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8 Best iPad Games for Kids The emerging Tablet PC has draw more and more people's attention, and as a leader in such products, Apple iPad long has been well received. Nowadays, people all over the world are using iPad to do business, play games, listen to music, watch movies, etc. with iPad. Many iPad users love this small kit very much and make iPad as a part of their life. Here, we choose some best iPad games for kids that can not only make them happier but also good for intellectual development. You can choose the games according to your kids' age and play with them together.

Of course, playing games will lose iPad battery faster, so you need to know how to improve your iPad battery life in order to better protect your iPad. OK, no more words, let's look at the apps.

1.Toy Story 3 Read–Along "Toy Story 3" is aggressively recent cartoon movie, if you did not watch it, the story printed in the plane is also getting bigger attraction to the children. This application is an electronic book reader products, providing children with rich story books, which is great for kids' intellectual development.

2.Kid Art This is program aims to develop children's painting skills. Children can create drawings in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere using a variety of software tools, which is not as complex as PS and other professional drawing tools, but the image processing is very good, simple and easy to use.

3.Ace Writer - Alphabet Free Lite It is not enough to listen to the story or do the drawings, Ace Writer can teach children to write letters in alphabetical order, the users write letters by fingers according to the dotted line, and the program will give timely feedback, in order to strengthen learning effect.

All rights reserved—— 4.Kids Song Machine HD Lite Kids Song Machine can not only teach your baby to sing nursery rhymes, which also has a lot of interactive fun, such as testing baby the ability the respond to hit balloon. Every song, every detail will let your baby explore by himself, then he or she will find it full of surprises.

5.LEGOÂŽ Creationary The game LEGO Creationary is a series of games allows players to construct in different ways before the territory of the table games, and it is suitable for 5-10 yearold players. As the name suggests, this game is a focus on creativity. In the game, players need to use their brains to put together the limited building blocks into any animal and people, and then other players will guess what the thing is, the best answer to the block model and fastest person to guess the answer will receive bonus points.

6.Sound Touch Children are sensitive with bright colors, pleasant sound and touch. This game allows your child to play for a long time without feeling tired. Kids can only do the tap operation, so the children's little fingers are super simple to operate. Try it for several times, and you will find the game is even better: In fact, each project has more than one, but four physical picture and sound! Through each tap, there will be new discoveries, which is an excellent method to attract the attention of children.

7.Dress Up with Angelina Ballerina This game may be more suitable for girls to use, the main content is to dressed up for our heroine Angelina, each level will provide a different task, requiring players to select the appropriate action, exercise ideas and hands-on children's aesthetic spirit.

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8.Talking Carl TalkingCarl application very interesting, it can record and imitate what people say, then repeat with the high level of volume. Some time ago there is a video that put two Carl together, and sound is higher and higher. It is very suitable for children to do voice training.

Children under is the golden age of intellectual development, so we must make good use of the time to do brain exercise. The applications recommended above are very suitable for children, and you can choose some of the applications that you are interested in to help your child develop intelligence. Hope that these applications are useful to you and your child! Related: 5 Must-have Apps for iPad 2 iPad 3 Video Converter for Mac

Best iPad Games for Kids  

Here, we choose some best iPad games for kids that can not only make them happier but also good for intellectual development. You can choose...