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Best Office Apps for iPad 3

Many people view iPad 3 as a larger version of iPod touch which is also considered as a senior video game. If that is what you figure, you are bleeding mistaken. In no way people who know iPad will define iPad as that. We cannot help but admit the entertainment function of iPad is distinctive which makes iPad a nice mate in our spare time. Well, many of us ignore the office capability of iPad. Do not look down the office capability of iPad. Even though it cannot work as well as the computer does on the ability of comprehensive document processing, it has some competitive advantages in Office. Here we will introduce you several office apps for iPad 3 which may help you a lot. These programs we introduce here are practical and make work fun and easier. Just pick up what you are looking for.

Must-have Commercial Applications for The new iPad 1. AMMO Rack - Great Document Management App

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AMMO Rack, an innovative document management application, allows users to manage any PDF and image files. If you import all target files into it, all document will display for you according to a special way you like. You can rebuild, remove or rename your bookshelf in this private library. You can add PDF or image from iTunes Library, built-in album, Dropbox, email box, webpage, etc. 2. iPad 3 Video Converter - Enjoy Videos on iPad Freely If you have some commercial videos to view on iPad, this iPad Video Converter is a nice helper. You can use it to convert any video which is beyond the compatible format of iPad to the friendly video for your iDevice. It also works well for you to convert different DVDs/videos to other portable devices. 3. Numbers - Essential Spreadsheet Applications for The new iPad

With the help of 250+ functions, intelligent tables, brilliant cells, 3D charts, and more functions of

All rights reserved— these Numbers applications for iPad, you can create fascinating and eye-catching spreadsheets easily and quickly. Multi-Touch screen of iPad makes it easy for you to input, compute, and deal with numbers, text, date and formula. 4. Pages - Best Tool for Word Processing

Word Processing is very common and important for businessmen like you. On the bright and colorful display of iPad, you can build good looking pages like letter, reports, flyers, etc. It offers tons of exquisite templates for you to make your files impressive. You can import Microsoft Word or Text files for editing or create new files with the built-in template. If you have any nice commercial iPad app and want share it to other iPad users, please contact with us. We will post them on our site to share with more iPad fans. Related: How to Convert DVD to iPad 3, How to Play Flash on iPad 3

Best Office Apps for iPad 3 You Must Have  

Eager to know what software is the nice helper for you at Work? Come to this page which brings you several must-have office apps for iPad 3...

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