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Lenape Wedding By the time a pretty Lenape maiden reached her sixteenth year she was clever as a red fox and as gentle as a deer. She'd weave bay leaves of red and blue into a crown to wear upon her long, black tresses so young braves would be aware. A Lenape youth proved manhood about eighteen years of age. His tribe initiated him, his valor to engage. When tall young brave wooed pretty maiden, and wedding date was set, was then their chief and medicine man, with friends and family met. Their ceremony, tho' it to Lenape, held special The groom presented his bring home the meat, by

seems peculiar to our ways, meaning to remember all their days. shy bride a bone, to show that he'd hunting, sufficient to their need.

And she'd give him an ear of corn, a symbol, as they wed, that she would grow and bake the maize to provide for them their bread. Their vows thus made, they then became united man and wife, and they would keep these promises and honor them for life. With venison, turkey and maize; herbs, berries and beach plum, they'd serve a celebration feast to everyone who'd come. Then music swelled from water drum, flute, turtleshell and gourd while nature's gift, the meadow flowers, swayed in sweet accord. -Lillian Arnold Lopez "Pineylore"

Lenape Wedding