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the editor’s note Pink Loerie Organizing Committee would like to thank: Grab Corporations – in association with sponsor: Vernondo Boshoff and Louis Douglas. Malebooth – in association with sponsor: Luan Schultz & David Pretorius. Exonika: Luan Schultz & David Pretorius. Executive Mayor of Knysna, Councillor Georlene Wolmarans; Deputy Executive Mayor, Councillor Esmé Edge; Alexis Moos – Personal Assistant to Executive Mayor of Knysna; Knysna Special Events Committee; Greg & staff – Knysna & Partners; Knysna Municipality; Knysna Traffic Department; South African Police Service Knysna and Provincial Government Western Cape – Metro EMS. Accommodation Sponsors: Sonia, Dirk, Carin and Staff – Villa Castollini; Mabelle – Thesen Islands’ Lodges; Max and Linda – Pezula Realty & Letting; Eben, Mariska and staff – Knysna River Lodge; Clive – Knysna Hollow; Masuda – The Rex Hotel; Freddie and Staff – Mantis Hotel, Lake Pleasant Living; Protea Hotel Knysna Quays; Paradise Heads Self–Catering Knysna Woodbourne Resort and Wayside Inn. Media Partners: Rubin – Gay Pages; Gavin – EXIT; Luiz – Mambaonline.co.za; Winnifred & Louise – The Marketing Site; Briand – Spartacus and Charl – The Pink Tongue. Official PR Company: OUT THERE – Fran Kirsten – Thank you for all your assistance, guidance and always being there to help. You are a true asset to any company and/or event. Official Travel Agency: iGO Travel – Leslie, Brandon and staff – Thank you for going the extra mile. Official and preferred 2016 restaurants: 34 South, Drydock, Tapas and Sirocco. Official and preferred 2016 VIP Dinner and Fundraising Auction venue: Villa Castollini – Sonia, Dirk, Carin and Staff – How can we begin to thank you all enough? We do not have enough pages. Thank you for opening your hearts and villa to us. Thank you for embracing the event and filling the gaps that you find. Then also: Richard Dawson – a founding member of Pink Loerie; Dirk, Jaco and Staff – Zanzibar Knysna; Vlooi and staff – Fiela’s Bar & Restaurant; Kashief and staff – Knysna Mall; Dale – The Shambhala Organisation; Christo de Beer – ETC Centurion; Peter Bondesio – Bondesio Couture; Mike – Michael Game Plan; Gui Steyn, Jake Combrink and staff – Shush Productions; Elizabeth Ann Nieuwenhuis – BNI and Brokersure; Bryan and Stephan – Mrs Simpsons Dullstroom; Julie – Karoo View; Heidi and Staff – Hollywood Costumes; Trent, Sandy & Staff – Knysna Fine Arts; Riaan and Phillip Du Plessis Davel; Ri–Han de Jager; Queens of Wigstock – Betty Bangles, Manila von Teez, Olivia Mae, Shannin Bronwyn Brown and all the fellow Queens; Camps Bay Apartments; Village

Life; Laura – www.quicket.co.za; Knysna Animal Welfare Society; Elle – Elle photography; Irene Potgieter – The Getaway Guesthouse; Mitchell’s Knysna Brewery; Stormsriver Adventures; Monkeyland; Chris Taute – BEARFEST; Thesen Harbour Town; Jaco Le Roux – JLR Events Specialist (060 746 7910); Daniel DP Ferreira and Hannes Stander – Ecozest; Janet and Staff – Plates and Things; Wilma – SRT Functions; Jacky and staff – Events and Tents; Leslee Durr – Aqaubella Natural Spring Water; Bos Ice Tea; Coca-Cola; Absolut Vodka; Red Square; Ds Andre Muller and last but not least the phenomenal and amazing Marius Hechter! David Pretorius and Luan Schultz – Thank you for being part of this crazy journey. Thank you for all the input, late hours and professionalism towards every obstacle that comes our way. Louis Douglas and Vernondo Boshoff – Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the event and for the amazing photos you keep on taking! Never give up your passion! PS! Still waiting for my ‘piesangbrood’. Yihan Bronn – Thank you for dressing the grooms and the amazing national costume you made for Oelof. Heinrich Greyling – Thank you for making the brides look amazing on their big day and the out of this world garments for Betty Bangles! Oelof de Meyer – Thank you for taking the challenge of representing South Africa at Mr Gay World 2016 and for working non-stop to get yourself ready. You are a true gentleman! A special ‘thank you’ goes to Geoff Bezuidenhout and Julia Sulman, our fellow organizers, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our new committee member going forward, Carin from Villa Castollini. Welcome to the family, Carin! Karin Sephton, thank you very much for your friendship and support. Wim Vorster, thank you for being a friend in a million and always helping, especially with all the proof reading of the articles. Ruth and Andrè de Beer – Thank you for being the best neighbors and friends anybody could ever ask for and always supporting the cause! Love you much! Last, but not least, Johann, for always being there, supporting the cause and me and fighting the fight with me. Part of organising an event like this goes hand in hand with sponsorships, be it cash or product, and I would like to thank the above people and/or companies for their continued support and belief in our brand and cause. None of this would have been possible without you. I do apologise in advance, if for some reason, I omitted a person or company. In that case, Thank You! John

contents mayor’s letter a personal note from Oelof de Meyer the depths of africa winning photographer uit betty se bek! pink loerie magazine unique and special design knysna stylish but edgy couture designer A drive along historic roads welcome letter fun things to do in sedgefield, knysna our favourite restaurants in knysna fixing the issues the gay community faces needs leadership the hiv prevention wonder drug - demystifying prep deaf africa web tv the power of brands ons leer wim ken about BNI artist focus linked to the scene by 1 fingerprint don’t get me wrong, gay is not a swearword love, life & everything else getting to know rubin van niekerk

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Editor: John O’Neil Sub-editor: Luan Schultz Art Director/Graphic Design: David Pretorius (Exonika) Office Manager: Karin Sephton Accounts: Etta Venter Cover: Oelof de Meyer Cover Photo: Vernondo Boshoff Photography & Yihan Bronn Couture Printing: Dante Print Contributors: Honorable Mayor Georolene Wolmarans, Shannin Bronwyn Brown, Betty Bangles, Wim Vorster, Fran Kirsten, Oelof de Meyer, Yihan Bronn, Heinrich Greyling, Dale Pudney, Georg Knoke, Julie Seton, Carla De Bouchet, Elizabeth Ann Nieuwenhuis, Greg Vogt, Lance Weyer and Rubin van Niekerk. Distribution: Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Festivals Southern Africa CC Copyright: The copyright of all material in this publication is strictly reserved. Published by: Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Festivals Southern Africa CC Tel: 083 347 9570 Fax: 086 515 0167 PO Box 2602, Knysna, 6570 info@pinkloeriemagazine.com www.pinkloeriemagazine.com The appearance of any person or organisation in the Pink Loerie Mag is not an indication of the sexual orientation of such persons or organisations. Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Festivals Southern Africa CC or Pink Loerie Magazine (PTY) Ltd.



KNYSNA will be tickled pink KNYSNA will be tickled pink for a sixteenth time this year during the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts Festival. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome all visitors from across the globe to our beautiful town. As mayor of Knysna, I take great pride in this festival where the diversity and inclusivity of our society is celebrated. As a society we also acknowledge the struggles the LGBT community had to overcome to be considered equal citizens with the same rights, something that has been interned in our constitution for more than 20 years. In many countries, especially in Africa, this is not the case. It is during festivities like the Pink Loerie that we are reminded of our common humanity and the traits that make us the same: the desire to love and be loved, to be included as equals although we have differences, and living free from discrimination, prejudice and rejection. These are the common principles that bind us together – Unity through Diversity. The Pink Loerie is a time of fun and extravagance with a great line-up of activities: the traditional street parade, the Mr Mardi Gras South Africa competition, Bear Colony Festival and Wigstock Festival, to name but a few. This year I’ll have the honor of officiating the joining of sixteen couples in marriage during the first mass gay wedding on the continent, EVER! In line with this year’s theme I’d like to end with the eternal words of Candi Staton: “Oh, young hearts run free…young hearts, to yourself be true”! Councilor Georlene Wolmarans Executive Mayor of Knysna


a personal note from oelof de meyer My journey to Mr. Gay World has been enriched by my valued sponsors. Representing one’s country at an international event places immense pressure on the participant. One cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the ‘behind the scenes’ events. Time management is crucial and more often than not you are called to action on short notice. Coming from an engineering background, fashion and social media aren’t exactly my forté. It took time to adjust to this environment. For this, I would like to thank my sponsors. My gratitude is not only for their time and effort, but also for their mentorship and value added to my own personal development. The Mr. Gay World competition has put me on a journey of discovery, and each one of my sponsors have elicited a quality in me that I didn’t have the confidence to master on my own. With the competition drawing ever nearer, I felt lighter and more relaxed owing to their support. I realised that there are amazingly generous and beautiful people in this world who believe in what I stand for. This realisation made my commitment to assisting the LGBTI community even greater. Oelof de Meyer

I would like to thank John-Louis O’Neil, Johann van

Niekerk, Vernondo Boshoff, Louis Douglas, Yihan Bronn, Curtis Ryan Woodside, Lyndi-Lee Smith, Jake Combrink, Elizabeth Ann Nieuwenhuis and Luke Ware. Thank you for your sponsorship in my journey to Mr Gay World: Vernondo Boshoff Photography, Grab Corporations, Yihan Bronn Couture, BNI, Curtis Ryan Woodside, Shush Productions and Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival. In addition to my sponsors, I would also like to thank everyone else for their support. It has been a humbling experience and an absolute privilege to represent our beautiful country and in particular the LGBTI community. One of my most heartfelt moments was witnessing the support of the heterosexual community. People that I’ve never met before, even from around the world, are sending messages of support. It is gestures like these that strengthen my determination to serve as an ambassador for LGBTI issues in South Africa and hopefully around the globe. To my friends and family: thank you for all the love and support you gave me throughout this journey. Your belief in me made me believe in myself... Photo by Vernondo Boshoff Photography

the depths of Africa From the depths of Africa to the runway in Malta, Yihan Bronn brings another awe-inspiring creation that captures the heart of a nation: rich in the heritage and beauty which originally captured the heart of this astounding fashion designer. Tons of thought and countless hours went into the preparation of this prestige garment. Yihan wanted something unique which stood out; something strongly orientated to the ethnicity of the South African culture, but at the same time something fashionable which truly symbolises the true beauty of this remarkable nation. At the very moment the idea was born, the designer was inspired and the work could begin. As hunting forms a very big part of the South African culture, and Yihan being such a unique individual, he wanted to create a garment orientated to that of hunting, while shying away from the usual Zebra and Nguni skins which feature in almost everything. Hence he used gemsbok and buffalo hide to create this garment combined with porcupine quills and bullet casings to enhance the look and texture, whilst keeping it as masculine as possible because he knew people would expect ostrich feathers and crystals simply because it’s for


a Mr. Gay World pageant. His aim was to create a garment that had a bold modern warrior’s look, hence making the bearer of the garment feel strong and statuesque so that he could wear it with confidence and pride. Even though this garment portrays such a strong warrior look, the essence behind it was to keep it as sexy and stylish as possible. It’s obvious that Yihan has done a fabulous job. Let’s have a quick look at the magical design of the head gear: The back of the jacket was strategically designed so that the gemsbok tail would ascend into the headpiece creating a maleficent look. Combining rooster feathers, porcupine quills and bullet casings Yihan created a head piece with a rich, dense look. He made use of gemsbok horns as the center piece of the design to create the desired height which enhanced its beauty. In short, this is how the remarkable Yihan found inspiration to create the national costume which will be worn By Oelof de Meyer.” continues on page 13. Photo by Vernondo Boshoff Photography

Yihan Bronn - Couture Designer

Award winning photographer Vernondo Boshoff and his partner, Louis Douglas, have conquered the media and entertainment industry in a short span of time. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and have covered some of the biggest fashion events in Africa. They are resident still photographers for Phoenix Films known for making SA biggest movies from Mad Buddies to Spud 2.

winning photographer

They have completed the yearly publicity shoot for Binnelanders and Generations, South Africa’s biggest televised soapies. Also included in their list of publicity shoots are the kykNET programmes Fluiters and Getroud met Rugby.

To date they have shot over 400 models, worked with actors, musicians and cabinet ministers to name but a few. Their work has been featured in magazines like Elle Magazine, Sarie, Huisgenoot, kykNET DigiTyd, Get It and Men’s Health Magazine. They have been featured on ‘Buzz on Ann7’ multiple times as well as kykNET’s ‘Bravo!’ Vernondo and Louis recently obtained the license as South African producers for Mr. Gay World™. They are also directors for Mr. Mardi Gras South Africa and the designated photographers for Pink Loerie. Photo by Vernondo Boshoff Photography

Vernondo Boshoff & Louis Douglas

uit betty se bek! Hello Darlings! Oh my goodness! Can you believe it’s been 16 years since the very first Pink Loerie Mardi Gras? Since its start in 2001 the festival grew into something spectacular! I want to thank everybody involved for creating this five day magical playground for our community. There’s literally nothing else like it in South Africa! From art exhibitions to daily drag shows, from formal dinners to flea markets, from late night parties to an extravagant parade through the streets of Knysna, there’s something to tickle the imagination of everyone! I also want to thank the Knysna residents who come together every year to celebrate with

us! I can still remember the first parade in 2001. The locals gathered on the sidewalks to look at the parade, some with smiles and some with confusion on their faces. My, how things have changed since then! It warms my heart to see how the whole town of Knysna turns pink for the festival! Wherever you go a friendly face will greet you. May it be the waiter at Wimpy or the old lady in the elevator at the mall, they all greet you with a smile followed by a quick chat! Knysna is truly Nice, nah! And for those few sour mouths in town, all I want to say is swing your tits until you laugh! Life is meant to be fun my dear! Till next year my darlings! Glitter Kisses, Betty Bangles


unique and special design Heinrich Greyling Couturier is a fashion brand specializing in Couture Bridal and eveningwear. We have been creating gorgeous gowns and helping brides and other clients make their designs dreams come true for the last 8 years. We have also been involved with shows, such as Afrikaans Is Groot and proudly dressed clients like Blackbyrd and also Brumilda Van Rensburg. And working with teams like the cast of kykNET soapie Binnelanders, on their ad campaign. We take pride in making custom designed dresses to each specific client’s individual


From lace to beading and exquisite fabrics, we cater for anyone who wants a unique and special design. Designs with simple lines to enhance clients’ attributes, to detail like feathers to create something unique, we take pride in giving a range and options to suit their own style. Photo by Vernondo Boshoff Photography

Heinrich Greyling

“Knysna forest is home to the elusive Knysna elephant(s)”


The coexistence of marine and endemic estuarine forms results in the Knysna estuary, only 1 800 hectares in size, having the highest biodiversity of any South African estuary and the presence of at least two rare fish species, the Knysna goby and the Knysna seahorse. Various water activities in the Knysna estuary include swimming, stand up paddling, jet skiing, boating, sailing, snorkeling and diving. Kayaks can also be hired from SANParks offices (Thesen Island jetty). Available accommodation includes camping in the forest (Diepwalle) in the recently introduced tented camping decks. There is also the treetop chalet (Harkerville) in the middle of the forest within close range of picnic spots and day hikes. No one really knows where or how the gorgeous town of Knysna got its name. Some claim the name was derived from a Khoisan word meaning ‘ferns’. Probably true since its dominant terrestrial vegetation is fynbos and indigenous forests. Indigenous forests cover 35, 765.4 hectares and occurs from sea level to altitude of 1000 meters or more, but most of the high forest span across coastal plateau and foothills of the mountains. The Knysna forest is home to the elusive Knysna elephant(s), caracals, leopards, blue duiker, bushpig, bushbuck, genet, Cape grysbok, Cape grey mongoose, porcupine, Vervet monkeys and baboons. Bucket list: ‘Adventure is in our nature’ The Garden Route National Park’s (GRNP) open access system allows the necessary balance between nature and play. Zoned off on existing footprint, the Park’s activities allow visitors to take in its eclectic forest and oceanic backdrops. The Knysna forest has two mountain biking routes, one for beginners and another for advanced riders. GRNP is currently adding a 12-kilometer mountain biking route. The new route known as ‘Graspad’ is accessible from the scenic Kranshoek gate and promises a ride through species-rich indigenous forests.


Recently 2 day trails were accredited with Green Flag status by HOSA. Perdekop and Olifants hiking trails or the Elephant trail. Green flag status is a global benchmark for hiking trails and includes the following criteria: Conservation status, health and safety measures, cleanliness and maintenance, sustainability, management and others. The Elephant trail is in Diepwalle. Other Park attractions in Diepwalle: • • • •

Tented camping decks (Diepwalle) Forest Legends museum in Diepwalle Tea garden in the middle of the forest (Diepwalle closest to camping decks and the Legends museum) New self- drive route called ‘rooted in time’. This self-drive route takes the visitor on a half-day meander through Diepwalle and Gouna forests. As the name suggests, the route was originally designed around 10 places of cultural interest and significance in the area. Each stop can be explored and experienced along with guidance from a newly designed route map and well placed interpretive boards.

For more information and bookings: http://www.sanparks.org.za/parks/ garden_route/ Tel: 044 302 5600 Email: grace.valela@sanparks.org follow us on social media (facebook and twitter)


stylish but edgy couture designer Yihan Bronn is a modern-classic, stylish but edgy couture designer that has a heartfelt passion for taking people out of the mundane and showing them that they too can be and dress to their ultimate selves! Yihan incorporates a client’s personality and at the same time stirring within the client the passion for wanting to be the ultimate self through his one-ofa-kind designs. He designed under the label ’Y NOT DESIGNS’.

Years passed by and he decided to separate his denim range from his couture range, providing people with more of a personal experience and so Yihan Bronn couture was born.

individual’s inner fashion icon.

After 20 years of specialising in women’s haute couture, Yihan launched his men’s range which took immediate flame amongst many, and spread like a fashionable couture wildfire…

Yihan Bronn has been the name on many celebrities’ lips over the last few years with having dressed people in the entertainment industry such as Bobby van Jaarsveld, Willem Botha, Steve Hofmeyr, Theuns Jordaan, Eden, Elvis Blue, Robbie Kruse, Bok van Blerk, Thabiso Khambule and John Owens.

Not a single detail escapes Yihan as he searches to make the ultimate piece of art to personify every

View page 6 for more about Yihan Bronn and the national Mr. Gay World costume.

A drive along historic roads By Fran Kirsten Rheenendal Road. Along this road you can enjoy the Rheenendal Ramble that includes: • • •

The beautiful town of Knysna, situated a mere 73kms from the George airport, is situated within 157 000 hectares of the proclaimed Garden Route National Park. It is nestled between the shores of the pristine Knysna estuary, Indian Ocean and thousands of hectares of beautiful indigenous forest, home to a myriad wild- and birdlife as well as the famed Cape fynbos. Why not take a drive out of Knysna and experience the rural beauty of the area? The Greater Knysna Area is situated within 157 hectares of the proclaimed Garden Route National Park. Taking a drive east of Knysna will showcase its beautiful indigenous forest and its fauna and flora as well as the famed Cape fynbos. May I suggest that you head west out of town and take a right after the White Bridge, this road will take you up the phantom Pass road and onto the

• • • •

Arts and Crafts Several Slow eateries The Goudveld that includes the historical Bendigo Mine museum and walk and mountain bike Track The breathtaking Woodcutter Walk Bibby’s Hoek’ Dalene Matthee Memorial Jubilee Creek Walk / Mountain Bike Track

From Rheenendal drive towards Karatara (along the 7 passes road) Here you will encounter: • • • •

The beautiful Homtini Pass Karatara Pass Several Cycling tracks Horse trails and equestrian schools that the area has become renown for.

Karatara When the government closed the forests to the informal woodcutters they were retired to Karatara. The area is surrounded by lush farmlands, indigenous forests, hiking and biking trails against the backdrop of the Outeniqua mountains. Drive further towards Sedgefield along the

Barrington Road towards Sedgefield This will take you through the Ruigtevlei farmlands through which the Karatara River meanders. Continue along the Barrinton Road towards the N2 East of Sedgefield. Turn right at the Ruigtevlei / N2 t-junction and drive towards Sedgefield. Turn left to Lake Pleasant just before you reach the coastal village of Sedgefield. Here you will find: • • • • •

Groenvlei. A fresh water lake good for bird watching and bass fishing. Permit required and strict conservational rules Beautiful Lake Pleasant Hotel that offers breath-taking views and beautiful gardens. Platbank. Beautiful sandy beach, good vantage point to watch the whales. Oyster Bank Walk Goukamma Groenvlei Trail

You can either continue your journey to Sedgefield or turn back along the N2 to Knysna. Don’t forget to pop into the very special Blackwaters River Lodge (turnoff on the left opposite the Buffels Bay turnoff). a magical piece of paradise, tucked away in a beautiful valley on the banks of the Goukamma River. Set on several hectares of pristine gardens, surrounded by indigenous forest that offers peace, quiet and relaxation.


welcome to knysna Dear visitors to Knysna, On behalf of everyone in the Greater Knysna, Welcome! We hope that you will share in our love for our area. An area that is constantly recognised for its diversity and natural beauty. This being the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts

Festival’s 16th anniversary gives us even more reason to celebrate. The area has already turned pink, shaken out its proverbial feathers and is just waiting to show you, the LGBTI community the true meaning of embracing diversity. One of the greatest things about our area is its people. I am constantly amazed at how people from different nationalities, cultures, creeds and race can work together to create shared values in a place they have now chosen to call home. Knysna is rooted in its residents, their talent, dedication and hard work. I invite you to pop into our Information Office on Knysna’s Main Road for information over a cup

of coffee. Our knowledgeable staff are waiting to advise you on the best way to discover the beauty of Knysna. Enjoy your stay in our town. The people and Mother Nature welcome you. Share her secrets and vast natural beauty with us. With best wishes for your stay and, remember, be safe out there. Greg Vogt CEO Knysna, Sedgefield & surrounding towns www.visitknysna.co.za

fun things to do in sedgefield, knysna • pilipili xtreme sport centre PiliPili Xtreme Sport Centre is located in Sedgefield, Myoli beach which in turn is an undiscovered paradise littered with adventure. In-house activities include: kite-surfing, surfing, wake-boarding, stand up paddling, canoeing, and beach volleyball. PiliPili beach bar is our venue on Myoli beach, Sedgefield. Come and join us for awesome downwinders on our pristine coastline. There is a restaurant on the premises and accommodation on the roof with stunning sea views.

• paragliding

#Gardenroute from the air. Flytime Paragliding flights in Wilderness and Sedgefield, the heart of the garden route, is one of the top spots in the world for paragliding. Tandem flights, introduction and full license courses, motorized trike flights, tours and equipment rental and sales are available. Safe and professional. English, Afrikaans, and German speaking.

• a classic car collection Sedgefield Classic Cars is a must-see when travelling to or through Sedgefield. Situated on the main road/N2, it hosts a large range of classic cars from different periods in motor history. 082 451 6061

• the sedgefield craft brewery The Sedgefield Craft Brewery is a boutique style craft brewery in Sedgefield nestled in the heart of the Garden Route. A family owned and run establishment that specialises in high quality handcrafted beer. We produce a list of custom ales ranging from a simple refreshing summer-style blonde to a deep copper well-hopped complex IPA. We are located inside the Scarab Village, which is less than a stone’s throw from the N2 at Sedgefield about halfway between George and Knysna. Look out for the Scarab Village sign at the Engen 1-Stop filling station about 1 km from the town center of Sedgefield on the way to the Sedge Link’s par3 (Mashie) Golf Course (towards George).

• cloud 9 viewpoint Cloud 9 offers a spectacular view of Sedgefield, the lagoon, Myoli Beach and Gericke’s Point. The view gets better when you paraglide from this point but for those with a fear of heights, it doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

• sedgefield beaches We have 5 beautiful Sedgefield beaches that will give you endless fun and breath-taking beauty. They run into each other, over a stretch of roughly 6 kilometres from Swartvlei in the west to Platbank in the east. Gerickes Point is one of the Garden Routes most precious beaches. There is a view point overlooking the ocean and if you are there at the right time of year (around September/October), it is the perfect place to view Southern right whales. The Swartvlei Rivermouth is a hit with locals. Boogie board with the in-coming tide into the Swartvlei Lagoon. Children will tirelessly run up the shore and be carried down again with the in-coming tide.

Sedgefield Information Office 30 Main Road, Sedgefield 044 343 2658 / 2007 sedgefield@visitknysna.co.za / belinda@visitknysna.co.za 18

our favourite restaurants in knysna as voted on www.pinkloerie.co.za

Freshline Fisheries Restaurant - Knysna tel: 044 382 1490

Island Café @ Turbine Hotel - Knysna tel: 044 302 5746

34 Degrees South - Knysna tel: 044 382 7331

Pembrey’s Restaurant Knysna tel: 044 386 0005

Anchorage Restaurant tel: 044 382 2230

Brenton Blu – Brenton-on-Sea tel: 044 381 0040 or 044 381 0028

Chatters – Knysna tel: 044 382 0203

Cruise Café – Knysna

Sirocco Restaurant Knysna tel: 044 382 4874

Tapas and Oysters Knysna - Knysna tel: 044 382 4874

The Rose Café @ The Rex Hotel tel: 044 302 5900

tel: 044 382 1693

Die Gieter Restaurant – Knysna tel: 044 386 0201

Earth and Fire Restaurant – Blackwaters Lodge – Buffels Bay turnoff tel: 044 383 0105

East Head Café - Knysna

Trattoria da Vinci Sedgefield Restaurant Has a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Adviser as well as an award from Eat Out. tel: 044 343 1867

see www.pinkloerie.co.za for more information

tel: 044 384 0933

Firefly Eating House & Chai Bar - Knysna http://www.fireflyeatinghouse. com/









fixing the issues the gay community faces needs leadership By Dale Pudney, founder of The Shambhala Organisation Legally, the gay community in South Africa enjoys a lot of protection from the constitution and other legislation. Under the surface, however, there is a lot of tension, discrimination and hate. We can’t rely on others to fix this for us. We have a lot of work to do, to fix it, ourselves. #DoSomething Bias is a human condition. History is rife with prejudice against groups and individuals because of their race, religion, sexual orientation and other differences. But stereotypes and unequal treatment persist, and these divisions are often exploited by hate groups. The gay community experiences much discrimination, which tears the community apart. Great strides were made by leaders in our community, by our heroes like Judge Edwin Cameron and others, to achieve the legal freedoms we enjoy. We can hold hands in public, marry, adopt and other benefits. The poor and marginalised communities don’t have it so easy. Its harder for a black gay / lesbian to come out. We have killings, corrective rape, hate speech, higher suicide rates and being rejected from our families when coming out. Social media draws attention to this hate, but yet it persists. There are many examples. Are our fates not interlinked? Those that discriminate against them, discriminates against us all. We all need to #DoSomething to overcome this. Where are our everyday heroes who must continue the struggle against discrimination? Is it that those who can no longer feel the threat of discrimination and become complacent and don’t do anything? Do they not have a moral duty to #DoSomething? Hands up everyone who is actively involved in a gay organisation. Did anyone?

our gay events. While it is probably not intended to be so, our events are typically divided along racial, income levels and gay / lesbian lines. Internalised discrimination maintains these divisions in the community. We talk about LGBT, LGBTIQA and with all these acronyms we try to be politically correct or inclusive. Some would say however, that this keeps each group in their individual boxes and thereby maintaining the divides between the various sections of the gay community. So in this article, we refer to the community as gay, which encompasses all of the sections as one cohesive family. Hoping that that is what we can be one day. And so, the poor image of the gay community is amplified from within. There is a large “silent majority” that portray mainstream gay life, but they remain silent. This “silent majority” choose not to associate themselves with the gay community in the belief that the more visible aspects of the community do not represent them. So they remain silent and many stay in the closet. When we are distracted by avoiding being associated with the gay community, we are unable to perform to our true potential. We need more leadership in the gay community. That is across the board – in the economy, employment, education and governance. Many of the gay leaders in these fields, do not identify as being proudly gay. These leaders and role models need to be promoted and celebrated. From there, it’s a short step to shift the image of the gay community to one which main stream gay individuals can be proud of.

discrimination that they face. What can we learn from them? Groups from other areas of discrimination, like religion, race and class, have organised themselves into groups, and developed leaders from within. They have embraced activism and stood up for their rights. They support their own and have systems in place to keep them sustainable. Where are all the programs that focus on developing, promoting and supporting the gay leaders, role models and organisations? It takes a lot of effort, time and money to build these groups and organisations; and not many of us have an abundance of those things. Our opinion is therefore that it is easier to get involved in existing initiatives and groups and extend their value proposition to more properly represent us, than trying to set up something new. The solution is also just below the surface. There is a lot of talent in the gay community that can effect all the change that is needed to overcome the hate we face. Leadership is not something we are born with, it needs to developed. We learn from our role models. The talent needs to be groomed into leaders, promoted into role models, and celebrated. Then it will be easier for them to lift their heads and take pride in who they are. It’s a daunting task. Where do we start? Leaders will stand up to and motivate friends to overcome discrimination in their immediate circles. Start small and build from there. When a few do it, many more will follow suit.

It is a sad realisation that we are part of the problem. We are no longer a unified community. Just look at

Meanwhile, other marginalised groups have made headway to overcome the

For more information, contact Dale Pudney on dale@shambhala.org.za.

Who can help?

And so, there are few gay role models that individuals can look up to.

Everyday heroes can make a difference. They are the ones who can bring awareness to the causes that we need to stand together to fight against. Leaders are the ones that motivate the community to effect the change we need. These leaders will be the role models that we can all look up to.

The South African gay community needs gay focussed leadership development programs and support of gay professionals, role models and leaders. If everyone takes a leadership role to #DoSomething in their own spheres of influence, then we can effect the change that the whole community needs desperately.



The Shambhala Organisation promotes and supports proudly LGBT business leaders. It offers a leadership development program and also showcases LGBT business leaders and role models. Like TheShambhalaOrg on Facebook, get involved and #DoSomething.


The LGBT+ Management Forum is being set up to be an inclusive, supportive network for affinity groups within large organisations that enables LGBT professionals to contribute to their fullest potential. Their purpose is to create a safe and equitable workplace for all regardless of sexual orientation.


The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in the USA is in the process of helping facilitate the establishment of an affiliated chapter in South Africa. The NGLCC assists and supports LGBT owned and managed SMEs.




the hiv prevention wonder drug - demystifying prep By Lance Weyer Can taking one pill a day really prevent you from becoming HIV-positive? The introduction of PrEP into the discussion of safe sex has led to a fierce debate about who should be on PrEP and who should not. Some people feel that PrEP will only encourage risky practices and promiscuous behavior. They believe that a person interested in PrEP may not be responsible enough to take the prevention pill every day, leading to a false sense of safety and an increased risk of infection, not to mention an increased risk for STI infections. Others believe that every gay man who is sexually active should be on PrEP. They believe that the widespread acceptance and use of PrEP could lead to a dramatic decline in HIV infection and the elimination of HIV stigma. Both groups have strong opinions about PrEP and whether it should be wholly accepted or fundamentally rejected by the masses. Most likely, you are part of the majority who find yourself somewhere in the middle - a little unsure of PrEP but fascinated by the introduction of this new form of HIV prevention. In my opinion, here are the only things that you should do: Get the facts, evaluate your own sexual behavior, speak to your doctor and decide for yourself. What is PrEP? PrEP is an acronym for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, but don’t be scared off by the big words – it’s actually quite simple! In order to understand what PrEP is, we need a little background. In this context, a prophylaxis is a medication taken to prevent the spread of disease. An example of this is malaria prophylaxis, i.e. medication taken when you travel to a high risk malaria area that can prevent you from catching the disease should you be bitten by an infected

mosquito. Recently, a PrEP medication was approved in South Africa which can greatly reduce your chances of contracting HIV. The leading drug on the market is called Truvada, which is a combination of two antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). Studies have shown that when taken as prescribed, and with other prevention options, PrEP may be up to 99% effective at blocking HIV infection. In short, PrEP does work when you use it, but make sure you are ready to commit to taking a daily pill without too many slip-ups or forgetful omissions. The less you comply with your daily dose, the greater the risk of HIV transmission.

Lance Weyer

If I take PrEP, can I stop using condoms?

Where can I get PrEP in South Africa?

The simple answer is NO! PrEP only protects you against HIV, it does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. It is strongly recommended that you still use condoms while taking PrEP.

Not every doctor is up to date on the facts about HIV and HIV treatment. It is best to find a healthcare worker who is knowledgeable about HIV so that you can get all of the facts and be confident about your choices. PrEP knowledgeable doctors can be found via the links at the end of this article.

We are all human, and the reality is that on occasion, possibly because we had a few too many shooters at the bar, we neglect to use a condom. It’s possible for condoms to slip off or break if things get a bit wild! In these instances, being on PrEP will greatly reduce the chances of contracting HIV.

The bottom (or top) line…

Are there any risks to taking PrEP? Most people are unlikely to have any side-effects from taking PrEP. Nausea can be a temporary side effect for a minority of people, but should stop after a few days. Your doctor should monitor you for potential problems. It is important to ensure that you are HIV negative when you start taking PrEP. There is a risk of developing resistance to the drugs in PrEP if you start taking them when you are HIV positive but still testing negative. This should not be an issue if you are seeing a doctor that is well-educated about PrEP.

The decision to take PrEP is a big one and it shouldn’t involve blanket assumptions, idealistic views of sex or false information. You owe it to yourself to find out all that you need to know about your safe-sex options so that you can make the right choice for you. It doesn’t matter what you decide, as long as you have made up your mind based on the facts and the truth about your behavior, and void of any social pressure. To find out more about PrEP, or where you can get it, please visit http://wethebrave.co.za/ or http://www.health4men.co.za/ * Lance Weyer is a former politician and Mr. Gay South Africa. Currently he works as an infectious disease consultant in private practice and is a post-graduate scholar in HIV & AIDS management at Stellenbosch University.



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Deaf Africa WEB TV is a vision of interlinked communities, a dual entertainment medium to make your own. Visit www.deafafrica.com to find out more.



the power of brands By Georg Knoke Never in the history of the corporate world have the challenges of focusing and reaching specific target markets of organisations been more daunting for the Brand specialist than they are today. This is due to the dynamic and everchanging social and technological environment, the frail international political and economic climate, the multitude of communication tools available to marketers and brand specialists. This is amplified by the impact of social media and the ferocious competition for brand and product leadership in the global market. Brands are a company’s most valuable asset. For luxury brands, such as Gucci and Rolex, the perceived value of their brands command premium prices. Even organisations providing utilitarian products have also realised the value of brands, such as Coca-Cola and Woolworths. Consumers have learned to trust brands, as they reduce risk, simplify the decision-making process and buying decisions, as well as offering emotional benefits by providing a vehicle for selfexpression and enhancing self-esteem like driving an expensive German luxury car or wearing designer clothes .

A brand is “a name attached to a product or service”. The brand name and its logo are typically registered trademarks. Therefore, in practice, brands are trademarks that identify the product maker or service provider like Mac Donald’s golden arches or Nike’s ‘swoosh’. The role of these brands is to increase the recognition and attractiveness of the offering to potential customers. Competitive advantages derive from positive associations of a brand. These competitive advantages can be unique like Apple offers a ‘virus-

free’ laptop, temporary like The Grillhouse being voted the best steakhouse in Africa according to 2013 Conde Nast Traveler or based on perception rather than reality. For example, in blind taste testing, store brands perform just as well as Coke. Anything with a name can be branded including events (Pink Loerie Mardi Gras, 94.7 Cycle Challenge), a city (New York, The Big Apple), and people or personal branding, such as sports and media celebrities (consider Lionel Messi and Charlize Theron). Even the term “Pink Dollar/ Pink Money” or the “Dorothy dollar” is a brand, worth billions of Rands.This terms Georg Knoke describes the purchasing power of the gay community, a thriving industry in many parts of the world, where businesses now specifically cater to gay customers. Cape Town has been branded as one of the most gayfriendly cities in the world, with an estimated 250 000 gay tourists who visit every year, tapping into “pink” tourism dollars. Sometimes powerful businessmen add their voices to the issue of tolerance and to support ‘gay-friendly’ brands and countries, urging organisations and tourists worldwide to shun ‘anti-gay’ organisations. During December 2013, Richard Branson, founder of the powerful Virgin Group and an established personal brand himself, posted this message on his company’s Web site: “Governments must realize that people should be able to love whoever they want. It is not for any government (or anyone else) to ever make any judgments on people’s sexuality. They should instead celebrate when people build loving relationships that strengthen society, no matter who they are.” A brand has to have a clear identity. A brand’s identity can be found in the following: a picture of its logo, how old the brand is, what country it comes from, and its product or service category. For example, Nando’s has a distinctive logo of the black-and-red rooster, a Portuguese heritage, and a distinctive advertising campaign that plays on current affairs, for example, “Hey Paris, try our joint”, after Paris Hilton was found smuggling marijuana into SA, or the ‘Blue-light brigade’, tongue-in-cheek taxi adverts. The Brand specialist of the 21st century has to be extremely skilled in consistently exploring the most proactive ways of engaging with selected publics. The communication challenge is to synchronise all the communication activities of an organisation to establish and maintain a harmonious relationships with all internal and external stakeholders, to create brand awareness, establish brand loyalty and ultimately contribute to the increase in sales and market share to achieve the short- and longterm objectives of the organisation. Successful global organisations, such as Google, Coca-Cola and Apple, and their South African counterparts, such as Woolworths, Vodacom, MTN and South African Breweries, have all realised that it’s not only their products and services that can be regarded as a competitive edge, but that skillful communication by their corporate communication and brand specialists enables them to maintain their competitive edge and to protect their reputation, even in a crisis. The challenge for brand specialists is to proactively utilise all organisational tools and opportunities to engage with all stakeholders so that organisational communication reaches the hearts and minds of a diverse local, national and global audience.



ons leer wim ken Wim Vorster Wim Vorster is betrokke by die vermaaklikheidsbedryf vanaf 1971 as akteur, regisseur, dramaturg, verhoogbestuurder, seremoniemeester en nog meer. In 1992 het hy, as Administratiewe Hoof: Toneel by die destydse SUKOVS, die grootste enkele teaterprys – die Piers Nicholson Toekenning – vir die uitbou van Teater in die OVS ontvang. In 1993 ontvang hy ’n Buitengewone AA Vita Toekenning vir sy toneeltekste en prosaverwerkings vir die verhoog. In 2005, 2006 & 2007 is sy werke Skimmespel, Waterman en Terugkere finalis in die Sanlam Prys vir Afrikaans

Toneel. In 2010 het hy sy omstrede teks Kruispad self geregisseer vir die Grahamstadse Nasionale Kunstefees. Talle van sy eenbedrywe word deur skole vir die ATKV Tienertoneelwedstryd aangebied. Hy is steeds beoordelaar van tekste vir ATKV en ander organisasies asook voorsitter van die beoordelaaarsgroep vir hoorbeelde en hoorspele (radio) vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns se erepennings. Hy was verantwoordelik vir die tekste van die Mr Gay South Africa 2010 & 2011 en die Mr Gay World 2011 & 2015 pageants. Sy werk Kruisvaart (1984) is die eerste Afrikaanse gay roman ooit.

WIM VORSTER Curriculum Vitae 1967 : Matrikuleer Hoërskool Warrenton 1968 - 1970: Studeer B.SC (U.P.) onvoltooi 1971 - 1973: Studeer Drama (U.P.) Behaal B.Dram. Lektore sluit in Anna Neethling-Pohl, Hannes Horne, Neels Hansen, Fred Steyn, Carel Trichardt, René Tredoux, Sunette de Villiers, Milla Louw. Speel rol in Boetie van Nasionale Filmraad. Wen 20th Century Fox toekenning vir student wat die meeste vordering gemaak het. 1974: Aangestel by SUKOVS as akteur. Speel o.a. in The Jar (Pirandello/regie Jannie Gildenhuys,) Koningin en die Rebelle (Ugo Betti/regie William Egan,) Biblioteekprogram (regie Kristie Herbst,) Skoleprogram (regie Chris Fourie,) Deathwatch (Jean Genet/regie Johan Esterhuizen,) Die Goeie Mens van Setzuan (Bertolt Brecht/regie William Egan) Pacofskiets (regie Ernst Eloff) 1975 - 1977: Werksaam by SUKOVS as akteur, verhoogbestuurder en geselskapbestuurder. Speel o.a Dr Dulcamara se assistent (mimiekrol) in die opera L’Elisir D’Amore (Donizetti/regie Conrad Haikes.) Doen regie van die eenbedryf operas Prima la Musica (Salieri) en Game of Chance (Evelyn Manacher Draper.) Besoek Europa Desember 1975/ Januarie 1976 en sien talle verhoogproduksies en Europese rolprente. Word in 1977 deur NARUK genooi om die verhoogbestuur van die toerproduksie (met speelvak in Durban) Edwardian Scrapbook onder leiding van Malcolm Woolffson te doen. 1978 - 1983 : Mede-eienaar van restaurant in George. Doen drie produksies vir Die Rederykers en speel self daarin : Boerneef van


1973 regisseur Hannes Horne Molière se Sganarelle

Boplaas, ‘n eenmanvertoning Wimpelwerk en Skemerstories (kort rillers saam met drie dames) en verskyn o.a as die Bleskop gas in Die Wilde Eend (Ibsen/regie Stephan Bouwer) op televisie. Hanteer ook weeklikse rubriek Sê My in ‘n plaaslike koerant. 1984 - 1988: Vryskutwerk in Johannesburg. Speel vir agtien maande lank Marc Roux in Hartjie My Liefie op Springbokradio. Doen kontinuïteit vir reeks Skoolgaan van Van Riebeeck tot Vandag en speel ook paar rolle daarin (ZM Films.) Hanteer in 1986 verhoog- en geselskapbestuur by SWARUK van Harold en Maude (regie Hannes Horne) met Anna Neethling-Pohl ter viering van haar tagtigtse verjaardag. Toer ook deur RSA en volg op met verhoogbestuur van Vettie! Vettie! ook vir SWARUK. Sichronisasievertaling vir oorklanking (televisie) o.a. Miami Vice, Das Boot, Equaliser, A Prayer For the Dying ens ens en vir die groot skerm Fiela se Kind (Afrikaans na Engels Fiela’s Child.) Doen ook self stemwerk vir oorklanking. Publiseer in 1984 die roman Kruisvaart by Human & Rousseau. Televisierolletjies in Honiball se Toere, (regie

Pierre Knoesen) Vuurtoring (regie Manie van Rensburg) Drie Susters, Arme Moordenaar (regie Stephan Bouwer) 1989 - 1994: Aangestel by SUKOVS as Bestuurder Toneel sowel as Literêre Adviseur. Bestuurderspos behels ALLE vorme van administrasie van die Toneelafdeling, bv die jaarlikse begroting opstel; datums van speelvakke bepaal; teaters bespreek vir speelvakke van produksies; inligting verskaf aan reklame-afdeling en besprekingskantore vir kaartjieverkope; inligting saamstel vir gedrukte programme van produksies; huisvesting, vlugte en S&T van besoekende kunstenaars reël; kontrakte opstel van besoekende spelers, asook dié van voltydse spelers aan die hand van hul salarisse; aansoek doen en betaal van tantième vir opvoerregte hetsy deur DALRO of direk aan die buiteland; datums en speelvakke koördineer met ander afdelings soos Opera, Musiek en Ballet; toere reël, hetsy landswyd, na Grahamstad Kunstefees of plattelandse toerproduksies, biblioteek- en skoleprogramme. Verantwoordelik vir die saamstel en afrig van die heel eerste Sotho skoleprogram in die Vrystaat.

Doen ook samestelling en regie van verskeie Biblioteekprogramme, vertaling en regie van Diensmeisies (Jean Genet,) regie van My Arme Marat ( Alexei Arbuzov) en The Merry Widow [speel ook self die spraakrol van Njegus]. Doen verskeie ander vertalings van toneelstukke: Not Now Darling, It Runs In The Family & Chase Me, Comrade! (Ray Cooney) Oedipus (Hugo Claus) en verwerkings van prosa vir die verhoog, bv. Die Verste Grens (Maretha Maartens,) Maru (Bessie Head) Ontvang in 1993 spesiale Vita-prys vir verhoogverwerkings en vertalings. Ontvang in 1992 Piers Nicholson Toekenning (enkel grootste teatertoekenning in land - toe R8 500,00 en retoerkaartjie na enige bestemming in die wêreld) vir bydrae tot ontwikkeling van Toneel in die Vrystaat. Besoek hiermee weer Europa en sien 42 verhoogproduksies. Onderhoude met die bestuur van die Schiller Teater en die Berliner Ensemble (Berlyn.) Afsprake met Alan Bates en Chita Riviera (Londen) en met Barbara Schall (dogter van Bertolt Brecht) in Berlyn. Doen regie van Pendoring (Edms) Bpk (A.S. van Straten) met Paul Lückoff, Tess van Staden e.a. Tree op as compère by verskeie modevertonings en as die verteller in Peter and the Wolf (Prokofieff) saam met die Vrystaatse Simfonieorkes o.l.v. Edgar Cree. Skryf ook teks vir die SUKOVS aanbieding van die SAKRUK Toekennnings (aan persone wat hul lewe gewy het aan die teater.) Skryf in opdrag van Jannie Gildenhuys ‘n Afrika weergawe van Medea vir drie spelers. Baseer dit op die weergawes van Euripides en veral Anouilh maar skep ‘n eie Afrika mitologie. Nomsa Xaba speel die naamrol met Isadora Verwey as haar verpleegster uit Europa en Pieter Brand as tweelingbroers Jason en Krion uit Griekeland. 1994: Bedank by SUKOVS. Vertaal Neil Simon se The Sunshine Boys in Afrikaans as Die Kwinkslaers vir die Ernst Eloff Geselskap. Jannie Gildenhuys behartig regie. Bestuur geselskap tot en met September en verhuis dan na Johannesburg. 1994 - 2000: Vryskut in Johannesburg. Weer sinchronisasievertaling vir SAUK O.a. ook televisie-advertensies, radiowerk ens. Speel Tony in Hans van Heerden se produksie van The Student Prince (Romberg) in die Staatsteater, Pretoria en werk later selfs in ‘n pornshop om aan die lewe te bly. Ook in videowinkels. Uitvoerende Bestuurder van JATO (Johannesburgse Afrikaanse Toneelorganisasie) in 1998 en doen vir hulle regie van Jedan-Paul Sartre se Huis Clos onder die titel Agter Geslote Deure met Paul Lückoff, Antoinette Kellerman en Rina Nienaber. Speel rol van Edward (saam met Alby Michaels as Albee) in die selfgeskrewe parodie Die Joburg Zoo Storie (regie Christo Compion) Junie 2000: Word aangestel by DALRO (Dramatiese, Artistieke & Letterkundige Regte Organisasie) as Outeursregadministrateur en Bibliotekaris. Verteenwoordig DALRO by alle kunstefeeste en teaters. Tree op in The Fledermaus as die dronk tronkier Frosch in die Johannesburgse Stadskouburg, (regie Angelo Gobbato) Desember 2001 en in die Sand du Plessis Teater, Bloemfontein, Februarie 2002 met DALRO se vergunning. Skryf eenbedrywe vir skole, twee waarvan die eindrondes van ATKV Tienertoneel

wete Smeltkroeg. 2008: Skryf eenbedryf vir solospeler te wete Pretpark. Dit word deur Hoërskool Jeugland aangebied in April 2008 by Reza de Wet fees te Bloemfontein (wenner) en in Augustus vir ATKV Tienertoneel. Vertaling van Jean Genet se Les Bonnes (Diensmeisies) word by KKNK, Volksbladfees en Aardklop opgevoer . Dien op Performing Arts & Music Panel for Gauteng Province. 2009: Verwerk Tippex Dit Uit (Annemarie Conradie) as eenbedryf vir tieners onder titel Skraap. Dien op ATKV se beoordelaarpaneel vir finaal van Tienertoneel te Aardklop.Skryf nuwe drama Kruispad. 31 Desember 2009 tree amptelik af by DALRO.

haal, t.w. O, Hex! en Nagvoëls. Vertaal die verhoogverwerking van Fiela se Kind in Engels. Vertaal Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh,) The Gypsy’s Revenge (Michael Lambe) en Miss Margarida’s Way (Roberto Athayde) in Afrikaans. Skryf verskeie kortverhale vir o.a. LitNet Beoordeel jaarliks nuutgeskrewe tekste vir ATKV se CR Swartprys (tot en met 2012) April 2005: Finalis in SANLAM Prys vir Afrikaanse Toneel met Skimmespel aangebied deur Tshwane Universiteit van Tegnologie te KKNK Word beskermheer van EADS (Edenvale Acting & Drama Society) en beoordeel jaarliks hulle eenbedryf kompetisies vir skole. Gee ook werkswinkels vir die skole se regisseurs. 2006: Finalis in SANLAM Prys vir Afrikaanse Toneel met Waterman Word aangebied by Aardklop in September 2006 Potchefstroom 2007: Finalis in SPAT met Terugkere aangebied by KKNK. Skryf eenbedryf vir ATKV Tienertoneel te

2010: Kontrak by DALRO tot einde Mei om nuwe persoon op te lei. Skryf Nagmaal vir Tienertoneel. Repeteer hierna aan Kruispad. Voorskou te Wits en dan 11 aanbiedings by Grahamstad Nasionale Kunstefees. Tema is die vervlakking en vermorsing van Afrikaans as taal. Dien op ATKV se paneel beoordelaars van Tienertoneel vir streke en met finaal tydens. Aardklop. Skryf Vaas in opdrag van Hoërskool Jan Viljoen. Skryf eenbedryf Steriel vir twee matriekseuns. November begin as Admin Hoof by Kosie House of Theatre. Skryf dialoogteks vir Mr Gay South Africa pageant. Dien op KKNK Kunstekabinet en Kannapaneel. 2011: Dien weer op KKNK Kunstekabinet en Kannapaneel,Tree op as ATKV beoordelaar. Skryf en tree op in Kuifman – vertellings oor eie lewe – by verskeie feeste en venues. Skryf verskeie tekste, persverklarings ens. Vir Kosie House of Theatre Werksaam by Art & Framing vanaf September. Skryf weer teks vir Mnr Gay Suid-Afrika pageant. 2012: Skryf nuwe teks vir 3 spelers Alleensaam. Dien weer op KKNK Kunstekabinet en Kannapaneel. September verlaat Art & Framing. Verhuis na Heidelberg, WesKaap. 2013: Begin Wim Vorster Toneelskool te Heidelberg. Stel Afrikaanse Teaterbylaag saam vir HAT Afrikaanse Taal- en Feitegids (Uitgewers: Pearson, verskyn Jan 2014). Herwerk alle kontrakte vir KKNK. Beoordeel beste nuwe Afrikaanse Toneeltekste vir ATKV Woordveertjies. Beoordeel beste nuwe Afrikaanse teks vir ATKV Tienertoneel. Beoordeel RSG/Sanlam se beste nuwe hoorspel. Hanteer spelregie van Heidelberg SPAR se musiekspel Rock & Roll Roadhouse. Tree op by Cansa. 2014: Beoordeel soos bo, ook radiodrama vir SA Akademie vir Kuns en Wetenskap. Sien all KKNK kontrakte na. Vertaal The Decorator (Donald Churchill) as Twee vir die Prys van Een. 2015: Tree op as Baron van Rheede van Oudtshoorn tyden KKNK, die op Kunstekabinet, Kannapaneel, beoordeel al die tekste soos bo en radio-hoorspel vir SA Akademie vir Kuns enWetenskap. Vertaal Mindgame (Anthony Horowitz) as KUL vir Jacques Theron, KKNK 2016. Skryf en rig Hansie en Grietjie af vir speelskool.


wim vorster Uittreksel uit die ongepubliseerde roman VOORSPEL Wim Vorster © 2016

SONDAG 27 OKTOBER 1918 Nege-uur “Is alles reg met die klong?” “Dankie, ja. Baie dankie.” “Dan is ek bly. Dit was... dit is wonderlik vir my. So op my ou dag.” “Glad nie so oud nie. En alles behalwe koud.” Waar Jans langs die bed staan, glimlag hy teer na die jongman wat nog in die bed lê, sy onderlyf versteek deur die laken, maar sy bolyf gul uitgestal teen die kussings. “Ek is meer as twee keer so oud soos jy, Henk.” “My oupa, my ma se pa, het met my ouma getrou toe hy al vyf en vyftig was. Sy was twintig. Sy eerste vrou is dood en hulle het nooit kinders gehad nie. My ma-hulle is drie broers en twee susters. Ek is volgende maand ses en twintig!” Jans lag vir die vergelyking en die onskuld. “En ek is vier en vyftig. Maar as jy vir my sê alles is reg, dan is ek verheug.” “Net een ding, Jans...” Hy loer skalks maar ook verleë. “My... sitvlak... is ’n bietjie baie seer.” Hy lag sag. “Van gister se perdry.” Jans glimlag breed. “Dan sal ons dit maar vir jou met salf moet insmeer.” Henk se gesig weerspieël Jans s’n . Dan raak hy ernstig: “Is... is dit sonde, Jans?” Jans gaan sit langs hom op die bed. “Perdry?” Maar hy merk die jongman se erns en bly lank stil voordat hy antwoord. “Sonde is ’n woord waarmee mense maklik ander mense beskuldig. Die begrip ‘sonde’ verskil ook

van geloof tot geloof, dit het ek gou agtergekom met my verblyf in Parys. Moontlik is dit iets wat elke mens vir homself moet uitmaak. Destyds, in my jeug, het ek agtergekom dat ek anders is as ander seuns en jong manne. Jy weet, hier is maar selde donderstorms in ons omgewing, maar elke keer wat dit voorgekom het, was ek vas oortuig daarvan dat ’n bliksemstraal gestuur is om my te verdelg. Hoe ek ook al gebid het, die gevoelens in my het nie verander nie. Dit bly soos alles ook net tussen ons, hoor... My suster was lang jare al getroud met Dewald en ek was so sestien of dalk net sewentien, toe het hy my een Saterdag by die Paarl Hoërjongenskool kom haal en is ons saam Kaapstad en see toe vir die dag....” Jans se stem raak sag, hy is aangedaan deur herinneringe wat nou na ’n lang tyd weer hardop uitgespreek word. “Ons het gaan swem...Vir die eerste maal het ek besef ek is verlief op hom. Nie net vir sy lenige lyf in die baaibroek nie. Vir hom as mens. Dit het my rasend gehad. Vir hom... vir niemand kon ek dit sê nie. Hy was my eerste liefde en dit moes onbeantwoord bly. Eers in Parys, waar ek ander ontmoet het wat net soos ek gedink en gevoel het, kon ek begrip kry vir myself en my lewe daarvolgens inrig.” Henk neem Jans se hand. Hy sit dit op sy kaal bors. “’n Vriend van my in Parys het, toe ons oor dieselfde saak gepraat het van sonde, omdat die Bybel vir ons voorskryf dit is verkeerd, my aandag op ’n teksvers gevestig.” Jans staan op en kry die Bybel. Hy blaai totdat hy die gedeelte kry. “Dit is waar die dissipels vir Christus uitgevra het oor trou en egskeiding. Mattheüs hoofstuk 19 vers tien tot twaalf: Zijne discipelen zeiden tot hem: indien de zaak des menschen met de vrou alzoo staat, zoo is het niet oorbaar te trouwen. Doch hij zeide tot hen: allen vatten dit woord

niet, maar die het gegeven is. Want er zijn gesnedenen, die uit moeders lijf alzoo geboren zijn; en er zijn gesnedenen, die van de menschen gesneden zijn; en er zijn gesnedenen, die zich zelven gesneden hebben om het Koningrijk der hemelen...” Hy maak die Bybel toe en kyk na Henk. “Wat beteken dit alles, Jans?” “Elkeen lees dalk in die Bybel wat hy daar wil lees. Vir my is die eerste groep dié van ons wat nie die liefde van vroue begeer nie. Die tweede groep, glo ek is die eunugs wat in daardie tyd as seuns reeds gekastreer is en die laaste groep is mans soos monnike of priesters wat hulle afsonder en lewenslank kuis leef. O, ek mag verskriklik verkeerd wees, maar ek glo sonde is slegs wanneer jy jou rug op God keer of iemand anders, of jouself, doelbewus skade aandoen.” Henk neem weer Jans se hand en sit dit weer op sy eie bors. “Baie, baie dankie.” “Dit gaan moeilik wees, Henk. Die perd wat jy opgesaal het, gaan jou in ’n koers weg van ander mense neem. Jy gaan dikwels eensaam wees. In elke opsig moet jy altyd in jou pasoppens wees, want ons gemeenskap en kerk en selfs die wet gaan jou veroordeel en vervolg. Vir my is dit nogtans beter om die soort leuen wat ek teenoor ander leef wel te leef as om voortdurend met ’n yslike leuen teenoor myself en God te moet bestaan. Jy is jonk, Henk, so jonk. In die stad is daar dalk meer geleenthede. Hier op die platteland gaan jy eensaam wees.” “Maar Jans is mos hier.” Hy glimlag na Jans met soveel oorgawe en vertroue en, ja, nuwe liefde dat Jans haastig sy oë moet afvee. “Dit beteken vir my oneindig baie. Ek sal jou ook graag weer en weer wil sien. Ons moet net versigtig wees.” Hy buk om die jongman sag teen die slaap te soen, maar Henk draai sy kop sodat hulle lippe kan ontmoet.

Toneel uit KRUISPAD © 2010 Wim Vorster [WOLF HUIL] [ETIÉNNE EN REX FEITLIK ONMIDDELLIK OP VAN AGTER, SONDER KLERE. DROOG AF.] 1. REX : Lekker, né. So ’n rykmanshuis. 2. ETIÉNNE : Dit het sy voordele. 3. REX : Voordele! Die enigste voordeel waarin ek nou belangstel, is joune. En natuurlik jou agterdeel... 4. ETIÉNNE : Né?! Tertius sê altyd gays like their vice versa. 5. REX : Ditsem! En dan’s party van ons nog versa-tile! / Het jy in hierdie huis grootgeword? 6. ETIÉNNE : My pa het dit gekoop net voor Esmé hoërskool toe is. Ek was elf. Hy’t later eers die swembad laat toebou as deel van die huis sodat ons in die winter ook kan swem. Hy’t gehoop ek of Esmé of altwee is swemsterre. 7. REX : Geld wat stom is... 8. ETIÉNNE : Sjoe, jou cockring is verskriklik sexy! 1. REX : Jou alles is sexy. 2. ETIÉNNE : Mag ek jou iets vra?


3. REX : Of course. 4. ETIÉNNE : Wat is die merke op jou voete? 5.REX : Geboortemerke. Of so iets. Ons huisdokter het gedink my voete het dalk in die baarmoeder seergekry en gebloei. Hy weet nie hoe nie. 6. ETIÉNNE : Haai, sjympies! Ek het gewonder of dit dalk stigmata is. 7. REX : So geestelik is ek nie! Dis lelik. 8. ETIÉNNE : Dis sexy. Mens wil dit soen. Nes die tattoo op jou boud. ’n Raket nogal. Speel jy tennis? 9. REX : So-so. Volgende wat bykom is Rafa Nadal se gesig en bors en daai arms! Hy’s my beste. Vergeet van Federer. 10. ETIÉNNE : Myne ook! Rafa is my top! Kan jy dit oorvertel! My ma sê sy fokus is ’n voorbeeld vir elke akteur! 1. REX : Broertjie, as jy so aan my vat, moet ek jou straf! 2. ETIÉNNE : Straf my! 3. REX : Eers met ’n diep soen!






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artist focus Born in 1961, South African Citizen Fluent in English, Afrikaans, German Karin Dando graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a B.A. Fine Arts (Hons) in 1982. Thereafter, she studied under Stanley Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris, at the International Sommerakademie fuer Bildenden Kunst in Salzburg, and at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Vienna from 1983 to 1985. She began exhibiting on group exhibitions in 1981, primarily in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Knysna, Austria, Taiwan, Paris and the UK. Since 1986 she has held six solo exhibitions, both in South Africa and abroad. This is her first show at AVA.




linked to the scene by 1 fingerprint By Julie Seton “There is some space in the magazine. Do you want to write something legal? “ was the question posed to me. Hmmm what to write about. Should I tell the story of the armed robber I was acting for who was linked to the scene by 1 fingerprint. When I explained to his mother that he would in all likelihood be found guilty she was horrified. “Surely he will not be found guilty with only 1 fingerprint.” She said. Regrettably as the other 9 digits accompanied the one offending fingerprint she was proven wrong.

the classic letter authored by Kent Ashcraft in 2000, in response to the well-aired opinions of Laura Schlessinger in the vein of homosexuality being a “mistake of nature” and an abomination, being wrong because the bible says so. The letter went viral and in the spirit of the festival and the fact that it refers to ancient law and emphasises the dangers of taking things too literally, I am reproducing it here.

Then practicing in Knysna, the home of the Pink Loerie, magnificent nature and the colourful Rastafarian community of Judas Square does add an extra dimension to the daily hum drum. So do I recount the clever client who was arrested for possession of 2kgs of green dagga, which he described had been a “blessing” when he was given it. I was not so certain of this, as that put him into the category of a dealer, although I was assured and did not in fact doubt, that it was indeed for his own personal use. I was instructed to tell the court that in accordance with his constitutionally protected right of freedom of religion he is allowed to use dagga. Ok, I replied, where did the police find the dagga? He confessed that he was surprised they had found it as it had been carefully concealed in the cistern of a broken toilet in the back room. This gave me a hint that he knew possession is illegal, put an end to his argument and we pleaded guilty.

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind him that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate.

As one does whilst searching for inspiration I was flipping through Facebook and what sprang up but

b) I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

“Dear Dr Laura,

I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specific laws and how to best follow them. a) When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

c) I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev 15:19-24). The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense. d) Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians? e) I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself? f) A friend of mine feels that even though


eating shellfish is an abomination (Lev 11:10), it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this? g) Lev 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here? h) Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev 19:27. How should they die? i) I know from Lev 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves? j) My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? (Lev 24:10-16) Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their inlaws? (Lev. 20:14) I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging. Your devoted disciple and adoring fan.” Needless to say an apology was published by Laura. Julie Seton is admitted and practicing as an Advocate of the High Court and lives in Knysna.


don’t get me wrong, g-a-y is not a swearword By Carla De Bouchet

I think it would be lame to quote a dictionary definition of the word ‘gay’ as I am no longer in a high school debating team and we all know (or should know) that ‘gay’ basically means two men who are sexually and romantically involved. That’s it. Unfortunately this three letter word is often used to describe persons who have complex and diverse sex identities, gender identities and sexual orientations. Don’t get me wrong, G-A-Y is not a swearword. Where it becomes a problem is when queers who DO fit the description of ‘gay’ are not giving other persons who DON’T fit the description of ‘gay’ a chance to assert their sexualities and gender identities. Never-mind the media and the general public not being able to describe us. A very good example was when the South African Sowetan newspaper used the headline “Gays can join ANC Women’s League” when in fact they were supposed to have referred to transgender woman. This is what I refer to when I talk about misgendering somebody or a group of people. The Sowetan was met with much criticism [Link: http:// www.mambaonline.com/2015/08/14/trans-groupdemands-apology-sowetan/] from transgender persons and queer organisations alike. I have noticed a lot of queers out there on social media who refer to themselves or others as ‘gay’ because they do not have knowledge of other terms to help describe gender better like agender, transgender; genderqueer, genderfluid (amongst many others) or to describe sexual orientation better like pansexual; asexual or sapiosexual (amongst many others). No need to stress if you don’t know all these ‘fancy’ words but there’s no better time than now to learn something new like the use of the word ‘queer’ The word ‘queer’ originally meant ‘strange’ or ‘peculiar’ and in the past was often used to describe homosexual relationships or feelings. It is only in the 1980’s that academics and activists started reclaiming the word to describe people whose identities didn’t fall under heterosexual or cisgender (being the gender you were given at birth namely male or female). This is most likely the reason why a lot of older queers do not want to associate with the word because of its negative history. Personally I like using the word queer as an umbrella term for all persons who are not cishet (cisgender + heterosexual). Those of us who are not cishet tend to form communities often because we face similar levels or types of oppression. Some queers are luckier than others though. So many people, some of whom I know personally, talk about the ‘gay community’. A community is just a small unit of something much bigger: a population, a public, a queer public. Quite often


confusing when looking at all these words to describe people BUT: - it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not educate ourselves on our own sex, sexual and gender identities as well as those identities of other persons; - more importantly by educating yourself you may discover that the issues you might be facing with your own sexuality or gender is not a problem but rather a part of who you are; - it oversimplifies and erases people’s sex, sexual and gender identities. I don’t use the word gay to describe myself and many people out there in the queer public also do not use it to describe themselves as it would not be accurate. “Carla, but you’re all up in here with your fancy words thinking you’re so smart when all I wanna do is just be myself.”

when somebody talks about the ‘gay community’ I think they are referring to a specific area they come from, a specific income group or even a specific race or culture which is quite niche (too limiting) and doesn’t give a better picture of all the different queers out there. The queer public is much bigger than the gay community many talk about and as a concept more accurately represents the racial, cultural, sexual and gender diversity of a far greater area like a country. I sometimes forget that there are queers who are in the closet who also form a part of the queer public. Some queers are straight acting and some are transgender persons who are in ‘stealth’ mode who associate with queers secretly or not at all for fear of being outed and having to face possible consequent violence. Yes, dears, even in today’s times all those advances in same-sex marriage, child adoption and employment benefits have done nothing for so many queers who are still in the closet. Goddess forbid there being a piece of sausage or an oyster or a glittering sequin gown or a pair of sneakers or a box of purple hair colour outside that closet for fear of tripping and falling out and having the world’s dagger eyes on you. It‘s still a painful reality for queers out there. “Carla, but with all these letters in LGBTIAQ+ what, what it becomes so confusing. Can’t we just call everybody gay and be done with it?” Yes, I do recognise that things can get tricky and

Fair enough. I think if you want to put all queers into one gay pot then that is your choice. I was just using the word gay and gay community as an example to show that we need to learn more about each other as queers, that we are all different with different sex, sexual and gender identities and that we need to learn how to respect each other by being able to describe each other more accurately. You can call yourself gay as long as you feel comfortable being called that. You can call other persons gay as long as they feel comfortable about it. That’s why it is so so so important to ask people what they identify as and what they would like to be called. A very good example is with transgender and genderqueer persons who often get misgendered because people do not take the time to ask them what their gender pronouns are like ‘they/them’ or ‘xe/xem’ or ‘ze/hir’ amongst many others. Believe it or not these words exist and it is just one of the ways we as queers can show a little bit more respect to each other. If a call centre agent wanting to sell some dodgy insurance product phones me and calls me sir or mister again then no granny panties will save me from the rotten egg I’ll lay. If you didn’t ask me what I identify as, didn’t ask me my pronouns and called me gay then, honey, I will give you a crash course in respecting my identity and then politely remind you that I’m not gay. I’m heterosexual despite owning a d**k and liking men because I identify as a womyn, I AM a womyn. I am a transgender person who is also a drag queen who thinks I’m often more genderqueer than anything else. My pronouns are ‘she/her’ or ‘they/them’ and sometimes when I’m on a mission I like to be called Miss, Miss Carla De Bouchet. Hopefully someday soon a call centre agent will ask me what my pronouns are before I can say: “No thank you, I can’t afford it.” *Click*

love, life & everything else Sweet sixteen and never been kissed ….. even at sixteen I couldn’t say that - a bit of an early bloomer I suppose - but I’m sure that’s not the case for most of us. I am super exited about this year’s Pink Loerie Mardi Gras theme as I plan to relive my youth. In the last two articles I wrote for PL Magazine I gave readers a little insight into who I am, this time around I would like to be more real with you guys. Since the last article a lot has changed and so much has remained the same. For the longest time I thought I had life all figured out, I guess being a Virgo it comes with the territory. Needless to say since the last article ‘Cheers to Life’ my life has made a total 360 from working in the long term insurance market to being a sales executive for Renault …. Yes, I now sell cars. As challenging as the latter part of 2015 was I realised I don’t have life figured out and also not to take life so damn seriously. Most of all I learned to never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, and more than that not to succumb to the limitations we place on ourselves. Continue to push those barriers, shake the mould, and break those boundaries society places on us. I mean not only am I a gay male, but I’m also a drag queen working in the motor trade. This in itself shatters the stereotype that we are all hairdressers or interior decorators, not that there is anything wrong with

either of these occupations, but as gay men we are not limited to just certain jobs. This being said, preconceived ideas people have and stereotypes the LGBTI community is subjected to can only be removed once we shift them ourselves. We should also stop placing stereotypes and boundaries on others based on their sexual expression, gender identity and all those intricacies that make us human. At the end of the day we are all the same, as much as we are different, all searching for love and our place in the sun. Now, love is probably the one thing that baffles me the most especially when it comes to our significant others, our better halves as it where. For the longest time I’ve tried to wrap my head around why I have always been single. Last year I celebrated my sweet thirty-sixth kissed aplenty never been involved birthday. Why is the one thing I probably long for most, I can’t seem to find? This is when Mamma Ru came to the rescue with her catch phrase “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else”. These very words set me on a journey of learning to love myself. I had to love myself enough to walk away from people, situations and habits that no longer served me. In doing that I found that the right people started moving into my life, and if I’m not mistaken I think my knight in shining Armani has finally arrived, but that only time will tell. In

the meantime I remain a hopeful romantic, and stay set on the path of loving myself first. As easy as loving yourself first sounds, I found it quite challenging. Mainly because I’ve allowed other people’s words, actions and perceptions to define me, I have now realised that my core value lies in how I treat myself, and not in how others treat me. In the words of Ru Paul “What other people think of you, is none of your goddamn business”. The reality is that when it comes to love, life and everything else no one really has it all figured out, and that is why we live. Continuously learning. Hopefully when we know better we do better. So until next time love yourself enough to know you are worth everything!! Miss Brown Photo by Vernondo Boshoff Photography


getting to know rubin van niekerk Rubin van Niekerk, an established marketing and business consultant founded The Family Business, South Africa’s first gay business association that was launched in Johannesburg in January 1992. He became the father of the Pink Money Campaign in South Africa, which he started in June 1992 and spearheaded ever since. It was a turbulent period and although the cold war had just ended, South Africa was dealing with major political shifts. Business confidence was declining and entrepreneurs had to evaluate the changing landscape carefully. A slow exodus of talent from South Africa had started and gradually accelerated. The emigration of skilled people all over the world, is one of the most important phenomena of our time. People vote with their feet. Internationally the Pink Money Campaign highlights the importance of networking and entrepreneurial spirit in the gay community everywhere. It also emphasises the need to support gay businesses and encourage gay businesses to create job opportunities for gay people. Many gay people still experience discrimination in the workplace and are often pressurised until they resign. Fortunately urbanised society is becoming more accepting and more people are coming out of the closet at younger ages. Rubin created the Gay Pages to provide a public platform where our gay community can network and develop entrepreneurial skills. This helped significantly to educate the general public regarding the economic importance of gay people. Globally, various gay networks flourished, emulating the Pink Money Campaign concept. In hindsight after 24 years, it is clear that the older an active network gets, the more successful it tends to

become. Some overseas networks are much older and are still growing. Harry Hay started the first documented gay business network in 1950, called the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles, making him the great-grandfather of Pink Money in the US. This laid the foundation for the Advocate that was born in September 1967, making it the world’s oldest gay magazine. Without your support the Gay Pages would never have been able to celebrate such a significant 21st birthday on 10 December 2015. We are grateful that you have walked this road with us for so long and that so many of you have been around since that fateful Saturday on 10 December 1994, when we observed the birth of our freshly printed first edition at the Melville Mixer Theatre. A sense of occasion prevailed, as 140 outrageously dressed cabaret enthusiasts glamorised that historic event in style with the fancy dress theme, “Your Wildest Fantasy.” The cabaret show which everybody came to see was a huge success, like the many other fancy dress shows that our business association, The Family Business had organised since its birth in January 1992. Underlying this exuberant exhibitionism was a deep feeling of belonging and conviction that the dark days of persecution were done. Two years later on our second birthday, Nelson Mandela signed the birth of our constitution, signalling a new era of freedom. A Rainbow Nation honeymoon followed, where South Africa became the darling

of the world due to Mandela’s charisma and our enlightened constitution.

This euphoria prevailed for more than a decade and we all adored to be admired by the world. Darker days followed, but South Africa is still on the world’s gaydar, as can clearly be seen by the massive growth in gay tourism to South Africa. The recent IGLTA conference at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town certainly helps and our marvellous constitution continues to pave the way forward.

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