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May, 20 2013

3. Meaning of life , Time Capsule

4. Back Then (Memories)

5. Grief and Goals (Achievements)

6. Roles (People)

7. Top 10 candies

8. Art reflection

9. Newspaper Reflection

10.Magazine reflection


Meaning of life What is the true meaning of life? You may find that the answer is different for everyone. All people have different purpose in their journey, no two paths are the same. The truth is that you give your own existence meaning, depending on what you do with your short time here on earth. If you want to live a meaningful life, then do something that will have an impact on the world around you. Befriend other people. Accomplish your life goal. Do whatever makes you happy. The fact is, in the grand scheme of things it’s hard to create a lasting impact on the entire world around you. However, an impact on those in your life can be just as meaningful. In the end, you should be able to look back on what you’ve done and say that your life has been meaningful.

A time capsule is like a summary of your life. If someone were to dig it up in the future, the items enclosed would give them a visual image of who you are as a person. The items I would choose include: ⇒

A Tennis racquet– Because tennis is my favorite activity and I was also Varsity MVP of the Tennis Team.

A piece of my art– Art is my passion and I enjoy creating new things

My Costco Badge– I love my job because I feel grown up and responsible

My car keys– Because I love riding with my friends

My iPod– I love music and listen to it much of the day. My songs on the device would help the future see what I listened to.

A picture of me– A picture is worth a thousand words


Memories Back Then Memories

R e c o l l e c t i o n s o f my c h i l d h o o d There are voluminous recollections from my childhood with the family, but few I cherish most. The preponderance of memories I have were of watching television with my siblings. We had many favorite shows. First, I enjoyed watching Transformers because it was both full of action and thrills. The Autobots fought the Decepticons every Saturday morning and it was a prodigious bonding experience for us all. Then there was Power Rangers. Everyone loved the Kung Fu moves and the romantic subplot between pink and green ranger. Then there was Rocket Power. They shredded the rails and surfed the swells with such effortlessness and enthusiasm. Pokémon was truly the superlative, however. Every Saturday morning we would watch as Ash tried to catch them all. We did other things besides view television as well. Sometimes we would play outside when the weather was good. Then we would come back in and eat a Hot Pocket and play video games. I know that we no longer have much time left together. There are numerous reminiscences from my childhood, but it’s not about any amazing proceedings. It’s about the individuals I was with and eventually will be able to look back on it all with and say that we all had the best time. (209)

Memorable School Experience In school there have been many moments worth remembering but the one really sticks in my head still to this day. It’s most memorable to me because it was really the first memory I have of high school. As a freshman coming in to Fishers, I can remember a lot about orientation. I had never been inside the school, and I was surprised at how large it was. There were so many classrooms and I wasn’t sure how I’d possibly find my way around without getting lost. There were many new faces form Riverside Junior High that I had never seen before. The gym and cafeteria seemed humongous compared to what I was used to in junior high. What I remember most about that day probably isn’t the actual events that took place, but more a feeling I had. It felt like the start of something new, a new chapter in my life. You see high school on TV all the time but I was actually going to be going there and I was both excited and nervous. I remember this, my first experience as a high school student the most looking back. It’s not the most special, but it still stays with me to this day. (207)


Grief and Goals Achievements

My moment of grief Life has its ups and downs and sometimes the roller coaster throws you for a loop. One of my greatest downs was when my grandfather died. My grandpa was a hug influence in my life and an excellent man. He was always a role model to me on how to live life the right way. I never saw him sad or upset, only happy to see me. He was a nuclear bomb tester for the army when he was younger and eventually died due to all the radiation he was exposed to. I was really emotional at the funeral; it’s always hard to let go of someone you love. Seeing my grandma was the hardest thing ever because she was a wreck. That’s just how life goes; people come and people go. You have to move on and not dwell in the past however, it can be hard at first. Through the struggle I still thank my grandpa for helping me along the path of my own development early on in life. Although he died when I was fairly young, I know someday I’ll see him again and it will be a truly joyous occasion. That’s what he would have wanted. (201)

Future Aspirations There are many things I hope to accomplish in the future. Some goals are more immediate and others will be an arduous process. The first goal is to have success with college. I’d like to get a good GPA and try a bit harder than I may have in high school up to this point. Hopefully I can grow up and become a responsible adult, but maybe not. While I play college tennis I aspire to be the best that I can be and help my team win many tournaments. After college I hope to obtain a good job in either in the field of marketing or graphic design. I enjoy creating things and this would be a great chance for me to create my own stuff every day. I hope to someday make a piece that will last far beyond my death, something that I can really be remembered by. I hope to one day have a great family because that has always been important to me. Some goals are realistic and others are not, but you should always shoot for the moon no matter how crazy it might seem. I plan on dreaming big and never giving up in the3 future. (203)




M y Ro l e a s S o n My role as a son has taught me many things about life. It has shaped me into the person I am today and can directly affect how I handle other relationship scenarios. Being a son in my family means a lot of work around the house. It has given me the gift of dedication. My parents gave me important life skills and taught me how to act proper. Being the oldest also puts extra pressure on me to succeed, even when I just want to relax. Responsibility is key to this role as a student, but also transfers into other areas. In work, I must utilize all these aspects as I work hard and remain respectful and responsible. They are also important with friends and knowing how to treat them correctly and be a good friend myself. There’s no way I would be able to get by without everything I got from my parent to son relationship. It has molded me into the person I am today and is a huge part of my identity. In fact, I would be a totally different person today if I hadn’t had good parents or if I was a girl. That’s why I’m glad to be a son. (205)

M y Ro l e M o d e l In life there are many things that will be put into shaping you as a human being. The most influential for some people might be an experience or a hardship they went through. It might have to do with where they grew up. For me it would be my parents and especially my dad. On my journey I aspire to become a mature man such as himself so naturally as a child I would look up to him for how to handle life’s challenges. I carried myself like him and he taught me many lessons like a good father should. Most importantly he was just around which is something that can’t necessarily be said about many fathers in today’s culture. He instilled many values into me and helped build my character. I have always been held accountable by the highest standards with him because he knows that my best can be extraordinary. I’ve learned to never settle for less than my best effort because of my dad. I’m lucky to have had such a strong positive influence in my life. I definitely would not be the same person I am today if it were not for his guidance. Truly I am thankful. (202)


1. Reese’s Cups- They’re delicious

2. Snickers- They’re delicious but less delicious than Reese’s Cups

3. Twix- They’re delicious but less delicious than Snickers

4. Kit Kat- They’re delicious but less delicious than Twix

5. Skittles- They’re delicious but less delicious than Kit Kat

6. Airheads- They’re delicious but less delicious than Skittles

7. Sour Patch Kids - They’re delicious but less delicious than Airheads

8. Crunch bar- They’re delicious but less delicious than Sour Patch Kids

9. Sweetarts - They’re delicious but less delicious than Crunch bars

10. M&Ms- They’re delicious but less delicious than Sweetarts


Ar t Reflection This is a piece of street art by my favorite artist Banksy. He is a revolutionary in his field and very influential on the world. He uses his art to send positive messages such as in this one. With this piece he took the popular image of a young rebellious terrorist and altered it by placing flowers in his hand instead of a grenade. This symbolizes peace and is located downtown in a crime filled area. There was no precedent to using graffiti for sending positive images to the public but now it is well known as a Banksy standard. I love his work because it comes off as youthful and cool yet it all has a message to it. There’s no reason for senseless violence in the world. Peace needs to come before we all selfdestruct. Especially in present times when terrorism is very real, the message really hits home with me. The past couple decades have experienced tons of terrorist acts and witnessed innocent people be sent to their deathbeds. It’s terrible that this has become a reality and I’m glad that someone is taking a global stand against the malpractice. I support and look up to an artist like that. (203)

Bob Marley’s most famous quote has always been “Don’t worry, be happy”, and it’s really a complex phrase. I’m not a huge fan of old reggae albums, but this quote is really a good motto to apply to your own life. I believe in divine intervention and destiny and sometimes when situations get stressful it’s nice to know that what will be will be. There’s no reason to live life afraid because there is a plan for your life. If you have a goal or aspiration, chase it with all your desire because even if you fail, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. There’s always a tomorrow, a new day. There will be more opportunities so stop worrying and be happy. Life isn’t about the destination. It’s really about the journey you take to get there and the good times along the way. Keep in mind what’s really important. The most important things in life are free. Your dreams you have to work for. This means that your family and friends and happiness are more important than reaching your lofty goals. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for the grand slam in life; it simply means that if you come up short, your happy life can go on unscathed. (212)


N e w s p a p e r Re f l e c t i o n

The 9/11 attack is something everyone from my generation will remember for a lifetime. How could you not? It was unthinkable at the time and terrible to watch live. America always seemed so untouchable by anyone else. At least that’s how we learned it in school. To a six year old, it was so difficult to fathom. How could anyone purposely give up his life in a plane crash? How could anyone be so evil as to kill that many innocent people? How could someone even break into airport security and hijack a plane? Why do these people hate the very existence of us Americans? These thoughts were frequent for me in that time. Now that we’re older and it’s been a long time since that fateful day, I look back and remember those who died. Those who were on the plane or in the towers who never did anything to the men who attacked them so maliciously didn’t deserve to meet their demise so prematurely. The men and women who ran towards the chaos are true heroes and that was truly their finest hour. We as Americans have a duty to never forget that day so that their memory lives on. (202)

Hurricane Katrina is a sad event in American history. It is one of the largest and most televised tragedies that have taken place in my life time. The storm was a harsh reminder of how we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. Many people refused to leave their homes and perished in the hurricane. Buildings that were staples for the New Orleans community came crashing down. Scared civilians who couldn’t get away in time huddled together inside of the football stadium. It was scary but people all knew it was coming for days. Those who heeded the warnings were smart and left before their lives were put in danger. There are many feelings that were left over from the storm. Feelings of remorse and fear wrapped around the entire week. There also are many lessons to be learned. The first is that your life and the lives of others are far more important than personal belongings. The second is that nature is powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. The third is that no matter what you hit America with, the good people in the country will always respond with brave act of civil duty and supreme kindness from the bottom of their hearts. (202)


M a g a z i n e Re f l e c t i o n In the world of music, it can seem exhausting just keeping up with the times. It’s a constant revolving door bringing in new ideas and sounds and expelling old ones. One of the biggest music sensations in American history is the Rock n Roll movement. What started as youthful and loud music emerged as a release of every emotion known to man through the art of rock. There are countless bands that have had their impact on our music today, even those who are self proclaimed one hit wonders. Many songs from the rock glory days are still blasted on the radio today, but is rock n roll in general ding out? Back in the day, most top artists were rock bands but today we’re moving more towards hip hop and pop music in general. The beats today are almost exclusively created on the computer. Vocals today sound much better than they did back then due to advancing technology. Either way, hip hop music is the new rock music of today, because it is young, rebellious and has a great beat that teens’ parents will hate. Music is about a feeling you get and how listening to it makes you perceive yourself as a person. Someone’s music really says a lot about them. (213)

In the age of social networking, people seem o be more connected than ever. However, any good tool is only great if utilized the right way. There are far too many people who instead of coming closer to those in their life through social media, and up pushing others away. Many people become isolated and lonely because of over use online. There is a big difference between keeping connected with those you care about, and using social media as your sole source of interaction and entertainment. Face to face conversations are vital to a healthy lifestyle and perhaps social media hinders this. Also, bullying has become a big problem online and many friends end up enemies over something silly posted on an online site. Kids these days spend hours upon hours trying to become internet famous when in reality they just want people at school to think they’re cool. A few great friends are worth infinitely more than hundreds of internet “friends”. The people who are really in your life are those who will be there for you when you really need it. Social media is a tool to connect with others, not the sole means. Go out and have some fun in person with people you enjoy and put down the cell phone for a while. (217)


Written and Edited by Matthew William Kalustian


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