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This year's digital expo is a love letter to Bahamian minds, culture & creativity.



CRUISING AROUND THE BAHAMAS Experiencing a new kind of cruising adventure

Each of the Bahamian islands has its own vibe, its own energy, and its own unique culture that extends far beyond sun, sand, and sea. Unfortunately, many Bahamians do not get to explore the full gamut of their own country due to logistics, time, or resources. So, when Crystal Cruises launched their Bahamian route (complete with a Bahamian residents special rate) it presented an ideal itinerary to check out the often missed southern islands. One of the unique features of Crystal Cruises Serenity voyage is that guests are offered the option to board in Miami, Bimini, or New Providence, in addition to stops in Exuma, San Salvador and Long Island. The ship is a part of a luxury fleet, with spacious rooms and gourmet restaurants that only add to the experience of exploring multiple Bahamian islands during one 7 day trip.

Long Island - The island has lots of natural beauty, stunning historical sites, and is just an overall charming place. It is recommended to rent a car, and just explore. The St. Peters & St. Pauls Catholic Church is just by the cruise port, and sites like Dean’s Blue Hole are a short ride away. If you are lucky, you may also spot a flock of flamingos at the nearby pond.

Where did you start your creative journey? I'd say I've always had a creative eye since I was young, but it wasn't as focused until college. After marching me into my advisor's office to change my major to communications, my then speech professor and soon-to-be mentor dropped an old script on my desk. He explained that it was one of the pride and joys of his career, and he was a part of the writer's room that wrote it. What was the script? It was the pilot episode of The Simpsons; he didn't need to say anything else... I never looked back. What inspired you to create your current project? I'm a very candid person (for the most part), and I believe in open and honest conversation, good, bad, and indifferent. Can I Be Honest was an adopted concept from a youtube channel I was obsessed with last year - watching how people spoke their truths about their highs and lows made the world feel a little bit smaller. Like a strange, oddly cathartic shared experience, or like summed up in Bahamianese, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Where can we find/see your work? A Youtube and IG page will be home to the show; however, those are currently private to the general public because we are presently canning the season. I wanted to be strategic about the show, and I know how new ideas can become "trendy," so before more people attempt it, I'd like to have a complete season out. Why do you #LoveBahamas? Simple, our people. I'll start by saying this - Bahamians ain't easy! We are both Fire and Ice; we can swell your head up with compliments and break you down like our stomachs at every national address in 2020. That said, we are authentic people. We have manners, but we'll check you with the swiftness. We'll make fun of you, but if anyone else outside of the country tries it, we'll meet you at the crucifix. We are loving, critical, protective, and hilarious. It's the core of what makes our country so beautiful, and that's why I #LoveBahamas

What is your favorite Bahamian food? My dad's a chef, so The Sunday dinner plate is everything. Curry Chicken, white rice, macaroni, and coleslaw. Favorite island? Exuma naturally because of the beaches and that's my family's island. Favorite Bahamian word? For so many reasons "Tingum"...Do with that what you wish. Favorite Bahamian song? "Stop the world and let me off - Waylon Jennings" Not because of a break-up or anything; just because ya girl be tired and just in need of a break. Where has been your favorite place to visit, ever? Washington D.C. Although I used to live there, it's always been my favorite city to visit. Between seeing family, going to the museums, and just the kind of thinkers and creators you run into out there, it's everything.


In March 2020, the world was told to collectively sit down and eat our food. We had to take a vital pause in an effort to help halt the spread of Raggedy Rona - aka Covid-19. The global pandemic was something the likes most (if any) of us had never seen, and it was understood that the world had to band together to help find ways to create a new normal in the face of this devastating illness.

In the past year and change, many men

children, and families have been

and women have been able to

horribly impacted by this illness, and it

cautiously start getting back to a sense

is still a massive ongoing concern for

of normalcy. This is thanks to modern

the world over. But, there are ways to



enjoy some of the things that we once

introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, and

did, while still being smart and taking

a global educational push to inform the

as many precautions as possible.


public that washing their hands and keeping





While travel planning and prep has

themselves is good - and not doing so

always been a bit intimidating for

is bad.

some, the current climate has resulted in





While we all want to undoubtedly get

wishing to leave their homes. Here are

back to the way things used to be, that

a few things to consider…

may not be the reality for the foreseeable future. Many men, women, .


BOOKING FLIGHTS. Back in the day - aka the beginning of last year - it was considered a good idea to book in advance so that you can scout out the best early bird deals. That is no longer the case. Yes, you can take a risk for a far off flight if the ticket price is attractive enough. But, with constant changes to travel policies, it may be best to book closer to your desired travel date. There are many sites for scouting travel deals, but Google Flights is an excellent starting point. The website has tools that not only show flight routes and pricing for multiple airlines and travel sites, but it also provides the option to input a departure city and dates to find destination suggestions.





information regarding the average cost for a given flight route, and notes if the price is lower or higher than normal. One added benefit of Google Flights is that it notes any current travel advisories that travelers should be aware of for a given location.









immediately above this one, booking in advance

don’t want to plan a trip, pay for it, and arrive at

may be a good idea if your chosen airline,

the airport only to be told that you cannot travel

booking site, hotel or other travel related

due to not having the proper travel document,

company is offering massive savings for future

COVID-19 test, or the appropriate travel visa. As

travel with the added benefit of penalty fees

a plus, Bahamians can visit many countries

being waived should the traveller have to cancel

without having a tourist visa, but be sure to

or postpone. With the exception of airlines,

research visa, vaccination, health certificate and

many hotels/activities can also be booked, but

medical screening requirements well in advance

not charged, until the time of travel. It is

of travel. Also, check again just before a trip to

suggested to look for these options to minimize

ensure nothing has changed.

risks, should plans change.

INSURANCE: This is very important, even for domestic travel, as accidents can happen, anywhere.




insurance plans may also need additional travel insurance,






comprehensive. That said - many insurance policies are currently not covering COVID-19 related illnesses, so be sure to carefully research which plan you choose.

BE SAFE: Pack your masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, supplements and anything else that you may need to keep you feeling healthy and safe. Don’t be ashamed to wipe down an airline seat or to give your hotel room a quick once over with a wipe or two. Your health/safety is a priority.


Social Media Handles: @theswimmingpugs Project: The Swimming Pugs, A Children's Book Where did you start your creative journey? During the first lockdown, I was working from home and spending a lot of time wishing I was somewhere else. Daydreaming about the places to go, I started to create itineraries of trips to destinations near and far. In my notes, however, the majority of places I wanted to see (again) were right here in The Bahamas. What inspired you to create your current project? I have the most adorable little pug pups, Pugsley and Penelope. Everyday, they bring me so much joy and I am completely in love with them. I was taking them for a stroll one day and a group of children approached us wanting to pet them, hold them and take photos. Their joy was infectious and I was thrilled that the pugs could bring others so much happiness. That's where the idea was born! I wanted to transform the pugs into animated characters and allow children to join them on adventures around the islands of The Bahamas! So, I wrote The Swimming Pugs! The Swimming Pugs is a picture book, that will follow Pugsley and Penelope around as they enjoy some good old Bahamian sun, sand & sea. During each adventure, they will uncover fun facts, meet new friends and teach readers about our beautiful country. I believe these adventures will inspire wanderlust and fantasy in young readers. Where can we find/see your work? The children's book is in its final stages and near completion. I anticipate complete printed copies will be in hand by March 2022. What's next for you? I am already thinking about more adventures for the sequel! Fingers crossed you all like the book and we will be able to share those stories as well. Why do you #LoveBahamas? The Bahamas is my home. I've traveled the world and seen some amazing places but there is just no place like home. What's not to love? The people, the food, the beauty ...everything is just better in The Bahamas. What is your favorite Bahamian food? I want the whole grouper finger meal ! Grouper fingers, macaroni, peas & rice with a side of plantain, thank you! Favorite island? Eleuthera has my heart. It's the ultimate escape for me and the pugs. Hopefully one day, we can move there permanently. Favorite Bahamian word? "Nanny." It just makes me laugh. Favorite Bahamian song? "Red Shirt" Ancient Man Where has been your favorite place to visit, ever? Wow, how can I choose? Cape Town, South Africa was a life changing trip for me. It was my first real solo trip, and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. BUT, if I had to choose a city to visit over and over again, Paris is always a good idea. Check out the back of the magazine to see a sneak peek of the Swimming Pugs Cover!






HOLIDAY POP UP Ty's Place - Village Road 9am-5pm

HOLIDAY POP UP Four Walls Squash & Social Club 6pm-12am

HOLIDAY POP UP National Art Gallery 11am-5pm

THE EVER EVOLVING FOOD SCENE OF THE BAHAMAS The New Providence food scene got some new players in 2021

Social Media Handles: @PediInABag Project: Pedi In A Bag Where did you start your creative journey? I would say from my youth, I loved interacting with people (always got talkative on report cards), and I always loved creating things. As a child I always wanted a creative career like fashion designer, architect, etc. Now, I put that energy into creating experiences & brands that people will love! What's next for you? I am officially launching Pedi In A Bag, so it is accessible for women. Pedi In A Bag is not your average pedicure. With all-natural ingredients, you can actually pronounce (think: lactic acid, water, real lavender and nectarine essence), each skin-sloughing set of booties is created to deliver your softest feet after just 1 hour of soaking, and 2-7 days of (strangely satisfying) peeling. Cracked heels are no match for the powerful, yet ultra-gentle, ingredients that leave skin smooth, soft and totally rejuvenated. What inspired you to create your current project? Honestly, self-care & downtime. Knowing that a lot of women are so busy making ends meet and managing families, I wanted to shift the narrative since so many of us barely take time for ourselves. I'm now very big on "MeTime". During the lockdown I hosted an instagram LIVE showing women how to create an athome foot exfoliant and realized this would be an amazing product that every woman needs. So, after more than a year of testing different manufacturers, packaging and designing, Pedi In A Bag was created. And, I genuinely think that it is the best foot peel experience that you will enjoy. Where can we find/see your work? On the shelves at Her Appeal very very soon. I am happy for the opportunity to partner with Pink Sands for the FREE Pedi In A Bag Starter Kit Giveaway. But, even more excited for everyone to experience the kit for themselves. I've had over 3 dozen samples tested by women across The Bahamas, Canada, The USA and even as far as London. They are raving! Why do you #LoveBahamas? The Energy. The Culture. The Vibes. Seriously nothing beats just hanging with friends What is your favorite Bahamian food? This is a must uncle makes this for me on special occasions. Conch Salad and Yellow Grits. (The conch salad is made with a touch of mayo). Trust me, it is an elevated version of tuna & grits. Remember, just because it is something you haven't heard of, doesn't mean you should knock it before you you try it. Favorite island? Harbour Island, Eleuthera - I love the laidback luxury, the boutique hotels and most importantly, the island's small size. It makes it so easy to navigate and access all these treasures. And, tasty food is in such a close proximity. Sushi, quesadillas, French toast, and vegan are all a quick golf cart ride away. Favorite Bahamian word? Gayl, Gimmie, Bey, Mudda, (It is hard to pick.) Favorite Bahamian song? 'Going back to the island' by Bahamen Where has been your favorite place to visit, ever? Aspen, Dubia, Italy. Honestly I love exploring new places because each brings something different, a new energy and new memories. I also pay homage to world travel with Pedi In A Bag. I want our customers to escape with some me-time. Because of Covid-19 and these unprecedented times, it is harder to travel to far-flung destinations, so each scent is inspired by some of my favorite places that the team and I have traveled. For example, the Provence Lavender is inspired by the lavender fields in Provence, France.”


doesn’t matter what the conversation

(you get the idea). While the Christmas

is about, it is just understood that the

day classics may remain untouched,

food that was so tirelessly prepared

more and more families are getting

was meant to show love, gratitude,

creative and more daring with the

happiness, and to bring the family

culinary options that they share

closer together.

around the holidays.

Where to find unique ingredients for the holidays

Most Bahamians communicate their

Many home cooks are seeking out

admiration for their families through a

diverse ingredients, herbs, spices,

Everyone understands amazing food; it

plate of holiday superstars aka brown


sugar and mustard glazed ham topped

international options to up their food

Bahamians, food is a love language.

with juicy pineapples, turkey, peas and

game. The good news is that local

rice, potato salad, gooey macaroni and

markets have begun to listen to the

During the holidays, many families

cheese, coleslaw, stuffing, crab salad,

wants and needs of shoppers who may

cracked lobster, buttery rum cake…

have developed a bit of a “bougie”

is a universal language. And, for many

gather to sit, eat, drink and be merry. It





Here are a few locations that you can check out this holiday season if you are looking for more diverse food selections. Restaurant Supply - East Bay Street - Restaurant Supply opened its Bay Street location last summer, and has since dedicated most of its second floor to spices, sauces, and other authentic ingredients from around Italy, Turkey, India, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and a number of other countries. The dry goods and frozen selections rotate frequently, and it is often surprising and exciting to see what diverse food finds have made their way to The Bahamas. Staples include a wide range of authentic Italian pastas, cookies, sauces, sodas, espresso, dried mushrooms and short grain arborio rice for the perfect, creamy risotto, as well as an impressive assortment of Indian spices, chutneys, chais, and prepackaged meals that are surprising rich in flavour despite their affordable price points. The Turkish selections range from dried fruit, honeycomb, pastries, and picked vegetables to chocolates, candies and, of course, Turkish Delights. However, the store’s East Asian section is where adventurous shoppers can truly get a taste of unique flavours that may be completely foreign to Bahamian audiences.

Tea found at Best Brew

The Flavour Market - Saunders Beach Plaza - The Flavour Market is located in the Saunders Beach Plaza next to the Cacique Lounge and features a wide selection of sauces, spices, cookies, crackers, snacks, teas, sweets, pastas, sparkling waters, as well as a number of keto, gluten free, and vegan friendly options. They also recently introduced a selection of cheeses and meats that pair perfectly with their other jams, jellies and nuts - in other words, they have everything to create a lush charcuterie board. Island Purveyors - Airport Industrial Park - Island Purveyors offers a selection of fine goods that can range from edible flowers, to sushi grade tuna, or purple grits to chocolates. You can also find options like caviar and oysters, so this is the spot if you are looking for higher end, hard to find, food items this holiday season. Best Brew - Airport Industrial Park - Best Brew specializes in fine coffees and teas, but they also have a number of unique spice blends that are worth checking out.

Items found at The Flavour Market

City Market - Cable Beach The general look of the City Market on Cable Beach doesn’t differ much from the







Providence, but they do offer a number of unique items that other locations don’t carry. Louis & Steen’s Market Orleans - Old Fort - If you plan to stop by the Louis & Steen’s Market Orleans for a cup of coffee or tea, a gelato, pastry, or a full lunch, be sure to give their other items a look over. They have a number of sauces, spices, and meats that you may not be able to find anywhere else on the island. The



Farmer’s Market & Holiday Popups - Farmer’s Markets & holiday event popups are a great way to find unique sauces,



peppers, and spice blends that are made locally. Note: The inventory of many




changes often, so there are no guarantees what new and exciting foods will hit their shelves and freezers.

Sauces are from Da Islan' Gal. Her jams, jellies and sauces are available at popup events.




A big thank you goes out to Ransford James & Kaché Knowles - this year's feature's interviewees. The Pinksands242 Digital Expo could not happen without them sharing their stories on camera.


The Pinksands 242 Digital Expo was a passion project, but our Prize Sponsors added an element of fun and engagement for participants that we are extremely grateful for.