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Art...Music of the Soul

May 2010

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Inspiration is one thing all artists need. We must nourish our creativity and care for it as a farmer cares for their fields. To call on our craft, we need to locate our materials and find a regular supply. For me, inspiration comes in a few ways. One way is to be still. This does not happen often. Sometimes I get a surge when I first wake or when the daily routine is interrupted like from a power outage. More so, forced silence is what ends up happening. I do better in a crowded coffee shop with ambient noise than when walking the dog or pulling weeds. However, driving through the desert with no cell signal worked for this article.

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My favorite form of inspiration is comedy. I notice the humor (luckily) in my misfortune rather quickly. The Art of Embarrassment;

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I was having a great day. I looked in the mirror several times and was quite impressed with myself. I was a woman about town. Strolling along, smiling at everyone I passed I flipped my hair from side to side. In the garden section, I lovingly ran my fingers through it. I shrieked. My hair had dried in a big tangled knot on the way to the store. I could not get it tied up fast enough. I had been struttin’ Barbie hair through Wal-Mart for over an hour.

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When my daughter was young, we stopped at a neighbor’s house. They had placed a number of wonderful baby items in their yard. I shopped around for a few moments amazed at the quality of the things they were selling before my neighbor leaned out the window and announced that they were painting the baby’s room. I do a lot of driving. I feel like I live in my car. I eat, drink, talk on the phone, etc. When I stop for gas I feel as if I am still in my “home” away from home. Stretching is how I focus on my day, stay limber and keep my motivation going. That was, until the gas attendant called over the loud speaker to see if I needed assistance. I would like to do an article about you. Where do you find your creative tools? Help us, help others! Denice Grugle

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May 2010 • Arts Magazine

Art is defined as a product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. Piney Woods Live is an expression of the community it serves.

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4 20 6 Article submissions: Articles are accepted and reviewed by a panel. Photos may accompany articles. Space, relevance, writing and appropriateness play a huge part in the decision making process. Individual artists are more likely to have fewer than 100 words plus a photo published. Deadlines are the 5th of the month prior. On the Cover: Laurent de Brunhoff, (French, b. 1925). “Does everything have to mean something in a picture?” Isabelle asked. “I like this picture of the jungle and my father on the sofa. I don’t understand why the sofa’s in the jungle, but I’m glad it is.” 2003. Watercolor, graphite and ink on paper. 8 x 10 5/8 in. Courtesy of Mary Ryan Gallery, NYC

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Publisher Denice Grugle Editor Fred Howard Contributing Writers Randy Brown, Steve Kehoe, Justin Thomas Art Director Susie Bell (DesignHouse Graphics) Photographer Stephen Marshall Photography Videographer Stephen Marshall Photography Computer Gurus O’Shea Barton, Todd Coleman and Justin! Advertising Director Denice Grugle Contributions and inspiration from; Stephen Marshall, Shannon Monk, Kathy Rachel, Phyllis Martin, David George, Kendra Lewkow, Maryann Miller, Kevin Wendt, Lynn and Lindy, Kat, Shane, Shepard, Gus Gustafson, Elena Savage, Linda Barton, Ellie Bellows, O Shea Barton. If we have forgotten to mention any one, please forgive us and remind us. © 2010 by Piney Woods Live. All rights reserved. While some of this publication may be reproduced we require prior written permission for other use. Published 9X a year; soy ink on recycled paper by Piney Woods Live Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Discover Babar’s Museum of Art This summer, plan your family trip to “Celesteville!” Babar’s Museum of Art will sojourn at the Tyler Museum of Art June 6 through August 22, making the TMA the destination of choice for art lovers and Babar fans alike. Visitors will discover a unique world of watercolor that places the universally famous, green-suited Babar the Elephant into classical works of art. The collection of original watercolors and studies were masterfully created by author and illustrator of the book Babar’s Museum of Art, Laurent de Brunhoff. “The book tells the story of how Babar the Elephant and his wife Celeste transform an old train station into an art museum for Celesteville,” says Kimberley Bush Tomio, Director of the TMA. “In the book, de Brunhoff pays tribute to artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Cezanne, and Picasso by adorning the museum’s walls with classic works of art with a clever twist – the characters depicted in those works of art are all elephants.” The young and young at heart will enjoy not only the exhibition itself, but also an exciting season of events and activities organized by the TMA and its community partners. A “passport,” produced by the TMA, provides a map of Babar programming. Young visitors to the exhibition and event participants

can pick up a copy of the twentypage Babar “passport” at the TMA and other community organizations who are hosting Babar events beginning Saturday, May 1. Designed to look similar to a United States passport, the TMA’s “passport” includes a calendar of events, community partner organization information, and event descriptions. Participants are encouraged to use their “passport” as a guide and will receive a sticker at each of the participating venues they visit. Fill your “passport”, and you can enter to win a grand prize drawing at the close of the exhibition. Community partners are All Saints Episcopal School French Club; Bernard Restaurant; The Caldwell Zoo; Discovery Science Place; The Lindale Library; Cameron – J. Jarvis Troup Municipal Library; Tyler Civic Theatre; Tyler Public Library; Tyler Youth Orchestra; Yoga Life by Sandy Shepard; and Young Audiences of Northeast Texas. “We are thrilled to bring this exhibition to Tyler, because we believe that it will be an exciting art opportunity for everyone. Fine art enthusiasts will admire the technique so beautifully rendered by de Brunhoff in watercolor. Children will thrill to see Babar and his friends acting as figures from the world of fine art, and adults will

enjoy the cleverness of de Brunhoff’s stories,” says Ms. Tomio. “This truly is a one-of-a-kind exhibition.” Event and exhibition information is available at Babar’s Museum of Art is organized by Mary Ryan Gallery, NYC. Exhibition is supported in part by Kay Arms and the Julietta Jarvis Foundation, Inc. Collectors’ Circle sponsors are Mrs. Jack King Sr., Mr. and Mrs. James Perkins, and Ms. Myrtis D. Smith. Corporate Member Sponsor is Southside Bank. Media sponsors are BSCENE Magazine, CBS 19-KYTX, KLTV Channel 7 and Piney Woods Live. (Sponsors at time of printing.) The Tyler Museum of Art is supported by its members, Tyler Junior College and the City of Tyler. The Tyler Museum of Art, accredited by the American Association of Museums, is located at 1300 S. Mahon Ave., adjacent to the Tyler Junior College campus off East Fifth Street. Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. (The Museum is closed Mondays and major holidays.) Lunch is available in the Museum Café from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and the TMA Gift Shop is open during exhibition hours. For more information, call (903) 595-1001 or visit

On the Cover: Laurent de Brunhoff, (French, b. 1925). “Does everything have to mean something in a picture?” Isabelle asked. “I like this picture of the jungle and my father on the sofa. I don’t understand why the sofa’s in the jungle, but I’m glad it is.” 2003. Watercolor, graphite and ink on paper. 8 x 10 5/8 in. Courtesy of Mary Ryan Gallery, NYC


May 2010 • Arts Magazine

The “B” Side of by Randy Brown



In the last issue, we talked about how to determine if your music is a business or a hobby. This time we are going to talk about what that decision means to your tax return. Let’s say that you decided that music is a hobby. According to the IRS any income you received still needs to be on your tax return. That is the bad news. The good news is that you can write off your expenses against that hobby income on your schedule A “up to” the amount of your expenses such as strings, pedals, tuners, cords, recording costs, CD production, instruments, repairs, mileage to shows and such. The downside of this is that unless you have enough other deductions like mortgage interest, property taxes and charitable contributions you won’t see any benefit from those deductions. If you decided that your music is a business then it works much differently. In that case you will use a schedule C to claim your income and the same type of expenses discussed in the hobby paragraph above as deductions to that income. Taking the schedule C route means that you can actually directly reduce your income by your expenses. Also in the event you show a loss in your business it can reduce any other income (such as W2s). Be careful with this however, as I said last time the IRS definition of a business is” the intent to make profit”. But don’t get carried way. Enough losses in enough years and you will get a friendly letter from the IRS inviting you to an audit, the results of which could be the pronouncement of your “business” as a hobby. So take it very seriously and you will be fine. Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010

In each case of hobby or business, any income you actually “worked for” is subject to additional “self-employment” or social security tax. Self employment tax must be paid on the profit portion of your hobby or business income. Remember profit is what is left after all your business expenses are deducted. Just remember in the case of business or hobby, when you claim deductions you will need to have hard physical records to prove them in the event you are audited. Those records should consist of items such receipts, canceled checks or written mileage logs for vehicle expenses. OK, alright, enough of this business stuff already!! I need to go write a couple of songs now to get this stuff out of my head. This music business is giving me a headache. Whatever you do don’t forget why you turned to music in the first place. It wasn’t to make it fortune was it? Nope, it was for the love of the art form. Never forget that and you won’t go too far wrong. See you down the road.


Sulphur Springs Presents

Northeast Texas Symphony Orchestra On March 12th the Sulphur Springs Symphony League will present the Northeast Texas Symphony Orchestra at the annual Children’s Concert. Annada Jones, the league’s coordinator of the concert, said, “This performance by professional musicians provides Hopkins County students in the third, fourth and fifth grades with valuable life experiences by building their social and cultural knowledge, understanding, and skills. Another tool to help students realize that not everything in life is free is the practice of asking each student to pay $1 admission to help defray the cost of the concert.” Prior to each concert most of their teachers advise students on subjects such as how to behave, what to expect, when to applaud, what the conductor’s responsibilities are, and how the different instruments work together to make up the beautiful result. “We want home school students’ parents to contact us about attending the concert. We have a limited number of available seats in the 1500 seat civic center and would welcome home schooled third through fifth grade students and their teachers to join in the fun and education,” said Dwight Corley, league president. Contact Jones or Corley about the performance or any other questions or comments about the league at 903-243-2708, or

Clarksville Fine Arts Festival

Left, Kayla Price (Professional Land Title Co. of Hopkins, Franklin and Delta counties), Center, Dwight Corley (president of Northeast Texas Symphony Association and Sulphur Springs Symphony League), and Right, Brittany Wilson (Galyean Insurance Agency of Sulphur Springs

This year’s Clarksville Fine Arts Festival will be held Saturday, May 22, 2010 from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The oneday Festival will feature fine art, live music, and great local food. The Festival is an outdoor event held on the grass on the City Square. It is free for the public to attend, and free for the artists who are chosen to exhibit. In addition to the art exhibits, musicians from around the region will be performing in the center of the Square throughout the event, and original authors will be selling and signing their published books. This year’s festival will include glass blowing demonstrations by Preston Borel, on-site curvature art by John Heslep, drawings and paintings by artists Howard Dubois and James Foster, jewelry by Erica Cassady, wood and metal sculpture by Roger Scott, photography by artists Sarah Sweny-Smith and Pam Heslep, and many more. For more information about the Festival, or to learn about the participating artists, musicians, and authors, visit the Web site at


May 2010 • Arts Magazine

ART Round Table:

The Art Region of Texas (ART) Round Table was formed to further the Individual artistic focus of each NE Texas city/area, while enhancing overall artistic and economic growth for the region. Meeting monthly to discuss each area’s artistic needs, and sharing cooperative ideas and projects, the Round Table serves to better promote the Arts and the Artists of NE Texas. “Art Trails”, and interactive events, that highlight each city’s or area’s individuality and artistic strengths not only bring local notice and success to the arts, but serve to focus the spotlight on NE Texas as a truly artistic region of note. Working to bring increased success to fruition, previous successes are built upon, as well as a shared knowledge of what does not work. With cooperative events, and increased tourism, comes economic growth, not only for the artists, but for all living in the area. Some of the paths that have been chosen by the ART Round Table to bring about these desired results center around Art Tours/Trails that show the diversity of the area. To have something entertaining, yet different, at various stops along the way is important to the success of these tours. Theatre, Fine Arts. Hand-crafted products, Artists’ studios that are open to the public, Performance, Music, Art Demonstrations/Lectures are some of the artistic variations that make for a well rounded Arts’ package. With these chosen paths, and by working together, the ART Round Table is committed to "showcasing" the Arts for all in NE Texas. For more information contact Sandy Page at Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Thursday, May 13 10:00am Chicken Scratch Instructor: Betty Byford Fees: $5 Non Members


3rd Friday. Winnsboro invites you to our “3rd Friday” Street Arts Festival. Festival activities are Friday, April 16th from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., and Saturday, April 17th from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Bring music, dance, performance, painting, prints, photography, weaving/textiles, and hand-crafted ceramics, sculpture, and jewelry. Registration is required, but no vendor fees will be charged to participants. No food vendors, please. The public is invited. Come shop and join in the festivities. For more information, call the Cultural Arts District (903) 850-1662, or e-mail Jerry “Buck” French - If you are from Pittsburg you are likely to know Buck. Buck’s art is laughter. He can hardly contain his art sitting behind that Farm Bureau desk. He has sticky notes and half written dream waking antics shoved in every drawer. “I don’t even know why I thought this would be funny- but at 3am, everything is funny”, as he closes a drawer. Jerry’s momma inspired him to be quick witted and funny (without a “potty mouth”). Buck announced football games for years and was always asked to MC the rotary and chamber banquets. Mr. Jerry “Buck” French has been interviewed by Joan Hallmark and was in a Super bowl Commercial. Seeing how much people enjoyed his art drove him to record his newly released CD, “Kill the Hick” recorded at Siesta Ranch Studios. Buck can be seen on stage March 6th at Crossroads Music Company opening for Slightly Tilted. Buck is available to MC or host your event. He is great about breaking the ice to open the bid on Auction items! 903-856-3240. Buck is opening for Slightly Tilted Saturday March 6th, 2010.


Tinderbox are an acoustic duo featuring Monique Houraghan with a distinctive 'honey-like' vocal, and Dan Tucker with an intricate finger style guitar technique. After four creative years living in Dublin between 1997 and 2001 the duo spent two years travelling the world playing their music. On their return to the UK in late 2004 Monique and Dan settled in Bournemouth. 2007 to 2010 have seen Tinderbox perform a number of headline shows to capacity crowds. Additionally, they have played support sets for high profile acts including Cara Dillon, Jon Allen, Corinne West, Kris Drever, Ben's Brother, Ralph McTell, Emily Maguire, Chris Difford and Megson. May 2008 saw the release of Tinderbox's second studio album. 'Golden' was launched at Centre Stage in Bournemouth, with the band performing to a record-breaking audience. Maverick Magazine recently described 'Golden' as "Quite inspirational really...a masterpiece". Maverick went on to describe Tinderbox as being "Poised to ignite the". Acoustic Magazine featured a review of 'Golden' labelling the music 'Lovely, hooky and mellow'. BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson recently described the music as 'Gorgeous'. 2010 is set to be a fantastic year for Tinderbox as they are due to launch their third album ‘The State of Play’ on April 17th, and tour the USA and Germany. With Monique's powerful voice and Dan's delectable guitar style Tinderbox are definitely an acoustic act to look out for. Mineola League of the Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the East Texas community. The League holds classes, workshops, and other programs to promote the arts. Robin Enneking Workshop Colored Pencil Technique Thursday, Friday, Saturday April 29, 30 & May 1 9:00am-1:00pm Fees: $55 Members, $65 Non Members Monday, May 3 10:00am Locker Hooking Instructor: Joyce Terrell Fees: $10 Members, $15 Non Members

Monday, May 24 2:00pm Painters Guild Demo with Donna Miller No Charge

Thursday, May 27, June 3 10:00am Tamari Balls Instructor: Rosemary Bell Fees to be determined The next free admission performances of the Northeast Texas Symphony Association and Sulphur Springs Symphony League orchestra are July 3 in Sulphur Springs and July 4 in Terrell, each followed by phenomenal fireworks displays. Bring lawn chairs to the Sulphur Springs square downtown on Saturday evening, and to Terrell at Ben Gill Park on Sunday evening. Each event begins around 6:45 p.m. with the Northeast Texas Symphony Orchestra performing selections of pop, Broadway, and of course, a lot of patriotic music. The League's professional orchestra, conducted by Dr. Doug Bakenhus, is always a popular family event, and the price can't be beat. Free admission to all for these fun music fests. Come visit with your neighbors, hear some of the best music in east Texas, and see the fireworks shows of the season as the communities celebrate Independence Day. For more information about performances and these organizations, go to Joe Dan Boyd is a writer, speaker, storyteller and the author of Judge Jackson And The Colored Sacred Harp, distributed by University of Alabama Press. Joe Dan has won several national writing awards, including the University of Illinois Oscar in Agriculture. He was a reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a writer at the National FFA Magazine and a longtime editor at Farm Journal. He is an Agricultural Journalism graduate of Texas A&M and earned a master’s in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania. Joe Dan was born and reared on a farm near Winnsboro, Texas, and now offices there. He maintains a website and a blog

May 2010 • Arts Magazine

The Museum for East Texas Culture Art Gallery May exhibit will feature the wire sculpture of Bart Soutendijk. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, May 1 from 5 pm to 8pm in the Museum Art Gallery. Mr. Soutendijk will be on hand to discuss his art. If you haven't seen these wondrous works in wire, then here's a chance to see this fascinating form of art. From a single piece of wire, he can create a moving portrait. Entitled "Life in Wire" these wire sculptures are beautifully fluid and remind one of flowing pen and ink drawings. Soutendijk's art appears to be made of one continuous piece of wire. A few are, but most are actually made of numerous pieces skillfully blended together. "I've been a photographer and a graphic artist and I was an art director in the advertising industry on Madison Avenue," stated Scoutendijk. Scoutendijk moved from Fort Worth to Quitman about 14 years ago to pursue art full time. His wire creations are already included in private collections in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. His work has been shown in many venues in Texas Arkansas, North Carolina, Utah, Louisiana, New York, Florida and overseas in France. "Wire sculpture is a sort of three-dimensional line drawing," says Soutendijk about his art. "Wire has an advantage over line drawing. If you don't like a facial expression, a small bend changes it. Nothing is permanent as long as you have pliers." His favorite subjects are portraits. "I get my ideas from photographs I've taken myself or seen in newspapers or magazines," Soutendijk says. "I make a small sketch, enlarge it and use it as a pattern for bending the wire." Scoutendijk has created a Dogwood Flower (20 X 40 inches) signature piece that is slated for a silent auction with the proceeds to benefit the museum. After the reception the exhibit will be available from 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday through May 29. For more information call 903-723-1914. The museum is located at 400 Micheaux Avenue Palestine, Texas. North East Texas Writers’ Organization Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization started in May 1986 with twelve members of a Creative Writing class as charter members. Its purpose: to support each other’s efforts, enhance learning, and promote literary pursuits in this area. By 2008, membership had grown to 94 and encompassed writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs and sci-fi. Meeting are held on the second Thursday of each month.

NETWO’s newsletter, With Pen in Hand, comes out monthly. The organization sponsors book signings, writers’ workshops, lectures and an annual conference. For more information, go to NETWO’s website at: Kay Howell is a wildlife and landscape artist, and she enjoys working with both acrylics and colored pencils. "Depends on the subject matter," she comments. "Fuzzy kittens need the soft look I can achieve with pencils, but a country road disappearing into the fog calls for paint." Kay finds most of her subjects on the 15 acres south of Mount Vernon where she and her husband have their home. She can be reached at: Mike Elliott is an artist from Dike, Texas, a rural community in East Texas. From an early age, art has been a gift and a passion for Mike. Commercial Art was his four-year major at ETU. During 30+ years with Verizon, art has been a part time hobby. In recent years, he has taken up the paint brush and paints every chance he gets. Mike has drawn for many businesses and individuals. His works include logos for the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Alliance. Mike plans to open a gallery in downtown Sulphur Springs when he retires. Darwin McGill is retired from thirty years of municipal administration. He and his wife, Connie, retired in '90 and lived in the Hill Country until moving to Mt. Vernon in '96. He was born in the community of Greenwood, Hopkins County, so has returned to his roots. He served two terms as a City Alderman and one term as Mayor of Mt. Vernon. He and his wife are active in the community supporting the Franklin County Arts Alliance and Franklin County Historical Association. He serves as Vice President of the Old Saltillo Cemetery Association. Mr. McGill was introduced to silver wire wrapping in Colorado two years ago. He also does copper wire wrapping. His wrappings include geodes, agate slabs, petrified wood and precious and healing stones. Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Judy Wilder Dalton. I am an expressionist painter using color and line as my language. I believe there is a strong human response to color, and that it reflects and affects our moods. My art training comes through the classic venue of private studies and apprenticeship. With over 35 years of training and experience, I have developed the confidence to experiment with different mediums and themes allowing my work to lead me, rather than me leading the work. Currently, I am mainly exploring the mediums of acrylics on canvas and clay sculpture. I have had the privilege to exhibit my work in many solo and group shows across the United States, including New York, Houston, and Dallas. I have many national and international honors and awards in oil, watercolor, and pastel. Henry E. Oertel. My lifelong love of woking with wood began in my grade school years with a simple bookcase. I have made furniture, church chancel fixtures and hobby horses and toys for my grandchildren. I specialize in hand turned wood objects. You can read more on the FrameUp website: For the better part of the last 15 years, Terri Hendrix has distinguished herself as one of the most prolific and free-spirited wholly independent artists on the American music scene. Counting her forthcoming new album, “Cry Till You Laugh,” she’s released 14 CDs on her own Wilory Records label, hitting on every genre from folk to country to pop to blues to Celtic to Tex-Mex to jazz to Western swing. An award-winning songwriter whose songs have been covered by Ruthie Foster, Carolyn Wonderland and even the Dixie Chicks (who won a Grammy for an instrumental she co-wrote, “Lil’ Jack Slade,” that was featured on their multi-platinum 2003 album, “Home”), Terri is a skilled multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, harmonica) with a fun, friendly stage presence that appeals to fans of all ages. And though she’s held her own entertaining crowds of thousands at many of the biggest folk festivals in American and Europe, she’s especially fond of playing intimate, “listening room” venues such as Crossroads. Accompanying Terri at her May 15 performance will be her frequent music partner Lloyd Maines, a Grammy-winning producer and celebrated guitarist who has recorded and toured with a literal who’s who of the biggest names in Texas music. In addition to fan favorites from throughout her career, Terri’s 10

Crossroads show will feature a handful of brand new songs from “Cry Till You Laugh,” her first new studio album since 2007’s “The Spiritual Kind.” Set for release on June 22, the CD will be packaged with a book of Terri’s essays and journal entries, all of which will tie into the songs and themes featured on the new album. The book will also be filled with song lyrics (both new and old), quotes and new photos and artwork. For more information, visit Rutherford Photography Show sponsored by the Franklin County Historical Society Mt. Vernon, TX With family roots in Mt. Vernon, Charles is an orthopaedic surgeon in Dallas with a longstanding passion for photography. That fascination for photography began with the gift from his father Charles R. Rutherford of a Pentax Spotmatic camera as a young boy. As an adult he has found photography to be a respite from his medical practice and a way of returning to nature. His current exhibit is the result of a week-long cycling and hiking trip through the National Parks of Wyoming. Although difficult to achieve, he hopes to convey some of the splendor, variety and sheer majesty of God’s Creation, which we call Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. An opening reception will be held April 16 from 6:00 pm. – 8:00 p.m. FREE, donations appreciated April 17, 2010 until September 16, 2010 Tuesdays thru Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Firestation Museum, Southeast Corner of Kaufman & Scott streets, Mt. Vernon, TX 903-537-2264; FAX 903-537-4315,

Kevin Tinney and Mia Tallant—forming KMG—as an opening act for some recent Crossroads concerts. Gus and Lindy Hearne are performing at various venues, and at each show they invite up-and-coming artists to take the stage and showcase their talents. Lindy and Gus are scheduled to perform at Lou Viney’s Winery in Sulphur Springs on Saturday, May 8th. Northeast Texas Music Festival Mark your calendar and plan to be at the Winnsboro City Park Pavilion on Saturday, June 5th for the 10th Annual Northeast Texas Music Festival. Nationally-known country music artists Ronnie McDowell and T. Graham Brown will headline. Featured artists will include Myra Rolen, George Dickerson, CrossRoads Gospel Band, and Kimberly Green and Cheyane Smith, winners of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Showcase in 2009 and 2008 respectively. “The C” Dale Cummings will be introduced by Brad Maule and Robert Trammell. The music begins at 2 P.M. Bring your lawn chairs and hear some great sounds. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Some reserved seating is available for $30. For more information, go to www.northeasttexasmu-

Lorelle Bacon. I love being an artist! As such, I look at the world as a child, with eyes wide open at all the colors and details. My specialty is painting people and pets from photographs or life. However, I enjoy rendering any subject that "grabs" me and touches my heart. I also enjoy watching the progress of my students. I'm fortunate to spend 6 months here in East Texas and 6 months each year in Asheville NC where I go to teach workshops and classes. It's a blessing to be able to live each day passionately engaged in my craft. web site: Gus Gustafson has been performing with a variety of local musicians and vocalists lately around the northeast Texas region. He joined May 2010 • Arts Magazine or call 903-342-0263. Kate Hearne is a 20-year-old performing songwriter who also happens to be an ace lead guitarist. The Winnsboro, Texas, high school 2009 early graduate is finishing up her second semester at South Plains College as a recipient of a full-ride scholarship. Kate is working towards an associates degree in Commercial Music. Catch her opening for Terri Hendrix on the Crossroads stage in Winnsboro, Texas, May 15. Billie Jean Gore. After teaching art for 30 years, my husband and I moved to Alba, Texas when we bought Burnin Stump Lodge and ... “no I don’t cook breakfast.” The fishermen who stay here go out before dawn to wake the fish in Lake Fork. Catch and release: Get fish carefully off the hook, measure and weigh, take a picture, kiss the fish on the nose, gently release. What a good deal for the fish! We joined The American Kiteflyers Association 16 years ago. Art in the sky has been an interesting hobby and vacation destination. We have had the pleasure of meeting kiters from all over the world who create wonderful flying pieces of art. Some of them are so large it boggles the mind, and they fly without sticks. This Memorial Day weekend I am honored to teach a workshop in memory of our beloved friend, teacher, and world famous Master Kite Builder, Bill Lockhart. How blessed I was to spend three weeks studying kite making with the man in the red jumper who smoked a corncob pipe. The Art Department at the Junction Campus of Texas Tech was the only university to teach the Continued on page 15 Sunday, March 28, 2010 3 p.m. Sandra Kaye

The Best Jazz, Blues and Love Songs sung by Sandra Kaye, with Shelley Carroll, saxophone, and band.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 • 3 p.m. Tesoro Trio

Maria Schleuning, violin; Jolyon Pegis, cello; Yuri Iwasaki, piano perform Haydn, Ravel and Brahms

The Power of Great Live Music in Your Community

Young Artists Showcase Sunday May 23, 2010 at 3 p.m. The next generation of talented young musicians from around the region performing in Mount Vernon Music Hall Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010



May 2010 • Arts Magazine

CROSSROADS' SEATING typically is an intimate, listening room-style. On the occasional night when we expect a sell-out crowd, all of the tables go away and we can seat as many as 150.

HOW THINGS WORK AT CROSSROADS Crossroads is not a restaurant or bar. As a courtesy to our audience, Winnsboro Center for the Arts sells bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, and hot coffee to raise funds for the center. Guests are welcome to bring wine or beer. No large coolers please; no room! Crossroads Music Co. New temporary address: 200 Market Street / P.O. Box 86 Winnsboro, Texas 75494 903.342.1854, toll free: 888.342.1854, Located in the heart of the Art District Parking: On Main Street, Elm Street, also on Market Street (aka "The Bowery"), AND at the Winnsboro Depot at Broadway and Main (aka Hwys 11 & 37). Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Winnsboro Center for the Arts Third Fridays Art Series Lectures: June 18 and July 16 Some people are remembered as couples: Elvis and Priscilla, Bogey and Bacall, Alfred and Georgia. Alfred and Georgia? That would be world-class black and white photographer Alfred Stieglitz, and Georgia O’Keefe, one of America’s most original and controversial woman artists. Stieglitz nurtured and supported early 20th century photographers such as Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, and Man Ray in his New York studio known as 291. His pictorial journal, Camera Work, presented sumptuous photography and avantgarde writing on art. On New Year’s Day 1916, a roll of drawings from a poor art teacher in Columbia, South Carolina came his way, and Georgia O’Keefe stepped into his world, never to leave his heart, his mind, or his camera’s eye. The melding of two giant talents and egos produced exceptional art and an American love story that fascinates to this day. Sandy Page, Cultural Arts District Director for Winnsboro, has graciously offered to lecture on these legendary artists. Art History teacher, gallery participator, and serious photography collector, Page brings her educated eye to this intriguing topic. June 18, 7:00 P.M.: Stieglitz July 16, 7:00 P.M.: O’Keefe Tax-deductible donation to the Center of $10 per lecture. 14

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creation and study of kite art. The sky makes a wonderful gallery for hanging beautiful art. The sunshine and the tug of the wind on your string warms the soul, and no one can look up at a kite you have built without smiling. Billie Jean Gore earned Bachelor of Art and Master of Art degrees from Stephen F. Austin University. JORY SHERMAN, LOCAL AUTHOR & PAINTER, WINS FIRST PRIZE IN ART COMPETITION AND BEST OVERALL IN OWL CONTEST In a competition of Art & Photography at the College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri, conducted by the Ozarks Writers League, author and artist Jory Sherman won First Place in the Art competition. In addition, he was awarded a crystal plague and a check for $50.00 as “Best Overall” among 150 entries in both categories. Jory is a resident of Pittsburg, Texas, and a founding lifetime member of Ozarks Writers League (OWL). He is a painting pupil of artist Grahame Hopkins of Winnsboro. Jory’s paintings have been exhibited at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Since beginning lessons with Hopkins, he has sold more than a dozen of his paintings. He is a noted writer who has won many awards, but this is his first as an artist. “DISCOVER U” Journal and Diary Writing Workshop frees creativity and stream of consciousness with a fresh approach to journal writing. Saturdays, May 1,8,15 and 22. $10 per session or $35 for all. 11:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Call Bonnie: 903365-2801. Enjoy Winnsboro Student Art Exhibit May 4 - May 22. Free reception May 21, 5:00 - 6:30 PM. Want to be in the “Live Poets Society”? We meet on “3rd Friday,” May 21st, 7:00 P.M. Come read an original work. Free. CALLING all Unique Musical Talent (yodeling, one-man-band, unusual instrument) for “A Cabaret” in August. Call Joe Reynolds at 903-342-5045 between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Winnsboro Center for the Arts with Gilbreath Memorial Library present DISCOVER “U” Workshop on the Art of Journal and Diary Writing The May 1 session unlocks creativity with “The Artist’s Way” by using free-association to unblock artistic expression. On May 8, we dig deep into Ira Progoff’s “Intensive Journal Process” and we let go of unproductive self-editing. May 15 brings the intriguing subject of writing down your dreams and meditations to identify recurring symbols and their meaning. On May 22, take a field trip around downtown, and learn how to make a Travel Diary easy and personable. Sessions will be held Saturdays from 11:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M at Winnsboro Center for the Arts, 200 Market Street. Sessions are $10 each or $35 for all four. Proceeds go to WCA and the Library. Contact Bonnie at 903/365-2801 or WCA at 903/342-0686. Mount Vernon Music: Concert The public is invited to attend Mount Vernon Music’s annual Young Artists Showcase, a musical event featuring youth from around the region of northeast Texas performing in Mount Vernon Music Hall on Sunday May 23, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. in Mount Vernon Music Continued on page 17 Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


The Gourmet Hunter With Culinary Expert Justin Thomas This month my adventures took me to Edom, TX where I discovered a quaint eatery known as The Edom Bakery & Grill. As we pulled off the highway and into the parking lot I noticed a large covered porch scattered with rocking chairs and potted flowers. As we walked in the door we were greeted with smiling faces and a few second glances due to my ever changing colored Mohawk and tattoos. We were quickly seated after a quick walk around to take in the décor. The restaurant has a large circular floor plan with a central open kitchen allowing for maximum seating and flow. Decorated in classic country artwork, this eatery was very cozy and home-like. We took our seats at a small table in the back of the front room, which had a great view of the kitchen, so I could watch the preparation and techniques of the staff. Our waitress was very prompt and friendly as she brought us menus and drinks. I decided to go with the fresh brewed iced tea, and my girlfriend and eating partner Brooke had ice water with lemon. Chef Jackson, the Bakery’s Executive Chef, joined us and described the specials of the evening and told us of upcoming events. I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with someone who shares my passion and knowledge of the culinary world. After our brief conversation, we decided to start with an order of the crab cakes, which were off-the-charts good. They were served with a southwest coulis sauce, which was robust and a wonderful addition to the dish. After fully enjoying our appetizers, we moved on to the main course. I had the rib-eye steak medium-rare served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans. The steak was cooked to perfection and had a brilliant flavor of the house seasoning and the char grill. The potatoes and green beans added a wonderful medley of flavors to compliment the steak in every aspect. Though we were almost too full to move, the waitress talked us into dessert. We decided to go with the local favorite, which is a hand rolled peanut butter ball. This delectable treat was a chocolate covered masterpiece well worth the extra inch added to my waistline. All in all, The Edom Bakery & Grill was a wonderful experience and well worth the drive from anywhere in East Texas. A+ Great Job! The Edom Bakery & Grill Downtown Edom, Texas FM 314 and Highway 279 Phone: 903.852.5552 Fax: 903.852.5247 E-mail:

For questions and comments, please e-mail me at And be sure to check out my blog at


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Hall. Special guests will be the Mt. Vernon High School Jazz Band under the direction of Tracy Farr. Performance awards will be given to 3 participants, and any recipient of the MVM Music Scholarship for graduating seniors will be announced as well. Admission to this concert is free. According to MVM treasurer Ute Miller “This is one of our most important events. In providing these young musicians a venue to share their talent, we not only give them a great experience, but also help more people see the importance of a musical legacy for the next generation. We’re honored to be able to support our young people in this way.” Mount Vernon Music is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Memberships in MVM start at $25 and are good for

Lindsey Gail. Blues, soul, and country are styles of music that you will experience when you get to know the East Texas Singer Songwriter, Lindsey Gail. Lindsey began singing and writing songs at the age of fourteen and is currently completing her first CD compilation of original songs. Make a point to mark your calendar that her CD entitled "Little Loaded Pistol" is scheduled for release summer of 2010. The development of her unique style is the result of years of musical influence from people like Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, and Tanya Tucker to name a few. Lindsey loves to sing and is devoted to connecting with her heart. Don't let her size and soft spoken nature mislead you. Many are pleasantly surprised when Lindsey steps on stage and unleashes the power of her vocals and excitement of her stage presence. You can experience a taste of all that Lindsey has to offer by visiting her website at When visiting please take time to sign the guest book and make a note of upcoming events.

the entire season from June 1 through May 31. For more information call Mount Vernon Music at 903-563-3780, or visit Event Date: 5/23/10 at 3:00 p.m. Location: Mount Vernon Music Hall 402 Leftwich St. at Yates Mount Vernon, Texas 75457 Price: Admission FREE Contact: Mark Miller at 903-563-3780 or visit Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Pickin’ in the Pines SLAID CLEAVES returns to Pickin in the Pines on May 15th, 2010! Tickets on sale 903857-2253. Also we'll have Jimmy Davis, Frank in the Middle, T & C Miller, Ricky Wayne Sprague, Pake Rossi and Hayden Whittington. Stay tuned for updates. Pickin' in the Pines is coming up May 13th-15th and tickets are on sale now at 903-857-2253. Advance tickets are $25 per person for the whole weekend and must be purchased before May 13th. All major credit cards accepted. Tickets at the gate will be available for $30. Camping is $5 per person per night. Pickin' in the Pines is held in Pine Mills, Texas FROM TYLER: Take either Highway 14 or Highway 69 north out of Tyler. Highway 14 goes past Tyler State Park and then on to Hawkins. Eleven miles after you go through Hawkins you will come to Pine Mills. At Pine Mills turn right on Highway 49. We are down about 1/4 mile on the right. If taking 69, go to Mineola. After going through the main crossroads in Mineola look for Highway 49 to Hainesville on the right. Turn right on 49. This is our road. We are about 15 miles east of Mineola (5 miles past of Hainesville) on the right, across from the Wood County warehouse. FROM TEXARKANA: Take I-30 west to the Mount Vernon exit, which is Highway 37, and go south (left). Stay on 37 through Winnsboro and take a left onto Highway 14 (to Hawkins and Tyler). Continue on 14 to Pine Mills and turn left on Highway 49. We are down about 1/4 mile on the right. 18

May 2010 • Arts Magazine Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Holly Lake Ranch Community Theatre -submitted by Marilyn McPeek The Cemetery Club, a comedy, is the upcoming production of the new Holly Lake Ranch Community Theatre. This is a very funny play and we are looking forward to presenting it during the last weekend in May. Performances will be May 28th & 29th at 7pm, with a Sunday matinee on May 30th. So plan now to bring your holiday guests for a little comedy and culture in the country! Come out and enjoy an evening of entertainment and refreshments presented by some of our local talent. For more information see, call Ginny at 903-769-9036, or email This inaugural year of the Holly Lake Ranch Community Theatre continues to be a great success. We had a phenomenal first production


with A Broadway Revue. Thanks to all who supported us and gave so generously. The Board of Directors is delighted with the community support shown for your Community Theatre. We have had nothing but positive feedback. Be watching the website for more pictures from A Broadway Revue and updates regarding The Cemetery Club. Again, we wholeheartedly thank you and look forward to your continued enthusiasm. If you would like to be added to the email list we are compiling and have not already provided that to us, please send it to We’d love to hear from you! Cast Members John McCabe, Patti Riddle, Carolyn Hicks, Steve Kehoe, Fred Brown, Glenda Brown, Elayne Hayes, Linda Frank, Susie Deupree (director, far right), Jackie Scheuer, Dru Owens, Ann Wright, Melinda Hlavenka, Vicki Shaw, Bradley Armendariz, and Cindy Karch.

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e k La ntr y u o C

Live Theatres in the Piney Woods Franklin County Arts Alliance Winnsboro Center for the Arts The Talent Box in Wills Point Quitman Community Theatre Lindale Community Theater Lake Country Playhouse Mineola Paris Community Theatre Community Players, Inc. in Sulphur Springs Texas A & M University Theatre – Commerce Holly Lake Ranch Community Theatre 903-769-9036

Lake Country Playhouse Historic Select Theater in Mineola Texas 114 North Johnson Street, Mineola, Texas 75773 903-569-2300 Art...Music of the Soul • May 2010


Ellie Taylor Artist’s Statement

“First of all, I am an impressionist. The work that is loose and spontaneous captures the beauty of the moment. If you have to labor, work and rework the paint, you lose the freshness and vibrancy of the surface. I work quickly with thick strokes to capture the essence of the painting rather than great concern for details. The more details in a painting, the less feeling, mood and emotion you have in the work.” “Second, I believe that art should uplift, inspire, and capture beauty, rather than provoke or offend people. Enough said.” “My work begins with a simple drawing on the canvas, followed by layers of transparent washes for color harmony. Perhaps, I am a bit of a colorist. There is strong human response to color. I am not afraid of color.”

Valley Adobe

“In the future, I plan to paint looser with fewer strokes, use more color, and stop sooner. Add to that, slow down and study the work. Perhaps not!” ~ Reproduced with permission by Longview Museum of Fine Arts, ‘ARTISTS in EAST TEXAS – A FUSION OF LOCAL TALENT’ book. Ellie is surrounded by her love, oils. Art has been her passions since she retired from teaching over 20 years ago. She taught 4th, 5th 22

Texas Blue

and 6th grade spending the last couple of years in Hawkins ISD. After her retirement, her husband built her an aircraft hanger to create and display her art. Ellie’s main interest is in showing her art. She wants to share her gallery more. She will be having more shows in museums and art centers in the near future. Ellie has displayed in Longview Museum of Fine Arts, El Paso Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, North East Texas College in Mount Pleasant and in the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Art. Ellie’s work is currently displayed in the Frame up Gallery in Mt Vernon, Frame Up Gallery in Tyler and at 205 Fine Furniture and Interiors in Kilgore. Call to schedule a private studio visit: 903-769-5164

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