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( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)



Dr  John  Nguyet  Erni     Message  from  our  Chairperson,  Pink  Alliance     The   Pink   Alliance   has   steadily   grown   into   one   of   the   most   visible   LGBT   NGOs  in  Hong  Kong.    With  its  portfolio  of  projects  and  public  engagements   growing,   it’s   time   we   marked   our   achievements   –   as   well   as   ongoing   struggles   –   in   a   newsletter   form.    Thanks   to   Nigel   Collett,   our   dedicated   English   Secretary,   this   first   edition   was   born.    We   hope   the   readers   find   useful   information   about   our   organization   in   the   newsletter,   and   use   it   to   engage   with   us   on   how   we   can   move   forward   to   bring   improvements   to   LGBT  life  in  our  city.               Dr.  John  Nguyet  Erni                          


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

THE FIRST  ISSUE     The   Pink   Alliance   has   never   had   a   Newsletter   and   so   has   not   broadcast   its   activities   to   the   wider   community.     Many   ask   what   the   Pink   Alliance   is   and   what   it   does.     This  first  issue  of  the  Pink  Paper,  the   Pink   Alliance’s   Newsletter,   is   intended  to  answer  these  questions   and   to   help   us   involve   more   of   the   community  in  our  work.     The   Newsletters   will   contain   sections   to   describe   our   work:   one   section   will   cover   what   is   going   on   at   the   moment;   another   will   include   a   short   brief   on   the   activities   we   have  been  involved  in  since  the  last   issue;   and   the   third   will   list   what   we   intend  to  do  in  future.    This  issue,  as   it   is   our   first,   will   also   contain   a   short   description   of   what   the   Pink   Alliance   does,   with   some   notes   on   its  history.     We   hope   you   find   the   Pink   Paper   informative   and   useful.     Please   circulate  it  on  your  own  networks     as   widely   as   possible.     If   you   would   like  to  contribute  pieces  to  further     issues,  or  to  volunteer  to  work  with   the  Pink  Alliance,  or  to  contribute  to  


our funds,   you   will   find   details   of   how  to  contact  us  at  the  last  page.       WHAT  IS  THE  PINK  ALLIANCE?     As  its  name  suggests,  the  Pink   Alliance  is  an  alliance  of  many  of   Hong  Kong’s  LGBT  groups.    It  is  not,   therefore,  a  ‘member  organisation’,   though  it  has  a  large  number  of   volunteers  who  help  with  projects   and  activities.    It  is  a  registered   Hong  Kong  NGO  and  has  a  Central   Committee,  the  PACC,  on  which  sit   representatives  of  all  our  members,   each  with  an  equal  vote.    Other   members  of  the  PACC  are  appointed   to  perform  functions  like  Treasurer,   Secretary  etc.    It  has  a  bank  account   and  publishes  all  its  accounts  on  its   web  site,  TCJM.  It  also  has  a   Facebook  page  at  Pink  Alliance.         The   chief   officers   of   the   PACC   are   elected   by   committee   members   every   two   years   and   the   current   officers  have  held  post  since  August   2013.     The   LGBT   groups   who   are   members   of   the   Pink   Alliance,   or   who  retain  liaison  with  it,  are:     1. AIDS  Concern  

( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

2. Amnesty International  LGBT   Section  (Liaison)   3. Art  n  Recreation  Association   for  Men   4. Chi  Heng  Foundation   5. Dunia  Kita   6. Fruits  in  Suits   7. HK  AIDS  Foundation  (Liaison)   8. Hong  Kong  Gay  and  Lesbian   9. Attorneys’  Network     10. Interbank  LGBT  Forum   11. (Liaison)   12. Les  Peches       13. Mr  Gay  Hong  Kong   14. Queer  Straight  Alliance   15. Rainbow  China   16. Satsanga  (Liaison)   17. Tongzhi  Literary  Group   18. Transgender  Resource  Center   19. Universalist  Unitarians     WHAT  DOES  THE  PINK  ALLIANCE   DO?     The   Pink   Alliance   has   two   major   functions:     a. Political  –  we  lobby  for  LGBT   rights  and  fight  political  issues   and  cases.    

b. Community –  we  organize   LGBT  community   programmes,  including:     1. The  Pink  Season  –  every   autumn.         2. The  International  Day  Against   Homophobia  and  Transphobia   (IDAHOT)  –  every  May.     3. Out   in   the   Open   –   the   beach   party   held   at   the   end   of   every   Pink  Season.     4. Pink   Dot   –   the   apolitical   gathering   of   LGBT   people   and   their   supporters   following   the   lead  of  the  Singapore  event.       Each  event  has  a  Director  or   Coordinator  appointed  by  the     PACC,  who  works  with  a  Group  of   volunteers  for  each  particular  task.                


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

A SHORT   HISTORY   OF   THE   PINK   Our   first   Chairman   was   Reggie   Ho,   ALLIANCE   at   that   stage   the   leader   of     HORIZONS,   the   telephone   counselling   NGO.     He   held   post   until   2013,   when   Dr   John   Nguyet   Erni   took   over   as   Chairperson   and   Joanne   Leung   became   Vice   Chairperson.         We   have   been   responsible   for   running   IDAHOT   and   Out   in   the   Open  every  year  since  2010,  as  well   as   Pink   Season   since   2011   and   Pink   Dot  since  this  year.         Since  our  birth,  we  have  been   involved  in  many  political  and  social   issues,  including:     1. Advocating  an  ordinance       to  outlaw  discrimination   We   were   formed   in   2008   as   the     revival   of   the   by-­‐then   moribund   2. Advocating  recognition  of   Tongzhi   Community   Joint   Meeting   same-­‐sex  relationships.     (TCJM),   Hong   Kong’s   first   LGBT     alliance  created  in  the  late  Nineties.       3. Lobbying  against  enforced     surgery  for  transgender   We   still   bear   that   name.     We   people  seeking  official   adopted   the   brand   name   ‘Pink   recognition  of  their  chosen   Alliance’  only  in  2011  as  ‘TCJM’  was   gender.   too  much  of  a  mouthful  to  use.         4. Fighting  the  employment   by  the  government  of  


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

I AM  ME    

supporters of  ‘reparative   therapy’  as  instructors  on   social  issues.  


5. Lobbying  the  government   and  school  authorities  to   include  same-­‐sex   relationships  in  the   secondary  school  syllabus   and  to  institute  training  in   LGBT  matters  for  teachers   and  social  workers.     6. Assisting  the  fighting  of   legal  cases  for  transgender   marriage  and  opposing  the   police  use  of   entertainment  licensing  to   limit  street   demonstrations.  

  The   Pink   Season   was   founded   in   2011   as   a   joint   effort   by   the   Hong   Kong  Lesbian  and  Gay  Film  Festival,   Mr   Gay   Hong   Kong,   Floatilla   and   the   Pink   Alliance,   with   Anshuman   Das   (AD)   as   its   first   Coordinator.     AD   handed   over   the   reins   to   Tay   Her   Lim   in   2012.     Our   priority   work   at   present   is   the   completion   of   the   2014   Pink   Season,   the   fourth   we   have   run   since   inception.     The   programme  crafted  by  this  Season’s   Joint   Directors,   Betty   Grisoni   and   Abby   Lee,   includes   over   seventy   events,   and   culminates   on   2   November   with   this   year’s   Out   in   the   Open   beach   party,   coordinated  

7. Advocacy  at  the  United   Nations  to  expose  Hong   Kong’s  failure  to  abide  by   the  international   covenants  it  has  signed.     8. The  creation  of  the  I  Am   Me  series  of  videos,  which   can  be  watched  on   Youtube  and  found   through  the  I  Am  Me   Facebook  page  at:      


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

as always   by   the   event’s   founder,   of  the  remaining  events  as  you  can.     Eric  Herrera.   This   Season   has   seen   an   increased     emphasis   on   sports   -­‐   we   have   a   whole   sporting   weekend   on   25   and   26   October   –   as   well   as   artistic   and   cultural   performances.     Anyone   attending   this   Season’s   events   can   enjoy  a  discount  at  the  outlets  listed   in  the  leaflet.     Our  current  political  work  includes   the  dispatch  to  Geneva  of  a  team  of       two  Pink  Alliance  representatives,     our  Vice  Chairperson  Joanne  Leung   Betty  Grisoni  and  Abby  Lee,  Co-­‐ and  the  joint  Chair  of  QSA,  Geoffrey   Directors  Pink  Season   Yeung  to  present  our  case  to  the                                                                     Committee  on  the  Elimination  of   Discrimination  against  Women   (CEDAW);  we  are  aiming  to  draw   the  attention  of  the  UN  Committee   to  the  Hong  Kong  government’s   attempt  to  enforce  surgery  upon   those  transgender  people  seeking   official  recognition  of  their  chosen   gender.    We  are  also  making   submissions  to  the  Equal   Opportunities  Commission  (EOC)     and  to  the  survey  instituted  by  the     government’s  Advisory  Group  on   Eric  Herrera,  Coordinator  of  Out  in   the  Elimination  of  Discrimination   the  Open   Against  Sexual  Minorities     (AGEDASM)  –  our  representative  on   A   flier   with   the   full   list   of   events   is   AGEDASM  is  Reggie  Ho,  and  our   attached;  do  try  to  come  to  as  many    


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

Vice Chairperson,  Joanne  Leung,   also  sits  on  that  Committee.    

Reggie  Ho,  Pink  Alliance   Representative  to  AGEDASM          

WHAT WE  HAVE  BEEN  DOING   RECENTLY       Over   the   middle   of   the   year,   Pink   Alliance   Advocacy   Group   members   have   been   involved   in   a   series   of   political   lobbying.  We  have  lobbied   two   government   secretariats,   the   Security   and   Health   Bureaux,   over   the   government’s   draft   legislation   to   introduce   marriage   for   transgender   persons   in   their   new   gender.     We   have   also   lobbied   a   number   of   Legislative   Councillors   for  the  same  purpose.     We  organized  the  commemoration   of  IDAHOT  on  17  May  this  year.    

  Joanne  Leung,  Vice  Chairperson                              Pink  Alliance    

IDAHOT 2014      


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

On 15   June,   Pink   Alliance   collaborated   with   the   Big   Love   Alliance   to   run   Hong   Kong’s   first   Pink   Dot   in   Tamar   Park.   It   was   a   highly   successful   occasion,   a   gathering   of   over   10,000   people   wearing   pink   to   show   their   support   for   LGBT   rights,   as   well   as   a   picnic   and  a  musical  performance.    

Vidler, and  their  supporters,  a  huge   vote  of  thanks.     WHAT  WE  SHALL  BE  DOING  SOON     We  shall  spend  the  next  few  months   preparing   for   2015’s   IDAHOT   commemoration.     Joanne   Leung   will   lead   the   team   and   will   be   calling   shortly   for   a   meeting   of   Hong   Kong   LGBT   groups   interested   in   collaborating.   Dr   John   Erni   will   also   be   preparing   for   next   year’s   Pink   Dot,   and   will   be   launching   this   autumn  a  programme  to  recruit  and   train   volunteers   for   this   and   for   all   Pink   Alliance   purposes.     We   shall   participate   in   Hong   Kong’s   commemoration   of   the   International   Human   Rights   Day   in   December.     For   lovers   of   literature,   British   novelist   Philip   Hensher   will   be   at   the   Hong   Kong   International   Literary   Festival   at   5.30   pm   on   Saturday   9   November   to   talk   about   his   new   book   The   Emperor   Waltz   and   gay   literature.   Tash   Aw   is   also   in   town   for   the   Festival,   and   I   shall   be   talking   about   my   biography   of   Leslie   Cheung   Kwok-­‐wing,   Firelight   of   a   Different   Colour,  over  lunch  at  

The   summer   saw   the   final   stage   of   the   court   case   launched   by     ‘Mr   T’   against   the   police   use   of   the   Entertainment   Ordinance   to   stop   a   dance   display   at   the   2012   IDAHO   event.     The   Police,   who   had   lost   at   the   Court   of   Appeal,   took   the   case   to  the  Court  of  Final  Appeal,  but  lost   there.     They   will   no   longer   be   able   to   prevent   free   expression   at   demonstrations   in   future,   and   we   owe  ‘Mr  T’  and  his  solicitor,  Michael    


( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

the Kee   Club,   also   on   9   November.     Check   out   the   Festival   programme   at:  http://www.festival.org.hk     HELP  US!     We   are   always   in   need   of   volunteers  to  help  us  with  our     work.     Please   contact   our   Volunteer   Officer  on  volunteer@tcjm.org.       We   rely   totally   on   voluntary   contributions   to   fund   us,   so   please   help  us  if  you  can.     If  you  would  like  to  contribute  funds,   please  make  a  direct  transfer  to  the   TCJM  bank  account:     Name  of  Bank:  HSBC   Account  Number:  112-­‐194386-­‐001   Account  Name:  Tongzhi  Community   Joint  Meeting                  


Barry  Lee,  Treasurer,  Pink  Alliance     Please   email   our   Treasurer,   Barry   Lee  at  donate@tcjm.org  with  your   name   (or   nickname),   date   of   transfer,  donated  amount  and   receipt   number.   We   shall   send   you   an  acknowledgement  as  soon  as  the   TCJM   account   is   updated.              

( TCJM - Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting)

Thank you!    

In  conclusion,  this  being  our  first  issue,  we’d  welcome  feedback,  comments   and  suggestions.  You  can  email  us  at  the  email  addresses  below.      

Nigel  Collett,  Editor  and  English  Secretary     Email:  Nigel.A.Collett@tcjm.org     For  communications  in  Chinese  please  email  Matthew  Wong,  our  Chinese   Secretary:  Chinese.Secretary@tcjm.org     For  Press  and  Media  issues,  please  email:  Betty  Grisoni,  Public  Relations   Officer:  press@tcjm.org        


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The Pink Paper Issue 1  

The Pink Paper Issue 1