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The handle’s foam chamber is parted into small cells resulting in a more precise absorption of vibration and creating counter-energy for the next stroke. The 360° veneer edge protection prevents from mechanic influences. The CELL blades with their revolutionary structure are ideally adapted to the change of playing characteristics by the speed-glue ban.

FIBRE ENHANCEMENT better energy transfer and excellent feedback in the moment of ball contact >>



SUPER CORE SYSTEM cell structure maximises the absorption of vibrancy >>

MAXIMUM SWEETSPOT very high fault tolerance


LOW WEIGHT decreased level of wrist fatigue due to lower weight

SUPER CORE CELL OFF+ The Super Core CELL OFF+ is a very fast offensive blade, yet it is easy to play with. It requires the player’s full commitment to completely activate the blade’s speed resources. The CELL OFF+ provides very good elasticity and control with clearly more power in every ball. The strengthened fibres of the 7-layered veneer construction releases energy more efficiently. Also balls that are not hit in the centre will be equipped with sufficient power due to the bigger sweetspot – recommended for a very offensive playing system. 10225501 straight / 10225502 concave / 10225503 anatomic Weight approx. 85 g.

€ 39,95


By the use of Hi-Tec carbon fibres the andro® product developers could build a blade which conveys a solid stiffness but does not yet feel too hard – ball feeling par excellence! The carbon-nano strings cause an even better sound when hitting the ball. The excellent plywood combination provides much more speed than similar CARBON blades so far. This results in more stability, fewer vibrations in the blade and better control. The CARBON OFF is slightly topheavy with a medium ball flying curve. Players with high technical skills willing to take risks will get enthusiastic! 10222101 straight / 10222102 concave / 10222103 anatomic Weight: approx. 85 g.

€ 69,95



Katalog andro 2012/2013  
Katalog andro 2012/2013  

Katalog andro 2012/2013