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Welcome Relax, Explore, and most importantly, Enjoy! Whether you have arrived in Orlando for a vacation with family, or friends, or maybe a romantic break. You are sure to have an amazing time in the wonderful place we call Orlando. We are pleased to welcome every one of you, to our first EVER Pink Hippo Guide to Orlando. Inside our magazine we aim to offer you a totally unbiased guide and insight to just a selection of the many truly amazing experiences that are on offer in Orlando. Whether you are coming for a relaxing break, or a family fun filled vacation experiencing all the parks, we are here to help making some of those choices maybe a little easier. With Orlando offering so much, it can be a little bit of a minefield making sure you choose your time and money wisely.

Hopefully at the Pink Hippo Guide, we can make those decisions a little easier for you. In this months Easter guide, we cover everything from major attractions, to awe inspiring days out, where to get a great drink or meal, or possibly where to go when you feel like getting the credit hard for a bit of retail therapy. With all year round activities that offer some fantastic value, from, incredible dining, world renowned theme parks, world class golfing, and too many to mention sopping and entertainment venues. You are certain to have an enjoyable and once in a lifetime vacation, no matter what the season. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful Orlando.

Lee Evans Editor

















Family Fun Switch Off, and Relax by Shane Maguire

You are finally here ready to enjoy your holiday, and this is where all the fun begins. With families both young and old, becoming ever more attached to their mobile phones, computers and other unsociable devices, it’s important to find the time to unwind, relax, and spend some quality time as a family. We have put together, for our April edition a small selection on attractions, that are suitable for all the family . So put those electronic devices away, and have some fun, in the sun!!! Walt Disney World, is at the heart of all the excitement, along with the other big theme parks of Universal Orlando, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens. Plus there numerous smaller attractions still well worth a visit. In our opinion, 2 weeks are barely enough to see all of the attractions Orlando has to offer. Buying your tickets in advance is highly desirable as it often saves time, and quite frequently is better value. But there is no harm in doing your research 1st. You will also find an array of discount coupons at just about every tourist outlet for the smaller attractions.

DISNEY’S ANIMAL KINGDOM Disney’s newest and smartest theme park opened in 1998, offering visitors a completely different park experience. With the emphasis on conservation and nature, it eschews the non stop white knuckle rides of the alternative parks, and instead offs a much more slower pace, and a more relaxed day out. It still boasts Disney’s usual seamless entertainment style, with some excellent rides. The attractions are relatively few, with just 6 out-and-out rides, but there are then 2 amazing wildlife trails, 4 shows (including 2 which are worth the entry fee alone) an extravagant adventure playground, a conservation station, a petting area, and as you expect a Disney character greeting area. The park is not a Zoo, but does home 200 plus species if birds and animals, in a wonderful, natural setting. The educational emphasis is fairly strong, but children hopefully should pick up on the conservation

Check out the Official Visitor Centre for discounts at 8723 International Drive in the Gala Center on the corner of Australian row (407-363-5872 and www.visitorlando. com/uk) The Universal attractions booths at several shopping malls also have great deals (3 days for the price of 2, and 2-for-1 drink promotions) from time to time. Try to use your credit card for all purchases, this will give you additional security on all your purchases. Smoking is not permitted in the parks, apart from a handful of designated areas. Check park maps for their locations. All restaurants are strictly non-smoking. 5

Family Fun awareness of things like the Kilimanjaro Safaris and Maharajah Jungle Trek. However, be warned, the park does get crowded, and the walkways can become congested, and are fewer places to cool down.

UNIVERSAL PARK STUDIOS Universal opened it’s first Florida Park in June 1990, and quickly became a serious rival to Disney. for you as a visitor, it means a consistently high standard, and good value. Universal is different to Disney, with a more, direct, in-your-face style that appeals to the teenage audience. Young children are however still catered for. Universal Parks can often need more than 1 day in high season to appreciate and experience the full parks offerings. Here are a few examples of some of the great rides, and shows which you can expect to see at Universal. Shrek 4D, which adds a new dimension to the genre of 3D. The amusing 7min pre-show leads into a 500 main seat theatre where you can don your ogre vision 3d glasses and prepare to enter a whole new world. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, this iconic roller coaster at a daunting 70mph, and a height of over 167ft. You can’t miss the vivid red steal beast as it loops out the front of the park. Men In Black, This combination thrill/ dark ride, equips you with a 6-person car, which is equipped with your lazer zappers which gives you a real life arcade shootem-up game. The finale features a 30ft bug that is all mouth... will you survive?


Parade Time, In 2012 the park introduced it’s first full time superstar parade, taking place each day at 5pm, in a typical vibrant and lively style, as you would expect from Universal. The 4 main sets of superstars are led by Gru, and his minions from Despicable Me, and followed by SpongeBob Square pants, EB and the bunnies from Hop, then Dora and Diego, from Dora The Explorer, complete the all star line up. If you don’t empty your ride pockets before riding rip Ride Rocket, you’ll find they are empty and the end of the ride! Put all loose items in the free lockers.

Arrive at the park 30 mins prior to opening, do the big rides 1st, and avoid main meal times.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER If you think you can ‘do’ Orlando just by sticking to the main theme parks, then think again! There is still lots more to discover, including the Kennedy Space Center. Welcome to the past, present and future of NASA’s space programme, and one of the most fascinating places in Florida. The KSC has recently undergone a huge redevelopment in recent years, culminating in 2013 with the opening of their all-new Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit to showcase the last orbiter in the Shuttle

Family Fun programme, and giving the whole visitor complex a fresh new look. The Atlantis, a dramatic $100 million 65,000ft experience, clearly steals the show, offering a 30-year history of the NASA shuttle space programme, through a mix of interactive media. Both hands on, and totally immersive, it features 1 of the 3 surviving orbiters. Shuttle Launch Experience, after seeing Atlantis, you should walk up the long gantry for this well made presentation into a real life launch, with you on board. A clever pre-show, with dry ice, moody lighting, sound and vibration effects pave the way to the ‘ready room’ to prepare for your own blast off!!! The KSC underlines its place among the first rank of local attractions and provides even more reason to justify the trip, which will easily entertain you for the full day. Don’t miss the clever water show at the Kennedy Space Center’s new entry plaza. It runs every 15 minutes.

LEGO LAND Children aged 2-12, their parents and even their grandparents, will want to make a beeline for this wonderfully bright, and expansive park, which opened in 2011. In a beautiful lakeside setting on the former Cypress Gardens Attraction - and including the old tropical gardens, it offers 150 acres of sure to be had fun, with it’s extensive main park and new water park. There is plenty to do, with no fewer than 30 rides, 3 main shows, an extensive adventure kids play area, the amazing Mini-land, farm-themed conservatory and, or course, the great LEGGO shopping experience. Hence they do offer a 2 day ticket, which is great value. Even the dining option are fresh, healthy and very appealing for all taste buds. There are plenty of quiet corners, and gardens in which to chill out and actually enjoy and feel like your on holiday. It does however require a lot of legwork to see all the park, as it is spread around the southern shore of Lake Loise in rather sprawling fashion. The park definitely offers something for all, but the older teens here, will enjoy the clever landscaping and fun use of the many LEGO characters and features. Those sitting in the first few rows on The Big Test Show, may just get a bit wet as the ‘firemen’ often miss their targets.


Family Fun GATORLAND For a taste of Florida Wildlife, this as authentic as it gets, and again is popular for all age ranges. The ‘Alligator Capital Of The World’ was founded in 1949 and is still family owned, so it still possesses that natural, homespun charm, which you don’t find at most parks in Orlando. And when the wildlife consists of several thousand menacing alligators and crocodiles, in various natural habitats and 4 fascinating shows - plus a fabulous zip-line attraction, you will know you’re in for a different, unique experience. Screamin’ Gator Zip Line, introducing the first of it’s kind zip-line experience, with 4 zips soaring above the parks most notorious residents. At 1,200ft long, and 56ft high, the lines offer spectacular views of jumping Cuban crocodiles and the scenic breeding marsh Wrestling Stadium, sets the scene for some real cracker style entertainment (a ‘cracker’ is a Florida cowboy). Gatorlands resident ‘wranglers catch a medium sized gator and proceed to point out the animals features, with the aid of some spectacular daredevil stunts that will have you questioning their sanity.


Up Close Encounters is another eye amusing showcase of creatures, from the expected snakes to less obvious cockroaches and scorpions. This is a great photo opportunity for the brave children out there. Gator Jumperoo is another eye-opening spectacle as some of the parks biggest creatures use their tails to ‘jump’ out of the water and be hand fed tasty morsels, like whole chickens. Book the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line in advance to avoid disappointment. Capacity is limited to 12, 4-7 times a day, and demand is very high. reserve by phone or online at www.

Did You Know? 10 Little Known Facts About Orlando 1. In 2010 over 54 million people visited

Orlando for vacation or business, making it one of the largest tourist destinations on Earth.

2. If it weren’t for Walt Disney World most

people around the world would have probably never even heard of the city of Orlando. However, it is interesting to note, that the Walt Disney World Resort actually lies about 18 miles outside of the Orlando city limits. In fact, some visitors might actually come to Orlando, and never actually enter the city itself!

3. The official nickname for the city of Orlando

is “The City Beautiful.” It is not uncommon to hear locals refer to Orlando as “O-town” and we won’t argue, that isn’t really the most creative name is it?

4. Orlando is home to the University of Central Florida (UCF), which is the second largest university in the entire United States in terms of enrollment, only behind Arizona State University. In 2011 the student body of UCF was made up of over 56,000 students.

8. Orlando’s Wet N’ Wild water park is the first

water park in the world. It is also one of the few water parks that can stay open 365 days of the year!

9. There are over 5000 restaurants in the

Greater Orlando area, with more opening up each week. If you ate at a different restaurant for every single meal for an entire year, it would still take you over five years to eat at every restaurant.

10. The Orlando area was originally the main

hub of Florida’s citrus industry. After a disastrous freeze right before the 1900’s farmers began moving their citrus crops south. Many citrus farms remained in the Greater Orlando area for the next 75 years, but after the announcement of the construction of the Walt Disney World Resort many farmers quickly sold their land to development companies who were hungry to begin the expansion of the Orlando area.

5. Orlando was originally named Jernigan,

after the first permanent settler in the area, Aaron Jernigan. After being removed from his military position against his will, it was deemed inappropriate for the city to continue to hold the name of an officer with a negative reputation. In 1857 the city was renamed “Orlando.”

6. The actual origin of the name “Orlando” is not totally agreed upon. There are multiple possibilities for the origin, including tales of a soldier killed during the Second Seminole War and buried in what is now downtown Orlando or the city being named by a Shakespeare enthusiast who took the name from play “As You Like It.”

7. There are over 2000 lakes in the Greater Orlando area.


Shopping A Little Bit of Retail Therapy By Lee Evans Orlando isn’t just a paradise for the kids, the dazzling array of specialist outlets, malls, flea markets and discount retailers make it a shoppers paradise, for all purse types. New shopping centers are springing up all the time, from large smart malls, to small gimmick gift shops. One way or another, you are sure to bag yourself some great bargains.

ORLANDO PREMIUM OUTLETS At the top of I-Drive, this attractive 175 plus shopping/lifestyle center has gone all out for the big. semi open-air style shopping, that naturally encourages people to wander aimlessly along the promenades full of shop fronts offering the latest sales and bargains of big brands, currently on offer. Boasting a landscaped canal running through the center, outdoor seating , cafes, a market place and food court, Premium Outlets has catered for everyone. You will find brands such as, Nike Factory Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Ted Baker, Coach, Hugo Boss and Escada. The list genuinely does go on and on. If you are looking for quality brand names, at a reduced price, then Orlando Premium Outlets is a must for your shopping requirements. Try to stay clear of electrical goods in US - they won’t work in the UK without a converter. Also, most game systems, PS3, X-Box etc, are NOT compatible with UK players.

OLD TOWN This is Kissimmee’s version of the purpose-built tourist shopping center, offering antique style, with a eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions also. The shops range from your standard souvenirs, novel printed t-shirt outlets, Disney Merchandise, to sportswear, motorbike fashion to various other collectables. 10

Shops worth checking out are, Old Town Portrait Gallery, for the period style fun photos. Lots of fun can be had here. Old Town General Store, for a step back in shopping history. Black Market Minerals, Kandlestix, The Pearl Factory and Magic Max are all great for novel fun gifts There is also a great selection of food eateries, for when you need to have a rest and recharge for your next spree on your credit card. Kool Katz Grill & Pub is an American favorite, offers a casual ambience atmosphere, which is a great choice. Saturday nights in Old Town is a must, not to be missed the Saturday Nite Cruise, starting at 8.30pm. Over 300 pure American Muscle Cars, old, and new parade through the Old Town every weekend. This is a must see if you are remotely a petrol head. Viewing commences from 4pm.

THE MALL AT MILLENIA Orlando’s most upscale shopping center features high-end retail stores and is conveniently located near the area’s hottest attractions. Anchored by Bloomingdale’s, Nieman-Marcus and Macy’s, it features such big retail names as Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Hollister Co., Apple, Williams-Sonoma and many more. You’ll also find a variety of fine dining locations including The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s and Brio Tuscan Grille. The Mall at Millenia offers a U.S. Post Office, valet parking and a full-service concierge offering an array of superior amenities. Located in The Mall at Millenia Concierge, Foreign Currency Exchange buys and sells currency from over 80 different countries. A Cell Phone Charging Station is located on Level 2 near the food court restrooms, for your convenience. The complimentary station will provide a quick charge to many popular brands of cell phones.

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Orlando by Night Nightlife Playtime By Lee Evans If Orlando and the parks are hot during the day, they positively sizzle at night, with yet more diverse, and spectacular entertainment. Again Disney and Universal lead the way, but there are so much to enjoy in the live music scene especially. The full range of options runs from purpose built entertainment complexes and an amazing range of dinner shows, to an array of bars and nightclubs to suit all party goers. Downtown Orlando is certainly one of the places to be, whilst International Drive just continues to grow and grow.

DOWNTOWN DISNEY Disney’s big shopping, dining, and entertainment area, currently remain a 3 part experience. Marketplace, West Side, and The Pleasure Island. We have listed just a few of the numerous highlights of Downtown Disney. We are sure there is more that enough options for just about every night owl.

Photo ID is essential for most bars and clubs, even if you happen to be the wrong side of 30. No ID can basically result in no alcohol, there are no exceptions.

DISNEY QUEST The most unusual element of the west Side part of Downtown. Disney Quest plays host to 11 major adventures. such as Cyberspace, Mountain (design and ride you own rollercoaster), Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam, (a great fun life-size pinball game). Ride the Comix (Virtual reality battle), Virtual Jungle Cruise (shooting the rapids, prehistoric style. There is also a host of old fashioned video games in Replay Zone, the latest sports action games, a great test of your imagination in the Animation Academy. Pus lots, lots more.

JIMMY BUFFET’S MARGARITAVILLE A true homage to Florida’s laid back musical legend, with a great mix of Caribbean cuisine. There is live music and 3 bars (11.20am 2am). There is a small cover charge, starting at 10pm when the live bands hit the stage. If you like your live music, and a great atmosphere, Jimmy Buffets is your place.

RAGLAN ROD: This pub features traditional live Irish Music every night in it’s Grand Room. The entertainment kicks off at 7pm each evening, all the way through until midnight. The bar has a superb collection of genuine Irish Whiskey, 9 European Beers, plus some very appealing local brews. The staff are great, superb atmosphere, and a an even better menu. Well worth the visit!



The spirit of Cuba infuses this opportunity to sample a premium hand-rolled cigar, along with a vast selection of great wines, and spirits. The avant-garde indoor lounge with it’s fire-ice-theme, where the Sosa family maintain the original Cuban traditions. If you enjoy a good cigar, this is worth an inspection

Another source of evening fun, comes in the many dinner shows that are now a major Orlando evening, entertainment attraction. From Murder Mysteries, to full scale Medieval Battles, it’s all wonderful, great costumes, imaginative, and the food is good, the shows consist of live entertainment, coupled with flowing drink, and a dinner in fantasy style environment.


Orlando by Night ARABIAN NIGHTS This great family owned attraction, now in it’s 26th year. is a large-scale production, and you certainly don’t have to be an equestrian expert to truly appreciate the spectacular horsemanship, stunts, and amazing costumes. There are over 70 beautiful horses that put together a truly magical show to remember. The show is staged every night, in it’s huge1,200 seat ‘palace’. The royal Celebration, daring bareback acrobats, Latin Garrocha riding and well staged races certainly make for a spectacular night of entertainment, sure to suit all age ranges, from the young, to the more mature audience. The food is good, with a choice normally of Chicken Alfredo, Marinara, Pulled Pork, and a Veggie option, accompanied by a side of fresh vegetables’ and mashed potatoes. There is also a kids selection. Chocolate or Vanilla cake finishes off the meal. There are upgrades on standard tickets which include unlimited Bud Lite or Blush Wine, for the more thirsty spectators. The show normally runs 2 shows a day, 6pm and 8.30pm, and lasts almost 2 hours, and includes a pre show. Pink Hippo recommend this as a great family evening out for all age types.

This collection of high quality impersonators turn in a fun, and very authentic version of the trio. topped up with their ‘firends’ from Marylin Monroe, and Elvis, to the more modern Lada Gaga, Michael Jackson, Adele and Katy Perry. The show opens with comedy of Joey Bishop, and then continues with ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ and his famous 1950’s and 60’s singing friends. The more modern entertainers hit the stage later on. There are some great impersonators, , and ‘Michael Jackson’ is definitely a stand out performer. But every performer definitely holds their own. The set meal from Pacino’s kitchen, ensures great authentic Italian food, washed down with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. The kids menu features Pizza, and spagetti, and there is more than enough going on to keep the older children entertained. Pink Hippo rate this as a great alternative night out, especially for the music loving kind.

Be sure to book for Arabian Nights online for best pricing, with a 25% internet discount for most of the year.

THE RAT PACK, and Friends New for 2013, this 90 min cabaret-style show offering can be found upstairs at the big ‘Pacino’s’ restaraunt on Highway 192 (opposite Old Town) The show naturally features the classic ‘Rat Pack’ Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr at The Sands venue in Las Vegas.


Anyone for GOLF Providence Golf Club 1518 Clubhouse Blvd. Davenport , FL 33837 (863) 424-7916 By Paula Brian

Providence Golf Club is quickly becoming a popular Central Florida golf destination. Located just outside of Orlando in Davenport Florida, this technically challenging and esthetically pleasing, Providence Golf Club is a masterpiece. Sure to test all golfing handicaps. The 18-hole championship course, designed by renowned architect Mike Dasher, and is sure to test your game and soothe your senses as it winds its way through land featuring fresh water creeks, ancient hardwoods and wetlands. It is not unusual to get a glimpse of otters, deer or a wild turkey during your round. The picturesque back drop makes your round all the more pleasurable. Even on the rare not so sunny days. While serving as a haven of serenity for residents and local golfers, Providence also provides a refreshing getaway for tourists, with a location only 15 minutes from world-class theme parks, 30 minutes from Orlando, 45 minutes from Tampa and only 20 minutes from Kissimmee, Florida.

Dasher has an affection for European style golf courses, and it is evident on some of his unique, undulated greens at Providence.


The ever growing list of independent reviews just like ours, of the new relatively new, fresh course. indicate he has surpassed his objective. Winds through creeks and lakes that are surrounded by palms and hardwoods, providing a lush and scenic atmosphere. Although at some points this 18-hole, championship golf course has a distinctly parkland feel, it also has native sand areas that are reminiscent of traditional heathland courses. Water hazards come into play on several holes and there are strategically placed waste areas and bunkers throughout. Providence Golf Club has a diverse layout featuring varied and interesting holes that combine a number of different elements.

In addition to providing a challenging and scenic course, Providence’s professional staff has over 45 years of experience in the golf industry and received numerous awards and recognitions by the PGA and LPGA.


Customer care is taken seriously at Providence. The dedicated staff is sincerely devoted to making a day at the golf course enjoyable for all.

Play some of the best golf that Orlando has to offer!



DEVENNEY’S IRISH PUB Opened its doors to the public in December 2008 and has since established itself as one of the favorites eateries in the Four Corners area. It is located in Clermont but is a short distance from Orlando, Davenport and Kissimmee as it is at the edge of the Lake County. The pub was designed & built by the original owners who hailed from Derry in Northern Ireland. It is recognized for its friendly atmosphere, homemade food and of course the Fish and Chips which are second to none in the area. As expected the usual favorites are available, such as Shepherds Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Bangers and Mash to name but a few. It doesn’t stop there as Devenney’s also makes some of the best burgers around and will grill you a New York Strip Steak to perfection.

HIGHLIGHTS Thursday Quiz Nites. 8PM With our genial Quizmaster Paul, this is one of the most fun, informal trivia evenings you will find anywhere. Interesting trivia, fun facts, combined with singing, dancing & plenty of humor make for a very enjoyable evening. Friday: Karaoke 9PM Come along & sing to your hearts content with Kristyn as both the talented & er...not so talented have a rocking time belting out old classics & new hits without fear of judgment. It’s a rockin’ good time!!! Saturday: Live act Saturday evenings feature both local & international live acts. As this changes throughout the year, please call to see who is performing on your preferred night. Come along any day or night of the week you are sure of a warm welcome.......

The pub captures the essence of friendly Irish hospitality so typical of those pubs ‘back home’ on which it is based. Devenney’s Irish Pub is privately owned and it is run and operated by Rebecca who pride’s herself and staff on giving there guests a memorable experience each time they such guests quickly turn into friends.


Gadgets Something for the Bigger Kids..... Aprils Gadget Reviews By Lee Evans Magic Wand $89.99 You know you have always wanted to be a wizard. But not one of those swish and flick wizards from the movies. The Wand will learn up to 13 commands from your existing remote controls and map them to particular magical motions. Flick the wand from side to side to flip the channels, twist the wand to turn up the volume. A beam of light will shoot out the unicorn tail hair and magic will happen! learn from any remotes house and once you masmovements, you can masa symphony of electronic ment from the comfort of your couch. Then, and only then, are you an epic level controller. With a little practice, you can train yourself to do magic with household electronics. The wand is Compatible with almost all makes of TV, DVR, or really anything with a remote!

Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera $149.99 There’s something magical about instant photos - we’re not talking about pictures that you snap on your phone or your digital camera where the image appears on a pixellated screen. We mean the old instant-photo camera from Polaroid. With a click, and a snap, and a whirr, and a little bit of patience that flies against the whole “instant” adjective, you’d get your photo. Sure, the colors were often oversaturated and smeared, the flash blew out the subject,

The Wand can in your ter its 13 termind enjoy-

Light Show Fountain Speakers $39.99 Let your music dance before your eyes with the Light Show Fountain Speakers. Plug them into your iPod, MP3 player or computer for a music and light show whenever you want it. When the music is playing, the water inside the speakers will jump to the beat and the 4 multicolored LEDs will light up, providing quite a show in the speakers and onto the ceiling.


and made the background too dark, and reprints were impossible, but still those photos captured a moment better than most everything, for some reason. What if you could have that same feeling with modern technology? What if you could instantly hold a photo in your hand that came from a 10-megapixel digital camera? That’s what the Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera is all about. A built in speaker and microphone because it also records videos.

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Play Time

Ea st


ch ar

g Word g E Se r e



Play Time Can you stay in the lines? Visiting Orlando, is all about trying to squeeze as many attractions and day’s out in as possible. Which is definitely a skill,in itself.

Pink Hippo Guide To Orlando appreciate that you do need to stop for a breath and recharge those batteries at some point in your vacation.

Bearing this in mind, we have put together a few little bits of fun for the kids, to keep them occupied for those occasions. Every little bit helps to keep the younger children quiet, even if it’s just for a few minutes of the day.......


CATCH OF THE DAY A Guide To Fishing In Orlando By Roy Glover

Fishing throughout the Orlando area can be done from a variety of locations such as the shoreline, piers and from a boat. When taking the family fishing pack a cooler filled with lots of water, juice and healthy snacks so you can make it a day-long fishing adventure. There are also professional fisherman throughout the area that cater to first time anglers and families with smaller kids. Remember when fishing fro your own boat or from the shore to adhere to all Florida Fish and Wildlife Fishing License requirements. To see a list of fishing license requirement’s visit MyFWC. com/license/.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside Ol’ Man Island Fishin’ Hole is a fully stocked pond offering catch and release fishing at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside. The pond is stocked with bluegill and perch making it possible for even the littlest of anglers to enjoy some time fishing. Fishing poles can be rented for $4 per half hour and bait is available for purchase. For families, Disney offers a cane pole fishing adventure which cost approximately $13 per half hour.

Ol’ Man Island Fishin’ Hole is open daily fro 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. (Times sometimes vary, so call ahead to confirm times.) Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside is located at 1251 Riverside Drive in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. For more information call 407.934.6000.

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Located just southeast of Orlando are the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in Osceola County. Lakes included in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes are Lake Tohopekaliga (Lake Toho), Lake Kissimmee, East Lake Toho, Lake Hatchineha, Lake Jackson, Lake Cypress and Lake Marian offering a combined total of more than 100,000 acres of fishing excitement.


The lakes are filled with a variety of largemouth bass, bluegill and black crappie. These lakes offer a selection of boat ramps, marinas, bait shops, docks, fishing spots and camping areas around the shoreline. Families can go fishing while camping or pack a picnic to go fishing just for the day.

Stick Marsh and Farm 13 If you plan of spending your day fishing from a boat head out to Stick Marsh and Farm 13. These lakes are fully stocked with a variety of bass and has more than 800 pounds of fish per water surface acre. The two lakes, totaling 6,500 acres, are some of the area’s smaller lakes which may not be as intimidating to young anglers. The lakes are primarily stocked with game fish and is a common location for catch and release. Stick Marsh and Farm 13 lakes are located northeast of Blue Cypress and west of Interstate 95.

Butler Chain Located north of Walt Disney World are the Butler Chain Lakes featuring 11 connected lakes in the Orlando area. The lakes cover more than 4,500 acres and offers a boat ramp and fishing from the shore. The Butler Chain of Lakes offer fishing for largemouth bass, bream, chain pickerel and crappie. The variety of fish stocked in the lakes make it possible for any angler to make the catch of the day.

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Pink Hippo Orlando Travel Guide - April  
Pink Hippo Orlando Travel Guide - April