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All rights reserved— Top 5 Free ePub Creators ePub is one of the most popular eBook format in market. Since it can be supported by most of eBook reader devices, so many publishers choose ePub as the format. Many people downloaded eBooks from the Internet, and wanna read on ePub-friendly devices. So here we introduce you some free ePub makers to help you create your own ePub files on computer! 1. Calibre As a well-known eBook software, Calibre can help you manage eBook library, transfer eBooks to device, as well as convert eBooks among almost all popular formats, let alone ePub. Since we have written some articles about Calibre, there is no need to introduce this software again here. If you are interested in it, please read our articles below: Free Mac ePub to PDF Converter, How to Read ePub on Kindle Fire

2. iPubsoft ePub Creator is one of iPubsoft's leading products. iPubsoft ePub Creator integrates conversions from MOBI to ePub, PDF to ePub, Word to ePub, HTML to ePub, TXT to ePub, etc. Thanks to its intuitive interface, anyone can easily create ePub eBooks with iPubsoft. It has both Windows and Mac versions. To know more details about this free ePub creator, click here>> 3. Sigil

All rights reserved— Developed by Strahinja Markovic, Sigil is an open source freeware which allows you to create ePub with ease, even edit ePub like HTML editor. Open Sigil, import HTML files, images, style sheets, etc. then edit ePub meta, author, ISBN, coverage, and then save the object, your ePub created! It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. If you are good at HTML codes, Sigil is a great choice!

4. iBooks Author iBooks Author, developed by Apple, is an excellent free ePub builder on Mac OS X. It provides you a 1-stop eBook publishing experience. You can also edit your eBook's every tiny detail on Mac, add colorful widgets to make it splendid, and publish your created ePub books to iBooks Store! If you are planning to publish an ePub to iBookstore, iBooks Author is definitely the best choice! Apple has illustrated a detailed using guide on its official site: Apple iBooks Author 5. eCub eCub is a little similar to Sigil. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Portable Devices. This software can create ePub from text or XHTML files, edit files, add a simple cover design image. Besides, you are enabled to convert your book content to audio files in WAV or MP3, for listening to your eBook.

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Summary: If your purpose is converting eBooks to ePub, Calibre or iPubsoft can help you! But iPubsoft is much easier to use. If your purpose is to publish a book into iBookstore, iBooks Author is the best choice! If you wanna edit created ePub, Sigil or eCub helps!

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Top 5 ePub Creators Helps to Make Your Own ePub  

Here we list top 5 free ePub creators which can make ePub files from MOBI, PDF, TXT, HTML, etc.