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The Beacon Monday, January 31, 2010

Varsity and intramurals to enjoy new complex

from Complex, page 1 White said. With this commitment, the first phase has begun with the intention of being completed within the next year. Phase two will consist of building the foundation and constructing the fields and courts. The last step will include the construction of an athletics building onsite. “It is another example of our commitment to excellence. We want to have one of the top [division II] athletic complexes in the country,” White said. “This will be a testimony of our faith as Christians showing that we go above and beyond in all that we do.” The PBA athletic teams that will practice and compete at the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Complex include: men and women’s soccer, men and women’s tennis, men and women’s cross country, softball and baseball. Also using the new athletic complex will be the school’s intramural teams, which about 1,100 students participate in annually. A portion of the new site will be donated to the city, consisting of a park with two multipurpose fields, a fountain area for small children to play in and a support building.

Riding poses risk, preparation key

from Helmet laws, page 1

low 4,500 as overall highway traffic dropped, but still averaged 12 deaths a day in part because of spotty state helmet laws.

“I think it should be mandatory for riders in every state to be wear a helmet,” said motorcycle rider Joe Puccio, a senior at Palm Beach Atlantic University. “It is for your own safety,”

Sophomore Rachel Yeargin loves a man on a motorcycle, but only if he’s wearing his helmet. Christina Cernik / Photo Editor

said Puccio. “Nearly every time I ride, I have a close encounter with a driver who is not paying attention on his or her cell phone, and nearly runs me off the road. Being attentive is a must, but being prepared is even more valuable.” According to USA Today, every day in the United States more than 12 motorcyclists die in crashes and the leading cause of these fatalities is head injuries. “Although motorcycles comprise only three percent of the vehicles on the roads, they are involved in 13 percent of the country’s fatalities,” said The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Vice Chairman Christopher Hart in a press release. He said that helmets that meet the United States Department of Transportation regulations are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities.

Last year, PBA senior Bryan Reynolds took his passion for riding to campus and created the motorcycle club. Not knowing any bikers on campus by name and face, he felt that guys and girls at PBA who own motorcycles are one of the demographics that aren’t really connected. “The main goal is to connect the diverse group made up of different bikers and to build relationships among the members,” Reynolds said. Reynolds has been riding a motorcycle for almost three years and feels that the existing motorcycle helmet laws are fair and plausible. However, he has a strong belief that riding with a helmet is always a smart choice even if the person is only going a short distance at low speeds. “The big question is, do you want to be able to walk away” from a motorcycle accident, said Reynolds.

How to find the right helmet according to NHTSA: 1. Certification 2. Thick Inner Liner 3. Weight of helmet, generally about three pounds 4. Go for full-face 5. Cost, $200-$400 6. Try it on, walk around in it for at least 10 minutes 7. Don’t forget eye protection, good quality goggles or sunglasses 8. Replace your helmet after five years

B.S. in forensic science to be offered this fall By Kara Bonn Contributing Writer

Freshmen Dylan Black and Geoff Kishbaugh volunteered at the Maritime Museum for the MLK Challenge.

Photo Courtesy of the workship office

Workship brings people together from MLK Challenge, page 1

at PBA and workship leader. “You make friends and meet beautiful people there. Helping them and making them happy just makes you feel so blessed.” Dr. Terriel Byrd, professor of urban Christian ministry and coordinator of the evening ministry program at PBA, said that PBA is a model for other

institutions by showing leadership in the area of racial reconciliation. “The workship projects are a demonstration of how people can come together from not only different racial backgrounds but also from social and economic backgrounds and living out what Dr. King called the ‘beloved community,’” Byrd said.

Palm Beach Atlantic University will begin offering a Bachelor of Science degree in forensic science this fall semester. PBA is one of two universities in Florida that offer the four-year program, and it is unique to Christian schools altogether. Forensics is “the fastest growing career in science,” said Cynthia Toth, coordinator of the new program and associate professor of biology. Graduates with a bachelor’s in forensic science are jumping right into careers as DNA analysts, criminalists, toxicologists and molecular biologists. Even pre-law students are finding immense utility in studying forensic science for their later careers in law. Starting salaries for graduates are as high as $70,000 to $80,000 a year and the demand for professionals in the field is higher than ever. Toth explained that government labs are now doing less of the work and moving towards privatization, so the job market in the field is at its prime. Toth was excited to share that the program already expects fifteen students. PBA’s science department is stocking up on state-of-the art


Charlotte Rakestraw / Graphic Arts Editor

equipment that will allow students to simulate the jobs they will be doing down the road. A brand-new Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine in the lab will allow students to watch on-screen as thousands upon thousands of DNA strands are copied and produced. Later they will use the product of the PCR to perform paternity tests and identify the

culprit of a simulated crime right in the lab. Classes will be taught by adjuncts, professionals who are still working in their various forensic science fields. When students graduate, they will be placed directly into internships with the help of PBA. Popular crime shows help entice students to forensic careers. CSI PBA-style will commence this fall.

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Riding poses risk, preparation key; varsity and intramurals to enjoy new complex; B.S. in Forensic Science to be offered this fall; Workship...