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The Feather-Footed Banty (a sea chanty) When I was thirteen years of age, I ran away to sea. I've been a seadog ever since, and that's the life for me. But, sometimes I get lonely; that's when I sit and sing 'bout when I get too old to sail; what will the future bring? Chorus: 'Cause all I've got's this chanty that I made up at sea, and a feather-footed banty smuggled out of Indonee-shee. Once I had a sweetheart who waited just for me. She wanted me to settle down; I needed to be free. She hinted I bring Chiney silk to sew a wedding gown. I brung a tin of Chiney tea that would not tie me down. (repeat chorus) The Indonee-shee isle of Java, in the Java Sea, was where we put to port to pick up coffee, spice and tea. Now, all aroun' this seaport town this banty follered me. I hid him in the galley 'til our ship put out to see. (repeat chorus) Some sailor lads have parrots to keep 'em company. They teach 'em words to talk to them while they're away at sea. My feisty little rooster has not a word to say. He just crows and lets me talk; we get along that way. (repeat chorus) Yes, once I had a sweetheart; now she's just a mem-or-ee. I wonder if she's happy or if she still thinks of me? I wonder if I dare return when I'm too old to roam? I wonder what will be my fate and where will be my home? (repeat chorus) - Lillian Arnold Lopez "Pineylore"

The Feather-Footed Banty (a sea chanty)