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Function, Performance, Style.

NEW – the andro® microfibre that thinks ahead. The innovative multi-channel structure absorbs and transports humidity faster and even more effective. The smooth textile-pores immediately react to humidity and forward the wet to the outside by its many cross-linked weave-channels. Hereby a maximum of freshness and breathability can be sustained.

Maximum freedom of movement and highest wearing comfort characterize indoorDRY STRETCH best. The special fibre composition provides highest elasticity and tear-resistance. The spandex contingent serves lightweight wearing comfort and long lasting shape-retention.

indoorDRY is a functional fabric made from superior polyester fibres developed for the needs of indoor sports. The very breathable polyester fibres transport in the same time up to 50% more humidity away from the skin to the fabric’s outside than cotton. This means that sweat evaporates faster. Players will therefore be concentrated on the action. Not only is the functionality pathbreaking, but also the standard for environmental compatibility. Hence andro® only goes for eudermic textiles tested for harmful substances.

Guaranteed availability 07_2014

Nothing is certain but change – this also applies to table tennis teams. We know that players change teams and teams get new members consistently. In order to present a consistent and cohesive club appearance in the present and into future years andro® will guarantee availability of its collections for years to come. Information relating to exact availability details can be obtained from any specialist andro® dealer.


Katalog andro 2012/2013  

Katalog andro 2012/2013

Katalog andro 2012/2013  

Katalog andro 2012/2013