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The Pink  Paper  Issue  2,  December  2014  

Chairperson’s Message  –  John  Erni   The  Christmas  season  will  soon  be  with  us,  and  we’ll  see  lots  of  commotion   and   celebration.   Pink   Alliance   concludes   a   challenging   but   fruitful   year.     Our   activities   –   most   notably   Pink   Dot,   IDAHOT,   and   more   recently   Pink   Season   –   continue   to   chart   new   paths   to   build   more   allies   in   the   community,   further   opening   up   more   spaces   for   community   support   and   mutual   understanding.     Our   advocacy   activities,   including   our   participation   in   both   local   EOC-­‐led   consultation   and   international   UN   committee   work,   have   raised   our   own   awareness   of   the   long   struggles   ahead   of   us   to   bring   about   social,   political,   and   cultural   recognition   of   LGBT  lives  in  and  beyond  Hong  Kong.    This  has  also  been  a  year  in  which   we   have   seen   more   and   varied   support   of   our   work   from   many   organizations  and   individuals.    To  our  supporters   and   sponsors,   we   send   our   heartfelt   gratitude   and   holiday   greetings.     Here’s   to   a   prosperously   queer  2015!        


WHAT HAVE  WE  DONE  RECENTLY   PINK  SEASON   This  year’s  Pink  Season  ran  from  September   to  November  and  was  bigger  than  ever.    Co-­‐ Directors   Betty   Grisoni   and   Abby   Lee  set   the   theme   this   year   as   ‘Pink   Plus’,   and   widened   the   earlier  scope   of   the   season  to   expand   the   number   and   type   of   sporting   events   and   to   add   food   and   beverage   participants   to   the   list   of   attractions.     An   estimated   7,500   people   attended   the   85   arts   and   culture,   sports  and  wellness  and  social  events.    

Gordon Wong   as  Arts  and  Culture  Officer   found  eleven  events  to  include  in   the  Season,  including  some  celebrities:    American  writer  and  satirist  David   Sedaris   appeared   in   ‘Story   Worthy   Week’   and   Australian   photographer   Laura  Simonsen   showed   her  exhibition  ‘Family’.     With  the  help  of  the  US   Consulate-­‐General,  American  producers  Charles  Ignacio  and   John  Catania   screened   two   of   their   films:   The   Lady  in   Question   is   Charles   Busch,   about   the   most   famous   female   impersonator   in   the   US,   and   In   the   Life,   a   look   back  at  the  figures  and  issues  involved  in  the  struggles  for  LGBT  equality   in  Hong  Kong  in  the  1990s.  

In  This  Life                                                                  The  Lady  in  Question  is  Charles  Busch  

The musical  Mamma  Mia  showing  at  the   APA  was  also  listed  in  this  year’s  season.  

MAMMA MIA   One  notable  arts  event  included  for  the  first  time  this  year  was  the  Art   Factory  held  on  16  October  at  Azure.  This  featured  the  work  of  16   artists  and  was  sponsored  by  Absolut  Vodka,  to  whom,  with  Azure,  our   hosts,  we  are  most  grateful.  

Art Factory  in  Azure,  LKF  Hotel  Central  

This year,   Barclays   sponsored   our   Sports   Weekend   at   Li   Po   Chun   World   College,   Ma   On   Shan,   where   Dennis   Philipse   and   his   team   coordinated   a   series   of   sports   events,   including   tennis,   volleyball,   football   and   bubble   soccer.     Dennis,   who   runs   Out   in   Hong   Kong,   coordinated  all  the  21  sports  events   coordinated  in   the  Season.     This  was   his  first   year  with  Pink  Alliance   and   we   are   very   grateful   for   his   contribution.   The   Season   culminated   in   the   annual   Out   in   the   Open   party,   held   this   year   on   the   beach  at  Shek  O,  run  as  usual  by  Eric   Herrera,  who  was  joined  this  year  as   Co-­‐Director   by   Darrick   Sampson.   The   financial   advisers   Infinity   sponsored   the   event,   as   they   are   doing   for  many   of   our   activities,   and   we   are   most   grateful   to   them   for   their  help.  

Dennis Philipse  

Pink Season  Sports  Event  

Betty Grisoni  with   Andrew  McFarland  and   Colin  Dunlop  from   Barclays  

Happy Cow  provided   Gluten  Free  Ice  Cream  for   Pink  Season  Sports   Weekend  

The Pink  Season  would  not  have  been   possible  without  the  energy  and  drive  of   Eric  Herrera  in  raising  funds  to  pay  for  it   and  of  Dickson  Lau  who  found  the   volunteer  manpower  to  run  it.  We  are   very  grateful  to  them  both.  

Out in  the  Open  

Eric Herrera  

Darrick Sampson   Dickson  Lau  and   Friends  

Yoga by  the  Beach  

Infinity Sponsor  for  OITO   2014  

Kinman Wong  serenaded  the  crowd  


Joanne Leung,  Vice   Chairperson  

Our Vice   Chairperson,   Joanne   Leung,   and   QSA’s   Geoffrey   Yeung   travelled   to   Geneva   to   represent   the  PA  at  the  United  Nations  CEDAW  formal  review   session   in   October,   to   lobby   about   the   lack   of   legislation   in   Hong   Kong   to   outlaw   discrimination   against   LGBT   women,   and   in   particular   to   take   up   the   issue   of   the   Hong   Kong   government’s   imposition   of   enforced   full-­‐scale   sterilisation   and   construction   surgery   as   the   requirement   for   the   grant  of  recognition  of  acquired  gender.    Our  aims   were  only  partially  achieved,  as  the  Committee   did  not  include  the  latter  issue  in  its  Concluding   Observations,  it  was  thought  by  our  delegation  

due to   the   fact  that  Hong  Kong   had   to  share  the   review   process   with   Mainland   China.   The   Committee   seems   to   have   given   issues   raised   by   their   NGOs   greater   priority.   Nevertheless,   our   participation   was   a   first   and   our   concerns   received   a   public   airing   in   Geneva   and   this   is   the   first   time   that   the   CEDAW   Committee   has   included   LGBT   issues   in   their   Concluding   Observations.    

Geoffrey Yeung,  QSA  

PRIDE PARADE   A  group  of  volunteers  from  the  PA  marched  under  our  own  banner  in  Hong   Kong’s  Pride  parade  on  7  November.     CHINA  LGBT  FORUM   Our  Vice  Chairperson,  Joanne  Leung,  travelled  to  Beijing  in  November  to   represent  the  PA  at  the  China  LGBT  Forum.  Unfortunately,  the  meeting  was   cancelled  at  last  minute  due  to  pressure  from  the  Chinese  government.    

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN  RIGHTS  DAY   Our   Campaign   Officer,   Dickson   Lau   and  a  small  team  represented  the  PA   by   running  a  stall  at  the  International   Human   Rights   Day   fair   at   Paterson   Street   in   Causeway   Bay   on   Saturday   6  December.   Dickson  Lau,  Medeline  Mok  and   Nigel  Collett  

ADVOCACY Our   Advocacy   Group   participated   in   the   Equal   Opportunity   Commission   (EOC)’s   consultative   review   of   anti-­‐discrimination   legislation   and   attended   the   three   public   forums   held   by   the   EOC.     We   have   made   submissions   this   period   to   the   EOC   on   the   same   subject.     Our  advocacy  volunteers  also   lobbied   Legislative   Council   (Legco)   members   and   officials   over   the   attempt   by   the   Government   to   introduce   a   bill   only   allowing   marriage   to   male   and   female   transgendered   who   have   undergone   the   full   range   of   surgery.   The   bill   was   defeated   in   Legco   and   the   issue   has   gone   back   to   an   Inter   Departmental   Working   Group   (IDWG)   for   reconsideration.  

COMMUNITY BUSINESS   DIVERSITY  CONFERENCE   Brian  Yeung  represented  the  Pink   Alliance  at  Community  Business's   diversity  conference  in  November.   OUT  ON  THE  STREET              

Several members  of  the  Pink  Alliance   attended  Todd  Sears's  Out  on  the  Street   business  diversity  leadership  conference   in  Hong  Kong  in  December,  including  Billy   Leung  and  Henness  Wong.  


Film Poster  –  ‘I  Am  Me’   All   eight   short   videos   of   the   I   Am   Me   campaign   produced   by   Pink   Alliance   were   selected   for   screening   on   19-­‐21   September   at   the   prestigious  Beijing   Queer   Film   Festival   (http://www.bjqff.com/).     There   were   two   screenings   that   took   place   first   at   the   Netherlands   Embassy   and   Consulate   in   Beijing,   and   then  at   NYU  Shanghai   in   November.     The   events,   which   attracted   over   100   people,   were   covered   in   Gayspot   Magazine  and  Dan  Lan.       The   I   AM   ME   video   advocacy   project,   coordinated   by   John   Erni   and   directed   by  Eric  Tsang,  aims   to   arouse  public  concern   about  the  bullying   of   school   students   because   of   their   sexual   orientation   and   gender   identity   through   the   use   of   individually   created   videos   to   inspire   confidence   and   provide   support   to   our   viewers.     It   is   also   expected   to   support   lesbian,   gay,   bisexual   and   transgender   (LGBT)   students   in   accepting   their   own   identities.     It   was   generously   supported   by   AD   Media,  FINS,  Mr.  Gay  HK,  and  Nomura.   Since   the   launch   in   April   2013,   the   videos   have   been   shown   in   schools   and   universities   in   Hong   Kong.     The   screenings   and   discussions   have   attracted  a  combined  audience  of  over  1,000  students  and  teachers.       One  of  the  videos  even  won  an  award  in  a  local  microfilm  festival.    Pink   Alliance   is   making   plans   to  produce  a  new  batch   of  I   Am   Me   videos   in   the   near   future.     All   of   the   videos   can   be   seen   here:   http://pinkalliance.hk/projects/iamme/  .  

WHAT WE  ARE  ABOUT  TO  DO   ADVOCACY   Our   Advocacy   Group   will   be   contributing  a  submission  to  the   Hong   Kong   government   for   the   Chief  Executive’s  policy  address,   due   on   15   January   2015.     It   will   also   be   submitting  our   views   on   transgender  issues  to  the  IDWG.   IDAHOT   Our   Vice   Chairperson,   Joanne   Leung,   will   head   up   our   contribution   to   the   IDAHOT   commemoration   in   May   2015   and  will  be  calling  this  month  for   a   meeting   of   all   LGBTI   groups   interested  in  participating.   PINK  DOT  


Our ally,   NGO   Community   Business,   has   just   released   details  of  its  new  LGBT  business   index   (see   detail   at:   http://www.communitybusines s.org/hklgbtindex/).     Over   the   next   few   months,   we   shall   be   doing   what   we   can   to   support   the   launch   of   this   important   index,  which   will  open  up   to   the   world   Hong   Kong’s   current   commercial  practices,  good   and   bad,   and   will   help   foster   good   diversity   practices   across   a   growing   segment   of   Hong   Kong’s  business.      

                                          Planning  has  commenced  for  2015’s  Pink  Dot,  which  we  hope  will  again  be  a   collaboration  between  Big  Love  Alliance,  the  PA  and  other  groups.  Current   thinking   has   the  event   earmarked   for   April,  when  the   weather   will   still  be   cool.    Details  will  follow  as  soon  as  possible.  

THE PINK  EXPERIENCE   The   PA   has   launched   a   volunteer   training   programme   entitled   Pink   Experience  (PE).  Headed  by  Coordinator  Michael  Lee,  PE  will  aim  to  select   and   train   a   group   of   about   16   volunteers   over   the   age   of   18   every   year,   starting   in   February   and   March   2015   and   intended   to   provide   volunteers   for  the  ensuing  Pink  Dot.      The  programme  will  be  free  (though  we  shall  ask   for   a   HK$500   deposit   refundable   on   completion   of   the   training)   and   will   include   a   residential   weekend   at   Stanley   run   between   13   and   15   March,   video   training   21-­‐22  March  and  community  service  28-­‐29  March.     Selection   will  take  place  between  25  February  and  4  March.    The  volunteers  will  be   divided   into   about   4   groups,   each   with   a   leader   appointed   by   the   PA.   The   programme   will   be   bilingual.     If   you   would   like   to   join   the   programme   either   as   a   volunteer   or   Group   Leader,   please   contact   Michael   Lee   at:   michaelaiahk@gmail.com   OUR  PEOPLE   We  are  very  proud  that  Geoffrey  Yeung,   QSA’s  representative  to  the  PACC,  has  won   a  Rhodes  Scholarship  to  study  Human   Rights  at  Oxford  in  2015.    Congratulations,   Geoffrey!    

We are  sad  to  announce   the  departure  from  the  PA  and   from  Hong  Kong  of  Dr   Sam   Winter,  who   for  many   years   has  been  Hong  Kong’s   leading  advocate   of   transgender   rights.     Sam  is  leaving   his   post   of   over  30   years   at   Hong   Kong  University  and  taking  up  a   new   post   in  the  School   of   Public   Health   in   the   Faculty   of   Health   Sciences   at Curtin  University   in   Perth,   Australia.   We  thank   him   for   all   he   has   done   for   the   community   and   wish  him  well   in     We  have  a  new  Joint  Fund  Raising  Officer.   Philip  Howell-­‐Williams  has  joined  Eric   Herrera  in  this  role  to  solicit  your  money!  

WEBSITE Our  IT  Officer,  James  Oliver  has  revised  the  layout  and   content   of   the   PA’s   website.   Check   it   out   at   http://pinkalliance.hk/.   The   site   now   has   a   mass   of   information,   not   only   about   us,   but   also   about   many   aspects   of   Hong   Kong’s   LGBT   history   and   culture.     We   would  like  to  pay  tribute  here  to  our   summer  intern,   Jacky   Ng,   who   did   most   of   the   work   on   revising   this   content   and   has,   we   think,   done   a   first   class   job.   DONATIONS   We  rely  totally  on  voluntary  contributions  to  fund  us,  so  please  help  us   if  you  can.  If  you  would  like  to  contribute  funds,  please  make  a  direct   transfer  to  the  TCJM  bank  account:   Name  of  Bank:  HSBC   Account  Number:  112-­‐194386-­‐001   Account  Name:  Tongzhi  Community  Joint  Meeting   Please   email   our   Treasurer,   Barry   Lee,   at   donate@tcjm.org  with  your  name  (or  nickname),  date  of  transfer,  donated   amount   and   receipt   number.   We   shall   send   you   an   acknowledgement   as   soon  as  the  TCJM  account  is  updated.   COMMENTS    

We’d welcome  feedback,  comments  and   suggestions.  You  can  email  Nigel  Collett,   Editor  and  English  Secretary  at     nigel.a.collett@tcjm.org   All  of  us  in  the  Pink  Alliance  wish  all  of  you   and  your  loved  ones  a  very  happy  Christmas.   May  2015  be  a  year  in  which  we  can  all  make  a   difference  

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The Pink Paper Issue 2  

The Pink Paper Issue 2