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How to Rent Movies for iPad? Maybe you have just got a new iPad and want to watch movies on your new iPad at your free time. You have heard that you can rent movies for iPad rather that buying them, but don't know how to do that. Actually, you can rent movies on iPad in different ways, downloading Netflix app or using iTunes. Here we will introduce the way for renting a movie for iPad with iTunes step by step.

T ips: If you have collected some great movies on your iPad, you don't have to rent movies for iPad at all. Whether the movies are supported by iPad crudely, you can transfer movie to iPad or sync movies to iPad as the guides show you. Guide: How to Rent a Movie for iPad

Step1. Open the iTunes on your computer and click iTunes Store, then select a movie you want to rent on the iTunes Store.. Step2. Click Rent and your movie will begin to download immediately.

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Step3. Connect your iPad and select it in iTunes. Than click the the Videos tab and select the target movie. Step4. Click Move and after the movie has been moved, click Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes. Done! Now you have completed the whole progress of renting a Movie for iPad. In the same way, you can rent more movies for your iPad. Remember that you must be connected to the Internet to transfer a rented movie. Enjoy yourself on iPad! Mo re: Maybe you are interested in How to Get Flash on iPad, How to Rip DVD to iPad, etc.

How to Rent Movies for iPad - Guideo on Renting a Movie for iPad  

As a new iPad user, maybe you just want to know how to rent movies for iPad. The guide will show you the steps for renting a movie for ipad.

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