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All rights reserved— Why Use PDF Format? What is the PDF Format Good for? PDF, stands for Portable Document Format, is a document format developed by Adobe. In fact, it has become the standard of electronic document. More and more eBooks, product instructions, forms and more are using PDF format. Do you know the benefits of using PDF documents? Do you know why so many people choose to use PDF format? Let's see the advantage of PDF format. Main Advantages of PDF Format 1. Cross Platform Compatibility A PDF file can be used across computer platforms (like Windows, Mac OS and Unix Operating System) and it will look the same on the screen. For example, you can download a PDF document created in Macintosh OS and open it with a PDF reader in Windows platform. This cross platform acceptability is also the very important reason why it is popular and widely used over a network, the internet or an intranet. 2. Suitable for on-screen Reading The file that you turned into PDF format, which you carefully set type of, will look the same(fonts/layouts) by other people on the screen as yours. It is particularly suited for screen reading. No matter what types of your display, accurate color matching will faithfully reproduce the original PDF file. What's more, PDF file can be amplified to 800% without losing any quality.

3. Security A PDF document can be secured with a password. You can use a password to protect your PDF documents from unauthorized viewing, printing, copying, or editing. This capability makes PDF files secure. 4. Particularly Suited for Printing The PDF format, designed for printable material, can have the accurate printing effect regardless the type of the printers. PDF will faithfully reproduce the original color, image, layout of the file. 5. Convenient to Read PDF can be viewed with free PDF reader/viewer. For example, you can open and print PDF documents with free Acrobat Reader. Besides, PDF reader/viewer can be easily download from Internet and also can be installed in many portable devices. In other words, PDF format file can be

All rights reserved— read freely. 6. Compact & Small When you convert a document to PDF format, it will automatically optimize the file and reduce the document size. What's more, you can combine and join multiple documents together into a single PDF file, such as images, text content, spreadsheets, etc.

How to Save Files in PDF? How to Created a PDF File?

If you want to create a PDF file, the correct idea is converting an existing document (such as office, HTM, RTF) to PDF format instead of "Create -> Input Content -> Adjust Layout -> Save". If you are a Mac user, you can open the document you want to save as a PDF file, and select "File > Print", and then choose a command from the PDF pop-up menu. You can also hit "Preview" button in the "Print" dialog and choose "File > Save As" in "Preview". If you are a Windows user, you need PDF creator programs to help you. For instant, you can use PDF Creator to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, txt or Images into PDF format.

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Why Use PDF Format? The Advantage of Using PDF Format File  

Do you know the benefits of using PDF documents? Do you know why so many people choose to use PDF format? Let's see the advantage of PDF for...

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