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A Tribute To The Old Bell (which once hung in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Waretown, NJ) Circuit preachers blazed the trails riding far and wide, to minister to Methodists around the countryside. Our early townsmen met in woodsgroves, homes and schools, before they built a church tradition called "The finest on the shore." There, for more than a century, the old church proudly stood. Its bell rang loud and clearly throughout the neighborhood, calling villagers who'd made the little church their own; until increased generations caused it to become outgrown. And so the new church came to be -- the finest we could build. Sadly, the old church had to go; the old bell's tongue was stilled, but only for a time. The salvaged bell was stowed away; along with plans to mount it in a heritage display. Now that time has come. If you could speak to us, old bell -I wonder at the hist'ry and traditions you could tell? Would you recall loyal stewards throughout those early times? And ever-faithful brethern, who were summoned by your chimes? Looking back in mem'ry, would you recollect the way trustees repaired the church with timbers washed up from the bay? When family life was centered in the village church? And where neighbors brought their joys and sorrows and potluck meals to share? If you could speak would these be memories that you possess? I'm sure there must be many that we could not even guess. Old bell, you inspire appreciation of the past, and of our early churchmen who built a faith to last; who extolled the God of Ages for His blessings on this land and praised the Christ, whose law directed lives thru' His commands. It began with early Christians who heard the Savior's call; became the founders of their faith, proclaiming love for all. Their missions thru' the centuries reached our forefather's trust, who passed it to our congregation; and we know we must bequeath faith, hope and love to generations yet to be ... OLD BELL, YOU ARE A SYMBOL OF A BLESSED LEGACY. - Lillian Arnold Lopez "Pineylore"

A Tribute To The Old Bell  

A Tribute To The Old Bell (which once hung in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Waretown, NJ) - Lillian Arnold Lopez "Pineylore"

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