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July 2013 Wedding issue

Model: Andrea MacDonnell Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Samantha” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Let ter From the Editor


elcome to our THIRD issue of PinkBlitz! This is a particularly special issue as it is our Wedding Issue! In the last month we’ve made a lot of changes, such as taking on some new staff and really designating roles to the current ones. We’ve taken part in a few charity events, such as the ScotiaMcLeod Miniputt for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Our team won the first prize for best score, and raised $300 adding to the overall $25,000 raised for this awesome charity. We participated in the Collishaw Community Event and had awesome games, prizes and even a cotton candy machine! We also announced our Grand Gala Event, a formal event that takes place at the beautiful La Teraz, Moncton on July 19. You have a chance to come out, meet with models, staff, etc. and have a great time. Keep in mind that this is a formal event. This wedding issue has pictures that feature beautiful wedding gowns from Maggie Sottero (thanks to Lockhart’s Formal Wear) and Tuxedos by ACS Formals. You will find some pretty helpful tips in here with our Pintrest Perfect article, as well as a Lady’s guide on planning your wedding on a budget. PinkBlitz is taking off splendedly and I couldn’t be prouder. Our team has come a long way and we aren’t stopping now! But, we know we could not have done it without you, our valued readers and supporters. Have a Pink day! Editor-in-Chief, Lilly Babineau

Models: Jessica Halcovich & Antoine J. Benoit Tuxedo by: ACS Formals Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Divina” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Model: Nadine Chavarie Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Walking down the aisle is one of the most important and exhilarating experiences of your life. The walk towards your future partner is nerve-racking enough, so don’t stress about the shoes that will carry you down the aisle. Follow these steps to find the Perfect Wedding Shoes for your big day.

Pick ing the Per fec t Wedding Shoes

BY MARISA ECHAVARRI There are many factors to consider it comes to picking wedding shoes. when picking the perfect wedding So long as you aren’t going over the shoes. top embellish your shoes with pearls, sequins or rhinestones to complete Decide on the fabric of your shoe. your wedding outfit. Common fabrics for wedding shoes are raw silk, crepe or satin. These tend to be the fabric of most wedding dresses so decide if you want to have a uniform look by matching the shoes to the fabric of your dress or if you want to spice it up by mix and matching fabrics. Select a shoe color to compliment your dress. When picking the color of your shoe, consider the part of your outfit you are matching your shoes to. For a traditional look, match the shoes to the color of your dress. To avoid any blunders, bring a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress to the shoe store so that you can ensure you get the accurate color. Another option is to match your shoes to the accessories you’ll wear on your big day. Some brides opt for silver or gold instead of traditional white to match their jewelry. Bling is also always a welcome sight, in my opinion, when

Match the shoe to the occasion, ceremony and venue. Before you buy your shoes, take a long look at your wedding plans and make sure you select the appropriate shoes for your big day. Take into account how formal your wedding is, the season and the location before you settle on some shoes. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, heels probably aren’t the best idea since they will sink into the sand. Consider your whole day before deciding on the shoes for your wedding.

that will have you towering over him. Keep in mind that this is his wedding as well, and he probably doesn’t want to look extremely short. Also, comfort is a very important factor when it comes to picking a shoe, even more so than looks if you want to dance the night away. My beautiful friend Jennifer made this exceptionally clear to me when I asked her about the shoes she chose for her wedding: “I went for comfort!! That was my only requirement! And a little bling of course!”

Marisa’s Tips: Ladies, if you have a short groom don’t wear heels

PinkBlitz Magazine / Issue 002 / June 1, 2013


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Dating Your Best Friend



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Left to Right: Demy Arsenault and Vanessa Roberts. Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.


Best Hair & Makeup For Your We dding

e wanted amazing hair and makeup for our models, so we went with Vanessa Roberts and Demy Arsenault! 2 Professional girls with loads of talent!

By Marisa Echavarri

There are so many styles to sort through when it comes to hair and makeup for your wedding. Match your hair and makeup to both the setting and your personality on your wedding day. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I the classic bride? Have you imagined yourself floating down the aisle in a classic white ball gown since you were a little girl? If you love the classic bride look, stick with a simple and elegant look for your wedding. Hair: Go with a simple ballerina bun either with or without a veil.

Ballerina buns embody the idea of a simple, classic and elegant bride.

sexy and confident on your wedding day.

Makeup: Simple and clean is the look you want to go for. Natural makeup with neutral and pastel colors make you look like a princess right out of a storybook. Maybe throw on some bright red lipstick to complete the look.

What is my wedding like? If you are having a wedding in a church, then you probably don’t want to rock the runway style hair and over the top makeup. Always take into consideration where you are tying the knot and how your makeup and hair will look in that setting, for example…

Do I want to spice it up? Have you always marched to your own beat and never really conformed to the “classic” wedding idea? If you want something more funky and expressive don’t be afraid to go for a bolder look. Hair: Try experimenting with braids, twists, funky updos and accessories. These alternative hairstyles will look fun and beautiful on your big day. Makeup: Go for more bold and fun pinks, purples and blues. If you think you want to rock these spicy alternatives to the traditional pastels…go for it. You’ll look

…for a beach wedding: Hair: Beachy waves and free flowing hair is always beautiful for a beach wedding. Keep it airy and flowy to draw everyone’s eyes to you as you marry the person of your dreams. Makeup: Breezy and beautiful. Keep it natural since you will be outside surrounded by the sand and sun. Neutral tones will keep you looking fresh under the sun during your wedding.

PinkBlitz Magazine / Issue 002 / June 1, 2013


Model: Tammy Comeau Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Lorie” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

BY: S A R A H N E S B I T T We’ve all seen those over board wedding shows like “Bridezilla” and thought to ourselves; “ Wow! I’d NEVER be like THAT!” But when your time comes, and you are trying to coordinate a photographer, catering, location, dress(es), tuxedos, flowers, and so much more, there are many opportunities for stress to come creeping in.

ple – ask friends and family if they know another photographer, or can help you look for one. More heads are better than one. You don’t have to feel like you are the only one who can do the things on your list. You’re not Superwoman, and you don’t have to be Bridezilla either!

take a second to think about the situation.

Perhaps creating a positive practice, specifically for your wedding So what do you do when the dress preparations, would be helpful. Do is too tight? Or when the photogra- you meditate? Now may be a good pher has fallen on a shoot and can time to start. no longer attend your wedding? Or when the cake flops in the box? We usually stress when we feel defeated or challenged. So stay You breathe. strong, hold your head high, and

When you look back on your wedding day, you’re not going to remember the little mix ups or setbacks that none of your guests even knew existed. You’re going to remember the love and the laughter. Oh, and probably the alcohol. That always helps too.

Rather than turning on the ones who love you – turn TO them. So many brides feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, when in fact, there are many loved ones who will jump at the chance to take part in your day by helping in any way possible. Ask and you shall receive. For exam-

We can’t control the mishaps, but we can control our reaction to it. Are your reactions something you will look at when you are calm, and be proud of?

Remember: No one goes through their wedding day without at least one thing going wrong. It’s not about the wedding day, it’s about the marriage and life you will be spending with the person you love. In a few years, none of this will matter and you will only laugh about the things that seemed so big now.

Decreasing Wedding Stress

Models: Andrea & Michael MacDonnell Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Samantha” Tuxedo by ACS Formals Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Ac tor Prof ile: Antoine J. Benoit

BY L I L LY B A B I N E AU Recently, I got the opportunity to sit down with local actor, Antoine J. Benoit. This is what the charming man had to say!

“Own your shoes. If you’re worrying about tripping or slipping, chances are you will. You look amazing, so walk like you know it”

PB: Did You Always Want to Be the girl that kicked my butt in This Industry? with her Pat Benatar sound. Dear Lisa. My first lesson in AB: Ever since I can remember. the world of showbiz - the As a child I loved performing. I competition is Fierce! would sing in front of my mirror, & imagine I was in a music After a while of living in Monvideo. There is just something treal, where Actors are desabout being on stage or on set perate for the exposure and that brings me peace and hap- accept contracts with no pay piness and are willing to do anything for free, I became discouraged. B: How Long Did It Take You To Nothing was moving in the right Break Into It? direction so I simply gave up my dreams. I survived for a while AB: As a young adult I moved in call centers, I even went to Halifax and got involved in back to school and graduated theater & the performing arts. as a paralegal and went on a I did some modeling, and sang corporate path for a while. It and danced back-up for caba- was only in my early 30s that I ret shows. At 18 I sang in a ka- got back into Acting. I was not raoke bar every Thursday and happy doing something I hated. won gift cards for the best So I educated myself on how singer of the night. I would win to follow the laws of enteroften and use these 50$ gift tainment. There are many rules certificates to eat at the pub that the general public ignore. for the week. I had a good run Like if you want good speaking until a new singer came along. roles for TV and movies you After that I only won when she must be a part of the Actor`s wasn’t there. I will always re- union. member her name,

PB: What Obstacles Did You Face? AB: The biggest obstacles were lack of money, and frustrating industry leaders who won’t give you a chance, or acknowledge your calls and emails. But let’s not forget the Talent agency Scammers that tell you what you want to hear in ac , and some of the cast of this Hour has 22 minutes in a benefit Concert. I also sold Jenny Garth some O.P.I nail polish in a drugstore I worked at, does that count? PB: What Drives You To Succeed? AB: My hunger and love for this industry. Self-pride is a huge factor. Pride in yourself, pride in your work. PB: Your Favourite Movie and Why?

AB: All the Saw movies, for their spin on horror and the mastermind games and plots that pieces every single film together. Also, Taken with Liam Neeson. And (admittedly) Legally Blonde. Let’s not forget 1993`s What’s eating Gilbert Grape? PB: Where Do You Get Your Artistic Creativity From? In all honesty you either have it or you don’t. Creativity is an inner talent. However, I feel every human on this earth no matter what lifestyle they lead is bound to inspire another. Every acquaintance and every friend I have made thus far, walks on a different path than I do. They are a unique mix of cultures and social classes. The Rebel; the Bourgeois; the religious; and the free spirited. I enjoy learning, observing and picking up on their Raison D`Etre. I remember their lives, utilize their reactions, and negotiate their

character. I channel their happen! lifestyles. In Acting, life experience is key. My life, and your Well, thank you Antoine for life INSPIRES me. your time with us at Pink Blitz Magazine we wish you the best PB: Do You Have Any Projects of luck in all future endeavUnderway At This Moment? ors. AB: I recently signed with Atlantic Talent agency, just became a Unionized Actor with Actra, and I am in the process of auditioning for 2 major TV shows on different networks, but I’m not saying anything more on that. I am starting to write a comedic act as well. There has to be a sitcom out there with my name all over it. Working on a sitcom would be my ultimate dream besides movies.

Antoine is currently represented by: Nancy & Gary Hill Owner/ Agent Atlantic Talent & Model Agency 371 Shore Drive Bedford, NS B4A 2C7 Phone: (902) 404-3070 ext1 Email:


PB: Is There A Personal Mes- gary@atlanticsage You Would Like To Share With The People Reading This Article? AB: If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you`re gonna make it


osing touch doesn’t have to be an option...

Left to Right: Michelle LeBlanc, Nadine Chavarie, Marie-Eve Bruguier, Holly Burke, Christine Cormier. Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.



id you know that your friendships may change after you get married and have kids? It’s true, and it’s the result of a combination of factors that include a decrease in free time and a shift in priorities. Balance Maintaining good friendships takes time and effort. As your life progresses, you must divide that precious time among an ever-growing circle of people, which leaves less time for your friends when we turn toward our friends and away from our spouse, we create emotional distance in our relationships. Make sure you are

leaning on your spouse, too. Priorities As we mature, our priorities change. Major life events, like a wedding or birth, are bound to give us a different perspective on life and make us reconsider what’s important and how we’d like to spend our time.

them. Explain that eventhough you won’t be able to hang out as often, they are still important to you. Make New Friends

If you’ve tried to arrange get-togethers with a friend or two but they seemed annoyed and distant, it’s okay to let those friendships go. Not all friendships last forever. As How to Maintain Friendships we progress in life, we naturally pick up new friends and leave old ones. Maintaining your friendships, weed- Consider finding new couples to ing out bad ones, and cultivating spend time with new ones can seem like a juggling act while you try to nurture your re- Conclusion lationship. Friendships, like any relationship, take work. Getting married and having kids doesn’t have to mean that your Set Boundaries friendships will end. They will change, and it will take effort on Whether it is a close friend or a fam- your part (and your friend’s part) ily member, boundaries set limits to keep a good friendship together. and expectations of the commit- The important thing is to recognize ment toward your friendship. Tell that friendships, no matter how old your friends that you value your or new, are important to all of us. friendship and that you care about

Models: Marie Eve Bruguier & Tammy Comeau Gowns by Maggie Sottero: “Emma” and “Lorie” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Maintaining Friends AF TER Marriage

Models: Andrea & Michael MacDonnell Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Samantha” Tuxedo by ACS Formals Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

In a recent survey done by the Huffington Post, 25% of married couples reported to still be having sex 3 to 5 times a week!

Problems with sex during marriage often begin wihen you start to worry about it changing.

Models: Andrea & Michael MacDonnell Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Samantha” Tuxedo by ACS Formals Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Does Se x Change Af ter Marriage?



oes sex change after marriage? This is a common question that many people ask before they take the plunge. It is actually quite alarming how many people have this crazy misconception that marriage will kill your sex life. It’s just not true. Marriage does not come with a magical ring, or spell that will influence your sex drive in any way. Marriage is a contract entered into by two consenting adults who have chosen to love each other for the rest of their lives. It is a beautifully sentimental ritual that should, in no way, influence your sexual relationship with that person. There are some things that will affect your sex life. Marriage is not one of them. However most of the things that do have an impact on our sex drive typically happen after we are married. Things like age, familiarity, children, and busyness all play a part in the evolution of our sexual relationships.

etables and protein to give yourself more energy throughout the day. Also, try exercising on a regular basis. When you feel better physically, your sex drive will get a boost as well.

equally as long, there seems to be a tendency to fall into routine. Variety soon seeps out of the relationship and sex can become boring. This generally happens because people know what they like and become used to one another so they tend not to stray too far from the usual. If you find yourselves falling into this pattern, it may be time to shake things up. Try bringing a bottle of champagne and some nylon rope to the bedroom. Whatever you need to do to keep things fun and fresh.

Children and busyness come hand in hand. When a little one is born, most of your time and attention will be focused on that tiny human. Therefore it is only natural that sex between partners becomes less frequent. Between midnight feedings, changing diapers, cleaning house, working part time (or full time depending on Just remember - don’t let ‘tying the the length of your supermom cape) knot’ keep you from getting tied up sex is often the last thing on a per- in knots ;) son’s mind. Again, this has nothing As we age we grow more tired, and to do with being married or not. It is sex becomes less important to us. just how life goes. This is not a bad thing, it’s just how life goes. If you find yourself lacking When people have known each othin the lust department try changing er for a long time and have been in up your diet. Add more fruits, veg- a committed sexual relationship for

Models: Denise Tremblay and Jean-Sebastien Chaisson. Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Most Memorable Prop osal & First Love

A S TO L D TO L I L LY B A B I N E AU “We were camping and he had turned up the radio unusually loud. I was sitting at the picnic table and just enjoying the nature. He looked nervous, but I didn’t think anything of it. All the sudden, he starts coming toward me. The man on the radio had said my name! ‘Cindy…’ I looked up and he was coming around to my side of the table, and the man on the radio continued ‘Wayne wants to know…’ He got down on one knee and presented the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. ‘…if you’ll marry him!’ I had never felt so overjoyed in my life. I immediately said yes!” --Cindy, Miramichi NB.

It was in February 2009 when I met the love of my life. I was so young and thought so many things, I was so afraid to even ask him anything. I kept quiet for a long time. It was April 1st when I started to pack for a weekend out with a youth group that we both were to attend. When I arrived there I saw him, and I instantly felt a rush going to my head and my stomach was full of butterflies. My heart began to race when the instructor put us in the same group. I thought to myself that this must be fate, so I built up the courage to talk to him.

good, and I contemplated taking my own life. Eventually, my boyfriend’s parents decided to take me in for the remainder of my school years. As the time passed by, he never left me. I had been severely bullied at both home and school, and was searching for somewhere to accept me. I didn’t feel safe anywhere. I didn’t have the love and affection of the people that I needed the most. He stood by me through thick and thin, and on April 4th it was our 4 year anniversary that we have been together. About a year and half ago, he proposed to me at my mom’s place on New Year’s Eve. As the night went by, I found out that I know he will continue to love and we had a lot in common. That same support me like he always has. night I had the courage to ask him out. And when his answer was YES, When we decide to have children, I I was so overjoyed. After that week- know that the one thing I will always end, we had a bit of a rough patch. pray for them is that they have the My stepfather didn’t approve of him. strength to overcome the things that Aside from that, there were a lot of plague them and that they find that personal things happening, conflicts one true, unconditional love that evthat occurred and things got real- eryone deserves. ly bad for me at home. I had moved into a group home shortly after, but Told by Denise Tremblay it wasn’t any better. They made me leave. My emotional wellbeing wasn’t doing

Model: Denise Tremblay Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Avery” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

M aggie Sot tero is one of the most recognized and sought after bridal g own manufac turer s in the world . Establishe d in 19 97, M aggie Sot tero redefine d couture bridal fashion with its com mitment to impeccable styling and incomparable fit a t an a ffordable price . M aking M emories . . .O ne B ride At A Time!

Model: Tammy Comeau Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Lorie” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

w w w. ste vara .c a

w w w.mag g ie sot te

Model: Jessica Halcovitch Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Shaylee” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

Model: Brandy Naugler Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Stephanie” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

M ag gie B rides not only experience innova tive designs, but luxurious fabrics, Swarovski cr y stals, hand sewn embellishments and the renowned , slenderizing fit known simply as the “ M ag gie M agic ,” the result of meticulous a t tention to, and scrutiny of, design and fit ting details .

Model: Tammy Comeau Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Bronwyn” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

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w w w.mag g ie sot te

Model: Christine Cormier Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.

Celebrit y We ddings

B Y M A R I S A E C H AVA R R I There are a crazy amount of celebrity weddings coming up in the next year or so. 2012 was the year of engagements, and now details of the following celebrity weddings are coming out. How excited are we?! Brangelina

like to incorporate this sentiment into her personal life”. Rumors of a L’Wren Scott wedding dress have been circulating. No matter what Angelina wears, she will look beautiful as she walks down the aisle towards the always-handsome Brad.

Nickelback band member Chad Kroesger surprised everyone by popping the question. The couple who kept their relationship on the DL for so long got engaged on August 8th and will hopefully be wed later this year.

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Ther- Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth oux Disney Channels Hannah Montana The beautiful F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress and The Hunger Games hunk Liam may have been married to the man Hemsworth are tying the knot above back in the day, but now sometime this year. The couple has she’ll be marrying screenwriter been dating on and off for the past and actor Justin Theroux. I don’t few years, and recently rumors know about you, but I’ve been have appeared that the couple rooting for Jen to find the perfect may have broken off the engageman ever since the Brad Pitt drama ment; however the former Disney back in the mid 2000’s. The couple darling is adamantly refusing that had been dating for a year when the rumors are true. In fact! Miley Justin popped the question on his tweeted a picture of her in a puffy 41st birthday. Fingers crossed we white wedding dress just the other wont have to wait to long for the day. wedding!

Seven years and six children later, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally tying the knot! 49-year-old Brad and 37-year-old Angelina met on the set of their hit movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. Brad proposed in 2011 with a $500,000 diamond ring and according to Angelina the couple plan to marry “‘sooner rather than later”. Instead of getting married in one of their multi-million dollar estates, a source has said “… getting married in Bosnia, Haiti or Cambodia would give something back to the global community. That may sound pretentious to many Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger but Angelina sincerely believes in the need to pursue that aim. It Canadian singer and superstar Avril drives her charity work and she’d Lavigne is getting married again!

Models: Jessica Halcovich & Antoine J. Benoit Tuxedo by: ACS Formals Gown by Maggie Sottero: “Divina” Supplier: Lockhart’s Wedding & Special Occasions. Location: La Teraz, Moncton, NB Jewelry provided by: Inglis Jewellers. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography

The Per fec t G own for Your Body



aggie Sottero’s design and fit embraces the female form with sizes ranging from petite to voluptuous, every bride can be a Maggie Bride. For help locating an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer in your area of Canada contact stevara @ 1-855-341-8941


s women, we are all different shapes and sizes. Now the trick is how to take your body shape in consideration when shopping for your wedding dress. With the perfect dress you will look fabulous on your wedding day. Every girl wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. You’ll look fabulous no matter what; however the perfect dress will compliment your shape like never before. If you have a pear-shape body, a skirt that gradually flares out in an A formation will highlight the narrowness of the midsection. This will take the concentration off the hips and thighs. A spaghetti strap or a V neckline will showcase a more slender upper body. Don’t neglect fabrics! Duchesse satin and taffeta are effective since they won’t cling to your body.

Who let the girls out? If you’re more of a busty woman, a scooped neckline will open up your face. In addition it will display your décolletage without showing too much cleavage. You wouldn’t want the girls to fall out half way down the aisle! If you prefer a strapless dress, make sure the neckline has a slight dip, like a sweetheart. I absolutely loved my sweetheart neckline dress! When looking at fabrics, Organza, satin or silk will add volume and focus on your chest. A dress with a skirt that begins just under the bust and flows into a gradual floor length A line is best if you are a plus size woman. Make sure the seam does not start on the chest and that there’s no gathering of the fabric, it’s a wedding dress not maternity clothes. To avoid adding pounds, make sure it’s not too loose. The dress should complement your shape, not modify it. A nice elegant fabric that will provide structure is satin, avoid anything too flowing. If you are looking for a stiffer base, add a tulle overlay. It’s a great touch! For all you petite women out there,

look for; trumpet and modified A line gowns. To make yourself look taller, find a style with a waistline above your natural waist. When it comes to fabric, the choice is yours. An advantage of being petite is that you can work with almost any fabric. However make sure that all the details of the dress are smaller. No ga-ga bows and minimum details on the body to draw the eyes upwards. Remember to avoid any dresses with a dropped waist or ball gowns; they will make your legs look nonexistent. It is very easy to get lost in voluminous skirts. Also do not consider anything that will make your legs look short, for example, calf length dresses. There are many more different shapes and sizes other than mentioned above. When you look for your special dress, bring a friend and get a second opinion. The perfect dress will awe the crowd and won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you!

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Finding At t i re Fo r Your Fr iend ’s Wedding

Left to Right: Holly Burke, Nadine Chavarie, Michelle LeBlanc. Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.


our friend is getting married, and whether you are ecstatic or dreading it, you have to find the perfect outfit for the wedding. I am attending several weddings this summer and I have struggled when it came to picking my outfit. However in the end, I managed to find a cute yet appropriate outfit for my friend’s weddings this summer. When picking an outfit, you take into consideration the season that the wedding takes place in. What you wear during what season can make or break an outfit.


Summer weddings are popular because you have the opportunity to have a gorgeous wedding outside in the summer sun. Heat is always a factor when it comes to picking an outfit. Even if the wedding is inside, there is no guarantee that the hall will be air-conditioned. For summer, stick with a skirt or dress. Keep your outfit flowy and bright. For the weddings I will go to this summer, I opted for a high-low orange dress with multicolored flowers and baby blue heels to match. It is simple, flowy and perfect for the summer time. For spring weddings choose pastels like soft pinks, purples and yellows that reflect the season. For a fall wedding, keep the colors more neutral. Winter weddings give you the ability to experiment with darker colors. Navy blues, dark reds and black are more appropriate for a winter wedding then for a summer or spring wedding. For all weddings, try and stay away from a skin-tight outfit that will draw too much attention to you. Not saying you have to be dressed in an ill fitting sack that hides your curves, but while “club outfits” may get you noticed by the single men at the wedding, if you’re gyrating on the dance floor in a fluorescent pink slip of a dress, this may take the attention away from the blushing bride. Marisa Tip! If you can’t walk in heels, don’t wear them! If you can, great! Rock those cute heels you’ve been dying to try. Don’t be that girl who topples over or is running around in

barefoot because your feet are sore from dancing the night away in heels. Stick with simple flats that will treat your feet nicely all night long. Also, if it is an outdoor wedding on grass, heels will sink in and make it more difficult to walk. Now we all know to stay away from white dresses when it comes to weddings.

White is the bride’s color, and you never want to up stage the bride on her wedding day; similarly, stay away from black for a summertime wedding. Not only will you be hot, but also black in the summer can seem a bit depressing.

Model: Michael MacDonnell Tux by ACS Formals Photo by: Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.

Model: Jean-Sebastien Chaisson Tux by ACS Formals Photo by Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography.

Choosing Your Wedding DJ



usic and a wedding reception go hand and hand. A wedding reception without music can make the event less appealing, less fun and less memorable which are all things any bride does not want her wedding to be.

Music is one of the first impressions that are made to your guest, next to the décor. When the time comes to plan your wedding music, most couples prefer to rely on a wedding DJ to best suit their needs. DJ’s are more affordable than a live band. In addition, they offer a wide range of entertainment options such as; special effects, lighting, fog and/or lasers. It may sound like an easy task; however, you can’t just choose any DJ, it has to best suit your needs to make your night memorable. Below are a few tips along with a few pros and cons you can use to ensure you find the best DJ for your special day. Make a list / playlist of songs or requirements: A great thing about a DJ is that they will likely be able to play any requested song. Let the DJ know if you have a preference of music to be played at your wedding. You wouldn’t want to waltz to a death metal song if you’re a country girl. The playlist is essential and you need to make sure the DJ is able to

deliver to meet your expectations. Experience is a great quality to look for as well. Nothing is worse than a DJ that has no idea what he is doing or doesn’t even know how to operate the equipment. In addition, energy and skill are just as important to entertain your guests. The most crucial aspect of the night is your DJ must be on time! The only person allowed to be late on the wedding day is the bride, not the DJ! Compare availability and prices: Most brides may want DJ Tiesto or David Guetta to entertain at their wedding; however, it may not be realistic. Choosing a DJ in your area is best. If the DJ needs to travel it can cause other troubles such as; car / plane dilemmas, tardiness, extra cost or damage / lost equipment. Local DJs will more than likely be familiar with your venue location so it will avoid disaster. If it is your first time hiring a DJ, do your research! Don’t settle on the first one; make sure to research different DJs to assure they have your date available and they are of best fit to your wed-

ding and guests. Oh and don’t break your bank! Make sure you get their services at a reasonable price. These tips are just some of many things to consider when looking for your wedding DJ. Whomever you choose, remember this day is all about you! Break loose and boogie on the dance floor. Make it a night to remember!

Finding the Per fe c t We dding Song

BY NADINE CHAVARIE Congratulations! The day that every girl dreams about has finally arrived. You’re getting married! You are about to start a new life adventure. It’s time to take out the planner and write down all of the tasks that need to be done or planned. Whilst going through your list, you realize that you have not yet picked your wedding song! No need to panic! This article will guide you through how to choose the most memorable song for your big day. One of the emotional components in our lives is music. We all have that one song that symbolically represents something special in our lives. Perhaps that song was playing when you first met your groom to be, had your first kiss, your first dance or a number of other milestone events. No matter what song you choose, it should be symbolic in some way or another. That song may not exactly represent how you feel about each other. In fact, that very song may have been played countless times at other weddings. Regardless, don’t let that make an impact on your decision.

Whatever song you select will forever change its meaning in your heart. Choose wisely as this will change the impact the song has on you and your groom. Once you’ll hear it after the wedding day, it will bring back great memories. If you still have no idea what to choose, here is a list of ten random wedding songs to give you an idea; •Marry Me – Train •Come Away with Me - Nora jones •Make you feel my love – Adele •You and me - Dave Matthews •All My life – K-Ci & JoJo •Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum •I Do – Colbie Caillat •I’m Yours – Jason Mraz •Just the way you are – Bruno Mars •Truely Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

The songs above are just some of many that you can choose from. Whatever your decision might be, remember you will cherish this song the rest of your life.

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is picking a song that just happens to be popular at the time. The best songs to pick are ones that are classics, but original so that not every bride has the same song. Choose with your heart!

Pintrest Per fec t Wedding!



nyone who’s planned a wedding knows that this beautiful day can be pricey. Aside from the cost of the dress, the venue, the cake, and the DJ, there are costs to buying centerpieces, flowers, favors, and even the place cards. There are also many clever ways to decrease or eliminate these costs (see our article - A Lady’s Guide to: Weddings on a Budget). Luckily with the rise of websites like Pinterest, there are tonnes of original ideas and ‘how to’ guides on creating those minor details that make all the difference. No matter what your theme, Pinterest will have an idea for you.

Favors: Homemade jams are a very popular choice for wedding favors. The jars are affordable, and then the cost of the fruit and sugar is negligible compared to the cost of buying individual favors.

Centerpieces: The key to having a beautiful and elegant centerpiece is to keep it simple. An inexpensive and classy idea that I found on Pinterest was a gorgeous flower filled glass vase (from Dollarstore) filled with water and topped with a floating candle. Here is an image of what I mean. This example uses Calla lilies; however you could probably use any flowers you’d like to create a centerpiece to fit your theme. Another common choice is homemade chocolates, or decorated cookies. These options, while great for a homey, cute, country wedding, may not be the elegant touch you are looking for. If you are looking for a touch of elegance you can find patterns and how to guides on making little gift boxes to add that bit of decorative class to whatever favor you choose.

No matter what your plans are for your wedding, be sure to check out Pinterest for ideas. But don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choices. Pinterest can be helpful, but also very addictive so use with caution. Happy pinning everyone!

Per fe c t Lingerie for the We dding Night



hen the I do’s are said and the dress is back on the hanger, what will you be wearing on the most important night of your life? For some brides, it’s a detail that’s sometimes overlooked during all the wedding planning but keep in mind, if done right, the image burned into your partners mind will be unforgettable.

You want to take time planning the details and choose the right piece not only for your body type but something you will be comfortable in and your partner will like. For instance, if you’re pretty conservative, you might not want to walk out in a leather corset, however, shock factor is always nice to spice things up in the boudoir. So how do you choose the right style? First of all, you want to focus on the part of your body you feel is your best asset and emphasize it. A baby doll style will compliment every figure and size and create a flirty demure look. If you are self-conscious of your tummy, this style will drape nicely and give a pretty silhouette. If you’re more of a t-shirt and boxer type of girl, opt for a chemise and matching panty set in either a satin or lace. This will still give you the coverage you crave and yet add sex appeal. A demi bra and bikini bottom will create amazing cleavage and emphasize your curves while a long satin gown with a sweetheart neckline will add allure and sophistication.

the body by cinching in the waist and lifting the bust creating an hourglass shape. Look for corsets in an elegant satin or tapestry fabric and stay away from anything too stretchy. It is strongly advised to have your corset tailored to fit your body that way you can be sure on the perfect fit. Though pricing is always important for a bride, beware of so-called “cheap” lingerie, because it will look exactly that, cheap. Don’t skimp on your wedding night outfit. There are so few times that you can justify splurging on lingerie, so choose something with quality and details like scalloped edging, lace trim and lush fabrics. Be sure to pick something adult like. Leave the Hello Kitty nightie on the rack.

A cool trend that is making its way into the bridal magazines this year are flattering retro styles with off the shoulder peasant style tops, corset style camisoles and gowns with antique embroidery. It’s a great way to mix old and new and they work with every body type. For those on the cutting edge of fashion, illusion netting and colors layered under lace add a Corsets and bustiers are excellent sexy alternative. No matter the style for those curvy brides, as they flatter and how long you intend to be wear-

ing it, make sure you’re comfortable, otherwise that lack of confidence will spill over into how you present yourself on that special night. Also, keep in mind, unless it’s part of the foreplay, you don’t want your partner to have to spend an hour untying a corset or undoing snaps etc., so practicality is important. The majority of brides will choose white for their wedding night, however, over the last few years, colors are on the rise. If you choose to go less traditional, pastels are a great alternative, especially for a spring or summer bride. If you’re getting married in fall or winter, opt for something brighter. Things are changing and it’s ok to think outside the box. After all, you made your partner breathless walking down the aisle in your wedding dress, but now, on your wedding night, your goal is to make him speechless.

Location: La Teraz, Moncton Photo by Matthew Brennon

BY PENNY FRASER A Lad y’s Gu ide to: Wedd in gs on a B udget


ost women spend their lives preparing and planning for their wedding day. It’s one of the biggest days of our lives and we want it to be perfect. However, with today’s economy, is it really possible to have a big, glorious day with all the trimmings without spending every dime you have? Yes, it is! And here’s how!

The average wedding now can cost you between $20,000 to $30,000. Here is some tips to keep the cost under control and still have a great day. ..Hold your ceremony and your reception in the same place. You will save yourselves multiple fees and as well as transportation from one location to the other. ..Have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday night, rather than a Saturday. Wedding venues are less expensive on these days.

strike up a deal. Or shop end of sea- your brides made and make them son(right after Christmas) yourself the night before and put them in the fridge. And also pick .. For the cake, rather than having flowers that are in season a huge cake done by a caterer, find out if a local grocery store can get So take your time planning and reyou a nice small cake for the wed- searches local resources and local ding party and do corresponding shops and enjoy your day. sheet cakes for the quests. Having a small tiered cake is usually a lot cheaper than a huge tiered cake.

..You can save huge by having a family member or friend cook the food for your wedding. Or just go with a cocktail type receptions .ex (fruit, cheese and meat trays placed .. Be eco-friendly - is by foregoing throught out your reception venue. paper invitations and sending out . electronic ones. .. A DJ can cost you lots. You can ..Be diligent if buying a new dress. save huge by playing your iPod. Shop sale racks. Look for discontin- While planning your wedding, you ued dresses at bridal shops; look on- should create a Wedding and a Reline for warehouse-priced dresses ception playlist and include all the songs you want heard ..It may be a good idea for you to consider students. Go to a local ..Flowers could cost you thousands school with a photography class, but to save go to your local grocery or a college for photography, and store and get simple flowers for

While a destination wedding may seem more expensive and more trouble, many couples are opting for it because the fact is, it is actually LESS expensive and less headache! One flat fee for all inclusive, and you only need to have the most immediate family present.

Model: Jessica Halcovitch Photo by: Matthew Brennon Location: La Teraz, Moncton.


Wed for a Day - - Mar ried for Life It’s here! The day you’ve been dreaming about since you married Barbie and ken in front of their pretty pink house. You’ve been planning and obsessing over this day for the past 14 months. You’ve meticulously organized every detail of your wedding, and spent thousands of dollars to make it just right. Now you finally get to put on that beautiful white dress and meet your person at the end of the aisles. You say your vows – ‘Until death parts us. . . I do’ and before you know it the toasts have been toasted, the dances have been danced, and the guests have all gone home. This perfect day that you’ve spent months obsessing over is gone in the blink of an eye. What now? Statistically speaking, 38% of marriages in Canada will eventually end in divorce. This leads me to wonder. . . What if couples were to put as much time and effort into their marriage as they do their wedding day? One would imagine that such a beautiful contract, based on love, trust, and loyalty, would not be entered into lightly. And yet the number one

reason for divorce in Canada is irreconcilable differences. Meaning that after taking their vows, the couple realizes that their goals and values don’t really match up. So instead of working it out or making compromises they choose to end their relationship. With the promise of forever laying on the table, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should discuss possible futures and values with your loved one before you marry?

One mistake that many people make is believing that marriage can survive on Love alone. As idealistic as this notion is, a sustainable marriage is built on things like mutual respect, admiration, loyalty, selflessness, and trust. A marriage is not just another relationship. It is a commitment to love, cherish, and respect another person for as long as you live. That does not mean you will always FEEL love your person. I know when I am mad at my husband, I don’t always feel love for him in that moment. But eventually the anger fades and the love returns. For marriage to work, you need to be willing to put in the effort.

Unfortunately we live in a generation that believes if something is broken you simply throw it away and go buy a new one. That mentality seems to have carried over into our personal lives. When a relationship doesn’t appear to be working out we quickly move on to the next All marriages have their storms. in constant search for happiness and The question is: will you jump ship, harmony. (Hmmm - Maybe our un- or bail water until the rain stops? happiness is caused by our inability to hold on to things long enough to make a real and permanent connection. - *food for thought). The problem with this way of thinking is that couples are forgetting one of the most valuable parts of a marriage – learning how to work things out.

Stepping Away from Tradition


Years ago weddings were incredibly traditional things. Most weddings took place in a church; the bride wore white as a show of virginity rather than fashion; and the bigger the guest list, the better. Sit down dinners were considered a requirement while cake was cut and passed out by the bride and groom. Furthermore, the only themes you heard of were color schemes like peach and baby blue, or purple and green. Now (fortunately) couples are starting to step away from tradition. Brides and grooms are finally trading those stuffy rituals for a more unique and personal experience. The traditional venue of choice for a wedding has always been inside a church. However, couples over the past 5 years seem to be more enthusiastic about choosing unique and stylized venues. Many people will opt for an outdoor location, or even an exotic getaway, over the ‘charm’ of a church wedding.

ly. Wedding guests were once treated to a formal sit down dinner after the wedding ceremony. Now, couples are starting to see the allure of going with a less formal cocktail evening. Small portioned foods and passed hors d’houvres are served rather than a full 3 course meal. As a result, this option is classy, elegant, and way more cost effective than the traditional sit down banquet. Also, guests won’t be waiting for their meals, dancing can start earlier, and tables won’t have to be moved. Dresses are becoming more flattering and unique as well. Big, poofy ball gowns are being traded for sleek, classy, curve hugging mermaid cuts. Short dresses are becoming a fad, and bridesmaid’s dresses are less likely to match. Never mind wearing a white dress for your wedding, many brides are choosing to go with bright splashes of color to show off their dresses.

Receptions are also changing slow- Although people are starting to

be more daring and unique in their wedding plans, that doesn’t mean that ditching tradition altogether would be wise either. The key is to plan a night that is completely you. You want your wedding to reflect your own personality and style, but that also reflects the needs of the partygoers. Find the right balance between tradition and individuality and you will do well.

Maritime We dding T ips

BY NADINE CHAVARIE Don’t stress if you wake up on your big day and it’s raining. A famous Maritime rumor is that it’s good luck to be married in the rain! Even thunder, lightening and a hurricane is no reason to postpone or cancel. Well, for safety reasons, maybe you should postpone during a hurricane ;) Rain or shine, the day must go on! When it comes time to plan the details of your wedding, don’t forget to consider the weather. As Maritimers, we have unpredictable weather and must prepare for anything. If you are looking into a beautiful outdoor wedding, my advice would be to have a backup plan. If it were to rain, the last thing you would

want is to have your entire wedding party get drenched. Whether it is an indoor venue or even a tent, it would keep your guests nice and dry in case of rain. If you choose a tent, make sure it is durable. In the Maritimes we tend to have very strong winds that could cause considerable damage to a flimsy tent. Not only do we have strong winds, but sometimes unexpected thunderstorms can sneak in on us as well. The wedding wouldn’t go over to well if your MC would hide behind a chair with every clap of thunder or strike of lightning. As we have four different seasons in the Maritimes, we can generally know what the weather will be depending on the season. Cold or hot temperatures can be very uncomfortable. You don’t want to be too warm and sticking to your dress. However you don’t want to be too cold either and chatter your teeth the whole way up the isle. This being said, think carefully about the season before you choose. They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I hope that’s true, because it rained on mine!

A winter wedding can be very elegant with the white snow glistening in the background. If a winter wedding is ideal for you, plan wisely. Indoor would be ideal for a winter wedding to keep your guests and yourself nice and toasty. I would also advise to choose a venue closest to you and your guests as the Maritimes are very well known for vicious snowstorms. I would hate to see anyone’s wedding being canceled due to a snowstorm. Even worse, no one shows up! Therefore, the closer the better. No matter the season or date you select, remember to consider the weather. This is your day, you want to be comfortable. Show Mother Nature who’s the boss!

The Dreaded Guest List!



o matter how big or how small your wedding, creating a guest list can become one of those less than pleasurable parts of planning your big day. Though the day is yours as a bride, it’s just as important to your fiance and a huge right of passage for some parents. If expenses are being shared between families, they will probably want a say on who comes. Make things clear to both your families early on and give them a “set in stone” number of people they can invite. Numbers can snowball quickly out of control if guidelines aren’t set from the beginning. So how do you decide on who makes the list and who doesn’t? On your wedding day, you should be surrounded by people who hold a special place in your heart. If you have a tight budget, guidelines such as no “plus one” unless they are in a long term relationship is a great place to start. Afterall, should you really have to invite your brother’s on again off again girlfriend? There is no obligation to give a plus one especially to single friends so if they ask to bring a friend, you can say no. A venue will typically hold only a certain amount of people and sometimes you’ll have to pay per person, so all those plus ones will quickly add up. It’s always awkward when you bump into someone who’s heard about your upcoming nuptials either through a friend, relative or Facebook and they hint at an invite, so to be polite, you offer to save face. If you don’t have a budget, then invite away, but maybe inviting them to just the reception may be a smarter choice. Avoid the guilt! This is where most of your stress will come from. Also, you’ll want to decide whether or not kids are invited. Children count towards your final numbers and you’ll want to consider the location of your wedding and reception. Some couples choose an adult only wedding and invite the children to the reception only.

vising their little ones or will they just allow them to run around on a sugar high tearing down expensive decorations. Also, will you be prepared to deal with tantrums and meltdowns when they burn out around 10pm? Once your basic guidelines are set, such as your budget and how many people to invite, you want to begin your lists. Now, I say lists, because you’ll need three. The Must list, the Should list and the Maybe list. It’s important to distinguish each guest, for example, the “Must list” would include your immediate family and close friends. Only include current friends and those you keep in close contact. Being “facebook friends” does not qualify you for a wedding invitation. Also, just because you attended someone else’s wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invite them to yours. A good rule of thumb is if you’ve attended a wedding in the last year and you know them well, you should invite them to yours. The “Should list” would include cousins and acquaintances you know and like. However, if you haven’t seen your cousin in the last 10 yrs, don’t feel obligated because your mom says the family will be upset if you don’t. Co-workers would fall under this list as well but you shouldn’t invite co-workers unless you also socialize with them outside of work. Remember, things can get tense in the workplace if you invite some and not the others. So thread lightly in this area.

Then there’s the “Maybe list”. Save this list for after you’ve sent out your However, will their parents truly be invites. Once you start getting back able to enjoy themselves while super- your RSVP’s, you’ll be able to decide

if you have room. You’ll be able to pull from your Maybe list to fill any declines to your wedding. Always keep in mind your budget, so you may not want to fill your venue to the max and just accept the RSVP’s as is. Some people will over invite knowing that a percentage will decline but you don’t want to get stuck trying to sit people in an overcrowded room if you don’t get as many declines as you thought. All in all, it’s your wedding and when your day is all said and done, you want to look back at your wedding photos and reminisce about how beautiful your dress was, how handsome your fiance was and how much fun you had. You don’t want to sit there asking your friends and family, who was that guy in all the pictures sticking out his tongue with his hand up making the rock on sign!

Don’t panic when one of your crazy uncles gets trashed and makes a fool of himself. Every family has one of those relatives, and it will make for great story telling down the road.

Special Thanks To: Maggie Sottero Bridal Gowns, exclusively distributed in Canada by Stevara, and supplied by Lockharts Weddings & Special Occasions Bridesmaids Dresses Thanks to Lockhart’s Weddings & Special Occasions and ACS Formals. Tuxedos Thanks to ACS Formals. Models Wore Jewelry Thanks to Inglis Jewellers. Photography By Jill Renton of Scuffed Boots Photography and Matthew Brennon. Location Courtesy of La Teraz, Moncton. For all your special event needs, visit La Teraz! Also, Lotus Cooperative Marketplace for the use of their facility for hair and makeup. Hair & Makeup Courtesy of Vanessa Roberts and Demy Arsenault.

PinkBlitz Magazine July 2013  

Our 3rd Issue, a WEDDING issue, has gowns featured by Maggie Sottero, Tuxedos by ACS Formals, Jewels by Inglis Jewellers and the beautiful l...

PinkBlitz Magazine July 2013  

Our 3rd Issue, a WEDDING issue, has gowns featured by Maggie Sottero, Tuxedos by ACS Formals, Jewels by Inglis Jewellers and the beautiful l...