Ping Volume 2 Issue 4 April, 2011

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If you or anyone among your neighbors recently felt a need to seek a doctor’s advice, you must be aware of the health center facility viz. Aarogyaa which has been functional for more than two months now. The word aarogyaa literally means being ‘disease-free’. Providing a doctor for consultation when a person is sick is necessary but insufficient for being aarogyaa. Keeping this in mind, the health center has come to offer many Naturopathy services on a no-profit basis. Our yogachaarya Vinayak ji was visibly excited when we inquired about the health center. He told that the idea of dirt being the root cause of disease is the basis of naturopathy. Disease is caused by the dirt in our body, activities and mind. Naturopathy cures through cleansing us off this dirt. Rejuvenation and treatment services that are currently offered include body massage, hair massage, sauna bath, mud bath, steam bath, etc. With the aim of gauging the quality of services being currently offered, I decided to try out a full body massage session. All you need to do is to tell your hostel guard and you can then fix an appointment for yourself at a time that suits you. One thing that I could tell after the massage is that it certainly feels good. Yuktahaar staff has undergone proper training for offering these therapies. Separate women employees are available for catering to the ladies. In addition to a full body massage, I was offered a partial mud-bath session as a complimentary service which was rejuvenating but messy for obvious reasons. A decent kitchen-garden is also being maintained at the back side of the health center. Homegrown and self prepared medicines from turmeric, jaggery, amla etc are prepared at the center. When asked about the infrastructure costs that were incurred in setting up this facility, Vinayak ji proudly said that he believed in the concept of Kabaad se Jugaad. I would encourage the readers to visit the health center and see for themselves what he actually meant by this.

Total number of votes = 248 On the satisfaction with our Canteen, most people have seen it as a venture not up to the mark. With 0 stating its facilities as awesome, we have 88% of the people pointing to the fact that there must be changes. IIIT and its surroundings have seen lots of new food joints popping up frequently. Of these, Dominos stands with 30% of the people still visiting it maximally, while DLF trails behind with 23%. New places like Sardaji and Delhi39 as the “Others” received 23% votes. It seems that the love for cheese/double burst created with "ek pe ek free" offer hasn't left people's mind even though the offer has ended. Coming to the recent changes at the Main Gate, there is a genuine feeling amongst the students that carrying ID cards is important with only 31% saying an outright "No". 71% agree of which 34% completely agree and 27% giving a faint nod for a "yes". And finally, about the change expected to be introduced: the Elections in IIIT. Let us point this to Mr. Vashishta that the whole of IIIT feels very positive about the change, with 36% feeling proper representation and 41% - believing it being a positive direction to work on. That's all for this issue folks :) . Thank You for the participation.