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Model: Nathalie Brunier Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

Model: Candace Bazowsky Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Candace Stright

Model: Lilly Babineau Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Ashley Merriam Hair: Brittney Langille Makeup: Cindy Brady Wardrobe Styled By: Lilly Babineau Jewelry: Silpada Designs Photo by: Mario Gaudreau

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So I was working on the magazine, but first... had to take a selfie! Okay so this is our sexy, risque Burlesque issue, featuring some beautiful women taken out of their every day lives to to be made spectacular! This was a pretty fun issue to shoot. Not going to lie, it’s probably my personal favorite by far. I actually modelled for this one myself and I have to say, I felt more beautiful than I ever had before. The Red Leaf Grill & Lounge was a great participant. They were such wonderful hosts, I can’t wait to be able to work with them again. The lighting and staging was amazing for this shoot, thanks going out to SSI Audio and Bob Lee Productions for wanting to be a part of something amazing. In this issue we’rre going to be looking at some different things. First, I’d like to welcome Scott McLean as a contributor. Scott is the official stylist for Beyond the Rack, and will be lending his exptertise to tell you what’s in and what’s out, as well as give you his personal advice on everything you wanted to know from a stylist. From the top 5 Trendiest looks to 20 signs it’s time to step up your dating game, we’ve got it all for you! Stay beautiful xo


Lilly Babineau

Be All You Can Be. And Be More.

EDITOR IN CHIEF / FOUNDER Lilly Babineau EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Alex Roberts / Natasha Dore EDITOR Sheri Collette / Marisa Echavarri EVENT PLANNING Sheri Collette GRAPHIC DESIGN Alex Roberts,, Lilly Babineau PHOTOGRAPHERS THIS ISSUE Dustin Hurley / Jill Renton Candace Stright / Matt Burton STYLIST Nathalie Testi Flamin HAIRSTLYISTS Kandas Michaud / Amy Barter MAKEUP ARTIST Cindy Brady / Talya Morgan Courtnee Bastarache CONTRIBUTORS Scott McLean / Rachel Richard Phoebe Hicks / Jessy Horton Amy McArthur / Natasha Dore Brandi Manderson / Nathalie Testi-Flamin Kayley Reed / Kristina Mallet Sheyanne Banana / Danielle Hensley Model: Jenna Milligan Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Cindy Brady Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Matt Burton


PinkBlitz Must Do’s So ladies, we’ve finally begun to get that wonderful sunshine and awesome temperatures. What’s next? Here’s just a few things to help in your transition from Winter to Spring: 1. It’s time to spring clean your wardrobe and makeup. Out with the old and in with the new! Also, be sure that while getting rid of old clothing, it’s important to help others in need so give them away! 2. Brighten up your style. Instead of the browns and neutrals you have been wearing and bring in the neons and pastels. Color blocking is huge right now! 3. Get a makeover! Brighten your locks, freshen your face and switch up your wardrobe! If you can’t do it on your own, check our page every month for a Makeover Madness Giveaway!

Upcoming Events May 8

PinkBlitz Magazine is happy to be guests at the Fashionista Fling Fashion Show! Next issue, we’ll be looking at all the great styles from amazing designers like Lisa DraederMurphy.

May 15

Pleased to announce that some of the PinkBlitz team will be headed to Halifax to meet celeb tattoo artist, Megan Massacre. See her interview in our June issue! 8

Model: Candace Bazowsky Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Candace Stright

MAY 2014, ISSUE 13

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Model: Ashley Merriam Wardrobe: Courtesy of All About the Curves, Styled by Nathalie Testi Hair: Kandas Michaud Makeup: Cindy Brady Photo by: Dustin Hurley Special thanks to Sarah Doiron of Sarah Jayne Designs for the beautiful handcrafted jewelry seen on our models.


What’s Inside! Ask the Stylist

Beyond the Rack stylist Scott McLean answers all your questions on the latest fashion trends!


Spring Cleaning Makeup

A look at why spring cleaning your makeup drawer is a crucial part of life.

32 20 Ways to Step Up Dating In a world where dating has become dog eat dog, we give you 20 ways you can come out on top!


No Means No!

We look into the definition of consent, and why the lines aren’t as blurred as they seem to be.

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Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Candace Bazowsky Photo by: Kim Therrien


Model: Jenna Milligan Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Cindy Brady Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

The Transition of Spring

thermostat can jump from +10 to -10 in the matter of 12 hours. When it’s warmer out, don’t be afraid to dust off one of your cute summer dresses. However, you don’t want to be that person everyone is staring at because you jumped the gun on the appropriate time to take them out. After all, we want to avoid being the target of eye movement due to an indecently acclimatized outfit choice. So make sure if you are choosing a dress to wear, you choose one that has a darker color pallet; black, navy or grey are always good goto’s. Perhaps, you can even go a little more wild and try a super-hot cobalt or a deep burgundy number, throw on a nice warm scarf that compliments so you’re not exposing too much skin (remember the wind chill is still around!) pair it with a top layer such as a jean jacket, cardigan or blazer, some opaque tights and boots and voila!

On the flip side, when it’s cold, don’t be afraid to throw on a bright pastel or even floral scarf (which are still in this upcoming season) with the required bulky sweater, to freshen up your look and remind everyone that spring is just around the corner and not to lose hope! Summer is easy to dress for, so is winter The warm weather is finally here and it’s but spring and fall are wardrobe transition time to tuck away those dreary winter periods, and the trick to transitioning into clothes and get ready for spring! At least, spring (or fall) is remembering to keep a that’s what MY calendar says! That’s balance. what all the cute flowery tank tops that just came out at the mall say… am I right? If you’re wearing something summery bring it back to spring with a cozy warm Unfortunately ladies, we know all too well scarf, if you’re feeling the winter blues that living in Eastern Canada, we’re last because you still have to wear your on the list of women who get to actively December sweaters brighten them up with partake in this. Here are a few Canadian a fun pop of color scarf that can brighten cold weather tips and tricks you can use your whole look. Just think of how much with items you probably already have in that first blooming flower in your yard your closet right now! makes things seem less dreary and draw inspiration from that! We all know that this time of year the

By Melanie McLean

Kevin Lemieux’s

Trendy Spring Styles Now that the snow has melted, it’s time to put away our winter jacket and boots. With spring here, it’ time to brighten up our wardrobe and here are a few trends for this season.

shinning this season. Metallic fabrics and any sort of embellishment that add some shine to your outfit is hot this season. Shine bright everyone!

Everyone loves the show “Orange is the New It’s time to show off some skin as the weather Black”. Well, for this season, we literally gets warmer and it looks like this season, it’s mean it. Orange is this season’s colour and all shoulders. While crop tops were a big trend shades of it are in. Well, not hunter’s orange. past seasons, shirts and dresses that show off your shoulders will be a hit these warmer And finally, something that has been on store shelves for a while now, tribal and Aztec months. print. From shirts, to pants and everything Having a loud print are also in. Large images in-between, these patterns are as hot at the and text all over your clothes will be the weather. craze. But at the same time, simplicity is super trendy. Clean lines and neutral colours The orangeand tribal print will be great piece to transition and use in the summer as well. will be great for this blossoming season. It’s worth investing in a few of these pieces Why not be adventurous and combine a little because you will get lots of wear out of them of both? A loud pant covered in print with a over the next four or five months. clean white t-shirt with a chunky necklace. Throw on a cute pair of flats and you’re Enjoy the weather and stay stylish doing so! ready for just about anywhere. Every girl (or guy) loves accessorizing their outfits. You just want a little bit of shine. Well, accessories aren’t the only thing 18



E I R E G N I L & S T E CORS izes

S s u l P & n o i t c e l e S e Wid

“A woman without Curves is like jeans without pockets... you don’t know where to put your hands!”


Amy MacArthur’s

Millie’s Style on the Go 5 Dazzling Ways to Winterize Your Spring Wardrobe: This winter seems like it will never come to an end, some days are hot and others are not. So what do you do with the spring clothes you have slowly migrated into your closet? With these 5 dazzling steps you can take those spring clothes and turn them into a fun flirty winter outfit! 1.

Add a Jacket

You have this amazing spring outfit picked out and you look outside and it’s snowing. Now what? Your maxi dress simply isn’t cut out for the weather, instead of putting it back into your closet you could add a moto jacket to your style. It’s a great statement item, and you already have it in your winter wardrobe. Adding a jacket to any spring outfit is not only a great way to stay warm, but you’re looking stylish and trendy in your new spring clothes. 2.

Layer Up

Layering your new spring t-shirts or those new spring tanks with a cable knit cardigan is great way to tackle the snowy weather. Bundle up in pastel colored sweaters to keep on the spring trend, as well as adding a blazer to your outfit. It’s a little too chilly outside to wear those new spring tees, why not layer the tee with a long sleeve shirt? It not only shows that you are ready for spring, but the tail end of winter isn’t kicking your flirty tees back into your closet. 20


Booties with a Kick

Adding those knee high boots or little booties to your spring outfit is a great way to winterize your wardrobe. Pairing booties with an a-line leather skirt and a flirty crop top layered with a pastel colored cardigan is trendy, yet while bundling up for the cooler weather you are still feeling the spring fever. 4.

Tighten it up

While winter is wrapping up the air is still quite chilly even on those mild days. Going out in bare legs still gives you the goose bumps. Cover up those bare legs with a pair of tights. You can wear them under your new spring high waist shorts or even under your new favorite skirt. If you don’t like tights no problem, knee high socks is another great way to keep your legs warm while still looking fresh for spring. 5.

Accessorize Yourself

Do you feel like your newly winterized spring outfit is missing something? You can add a pastel colored or slightly darker shaded scarf. It adds a bohemian style to your outfit and keeps you warm during those chilly months. Or choose to spice up your attire with a fedora, it adds edge to your style on those cold and snowy days.

Amy simply wasn’t cut out for traditional schooling and traditional jobs, she was born with a love for all things fashion. Being from a small town, her big city dreams needed to become her reality. She was determined to succeed and knew she had to put her keen eye for style and trends to the test. She knew after watching copious hours of The Hills on MTV, she couldn’t do anything else but pursue a career in the fashion industry as a stylist. A small town girl growing up with a love for the outdoors and horses isn’t anything out of the ordinary and being an equestrian is still a big part of who she is today; and is the main source for of inspiration.

Ask the Stylist: Scott McLean What do you think are the next “hot colors” I need to update in my spring wardrobe? When early Spring rolls around I think we can all agree that we’re excited for winter to be a distant memory. Rather than catching pneumonia from prancing around in short shorts in -10 degree weather, color can be a great way to welcome Spring with open arms. Soft colors such as Lilac, Powder Pink, and Pistachio Green are fun and flirty colors that will add a touch of Spring to any wardrobe. I am also a huge fan of Neutrals this spring like Ivory, Dove Grey, Khaki, and Honey tones.

What are your favorite/least favorite trends this year? Why?

and one of the million different color combos of Nikes out there. If you’re feeling particularly bold you could throw on a fresh baseball cap or a cap with a bold word written across the front. Highlighter yellows, oranges, and pinks are all colors I’m feeling for this look. I am far from athletic but even I can appreciate the cuteness a pair of techni-colored Nikes can bring to an outfit.

One of my favorite trends this year is wearing a matching pattern from top to bottom. Whether it was a tropical printed crop top and high-waisted skirt, a damask printed jacket and tailored pant, or a subtle stripe along the side of a structured tank top and short, having a matching print head-to-toe was uber chic this One of my least favorite trends this year was snake year. skin. I can’t tell you how over snake skin I am. I feel Another one of my favorite trends this year is the like this is a trend that is hanging on by a thread that I Athletic look. Now I’m not talking about wearing your am more than ready to cut. I think this trend is a little Lulu Lemon pants around town. I’m talking about a too “Keeping up with the Kardashians circa 2010” for me. loose jersey top or fun colored sweatshirt, leggings, 22

What’s In, What’s Out BY SCOTT MCLEAN

It is hard to keep track of the ever changing trends when it comes to fashion. One minute you’re wearing a cutting edge look and the next you’re committing a fashion felony. The following is a list of what is in my opinion “In” and “Out”. In: Tropical Prints: Prints have been everywhere this year but the one that has been catching my eye lately is tropical prints. This is a fun and fashionable way to wear a print and greet Spring/ Summer head on. Flirty floral prints are still cute but variety is always important. If you’re looking for something fresh than tropical flowers, leaves, fruits, and palm trees are a fun way to revamp your patterned looks. These paradise inspired prints can be found on everything from dresses and skirts to cropped tops and shorts. Sportswear Inspired Looks: This look is an easy and simple way to look perfectly on-trend. Sportswear inspired looks are wearing pieces that resemble articles of clothing that are used on and off the court by athletes. Clean lines, structured fits, and modern silhouettes are key factors to achieving this sporty look. Some easy and key pieces would be a windbreaker and a baseballstyle jacket in a bold red, blue, green, or yellow. A structured and wide strapped tank top or sleeveless tee would also to the trick. You could pair that with a structured pant cut off at the ankle and a modern heel with an ankle strap. Transparency: Sheer, mesh, and lace can be a fun and sexy way to stay on trend. This trend can be easily found just about anywhere and on just about anything. A full sheer blouse in a summery color is a definite must have. If you want to just

dip a toe in the transparency pool than you could go for a sweater or blouse that has a sheer sleeve or a mesh cut out on the side.

Out: Camo: Now don’t get me wrong, I was on board with this trend with everyone else. Camo was hot this past season and was on everything from jackets to leggings. This trend has been worn to death and now that summer is coming I feel it’s time to put the camo to rest. If you’re having a particularly hard time letting go of this trend, you can always wean off of it by wearing a nice khaki tone which is more fresh and not so over-done. High-Low: The trend of high in the front and low in the back was huge for tops, skirts, and dresses but enough is enough. It has gone from an edgy look to a slightly trashy one. My advice would be to have fun with length, but keep it level. Go for a cropped top or a flowing pleated skirt which is fresher and on trend.

What Every Closet Needs BY NATASHA DORE

Being on top of fashion trends may not be what every girl desires, but whether you open your closet to sequin dresses, ripped jeans or nothing but hats, one thing that every closet needs to bring pizazz any woman’s outfits to is a beautiful waist belt. Waist belts can add style and class to any outfit such as baggy sweaters, shirts, or dresses. Any style of outfit you or your girlfriends wear, it can always include a waist belt, they are universal, and they are able to blend in with any type of clothing.

3 Steps to Stylish BY NATASHA DORE

Three steps to stylish is not about the clothes you wear, the style, the brands, or even Falling over backwards to keep on track of the starting new trends, it’s about the three most popular trends, or choosing to buy big named brands over a weeks’ worth of food, and even important things things, choosing not to wear your favorite dress in public because it’s a tad eccentric is something 1) How you carry yourself many girls choose to do, we may not be Carry 2) Confidence Bradshaw, but we enjoy fashion in our own 3) Be yourself way in which it should be celebrated, in our own way. How you carry yourself, confidence and being true to you and your own personal style speaks volumes to your inner Goddess.


Model: Kendall Ward Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Candace Stright


Cbrido Collections, with Celine Brideau

PB: What made you decide to become a Fashion Designer? CB: Since I was a kid I have interest in fashion. You can’t decide to become a designer and want to work 60 hours a week, it’s a hard industry so it has to be a passion and a part of who you are. PB: What does Fashion mean to you? CB: Fashion… it’s a lifestyle and represents each individual’s personality. I think fashion always need to be fun don’t take it too seriously and have an open mind. At the end who want to be boring. I guarantee that my clothing will never be like the average. PB: How would you define your city’s Fashion? How do you hope to improve it? CB: Young people here have a fashion style that is really inspired by vintage. There is not a lot of boutique for women and they are pretty much all dressed similar so I hope to bring authenticity and trendy feel to the city. To feel that they are shopping in a high trend boutique from big city. PB: What was the first piece you ever designed, and what inspired you to do it? CB: It’s a long time ago in 2002 I think, but the first piece was a purple polka strapless dress with a large white bow. I was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and by the fabric colors, it wasn’t made in good quality but I’ve got a lot of compliment about it. PB: What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? CB: In one year I’ve accomplished so much I’m sure I’ve got 10 years older in this year! But one thing that I’m really proud is that with all the problems and mistake that I’ve done I never give up. It’s almost crazy but I’m still fighting for my place in the fashion industry. My tattoo “Fight for your destiny” reflect this side of my personality. Working in business world put me all the time out of my comfort zone and it’s where I accomplished the most. PB: You got to go to New York Fashion Week to show your pieces, tell me about that. CB: It was a dream come true, the owner of the show contacted me personally to be a part of their show because he like the esthetic of my work. It was a wonderful evening at the central park hotel with a lot of emotions. My collection wasn’t as good that I would love to because I only had 1 month to create 25 pieces so it was crazy. Finally I’ve got orders and also create good contacts there and I definitely want to sell some of my pieces in USA in the coming year. 27

PB: What are your favorite fabrics to work with? Why? CB: I like to work with stretch fabric because it’s so soft and comfortable but it really hard to work with. This is why I always mixing fabrics. For my spring collection there is cotton and for the winter wool and boucle. PB: What matters most to you as a fashion designer? CB: As a fashion designer I always want to create new creative pieces nothing similar to the last collection. Also always offer the best quality of the piece and the fabric. Anyway it’s easy to beat all those clothing that we found today. Finally I’m a designer who is working in rural city and I try to let people know that buying local it’s better for the economy and environment. Also to be conscious that where you clothing are made and how. PB: How would you define your personal style? CB: My personal style is always feminine, sometimes comfy and sometimes so not comfy lol I like wearing heels, summer dresses in winter and boots for summer!!! Weird but like to show that you can wear whatever you want. My hair is always natural, never wear nail polish and liner for my eyes and gloss for my lips. When I feel adventurous I like colored lips this summer I’ll definitely wear orange lipstick. PB: What advice do you have for aspiring designers? CB: Only listen the people that have a really good experience in the industry and follow your feeling. Be prepared to face rejection and critics. Big city is way easier to develop your talent in fashion design. Nothing is impossible in rural place but keep in mind that it’s 100% harder. You have to experience all the face of designing before taking the course of Fashion design to see if it’s really made for you. PB: What can we expect to see from you in the next year? CB: Focusing on my website and selling to other boutique across Canada, USA and maybe Europe. Follow CBrido Collection on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram CBrido Boutique 340 King Street Fredericton, N.-B. Phone: 506-472-6164 brido_87 (at) (available in a month) 28


Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Drawer It’s that time again! Sun is warmer, days are longer and now it’s time to spring clean your makeup drawer. Here are a few great tips to achieving that! First off, you should always be, and if you haven’t you should probably start checking the labels on all your products. There is a little picture of a jar with a number on it. You may see it written as 6M, 12m, 30M. This is how long your product has from the time you open it, because the preservatives only last that long. Next, while you’re looking over your products, separate the ones you haven’t used in the last 6-8 weeks. Chance are if you haven’t used it in this long, you probably won’t be using it again. Time to clean it up! Switch up your colors! Find beauty magazines, articles, and blogs, or anything that gives you the latest trend in colors and with the changing sun, you may need to go with a darker foundation. Remember: Discard anything that you haven’t used in months. On that note above, if you’re changing your makeup, where ever you buy it, grad items from the middle to back. This will insure you have a fresher product, also depending on it location in the shop you are in, if it is in direct sunlight, the front products may be changed because of it. Clean your brushes! This is a great tip to having fresh brushes! You can clean and sanitize them with alcohol, and if that isn’t an option for you, you can use a mild baby shampoo. Also, when you’re done cleaning your brushes, clean your makeup bag/box/drawer because dust and/or makeup debris could have scattered everywhere. 32


Model: Kendall Ward Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley


Hair Braiding By Phoebe Hicks

The Dutch, Princess Leia, Katniss, Elsa and you, seems like forever that braids have been used and popular. A clean and intricate way of styling your hair with variety and simplicity, they have been a part of hair history. To keep your hair out of your face or even dress up braids can be resourceful on any day and work with all hair types. Convenient and easy even Pocahontas nailed it! Popularized by many cultures and characters a braid or having braids in just is a young and lively hair style. There are so many different ways to wear this hairstyle and so many kinds and variations of a regular three strand braid, as well as versions with up to 8 strands. Braids are ageless—they’re fun from toddlerhood to senior hood. Why have braids always stayed so popular? Pretty, wholesome and so versatile why wouldn’t they remain popular it’s a classic look no matter what. The country twang of hair leads to so much more. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t like braids? It’s said braids are the best thing to have in your hair, keeps your hair out of the way, cleaner and even if you wear braids a lot, your hair will grow faster. Tangle free and when taken out gives hair a lovely kink and wave. A braid works in your favour in many ways, whether it’s for the look and uses of the braid itself or the after look; they style your hair in more than one way. As fabulous as braids are by themselves they can do double the work when it comes to neatness, growth, kink, and just being adorable on anyone. Braids now have almost become an art form and they are and always have been beautiful, join in; braids are fun, timeless and ageless and a bonus a good way to have your hair. 34

Model: Candace Bazowsky Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

Coconut oil is probably the best thing that hasn’t happened to you yet. You’ve heard about it, wanted to try it, have no idea where to buy it, but it’s on your things to try list. You’ll get to it eventually. I’m here to tell you to get to your nearest health nut store and buy it immediately.

one was definitely a success, onto the next. I had read through my research that two tablespoons of coconut oil daily can help to boost your metabolismsomething I was keen on boosting,

The uses of coconut oil are endless. I smothered a turkey in it the other night and it was delicious. It’s a great substitute for butter in any recipe. When I did my research and heard through the grapevine about this I immediately went out and bought a jar. I made sure to get unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil as to avoid processing. If you have an issue with the taste or smell of coconut, you can buy a jar of refined coconut oil. (There may be some added ingredients due to the processing, however it’s all based on what you prefer). I then began my journey on the discovery of coconut oil and all its magical uses. I naturally began with my hair. My unruly, frizzy, curly mane. One of the first things I had read was it was a magical frizz killer. I’m not sure I understood the instructions properly, but I ended up putting too much on my head and went too far with it. What it lead to was 6 hours of me sitting around with my hair smothered in coconut oil, which is also something recommended anyways. I rinsed it out, and it was as if my hair had re birthed itself into this magical ball of soft bouncy curls. This was two weeks ago and I still feel I dove head first into it. I made the most disgusting a difference in my hair. Not quite as dramatic, but it’s smoothie I may have ever had. It was a metabolism still a far cry from the amazon mess it once was. Task booting smoothie that consisted of two tablespoons 36

of coconut oil, and a number of other “metabolism boosters” which included maca root powder, arugula, I have lost 4 pounds since I started, and I am inclined and goji berries among some of the ingredients. It to credit my daily intake of coconut oil since that’s was horrid. But I drank/chugged it and I won. the only thing that’s changed in my diet. My final battle with coconut oil was to test its moisturizing benefits. I have a friend who has psoriasis and she has used coconut oil in the past to help with her condition. I figured I may as well try it on myself and see where it goes. I don’t have any particular area of my body that gets dry with the weather, however I find my elbows are affected. I slathered on the coconut oil and I found it works just as well as any other moisturizer. I even preferred it because I understand what the ingredients are on the label, compared to lotions where I can’t pronounce 20 out of 25 ingredients on the list. I wasn’t a fan of using it on my lips, I found the consistency unappealing. I’m sure there are ways to improve on that though if you’re dedicated. I also used it as a moisturizer for my cat’s feet, and it’s safe for your pets to have as well since it’s natural. May as well have your furry friends reap the benefits of it as well. I also tried a recipe a friend suggested to me. I am no baker, no skill level at all in that field. Naturally, I decided it was best to test it out for the first time on a group of thirty gathered for a surprise party. I over cooked them, and they were awful. I’ve heard tons of different things coconut oil can be used for. Stretch marks, teeth whitening, butter replacement, fat burner. It was hard to accept that The rest of the day I found my energy levels were one product could do so much and live up to this up, and I felt fantastic. I can’t bring myself to drink it golden reputation, but I followed through and I was daily, however I stick to it at least 3-4 times a week for definitely impressed with the results. the last 3 weeks and I find I am feeling the benefits.

Model: Emily Bland Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

Photo by: Janna Lounsbury

Makeover Madness!

Photos by Mario Gaudreau

Jana Clarke came in for a makeover, looking totally natural! She was given consult by our skin, hair and beauty specialists and was excited to start. 1. Starting with hair, our girl Kandas Michaud gave her a much needed haircut and style, and tips on how to maintain.

products both affordable and user friendly.

2. Brooke Anderson gave Jana a facial, making sure to use

3. Talya Morgan applied a makeup application with a natural, yet dramatic effect. As you can see, Jana still looks like herself, but totally glammed up! Plus, she gained quick and easy tips to maintain this fab style on a regular basis. Cost effective plus easy? WIN! 39

Photo by Matt Burton

Model: Christina Murray Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Savannah Arsenault Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Katherine Legault Photo by: Kim Therrien

Model: Emily Bland Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Kendall Ward Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Models: Alex Roberts, Joanny St-Onge Andre Atrsenault-Thibodeau, Trinity Augustine Julie Michon, Nicholas Landry Caleb Flanagan, Katherine Legault, Doug Smith, Valerie Diotte Hair: Kandas Michaud Makeup: Melissa Gauthier Wardrobe: Nathalie Testi Photo By Mario Gaudreau

Model: Nathalie Brunier Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Matt Burton

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? An Article on Promiscuity By: Danielle Hensley Sadly, this is not about the song by Shania Twain. Don’t lie. I know you started to sing it too. Do you have a life similar to Sex and The City? Are you having trouble finding “the one”? Maybe you meet a charming individual and he charms you into his bed…on the second date (maybe even the first date). We have all been there. Ladies (and gentlemen), I challenge you to not listen to those charmers. Listen to your heart. If your heart is telling you to throw away all your inhibitions then go for it! You only live once. However, if you are looking for “the One”, falling into his bed straight away may not be the best idea. It might be what Mr. Charming wants but if you really like him, why not wait? I am not talking about waiting until marriage. This is NOT one of those talks. I am talking about waiting a little while just to see if he is really interested in you for you and you won’t have another ONS (One Night Stand) on your list. You deserve the best. You deserve respect and love. Yes, YOU. The man who wants to spend a long time with you and really cares for you will wait. I met my fiancé on a public bus. I know, not very romantic. I thought he was just another freak who wanted to take me home. We have been together going on 3 years now. He waited for me and I admit to teasing the heck out of him during that time. Give yourself the 50

power. Hold your head up because you are a Goddess. Love yourself first and someone else will love you in return. On a different note, we consider cheating. Maybe you have been cheated on. Has his or her “boots” been under someone else’s bed? That is difficult to move on from. A promiscuous partner who can’t seem to stay faithful. I recently watched a television show where the partner admitted to sleeping with multiple women before their marriage and during. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone who wants you and only you. For some people, it may be hard to be faithful for whatever reason. If you really want to fix things, try couples therapy and getting into the heart of it all. This article focused on promiscuity. I know I didn’t say it a lot but if you are sleeping with men or women not very long after meeting them, you are cheating yourself out of real love. If that is what you want then ignore this article. You do what you do. No judgments will be passed. If you have been cheated on, work on trusting others again. Don’t blame yourself for what they chose to do. You are beautiful and you need to know that. They were just not meant to be yours. There is someone out there for all of us who will treat us right.

Model: Erin Lawton Photo by: Alicia Robichaud Photography

20 Ways to Step Up Your Dating Game

By: Danielle Hensley 1) Men, this one is for you. Pay for the first date, at least. Chivalry isn’t dead. Even though we live in a time where some women are happy to pay because it shows their independence and that they don’t need you to pay for them. However, it is a gentlemanly thing to do. Paying for the first date would show her that you are sweet and considerate as well as money isn’t an overall concern for you as much as her happiness is.

hold eye contact. 5) Do not lead them on. Guys or girls, if you are not interested in them, tell them. Leading them on will just lead to more heartache for that person. Do not put them through the torture of thinking you actually like them that way. Let them know.

6) As said above, be honest. Do not hold anything back. If you are dating, this is a 2) Be confident. Confidence is everything. person that you may consider being with for This goes for both men and women. Do not quite some time. You both need to know each overdo it by being arrogant. Be comfortable other really well. in your own skin. Love yourself and others will love you. 7) Have a willingness to try something new. The whole point of dating is getting to know 3) Put away the phone. We live in a someone new so why not step out of your technologically advanced world but comfort zone a little bit? You only live once. sometimes, there is a time to put the technology Make it worthwhile. away. A date is one of these times. You want to give them your full, undivided attention. 8) Do not talk about your ex. This is a given. This is your time to get to know one another. Turn the phone off. Talking about your ex will kill the mood and let your date know that you aren’t over that 4) Have good eye contact. This goes with the ex. There is no reason to talk about him/her #3 a little bit. When your eyes are focused on with this person. If you need to vent, do it to your phone screen, you cannot read the other your friends, not someone you are trying to person that well. The eyes are the windows to move on with. the soul, as they say. Plus, it is just rude to not 52

9) Do not compare one another with your exes. We are all our own person and have our own qualities. If you compare then you are just looking for your ex in somebody else anyway. Stay in the present and don’t live in the past.

may find the one. 15) Let him/her know your boundaries. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable just to impress them.

10) Let them know what you want out of a 16) Respect is key for anyone. People expect relationship. You are dating to try to find the to be treated with the same respect they give right person for you. you. Do not play mind games. Treat them as you would 11) Spend time together. If you want this person for the rest want to be treated. of your life, you should want to be 17) Do not around them and only talk about do things with yourself. As them. Dating is said previously, meant to test the allow them to waters. Determine speak as well. if they are who Have a mutual you really want. conversation where you each 12) Take it slow. learn what you Don’t rush into have in common things. Get to and what you know one another don’t. first. Don’t feel pressured to give 18) Be sure to them any intimacy remain humble. immediately. A Do not act like you kiss is fine but are better than the other person. If don’t kiss the they don’t take person if you are you to a fancy place for dinner, oh well. We all not attracted to them. Refer to #5. have tough times and should respect the fact 13) Remain independent. Ladies, if you want that they are even taking us out to dinner. to split the bill or pay for it, go ahead. You are your own person. Keep your values and your 19) Show off who you are. Be yourself and let hobbies. Do not change to make someone else your personality shine. They are out on a date with you to get to know the real you. happy. 14) Enhance your dating requirements. If you 20) Lastly, do not act like a fool. For example, are not finding the person that you want in do not get drunk and obnoxious. Many people your personal specific field, meet somebody do not see it as attractive. new. Step out of the box. Who knows? You Photo by Dee Sinner


Too Comfortable in Your Relationship? BY: SHEYANNE BANANA Many women in long term relationships will sometimes look back on the beginning of their relationship and miss the good stuff. We all miss the chivalry, the manners, the excitement of being in a new relationship and getting to know one another. As time goes on things change, you get to know each other, chivalry dies off, and the next thing you know your boyfriend is helping you wax your legs. When my boyfriend and I first met, we were very cautious around each other. Very polite, no discussion of bodily functions, it was beautiful.

Nose picking is real people. So is farting. These are things that we all must learn to deal with and accept. With this new level of comfort in a relationship, you begin to learn new things about one another that goes beyond bodily functions and general grossness. You learn to be compatible, grow with each other, a new level of honesty comes about. These are all great things to happen in a relationship. I am happier now in my relationship than I was two and a half years ago. I may not have the most romantic relationship, and passion is something I seek out on “Sex and the City” re runs and new guacamole recipes. Which I am perfectly fine with. Having an open and honest relationship is more important to me than that spark and fire you have in the beginnings of a relationship, and those things are different with every relationship.

That lasted a whole two months, and then we moved in together. Taking it slow is not exactly a concept I can grasp very well. Our relationship changed quite drastically while living in our tiny apartment. Suddenly he was using the washroom with the door open, farting became a normal part of my daily life, I could no longer hide when picking my nose and blame it on allergies, and we I think that men and women are both right. You discuss bodily functions much more frequently can be too comfortable in a relationship. When than I would like. your level of cautiousness goes away and what replaces it is disrespect and a lack of appreciation, This brings us to the question; “Can you be too there needs to be some reevaluations. When you comfortable in your relationship?” are no longer focusing on being compatible and growing with one another, there needs to be some Most women I asked said yes. Certain things reevaluations. When you no longer care about must remain taboo in order to keep the passion your relationship and the feelings of your partner, and mystery alive. While the majority of the men I there needs to be some reevaluations. At the end asked said no, because everyone farts. of the day you are together to be a support system to each other, and while every relationship is I think it’s great when that level of formality different there needs to be respect. ends in a relationship and you can begin to be real around one another. That’s a true test to how I also still use the bathroom with the door closed. compatible you really are. On the other hand, you Some things are sacred. begin to realize how gross one another truly are. 54


Model: Ashley Merriam Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Cindy Brady. Talya Morgan Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

58 56

Photo By Dee Sinner

Jessy’s Life in the City A COLUMN BY JESSY HORTON

I recently read an article of the top 5 things people regret on their deathbed. It hit me hard when I read the words “I wish I hadn’t worked so much.” Days passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had read. I’ve always been the type of person who wanted a great career, but how much of our lives are we really dedicating to work? A lot of people want to make lots of money, have a big house and expensive things, and that’s all well and good, I applaud anyone who can become a dentist or a doctor and believe me I love going shopping and spending money, not caring how much I spend, but I never wanted a job where I spent more time at work than with people I love. I was driving down an old dirt road with someone I love, simply enjoying life and it hit me. This is what life is about. Living life making peace with your regrets, don’t work too hard and make every day worth it.

Xo Xo Jessy 59

Cooking With


Our Chef Nathalie Testi-Flamin shares great recipes straight from her own kitchen that are both tasty and healthy!

raw food: basil salmon tartar Sunshine! Treat yourself with this delicious recipe. It will be wrapped up in 10 minutes to enjoy on your deck, with a chilled glass of chardonnay and some fresh toasted baguette! Bon appetit! 4 table spoon of olive oil One handful of fresh basil Italian parsley and chives! Half a red onion diced The juice of one lemon Salt, pepper. 1 tea spoon of Dijon • Thinly slice salmon lengthwise into 1/8”-wide sheets. Cut each sheet into 1/8”-long strips. Cut strips crosswise into 1/8” cubes. Place salmon in a medium bowl. Add the ingredients and toss to combine. Season tartar to taste with salt and pepper. Transfer tartar to a bowl and serve with roquette salad and cherry tomatoes. And you can replace basil, with your favorite fresh aromatic! Coriander, dill, Italian parsley, tarragon are some other options. 58

Photo by: Nathalie Testi-Flamin


Model: Laura Melvin Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Cindy Brady Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

Model: Jenna Milligan Hair: Kandas Michaud MUA: Cindy Brady Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

To Organic or Not to Organic By: TAMMY MALLEY

Community Health graduate, former food law consultant, gym addict and health nut. Can cook a carrot 101 ways while wondering the origin of growth of said carrot. Ever wonder exactly what constitutes “organic” when you’re wandering through the aisles of the grocery store, debating if that $2 mark-up on a jar of organic peanut butter is worth it? I’m looking at organic products from a purely regulatory point of view, since that is my expertise; I’m not talking about whether nutritionally they are different (although research has shown that in most cases, the nutritional composition of organic and nonorganic is the same). While organic foods typically contain less pesticides and other chemicals used during production, there are still some grey areas that consumers might not be aware of: 1) ORGANIC DOESN’T MEAN THE ENTIRE PRODUCT IS ORGANIC As per the Canadian Organic Product Regulations, the organic logo as well as the words “organic” can appear on a food that is certified organic—by an approved licensing body—and the food only needs to contain 95% organic material. That’s right, 95%. Up to 5% of that food can be nonorganic, but the product is still toted as organic. Now, there are some rules on what that 5% can be, which leads me to... 2) SOME FOOD ADDITIVES ARE ALLOWED IN ORGANIC PRODUCTS This is part of the 5% allowable non-organic ingredients. There is a Permitted Substances List (Section 6.3 of CAN/CGSB-32.311-2006), and the list is quite lengthy. Here are a few that are allowed: sodium phosphates (in dairy products), calcium carbonate, xanthan gum, cornstarch (not 62

exactly an organic ingredient since it requires heavy processing), and wood resin. Those are just a few. 3) THE PHRASE “CONTAINS 70% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS” IS ALLOWED If the product doesn’t contain 95% organic ingredients, and contains at least 70% organic ingredients, you can still use the phrase “contains x% organic ingredients”, where “x” is the percentage of organic ingredients. Consumers can be easily swayed by using “health” words like organic, and I find this can draw a consumer into their product even if the product contains a considerable amount of processed junk. I’m guilty of spending extra money and buying organic for SOME products—I try to buy all organic tofu products, in order to avoid GMO soy, but it’s limited to that. While I don’t discourage consumers from buying organic products, I do hope they realize that organic doesn’t always mean healthy, and the regulations on organic products are a bit looser than they should be. Have any questions about the labels on the foods you buy? Let me know:

Model: Nathalie Brunier Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley

Meet the Parents By: Danielle Hensley

Model: Melanie McLean Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Dustin Hurley


Meeting the parents can be a daunting task for him and her. It is the stage of the relationship where you have determined that you really like this person and possibly want to be with them for quite some time but that could involve terrible in-laws. The minute you step on the front porch, your heart begins palpitating at a faster rate and you feel yourself start to sweat. For men, it is the fathers that cause this and for women, it is the mothers. It is a difficult step to get through and you may be wondering for a little while what they think of you. If they really like you or are just being nice to your face for the sake of their child. To start out with, you are going to want to research his or her parents. Basically, interrogate your significant other about them (gently though) to find out everything you can. Have your brain take mini notes of random sections of information and somehow pull it together into something you could potentially have in common with the parents. Ladies, wear a nice outfit with the right touch of covering up. Men, dress like you are going to a job interview because you need to be just as prepared. If you show a little too much skin, you may look like a hoochie to his old fashioned parents. If your pants are too low, you may hear a lot of “wear a belt” or “pull your pants up”. They may say it in a polite, jokingly manner so as not to seem rude. Really though, they think thug. Dress appropriately, people. Manners are something that is a given, especially when meeting the parents. Use “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”. Pull the chair

out for the women, say please and thank you often, and try to lessen the curse words. Be respectful to them and their home as well as your spouse. They could potentially become your in-laws. Compliments, compliments, compliments. It doesn’t matter if you sound like a kiss ass. Who doesn’t love compliments? Compliment her father’s toy car collection or his mom’s way of arranging the house. It will seem like you care about what they do. To put it simply, be as nice and as upstanding as you can be but sound sincere while doing it. Keep an eye on the body language and the feeling of the room. If you feel tension or the father is giving you the evil eye, maybe you said something wrong. Even if you think you didn’t, apologize and attempt to make light of the conversation. This is probably the most important of it all, be prepared for the questions that they are going to have for you. They want to make sure you are going to treat their son or daughter right. They may want to delve into your past relationships. Play it off and remain relaxed. They are purposely putting pressure on you in an attempt to make you crack. The night before, write up your own Q&As for preparation, if you like. While meeting the parents can be nerve racking; if you can make it through the few hours of dinner and mingling unscathed then you should be fine.

10 Things To Never Say to a Thin or Plus Sized Woman By: Rachel Richard Social conventions tell us we should not publicly discuss the following topics: Sex, Politics or Religion. It is exceedingly difficult to speak about this unholy trinity of conversation topics in polite conversation without offending anyone. We would be be wise to follow suit with another controversial topic of our time, Weight. Everyone seems to hold an opinion, however controversial, on this topic. The public expression of said opinion justifies that fat (and thin) shaming is one of the last acceptable forms of bullying today under the guise of public health. In most cases, commenting on another’s weight does not carry the same stigma as matters of race and sexual orientation do. 66

Making assumptions about a person’s appearance without knowing any details of their personal circumstances is foolish. As recent studies have clearly demonstrated, thin doesn’t necessary equal health, just as « big » doesn’t equal sickness. Our physical appearance does not demonstrate a thorough and precise picture of our health. Even if it did, do you believe bullying remarks do any good? This merely shames the subject into silence. The next time you feel the need to voice your opinion on the matter of someone’s weight, keep these tips in mind because they do a great deal more harm than good, despite your intention.

From birth onwards, women face enough abuse from institutional patriarchy in the form of street harassment, rape culture, unreasonable beauty expectation, unequal pay and political representation… enough to last every one of us a lifetime. If they can help it, women should not contribute to this phenomenon. In the words of Gloria Steinem, ‘don’t be a masochist’. People who run beauty blogs and the socalled « fashion police » have dedicated themselves to tearing each other apart by deconstructing every detail of a woman’s appearance—her lips are too big, her hair is too flat, her chest is too small—for

what purpose exactly? Finding flaws in others is often a means to take attention off of our own. Bigger women, don’t define a thinner woman’s weight as something unnatural, and thin women, do not believe that bigger women have an obligation to society to be healthy. It is time to stop this cycle hate once and for all. We need to start building each other up instead of trying to tear each other down. If all else fails, remember the old adage: “If you can’t say something nice (or constructive), don’t say anything at all.”

65 67

No Mea Defining Sexual As By: Rachel Richard

“No.” is a complete sentence. Not only doesn’t it require justification, it requires no explanation. As simple as this may seem, a lot of people seem to have a hard time grasping this concept. From Steubenville, Ohio to Delhi, India, cases of sexual assault have received a great deal of coverage in the media, and rightfully so. The outrage has made its way to our shores, in the case of Rehtaeh Parsons in Nova Scotia, who ended her life after photos of an alleged gang rape were distributed online, and the pro-rape frosh chants at Saint Mary’s University, which attracted international reprimand. Rape is not a new phenomenon, but the fact that we are talking about it more frequently and more openly is a good thing. In fact, according to the Justice Institute of British Columbia, one in seventeen Canadian women will be raped in her lifetime. On average, such an assault occurs once every twenty minutes. The Havens ‘Wake Up to Rape’ report conducted online found that half of the men and women surveyed believed that the rape 68

victim should take responsibility for the sexual assault. No matter how short your dress is, how much alcohol you’ve consumed or if you have a relationship with the perpetrator, rape is never the victim’s fault. There exists no common denominator in cases of rape. Rape victims are men and women of all ages, ethnicities, physical type, and in different types of situation. No report indicates that wearing a mini skirt increases your chance of being raped; rape predates miniskirts. These types of excuses switches the responsibility from the perpetrator to the victim. No one asks to be raped or be the victims of a violent crime. Would you blame a murder victim for enticing their murderer? We cannot teach anyone, women in particular, how « not to get raped » because the responsibility does not lay in the victim, but in the perpetrator. A proven method of prevention lies in the causal relationship between rape and consent. When people fail to understand what consent implies, sexual assaults can happen. Any form of sexual activity in the absence of consent is sexual assault. It is time we teach our children and most importantly, ourselves the true meaning of consent and its implications.

ans No: ssault and Consent Silence is not consent. In the absence of verbal and enthusiastic approval, consent is not implied. Everyone reacts to certain situations differently. Certain people may face an unwanted form of sexual contact by staying silent out of fear or intimidation. In some cases, the victims are found unresponsive due to the consumption of alcohol. Never assume the absence of a negative reaction implies consent. Intoxication is not consent. The inability to consent due to intoxication is as good as saying “no”. If an individual has consumed so much alcohol that he or she is unable to make a clear and concise decision, it’s not consent. Communication between partners in this instance is key to determine where they find themselves on the spectrum of intoxication. The consumption of alcohol does not mean one in unable to participate in sexual activity, but if that person is incapacitated and incoherent, he or she is not able to consent. The lack of consciousness does not mean « yes ». Coercion is not consent. If you need to coerce your partner to engage in sexual activity by creating a situation where he or she feels uncomfortable saying « no » through pressure,

guilt or manipulation, it is not a consensual act. Coercion implies to use of force, whether it was psychological, emotion or physical. If the relation was consensual, you would not need to convince your partner. Consent requires the autonomous agreement of both parties. Arousal is not consent. The body’s natural impulses and reaction to sexual desire are not, by their very nature, wanted. Your partner’s body may be ready and able to participate in sexual activity, but you should not assume they want to. Physical arousal is an argument often used to dismiss male victims’ reports of sexual assault. Most of us cannot control our body’s reaction to stimulation. Arousal does not go hand in hand with consent. And finally, consent is not sexy. Our rights to bodily autonomy do not need to be fetishized to be respected. Consent is enthusiastic, autonomous and continuous throughout sexual activity. No matter what Robin Thicke says, the lines are not blurred. If you are unsure if your partner is consenting or not, it’s not consent.


Spring Cleaning Your Body BY RACHEL RICHARD Spring is seen as a renewal of life. Flowers bloom, grass grows, and you may finally be motivated to clean the dust off of your ceiling fans. It is only natural to want to do the same with your body. This season in an ideal time to cleanse your body of your decelerated metabolism and the hearty foods you consumed during the colder months. However, maintaining a healthy diet and doing plenty of exercise should be part of your daily ritual, not just a reaction to the change of seasons or a drunken New Year’s resolution. If you want to do a cleanse, feel free to do so. But be wary of the health implication of your chosen regimen. Do not trust any cleansing ritual that requires you to fast for extended periods of time or to eliminate entire food groups from your diet. The companies that market juice fasts capitalize on our need for quick results and easy solution, not forgetting the fact that these multibillion organizations have a vested monetary interest in our failure. They may help you shed pounds quickly, but as your metabolism slows again, you will gain the weight back. They are not cleansing diets, but starvation diets. A fast by any other name would labeled as it should be, an eating disorder facilitator. Any cleansing ritual that promises overnight results is not healthy, no matter how many letters follow the name of the doctor making the recommendations, such as MD, PHD, or M, N, L, O and P. A true cleanse is not meant for you to lose weight, but to clean your body of accumulated toxins, such as pesticides, mercury, disinfectants, and microbes. These will make themselves known in the form of frequent headaches, back pain, or hair loss for example. Enzymes present in our bodies are already equipped to destroy these toxins and flush them from our bodies. Detox cleanses are meant to optimize the enzymes’ main 70

function and accelerate the cleaning of your system by releasing those toxins from your body. Detox programs vary in length. Long-term cleanses require permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle such as exercise, meditation, drinking fluids and supplements. If you want to try your hand at a shortterm detox, here are a few methods you could try. If you believe a detox might impair your health or diet in any way, consult your physician before pursuing one. It’s important to note that I am NOT A DOCTOR. I’m just an idealistic writer with a penchant for women’s issues and a flair for research. Continue at your own risk. Try adding lemon to your water. Start your day with a tall glass of warm water infused with fresh lemon juice. The lemon’s citric acid helps break down fat molecules, the vitamin C will boost your immune system and its refreshing properties are well suited to spring! Do not forget to brush your teeth more often because the acid found is citrus products damages the enamel on your teeth. Incorporate more green vegetables, such as kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, celery, green apples and cucumbers, to your diet. You can snack on these throughout the day or pulverize them into a juice. The digestive enzymes present in these vegetables will improve your body’s capacity to absorb nutrients. Take warm baths to draw toxins from your body to your skin. Adding Epsom salts to the water will enhance this detox. Finish this weekly cleanse by rinsing your body with cold water to remove the toxins from your skin. Just like you wouldn’t clean your house once a year, don’t wait until the spring to clean your body. After finding a detox that works best for you, follow through the cleanse a few times a year whenever you feel sluggish to boost your metabolism and the energy you need to clean out your closet.

Model: Melanie McLean Hair: Amy Barter MUA: Courtnee Bastarache Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Model: Kendall Ward & Ashley Merriam Hair: Amy Barter, Kandas Michaud MUA: Courtnee Bastarache, Cindy Brady Wardrobe: All About the Curves Styled By: Nathalie Testi Jewelry: Sarah Jayne Designs Photo by: Jill Renton

Tolerating Stress By: p.n ph. tech Sylvia breau

The pace of life does not seem like it is going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, we seem to be going faster to get nowhere. The economy has forced us to work two jobs to be able to “afford” luxuries we have come to enjoy. This has brought on a generation exposed to a greater amount of stress than previous generations. A few people I know have this “get off your butt and deal with it” attitude. This opinion is brought about because they just shrug off anything that comes their way. Having to deal with excess amount of stress comes easier to some people than others. Is it genetic? Is it low tolerance? I believe multiple factors come into play. That is why it is not so “cut and dry” as why two people that went through the same situations from birth to adulthood cope differently to stressors. I have often been asked how I manage my stress. I tend to handle differently with some kinds of stresses. Contrary to what some people think, I don’t sit and “mope”.

I will try to distract myself like go for a walk, cook, clean, read, listen to music, watch TV, play video games, etc. If I feel overwhelmed, I might try to soothe my senses. I can take a bath with Epsom salt, light some scented candles, snuggle up with my favorite soft blanket and PJ’s. Sometimes I just observe my breath. Yes, that’s right I just pay attention to how I am breathing and just say I am “inhaling” and I am “exhaling”. When I am too amped up, just telling myself this while breathing almost always works. Also, the tried and true method of healthy lifestyle and being active increases tolerance to stress and has the added bonus of making you feel awesome! I won’t lie to no one, you may have to try multiple techniques before you find a few that works. Each person has specific needs. Each person may have their own preferred methods they use to help them cope.



Too often, young ladies are bullied, abused and face traumatic events at the hands of their peers. This new program brought to you by the PinkBlitz team is aimed at young ladies aged 12 – 17 who have troubled histories of bullying, abuse, neglect, etc. who need a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Every month we’ll be asking for nominations to pick a girl in need, by either a parent/guardian or another trusted adult. We will then invite the chosen girl to our upcoming photoshoot and provide her with some great confidence building surprises! if you would like to nominate a girl in need, please email: (must be nominated by a parent/guardian or trusted adult) To sponsor this program or if you want to help in some way, please contact us!

Model:Annica Landry Hair: Mary Lawton Makeup: Debby Clements Photo by: Mary Lawton

Health Fir Total weight loss: 15.25 lbs, 4% 78

Total weight loss: 17.75 lbs, 6%

rst Challenge Sponsored By;

Total weight loss: 6.75 lbs, 2% 79

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