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Scholars used the Rosetta Stone to increase their understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Harry Potter used the Marauder’s Map to find his way into Hogsmeade Village, and now you, dear reader, have this guide to help you navigate WorldPride. Within these pages you will find everything from raucous booze fests to kid-friendly family outings to erudite talks and gatherings. Here are a few of the highlights.



parents who want a family event but don’t want to miss the rest of the fun. Dedicated to celebrating all types of queer families and providing a kid-friendly zone, this event includes snacks, music, games, face painting and craft making. See Family Pride on pages 36 & 43.

Located in the heart of the Village, the 519 Community Centre’s annual queer and trans family event is within easy reach. It has everything to keep the kids busy, including a dance party, sports in the park, craft making and snacks. Information about other familyoriented 519 events is also available here. See the Queer and Trans Family Pride Party: Beauty in the World on page 11.


In the midst of all the sex parties and dancing in parking lots, it can be hard for kids to find things to do. And some queer people have families. They really do — with kids and all! Luckily, there are several events geared specifically to families.

Whatever shape a family takes, they’re sure to find acceptance and an oasis of calm at a buffet brunch in the Gladstone Hotel. Taking place in a charming old hotel on Toronto’s stylish Queen Street West, this event is space-themed, with music by the Space Chums, along with a dress-up station and book corner. See the Queer Family Brunch on page 19. Just a short toddle from most of the other festivities, the event at the Church Street Public School is handy for

With the often surreal heat of Toronto in late June, not to mention the oodles of people attending WorldPride, it’s easy to get a little city-weary. There can be few better respites than heading out to enjoy the cool breezes of Lake Ontario while cruising with like-minded folks. What Pride is complete without a big gay party boat? The Steamworks cruise is sure to combine the flirtiness of a nightclub with the naughtiness of a bathhouse, with DJs Deko-ze and Nick Bertossi spinning their big, signature beats and performances by go-go dancers/pornstars Ray Gunn, Jon Shield and Aleks Buldocek. See page 36. Just short of walking the plank (we imagine, anyway), the Northbound Leather cruise is sure to include all the pleasures of a piratical outing, with folks being whipped on the foredeck


while other poor souls are manacled and tortured. Sure to attract a diverse crowd of kinky queers, this cruise includes dancing, drinking and an afterparty at the Oasis Aqualounge sex club. See the Kinky Cruise on page 38.

Historical tours

The family of Oscar Wilde’s first male lover, Robbie Ross, lived in Toronto. In the early 19th century, Alexander Wood got in a spot of trouble for unnecessarily inspecting the genitals of young men. In 1981, Toronto police raided the city’s bathhouses. For intellectual stimulation and some relaxing time outdoors, why not go for a historical tour? The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA) and Heritage Toronto host

Ultimate Pride Guide Toronto 2014  

Comprehensive event listings and area map for WorldPride, taking place June 16–30 in Toronto, Canada.

Ultimate Pride Guide Toronto 2014  

Comprehensive event listings and area map for WorldPride, taking place June 16–30 in Toronto, Canada.