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NOTES | From our editor

For the past few months, Pink & Blue Mag has been working around the clock ( evenings, weekends, and even into the wee hours of the morning) on the July/August Summer Issue. We will bring you the best real stories, tips, ideas, products, activities, fashions, recipes and more! If you are a regular reader you may have already noticed all our new changes and we hope you like them!

Since the launch of the online mag-



By Nicole Bloomberg

azine, we have grown and added many new featured experts to write on the topics that you care most about. We know that many of you are part of our Pink & Blue forum and love getting advice from Real Mothers. The online magazine has been expanded to provide real advice from our mom & dad bloggers plus experts with useful ranging from sleep techniques to what foods to eat. We monitor conversations for important issues. A special thank you to our editors & experts for your contribution to making Pink & blue Mag the parents “ goto” guide for expert advice. We would love to hear your comments, Please email use at info@pinkandbluebaby.com. With love to you and your fam! xoxo

Nicole Bloomberg Pink & Blue Magazine is not responsible for advice and information that is expressed in this magazine. If you have any medical question please consult your health professional. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that Pink & Blue Magazine articles and other information on the web site are up-to-date and accurate as possible, as of the time of publication, but no responsibility can be taken by Pink & Blue Magazine for any errors or omissions contained herein. Pink & Blue Mag will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this website is not the responsibility of Pink & Blue Magazine. The content from any organization websites which you link to or from Pink and Blue Mag are our of our control. These link are provided purely for your convenience. They do not imply Pink and Blue Magazine’s endorsement of or association with any products, services, content, information or materials offered by or accessible to you at the organizations site. The opinions expressed are those of the authors, reviews, and other materials and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pink & Blue Magazine. All copyright and trade marks accessible via the links from Pink and Blue Magazine are owned by the respective website owners, or their licensors.

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF| NICOLE BLOOMBERG EDITORIAL Managing Editor | STEPHANIE HILTZ Executive Editor | ROBYN ZELDIN Fashion Editor Art | NICKOLETTE REID Creative Director and Designs | VERONICA HENG Web Designer | AYANNA BLACK Photographer | HOPE HANSON CONTRIBUTORS - EXPERTS Wendy Goodman Lactation Consultant, Doula, Nurse Tracey Ruiz Sleep Doula Dr.Campitelli Certified Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Dina Kulik Pediatrician Natasha Marchand CD, HBCE, YTT200, bebomia.com Bianca Sprague Bebomia.com Sara Noble Occupational Therapist, OTReg.(Ont.) Chana Goldstein Author and Blogger – Reclaiming Pink’ Aviva Allen Nutrition Ruthy Tanenbaum R.N.C.P. Holistic Nutritionist Malvina Beker, OCT, MA Teacher, Sociologist, Writer Andrea Benaim, CA Tax Specialist Gila Ossip Tax4nanny Elaine Martyn Travel Specialist, The Travel Network Lesley Epstein Autism - Mom and Behavior Therapist for kids with Special needs Samara Bleiwas Homework - The learning factory homework club

Nicole Shwartz Fashion Image Consultant Meytal Algranti Shekter Fashion Expert Nickolette Reid Image Consultant Olga Rozin Proger Interior Designer, BAA (ID), ARIDO, IDC Dr. Lewinger Dentist Dr. Odiatu Dentist, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach & an NSCA, Certified Personal Trainer Scott Tate,H.B.Sc. HK Fitness, Health Consultant Shirit Kaufman Certified Pilates instructor, CFI, Pre and post natal Fitness specialist Sarah Brager: Yoga Expert Samantha Graff Gift Specialist Samara Schnurbach Owner/Founder Kidzoomer.com Amy Grandparents Guide Sandi Grandparents Guide Erin Lazer, MBA, CSP House and Home Camilla Soberano, B.A. Registered Early Childhood Educator

BLOGGERS - LIST Daddy Blogger: Stephen Gosewich Daddy Blogger|Urban Daddy Blogger-Talking about his 3 kids, marriage, tax, sports, politics and life Mommy Blogger: Jane Farkas Mommy Blogger: Terri Krajden-Babylish Advice Mommy Blogger: Mayahood-Maya Fitzpatrick Mommy Blogger: Amy Gordon, Wonder Mommy Mommy Blogger: Melanie Lam Mommy Blogger: Andrea Traynor-Mommy Gearest Arts & Entertainment Blogger: Sheri Chaim-Helman Mommy Blogger: Jen Farr-Kitchen Counter Chronicles COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Hiltz - National Account Manager, Toronto 04 pinkandbluemag

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Toddler - hood meets Travel! Pacifiers…To Be or Not to Be I’m a big kid now (3-5)

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Balancing the Motherload, Career & Doing Laundry Locks of Love Your Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep A Mother’s Story of Battling Cancer While Pregnant

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WENDY GOODMAN Lactation Consultant, Doula, Nurse She has many years of maternal/newborn nursing and teaching experience gained in hospital, university and community settings. Her reassuring manner and warm sense of humour quickly puts new mothers, families and staff at ease.


n o t c s experts te




Tracey Ruiz AKA The Sleep Doula, specializes in helping your babies, toddlers and children sleep. Working in the trenches with thousands of families over the last nine years, Tracey has seen it all.

nutritionist Aviva Allen is one of Toronto’s leading Nutritionists and author of The Organic Kosher Cookbook. Aviva runs a successful nutritional counselling practice in midtown Toronto offering clients personalized dietary advice with an emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods.


Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Andra is committed to providing professional evidence-based care to her patients, and includes healthy lifestyle practices in her treatment recommendations.


fashion expert

She is a certified Image Consultant and owner of B.L. Image Communications in Toronto and has written image, style, and fashion articles for various national magazines with over 12 years experience in image communication. Nickolette has been featured over a dozen times in the Metro daily paper, BreakfastTV, Slice Channel, and CTV. 08 pinkandbluemag

Enter for your chance to win one at www.mommygearest.com/ contests. Contest ends on July 23, 2012.

Win A BOBA 3G Carrier

Are you following Andrea’s toddler babywearing series? First, she reviewed and gave away an ergobaby; now, it’s the BOBA 3G. Babywearing isn’t just for infants and it isn’t just for moms! “Wearing” your baby is one of the primary principles of attachment parenting, makes breastfeeding on-the-go easy and prevents the need to cart along an umbrella stroller for trips to the mall. One of the only soft-structured carriers on the market that you can use from birth to preschool age without any additional accessories, the BOBA 3G offers gorgeous patterns, a patented foot-strap system and a wider seat-back that makes it a comfortable ride for even the biggest toddlers. Find out more in Mommy Gearest’s BOBA 3G review on pinkandbluebaby.com right now. And enter for your chance to win one (www.mommygearest. com/contests/), too! Contest ends July 23, 2012.





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This season’s must haves trends lets you pair into fashion CARPENTER whichever way you please. JEANS, CUTE FIT





A friend of mine said to me that “its not bags and shoes this season, its babies that are in fashion”. At first I laughed but than I gave it

some thought. Everyone in hollywood is popping out babies or about to have one. From Beyonce to Jessica Simpson and twice in one year for miss Tori Spelling, babies are the best accessory.

Who needs Prada when you have a bun in the oven! With that been said my search for baby bling was on. The options are astounding and highly seductive for those not even having babies.

Especially this season the bright neon colours are all the rage for these little ones. I couldn’t help but be jealous. Many stores are carrying more than your ordinary blue, pink, green and yellow onesies. There are baby rocker tees with ACDC and RunDMC logos and I even saw a psychedelic tie-dye in one shop. Either way baby swag is limitless, it all depends on your imagination. So be creative and carefree, because before you know it they will be us-

{ baby fashionista }


By Nickolette Reid

CREATIVE and CAREFREE. Before “ Be you know it they will be asking you for your credit card to buy their own clothes. “

ing your credit card to buy their own clothes. While pretending to be a mommy I came across a few great stores in Toronto with the cutest stuff for my pretend unborn baby. You never know I may one day have the next Gerber superstar!

STORE LIST Eco stores: Hello Sunshine Boutique stores: Elle+Elliot, Lovechild, Peek-a-boo, Lil Niblets and Baby Sprouts, Bean Sprouts Regular Retailers: Mexx infants/kids, The Gap/on Bloor Street

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Product images supplied by


Sally Hansen





CALLING ALL COLOURS Bolds Brights are steping in this season


WE DARE YOU TO BE BOLD! pinkandbluemag 13



DO YOU LIKE NEW THINGS? SIGN UP NOW! and your opinions can be in our next issue! ( Mom Squad. Tried and tested by our top Moms! We are giving our STAMP OF APPROVAL) Join our roster of testers! We send you products to use, recipes, new books to read, and you provide your feedback at pinkandbluemag.com. The STAMP OF APPROVAL parents trust. We are what companies are looking for, Real

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Moms with Real Opinions. Pink & Blue MAG is providing our members advice from experts they can trust. They are receiving & giving advice from other mothers on our forums and we are giving our final stamp of approval that is trusted by families.

DO YOU LOVE PRODUCTS? So do we! If you would like to be a Pink and Blue MOM TESTER and test products please e-mail info@pinkandbluebaby.com

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Product images supplied by

27. Li’l Niblets

1 1




your knees and bathe baby in comfort!


My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow:

24. $59.99

#1 Choice of Lactation Consultants. Their pillow was developed to answer all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies.


into a spacious 5’ x 5’ water-­resistant blanket, keeping everyone’s picnic clean and dry.

Skip Hop Moby Kneeler: $19.99 Save



Skip Hop Out Door Blanket and Cooler Bag: $59.99. It unfolds

3 Sprouts Storage Bins: $31.99 Well sized for storing toys, books or laundry.






OUR TOP PICKS MUST HAVES! Perfect for ushering parents on the go.



NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator: $21.99 it forms a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril



Dwell Studio Sleep Sacks: $57.99

100% cotton, lined with the softest flannel keeps them nestled safely and in style.

We rounded up the latest day-to-day essentials from baby gear to mommy on the go products. pinkandbluemag 17


FASHION &OfPRODUCTS SECTION NAME | Name Page As I always say, style is not about staying on trend, it’s finding your own interpretation of it. Fabulous and well priced clothing for children can be found at Old Navy and GAP (my son lives in these clothes), H&M, Zara kids and even Carters. We’ve all been given questionable baby clothing gifts in the past, but I’ve learned to incorporate these funny pieces in with my sons wardrobe quite successfully. It just takes a little imagination. If you’re finding that this is a daunting task and dressing your child in something other than leggings and a t-shirt is all you can come up with, check out the mannequins at your favourite children’s clothing store and follow suit. If some looks are slightly unrealistic for a 16 month old (paper boy hat, messenger bag, cardigan with button down shirt and folded up jeans seems a little much??), pick a garment or two and get inspired.

“ Style is not about staying

on trend, it’s finding your own interpretation of it. “



By Meytal Shekter

Dressing your child with style should be a fun experience. Style should never be defined as wearing only “designer” clothing, nor should it be an expensive mission. Really, we’re talking about babies, toddlers and young children here, it’s not exactly at the top of a parents priority list (I hope), but it is definitely fun and creative to put together great looks for your child.

18 pinkandbluemag

Often a cool pair of shoes can really add to your child’s wardrobe. Much of the time mothers want to buy the shoes with the most support - not to worry, there are many great shoes for kids that offer support and help them take their first steps. Nike high tops for both girls and boys are seriously cool and offer great ankle and foot support! I’ve always loved to pair cool kids denim with Converse chuks, and call it a day. Think outside the box. If you have a daughter, experiment with cool rugged boys pieces, if you have a son, the girls jeans are often quite similar but with a tighter fit and not gender specific whatsoever. Pretty effortless and cute to boot - as it should be. If you’re killing yourself trying to style your child, you’ve got to throw in your chips now because it absolutely should not be a stressful part of your day. Dressing your little one should be fun. If you have no patience and a tantrum awaits you, your child will be just as cute in sweatpants and a onesie.



pinkandbluemag 19

Product images supplied by


Li’l Niblets

{ latest & greatest } .21


TOP BABY GEAR MUST HAVES! Perfect for ushering parents on the go.

Oxo Sprout High Chair

Skip Hop Jonathon Adler Diaper Bag:


$89.99 We are thrilled to team up with world­renowned designer Jonathan Adler to bring new parents his iconic prints on our signature Skip Hop dia- JJ Cole Bundle Me per bags and must-­have Lite: $29.99 The Bundle accessories! Me Lite has a soft inner fabric and nylon outer shell .31 which provides the ultimate in softness and comfort, perfect for mild-moderately cold weather.




$324.99 Balances baby’s comfort and grown-­ups’ design sensibility.


Avent Digital Video Monitor:


20 pinkandbluemag

$259.99 See and hear your baby with the latest technology in baby video monitoring.

 .51 Baby Bjorn Active Carrier: $179.99 It has been enhanced with an adjustable back support that provides comfortable stability for the lower back and helps take the weight off.



yahoo! pinkandbluemag 21



Your Personal Baby Clothes Shopping Guide both Internet and Stores

Here are a few great one’s to check out while your little one is sleeping and there are a few places to go when he/she wakes up.


Love at first site (hahah get it).All my friends know I love buying retro shirts for my baby Frankie and this website is just that. From David Bowie to The Flash, Bob Marley, Mighty Mouse, Led Zepplin, they have it all! A friend of mine showed me this website and I went nuts. I wanted to make sure to share with everyone because their stuff is just that cool and not what you find in all the stores. Thanks to our friends at Retro Baby, they are offering all my readers a 20% discount. When you check out, use CODE: eco20retro – enjoy! www.theretrobaby.com/

SNUGGLE BUGZ I absolutely LOVE this website! I find nothing more annoying then when I go to a store to buy a product and it is sold out. I know it sounds silly, but come on, if you have a new product that you project will do well, STOCK UP!!! This website does! Now, most the time I don’t bother to go to the stores (unless I need




the item immediately), I just buy it from Snuggle Bugz – they have free shipping, free returns and the product comes relatively quickly. Plus, their customer service is great! Side note: they have sales on car seats and a few of my fav strollers – best part, you dont need to schlep it, have it delivered to your front door. I HIGHLY recommend this website, they have great stuff. http://www.snugglebugz.ca/



A brilliant concept! How many people told

Get the TOTAL LOOK in all the right places for your little toddlers!

swer: giant wall stickers!! I bought a giant foot-

22 pinkandbluemag

you that you shouldn’t hang pictures over the change table or crib just in case it falls, so then what do you do to decorate? Here is the anball grow chart (which my husband loved) for Frankie’s room and loved it so much, I ordered a giant Curious George sticker for above his


change table. The first time he saw it, he couldn’t take his

store in Yorkdale is beyond me. I recommend you check it

eyes off of it. Even to date he still loves to stand in front of it

out, their clothes are so trendy.

and play. www.roommatespeelandstick.com/


MALA (in Toronto) This is a new store that recently opened and already I am

Sometimes I wish my girlfriend had not introduced me to

hooked. They are like the Holts for babies. They have all the

this website because I can’t stop buying. This line is by

best brands ie. Chaser, Aviator Nation, Joah Love, Appa-

American Eagle and yes they ship to Canada (they often

man and more which are not brands you will find in your

have free shipping if you spend over $100 which is quite

everyday store. The best part is that they dont carry a mil-

easy). I bought Frankie the best pair of ripped jeans from

lion pieces of each item so not every kid is wearing the

here. Buyer beware,www.ae.com/77kids/index.jsp

same outfit. It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it!!!


I truly mean this when I say thank you to my husband for

First things first, if you are buying from the Gap or Old Navy,

putting up with my awful shopping habit, though he has

wait for the online sales. If you don’t know when they are,

agreed that his child is dressed better than he is.

I suggest you sign up for them because they have them often. I realized quickly, never buy full priced items from the

Happy shopping

Gap and Old Navy. They have the longest lineups in store.

Terri Krajden of Babylish Advice

Solution: order online. Free shipping when you spend $50 or more and you can combine both stores in one order. www. gapcanada.ca/

ELI’S LIDS Super cute boarder hats for your little one’s! They even have cute girl one’s with a big flower on the side (for all of you that love the big flowers). http://www.elislids.com/

PINK AXLE Looking for a fall toque? This company has the cutest toques for both boys and girls. We all love the rocker type hats and these guys perfected it. They have skulls, motorcycles, peace signs, chandeliers etc in all different colours to suit all needs. They also carry other items, but I have not tried them out in person. http://www.pinkaxle.com/

H&M I can’t figure out why they do not have a website you can order from and what’s worse is that there are only a few locations that carry H&M baby (which are a trek for me). Rumor has it that H&M in Yorkdale is opening an H&M baby – YAY! Their clothes are beyond reasonable and they always have the latest trends. My absolute favorite short sleeve polos are from here, I bought them in multiple sizes so that when he outgrew one size, I still had another.

ZARA BABY Another great one that doesn’t have a website to shop on. Their little boys and girls clothes are just too cute. How I didnt realize until a few weeks ago that they had a baby pinkandbluemag 23


Summer best beauty statements is confidence.



summer { MUST HAVES }


Product images supplied by 24 pinkandbluemag

Sally Hansen


SUMMER LOVE pinkandbluemag 25

SEX & LUST answer is simple: whenever you feel like it! This, however, is said with a few footnotes. First, you will have some physical differences with your body that you need to understand and work with. If you have had tearing or an episiotomy, you should wait until your stitches are gone before having any vaginal penetration. This can take a few weeks, but letting the tissues fully heal is crucial. Due to your decrease in estrogen, you may find that you do not produce as much lubrication as you used to. Remedy this by keeping some personal lubricant on hand postnatally.




26 pinkandbluemag

By Natascha Marchand

t bebo mia, we are asked by so many of our clients (and more are probably wondering, but do not ask) - when can we do it again?! Now, this is usually asked prenatally, so the hormonal, emotional and physical changes associated with birth and a newborn are not yet applicable. Our

When you are aroused and producing breast milk, it will start to leak. We have heard some comical client stories of partners getting sprayed by new mamas when they first have sex again. You can wear a bra during sex, or simply warn your partner, whatever feels right for both of you. Finally, as far as physical changes go, your vagina may feel different at the opening or be angled slightly differently inside. We mention this because things that used to feel good, or make you climax, may not do it for you anymore. See it as a fresh sexual start, meaning you and your partner need to re-learn your new body. Also, we have to mention, do your Kegels, Kegels, Kegels! You will have hormonal changes postnatally that we feel are important to mention. As a mom of a new baby, you may not have any desire to have sex. On the flip side, we have had clients who get sexually insatiable postnatally (don’t hate them if that is not you). You may be too tired, emotional, or unsure of your new post-birth body. Your breasts, once something you may have seen as part of your sexual experience, may now feel like something totally different (i.e. a 24/7 baby buffet).

BE PATIENT! You and your partner need to talk about sex and how you are both feeling about it. Do not hold back, as sex is a really important part of your relationship; you do not want it to be infected with poor communication. There are too many movies and television shows depicting the post-baby life and all the bleak aspects, including ‘dry spells’ lasting for months. No, you probably will not want to go back to having daily sex like in the dating phase, but you do need daily intimacy.

SEX & LUST HOW DO YOU DO THIS? You and your partner need to take a bit of time everyday (everyday!) and make it just about you two. It can be 5 minutes! Kiss, hug, do not talk about the baby. If you have a bit more time, curl up together. Take off some clothes, and just hold each other. If you feel like trying to have sex, great. If not, just touch each other in ways that feel really good to one another. We will say it again, do not talk about the baby! Try to keep your energy and attention just on one another. Talk about what feels good, and really make an effort to communicate during this time. You will be surprised how it will make you feel at the end.


get your breakfast today

AFTER HAVING A BABY, STOP PUTTING THEIR ATTENTION ON EACH OTHER. DO NOT STOP! “ Finally, remember why you and your partner fell in love in the first place. Keep pre-pregnancy photos up of the two of you. Put these photos on your desktop backgrounds, cell phone screens, iPods etc. So many couples, after having a baby, stop putting their attention on each other. Do not stop! Parents need to focus on each other, and then together you will provide fantastic care to your little one(s). Openly demonstrating love for one another, having healthy intimacy, and lots of communication are the bests gifts you and your partner can give to your child! If you have any questions or concerns about pain or discomfort during intercourse, or to talk about birth control options, please contact your doctor. To learn more about maintaining your relationship after baby, contact bebo mia for our Now What?! class or private couples care with our therapist.

Natasha Marchand CD, HBCE, YTT200 COO, Director of Fertility & Marketing 416.788.8274 www.bebomia.com Certified labour doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Yoga/Fitness Instructor

pinkandbluemag 27


type. She even lets others rate / review a place as part of her online Kids’ OTG Activity Directory. Talk about making it easy for your average busy, stressed-out mom. I can’t say enough good things about her site and I’m so glad she agreed to do a guest post with me: I’m a mom with two children and as you may have guessed, I love taking my little monsters out for fun things to do and provide them with opportunities to learn and explore a variety of activities. My aim for this post is to give you a broad range of ideas for things to do with your kids, young and old, in Toronto and the surrounding area throughout the year. Some I’ve been to and others I haven’t. If myself or others have reviewed the place already, you can read the reviews by clicking on the links below. And if you have a baby, check out my post here which is geared just for babies (toddler post coming soon!), and my Fun for the Month posts that feature my monthly activity picks!


t “

I LOVE TAKING MY LITTLE MONSTERS out for fun things to do and provide them with opportunities to learn and explore a variety of activities.

Talk about a one-stop shop for all things going on in the city. Melanie, a mother of two, has created what I think is the best resource for all things parents and kids in Toronto. Her blog, aptly named Melanie OTG (on the go), lists various places and activities that one can do with their kids on a daily basis. She rates each location / activity on a scale of 5 by activities, amenities and value and than gives an overall score. She has activities categorized by age, location and

28 pinkandbluemag

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the places I’ve mentioned below and if you have suggestions for other fun things your kids like to do!

1. Water Fun in Splash Pads, Wading Pools, Water Parks, Provincial Parks A fun way to keep cool in the hot sun, children young and old will enjoy splash pads, wading pools and water parks! Toddlers can enjoy playing with smaller spray jets at splash pads like at Hendon Park in North York which has a separate pad just for toddlers, or Pottery Playground in Davisville which is fenced in so you don’t need to worry about your little one making a run for it! ! Click here

for the City’s full list of splash pads and wading pools (beforewarned that the water in splash pads is VERY cold!!). The Metro Toronto Zoo and Ontario Place also have smaller jets for youngsters although these places are expensive if your only goal is to entertain your little ones with water play. As your child grows older (and doesn’t mind cold water being splashed in their faces), the Zoo and Ontario Place are better options with bigger splash pads than City-run ones, and climbing structures with smaller water slides. Ontario Place also has a few big water slides for older children. A better option for bigger children is Canada’s Wonderland with more water slides, a wave pool and lazy river. In the (article continues on pg 32)






summer GO AHEAD AND COVER UP with Suncreen protecttion.

30 pinkandbluemag




With all the sunscreens out there, it is hard to choose what is best! However, go with convenience. You really can’t go wrong. The higher the SPF the better. I like the Aveeno Baby roll on, for my baby’s face. The creams are great because you can rub it in and you know they are covered and protected which is your goal in mind. The Coppertone spray is awesome! It is great for the kid that won’t sit still and quick & easy. I would get something waterproof if your are going with a spray so it lasts longer.

Tip: Always spray your hand when putting it on their face to avoid getting it in their eyes

Important to Note: Do not go near a BBQ when using spray it is flammable!

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FAMILY & LIFE WHAT TO DO WITH KIDS IN TORONTO (continued) no wading pool or splash pad at Kelso Conservation Area in Halton but it has a nice (although small) sandy beach area by the lake with a shallow area for younger children. Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget your water toys like pails, watering cans, floaties, noodles and inflatable balls for your children, sun hats and sunblock!

2. Amusement Parks, Carnivals & Rides Take a stroll with baby and enjoy the fresh air at Centreville or even put baby on the carousel (on a stationary bench seat), or ride the miniature train. As your child reaches toddler age, they will be able to sit on a moving horse on the carousel, ride the twirling Tea Cups and Barrels of Fun, all accompanied by you (so you can join in the fun!), and even try the Touring Cars by themselves! This past summer I enjoyed taking my 2 1/2 year old to Centreville. There are a total of about 15 rides catered to younger children and a small farm with horses, pigs, goats, sheep, baby chicks and turkeys, and bunnies (which by the way may soon be cut from City funding). Centre Island itself is a nice place to go for walks, rent bikes, and roller blade around the island. They also have playground equipment, sandy beaches, a wading pool and two splash pads. Ontario Place in Toronto, Storybook Gardens in London, Planet Snoopy at Water Kingdom which has sprays, 7 slides, splash pads, interactive. And when your child is ready for it, you can’t miss out on Wild Water Kingdom’s 10 huge water slides (for children 42 or 48” or higher in height), a 1/2 million gallon wave pool, a lazy river, mini golf and more! Some provincial parks have wading pools like Bronte Creek in Oakville which features a 1.8 acre wading pool with lots of space for your little one to play in the shallow water, or your older children to swim around and play with their friends. No need to worry- there are lifeguards on watch! There’s also a sandy area close to the pool, and fast food easily accessible from the pool area. While you’re there, be sure to check out their play barn (open year round) where your children can go down slides, crawl through tunnels, jump on big mats from above, sit on a tire swing, and scale up a rock climbing wall (main floor for 1- 5 year-olds and top floor for 5- 10 year-olds). Another provincial park which comes highly recommended by a friend with children aged 8 and 10 years is Earl Rowe in Alliston. This park has a 1 acre pool with a shallow entry area for young children, two beaches, canoeing (you can rent canoes), and of course, camping! There’s 32 pinkandbluemag

Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, and the family section at Marineland in Niagara Falls are other amusement parks that have rides for younger children. And as they grow older and want more exciting rides to make their stomachs drop, there’s the rest of Marineland to explore and of course Canada’s Wonderland for the ultimate scary rides! Read about my trips to Ontario Place here and Marineland. Storybook Gardens and Canada’s Wonderland are on my list for this summer! Another favourite of Torontonians is the Canadian National Exhibition (C.N.E.) which is open for a limited time in August and September. There are rides, lots of games, exhibits, concerts, ice skating shows, and older children can try Flowboarding if they don’t mind getting wet! There’s a dedicated area for kids including Kid’s World of Sports, School of Magic, a circus, petting zoo, puppet parade, crafts centre, and kids shows. However you might want to wait until the children are past toddler age as it can get incredibly crowded and noisy. Click here for more Amusement Parks, Carnivals & Rides.

3. Indoor Playgrounds Most, if not all playgrounds offer birthday parties and many are offering programs such as music, arts and crafts activities, and sports for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Bizzy Bee in Toronto (Queen Street & Woodbine) offers babysitting for 18 months & up while you shop during the day, and special babysitting evening/ nights so you can have a nice dinner with your significant other, which is also available at Just Ducky in Toronto (Yonge & Lawrence). Balls of Fun in Mississauga offers summer camps and after-school programs. Click here for more Indoor Playgrounds.

4. Indoor Amusement It’s been a long time since I stepped foot in Playdium. Now they have over 200 interactive arcade and ticket redemption games, bumper cars (must be at least 5 years old) and batting cages (they also have seasonal outdoor activities including rock climbing, mini-golf, bungee trampoline, GO Kart rides, and Water Wars). Chuck E. Cheese is much smaller and has video games as well a simulator rides, a tube slide, and a few rides for little ones (similar to the cars

strawberries are!). At Andrew’s Scenic Acres in Halton Hills you can pick a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers from May to October. Most Pick Your Own farms also offer a children’s play area, wagon rides, farm animals to see and maybe feed, and pony rides (extra cost). Cost varies from none to $10 pp including adults. Although Chudleigh’s (Halton Hills) is on the expensive side and only offers apple picking in the fall, I really like their play area featuring big slides in hay (be sure to wear long pants!), a hay maze, sand pit with toy trucks, “horse” swings, and a relatively good sized animal area which is home to deer, goats, bunnies, horses, alpacas, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and a peacock. In the fall when Halloween is just around the corner, many farms will offer pumpkin patches where you can pick your own pumpkins and additional themed activities such as a Pumplin Cannon Show and a gently Haunted Forest for younger children.

and horse rides you see at the mall). The games space is divided into a Toddler Zone, Kiddie Area and Skill Games & Arcade. If your child loves rides and it’s rainy or in the wintertime, check out Fantasy Fair, an indoor amusement park at the Woodbine Shopping Centre in Etobicoke. They have 9 full sized family rides, a 3-level play village, midway games and arcade. If you have a toddler on your hands, you might want to know that 3 out of 9 rides do not allow children under 36” (even if accompanied by an adult). Check their site for free puppet and magic shows which are scheduled frequently. In the wintertime, you might also want to consider a family get-away to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. You have to stay at the lodge to use the water park (pricey!), but if your children like water play, I hear it’s a great place to go! Their indoor water park features a 4 story tree house indoor and outdoor pools, lazy river, water basketball, tube slides, and a wave pool (0 depth entry). There are smaller slides and a separate area for small children with a zero depth entry to 1’6” depth pool. There’s also an arcade, mini golf, kid spa, indoor activity centre for for children 4 years and up, evening story time, and a morning kid’s show featuring animals singing about life in the forest. Click here for more Indoor Amusement.

5. Animal & Pick Your Own Farms You can start as young as toddler age for picking your own blueberries and raspberries (the bushes are perfect height for youngsters and not back breaking for you like picking

Check out Whittamore’s in Markham or Forsythe Family Farms also in Markham. Southbrook Pumpkin Patch puts on a mini carnival including a children’s play area (with a toddler slide, ride-on toys and other play equipment), mini ferris wheel, bouncy castle, big inflatable slide, swings, and more. If you’ve never been, Riverdale Farm is a fantastic place to take the kids to see farm animals and it’s currently free to get in! They have pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, cows, and a donkey. While you’re there you can check out Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum and a farmer’s market in the summertime. They also offer camps, special events at Halloween and Christmas time, and children’s preregistered activities throughout the year. Click here - link for more Animal & Pick Your Own Farms.

6. Museums, Galleries & Historic Sites There are many museums, galleries and historic sites in and around Toronto. The big ones are of course the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in downtown Toronto. At the ROM, kids can see dinosaurs, coral reefs, bat cave exhibits, an Egyptian coffin and mummies and lots more. They also offer preregistered children’s programs on Saturday mornings for ages 5- 14 years, and programs for mom and baby/ tot (0- 4 years) during the week. You do need to be on the ball about booking these programs though. They sell out fast! (See the rest of the article Visit us at PinkandBlueMag.Com) pinkandbluemag 33



Primary or “baby” teeth usually erupt at six months of age and are replaced with permanent teeth between years six and thirteen. Parents often ask whether cavities on their children’s baby teeth need to be fixed. Because of the temporary nature of these teeth, their importance is often overlooked by parents, health care professionals, and even some dentists. However, there is considerable evidence to the contrary. This article will discuss the importance of these teeth and offer guidance for parents to optimize their child’s oral health. Each of the twenty primary teeth is a space holder for an adult tooth. When a primary tooth is lost early, due to dental cavities or infection, there is potential for the remaining teeth to shift around. In many cases, this early loss can interfere with the eruption of permanent teeth and cause overcrowding. This is especially true regarding early loss of back baby teeth (molars) which are normally not replaced until ages nine to eleven. If a child has a large cavity on a primary tooth, the decision of whether or not to restore the tooth should take into account the age of the patient and how soon permanent tooth is expected to erupt. Compared to permanent teeth, primary teeth are more permeable and more prone to cavities. Once cavities develop, they get bigger and deeper much faster than in permanent teeth. The nerve inside the baby tooth is also relatively closer to the outside of the tooth. Therefore, cavities in primary teeth, if left untreated, can result in serious consequences such as pain, swelling, and infection. There are occasions where a deep cavity on a primary tooth can result in an infection elsewhere in the body. Parents should remember that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. Therefore, a child’s oral health is closely connected to a child’s overall health. Primary teeth are also important for developing speech, chewing, and eating. When a child has significant dental pain, often nutrition is impaired. In extreme cases, a child may become dehydrated due to an inability to intake fluids. A child’s growth and development is critical during these early years. Healthy teeth enable children to eat and grow normally.



How to get a HEALTHY, white smile and a healthy green planet!

Dental cavities are an infectious disease process. They are transmissible vertically from parent or caregiver to child, and horizontally between children. Parents with dental cavities are one of the risk factors for children with cavities. Because cavities hold large numbers of bacteria, if left untreated, they can spread to other teeth including the adult teeth. Good oral health practices should start at birth. Use a clean washcloth to wipe your baby’s gums and teeth after each feeding. Start brushing when the first tooth appears. If your child sleeps with a bottle, use only water. Never use milk or juice which can cause extensive tooth decay. Eating healthy, nutritious food is also good for your child’s dental health. Water is the best drink in between meals, and juice should be limited to mealtimes. The Canadian Dental Association currently recommends a first dental visit by age one. The idea is to establish strong preventive practices, as opposed to waiting for a problem to arise. For more information on children’s oral health, visit www.vcdentistry.com. 34 pinkandbluemag

. r D n a e S Dr. Sean Ostro graduated from the University of Toronto Doctor 1/3 PAGE AD of Dental Surgery proAD SIZE: 2.22” x 11” w/bleed gram. He completed a specialty program in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Rochester Medical Centre. He has provided dental treatment to thousands of smiling children in Rochester, Boston, and in the Greater Toronto Area. He always strives to provide children with positive dental experiences at young ages to help develop a lifetime of healthy smiles.

. . . y l r a E Start


Stay Cavity-Free

Now accepting new patients at age one!

Conveniently located in Eagles Landing Plaza at the North-East corner of Dufferin and Major Mackenzie

Bathurst St.

Dufferin St.

Keele St.

Teston Rd.

Major Mackenzie Dr.

1460 Major Mackenzie Drive W Unit N3, Vaughan, ON L6A 4H6 T: 905-303-6010 F: 905-303-6025 E: info@vcdentistry.com

Rutherford Rd.


Check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/vcdentistry

Visit us on the web www.vcdentistry.com

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more play!


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By Jonathan Hiltz

When you have kids you tend to stay close to home and why not; it’s familiar and easy. But let’s say you want to shake things up a bit, where do you go? A great option is cottage country in Ontario. There are many gorgeous places including retreats, resorts or simply renting a place on a lake somewhere. If you are traveling around Ontario from or to a major city, a good tip right off the top is try not to drive during peak hours. If your kids are early risers, get as early a start as you can during the spring and summer months. By doing this, you’ll save yourself a lot of time that could be better spent family bonding instead of swearing at the guy who cut you off. Ontario is blessed with many amazing getaways North, South, East and West, so here are a few popular destinations:

MUSKOKA REGION The Muskoka region is about three to four hours outside of Toronto and consists of many cottages, hotels and resorts from the simple to the very posh. Two of the more popular areas are Lake Rosseau and Lake Joe. The family will love exploring the nature trails or the waters, where you can take a boat ride around the perimeter and go mansion gazing during the day or star gazing at night. National Geographic Traveler magazine chose Muskoka as one of “Best of The World - Must-see places for 2012.” It doesn’t get much better than that! http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/

WASAGA BEACH Wasaga Beach is closer to Toronto being only two hours North. It’s one of the most popular areas of Ontario and is also the world’s longest fresh water beach. Every year when the frost finally disappears, throngs of people travel to Wasaga to soak up the rays and enjoy the summer. Retailers and many other businesses open along the beach for a few months and that makes for a party scene. If the family is looking for something quiet the main beach is not the place for you, but there are many other beaches around that are ‘off the grid’ so to speak and offer more peaceful getaways for the group. http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/

GRAND BEND Grand Bend is located on the shores of Lake Huron about three to four hours West of Toronto. The main strip has shopping and night life but the piece de résistance is the white sand beach and aqua waters which has aptly given Grand Bend the nickname “Florida North”. In the warm months the population swells by thousands so be prepared for a line at the local Starbucks. All the staples are available: skiing, sailing, water parks and the beach is well equipped with washroom facilities. A peaceful spot to venture with the family is The Pinery where cycling, trails and camp grounds are found within the largest oak savanna woodlands remaining in North America. www.grandbend.com

NIAGARA FALLS AND WINE REGION Travel about two hours South of Toronto and you will find yourself at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls. This area is full of activities for kids and entertaining to adults including the amusement area on Clifton Hills and The Maid Of The Mist boat ride. The surrounding region is Ontario’s wine capital where you can stay at a bed and breakfast, have a picnic lunch, go berry picking and tour a winery. If you are with babies this trip should be easy enough. If you are with toddlers or older, it may be good to choose a winery that also specializes in other items like cheeses, jams and pies, so the kids will have enough to sample too. http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/ Traveling in your own backyard is also a great way for parents-to-be to get some last minute alone time before your baby’s arrival. Last year before the birth of our daughter, we headed up for a final alone weekend to the JW Marriott in Muskoka and it was glorious. Traveling with kids shouldn’t be a chore because that’s what you’re trying to get away from. Thankfully, Ontario Canada has many gorgeous locations with lots to do so it’s easy to just get in the car and go. Final Tip: Don’t forget that bug spray and sunscreen, you’ll need it!

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FAMILY & LIFE | Mondern Family




have a baby and start a family!


THE NEW FAMILY GENERATION and their story as they TELL ALL! By Dr. Evan Goldstein

If you would have told me five years ago, that in the year 2012 I would have identical twin boys, let alone singing them repeatedly a song about “apples and bananas” I would have told you I think you’re bananas.

Rewind – Andy and I met through the modern marvels of the internet in the fall of 2007. We met and I never left. Wonderful years passed living in several apartments and homes throughout various locations of Manhattan. During the subsequent years of working for other people, we both decided to become business owners ourselves, I as a general surgeon creating an entity, Bespoke, Surgical and Andy as a fashion designer, Bespoke Apparel. We traveled the world several times a year, ate in foodie heaven and lived the fullest life as a “dink” – duel income and no kids. Need I say more! Boy, has this changed.

Friends were starting families of their own, whether through adoption or surrogacy. Andy, a little more mature than me in years, though when we first met I thought he was younger – really starting investigating the possibility of having children. As a nice Jewish boy from Jersey, I agreed. We set up meetings with agencies and used conference calls while trying to learn how to while navigate this complex process – specifically a process that now has become a growing business; unbelievably commercial. We finally used a wonderful agency in Texas,

Simple Surrogacy, who right away put us into contact with our future surrogate mother in Arizona. To think that some random woman would provide us a wonderful gift of life is a gift upon itself. We were and still are so blessed in the process. 38 pinkandbluemag

For people that don’t know about the surrogacy world – specifically the gay you need

an egg, you need a sperm, you need a woman (a marvelous women)! So we set out to Arizona to meet this woman and then to San Diego to arrange for our deposit (ie. sperm). We harvested eggs from a young woman from Northern California fertilizing them with our frozen sperm in Southern California (forming the embryos). They were all tested genetically via genetic selection of which we were able to select the sex as well. Five days later, we implanted three of the top embryos in our mother whom we flew in from Arizona and two weeks later tested positive for a pregnancy. Phew - did you follow that. All the while, we are in New York. The HCG numbers at that time looked as if we had one viable pregnancy – though via sonogram (remember we put three embryos) there were four. Many calls to our doctor and to leading doctors around the world about the potential reduction, the subsequent sonogram showed the only remaining viable fetuses were the identical twin boys. Of course we were so excited, and how cute it would be to have identical twin boys – but after we started doing some research, we realized that it is quite a risky process, with the potential for lots of complications. Andy, spent countless hours doing research and calling leading experts in the world about how we could limit these inherent risks. Weeks and months passed with many scary and joyous moments – all with daily contact to our surrogate. We visited for the 20 week ultrasound and was able to see the boys for the first time. Our relationship between our surrogate and her family – husband and three children – became stronger as the process went on. We read books and magazines on “the newborn” and wait, also the “twin newborn.” We went to this place, Buy Buy Baby and spent hours putting more crap on a registry then you thought could be possible. 34 weeks into the pregnancy, we get a call from our surrogate mother that she had a few contractions and was going to the hospital to make sure all was well. She arrived dilated and emergently was taken to the operating room for a c-section. Before Andy and I took off from New York to Arizona, our boys Phoenix and Sebastian were born – 4 lbs 10 oz each. An intense week in the NICU prepared us for our journey home. What an amazing journey and to think it was only starting. Oh yeah, how do you take care of a baby? Just kidding.


celebrating the MOMENT pinkandbluemag 39


40 pinkandbluemag


table, etc., this will keep the set unified and increase longevity.

2) Change Table: Make sure your change table has ample storage. Consider purchasing a dresser and using it as a change table. You can drill/ cut out holes in the back the dresser that are large enough to secure the straps from your change pad. Use the drawers for all of your diaper changing supplies, as well as clothing, keeping everything handy.

3) Chair: The main use of the chair in the first year will be for nursing or feeding the baby. Later on it will be for story time, and may even




Neutral with a POP OF COLOUR is the stylish way to decorate. By Erin Lazer


become part of your family room some day. So if you’re making the investment, buy something with the long term in mind. Make sure it’s comfortable and has a high back for those late night feedings. The ideal chair (and the one that I have myself) is a rocking, swivelling, reclining chair with a WASHABLE fabric. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it does exist. Mine is a Best Chair from the Baby Furniture Warehouse. You can pick your fabric and have a bit of fun, or keep it neutral so that it can be used in other rooms down the road.

4) Night Table:

You’ll need a small table

by the chair where you can have a small lamp, Kleenex box, and somewhere to put bottles or supplies for feedings. If possible, again, get one with drawers for extra storage. When the baby is old enough, you can put toys in these he perfect nursery starts with some basic essentials. After all, a pretty room is only good if the room functions

low drawers that they can reach.

well. Here are the things you’ll need to create the foun-

5) Bookshelf: Although books may not be

dation of your nursery:

necessary right off the bat, a book shelf is great


for extra storage. If you’re lucky, you’ll get lots of gifts, including books, picture frames, and other nice things to display. A bookshelf is also

1) Crib: Consider investing in a crib that can convert into a full bed

a handy shoe rack, and what could be cuter

when the child is older. This could save you money down the road.

to display than baby shoes?!

If you are buying coordinating pieces, like a dresser, bookshelf, night pinkandbluemag 41

HOME & ORGANIZATION ROOM DECOR (continued) Lighting:

I highly recommend a table lamp to have next to your feeding chair. Try to find a touch lamp. You can also have a bit of fun in terms of décor with lamps. You don’t have to buy the matching lamp that comes with your bedding.


Some mobiles are more stimulating vs. calming, so be mindful of this. Many bedding sets come with coordinating mobiles which is a nice option to maintain a consistent look.

White Noise Machine:

The white noise machine is comforting for your newborn, and also helps to drown out any sudden noises and keep them sleeping/napping longer. If you don’t have one right of the bat, you can use a radio on a static station until you can get one. The Graco Sweet Slumber Sound machine has a built-in night light and a plug in for an mp3 player.

Laundry hamper: Not much to say other than this is a must have. Buy a nice lined basket with an open top—you’ll only have one free hand most of the time!


with straps the should be that secures to the change table/dresser

• Change pad cover

(you’ll need at least 2-3 of these as back-ups for those “messy incidents”)

Diaper Pail:

No matter how beautifully decorated a nursery is, smelly diapers will overpower it, so make sure to have a good diaper pail or solution for eliminating odours. I myself am a fan of the Diaper Genie. The refills are expensive, but it is VERY effective and easy to use.

Humidifier: This

is a must-have, especially if your baby is congested or sick. If you’re buying a “cute” humidifier, make sure the quality is there, or you’ll be like me who bought the expensive, adorable cow and had to replace him after 6 months with a better, cheaper one. 42 pinkandbluemag

Closet organizers:

Don’t invest in expensive builtins for a baby. Use the fabric organizers that attach to the hanging bars. They are the perfect size for baby clothes and provide lots of shelves for storing different sizes. You WILL get gifts in every size imaginable when the baby is born.


Although I originally went with an audio-only monitor, when I borrowed a video monitor, I became hooked and would highly recommend one.

Black-out Drapes: A dark room is best for a new baby. Blinds aren’t always adequate, so consider adding either a special black-out drape, or just buy a dark-coloured drape. This can also soften the look of a room and can be incorporated into the décor. You can buy ready-made panels, choose a fabulous fabric and have custom drapes made to match your décor.

DÉCOR IDEAS: The first question we all have when decorating a nursery is, “what is the sex of the baby”? If you’re like me and wanted to be surprised, you’ll want to choose some gender neutral colours or patterns, and don’t worry because there are tons of options out there. If you know the sex of the baby, you may be able to have a little more fun with the décor. You can also wait until the baby is born to decorate.




This is a good starting point to inspire your décor. You may want a themed room (e.g. jungle animals) or something more sophisticated, using colour, pattern and texture. If you’re buying a set, at first, you’ll only be using the sheet in the crib, but down the road you can introduce the bumpers and blanket. You can use the bedskirt right away. Drape the comforter or blanket over your nursing chair, or use it as a wallhanging to show it off sooner rather than later.

different styles and sizes to create a more eclectic collage. IKEA is always a great source for inexpensive frames.


Baskets not only add storage to a room, but they can also add decorative flair. Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Some have really pretty fabric liners that can inspire your room décor. These are great to be used right on your change table to keep supplies handy, or in bookshelves to store shoes, small stuffed animals, toys, etc. Have a question? Feel free to contact me at info@SpaceStyle.ca. By: Erin Lazer, MBA, CSP Home Stager and Professional Organizer


This is a very low-cost way to create a soothing space for your baby with the use of colour. And if you’re willing to pick up a paint brush yourself, the cost can be as low as $60$80. You can add character with paint by creating a striped or plaid pattern using painter’s tape, or install chair rail around the room and do one colour above and a different colour below for a two-tone effect.


What can I say about wallpaper other than it’s my new favourite décor element. There are so many options for any space. There are options specifically designed for nurseries, but you can also pick a more sophisticated pattern for a really glamorous look. Be bold and do a great accent wall, then compliment it by pulling out one of the colours for painting the other walls, perhaps something more neutral.

Display your baby’s name:

There are a number of companies that make custom letters that you can hang on the wall in your baby’s room. This also makes a an easy DIY project. Just buy the letters from your local craft store and some paint (or use leftover paint from one of your accent colours in the baby’s room) and create your own. For simplicity, keep them a solid colour, or if you’re daring, try some pattern. Then just hang them up with picture hooks, or double sided (strong) tape. Try to choose colours that already exist in the room. You don’t want to bring in too many new colours.

Wall decals: These are inexpensive and easy to apply or remove, making it a great way to personalize your space. Here’s website with lots of options and inspiration: http://tradingphrases.com/nursery.html . It is fairly easy to find wall decals at your local Wal-Mart, Superstore, Homesense, etc.


Create a photo gallery. You can start off by framing some maternity photos, and once your baby is here, you’ll have no shortage of sweet photos to display. Buy some white frames. You can choose all the same frames in the same size or

“Buy some white frames. You can choose all the same frames in the same size or different styles and sizes to create a more eclectic collage.”

pinkandbluemag 43




By Terri Krajden

When I was pregnant, I googled every bag packing list to make sure I had EVERYTHING that was needed in my bag and I wanted to pass it along to you Moms-to-be. I brought one bag for my things and a diaper bag for the baby:

Mommy Bag - 2 pairs of pajama bottoms (larger sized ones) - 1 pair of sweats (one that is not too tight on the waist) - 1 loose sweatshirt - 2 long sleeve t-shirts (ones that will have easy access for breastfeeding) - 6 pairs of larger sized cheap underwear (yes, 6 might have been excessive but better safe than sorry) - Slippers, I wouldn’t bring a good pair. (Remember you are walking on gross hospital floors) - Breast feeding pillow - Hair elastics - Your own pillow (hospital pillows suck)

44 pinkandbluemag

- Video Camera - Camera - iPad if you have one (I am truly happy I had mine – was so bored while waiting) or magazines - Lip balm - 2 pairs of socks - Nursing bra - 1 pack of thick overnight pads - Breast pads - Toiletries (mini shampoos/conditioners/toothbrush/toothpaste/hair brush – the ususal) - Your email list so your hubby can send out the birth announcement (I still have ours on my phone)

Diaper Bag - 3 sleepers (I brought the one’s with hand covers – those baby nails are like mini daggers) - The hospital will give you swaddle blankets while you are there, but I brought 2 of my own - Winter babies, have the bundle me in your car seat - A stack of diapers - 2 baby hats - Formula & Bottles in case breastfeeding isn’t working - Vaseline - 2 onesies Best of luck! T. xo www.babylishadvice.com


summer’s GREAT


pinkandbluemag 45


“skin to skin” AND BREASTFEEDING


By: Wendy Goodman, RN, MEd, IBCLC For Baby and You, 4babyandyou.com As a Lactation Consultant, new

them to feed longer and better at each breastfeeding

moms need to know that breast-

session.Your long-term breast milk supply is established in

feeding “skin-to-skin” for the first

the first two weeks! And while this may be way too techni-

2 weeks is almost as crucial as a

cal, this is another reason why you need to feed “skin to-

proper latch. And yet, I always

skin” for the first two weeks! This means that you unwrap

have to remind new mothers

your baby down to their diaper and that you take off all

and nurses the importance of

your clothes from your waist up (remove your nursing bra

doing this, despite the research, numerous articles and

and nightgown so your baby can feel your skin as well).

educational sessions had on the importance of doing this.

And do NOT cover your baby with a blanket to “keep him/her warm” during the feed. I promise you that your

Even without the research, think about how much sense

baby will quickly fall asleep at your breast and we don’t

this makes. Human beings are part of the animal king-

eat when we are sleeping! I also promise you that your

dom. Thousands of years ago when we were descended

baby will not chill at your breast. Your body temperature

from the primates, you didn’t see the little baby apes all

will keep your baby warm.

wrapped up in their “baby gap” outfits breastfeeding

We are the only animal species in the whole kingdom that

Bon appetit!

has evolved to wear clothes, but in our natural state, we

Wendy Goodman,

were meant to feed our offspring naked! Your babies need


to smell, touch and feel you while they are breastfeed-

For Baby and You

ing. This arouses all their feeding instincts and encourages


from their mother’s teats!

46 pinkandbluemag

Toddler (1–2) | LITTLE BIG STAGES

keeping your

sanity AT MEAL TIME TIPS ON BEING CALM TO CARRY ON! By: Amanda Schwartz, Registered Dietitian Coping with a picky eater can be challenging. Some mothers sing songs or try dances and some simply lie on the floor and have a tantrum of their own. While creativity is important, the best thing to do is to keep your cool and just keep trying. Welcome to the world of “toddler-hood” where your once angelic child takes on a new agenda of establishing him or herself as an individual. Often stubbornness and a strong desire for independence are displayed during mealtime. This is the time in your child’s life to establish habits you hope will be lifelong including healthy food preferences and eating behaviors.


to help handle picky eaters and help support the development of healthy food habits. It is important to provide your baby with a wide variety of healthy foods and to reintroduce ones previously rejected. If a baby is hungry, he/she will eventually eat what is there, but most children won’t try new foods until they’ve been provided a few times.


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Here are some tips if you feel like you and your toddler are persevering but still struggling:

INTRODUCE NEW FOODS ONE AT A TIME, too many new foods at once can be overwhelming. USE PORTIONS that are appropriate for your child (i.e. very little pieces for very little children). BEGIN TO ACCEPT that just like you and I there will be foods that your child simply just does not and never will like. Don’t stress about it. FEED YOUR CHILD AT A SET TIME. When food is served at a set time the child will come to the table hungry and be more willing to eat new foods. Make sure not to delay these meal times as you don’t want your

child to come to the table cranky from hunger. EAT TOGETHER AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE to teach your child healthy eating habits, table manners and how to use utensils and use this as a chance to role model healthy eating. Make one meal for your family instead of separate meals. When you eat and serve a variety of healthy foods to your whole family, your child will learn to eat these foods too. ALWAYS SERVE ONE FOOD YOU KNOW your child will eat (for example, bread, milk, rice, potatoes) so they won’t go hungry.

MAKE SURE THAT MEALTIMES ARE CALM AND RELAXED. Although you are using this as an opportunity to model table manners if your child wants to eat with his/her fingers let them. Eventually he/she will pick up on the table manners but if you’re constantly nagging about eating with their utensils they may associate meal time with anxiety or pressure. AVOID ALL DISTRACTIONS such as the phone, television, computer, radio and toys at the table. This will help your child focus on the task at hand, eating.

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LITTLE BIG STAGES | Toddler (1–2) KEEPING YOUR SANITY AT MEAL TIME (continued) LET YOUR CHILD MAKE THE DECISIONS on if and how much to eat from the food you serve. Remember your child’s appetite will vary depending on growth spurts, activity levels and general health. Provide your child with smaller portions and provide the opportunity to request more. AVOID PRESSURE, PRAISE, REWARDS, TRICKS OR PUNISHMENT. Children do not eat well when they are pressured to do so. Remember as a child being forced to finish your whole plate of food just to get dessert? This does not help your child establish healthy

eating patterns, encourages overeating and does not allow them to listen to their stomachs. OFFER A VARIETY OF FOODS at each meal. Serve new food in small amounts alongside familiar foods, only when your child is hungry and healthy (illness can alter taste perception) and provide the new food in a variety of ways. For example, carrots can be mashed, soft cooked or grated into muffin or meatloaf. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, it can take anywhere from 8-10 tastes before a


How do I know if my preschooler is getting enough? If your child is growing well, appears healthy and happy he/she is likely doing fine. During periods of growth spurts your child will eat more and when growth slows, he/she will eat less. There is no need to be concerned over the odd skipped meal. Should I give my toddler a multivitamin with mineral supplement?

child enjoys a new food. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE GROW, pick, cook and shop for food together as this will make your child more open to trying new items and aware of where their food comes from. IF YOUR CHILD TENDS TO FILL UP on fluids and doesn’t eat their meals do not provide drinks until the end of the meal. Try not to fill them up on high sugar juices throughout the day. Water and milk are always your best choice.

My child wants to eat the same thing over and over again. What should I do? These periods are referred to as “food jags”. They are very common and can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. The majority of the time there is no need to be concerned. As long as your child’s favorite food is nutritious just continue offering it to your child. If your child’s nutrition is compromised due to this discuss it with your primary health care provider. My toddler gags, is that normal? Gagging or coughing food back up is a very normal behavior. Choking however is not. Help prevent gagging by: a) Cutting food into small pieces.

If a child is eating a variety of foods they should not need a multivitamin with minerals. If you are concerned about the variety of foods consumed discuss this with your health care provider. Whole foods offer more nutrition than supplements can provide. In addition, the supplement industry is not fully regulated and you can never be certain that what you’re providing is 100% safe. If you do decide to provide your child with a supplement check out results of investigations on various brands at www.consumerlab.com. What can I do when my child wants a snack and it’s not snack time? Tell your child that they can eat at the next meal or snack time and offer water between meals and snacks. Make sure that you are lovingly firm about not eating between meals and snacks and try to redirect them to do something else. You do not want your child to use eating as a way to resolve boredom.

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b) Reminding your toddler to chew their food and to eat slowly. c) Ensure foods are enjoyed when seated at the table. Do not offer food in the car, while playing or while watching TV. d) Always supervise meal and snack times, in case of choking. If gagging, trouble swallowing or choking happens more often than not contact your health care provider. Feeding your child should be an enjoyable event however mealtime can be incredibly stressful at times. It is important to remember that your child will feed him/herself when hungry; it’s your job to have good options when that time arrives. Keep in mind that food related concerns are common among moms everywhere and that various supports are there to help manage this difficult period in your child’s development.



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Pregnancy is an amazing experience. Our bodies change every day as life grows within us. Right from the start we are in awe of how we are able to nurture our baby and we long to know more about him or her. The websites tell us that our baby is as large as a kidney bean, a strawberry, a squash, a melon…! Around the “squash”-size stage we begin to get serious about preparing for the birth. Books on childbirth are purchased, hypnobirthing classes. A wonderful way to do so is to attend a prenatal breastfeeding class. Our baby’s birth date arrives. Our plan may or may not go according to script but at the end of it all we have our longed for baby in our arms. And, now what? We need to feed our baby.

In my practice as a private breastfeeding consultant I see time and time again that mothers have put much energy and effort into their pregnancy and planning for their birth. They may also intend to breastfeed, as they know it is best for them and their new bundle of joy. And yet many have given little thought as to how to get breastfeeding off to the best start and what to expect as time goes on. Knowledge is power and preparing for your breastfeeding experience should be an important part of your pregnancy. A wonderful way to do so is to attend a prenatal breastfeeding class (link: http://www.bebomia.com/pregnancyclasses). A knowledgeable instructor (link: www.tayagriffin. com) can help you to make important decisions that will impact your breastfeeding success. A good breastfeeding class should be evidence-based, should include hands-on practice and should discuss the following:




Getting the 411 on the challenges and overcoming it! By: Taya Griffin

• How to get off to the very best start in the hospital and at home • How to lead your baby to comfortably latch and drink effectively • How to know whether your baby is getting enough and whether breastfeeding is going well • How to avoid or overcome breastfeeding challenges There are a number of other ways to prepare for a breastfeeding if you are not able to attend a class. Most prenatal books have a small section of breastfeeding. They are worth the read. There are also fantastic books specifically about breastfeeding: • Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding – Jack Newman & Teresa Pitman • Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers - Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen KendallTackett • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – La Leche League International The following websites are also excellent resources and include many helpful handouts and videos: • International Breastfeeding Centre / Newman Breastfeeding Clinic (link: www.nbci.ca) • La Leche League –(link: www.llli.org/resources.html )

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LITTLE BIG STAGES | Baby (0-1) about medicine any more than you can be “ready” before baby comes.




By Rebecca Marsh, birth doula for bebo mia.

I can’t help but chuckle when I hear expectant parents talking about how they want to have everything “ready”. There is no “ready”, the essence of parenthood is going with the flow, maintaining perspective (not to mention a sense of humour) and making tough decisions. We realize that as new parents we have decisions to make but we naturally think of immediate, insignificant decisions, we don’t have a tendency to think of the decisions which have a lasting impact. Medicine is a lot more scary once it’s going into your child’s body and the truth is, there is no right answer. You cannot be “right” 52 pinkandbluemag

I always fretted about giving my babies medicine, it seemed counter-intuitive to me to give them chemicals to “fix” what their little bodies were working so hard to do on their own. It also worried me to no end to leave a fever to its own devices, doing nothing but checking often, using old-school methods (wiping with a warm cloth, lots of fluids, etc) and waiting it out. Every fever, every cold and cough was a new fright, a new phone-call to Telehealth, a new google search or a new wait at the walkin clinic. What I learned was that most times, the doctors and/or nurses really didn’t know much more than me. Sometimes their knowledge was invaluable, they could identify a virus to put my mind at ease but most times all the visits or phone-calls did was reassure me that I was on the right path. When my daughter was just over a year she suffered a febrile seizure. It was terrifying. Her head cranked sideways, her eyes froze and her lips turned blue. Thing is, I had already administered Tylenol an hour beforehand. I used my homeopathy first, I tried my methods and knew to give in when it wasn’t working. I’m still convinced it was her very warm pyjamas that kept her too warm. When we were in emerg. being checked on by the nurses, one of them had the gall to lambast me for not giving her Tylenol right away; the other nurse reassured me that it had nothing to do with severity of the fever but the rate at which it rises or falls. I did everything I should have and still my baby suffered. Three years later Georgia has had many more fevers and not another seizure and I never administer Tylenol as a first resort. I listen to my gut and I listen to my baby; do they seem like themselves? Are they drinking fluids? Urinating? If they are, if they seem okay, I let them be sick because sometimes we are sick and our bodies need the time and rest to get better. I would never hesitate to give my children antibiotics or pain-relief if they needed it but I don’t believe medicine should be a first-resort. There is no right answer when it comes to medicating (or not) your child; you are the only person who has to be comfortable with the decision because in the end, you and your child are the only ones who have to live with it.


Toddler - hood meets


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine By Taya Griffin

We had traveled with Amelia when she was

double ear infection and early pneumonia!)

a baby. Flying to New York, Chicago and

and two very, very tired parents!

Florida, long drives throughout Ontario and Quebec. Breastfeeding and a baby carrier

Poor Angel. Poor us!

seemed all that we needed. In fact, on one trip to New York, in anticipation of staying in

Traveling with a toddler is not easy even

a fourth floor walk-up, we even left the stroll-

when they are well. In fact, a good friend of

er at home and didn’t miss it for a second.

mine and mother of four, who has traveled extensively with her children, remarked that

So. We were prepared! Prepared for our trip

the toughest time to travel in her opinion is

to South Africa with a 20-month old toddler

between 18 and 24 months – the peak of

who could walk and talk. She would hardly


need the stroller. She could tell us what she

der in everything and can barely stand to

wanted. It would be a piece of cake!

sleep for fear of missing something.

Boy, were we wrong.

And yet, while challenging, it is these ex-

They are curious, find won-

act reasons why traveling with a toddler is A grueling 32 hours of travel resulted in one

so rewarding. I find that with every trip we

tired, unhappy toddler on a nursing strike

take, however mundane, Amelia changes

(which we later found out was due to a

in some way. One can feel the shift. While

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LITTLE BIG STAGES TODDLER - HOOD MEETS TRAVEL (continued) she may not be able to recall running around an enclosure petting baby white lions or walking over the rocks at Tsitsikamma National Park at sunset, I feel that she will in some way remember the energy of it all. I feel for certain she will remember in her heart the laughter, the joy and the love of hugging friends and relatives that had not been seen for years and to whom she was a beautiful reminder of the cycle of life.



So seize the moment (and the fact that while under two your toddler is still relatively “free” when it comes to planes and trains!) to expose your little one to the world. The following are a few of my top tips on how to make it a saner experience.


Travel with pieces of home – While Amelia snacked on Bil-

tong (a meaty South African treat) and played with her new wooden, African animals it was comforting to have boxes of the organic raisins she was used to and the special doll she loves tucked away as a just in case!


Arrive early and don’t be afraid to request special prefer-

ences – If the plane is not full then ask for a row of seats, always take advantage of “family” line-ups and if your toddler is having a hard time then ask those in charge if you can skip the line.

3. Surrender your idea of what travel looked like before children – It is not the same – at all. It is very different – in a good way!

4. Finally - Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures! Taya Griffin (link to www.tayagriffin.com) is a Mother, Homeopath and Lactation Counsellor.

She teaches bebo mia’s

prenatal breastfeeding classes (link to http://www.bebomia. com/pregnancy-classes) and has a private practice helping mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.

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To order call: WEB: WWW.MELYSAG.COM Email:cb@livreal.com EMAIL: INFO@MELYSAG.COM 416.809.8104 PHONE:Ph: 416.569.9993





By:Wendy Goodman, RN, IBCLC

In the scientific literature and in the general public, the use of pacifiers has been a hot topic of debate for the last thirty-forty years. However pacifiers actually date back to over thousands of years. These ancient pacifiers were made of clay, silver, pearl or coral (I wouldn’t mind the pearl pacifier myself - nice necklace!). WHY DO BABIES EVEN NEED OR WANT PACIFIERS? Well , as their very name suggests pacifiers (“soothers”) settle babies, calm babies, and meet their sucking needs. Babies have been sucking on their fingers since they were sixteen weeks old in utero. Their strongest need in the first year of life is their sucking needs . But babies are individuals, and not all babies have the same sucking needs. Some babies are very high end suckers, and other babies don’t seem to need or want more sucking time than their own mother’s breasts provide. SO WHY THE BIG DEBATE OVER PACIFIERS? Well, studies from the eighties and nineties showed that pacifiers caused nipple confusion, were implicated in increasing rates of middle ear infections, led to early weaning, and caused dental and speech problems. More recently, studies show that pacifiers may be protective against SIDS, that pacifiers clearly reduce pain during painful procedures for babies (taking blood, circumcision) and the Canadian Dental Association recommends pacifiers over thumb sucking. Who is a parent to listen to? As a Lactation Consultant, I have seen these concerns on a daily basis when I help new moms with breastfeeding issues. Nearly all new parents ask me about the use of pacifiers. Just last week, a new study suggested that pacifiers may actually enhance breastfeeding and stated that they may not confuse babies as much as previously thought. The study was conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University. It showed that their breastfeeding rates increased when babies were allowed to suck on pacifiers, and the use of formula supplementation decreased when babies were allowed to use pacifiers in hospital.

NEW PARENTS quickly learn that their baby likes to sleep much of the day, is easily settled in the day, and that at night their perfect little angel turns into a screaming, inconsolable devil! This is normal newborn behaviour. As Dr. Harvey Karp writes in his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, there are “5 “S”s parents can use to help settle their crying baby when hunger isn’t the reason. And the fifth “s” is sucking! When babies will use a pacifier- especially at night, it will often be just the trick to lull a very unhappy baby back to sleep. To many parents, the pacifier becomes a lifesaver, and a very valued “tool” in their arsenal of tricks to help settle their crying baby.

MY ADVISE to breastfeeding moms is as follows in the first few days and weeks following birth. First of all, try to use common sense (which is hard when you are sleep deprived, in pain and freaked by your baby’s non-stop crying at night). Use the pacifier sparingly and when most needed (which is at night!). If your baby will take the pacifier at night, then dozes off to sleep and allows you to finally sleep- great! If your baby then breastfeeds at the next few feeds with no problems and nurses just as well as he does in the day, then aren’t you lucky! You can use the pacifier to help you through the rough long nights. BUT if you notice, that after the use of the pacifier, your baby doesn’t seem to know how to suckle properly at the breast (which he/she was doing fine for a few times before you introduced the pacifier), then hold back on the pacifier until he/she is breastfeeding better- and try it again in a few days. I would rather see a mom/dad use a pacifier at night when babies are so agitated than supplementing the baby with formula...which can begin a slippery slope. Why not meet your baby’s sucking needs. And new moms can’t often stand the pain of using their breast as a pacifier in the first few weeks of establishing breastfeeding. Remember your baby hasn’t read all the books and studies that new parents have. They simply want their needs met and if the pacifier works, and doesn’t seem to disrupt how breastfeeding is going, then stop worrying what the books say! To see how to use a pacifier safely (such as never tie a pacifier around your baby’s neck), please check out www.cps.ca and click on: Pacifiers (soothers): A user’s guide for parents Wendy Goodman, RN, IBCLC

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Lasting LOVE!

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I’m a big kid now (3-5) | LITTLE BIG STAGES

During practice as an Early Childhood Educator, there have been children who have progressed through toilet learning at various developmental stages, ranging from infancy to preschool age. It is crucial to acknowledge that it is not essential to embark on this journey at a specific age, regardless of hearsay.



& when to start Steps that will take yoou from yikes to yay! by Camilla Soberano


eaching our little munchkins how to independently use the toilet can be quite the adventure! There are a variety of different ways to support your child through the transition from diapers to undies. The best advice for parents is to listen to your instincts and the needs of each unique child. It is necessary that parents strive to take it one step at a time, go with the flow, expect accidents, and be ready to deal with them optimistically as little ones habitually watch how adults react to these mistakes. The term, “Toilet learning” has a positive connotation that infers a process and growth that happens when children learn how to use the toilet. As adults it is most beneficial to understand that this process takes time, patience, motivation, and endurance.

Because toilet learning happens in phases, it is significant to search for cues of communication from children that demonstrate an interest in toilets, potties, pull-ups, underwear, and gender differences. Once parents notice these cues, it is ideal to have discussions with children, read books about together, shop for toilet learning items, and embark on the experience as a family team. The first cue from a child who is interested in using the toilet can be shown in a variety of ways.

HERE ARE SOME IDEAS: • flushing and observing toilet purposes • talking about bodily functions, using words such as, “Pee” and “Poo” • talking about wet and dry • talking about gender in relation to their body parts Once the child’s interest is perked, parents can start the first stages of toilet learning. Each stage is exceptional to every child and it is vital to recognize that children might advance or progress individually when compared to other children.



An introduction to the toilet that would include the child sitting repeatedly.


Practice sitting on the toilet at random times of the day.


Showing the child what happens. (An adult uses the toilet to demonstrate)


Adults learn, note, and use the child’s patterns of urinating and bowel movements as optimal opportunities to place the child on the toilet in order for them to try independently.


A transition into pull-ups and using their own hands to pull up and down pants/underwear/pull-ups. (Remember that pants that do not have buttons/zippers are most suitable for pinkandbluemag 57

LITTLE BIG STAGES | I’m a big kid now (3-5) POTTY TRAINING (continued) the toilet learning process.)


Once children are able to keep their pull-ups dry all day, children can move on to underwear. • Try allowing the child to wear underwear on top of their pullups and encourage them to stay dry while wearing them. • Try keeping the water tap on in the washroom while the child is trying to urinate. This often stimulates the bladder system. • Some children work well with a sticker or reward system, while other children work best with positive praise by giving high-fives or having a pee pee/poo poo party when successful. • Allow children to choose their own potties, toilet seats, and underwear as this stimulates interest, excitement and independence. Best of luck to all families during the toilet learning process!


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If there are any further questions or comments, please feel free to email Camilla Soberano at camillasoberano@hotmail.com. Some great references: http://www.caringforkids.cps.ca/handouts/toilet_learning http://www.parentscanada.com/pre-school/developmentand-milestones/toilet-training-101.aspx http://www.canadianparents.com/toddlers-and-preschoolers/ toilet-training http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/index-eng.php


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oday was a bad day. I have been hit repeatedly, called names, kicked and thrown up on. The only things I have ingested have been the scraps of food I found on the floor and some sips of water. I smell like sour milk. I’m sweating. And I’m starving. Bedtime can be quite dramatic around here. It is now 7pm, I’m sitting on the couch with my feet up and laughing about the day’s events. I woke up at 5:40am. Already a bad sign was in my face saying something about a racoon, garbage cans and a whistle. As I dragged L back to bed, N obviously woke up. He called for me, which woke up P, which subsequently got L out of bed again. I am neither a happy nor an awesome mommy before the sun is up. As the four of us sat down to breakfast at 6 AM, I knew that it was going to be one of those days. Everyone knows what I’m talking about – those days when everything just goes wrong. It all started with a bottle of not-sofresh 2% milk.




By Jane Farkas

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L: “This baba [bottle] tastes funny mommy” Mommy: “No it doesn’t – drink it” N: “EEE yiike [don’t like] it” Mommy: “Its fine, drink it!” P had no objections and gulped the bottle up. It was not until it turned in my coffee that I realized it was bad. No big deal, I thought. What’s the worst that could happen? As I dumped out the contents of my coffee mug, L ran past me towards the bathroom, but didn’t make it. He threw up on the one rug that we have on our main floor. Ok, I thought, I can handle this. As I was cleaning that up, N started vacuuming. N loves the central vac. This would have been fine, but he accidently vacuumed up P’s foot. P started screaming, which scared N and caused him to jump, knocking over the bowls of Cheerios and sour milk that I had put out for them. So now everyone’s crying, my kitchen floor is flooded with soggy cereal, I am cleaning up puke and it’s not even 7am. And, if you can imagine, it all went downhill from there. So why on Earth am I laughing about this? Because yesterday was perfect. My kids sat at the kitchen table, ate their grilled cheese “all up”, no one spilled their milk and they even


summer breeze Blue JEANS

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FEATURE STORY BALANCING MOTHERLOAD... (continued) got dressed by themselves – a rarity in our home. They had a blast playing outside in the afternoon and were all in bed by 6pm. Since being a mommy is my job, I feel like there’s an ongoing interview process for promotions and bonuses. A friend of mine works as a teller at a well-known bank in the neighbourhood. She constantly deals with all types of people and their inability to deal with their own finances. One day — obviously the day she had to be somewhere right after work – a customer came in at 7:54pm. The bank closes at 8:00pm. The lady wanted to withdraw some money from an account for her daughter, who was going to be travelling to Europe the next day. How much money, you ask? The lady had no idea. She wanted my friend’s opinion on how much is an appropriate amount for her daughter to spend. 8:04pm. My friend gave her honest opinion. The woman didn’t like it. 8:06pm. She proceeded to call her daughter, and then husband, to consult on the amount in dollars, and then in Euros. 8:20pm. Holding on to her last bit of patience, my friend counted the customer’s money and placed it in the envelope. 8:30pm “Ok!” said the customer, “Now on to the next round of business…”

how she would feel if she knew (beforehand of course) that her boss was going to send in this particular customer on purpose to see how she was going to deal with the situation – for promotion sakes. “Obviously I wouldn’t be so upset – my job is on the line – and I could get a raise”. I think it all comes down to perspective. Since I obviously make no money being a mommy, I understand that I will not get a raise by dealing exceptionally well with situations like this morning. However, the promotion idea is easier to connect with. Yes, I do strive to be the BEST, MOST AWESOME mommy in the world, and every challenge is just a test to see if I deserve that title. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a competition. But every chance I get, I like to think about the huge, corner office that comes with that title and how I would look sitting in it. So, good luck with your daily ordeals in mommy-land. And when you feel trapped, as I often do, try to imagine yourself as the CEO of your very own company, Kiddies Inc.

My friend was beyond annoyed. “How can people be so selfish and obnoxious?!” Trying not to laugh, I asked her


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those days, research was hard work.

My kids can now sit alone in front of a computer screen to hear samples of songs that they can either buy legally or download illegally compared to the old school way of heading to the loTECH SAVVY starting from the younger cal record store, browsing generation. through racks of vinyl or compact discs, reading linBy Stephen Gosewich er notes, admiring cover art and if necessary, talking to someone in the know at the store about a particular artist. You would go with a friend to I admit it. I use technology in a limited way for the basics; the record store on release day of a new album by a band sending emails, downloading music (the legal way), upyou both liked. Would get home, crack open the plastic, loading pictures, surfing the net...oh, yeah...and blogging take out the pristine black piece of vinyl from the sleeve - DUH! and crack the volume as the needle would drop on a new sonic delight. Now its surf, sample, click and download for I know I can do so much more with technology if I so ninety nine cents (or $1.29 depending on the song and artchoose. But, I like some things to do be done the old fashist). It feels very robotic and lacking in excitement. ioned way...”old school”.



Unfortunately, my kids don’t know from “old school”...unless they are talking about a movie with Will Ferrell from 2003 (I used the Internet to look up this trivial factoid...I knew it was good for some thing). My kids use technology for everything except for basic human functions like eating, sleeping, washing and other bodily stuff. Techology has allowed them to communicate with others in a very anonymous way. They send each other messages in cryptic language compared to the “old school” way of picking up the phone and talking to their friends or seeing them after school or on the weekend instead of chatting with them on Facebook or other social media (which I believe is hardly social). Technology has taken the challenge of research out of completing assignments or finding out facts about the world. Now it’s a simple key stroke using a search engine like Google to find out about world history or human events. The hard part is finding out which sites are providing them with quality, factual information compared to made up nonsense which we all know is everywhere on the Internet. Old School involved heading to the reference library and researching a subject matter by going through books, encyclopedias and micro-fiche of old newspaper articles. In

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All these things can be done at any hour or day of the week. If you were putting finishing touches on an assignment and you were missing some vital pieces of information, unless the library was open, you were screwed. Now, you simply enter the key words into the search box and away you go...the world is at your finger tips at any time and any place. I will admit that the accessibility technology provides us and our children is wonderful and something that could have come in handy when I was a student. However, I am deeply concerned that technology is taking away our children’s ability to effectively communicate with each other and with us, their parents. When I was a kid, my older sister and I used to fight over who could use the second telephone line my parents installed in our house so we could talk to our friends freeing up the main line for my parents to use. Now, my kids can both text their friends using smartphones. What happened to the old concept of talking to people... face to face? What happened to socializing for free..using our mouths and our brains instead of our fingers and keyboards? When you talk to kids now, the responses are in short,


abrupt sentences...very similar to those found in text messages or Facebook. Communication is written and in bite sized pieces...seems like that is all their brains can handle. What about the concept of cracking open a book and reading something other than a paragraph or two in length? Are our kids reading less and less because of technology? Technology has also enabled bullies to broaden their attack on innocent and weaker children. Social media has now become a war zone for many kids who are feeling the wrath of bullies who attack not only through physical and verbal abuse but also written. How many more stories are we going to hear about children being harassed on the internet with some incidences of suicide? What about the physical affects of using technology? Consider the hypothesis that juvenile obesity is on the rise because our kids are addicted to technology which is a sedentary activity. Hours spent in front of or interacting with technology takes them away from physical activity and interaction with other children...which can also stimulate their social skills. As is the case with anything our kids get involved with, it is critical that we, as parents, closely monitor their activities. I like to reminisce with my kids about things like record stores or staying outside after dinner until dusk playing with my friends. I think back to the hours I would spend going through encyclopedias and other reference material until I found what I was looking for and the satisfaction I would feel when I finally uncovered that one piece of information I really needed. It is hard pulling them away from technology. While it was a long time ago, I was once a kid. Certain websites and electronic devices are cool and are more like toys than useful pieces of technology. Talk to your children about technology; what they like or don’t like. Dedicate hours in the week to physical activity with your children and getting outdoors with them. Most importantly, spend time with your kids. Technology can be a great baby-sitter...but a parent is what our kids really need.

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for all the sweet lovers out there.

Temptation sweet

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yummy muffins made with love.




Young Donor on the right Amaya Militzok donates her hair for a good cause. Amaya Militzok, 5, of Cooper City, Florida, donated her hair to Locks of Love. Her mother took her to Salon 180 for her first ever haircut, she told her mommy that she


AD SIZE: 2.22” x 11” w/bleed

wanted to her hair to help a sick child, like the little girl at her brother’s school who lost her hair to cancer treatments. She cut 10 inches off her hair to help make a wig for a kid in need. “I was worried how she would deal with cutting that much off because her hair is past the back of her knees, and it has become such a big part of her identity,” her mother, Alyce Militzok, said. “But she loves her new hair and wants to donate again next year.”

WHAT IS LOCKS OF LOVE? Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. They meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide help to restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.

HOW TO DONATE: Locks of Love gets thousands of donations each year, however they sell about 60% to wig manufacturers because the hair is unusable for making custom wigs for children. Follow these rules if you want your child’s hair made into a wig: 1. TEN INCHES: measured tip to top is the minimum length needed for a hairpieces 2. HAIR THAT IS COLOURED: or permed is acceptable 3. HAIR THAT HAS BEEN BLEACHED or highlighted is not usable. 4.HAIR THAT IS SWEPT OFF THE FLOOR is not

usable 5.HAIR THAT IS SHAVED OFF not in a ponytail or braid is not usable 6.CURLY HAIR can be used and pulled to measure 10 in 7.LAYERED HAIR IS ACCEPTABLE if the longest layer is 10 inches

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LITTLE BIG STAGES | Big Kid (9-12)

{ CURFEW 11:45 }


On these few occasions, my daughter gets in the house about an hour after our curfew hour. My daughter always tries to reassure me that all I need to do is leave a light on in the house and she can let herself in, lock up, turn off the lights and hit the sack. How can I (or my wife), go to bed without knowing that our daughter is home, safe and sound? Its my own philosophy and as a father of a very attractive, tall, slender young 14 year old unworldly teenager, I am not closing an eye until I hear the door unlock! The teenage years should be renamed the “negotiation years”. Our children are stretching their wings...trying to become more independent and taking more risks. Yes its time for them to do this, but I will never change my position as a concerned parent. I want my daughter to have fun, to enjoy being a teenager, make some mistakes along the way and learn from them...but at the end of the day, come home to her Mom and Dad, safe and with a smile on her face. I have talked at great length about the many roles a parent takes on and how these roles shift as our children grow up. At the beginning of the process of being a dad, my role was mostly as caretaker; cleaning up dirty diapers, changing dirty diapers, cleaning up puke, cleaning up messes left in high chairs...etc.

NEGOTIATION YEARS, ready or not here they come with their plea! By Daddy Blogger | Stephen Gosewich

I 68 pinkandbluemag

have learned the hard way that if I want my daughter home at an hour that suits my wife and I, that I am the one that has to collect her. On two separate occasions, she was able to get rides home with a friend’s parents who clearly are able to burn the midnight-oil for longer than me. When you don’t see eye to eye on the issue of curfew with these parents who have a different curfew policy, then I am at their mercy in that my kid will come home when it works for their daughter...not mine.

During the toddler years, it was that of a handholder...as my kids were beginning to walk they still needed my hand to hold onto so they wouldn’t tumble. Or, my hand would hold onto the back of the bike seat as they were gaining their balance as they learned to ride a bike. I also provided instant transportation when we were out as a family as they grew tired from walking (my shoulders). These days, the role of dad, at least to my 14 year old, has been relegated to chauffeur. My daughter is at that age when socializing is a huge thing. Boys are becoming a factor and being accepted by peers is essential to a successful high school career. As such, our daughter seems to want to leave our house as quickly as possible on Friday and Saturday nights (two late nights in a row is a bit much for her...a bone of contention my wife and I are currently grappling with).


The other nasty part, which hits me in the pocketbook, is her friends don’t live around the corner. They live about 10-15 minutes away by car. So, with the price of gas at an all time high, putting on the extra kilometres is not something I am thrilled with...but, she is my daughter! Invariably, once she gets herself showered, creamed, makeupped, styled and dressed, she makes her way downstairs and tells me to hurry because she is ready; her highness is now ready for the hired help to whisk her to her night of socializing. This is when the conversation shifts to curfew. Yes, the dreaded curfew. The witching hour when tired parents wait up to make sure their kids get home safely and the hour which kids aren’t quite ready to come home because they are having too much fun with their friends and because they would look like a loser if they were the first one to say they have to leave. More times than not, I usually collect my daughter from wherever she is so the time of night that we determine is her curfew is driven mostly by what time I would like to go to bed. When this discussion first started (once she became more settled in the social network of her high school), she started throwing out hours of the day for curfew that took me back to when I was much younger and had more stamina to stay up late (1:00 am). Usually the conversation didn’t go very far because I selfishly refused to force myself to stay up until that hour and also because, well...she is only 14. While she professes to be cool, hip and “in the know”...she is hardly in the know but has a handful of friends who think they are “worldly”, so she puts trust in them. I have brought my daughter back down to earth since, by telling her that I will get her between 11:30 and 11:45. Yes, she bitches and moans and always accuses me of being there too early. I remind her that I am like clockwork...I arrive on time...not a minute earlier. Daddy Blogger| Stephen Gosewich is an aspiring “Enlightened Male”. He spends his weekdays as a commercial real estate professional, living and working in Toronto. At all other times, he is a husband to his wonderfully supportive wife and father to his two very active and inspiring daughters. He enjoys family time, pop culture and when not dealing with one injury or another, spinning up a storm or perfecting his downward dog.


Learning Fun with one botton at a time

Steve has had a blog posted on The “Good Men Project” in their “Dad’s Good” section. Check it out: http://dads.goodmenproject.com/2011/04/22/over-the-hill-before-you-know-it/and was a blogger for several other parent-based blogs. You can read his blogs at www.theenlightenedmale.wordpress.com

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Talking to your child about sex should not begin by the time they reach the age of potentially having sex. In fact, converabout Helping you overcome the “TALK” sations sex should with your kids! begin much earlier so that By Malvina Beker it is not shocking to them or yourself to have “the talk”. This talk can potentially be one of the most important that you and your child have. However, it is not just about one talk, but rather a series of conversations that builds a trusting relationship between you and your child, where they feel that they can come to you whenever they need to for anything and everything. It is a touchy subject and a lot of parents are extremely uncomfortable with it. One of the bigger issues that parents have with talking to their children about sex, is that they worry that by talking to their kids about sex, they would actually be encouraging them to have it. Are parents suddenly encouraging children to have sex? Or are they encouraging them to have it earlier than they are ready for it? Or by talking to them are they assuming that they are giving their consent for deviant behaviour such as alcohol and drugs? Sex is not like alcohol and drugs, although it can be misused like anything else. Sex is a very intimate and private thing that two people share between one another. With or without your consent, your child will one day stumble on the world of sex. It is inevitable. The best way to protect your child from this world is to prepare them for it and to be there for them when they enter it. Before even talking to your child about sex, as a parent you should prepare yourself. Be open-minded and try to do some research. Don’t assume that your child knows everything there is to know about sex from the media and their peers. Most of the information that is distributed to our teens is either false, overexaggerated or misleading. And the messages behind this information usually go something like this: If girls have sex than they are sluts. If they wait, than they are prudes. If boys have sex, they are men. If they wait then they are weird and strange, etc. The decision to have sex should not stigmatize our kids, and we as parents are better role models and can give them more empowerment throughout their journey into adulthood if we talk to them. In fact, more teens are likely to have sex later on in life when they are ready for it, if their parents talk to them about sex, than teens whose parents have never spoken to them about sex and just assume that they will figure it out on their own.

Big Kid (9-12) | LITTLE BIG STAGES You do not need to wait until they are teenagers to open the door for conversations about sex. You can begin to talk to your child about sex right around the time that they start learning about their body, or when they begin to learn about it in school. We are very lucky now to live in a society that offers sexual health education in schools, teaching our children to be aware of the changes in their body and understanding them. This is the most perfect moment to begin to talk to them and encourage their learning. The more they know about it, the less sex will become about curiousity but rather about a serious step into their adult life. Conversations about sex may start about the physical changes that your child’s body will go through, and how babies are made. However with time, those conversations should shift to other topics surrounding sex. We are assuming that when our teens start having sex, it is unlikely for the sake of having children, unless they choose to wait until they are ready to start a family. Even though this is one thing that has been preached about for decades, urging your children to remain abstinant until marriage, is an approach that doesn’t work, since teens are bound to have sex anyway. Research has found that teens who came from households where parents only discussed abstinence until marriage were twice as likely to have sex when they were not ready for it. Although in the beginning, talking about sex and sexual health may be uncomfortable and even embarassing, the more aware your child is that you are there for them and will be open to having conversations about sex, the more comfortable they will be with sharing information with you and asking questions. As they develop, talks about sex should be less focused on anatomy but rather about your child’s feelings about themselves, and about relationships. The main thing to express to them is that they should feel comfortable with their bodies and understand what feels good and right, versus what feels bad and wrong. Sex is about growing as a person, being confident and also about sharing an intimate experience with someone else. The act of sex should be meaningful and with someone that they at least like, with a mutual understanding and readiness. You should also talk to them about bullying and date rape, which are also very important topics to cover, for both teen girls and boys, as well as ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Another way of opening up discussions about sex is by giving them resources to turn to on their own. Planned Parenthood’s Teen Health Source, http://teenhealthsource.com/ is a great place to start. It is a source geared towards teens from age 13 to 19, where they can access information on sexual health or more specifically ask questions from teen volunteers who have had training on sexual health. It isn’t a simple thing, having “the talk”, but it is important. We want to raise healthy and confident people who will make the right decisions for themselves, without any regrets, while being aware that they can turn to their parents for support whenever they need to.

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LITTLE BIG STAGES | Teen (12-16)


o matter what it was called in the time-table or who taught the class – we all knew it was coming and we never learned anything that we didn’t already know. This, in my mind, made Sex-Ed the most irrelevant period in school which is why I never understood why, despite being the most irrelevant, it was the most controversial.

Years later and now from a parental perspective I am faced with making choices about my own daughter’s Sex-Ed. Will she be the girl who knows everything already because Mom already told her? Will she be the girl who learned basically everything ‘behind the bike-sheds’ and mom is just hoping she learned it in theory rather than in practice? Will she be the one sent to the library for that period because mom didn’t sign the permission slip?

Let me share with you. She will the one with the informed and choice-exercising mom who takes primary responsibility for her education and instills her daughter with values that will help her, not just survive the world, but thrive in the world. My approach to sex-ed is the same as my approach to any other aspect of my daughter’s education. It’s easy and convenient to leave the educating to schools and qualified teachers. Many parents now pay for the privilege of private schools and tutors. However, regardless of your tuition bill, a smart parent will always be the one who says ‘the buck stops with me, for I am responsible for my child’s education’. I, mom, will not shy away from my daughter’s sex education, pretending that the class is 72 pinkandbluemag


AD SIZE: 2.22” x 11” w/bleed

c wa anít ret it to urn !



i lo ve t h pl is ac e

{ SEX ED }


“ I will educate myself on

exactly what my daughter’s school curriculum includes “

equivalent to what ever pseudo name they have given it this year. It is not ‘Health’ nor ‘Personal Education and Development’, it’s an education in the most powerful of all human relationships – intimacy. I will educate myself on exactly what my daughter’s school curriculum includes and, in my informed state I will intelligently and proactively decide what elements of that curriculum my daughter will be learning from her gym/science/math teacher, what she will learn from me and what she probably already knows or will find out from behind the bike sheds. I will make a distinction between information and values and ensure that the outcome of these sex-ed classes isn’t contradictory to the values I have worked hard to build up until this point. Lastly, I will proactively make sure that my daughter appreciates that her sex education is not equivalent to a gym class. I will encourage her to critically question and I will give her the tools to ensure that when she is faced with the situation, in practice, she applies all that she learned, in school, but more valuably from me. The most valuable thing she will ever learn is not how to do it but why to do it.

PRACTICAL STEPS Speak to your child’s teacher at the start of the year and request the curriculum in full. If you do not understand what is written or what it entails, go back and ask. On each element of the curriculum make sure that you are comfortable with your son or daughter learning that directly from the teacher. Remember that they will still hear about it from their classmates afterwards but the simple fact that they were not present is a statement about how much you value the information. Pre-empt the classes with an explanation given at home and, if you are taking your child out of any classes, explain why. Critically look at the curriculum, work out what might be missing and supplement at home. Lastly, realize that Sex-Ed is only valuable if your son and daughter have the values they need to apply it. Have an honest discussion with your partner as to how you want your son to treat his girlfriends and your daughter to treat her boyfriends and build a curriculum for them around this!

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REFRESH & reload

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We need sufficient rest at night in order to properly function throughout our day. When we have restless or sleepless nights, when we have difficulty falling or staying asleep, and when we wake up and do not feel rested, often the result is disastrous. Establishing a regular yoga practice (either in a studio or at home) will ultimately reduce your stress levels and relax your muscles. The result? Sleep! The following list includes some problems that may promote irregular sleep patterns;

meditation (dhyana).

Sustained practice will decrease

your innate arousal levels (stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline) and allow your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) to dominate. This is good, as your PNS helps to calm you down. It slows your responsiveness and alertness, and this is particularly helpful before bedtime. Practicing yoga also teaches you effective breathing patterns that will ultimately induce sleep. Slow, deep breaths will raise your body’s levels of carbon dioxide (a natural sedative) and increase nighttime melatonin levels (a hormone that helps to regulate the body’s internal clock).




1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, finally a good night sleep zzzzzzz. By Sarah Brager

INSOMNIA: The inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep long enough to feel rested. MEDICAL CONDITION: living with depression, anxiety and/ or chronic pain usually makes it difficult to fall back asleep after waking in the middle of the night. SIDE EFFECTS OF DRUGS: Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and most prescription and over-the-counter drugs contain stimulants that can interfere with sleep. MAJOR LIFE CHANGES: (both good and bad) With your mind unable to settle because of a death in the family, losing or getting a new job, being pregnant or having a new baby, sleeping a full night may feel impossible. WHAT YOU INGEST: talking to a holistic nutritionist will help educate you about healthy vs. non-healthy foods/drinks and how this affects your sleep patterns and ability to relax and unwind. You may be wondering how yoga fits in…the answer is quite simple. Yoga, when regularly practiced, will calm your nervous system and mind. Combined or used independently to induce sleep are yoga techniques of breath-

The following list can help you fall asleep sooner, stay asleep longer, and feel better when you wake up;

PRACTICE YOGA Find a prenatal or postnatal class and eventually try some at home either by yourself or from a DVD. Start once a week and then see if you can increase slowly, eventually practicing a short sequence at home each night.

ESTABLISH A REGULAR SLEEP ROUTINE Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, take away all stimulants at least an hour before going to bed (t.v, computer, work), keep your room dark, unplug all unnecessary electronics.

FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH Not your thoughts- when you lie down in bed slow down your breathing, follow your inhalation and then extend and/or double your exhalation.

STAY CALM Try not to put pressure on yourself to fall asleep. Often pressure will contribute to a negative cycle in which the fear of not being able to fall asleep becomes the biggest obstacle to sleep.

ACCEPTANCE yoga teaches you to give your best effort and then let go of any attachment to the results. This means first accepting sleeplessness, rather than obsessing about it. Now go ahead and use these helpful tips tonight! Your new and improved pre-bedtime routine will help you to get the sleep that you need and deserve.

ing (pranayama), physical exercises (asana) as well as pinkandbluemag 75

FINANCE Dear Tax4Nanny I am hoping to go on a family vacation at the end of the summer but I have not saved enough for it. Do you have any ideas how I can still make this work? Dear Fran B, I think family vacations are really important. I know that I look forward to mine all year long. Given you do not have much time to save here are a few simple strategies that could help.


“ DEAR TAX4NANNY” By Gila Ossip

1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST - Right when you get your next pay cheque put away 10% in a savings account. This forces you to budget with the 90% that is left. 2. ADOPT MINDFUL SPENDING -Each time you find yourself in a store ask yourself “Do I really need this?”. If the answer is no, walk away and make a list of items that you may buy after your summer trip. 3. PACK A LUNCH AND A LATTE- Packing a lunch or not buying a daily latte really can make the difference between saving enough for the vacation or not. Lunch out and a latte daily will cost you about $10-15/ day more then if you made both at home. If you start now over the summer you would save at least $600!!!! Happy summer saving! Sincerely, Tax4Nanny

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You will be READING THE SAME BOOK over and over so make sure you love them too.


Are You my Mother It is very cute and fun to read.

2 Wizard of Oz Classic and Cool.

3 Head by Matthew Van Fleet Full of animals!

4 The Lady with the Alligator Purse It is funny and you can also sing.


Dog My daughter loves dogs and so do most kids, This book is interactive an a definite go to.

6 Snoozers Is great pictures, colourful, and a great read.

7 Nursery Rhymes I cannot remember most of them so this book helps!

8 The Monster at the end of this book Is cute and fun but, annoying to read over and over. pinkandbluemag 77


got Chocolate

MILK? 78 pinkandbluemag

pinkandbluemag 79

FEATURE STORY the exam was done I got myself dressed and walked out. The nurse stopped me and said that the doctor felt the need to schedule a procedure called a ‘Leep’. I could not believe that the


doctor without knowing



results yet from




the biopsy, still wanted to go ahead and perform this proce-




Taking you into the journey!

was the date I

By Michelle Newman

arrival to my ap-

was given. Upon pointment I was told that my results came back

and what they found was high grade dysplasia or in another words: pre cancerous cells. They performed the ‘Leep’ procedure and once again took another biopsy and sent it off to the lab. Two weeks after is when my life changed


forever. The nurse called me in to sit down with the doctor. I could not believe this was happening and knew that something was wrong. My mom and I went in and the doctor came into the room and said we found cervical cancer but the ‘leep’ procedure did the job as they caught it right away. But to be sure it did not spread to my lymph nodes, he wanted me to have surgery. Another option he gave was a hysterectomy. I could not believe what I was hearing and immediately starting crying and shaking. ‘How is this possible?” I thought to myself. I starting screaming to my mother “I don’t want to die”. I called my husband up remember as if it was just yesterday, when my life flashed right infront of me. I had absolutely no control what the end result would have been.

I had a few abnormal pap tests that my gyno felt that I should check with a specialist. On Sept 24, 2008 I had my first appointment with the doctor at Sunnybrook Hospital. I had no idea what was going to happen at that appointment. The unknown was driving me nuts. I saw the specialist and after examing me, he wanted to take a biopsy. This was because he saw something unusual on my cervix. I went into panic mode right away and started to cry. After

80 pinkandbluemag

freaking out. I remember I felt like passing out and the nurse had to bring me apple juice. They got me with my mother to comfort me. Nothing anyone said or did could possibly make me feel better and due to the circumstances they did not expect it to. I finally got home and was greeted by my husband with open arms. All I could think about was ‘I did not want to die’ and ‘I did not want to put my family through such heartache’. Two days later, I got a call from the doctors office that I was scheduled for surgery on Dec 4, 2008. This felt like it was all a bad nightmare and that I would wake up and realize it was all a bad dream. Unfortunately,


it was reality and I was living the worse possible nightmare

July 3, 2009 and 39.5 weeks pregnant, I woke up in the

ever. It was a hard month and a half before my scheduled

early morning with unusual back pain. I brushed it off as

surgery. A lot of emotional breakdowns. All I wanted to do

Braxton Hicks contractions. So I got dressed and went for

was be alone. I did not want to talk to anyone. I could

a pedicure. As I was getting it done the pain was coming

not really face my parents nor my husband. I did not want

and going. Again I brushed it off. I had to run into the mall. I

them to hurt. I was everywhere and all over the place...

went to visit my mother at the hair salon after. The pain was

nothing anyone said or did made a difference. I had a lot

getting worse and now went all around. My mother looked

of support from my family and friends regardless if I wanted

at me and said go home, you are in labor.

it or not. I got home and called the hospital. They advised me what Dec 4th came fast. It felt like one blink and there we were.

to do. The actual contractions were getting closer in time

My parents, husband and a friend came with me the day

and I knew we needed to make our way downtown but I

of the surgery for support and waited with me until I was

had to straighten my hair.

brought into surgery. Which I have to say was four hours behind by the time I actually was brought to the operating room. The waiting was horrible and it made me so anxious. I was starving as well. All I wanted to eat was a Harvey’s Hamburger and a diet pepsi, but instead I was on sugarwater by IV . Mark my words and I will never forget about what happened as I was coming through from the surgery. They were taking blood from me. I did not know what was happening. The nurse told me that the doctor found something in my



uterus. I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought for sure it had spread. ‘Why was this happening to me?’

We finally got in the car. I was admitted to the hospital at

I remember thinking. I voiced my concerns and the nurse

11pm at 5cm dialated. 12 hours and 54 minutes later our

said to me word by word: We are taking a pregnancy test.

sweet and precious baby boy decided it was time for him

My husband came in afterwards and I shared what they

to enter the world. Due to all I went through and of course

suspected. He was in complete shock, so was I.

the baby too, I did not want to look at him until I heard him cry. That cry brought tears to my eyes and I will never for-

The next day I got a call from my doctor asking me why I

get the first time I laid eyes on him. It was love at first sight.

did not tell him I was 2.5 months pregnant. ‘I am?’ is what

My husband and I were now complete with our sweet and

I responded with. Yep, I was pregnant and no it did not

healthy baby boy named Tristan. Our gift from GOD.

spread to my lymph nodes. All the love and support I got from my family and friends I was referred to a high risk obygn at Mount Sinai Hospital

I will never forget. Through tough and hard times all one

because of the ‘leep’ procedure. They were afraid I would

needs to do is believe in miracles and I am living proof mir-

go into labour early. I was monitored very carefully and had

acles do happen.

ultersounds often to make sure my cervix was still closed. I was really afraid for “cookie”. That is the nickname I gave to my son. With the ‘leep’ procedure and all the nuclear medications and dyes that were injected in me the day of my surgery not to mention all the emotional stress I was put under. I hoped and prayed every day and night that cookie would come out healthy. At night, I used to lie in bed and rub my stomach and sang the song ‘you are my sunshine’. It made me feel a lot at ease and very much connected to cookie himself. pinkandbluemag 81

FINANCE The principal RESP contributions are not tax deductible and unlike the interest earned on the contributions, the principal RESP contributions are not taxed upon receipt.



YOUR RESP By Andrea Benaim, CA

f you want your child to have the same educational resources that you did, or maybe wish you had, you will want to consider a registered education savings plan (RESP). By starting an RESP for your child, and planning ahead, you can cultivate a valuable piggy bank for your child’s future education. AN RESP IS A SAVINGS MECHANISM to help develop your child’s education fund by investing money over time, facilitating financial growth of the plan until your child reaches 31 years of age. With a lifetime limit of $50,000 and no annual limit, the plan enters completion on the 35th anniversary of the birth of the plan.

82 pinkandbluemag

THE CANADA EDUCATION SAVINGS GRANT (CESG), eligible for children until the age of 17, is additional government assistance toward the growth of your child’s RESP. That is, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, no matter your family income, provides a grant equal to 20% of your annual contributions to an annual maximum of $500 (they will provide a grant of $1,000 per year if there is unused grant room from a previous year) with a lifetime limit of $7,200. For example, if you contribute $2,500 in one year, your child’s RESP will receive a corresponding government grant of $500, the annual maximum. Simply by starting and contributing to your child’s RESP, the government will provide additional funding over and above your contributions; my belief is that this additional government funding is incentive enough to start your RESP. REMEMBER THAT YOUR CHILD’S RESP CAN BE CREATED by family members and friends. So, if your child’s toy basket is full, and your child’s clothing makes you want to drool, then starting an RESP may be the perfect birthday gift to receive. Whether your child’s educational path includes being a doctor, teacher, artist, or musician – the key to your RESP is that it can provide an added means to ensuring your child’s opportunity is ample and ambition endless.




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Indulge summer

Go ahead and treat your family to a fabulous healthy meal

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HEALTH & FITNESS It is no secret that losing weight after gaining a newborn is a challenge. After watching many clients, friends and family members (including one of my sisters who gained 60 pounds with her first child) struggling with losing post-baby weight the idea of gaining weight during pregnancy and having to lose it can be terrifying for women of all shapes and sizes. I’ve decided to come up with a list of things to do to help lose that

baby belly. I’m sure that at some point in your lives you’ve been presented with one of the many international food guides so I’m going to do my best to give you some more specific and useful mommy-friendly suggestions. Whichever healthy approach works for you, remember the key to it all is maintenance!




Help is one the way for making the better you! By Amanda Shwartz

1. Breastfeed,

if it’s right for you. Additional weight

(aside from baby weight) is gained during pregnancy to store energy to produce milk. These calories are used to support breastfeeding. If a mother is not able to or chooses not to breastfeed they will need to rely completely on lifestyle changes to burn the additional stored energy. Many nutrition specialists consider the lactation period to be the best time for a new mom to lose weight. You must however remember that it is important to have adequate caloric intake particularly during the first 2 months post partum to support milk production and supply. Multiple studies have shown that breastfeeding mothers consuming a normal diet and eating when hungry lose more weight when their babies are 3-6 months compared with mother’s of bottle fed babies who decrease their caloric intake.

2. Follow a low sodium diet Frequently women will step on the scale in the few days following delivery and will be shocked to find out that they didn’t lose as much weight as they’d expected and some may not have lost weight at all. It is important to take a look at your face, hands and

ankles to see if they’re swollen. Often times the pregnancy weight will be replaced by fluid retention particularly if

you received a lot of IV fluids during labor. It is important to stay away from high sodium foods (this isn’t just good for mom, it’s good for the whole family.) Rest assured with a low sodium diet, increased perspiration (i.e. healthy exercise and frequent walks with your new bundle of joy) and increased urination (i.e. adequate fluid intake) this fluid retention weight should disappear within 2-3 weeks. The recommended daily intake of sodium is 1500 mg daily. This is equivalent to 2/3rd a teaspoon of table salt. The average Canadian consumes more than double this amount. Avoid adding salt during cooking or at the table. Be aware of the following; A. Tomato sauce (plain or with vegetables) canned or bottle has 585-721 mg sodium. B. 1% and 2% cottage cheese (1 cup) contains 788-970 mg sodium (try the fat free version which is 287 mg per 1 cup serving). All cheeses, except for swiss, will be high in sodium unless otherwise indicated on the label. C. Meat products such as bacon (turkey and pork), cured ham, smoked turkey, salamis, hot dogs, sausages and sliced meats will contain anywhere from 700 to 1700 mg of sodium pinkandbluemag 85


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HEALTH & FITNESS HOW TO LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT (continued) A. Pre-prepared foods such as store bought fresh or frozen meals are high in sodium cooking at home is always best. B. Read labels and remember that even things like sauces, salad dressings and pop will contain sodium.

1. Choose water

as often as possible! It’s very important to stay hydrated whether you’re pregnant or not. You can get fluid from a variety of places including your regular water, soups, juice, milk, fruit and vegetables. While I encourage you to consume adequate fluids throughout the day (8 fluid ounces daily) it is important to look at the source of the fluid. If you’re consuming less

3. Eat small amounts frequently. Can you recall a time where you hadn’t had anything to eat for many hours but managed to get three solid meals into your kids? It’s easy for you to ensure your kids are well fed while ignoring your own needs. Not eating regularly can leave you aggravated and exhausted. As mentioned above eating every 3-4 hours can help decrease those sugar and caffeine cravings but also helps decrease your daily caloric intake. You’re not doing yourself or your family any favors starving all day and only eating dinner. Eating every 3-4 hours helps balance your blood sugars and helps you make better choices at meal or snack time. A standard meal is approximately 500 calories and a snack 250 calories (this will vary depending on the individual). It’s really important to remember not to be too hard on yourself. On average (and remember averages are exactly that, averages) it takes a first time mom approximately 9 months to return to pre pregnancy weight. Try not to obsess over numbers on a scale because your muscle tone may have changed, remember all the lifting you’re now doing?

“ YOU’RE NOT DOING YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY ANY FAVORS STARVING ALL DAY AND ONLY EATING DINNER.” water and more juices and pop you’re taking in a significant amount of calories in the form of sugar. Did you know that 1 cup of orange juice has the juice of 8 oranges in it? That’s approximately 26 grams of sugar only 1 gram lower than drinking a cup of coca cola. Many women will report feeling incredibly thirsty while breast feeding. One way to make sure you’re hydrating is to put a glass of water next to you while you’re feeding and drink while your baby does! Bored of plain old water? Try taking just 1 ounce of 100% fruit juice and top it up with carbonated water, have a container of filtered water in your fridge and add slices of different fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers or slices of apple and/or orange.

2. When in doubt record

what, when and how much you’re eating. Writing down exactly what you are eating for two weekdays and 1 weekend day can be incredibly enlightening. Eating every 3-4 hours will help you decrease your overall daily caloric intake, can decrease those dreaded afternoon (or in fact all day for moms) sugar and caffeine cravings and help you evaluate the portions that you are eating. Multiple websites and apps are available to help with calorie counting. One that I really like is called Spark People (www.sparkpeople.com) It’s a free resource that helps you analyze your calories and has an app to help you keep track while you’re out and about. According to a study published in the July 2008 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine people who kept a “food journal” lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. pinkandbluemag 87


QUICK RECIPES 4 ounces goat cheese, 1/3 cup basil, roughly chopped ½ cup olive oil (or more) for drizzling Kosher salt to taste

1. SPINACH BLENDED SALAD Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups of fresh spinach 1 celery stalk 1/4 english cucumber 1 avocado 4 leaves romain lettuce Handful cilantro 1 clove garlic 1/4 cup white or red onion 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger 1 1/2 tbsp nama shoyu 1 tbsp hemp or flax oil (optional) Dash of cayenne pepper or add small amount of fresh chile pepper

Directions: 1. Preheat the oven to 375ºF. 2. In a 13×9 baking dish layer the sliced eggplants, overlapping if necessary. Drizzle a little of the olive oil over the eggplants and gently toss them to coat. Scatter the garlic over the eggplant. Then scatter the tomatoes evenly over the eggplant. 3. Crumble the goat cheese with a knife or your fingers and scatter it over the tomatoes. Then scatter the basil on top. 4. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until the eggplant is softened and the cheese is slightly melted. Serve hot. Note: You can use plain goat cheese or herbed goat cheese

3. ASIAN SLAW SALAD Directions: You will need a high power blender. Place all ingredients into blender and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.

2. EGGPLANT & GOAT CHEESE BAKE You can prepare this during naptime and pop it in the oven right before dinner. The roasting takes little to no time at all. Ingredients: 5-6 thin eggplants, sliced into 1/4” thick or whatever you would prefer. You can also play around with the herbs by using basil and parsley, thyme or rosemary. Children often don’t love eggplant the first time they try it. You can make some whole wheat pasta and toss this altogether in order to slowly get your child accustomed to the new flavors. 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1-1 ½ cups medium sized tomatoes, chopped into 1” cubes (you can also used cherry tomatoes and cut them in half) 88 pinkandbluemag

Ingredients: 1 Pickled Red Onion (see recipe below) 1 1/2 cups Salted Apricot Dressing (see recipe below) 2 green onions, both white and green parts, julienned, 2 ounces rice vermicelli, broken into 3 pieces 1 large English cucumber, julienned, 1 large carrot, peeled and julienned, 1 small jicama, peeled and julienned 2 large Roma tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and thinly sliced, 4 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds, 6 teaspoons crushed roasted peanuts, 4 teaspoons edible flower petals, 4 teaspoons fennel seedlings, 4 teaspoons purple basil seedlings, 4 teaspoons daikon sprouts, 4 teaspoons fried shallots Pickled Red Onion Ingredients: 1 red onion 1 cup rice wine vinegar 1cup water 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black peppercorns 1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds 1 bay leaf 1 sprig thyme

Pickled Red Onion Directions: Peel and julienne red onion and set aside in a medium bowl. In small saucepan, bring vinegar and water to a boil. Season with salt, peppercorns, fennel seeds, bay leaf and thyme; continue boiling for another 5 minutes. Pour mixture over onion while hot and let sit for 1 hour. Salted Apricot Dressing Ingredients: 1 cup salted apricot (ume) paste 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar 1 teaspoon mirin 1 teaspoon dashi 1 1/2 tablespoon onion oil 3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger, peeled and chopped 1/4 teaspoon sea salt Salted Apricot Dressing Directions: In blender, combine apricot paste, vinegar, mirin, Dashi, Onion Oil, sugar, ginger, and salt. Puree until smooth. For Singapore Slaw Salad: Soak green onion in very cold water to keep crisp. Meanwhile, heat large pot of oil. When temperature reaches 400°F, deep fry taro root, half the amount at a time, for 2 minutes until crisp and light gold in color. Remove slices from oil, place on paper towel, and lightly salt. At same temperature, quickly deep fry vermicelli, half at a time, for 2 seconds, or until they curl. Remove vermicelli from oil, place on paper towel, and lightly salt. To Serve: Remove julienned green onion from bowl and drain. Divide vermicelli equally between 4 plates and arrange green onion, cucumber, carrot, jicama, tomatoes, and pickled red onion around noodles. Top with fried taro root. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts over each salad. In small bowl, combine edible flower petals, seedlings, sprouts, and fried shallots. Sprinkle flower-sproutshallot mixture on salad and serve with Salted Apricot Dressing alongside.

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PREGNANCY & KIDS NUTRITION By Aviva Allen, Nutritionist

QUICK AND healthy recipe Fire Roasted Artichokes is a great and easy summer recipe. Ingredients • 2 large artichokes • 1 lemon, quartered • 3/4 cup olive oil • 4 cloves garlic, chopped • 1 teaspoon salt • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper


Q : My 2 year old son is always con- Q : If my baby is breastfed, can he still stipated. He strains so hard and cries because his stomach hurts. Should I try stool suppositories or laxatives or is there a more gentle approach?


: Laxatives and suppositories may help him go to the bathroom, but it is not a long term solution, as it does not get to the root of the problem. The first thing I would do is look at his diet to see if he is getting enough fibre. If his diet contains a lot of white bread/pasta or white rice, try replacing with whole grain versions. Also make sure to include plenty of vegetables and fruits with their skins as they contain a good amount of fibre. The second thing to consider is what your son is drinking. Avoid juices and make sure he is drinking enough water. I would also look at the amount of dairy your son is eating, as milk and milk products can be constipating for many children. A good quality probiotic supplement can also help, but I would suggest consulting a health professional to recommend the appropriate strain and dosage for your child.

be lactose intolerant? He is 11 months old and was introduced to homo milk in preparation for daycare, and all of the sudden he is having very messy/loose poops!


: It is not likely lactose intolerance as breast milk also contains lactose. There are, however, proteins in cow's milk that he could be sensitive to, such as whey or casein. While milk allergy is the most common childhood allergy, lactose intolerance is a separate issue, involving the inability to break down the sugars in milk. I would try removing the milk from his diet and see if the symptoms disappear. If so, you may consider having your son tested for a milk allergy, just to be sure.


Fill a large bowl with cold water. Squeeze the juice from one lemon wedge into the water. Trim the tops from the artichokes, then cut in half lengthwise, and place halves into the bowl of lemon water to prevent them from turning brown. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Meanwhile, preheat an outdoor grill for medium/high heat. Add artichokes to boiling water, and cook for about 15 minutes. Drain. Squeeze the remaining lemon wedges into a medium bowl. Stir in the olive oil and garlic, and season with salt and pepper. Brush the artichokes with a coating of the garlic dip, and place them on the preheated grill. Grill the artichokes for 5 to 10 minutes, basting with dip and turning frequently, until the tips are a little charred. Serve immediately with the remaining dip. Per Serving Calories: 402 Total Fat: 40.7 g Cholesterol: 0 mg

Aviva Allen, RHN, is a Toronto Nutritionist specializing in Pregnancy and Kids Nutrition. www.avivaallen.com

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Helping you feel the better you!

Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND

Our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of a normal body process. Detoxification is one of the body’s most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Unfortunately in this day and age, with the pollution found in the air, water and food we eat, our bodies have a hard time keeping up. Our chemicalized diet with too much animal protein, too much saturated and trans fats, too much caffeine and alcohol radically changes our internal ecosystem. Body systems and organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely over-loaded to the point where toxic material remains inside our tissues. Our bodies try to protect us from dangerous substances by setting it aside, surrounding it with mucous and fat so that it will not cause an imbalance or trigger an immune response (some people carry up to 15 extra pounds of mucous that harbors this waste). Detoxification through special cleansing diets and colonics is the best way to assist your body’s natural self-cleaning system. It is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue. However, even if your diet is good, a spring cleanse can revitalize your system and rid your body of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. It is a simple threestep process.

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Personally, I did not have the best experience with a colonic. I was backed up for 10 days and it was the only solution I could think of. It sure was the right answer and cleaned me out! But, it takes out the good bacteria so make sure that you take a probiotic or something that will put the good flora back in to your system so you are not depleted! Check out their detox and rejuvenation guide: www.foodmatters.tv/dvds/detox-and-rejuvenationguide-e-book Check out this recent article I read on the website Food Matters:www.foodmatters.tv/_webapp/ Why%20Detox

What you will get out of this Guide: Break up and remove toxins. Rebuild your immune system as you replenish the nutrients. Raise your body’s energy levels. Eliminate gas and bloating. Reach your optimal weight and flatten your stomach. Look and feel better. Overcome allergies and illness. Know how to prepare nutritious meals for you and your family. Understand the principles of healing foods. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Many of us are unknowingly suffering from food sensitivities and allergies which are preventing us from reaching optimal health and our ideal body weight.

To place an order or meet with the designer please contact Coley b. deZigns at cb@livreal.com pinkandbluemag 93



Detoxification has become the newest FAD and everyone seems to be looking for the “best” detox product or program. We end up scouring the Internet, which is loaded with misinformation, and end up on drastic cleanses that are more harmful than helpful. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your health goal. Most people are motivated by weight loss when it comes to detoxing, turning to gimmick “detoxes”. These detoxes often involve dangerous fasts and liquid diets, ingestion of salt water solutions in order to “flush” the body, drinks which contain

Overall, a detox can be a natural side effect and also a great motivator for weight loss!


The most common question I get asked is when a detoxification should be done. Generally, everyone should do a detox once or twice a year. We take our cars in for regular maintenance and we need to do the same with our bodies. They need an annual tuneup as well! Even if you feel healthy, it’s a good idea to flush out all those toxins sothey don’t accumulate and cause problems later on. I also encourage anyone starting a weight loss program to begin with a good, healthy detox, especially if you are overweight and have had unhealthy eating habits in the past. If that’s the case, you would have been exposed to high amounts of toxins, preservatives and additives in unhealthy foods that need to be eliminated. Below are some of the negative side effects experienced by toxin exposure:

DETOXIFICATION By Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND

cayenne, maple syrup, lemon and water, which will all cause dramatic, but unsustainable weight loss. What everyone needs to understand is the purpose of a detox, what is trying to be achieved in terms of a health goal and how to do it safely. The main reason for doing a detox is to rid your body of accumulated toxins from chemical exposure, pollutants, food additives, artificial sweeteners, all of which get stored in our organs and our fat cells. Many people will start a detox with weight loss in mind and I encourage all weight loss protocols to begin this way, but it’s important to remember the ACTUAL goal of a detoxification program. 94 pinkandbluemag

• Hormonal imbalances • Chemical imbalances in the brain * Asthma * Alterations of systemic enzymes * Changes in metabolism * Sleep disturbances * Thyroid problems * Fertility problems * Arthritis * Eczema * Depression * Chronic fatigue I also recommend a detox for anyone who starts to feel a little unwell, but there is nothing clinically wrong. It’s also beneficial for individuals who suffer from any medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. And, a detox is even good for cancer prevention, as it optimizes the body’s health. And, if you suffer from any of the symptoms below, then you know it’s time for you to detox: *Sluggish/cloudy thinking *Depression *Frequent headaches *Poor concentration *Memory loss *Dull hair and skin *Feeling bloated, chronic indigestion *Retaining water *Feelings of fatigue *Joint aches and pains *Constant bad breath

HEALTH & FITNESS * Metallic taste in the mouth * Skin reactions * Night sweats * Dark circles under your eyes * Insomnia and fatigue * Sensitivity to odours I suggest detoxing for a period of 2 to 4 weeks to really optimize the effects. If you’re struggling with any of the above symptoms, then you may benefit from completing the detox for a longer period of time.


The most important thing is HOW to detox, safely and effectively. A solid detoxification program involves lifestyle changes, dietary changes and supplementation. The lifestyles changes are meant to reduce your exposure to chemical and environmental pollutants. The dietary changes reduce your exposure to food additives and foods that are difficult to digest, promote inflammation or even identify possible food sensitivities. The supplementation portion is to promote the elimination of the stored toxins in our body, while supporting our organs of detoxification: the liver, gut, kidney, skin, lungs and lymphatic system.


Below is a list of Easy-to-Implement Lifestyle Tips to go along with your Detoxification Program: 1. Eat organic as often as possible, especially meats and fruits or vegetables without a protective skin. 2. Wash your fruits and veggies: - Homemade Fruit and Veggie Wash: Combine 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. 3. Limit your seafood intake to avoid exposure to the high mercury content in fish. 4. Use glass water bottles and food storage containers to avoid exposure to phthalates and BPA. 5. Use natural cleaning products in the home.


sweeteners) Alternatives: Stevia * Supplementation And, finally we come to supplementation, the most important part of a detoxification program. Using high quality supplements to support your organs of detoxification is key! You want to ensure three key organs are functioning at their peak: the digestive system, liver and kidney. The key with supplementation is to avoid laxatives and flushes and to use products that encourage the health of our organs. One of my personal favourites is TrueDetox by Truestar Health Inc. It is a blend of probiotics and fiber for intestinal health and regularity. It contains liver support to encourage the health and function of our liver and to ensure everything is being processed as it should. It also provides kidney support to help with water retention and the health of our urinary tract. It’s a great product to ensure a safe and effective detox! Other key beneficial supplements that are great to support a detox program are: multivitamins, B-complex and omega-3 fish oils.


When detoxing, some people experience some negative side effects as the body adjusts to the new diet. Often individuals may experience headaches or fatigue, which is quite common as your body “withdraws” from the unhealthy foods you may have been consuming on a daily basis. This generally does not last longer than a week. I encourage you to be persistent! Best of luck, Dr. Andi Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND Truestar Integrative Medical Director

The dietary goals of a detox protocol are, most importantly, not to starve yourself, or to fall into one of those crazy diet FADS! The idea is to continue to eat regular meals, but to eliminate all foods that may irritate the body or that could be potential allergens. The key foods to avoid are: * Caffeine (green tea is ok!) * Dairy (goat cheese/milk/ yogurt is ok). Alternatives: Almond Milk, Rice Milk * Gluten Alternatives: Rice Flour, Almond Flour * Sugar (eliminate all refined sugar, aspartame and pinkandbluemag 95


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Issue 1: Summer 2012  

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