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Flower Girls 101: From Bud to Blossom It’s your wedding, and of course you want it perfect down to the smallest details, from the mothers’ corsages to the flower girl dresses. Fortunately, the 21st century has a wealth of information and resources online to insure that the best day of your life goes off without a hitch. In fact, these resources are so comprehensive that the bride need only hire a wedding planner for peace of mind—everything else, from ordering flowers to selecting thank you gifts for your bridesmaids, is covered in detail. What Is a Flower Girl? She is likely a little sister of the bride or groom, or a niece or cousin of one or the other. Typically, she is four to nine years old, though more recently that age limit has gone up (and down) as a result of today’s smaller families and couples bucking tradition. But rest assured, no matter her age, you will be able to find a flower girl’s dress that will not only complement your own beautiful gown, but she herself will also capture the hearts of everyone who sees her! Because she is a crucial (and historical) element of modern day weddings, choosing your flower girl, and her attire, is of the utmost importance. True, her only role may seem to be scattering rose petals down the aisle before you make your stunning entrance, but in actuality she plays a much greater role, with her appearance signifying your arrival. Without her, most wedding guests would not know what to expect—a discomfort that could last through the wedding and the reception. Dressing the Flower Girl Tradition still ranks near the top when it comes to dressing the flower girl. If you plan to wear classic white satin and tulle down the aisle, you will probably want the flower girl’s dress in white or the palest of pastels (think pink dresses, or delicate mint green). If your dress is ultratraditional ivory, choose flower girl dresses in the same shade. Nothing will make ivory flower girl dresses look more dingy and worn out than the contrast of pure white. If you crave a dash of color, choose a waistband or sash with a bow—preferably in the front, where it is seen first—or indulge your pretty little flower girl (and your bridesmaids) in teal, hot pink, forsythia yellow, or even red shoes. Flower Girls Need Practice, Too At the first wedding rehearsal, you and your guests are bound to be a little nervous and maybe have a few questions as well. It isn’t like your wedding is an everyday affair, after all! And this is what rehearsals are designed for, to smooth out all the rough edges and answer any questions

from your wedding party, including your flower girls. In particular, for little girls in your wedding, it’s important to make them feel special. Let them know they play an important part in your wedding. Reassuring them that they are special will help them stay calm and confident, and hopefully not get restless during the actual ceremony. And if all else fails, remind your flower girl that all her bottled up energy will be needed on the dance floor later on! Above all, don’t forget the power of a promise for good behavior (for example, a juvenile-sized makeup mirror and makeup or a beautiful silk flower for her hair). Many young girls are shy (just like many brides!), so it’s important to make sure you and your flower girl feel as comfortable as possible on this uniquely special day. The right dress is the first step to a beautiful, happy day—while the rest is just icing on the (wedding) cake.

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Flower Girls 101: From Bud to Blossom  
Flower Girls 101: From Bud to Blossom | While wedding plans have been formalized over the last two millennia, some traditions...