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Our Good Earth When I think about the first Thanksgiving in the days of yore I wonder how it must have been along the Jersey Shore. Did our ancestral pilgrims set a special time aside to feast and thank the Lord for their new lives they'd built with pride? They'd come from all directions to where white men scarce had trod these settlers, with their families and abiding faith in God. the friendly Lenapes had known the land since they were born. They shared knowledge of the ways they grew pumpkin, beans and corn. We read of how they showed the white man where wild berries grew, and how they brought them venison and fish and fowl for stew. Was this the first Thanksgiving celebrated 'long the shore that we have known so many years and will for many more? Or did some early settlers from up New England way along with his traditions bring Bradford's holiday? I only know our families still give thanks unto the Lord, as we feast in rich tradition when we gather 'round the board. - Lillian Arnold Lopez "Pineylore"

Our Good Earth