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Navigating Toronto’s biggest Pride festival yet

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Thurs, June 26 29

MSM [men seeking men] — Winchester Street Theatre, Mon, June 23 Alejandro Santiago

90-minute walking tours of queer historical landmarks in the Village. Small groups learn about such landmarks as the Toronto AIDS Memorial, the Alexander Wood statue, Bulldog Café/The Barn, Glad Day Bookshop and the CLGA. See Pride Walk: Discovering Toronto’s LGBTQ+ Heritage on page 15.

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combines dance, music, dazzling choreography, outlandish costumes and something you wouldn’t usually associate with drag: plot. Three drag queens go through a series of trials and tribulations as they pursue (and sing about, duh!) their dreams for onstage stardom. See page 12.

promises distressingly funny dialogue. In 1920s New York City, two women, both convinced they were born to play Hamlet, battle over which of them should get the role, their consequent war of wits leaving their lovers and colleagues in awkward situations. See page 26.

You can’t throw a rock (and we would really rather you didn’t) in Toronto’s streets without hitting a queer actor, playwright or choreographer. We’re bursting with plays and musicals: sexy ones, campy ones, revolutionary ones — we’ve got it all. And you can’t have a well-rounded experience of Pride without checking out at least one show.

When MSM [men seeking men] originally opened during the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival, nobody who saw it could shut up about it. It’s sexy, violent, dirty — wonderful. Inspired by transcripts of online conversation, this dance/ theatre piece uses sexy dancing boys to deconstruct online male personas and relationships between guys. The cast includes four-time Dora nominee Louis Laberge-Côté. See page 22.

In what is surely the ultimate drag show, A Chorus Queen

A reading of Sarah Schulman’s new play, The Lady Hamlet,

Growing up with a gay father in the 1980s was a big deal for Alison Wearing, and she hasn’t quite gotten over it. She has written a book about it and now a comical and touching one-woman show. Confessions of a Fairy’s Daughter begins in carefree childhood, but things get rocky at about age 12, when Alison learns her father is gay. Then we’re taken through eight years of confusion, disbelief, puff pastry, opera, bathhouse raids and celebration. See page 26.


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Ultimate Pride Guide Toronto 2014  

Comprehensive event listings and area map for WorldPride, taking place June 16–30 in Toronto, Canada.

Ultimate Pride Guide Toronto 2014  

Comprehensive event listings and area map for WorldPride, taking place June 16–30 in Toronto, Canada.