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to get out!

Take pride in the work you do &

the impact you make little or


Hang out at a BACKBONES event


-up the fun, up the organization, up the LOVE!

Our business it to make friends, this means

one-on-one and collaborating with like-

in acceptance

Wheelchair Hugs!

no explanation needed

There's nothing we won't talk about...pee, poop...don't be shy,

Mission It's Possible!

Because we LOVE you!


w e ' r e a l l f a m i l y h e r e Our mission is to make Integrity and

for Being Awesome!

Frame your Certificate of Authenticity

without them we would be nothing

Volunteers hold the highest honors here-

minded organizations or groups

LOVE of all

story that shapes who we are

circle of 'give' and refuse

Outcasts?...Diversity?...Whatever... All are welcomed with open arms

because we all have a different

Get stuck in a consistent

Respect one another

Take life seriously when it needs to be serious...the rest of the time just LIVE IT!

Trial and Error...

most of the time we don't know what we're doing in life, let's stop pretending

and figure it out along the way

meaningful connections and create a large network

of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) & their loved ones... so everyone has access to someone to ask questions and learn

Backbones manifesto poster  
Backbones manifesto poster  

Backbones helps people with spinal cord injuries and theri families connect with other families and people with spinal cord injuries. Althou...