Tyler Barrs 604-602-1111 Wayne Blackburn 604-209-4775



PRINTING Mail Box Plus



Baker Street Agency 604-294-6574

STORAGE Freeway Mini-Storage 604-251-2017

THEATRE ActorWorks Vancouver 604-723-1776 604-688-5000/1-800-480-7469 Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company 604-873-3311

TICKET SALES 604-688-5000/1-800-480-7469

TRANSPORTATION Helijet International

TRAVEL 604-689-5858

RESTAURANTS & CAFÉS Adesso Bistro 604-568-9975 Checkers/ Bayside Lounge 604-682-1831 Ciao Bella 604-688-5771 Joe’s Grill Davie St: 604-682-3683 West 4th Ave: 60-736-6588 Denman St: 604-642-6588 Lift Bar Grill View 604-689-5438 Out To Lunch Catering 604-681-7177

ROOFING 1-877-628-5010


SEX Priape 604-630-2330 The TABOO Naughty but Nice Show 1-800-626-1538 Wega Video 1-800-361-9929

TRAVEL BRITISH COLUMBIA Black Rock Oceanfront Resort 877-762-5011 Bluff View Cottage 250-539-3475 Harbour Air Seaplanes 604-274-1277


Umbrella Events

West End Seniors’ Network Society


Aquabus Ferries Ltd

Klondike Contracting Corporation 604-708-3337 maison d’etre design-build inc 604-484-4030



The Cutting Edges Gay Men’s Hockey Club 604-684-9872 x2081


Andrea Martens Eric Hoppe Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating


Crown Roofing & Drainage

604-669-8233 604-669-8233

The Vancouver Snow Show 1-800-626-1538 University Golf Club 604-224-7799


Christ Alive Community Church 604-739-7959 Rainbow Community Church 604-299-9538 Renaissance Christian Church 604-636-4276 St Andrew’s Wesley United Church 604-683-4574 Trinity United Church 604-732-3075




WEDDINGS 604-315-4302

WINE & SPIRIT The Grape Escape Wineworks


WOMEN’S HEALTH North Shore Women’s Centre


YOGA SpiRe Wellness


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Out On Screen 604-844-1615 Queer Arts Festival


A1 Massage 778-828-4683 Masculine/Muscled/Mature Erotic Massage/Escort 604-719-3433

East Side Re-Rides

Bernstein & Gold Interiors 604-687-1535 Jett Grrl Bike Studio 604-255-5097 Budget Blinds

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G.A. BEAULIEU COMPASSION SOCIETY Free access to filing for Medical Marihuana. We fill out all your forms with you, file with the government and grow it. All with just one call. 778-808-4442 Phone Hours 8am - 4pm Proudly Gay Owned & Operated. Anybody with office space in the West End, please contact us.

Spiritual services

To place an ad, call 604-684-9696 or book your line classified at



Tom Durrie M.A.

Interior/Exterior Renovations/ Restorations Decks Fences Tiling Hardwood floors Electrical Painting Plumbing

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Effective—Affordable 604-215-0019

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Erotic massage





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The Stuffington Post Graeme Gerrard


HOPE READERS OF THIS COLUMN appreciate that I get a lot of gay porn in the mail. I mean, it’s way more than Customs thinks is reasonable. I love watching them, writing this column and regifting them, but I worry that watching so much porn is beginning to have long-term effects on me as a human being. I can’t take policemen, firemen or pizza deliverymen seriously. It’s for this reason I decided not to watch this month’s film and instead file this audiobased review. I listened to the entirety of recent Hard Friction release Need It Bad. Through four scenes of subtle, synthesized background music, the sound of skin slapping skin, and the occasional profane cry of ecstasy, I was forced to use my imagination to fill in the blanks. The first scene, between baritone Shay Michaels and tenor Adam Herst, is typical. What begins with the light sound of gentle kissing quickly escalates to gagging and moaning. Herst has little to say during the initial blowjob, but as the roles reverse, it becomes clear that Michaels is very vocal, offering lots of coaching and praise. Though the majority of what he says is, “yeah,” “oh yeah,” and “oh, fuck yeah,” at one point Michaels encourages, saying “Long strokes! There you go, that’s a long stroke — perfect.” Through audio clues only, it occurs to me that these guys are not near a bed, or even a couch, but rather on top of a kitchen table, or perhaps a workbench. Their voices are mature and confident, their pace unhurried. The sound of kissing returns infrequently, and occasionally someone spits. The sound of skin on skin and stifled screams intensifies over 10 minutes, then the baritone lets out dozens of “huhs” in rapid succession followed by a final

Get Laid Now!

Get More Calls Make More Money Advertise in Xtra! Shay Michaels (pictured) lends his very vocal baritone encouragement to fuckbuddy Adam Herst in Hard Friction’s Need It Bad. COURTESY OF HARD FRICTION

growl, while the tenor moans through gritted teeth. Shortly after, the tenor lets out an orgasmic “oh” with undertones of a whimper, they share a final quiet kiss, and it comes to a sudden end. Of course, there has never been a landmark gay-porn radio program, nor are the producers of porn likely to stop committing these acts to film. But the next time you and a lover are looking to add porn to your recreation, why not turn the volume up loud and the video off entirely?

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XTRA! JAN 26, 2012


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